Dream 207 – The Beginning of the Days of Noah

Received Sunday, July 31, 2016


Thank You for another day! Thank You for all You have done for me and my family.  Thank You for our new Nest website!  It has been so time consuming to get to this point as during this time You have also called me to finish some daunting tasks which have never been completed until just now.

Last week was stressful as we hit problems finalizing the opening of the site. You gave me countless signs to power up with prayer and praises to You, so I did.  At times I felt You required me to just complete my tasks in silence and I heard Your audible voice reminding me that You are here with me in all that I do.

On Thursday and Friday, I went through old boxes of papers. I had gone through these before by just putting them in labeled boxes with generally like papers from the same time frames.  However, this time You were requiring me to go through each paper to dispose of unnecessary items and keep only records of our story, but no more and no less.  I thought I had finished this, but I realized that I had never really faced any of it.

I had relegated my past to painful storage boxes that were ‘never to be opened’. In just two days, I went through these boxes and consolidated nine containers of papers to two small file boxes.  In the process, I removed the equivalent of four large trash bags full of needless documents and it freed me.

I had found that just boxing up this ‘stuff’ did not remove its presence as the burden of it all still remained. This summer has been painful and punishingly so as I had to face all of my painful poor choices and mistakes from the past head on as I did all of this.

Once I completed this daunting task, I heard Jesus say to me, ‘Erin, I am here. This is how I got you here to Me.  Do not condemn yourself.  Release all of this to Me.  I love you.’

Then when I felt I should throw out something bad, I felt the Lord say, ‘No, Erin, keep it as a record and as evidence of your race, both the good and the bad. It is important.’  Normally I would have removed all records of wrong doing from others, but I realized that the Lord is having me keep historical records of my journey.

Hmm, well, it was very difficult to say the least as all of these papers told a story, the story of my life. It told of my race; the good, the bad and the ugly.  I found business cards with my name on them from all the places I have worked.  I found old awards, letters and photos of accomplishments and milestones.

I found the same for my children. I even found lost items which made my heart glad.  Everything is now accounted for and organized.  I now just have some minor labeling and gathering I need to finish and this should all be completed by tomorrow.

Father, time is such a mystery. When I was a child, I could not wait for time to pass as time seemed so slow back then.  Now, as an adult, time goes so fast that it seems to be gone in a flash.  My children have grown so quickly.  Where did all the time go?  There have been so many tears.

However, there were many years from 2005 to 2010 in which I barely cried other than crying out to You in anger, desperation and disbelief. I was in the middle of a long stretch of traumatic events which continued day after day.

Then when the tears began to flow again, it was in response to thankfulness and holding on to what meant most to me, but most of all for my children and my salvation. I lost everything in order to gain You, Father!  You have done so much with me.  My whining and my complaining have now turned into joy and gratitude.

Now I am ready for what comes next. Hmm, I need to say this with a bit more humility.  Lord, I am as ready as I think I am able for whatever You decide to bring next.  All I know is I love You with my whole heart.  I see You at work in everything around me, and some days in spite of me, and I am in awe.

Your works, Lord, are amazing and I give all of my heart to You. You have kept me here for a reason and You have chosen all of us for a purpose.  Now I dedicate all that I have for Your purposes.

I pray I am here to see all You have planned, but only to the point of Your return.   After that, please remove me and all of us to our eternal Homes.  From what I have seen coming on that great and terrible day, I will take ‘the great’, but please remove us before ‘the terrible’.

I cannot imagine the horror for those who will remain. It will be like when I discovered something so deep, dark and disparaging about someone who I thought loved me from many years ago.

This discovery was like nothing I can describe. In essence, what this person had done to those I loved who were innocent made me realize how a mother could be driven to vengeance in the most unthinkable of ways.  In ways that someone would not even think possible in any other circumstance than such a dark discovery.

This world is no longer the simple world it once was and maybe it never was. To me, it is bad, but it is about to become much worse.  Father, protect all of us.

Please bless our new website. May it provide assurance of where we will one day reside with You.  Everything we have and own is Yours.  Let all of this be to Your glory and not to our vanity.  I love You!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was immediately up in front of God’s door and felt a hand on my left shoulder. I turned and it was Uriel smiling at me.

Uriel: “God requests your presence, Erin.”

He pointed to my right to the forestry bulletin board. I smiled as there was a brown sparrow on the top of the board that was chirping.  I put out my hand and the sparrow jumped onto my wrist.  I laughed with joy at this and was fascinated at how friendly and unafraid this little bird was.

