Dream 210 – Jesus, the Shaking and 40 Days

Received Monday, September 5, 2016


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for my family.  Thank You for Your special care for us.  Thank You for a beautiful day as it is 75 degrees here today.

Father, I must apologize to You. When faced with trouble, I immediately turn to You and say, “Why are You punishing me?  Why are You allowing more trouble?”  I should know better by now that You allow these trials in order for us to learn to either stand through them in faith until the storm eventually passes or You allow these because we are not heading down the right path.

Perhaps it could even be that we need to take notice of something and make a change or we need to turn around altogether and take another route. It just seems that my entire life story has consisted of switchbacks, redirects, wrong turns and dead-ends.

However, and as always, You plan everything for my good, but I still just wonder if my thick skin and sometimes discouraged demeanor has upset You. I want so much to make You proud of me, but I do not always believe my thought processes are on the right path.

Lord, it seems that the leaves here are turning early this year and I even smelled fall one day in late July. All of this is quite early, even for here.  I also noticed an uptick in the activity of small animals, squirrels, chipmunks and other creatures gathering and preparing for the change of seasons much earlier than I ever have in the past.  Indeed, I cannot recall a time I have ever seen anything quite like this.

Well, the first stage of our fast ended last Monday, wherein we ate no solid food for 21 days, but only liquids instead. When this ended, and as Daniel did, I began praying that You would send a miraculous sign within three days of this fast ending.

When the morning of this third day came, I was grieving for no really good ‘Heavenly’ reason and was on my knees in prayer. In reality, I still felt that I had good ‘earthly’ reasons for grieving.  When I say no good ‘Heavenly’ reason, it is because You, Father, have promised to not only heal us, but deliver us from trouble.

This alone is more than good enough, so, in hindsight, I really had no good ‘earthly’ reason either other than stressing over Your timing seemingly to be taking us to the brink of major trouble. Again, I know that I should know better as I have been here many a time with You, Father, and I should truly know by now that You will not forsake us as You are faithful even when I lack.

Anyway, as this ‘third day’ progressed, I became downcast that nothing was happening. As per Daniel, and within three days after my period of fasting and mourning, I was really hopeful and even expecting something supernatural as I was also promised signs that I was on the right track.  I cried out yet again and Jesus told me, “Erin, wait for it.”

Well, I received two signs later that very afternoon. The first sign was when my daughter and I spotted an extremely vivid rainbow and took photos of it.  I thanked You and I felt pleased and satisfied.  However, without me knowing it, You still were not done with Your signs for that day.

About an hour later, and as I was preparing dinner, my younger son said, “Mom, there is a dead bird on the deck chair.” I quickly put my pan off of the stove-top burner and my daughter and I went to the window to see.

There we saw a tiny hummingbird with a broken neck. I quickly ran to the deck outside to pray over this small bird that was beautiful even in death.  Here is what I prayed:

“Father, You are the God of all Creation. You care about even a small sparrow and know when it falls.  Please, Father, because You love me, do this one thing for me and heal this beautiful hummingbird!”

When I finished praying over the hummingbird, and with tears still in my eyes, I instantly saw her little neck come back into alignment and her breath restored. As quickly as a single blink of my eyes, and with no time to react, I watched this beautiful little light-green bellied hummingbird fly off to a small birch tree, completely healthy and happy.

I sat there stunned for a moment and began to cry. My daughter said, “Mom, I saw it too!  I saw the whole thing!”  We were both so happy and this was such a great moment for both of us!  Oh thank You, Father, for allowing us to be a part of this little miracle.

However, the very next day, I had to travel to get my mail and received some more discouraging news. I was, sigh, yet again downcast, but my husband, with great faith, reminded me to relax and trust in Jesus as He has always been faithful, even when His timing, really our anxious ‘waiting’, has sometimes made us a bit nervous.

As a result, and though our trip should have been full of sadness about the magnitude of our upcoming tests that the Lord has warned us about, we instead began remarking about the amazing ability in which God, our Father, has shown us that He is ALWAYS greater than our troubles.

We then even started praising the Lord in advance for some of the things we will soon endure with His awesome help. Overall, it was a very good day and we soon decided to allow ourselves to find joy even in our trying circumstances.

Later, in our last holiday weekend of the summer, we took our children to the mall. Being teenagers, they felt a bit more ‘cool’ without parents hanging out with them, so we went to the local bookstore on our own while our kids navigated the mall on their own.

