Dream 211 – Jesus, Workers and Witnesses

Received Sunday, September 11, 2016

Finished at 2:22pm on page 22 of my journal


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family and friends.  Please continue to heal and bless all of us as we continue to battle through these dark times.  I cling to Your promises as, on so many days, I wonder if I am on the right path and going in the direction You desire, but especially when faced with insurmountable obstacles.

Father, I have grieved this week.  I have been broken for my children as I have walked with them for so many years through so many struggles.  I know their hearts and their works and I find it difficult to be helpless to remove their pain or, better yet, heal their afflictions.

On the night before last, I was in distress as my eldest son had been passed over for a social event. While I cannot elaborate, Father, You know all of this.  I went to bed Friday evening weeping with my heart broken as I remembered the promise of their futures when they were infants.  I had imagined great things for each of them.

Of course, being a typical younger Christian mom, my hopes were for them to become pastors, leaders, doctors, architects and so on, wherein the list was long. Instead, and as we progressed with life, my sons struggled.  I knew where these struggles had originated and their root cause, but I was helpless to do anything.

All around me, my friends’ children at church that were the same age as my sons hit milestone after milestone of growth. As time went by, and because of our rather unique circumstances in comparison, friends eventually simply quit calling.

It seems as if we made them uncomfortable in the state we were in. Because I had lost my status in society and, by then, even my financial stability, I was considered out of God’s favor and more of a stain to them.

My struggle, Father, was expressed to You as I had no husband or earthly father to counsel with. At times, I felt I was losing hope and even my heartbeats became irregular.  I prayed to You, “Father, my children need me.  Please do not take me yet.  Please sustain me.”

I then went on with more injuries and heart problems, but yet was still sustained by You. However, even those friends who said they would always be there for a quick ‘check in’ via a phone call were becoming harder and harder to reach.  I now had no hope and really no true help.

I prayed to You on my knees, Father, but I could not hear You. I still believed in You, but my health was dwindling.  With our resources also dwindling quickly, I was forced to make decisions out of a heart of pure love for my children at the cost of all of my personal needs.

I would later regret this as now the enemy had quartered me off and isolated me. The enemy had removed all that I loved and attacked me while I was incapable of making sound choices.

I now know that You allowed all of this for the good of me and my children, but, at times, Father, and after so many years, I still wonder. Please forgive me, Lord, as I am thankful for all You have done, but I just need the one thing I have prayed for over my children since they were little.

Father, my oldest son is now 18 years of age. Please have mercy.  Please, Lord, as I know You can do anything.  Scripture declares that ‘we, common believers, will be capable of even greater works’ than what is written in Chapter 14 of John.

Father, please do not forget Your promises that You gave to me. I, in turn, gave Your promises to my children, wherein their faith in Your promises at times is even greater than mine.  They even sometimes look at me with innocent wonder and ask the looming question, ‘When, Mom?’

When my one son awakes from his dreams of You healing him, he is so excited about what You are about to do that it brings tears to my eyes. Father, all of us are like little children.  We all love You and long for the day when You will turn our mourning into dancing.

We watched a movie together last night after I felt led to invite any who would like to watch it to come and join us. I normally research movie content on the internet before watching, but I did not have access to this on this particular evening.

Regardless, I warned all the men of the house that it was a romance and not their favorite action-type show. Amidst the mumbling and all the grumbling, all seven of us, including my ‘picky’ boys, watched this movie together.

The story began with a handsome young man who was extremely fit, successful, funny and wealthy. He was running to an appointment while late for work and, in his haste, he did not see an oncoming motorcycle.

The movie then fast forwarded to two years later, wherein he was now paralyzed and in a wheelchair as a result of this accident. This man was now tortured by memories of all his past exploits, successes and adventures.

As this man had very wealthy parents, the personal care provided for him was completely ‘topnotch’. However, due to his poor attitude and sharp tongue, he had gone through several caregivers until finally a bright eyed, bubbly girl a few years younger than him was hired as his personal assistant.

While this man was also quite cruel to this girl at first, she continued to try everything to turn his bad attitude around. At long last, she was finally able to get him to smile, laugh and engage in life.  So far, it was very much a beautiful love story unfolding.

However, on one particular day, the girl discovered that the young man had made arrangements to be flown to Switzerland to be euthanized within the next six months. The girl then approached the man’s parents to see if they would be willing to finance her attempts to get him to enjoy life before he would end it or, better yet, perhaps even get him to change his mind.

The parents agreed with her that he should have fun, so she did everything with her whole heart to help him. Despite all of her great efforts, he simply could not get over how he once was.  Despite all she had done, she was not enough for him and he still went on to Switzerland to end his life.  In the end, the movie was heartbreaking.