As I watched the sparrow, this little friendly brown bird began to change right before my eyes. At first I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but I watched as the brown feathers gradually began to turn silver, overlaying the brown.  Then I saw the tips of each feather turn to gold (Psalm 68:13) and the base of brown underneath became white.

The bird’s beak then turned to gold and her legs seemed to look full of life, with no wrinkles and almost transparent. She began to jump up and down and then flew up to my shoulder.

She began to sing a new song, like a real song and a melody. I had just watched a live transformation and it was simply incredible.

I then turned to the bulletin board and there was a note with my name on it. I opened the small engraved envelope and saw my name in script with a small embossed sparrow in gold.  I opened the card and read it:

You have done as I have instructed.

Obedience is better than works.

I am pleased that you have done as I asked, as difficult as it was for you.

Now I am about to do something in your days which you would not believe even if you were told.

I have not forgotten you.

(Habakkuk 1:5, Acts 13:41)

You are mine.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overflow you.

When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned (Isaiah 42).

You are loved! I am with you always!


As I cried and cried, the small bird looked at me and tilted its head. She then looked at Uriel and flew to his shoulder.  Uriel motioned toward the door and had a smile on his face.  I turned toward God’s door and it was open.  Uriel put salve in my eyes and escorted me into God’s presence.

The smell of the fragrance of God is indescribable and is like sandalwood, jasmine and the smell of summer turning to fall. In fact, it was also the change of every season, along with roses, Victory Roses.  I know this seems like an odd mix of earthly fragrances, but I do not know how else to describe the beautiful fragrance of the presence of God.

As Uriel brought me closer, I could hear the choir of angels singing with the beauty of a thousand earthly choirs combined. Their only instruments were their voices and it was incredible.

The cells in my body were responding with life and they worshipped God, their Creator, before my very brain could catch up. Once again I had no control over my cells as finally gravity took over and I fell to my knees in His presence.

The beauty in His Courts is so difficult to describe. His glory and presence is just too magnificent to give an accurate description.  I could only see the light of God.  There was a color like emerald and then a circular arch like a rainbow over His corona.  I could see flashes, but it is impossible to see anything close to the Throne or even around it.

I could see seven candle-like torches below Him at the bottom of the stair’s risers. Even though they were so far away, it felt more comfortable to look to my right and left at the architecture of the asps and columns instead.

The pleasing Sea of Sapphire was below me and it was so beautiful that I was in awe. While it seems that I am being moved closer to God each time I visit, it is only by a couple of earthly feet closer.  In reality, He is still so far away, perhaps even miles, as I am not certain how to measure incomprehensive things like the distance of the Throne of God from His doorway in His Court.

As I knelt there, I could still barely believe that God has called me here to be with Him. It is just so challenging for me to try to give a picture of what I am seeing to the reader.  All I could do was worship God and thank Him for everything.

It has been an amazing journey this year. I have watched calamity strike across the United States in a way I have never seen before.  I have been observing the news media blatantly teaming up against or pro certain agendas with no regards to the reality of truth.

One minute I view a speaker or speech live and then within an hour there is breaking news about something different than what I just heard and witnessed for myself. I am watching injustice by manipulation in epic proportion and I am completely in awe as to how quickly this is all unfolding.

Me: “Father, the world is becoming worse day by day.  I have never seen such devastation over the United States like I see right now.  Look at what is happening all over the world.  While I am only one person, is it possible for me to do anything?”

God: “I know your thoughts and I have heard your cries.  I have not left you.  Be careful what your eyes look upon and what your ears hear.  You were shown what is occurring and expanding over your heads.  Look…”

I then felt the room shake as the Sapphire Sea parted right in front of me. There I could see the Earth encased by a massive web.  It was like another layer or top cover, was intricately woven and, in many areas, the pattern was extremely complex.

God: “Erin, I showed you something recently.  Do you recall it?”

Suddenly, and without even a hint He was going to do this, a memory was downloaded into my mind. I saw myself commenting to my family one night after sundown in the kitchen of my home.

Me: “Father, I had observed a massive spider web over my kitchen window.  With the sun now gone, the bright lights of our kitchen attract the fireflies, gnats and other bugs to the light.  Little do they know that in between them and the light was a web.  Once tangled in that web, they are helpless to prevent certain death.  This actually made me sad.”

God: “Yes, but the illustration is the same for today.  Every aspect of life is now so dependent on this web that there is no time for Me, but there is even more to this.”

Me: “Father, man is becoming more and more advanced.  What will be our signs in which we are in the days of Noah?”