As we entered the bookstore, we noticed an author signing books. As I approached to listen, I soon discovered that this woman was a New Age channeler named Elizabeth Rose.  Elizabeth had a sign there which said, ‘Free channeling or aura reading with each book purchased.’

Okay, I found this disturbing, so I quickly prayed, “Father, should I stay or go?” Just then, Elizabeth went into a trance and began moving her arms in strange formations as she performed a ‘free channeling’ for a woman who was purchasing one of her books.

I quickly asked my husband to come and watch as well, telling him, “I need you to pair with me and stand. The Lord is calling me to witness to her.”  We both stood and watched and it soon became obvious that this woman was channeling demons.  Even more disturbingly, she then used Jesus’ name as she did this.

I began to feel quite uncomfortable because I felt at first that the Lord wanted me to circle her table seven times and speak in my prayer language over her. I could almost see Him smiling as He hinted that I should start doing this right then and there.

However, as I watched Elizabeth continue in her trance, I instead asked, “Lord, please keep me looking sane and stable to all of these people. Even though she is in the act of looking really crazy, people are still buying what she is selling.  Please consider me to look sane, centered on You and not as crazy as her.”

I literally heard Jesus reply, again sensing Him smiling, perhaps even chuckling, “Yes, Erin, your request is a good one.”

As I stood and watched Elizabeth tell the woman so many things with so many words, I soon realized that she was really telling this woman absolutely nothing at all. Despite this, the woman still left utterly amazed at what she had been told.  This lack of discernment on this woman’s part was truly frightening to me.

I then found myself face to face with Elizabeth and noticed that she was my age and wore glasses. However, the remarkable thing of note about her was that her skin was an ashen grey color and her teeth were the same grey, but neither had been caused from smoking.  I felt the Lord lead me in conversation with her.

Me: “Elizabeth, who are you channeling?”

Elizabeth: Smiling.  “Christ Jesus and God.”

Immediately I had a “SparrowCloud9 Rant” that I wanted to use in order to give her a piece of my mind on her deception. However, I felt that Jesus wanted me to instead follow His lead and I instantly yielded to Him completely.  I then took a deep breath and quickly prayed for His Voice to speak through me and use me for His glory and not mine.

Me: “Do you meet Him in the Throne Room?”

Elizabeth: No longer smiling.  “What?  Excuse me?  Who are you?  I am not sure what you are talking about.”

Me: “Years ago, I belonged to the Psychic Institute in Portland Oregon.  However, since then, a heart condition caused me to have some NDEs that forever changed me and I no longer feel as I once did.”

Elizabeth: “Oh, so you know exactly what I am doing here.”

At that point, I realized that I had so much I wanted to say personally and that the Lord held my tongue and continued to lead the conversation.

Me: “Somewhat, but I am no longer involved with ‘that way’.  Can you tell me how you hear from God?”

Elizabeth: “Well, actually, I have between 10 to 39 angels surrounding me that are all around here.”

Suddenly, and for what could only be described as a ‘divine change in attitude’, I no longer looked at her with anger. Instead, I felt my lips loosen as the Lord showed me a severely lost person and He welled me up with an unexpected compassion for her.

Me: “Elizabeth, I have a Word for you from God.”

I immediately saw her stiffen as if she felt she had much more knowledge of God than me and was questioning why I would even dare do such a thing. At that second, I saw several things about her download into me from God.

However, He did not have me report what I saw fully to her, but it was instead to be a message for her to discern from Him. As Elizabeth’s eyes started to dart, she reluctantly agreed to hear what I had to say, but it was obvious that she was very doubtful.

Me: “God knows you, Elizabeth Rose.  He knows you as He had created you and longs to bless you.  I am a seer and I see a vision.  You are soon to be at a crossroads where there are two ways you can go.

“Your friends will all want you to go to the left as there is a beautiful sky there and what seems like peace. However, this is not the way you should go.  Instead, you are to go to the right, even though there you will see a dark and ominous looking path.  This path is not well travelled, but you must go on this path.”

Elizabeth: Replying with skepticism in her voice.  “Now why would I do this?”

My husband: Sensing her skepticism.  “Please do not disregard what my wife has to say to you.  I have never seen her do this with anyone in person, so you really need to listen to her carefully.”

I saw her take a deep breath and turn back to me to listen.