As I watched the movie, I kept hoping he would change his mind because of the story of beautiful love that had developed between the two main characters. At least this was a teachable moment that, no matter what, some will go their own way and that the power of love will not always be enough to get those we care about to change their minds.

Father, my dream two nights ago was about transformation and healing. You were showing me Scripture and what Your Words meant and mean for now.  I love You, Father, so please do not forget us.  Though we struggle against things we do not see or understand, please keep us going in the right direction, always moving toward You in all that we do.

I love You so much and my children have so much hope in You. Please keep their hearts continually on You in all they do.  At times, when they are broken, please speak tenderly to them and teach them in the ways they should go.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I am up on the path near the bench next to the bubbling spring looking over God’s valley. Based on the position of the rising sun, it has been only minutes since I was last here, yet it was now six days ago since my last visit.

The sky was beautiful and filled with golds, pinks, purples and blues. The smells were fragrant and I could smell fall.  However, and get this, I could also smell spring as well.  How was this even possible?

The fragrant smells of flowers, sandalwood and wood smoke filled the air. I closed my eyes to imagine anywhere on Earth wherein one could find these wonderful smells together, but I could not think of any.  With my eyes closed, I heard the sound of the bubbling spring.

The sound reminded me that I was thirsty, so I walked over and drank from the rock with the spring from the River of Life. After I took several handfuls, I finally put my mouth over the spring to drink directly.  I did not realize just how dry and thirsty I was until I began to drink from God’s spring.  When I finished, I walked to the bench to sit.

Me: “Thank You, Father, for this beautiful place.  Thank You for inviting me.  Forgive me when I fail to see You working in our troubles.  Forgive me for my dim-sightedness at times.”

I then opened my hands and began to sing in my prayer language with my whole heart. Then, and from inside my belly, I felt something like rushing water.  It started near my bowel area and sprang upward.  It felt wonderful and, curiously, almost like a tickle.  I felt like it was watering my heart, my lungs and my blood.

The word ‘unction’ came to me, yet I do not recall what it means. (Note that the word ‘unction’ is defined as ‘the act of anointing as a rite of consecration or healing’.)

As I sat there, I literally felt water moving in my torso. It felt wonderful and refreshing.  The water came up higher and higher until it eventually began to pour out of my body.  The water started to come out my ears, nose, eyes and mouth.

Now, it is important for me to note here that this was a trickle of water meant to refresh and was certainly not spewing and torrential looking. Indeed, in no way was this irritating, but rather it was delightful.  The water being released tickled me, so I kept rubbing my nose, swallowing and tilting my head to drop the water from my ears.

I was laughing about all of this when I then felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Uriel standing there in his full armor with wings and his arms folded.

Uriel: Laughing.  “So, Erin, did you drink too much?”

Me: “Yes, Uriel, I guess I was very thirsty.”

Uriel: “Do not worry.  This was not caused from drinking too much.  This is water which is living and it brings life to desert places.”

Me: Laughing.  “Oh, so were my insides like the desert?”

Uriel: “I will let the Lord answer that.  Are you ready?”

He drew my attention to his horse, so I jumped up and ran over. The massive horse moved down so I could now easily reach the stirrups.  Uriel was laughing at my excitement about going on another Kingdom ride.

Me: “Uriel, I am just so very excited to see Jesus today.”

Uriel: “The King is in the field, so hold on.”

Just then, and in lightning speed, we were off. However, this time we circled back to the east of the valley.  There, in a meadow below us, I saw a beautiful flock of sheep.  As we travelled east, I saw cattle on a thousand hills.  The hills varied from mountainous to green meadow-like hills.  On each of these, there were also cattle.

Me: “Uriel, this is from Scripture and I recognize Psalm 50:10 here.”

Uriel: “Erin, all of God’s Garden is the inspiration for His written Words.  Just as fountains are welling up in you, so is there a fountain pen in which to describe the indescribable.”

Me: Laughing.  “Oh Uriel, God is so amazing and there is nothing and absolutely no one like God.”

Uriel: “Well, some here had thought they were, but soon God will display His Glory.  However, observe and write about that which is permissible for now so that others will see this through your pages by the power of God.”

As we continued, we could see beautiful forests that I had never seen before in Heaven and that I had never seen before on Earth. Below me, I saw intricate paths, wherein some of these paths were intersecting each other.

Then, in the distance, I saw huge mansion estates that were much larger than mine, but yet I had no envy in me at all. Instead, I felt complete joy for them.  I counted twelve massive estates in all, wherein each one was unique, yet equal in size.

Me: “Who owns these Homes?  Are they in God’s Garden?”

Uriel: “Erin, you do not know?”

I did not answer as I was too amazed by these estates. Off in the distance, I could see more small villages, lakes and other estates.  I realized that this was yet another part of Heaven that I had not seen before.