God: “I gave man 120 years to repent while Noah was building.  The evil during those days, the wickedness of man was great and the imaginations of the thoughts of evil were upon man’s hearts continually.  Sin was acceptable and even worse sins than those mentioned in Scripture were practiced.  There was no fear of Me because the sins were feeding the flesh and keeping appetites full.”

As I looked upon the Earth, it began to rotate counter-clockwise. I saw a massive spider spinning a web over North America.  It was so thick with web that I could barely see past it.

I then saw an epic war in Heaven as the archangel Michael battled this massive spider. At one point, another angel cut through the web and I saw a massive shaft of light.  As I looked down, I saw a large reptilian figure with a red, white and blue banner being illuminated by this light.

This reptile had bulging eyes of yellow with a black sliver or slit in the middle of the yellow eye. It had massive yellow teeth.  It was angry as it did not seem to like the light streaming in.

I then once again saw this strange massive bull, but it now seemed wounded and weak after several large blows from a matador’s spears. However, I then watched it rise to its feet and continue on its unpredictable course through the land.

I saw pockets of militia rise up against the police, wherein this militia had white face paint in designs on their faces. I saw celebrations inciting riots started by five to ten people and then escalating while officials were targeted.

Me: “It looks like things happening now, but even worse.  Random people were being targeted.  It appeared to be race wars, but all types.  When will this be?”

God: “As you have seen, this has begun.  However, the trouble is already much worse than what you see or hear.  This is unrest during a time in which I have sent calamity upon this nation, as well as others.”

I then saw the USA highlighted.

God: “I gave 120 years in the days of Noah for repentance.  For this land which was dedicated once to Me and declared itself a friend to Israel, I have given double this portion of time for repentance.  Now I am sending even greater punishment on the land.

“This cannot be blamed on the bull as the bull is not God, although the reptile and the other ‘peace maker’ believe that they are. This is the time in which the land will be sifted, measured, weighed and found wanting.

“Though the wicked believe they are higher in their thoughts, they are not. They are higher in their sins, but their clever tongues convince the masses they are to be followed.  You have only to see deeper than the arrogance on their faces to see the sheer terror underneath as they know their time of judgment is as close as My hand.”

I then saw the web coil up over the area of North America, Europe and Japan, leaving all other areas. I saw more earthquakes than normal over the ring of fire, but also some east of this in the middle of the United States, as well as in Italy.

I saw now a total of ten angels from Heaven over the globe in various areas. I saw South America in unrest.  The shores of the west and east were riddled with dead or contaminated fish and many waters were unfit to enter.

There were massive storms, earthquakes and heat in various areas. Drug and trafficking cartels were becoming popular and birthed out of many of the areas.  Young children were kidnapped or sold by parents and sent for high dollar amounts to other countries.

I then saw the same thing occurring in Europe and North America. As the globe of the Earth turned before me, I then saw that almost the entire globe was highlighted.

Me: “Father, I cannot imagine giving birth or having a young child in these days which are coming.  What I am seeing makes me sick.  Children are being harvested and sold.  It will be everywhere.

“The United States was given 240 years to repent from 1776. This would be July 4th, 2016.  Is this correct?  Is this the beginning of the fall of the United States, Father?”

God: “Erin, is the world becoming worse or better?  What is happening from the pulpits?  Is there a call to repentance or is there a call to, not only embrace the sinner, but accept the sin?  Now, the gauge is Israel, not this cursed land void of God.”

Me: “Father, there are so many people who love You, look for You and intercede for others.  We still have hope.  Please have mercy on us, protect us and keep us safe.  Please do not let us perish.”

God: “I have heard your prayers and these are good.  Your scribing from Me will not be popular.  There is collateral damage in any war or calamity, but those in the midst of trouble whose heart is before Me in love will not perish, but will have everlasting life.  What is better?

“Now, I also use the meek to humble the proud. I will also use arrows in My quiver when need be, understand?  When I send punishment on a land or people, it can be sudden or over time.

“The time of the end accelerates, but there is still more time. Now this land here…”  I saw the USA illuminated.  “…can expect civil unrest.  In the past, there was a pattern with that of Israel, yet very few saw the correlation.  Why?”

Me: “Because the axis of the world seems to rotate around the United States and all of the news focuses on America?”

God: “Yes, a proud and wealthy nation with a crumbling foundation slowly and systematically given over to her captors, though she is unaware of it.  Other nations have become wealthy because of her, but they also hate and curse her.

“There are two people vying for leadership. One is very powerful and works with other nations and has the blessings of many churches and other leaders.  This one will lead the people to surrender to her enemies proclaiming ‘accept all, be all, share all and give away all.’