Me: “If you take the path to the right, God will find you there.  However, it will mean you must let go of all of this for a period of time.  Then, and out of the darkness, you will find a true ‘Diamond’ in the midst of this darkness.  God will then gift you with so much more than you could even imagine.”

Elizabeth was still skeptical as she pointed to her book, which just happened to have a diamond on the front of it

Elizabeth: “Now why would I need this?  I am a healer and already have all of this.  I have power.”

As I stood there, the Lord showed me a vision of a very, very dry, arid desert, like nothing I had ever seen, and it was dark and ominous. However, God did not have me share this vision with her.

Me: “Elizabeth, there is so much more as you are in a desert place, but you are like a small flower in the desert and not a desert flower.  I had been told something like this by God a few years ago and He delivered me from the desert.”

Elizabeth: “I have never had anyone speak to me like this.”

While this seemed to soften her slightly, she still seemed like she had a wall up. I later found out from my husband that Jesus had told him to pray for the demons surrounding her to be confused.

At first, my husband had wanted to pray for her deliverance, but he quickly was told in his Holy Spirit that this was not the correct prayer for this particular circumstance and changed his prayer for the demons’ confusion.

I looked directly into her eyes with an intensity that I am not usually comfortable with.

Me: “God tells me that you are a Rose, that you were named with a purpose and that you are just like your last name.  Sharon, God wants you to study the ‘Rose of Sharon’.”

I was stunned that I called her ‘Sharon’ instead of Elizabeth and my husband seemed confused by this as well. However, we could both see that Elizabeth was suddenly truly softening to Erin’s Words from the Lord for the first time.  Tears began to form in her eyes and dropped down her cheeks.  She was just as stunned as we were.

Elizabeth: “How could you possibly know this?  My birth name is Sharon.  Sharon is my first name and Sharon Elizabeth Rose is my full name.  However, no one knows about my first name being Sharon, not even my friends.  Tell me, how did you know this?”

Me: “God knows you, Sharon, but you must listen to Him.  There will be two more unrelated people coming to you that will confirm this message and I am the first of three.”

Elizabeth was now in shock as she asked if she could hug me. When my husband heard her request, he felt in his Holy Spirit that he should quickly pray for my protection before we made contact.

As she moved around her table and hugged me, I could feel nothing but a lost desperate spirit and a wall of darkness with no Holy Spirit connection. Usually when I am hugged, I receive an impression of either good or evil, but this time it was like an invisible blockade had been formed between us.

Elizabeth: “I need to write all of this down.  Who are you?”

Me: “Erin.”

I knew she wanted my last name as well, but I quickly knew that the Lord did not want me to reveal this. Just then, a new customer came up to the table.  Before Elizabeth turned to address this person, she reached to hug me again.  I could tell she was again trying to read me using this hug, but then seemed frustrated as this was once again blocked by the Lord.

Elizabeth: “Thank you.  I am in shock.”

As she talked to the new person that had arrived, she waved goodbye to us as we walked off. While I knew she wanted even more information from me, I also knew it was time for us to leave immediately.  I suddenly became relieved that our children were not around for this as I am sure one of them would have accidently interrupted us without knowing what was occurring.

Finally, and just yesterday, a beautiful sunny Sunday, we decided to set out for a drive to a quaint, coastal town with our children. However, about a half hour into our two hour drive, we had a flat tire right in front of a small cemetery.

At first, I panicked, but, thank You Father, my husband had dealt with this many times before and told me to relax and that we would be back on the road in no time. Yes, once again, my immediate reaction was one of, “Oh no, this is a holiday weekend and we are in the middle of nowhere.  What are we going to do?”

Well, we soon discovered that this divine delay meant so much for our long term safety and easily dwarfed this minor inconvenience. As my husband put the spare tire on, we soon discovered that all four of our tires, though only six months old, were all stripped to the metal under the rubber treads.

This meant we were actually in a very, very dangerous situation and we had not even known this until now. We praised God for saving us as we turned around and slowly drove home on the utility spare.

Once home, we cheerily all switched to our other car to continue on our day trip. Though we had lost an hour, we had really gained critical knowledge and it was obvious to all of us that this delay was truly divine and from Him.

As we went back on our trip, I searched the internet on my phone and found out about lawsuits about these same tires blowing out on the road and even causing fatalities. While it will be a bit difficult navigating the first week of school without this car, I realized how much better this was than us risking having a fatal accident on some random day.