Uriel then circled and went north and west. In the distance, I saw the City of God and it was like a light on a hill and so beautiful.  He then began to descend into a field of lilies amongst the fields of flowers.  The horse bent down and Uriel helped me off.

Me: “Uriel, how far did we go today?”

Uriel: Laughing.  “The same distance as last time.  Erin, your King is in the field.”

He brought my attention to the far end of the field. Jesus waved to me as I spotted Him.  I hugged the horse, waved to Uriel and ran straight to where the Lord was.  Actually, I sprinted to Him this time.

I looked way up in the air and there was Uriel on his horse flying and waving at the Lord. As the Lord waved back to Uriel, I quickly ran straight into Jesus’ arms.  Jesus was about a foot taller than me so my cheek rested on His chest as I wept in His arms.

Me: “Lord, I am so glad to see You again.  I wondered if I had messed everything up.”

He pulled me away from His chest in order to look gently into my tear-filled eyes.

Jesus: “Oh Erin, though your mother and father forgot you, I have not forgotten you and your name is written on the palms of My hands…and, yes, this is two of My Words combined.”

We both laughed at this as He had just used Isaiah 49:15-16 and Psalm 27:10 together.

Jesus: “Erin, am I not able to do this?  After all, Who wrote all of this to begin with?  Now, are you ready to learn even more?”

Me: “Oh yes, Lord.”

Jesus reached for my hand and gently squeezed it. We were immediately in a vineyard.

Jesus: “Last time I was in the wheat field, but now I am with you amongst the vines.”

I looked around and saw layers of color in rows. I saw rows of deep burgundy, then reds, then green and purples and then whites.  The colors were simply amazing.

Me: “I do not remember seeing so many varieties of grapes before.”

Jesus: “There are hundreds here alone in this vineyard.  Here, there is an infinite selection and always new varieties.  Here, everything is perfected, from the soil to the watering from the River of Life, as well as the climate and the harvest.  There is abundance here and the grape is under a secure canopy.”

He reached to take my hand again and immediately we were in an earthly vineyard somewhere in California or Europe. I could not tell exactly where, but it was beautiful.

Jesus: “Here, it becomes complicated to grow grapes for wine.  There is so much to consider.  There are year-round workers.  Winter pruning of the vine is done with great skill.  Then comes the time when the pruning produces buds, wherein the buds then produce flowers.

“During this stage, the tender young shoots must be protected by the workers from the elements. Indeed, one-sixth of the life of the tender shoot is doing battle with outside forces.”

Me: “Oh, this seems like the first two bridges of life.”

Jesus: “In terms of a vineyard, this can be two months.  From flowering, the flowers then produce fruit.”

As we were standing in this earthly vineyard, time was accelerated so that He could show me all of the different stages of growth.

Jesus: “Here, the workers call for ‘canopy’ decisions, or managing the outcome, by watching the vines and fruit-growth.  This can mean removing leaves, thinning shoots and positioning the vine for the best growth.

“This helps with the balance of shade, sun and air for ripening the fruit. The workers make pass after pass through the vineyard.  Every single row is checked for progress and reported back to the vineyard owner.”

Me: “This sounds like the angels that are assigned to all of us.”

Jesus: “This is an excellent observation, but the owner of Heavenly vineyards, both on Earth as it is in Heaven, is active and oversees everything.  Here, some crops are thinned so that the grapes will grow to their full potential.

“Then the grapes develop in color and taste. When they are fully ripened, the grapes are picked at night by hand.  This happens from early August to as late as even December.”

Me: “Lord, but You have told me there are not multiple Raptures.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, this is true.”

He reached for my hand again and we were back in the Heavenly vineyard. There was a beautiful flowered pergola area with a bench overlooking the vineyard and the City of God, the Golden City, in the distance.  He motioned for us to sit.

Me: “Lord, this is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.  The vineyards are amazing and the grapes are like jewels under the sun.”

Jesus: “Here, everything bears fruit.  Erin, tell Me about what you have been shown recently.”

I started to recall the past few nights. While there had been several dreams, one dream in particular stood out to me.

Me: “Lord, there was a dream in which You were instructing me and working through me with perfect clarity.  In this dream, I could do nothing without You.  I had no fear as You literally sprung forth into me like living water.  You directed me so clearly.

“Then, and after a very short period, You changed me from inwardly places and healed me. However, I was not in this glorified Heavenly body yet, but rather I was in my transformed and healed earthly body instead.”

“My mind was also renewed because I had noticed that I no longer had negative self-talk. My cells were then renewed, wherein my heart was like a wellspring.  There are so many Scriptures to support all of this that I am not sure where to even begin.

“In my dream, I was young at ‘face value’, but still full of ‘age in knowledge’. I was strong again and there was no longer either decay or wrinkle.  However, I noticed that I still had scars from my earthly battles and surgeries.