“However, the other one will cause the people and the land to not be handed over without a fight.”

Me: “So one will force us to surrender and the other to stand and fight?”

God: “Yes.”

Me: “Neither one sounds good.  No matter what happens, this land is in trouble and You are still continuing to send calamity.  Father, people will begin to curse You.”

God: Rolling laughter shook the floor.  “They curse Me now.  The place of ‘Seven Towers’…”  The globe before me then moved to the Middle East.  “…there are plans here against Israel.  While America and Europe are busy as the battering continues and the land to the north is rendered ineffective, My land will be attacked.”

Me: “But all of this land, including the Earth, the stars and the Heavens, is all Yours, Father.”

God: “Yes, but Israel is My special jewel and this I have declared.  This is why I continue to prosper it.  However, as the world is focused on the troubled lands, very few will take notice.  There is a pattern to the timing.”

Me: “When will You send the Lord for us?  Please hurry.”

God: “Israel is your gauge for timing.  There are people who seek to divide the land, so therefore I will divide their lands.  My land cannot be brokered.  I do not deal with anyone.  Now do not be discouraged or dismayed when you see all of this trouble, but know that the days of Noah are upon you.  In all things, be still and know I am God.”

Me: “I love You, Father.”

I was shaking as I looked down upon the Earth and viewed an uptick in natural disasters. I saw signs in the Heavens, along with things out of character and out of season.  These ten angels were massive, wherein six angels now joined the four already in place over the USA.  These other six angels were dispersed around the globe.

In America, I saw extremes with no middle point of rest. There was fire, droughts, winds and dust storms which were apocalyptic in nature.  I saw the ground shaking and splitting.  I saw one area so dry and barren that when the rain came in torrential downpours, the ground, like cement, could not receive the rain and instead repelled it.

I again saw a massive storm coming from Africa in the Atlantic right up the East Coast. The devastation was more than insurance companies or government funds could cover.  Their ‘blanket policies’ had major holes so many people were left without help.

I then saw record heat, blackouts and rolling blackouts in major cities, as well as rioting and unrest. After the season of record heat came record cold, ice, snow and storms like the USA and Canada have never seen.

Due to these calamities, I saw the price of food begin to skyrocket, forcing thousands to no longer afford meat of any kind. There were ‘forced vegetarians’ in record numbers, as well as issues surrounding the lack of available protein.  I literally saw people less sharp, more docile and weaker in spirit as a result.

I then saw a massive army begin to flood the regions from the north, but also some from the east and some from the west. These armies seemed welcomed at first, but had the purpose of breaking apart the land.  At first the invasion seemed quiet, but then gradually it built up.

I again saw something in the coastal regions that looked like the land was uninhabitable from fifty miles out. As I looked, the United States appeared to have black borders as if God Himself had taken a ‘Sharpie’ marking pen and drew a large thick black border on opposite sides of the land.

From the Great Lakes, I saw spillage coming down to the Gulf of Mexico from some storm. Areas of the Mississippi River were poring over and flooding the country and dividing it.  The water did not recede, but remained stagnant for some time.  There were outbreaks of disease unlike anything the USA had ever seen.

The globe before me then turned and I saw container ships coming with goods to the USA being split and toppled by an angel in the Pacific. This cut off imports to North America.

Through all of this, I saw two countries remaining sturdy. One of these countries, China, appeared to shine like iron.  The other country, Russia, appeared to shine like bronze.  Both of these countries did not seem shaken, but it instead looked as if God was keeping them relatively unharmed.

I then saw one angel up near the Aleutian Islands between Russia and Alaska look as if he were holding the end of a jump rope, wherein another angel in the southern hemisphere was holding the other end. As the rope moved through the water, it stirred up the seas.  The rope created epic winds and battered the lands in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and the South Pacific, as well as bruising Japan.

I then saw an angel over India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran with a massive hammer. He let in armies and then would hammer the land and the armies.

I saw an angel standing at Ethiopia and it blew up and across toward the northeast. Mighty wind storms were so bad that the oceans appeared brown with dust and debris.

All the while, the ‘angel of death’ loomed over large portions of Northern Africa. Since there was no aid relief for the drought and famine, many, many thousands died.

Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Algeria, Somalia and other countries began civil unrest like they had never seen before. Foreign consulates completely pulled out of all of these regions.

I saw an angel apart from the others with a hand over Israel, but I saw a buildup coming against them from the area of the north from Libya as ordered by the ‘City of Seven Towers’. I saw a river of black, red and a streak of green come from the area of the Middle East that looked like a swarm.