Thank You, Father God. We thank You for showing us what hidden danger we were driving with and completely unbeknownst to us.  Our car had just been serviced in June, including a tire rotation, so this was truly a blessing from You.  Replacing these four tires is truly a minor expense compared to what could have happened to all of us.

As I woke up today, I felt truly blessed. Lord, please forgive me for not immediately recognizing the flat tire we had as a minor miracle with major possible future ramifications without it.

Instead, I at first wondered in my lack if You had allowed the enemy to attack us for witnessing to that New Age psychic channeler at the bookstore. Please forgive me for my flawed thinking.

As I prayed this morning, I realized that I was still not fully certain why You did not have me just tell her to stop her wicked ways because she was bound for hell if she continued. Father, I even had some Scripture I wanted to quote.  Father, why did You not allow me to say even more to her?

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was up on the path which runs adjacent to God’s overlook above His beautiful valley. I saw the bench ahead, as well as the rugged rock, which out of it is a bubbling small spring of fresh cool water.

I walked to the spring and drank the refreshing water from the River of Life. Then I sat on the bench overlooking the beautiful valley.  As I noticed that it was dawn, tears began streaming down my cheeks and I took a big breath of pure air.

Me: “Thank You, Father.  I am so sorry if I have done anything wrong.  You are marvelous, wonderful and amazing in all that You do and I cherish You.

“In this time since Pentecost, I have felt discouraged as I had hoped for something amazing to happen after I obeyed Your instructions. I had then interceded and prayed for the lost, my friends and my family for miracles.  It just seems that I am unable to have my prayers reach You.

“However, if they are, perhaps I must search further to understand what I must do to find You. Please help me, Father.  Count me worthy, but, more importantly, please heal those who need healing.  Please have mercy on those who are asleep so that they may find You.”

Just then, I heard a mighty shofar sound and noticed that it was a Heavenly version of an earthly shofar. I saw every animal turn to where the sound came from.  As I turned to look behind me, I saw an angel there.  I then felt a hand on my shoulder and it was Uriel.

Uriel was beautiful and even looked somewhat like Jesus. At times, his hair was white and, at other times, his hair was darker.  His eyes were a deep blue-green and he had a very short groomed beard and mustache in a beautiful design.

Uriel’s teeth were perfect and white and his skin was medium in tone, almost as if he had a dark tan. In summary, he was extremely handsome.  As he immediately noticed that I was studying him, he quickly changed my focus.

Uriel: Smiling.  “Erin, bring no glory to me as I am only a host to bring you to the Lord of lords and the King of kings.  I ride a swift horse and I am trusted to deliver to you messages from the King.

“The King is in the field and requests your presence. These 40 days are the ‘Days of Favor’.  God will once again usher you into His presence after this period, but, for now, He desires you to draw near to Him.”

Me: “So will I not see God?  Is He mad at me?”

Uriel: Laughing and smiling.  “No, Erin, this is the final period of 40 days.  He is changing your direction to draw closer to Him as you did in the beginning.  Come, Erin.   Come as you are.”

I looked down to see what I was wearing. As I did, I watched my linen dress transform into a beautiful white gown, elegant and simple, with long sleeves, slightly belled at the ends.  The fabric was like butter and really like no fabric I had ever felt.

I then looked down at my feet and they were no longer worn, old or calloused. Instead, my feet were beautiful and my hands were young again.

Me: Crying.  “Okay, I guess I am back in favor after all of this.  Thank You, God.”

I was laughing as I looked at Uriel and noticed that he was laughing at my comments.

Uriel: “Erin, you were never out of His favor.  Though your life was marred with bad choices and marked with uncertainty from a worldly perspective, God designed you.  Now He marvels at His creation.”

Me: “Wow, I never thought of this.  On this side of eternity, and in this world, I am marred and barely recognizable as something of worth to human eyes, but, here, I am worthy and a bride worthy of marriage and married to the Groom.  Here, I am ‘married’ and not ‘marred’, but still I am nothing without the great ‘I Am’!”

Uriel chuckled and was clearly being amused by me. I could tell that the angels already had knowledge from God and that we are so slow to learn things so obvious in comparison.  I often feel like a child discovering a new thing, yet everyone else here seems to be ‘in the know.’  This seemed funny to me and I laughed.

I turned to Uriel and noticed that he had changed from his robe into a suit of armor and that he now had wings. He had a beautiful bronze and gold burnished armor with incredible golden long wavy hair.

Me: “Whoa, I have never seen you like this.  You look like a warrior and you even have a sword.”