“You had then taken me to several places to lay hands on some and You then either healed or transformed some of them. I noticed that many were healed only of their infirmities and that only some were transformed.  However, for many others, You simply said ‘no’ to both healing or transforming.

“Once, and a long time ago, I had imagined something like this as You had promised this, but I had foolish thoughts like “well, I will show them” and other similar worldly thoughts that glorified myself instead of You. Of course, this was wrong thinking.

“I noticed that, during this entire time of healings and transformations in the dream, You were completely in control of all that we did. I also noticed that this time was before the Rapture.”

Jesus: “Have I not always told you that I would do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told?  Is it also not by My own Words, and even as written, that the one who believes in Me will also do the works I will do and he will do even greater works than these because I am going to the Father?”

Jesus then pointed to Himself with emphasis!

Jesus: “Erin, I am here!  Whatever you ask for in My Name, I will do it, all so that the Father is thereby glorified in the Son.  If you ask Me for anything in My Name, I will do it. Oh Erin, if only you were to believe.”

Me: Now crying again.  “Oh Lord, I believe every word You say, but I just still feel so in awe that I would even be considered a worthy vessel.  Please teach me, show me and take over me if You have to, but please use me.

“I have come this far and You said You would never forsake me even in my lack, so please, Lord, remove my lack and show me. At first I had thought that the Scripture You speak of from John 14 was meant for the disciples, but I could never understand it because no one after You has done that which You spoke of and no one before You had either.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “In this instance, My Father is the vine, I am the branch and you are the fruit.  Erin, are you ready to bear your fruit?”

Me: “I think so, but please help me to understand.”

Jesus: He pointed to the vineyard.  “Think of this vineyard.  This vineyard has an owner, a manager, workers and those who drink wine or witness to the quality of the harvest.  There are also consumers or drunkards and those who boast and speak like they have knowledge of the vineyard and harvest, but they do not.  Now, what were you told?”

Me: “Well, in my dream, You told me or I told others or You told others, forgive me…”  He laughed.  “…that there were workers and You, Lord, manage our work.  You declared that some who were healed and not transformed were witnesses to the miracles of God and to testify to Your works.

“However, the ‘Two Witnesses’ are different, set apart and special and are performing miracles, signs and wonders which are different and set forth from the beginning. I am just a worker for You.”

Jesus: “Do you remember more?”

Me: “Yes!  At times, I had wanted to continue to heal people, but I had to first stop and rest at various places.  On one occasion, I was at an adult-care facility and You had me heal so many.  As I was just a vessel, I became drained or tired.  You then instructed me to rest for two days and rise up from rest on the third day.

“I then felt recharged by the third day from my exhaustion. I also remembered retreating when people began to worship me even after I told them to stop.  I proclaimed to them that I was nothing without You and even explained that fruit cannot be good to eat apart from the branch and vine, but many did not understand this.

“I then heard accusations about plastic surgery and other things to discount Your miracle of transformations. This occurred despite the rise in the vast number of us workers, those who were healed and transformed, appearing, as well as the witnesses, those who were healed but not transformed, to testify.

“Eventually the angels came with You and You gathered all of us workers and witnesses and brought us in from the fields. However, the Two Witnesses remained in Jerusalem after we had been taken.”

Jesus: “So Erin, are you ready?”

Me: Crying.  “I am ready for what comes next, Lord.  I just hope I can be either a worker or a witness.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Am I so cruel as to give you this dream merely as an example meant for others?  Erin, really?”

He had His arms crossed as He smiled. Laughing, He lovingly pointed at me and gently spoke in a teasing tone.

Jesus: “Now, Erin, do not let Me prune you…”

Me: Laughing.  “Oh no, so sorry, Lord, I am good.  I am fine and I believe.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Good, Erin, now accept this as I give to you that which you asked for.  Did you ask in My Name?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus: “My fountains are in you, so now rejoice.  Erin, you are also a warrior.  Who is a warrior?”

Me: “I am not sure.  I just read a Scripture from Isaiah 13, but I was also reading the 12th chapter.  It was a Scripture You placed on my heart to give me hope in my difficult circumstances.  When I finished meditating on Your promises, I heard You say, ‘Read on, for this time is soon to come.’”

Jesus: “These Words are good.  Now the 12th chapter is you right now where you stand.  Then comes the 13th chapter, wherein you are a new type of warrior with a divine purpose.  Read the entire chapter to see that these times are upon you now.  There is a clear message as the times of the prophet’s Words are finally giving birth and these are now unfolding before your very eyes.

“Erin, this is enough for today, but do not worry as this battle is not yours. Do not be afraid for from where does your help come?  I love you and My fountain is in you.  You will become a well-watered garden.”

He smiled and kissed my forehead.

Dream over…


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