Another large angel was tasked with Europe and there were natural disasters, including earthquakes, flooding and record cold. Wine crops were failing and civil unrest was building as a result.  The angel looked as if he were directing traffic.

Another angel stood like a statue over South America. As people’s prayers were ‘blocked’, a massive army of demons prevented them from knowing anything about the rest of the world.  I saw a massive land there which looked as if it were stagnant with water.  It was like a flood, wherein all of the water was going bad.

Me: “Oh Father, when is this?”

God: “Erin, this time is beginning and is upon you.  Soon all lies will be exposed.  However, this is enough today.”

Me: Crying.  “Father, is there any good news?”

God: Rolling laughter that seemed somehow like a smile, even though I could not see this.  “Of course, as I am with you.  What Scripture have I always led you to when you have been afraid?”

Me: “Well, several, but Psalm 46 in particular.”

God: “Then find comfort knowing that I have prepared a place for you and focus on lovely things.”

Me: Crying.  “You are lovely, Father, and I love You so much.  Help me to stand and grant me wisdom.  Make my pen clear to write and easy to understand.  I would feel horrible if I ever miswrote something.  What if I…”

God: “Erin, do not worry and do not be afraid.  I instruct you while you sleep.  I bring you to Me in visions and I make your dreams plain.  Allow Me to carry you.  Continue on your course.  I have seen your sacrifice for Me and your love is written on My hands and in My heart.  How can I forget you?  I cannot.  I do not forget those who love Me.”

Me: “Thank You, Father.  I can never forget You.”

God: “Then this is mutual.  Now, find joy in what you have.  Stay firm on solid foundation.  I am going to do something in your days in which you would not believe even if you were told.”

Just then I felt Uriel bring me to my feet and take me back to God’s door. I turned to wave at God.  As I did, I saw something amazing.  I saw something that looked like a tsunami of light in every color and even more.

This light came across the room at me and, as I write even, I felt a charge of electricity and a warm flutter of my heart. It was like my pacemaker kicked in and I had just went down a roller coaster hill at the same time, but it was so wonderful.  Uriel took me outside.

Me: “Uriel, what is happening to me?”

Uriel smiled at me as the bird came and landed on his shoulder again.

Uriel: “Your dreams are now becoming a reality, including all those you have had personally.  This begins a new chapter on your ‘Eighth Bridge’ and you are now halfway across, give or take.

“Now, things will be made even clearer than before. You will see things not just through a macro lens, but also a micro lens, and all with greater clarity.  Erin, your healing has also begun.”

Me: “Uriel, I actually felt my healing start this week.”

Uriel: “Erin, you are realizing the blessings of obedience.  You were wondering why finishing your tasks were so important.  It is because this was a heart issue.  You finished it in complete trust that God knows what He is doing even when you do not fully understand.  Now He is going to reward you.

“Continue to dedicate all you have to God for His purposes. In doing so, you will continue to store up your treasures in Heaven.  Obey God even when you do not know His business, for obedience is better than works.  Then in doing so, He will open the flood gates of Heaven over you.”

Me: “Uriel, the ministry is my gift back to God and I dedicate all of this to Him.  Does He know this?”

Uriel: Laughing.  “Do you even need to ask?  Of course.  This is why He allowed the site to open at the exact moment you finished what He had called you to do personally.

“Now, there are some things for you to remember. Continue to worship God in Spirit and in truth.  You are an arrow in His quiver, so stay sharp.  Testify to God’s goodness in all your ways and He will make your path straight.

“He has told you that your gauge of the Lord’s return is not the world, but Israel, or the words of the prophets of old would prove false and would not be of God. So continue to pray for revelation as you watch Israel as this will be your gauge for timing.

“Keep your eyes on the ‘peacemaker’ as he is to be watched. He is soon to become an even larger figure as time moves forward.

“The ‘Seven Towers’ are to be watched as this is the home of activity against Israel. Eventually another city will be home to this; the ‘City of the Tall Tower’, like Babel.

“Now, do not worry, but pray instead. Psalms 46, 45, 17 and 84 are for your encouragement.  The times of the prophets are now unfolding.  Watch and pray for revelation.  God is about to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.”

Uriel smiled as the small glorified sparrow tipped her head towards me.

Dream over…

I should note that there seemed to be more angels than just the ten. Perhaps the ‘angel of death’ might be a separate angel, as well as the angel that is over Israel?  The angel in South America seemed to be just standing there waiting for activation.  I am not certain if some of these angels were already there in advance?

There were just so many details to this dream and it moved so fast that it was very difficult to write everything down. I will pray for further revelation and ask that you all pray with me for this.


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