Uriel: Smiling.  “Come, Erin, the King is in the field.  I will take you there.”

He waved to me to come over to a beautiful horse. This massive horse was in beautiful head armor of silver and gold.  The horse had a braided mane and tail and violet eyes and was absolutely beautiful.  I petted the side of its neck as it stood so much higher than me.  The horse went low so I could get on the saddle behind Uriel.

Uriel: Smiling.  “Erin, hold on.  Are you read to fly?”

Me: “Wow, I get a tour.  Yes, this is fun.”

I am not sure how, but then we began to fly. Uriel’s wings were above me and the horse was also somehow flying.  We went over God’s valley, His forests, His observatory and His Courts.  I was in tears as I was seeing the most beautiful land I had ever seen.

We continued over lakes, rivers and streams. I saw aspen forests, pine forests, redwoods and even fruit orchards.  We traveled fast, like a jet, but low enough for me to take everything in.  Uriel took me from wilderness places to even more meadows and fruit orchards.

I then saw massive vineyards and flower fields. I saw workers and beautiful estates.  In the very far away distance, I saw the City of God and it was bright and shining like a beacon on a hill.  Below me, I then recognized the Valley of Blessing.  I saw the seven pools, the waterfalls, the gardens, the various estates, the lakes and the fountains.

Uriel turned direction and began to turn north and west. He pointed and I saw the place that God had built for me.  I gasped as my House was even more beautiful than I had remembered.

He then flew us over the ‘small’ Mediterranean like lake area. Now, I say ‘small’, but, in earthly terms, it is massive and encompasses thousands of miles with estates all around it.

There were also vineyards, homes on beautiful cliffs of white with flowering vines, fountains, waterfalls and cerulean blue water. There were sailboats and other watercraft, along with celebrations with music.  It was all truly beautiful!

Uriel then flew to the southern part over the valley and began his descent into the fields of flowers, landing in a field of lilies next to the River of Life. Uriel motioned for our horse to kneel, allowing me to be closer to the ground.

Me: Crying.  “We were up there for hours, yet really minutes, right?  How far did we go?”

Uriel: Laughing.  “Erin, time is different here.  You long to remain in the moment forever, yet you stay just enough.  It is never too short or too long.  We travelled over the equivalent of three times the Earth.”

Me: “What?  How?”

Uriel: “This land is where God resides.  He prepared a place for those He loves.  How many dwell in wide open spaces here since the beginning?  Erin, angels reside here too.  You need only to imagine the size based on God’s limitations, wherein He has no limitations at all.”

Me: “Well, if it is God sized, who can fathom it or measure it from beginning to end?  Who can measure God’s works or where He could reside?  I certainly cannot.”

Uriel: “This is only a small fraction of what God has done from beginning to end, yet there is even more.  It is difficult for me to explain, and even harder for you to comprehend, God from the beginning.  Erin, He loves you and, though you think of yourself as small, He thinks of you.  Now, walk through the lilies and there He will find you.”

Me: “I recognize this place as it is so beautiful.  Is it from Song of Songs 6:3?”

Uriel: Smiling.  “Erin, smile and rejoice.”

He then mounted his horse and flew away in a blink of my eyes. The word ‘fast’ would be an understatement here as he flew away so incredibly fast.

As I walked through this beautiful field, I looked off into the distance and there I saw Jesus. I began to run to Him and I saw that He was smiling and looked so handsome.  He was wearing armor of gold with twelve jewels on His breastplate.

He wore a white linen undergarment with sleeves rolled up. He had bronze and gold armored boots and His hair was brown and wavy, just above his shoulders in length.  His smile was white and His teeth perfect.

His skin was dark tan and He had a trim, short beard and mustache. His eyes were light blue-green and stood out against His skin.  I noticed that He was holding a lily as I hugged Him tightly.

Me: “I miss You, Lord.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Oh, and where have I been?  You just saw Me.”

Me: “Yes, but just not here.  It has been a little less than four years since I have seen You here in this place.”

Jesus: “Come with Me as it is time for you to draw close to Me again.  This time last year, your pain was very great, Erin, and you encountered many changes.  Your direction is good, but My Father began to sense your disconnect with the world from your sorrow over what must come next.  It was time for you to spend time with Me again.  Are you ready?”

Me: “I am not certain for what.”

Suddenly, we were in a massive wheat field so massive that the blue sky met the field in full surround. I saw angels and workers all around us and they waved at us.

