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The House of God

Mysteries unveiled in The House of God

The House of God – Mysteries…

Dreams from the Lord from October, 2013 to February, 2014

Many mysteries are revealed in this book titled, ‘The House of God’. The following is just a short list of the mysteries discussed in ‘The House of God’, but there are so many more not listed here!

  • Was Jesus really born on Christmas day?
  • What does Jesus think of us celebrating Christmas?
  • How does Jesus feel about the Santa as portrayed in ‘Twas the night before Christmas’?
  • What does Jesus say on how our society’s portrayal of Santa affects our children?
  • Why doesn’t God simply perform such a huge miracle that everyone believes?
  • What earthly portrayal of Jesus’ appearance and personality has come the closest to matching His Heavenly appearance and personality?
  • What is more valuable; a beautiful fish swimming in a pool in Heaven or the jeweled replica of this fish given to Erin by the King?
  • What are the four different types of people that will receive this jeweled replica of this fish? How does each reaction fit in with entering into Heaven?
  • Why does Jesus prefer us to talk to Him as if we were children, not adults?
  • When Jesus was a teenager, did He have any teenaged friends?
  • Why did Jesus go to the Temple before He reached the age of accountability?
  • Is wisdom God-breathed and is knowledge ‘man-breathed’?
  • What is the divine temperature of the River of Life in Heaven and how does it instantly change depending on the circumstance?
  • What age will adults be in Heaven?
  • What will our faces, hands and bodies be like in Heaven?
  • What came first; the chicken or the egg?
  • Were the dry bones from Ezekiel meant to be about Israel forming from the bones of those dying in the Holocaust?
  • Why was Eve created from Adam’s rib instead of some other body part?
  • What does the courtyard of Jesus’ House look like?
  • What does the interior of Jesus’ Mansion look like?
  • Why does Jesus have lamps on His table when He doesn’t need a light source?
  • Why does Jesus not know the day and hour we will be rescued before the Tribulation, but God does, even though They are One and the Same?


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