Jesus: “Erin, this is the time.”

Me: I heard a shofar.  “What time, Lord?”

Jesus: “The time to awaken those who are asleep from their death caused by sin.  It is time.”

Me: “You mean the harvest, Lord?”

Jesus: “Soon I will come to gather the harvest, but this is the time of the shaking.  This is the time to wake up those who slumber.”

Me: “I am scared, Lord.”

Jesus: “Do not be, Erin.  I am about to use all those that I have prepared in advance to comfort those who are broken, lost and hard-hearted.”

Me: “Lord, is this why You have given me the dreams I have had?  You also had me look up every boss I had ever worked for and even those people who used to be my friends.  Is this what You are showing me?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Erin, what do you believe you were shown based on all you have come to know?  Tell Me your thoughts and I will clarify this.”

Me: “Well, I have had an unusual life.  Almost every boss I have ever had has become very rich and/or very famous.  I was there with each of them at the very beginning when their companies were just starting.

“I have always worked for ‘entrepreneurs’ who had required extremely long hours from me with a very small salary and poor benefits in return. The list was long, so I must have had value to them as I provided in-house marketing, saving them thousands of dollars a month on an advertising agency.

“I was constantly in demand and being recruited by other companies and I really had no loyalty to any of them. This went on for ten years.  Now these men have gone on and some are now even listed in Forbes, Inc. and Business Week magazines.  One of these men was even on the TV show, ‘Undercover Boss’.

“Several of these men have been slightly humbled by bankruptcy, but they all quickly recovered even though they received horrible reviews and even had lawsuits filed against them. I counted ten bosses over this ten year period.

“I then researched friends and roommates that You led me to research. Each of these people had also become quite successful.  I found it extremely difficult not to compare myself to them, so occasionally I could not help but wonder if I had missed something.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “You missed nothing, Erin, believe Me.  Remember the illusion of grandeur created by them defining their own success, so do not pay attention to this.  Erin, Who do you now work for?  Who calls you His daughter?  Who calls you Bride, the Bride in Gold of Ophir?”

Me: “Oh, I never stopped to think of that.”

Jesus: “Your oppressors are many and your enemies are vast, but Who ultimately reigns over all?”

Me: “God!  You, Lord!”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Are you ready to come to Me here?”

Me: “Yes, I am here.”

He turned, reached over for a lily and then handed it to me.

Jesus: “I have something for you.  Erin, this is your field.”

Me: “What do You mean, Lord?”

Jesus: “This is the time.  I care about you.  I give you this field.  Now care for My field.  Before the time of winnowing, there will be threshing.  My Father told you that this is the beginning.  I have prepared you in advance.  Now I will instruct you in the ways you should go.  You will learn from Me.”

Me: “Lord, did I speak properly to the woman who claimed to speak to You?”

Jesus: “Erin, this woman does not hear from Me.  If she did, then she would be anguished over what she has done and she would stop it.  She is comfortable in her position.  Now, what were you shown?”

Me: “If she chooses the path to the left, then the cancer growing in her body will lead to her death.  However, if she chooses the path to the right, the ‘right path’, You will meet her there.”

Jesus: “What did you then learn?”

Me: “That this woman will not be willing to yield away from the power she currently has and go the right course and that she enjoys her sin too much.  I also saw that, after me, two of her psychic friends will claim that I was a negative spirit meant to block her power.  She will enjoy their comforting words and will later dismiss the other two messengers You will eventually send.  Lord, why did You not allow me to confront her?”

Jesus: “Erin, you were there to create a rampart.  Now she will never forget this encounter with you as she knows this was Me speaking to her through you.”

Me: “Was I being like a channeler?”

Jesus: “No!  Remember that there is a counterfeit to everything good and that evil is there.  Now you understood the new course of evil that even pretends to take directions from Me.  As I did not speak to her, her words were idle.  As her words were not inspired from the Word of Truth, following such a woman would lead to death.  Very few take the ‘right path’, Erin, so remember about the narrow gate that few find or desire.  Now, this is enough today.”

Me: “I am so glad to be with You, Lord.”

Jesus: Laughing and smiling.  “I am glad to be with you too.  This is your time of drawing nearer to Me.  Are you ready?”

Me: “As ready as I will ever be, Lord.”

Jesus: “Good, come with Me.”

Jesus took my hand and we walked through the field together.

Dream over…


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