Dream 212 – Jesus, Wheat and a Hidden Enemy

Received Sunday, September 18, 2016


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family and friends.  Father, we anxiously await You.  I want so much for You to shake the world from its slumber and turn hearts to You.  No matter what, I see things changing and in a very bad way right now.  My dream from a few nights ago was quite disturbing:

Dream description begins…

I saw an angel so massive that it could have been larger than half the size of the Earth. The angel hovered above the Earth and stood with the scales of judgement.  The two sides of the scale were distinctly different from each other.

The right side of the scale contained good things, such as blossoming plants, fruits and healthy families. These good things were encased in a type of glass block or weight.  The right side of the scale seemed like it contained all of the positive Fruits of the Spirit, but condensed in a measure of weight.

In contrast, the left side of the scale appeared as a heavy weight and seemed like it contained everything evil. This weight was growing and contained the opposite of everything holy.  I saw mold there and that everything contained disease.

As the angel stood there, I saw, in time-lapsed speed, a type of countdown of 1200 and some days. As the Earth rotated and the planets moved around the sun, I saw massive changes in the weather and storms like I had never seen before.

At some point, the small weighted cube on the right side of the scale that contained everything good was finally removed. Once removed, the weight on the left side of the scale became so black with evil that the scale tipped completely.  When it did, all good on the Earth was completely gone and evil prevailed.

I saw that all good had been removed from the Earth in just a short rotation. Once this happened, the black cube on the left side of the scale was opened and all manner of entities were released onto the Earth.  The angel was then also removed from over the area.

Dream description over…

Father, this dream was disturbing. I then had another dream on the night before last about a type of condition or disease was spreading faster than it could be contained:

Dream description begins…

I was with three of my children at a shoe section of a department store, wherein my other two children were at a youth retreat for the weekend. It appeared to be in late fall and we were nearing the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA.  We were sitting in some chairs waiting to be fitted for boots.

The shoe department appeared to be understaffed, especially considering that there was quite a sale going on and that this was a busy Saturday. The store seemed like a Macy’s or something like this.  A female clerk was running the cash register while another clerk worked the back room retrieving shoes for the only sales clerk.

The sales clerk was a gentleman that appeared to be in his mid-forties. As my teens waited patiently, thanks to their phones, I noticed that the male sales clerk started to display odd behaviors as he fitted customers with shoes.

His head would jerk and he would appear weak, but then he would shake himself out of this behavior and appear normal again. While no one else seemed to notice what I was witnessing, I alerted my kids.

Me: Whispering to the three of them.  “Okay, take a look at the salesman.  Tell me if you also see something weird?”

My kids looked up and the salesman’s condition was becoming worse. I then saw that the people the salesman had touched were now beginning to jerk in the same manner as the salesman.  I knew that this condition was now rapidly spreading.

As the salesman turned to help us, I noticed that he had changed from having a smile and joking to having impaired facial muscles on half of his face. I also noticed that his eyes, lids, cheeks and smile had drooped.  For good reason, I became alarmed.

Me: “Okay, kids, we are leaving right now.  Come!”

I gathered them quickly and we ran to our car. As we departed the store, we started to notice that others were now having this same catatonic look about them.  As we drove home, I became quite worried about my two children that were away at the retreat.

When we got home, it was now dark and I had my kids quickly make sure that the house was locked up so that nothing could come in. However, after a short time at home, we soon saw headlights coming down our street towards us.

I was once again instantly alarmed as one of our neighbors from up the road had just arrived at our house with two extremely large men on either side of her. This woman no longer seemed normal and I did not want her in our house.

When she came up to our door with these two men and knocked, I opened the door, but blocked their entry. However, I knew that they could overpower me if they wanted to and that the door was not much of a barrier.  I quickly made up an excuse as to why I was not offering her a neighborly invitation to come inside our house to visit with us.

Me: “We are all quite sick and I do not want any of you to come in and get sick yourselves.”

Woman: “Oh, it is okay.  Just let me come in heal you with my touch.”

Me: “No, thank you, we are fine.  Please go somewhere else.”

The woman turned to quietly converse with the two large men next to her, but I could tell that they had wanted to break through our front door. However, before they could break in, I felt that something had blocked them from coming any closer to our door.  The instant this happened, I could hear the three of them murmur and swear to each other.

Woman: “Alright.  However, we will be coming back another day to visit.”

Me: “No.  Do not come back.  You are not welcome here.  You have never visited us before, so keep away from our home and my family.”

Woman: Angry and indignant.  “Well, you do not need to be rude.  I am here to help you and make you stronger as you are going to need this.  Fine though.  However, when you are all dead and gone, I will be moving into your house.”

Me: “You are already dead, so, yes, go ahead and move in here when we are gone.  After all, who will be here to stop you or judge you?  However, we are here for now, so leave!”

I saw her and the two men become even angrier at my response, but then something interesting happened. Something extremely large, but hidden from our sight, instantly removed them to their vehicle.  Once inside their vehicle, this ‘something’ then picked up and turned their vehicle away from our house.  I then heard screams as their car was forced to peel out of our area at a reckless speed.

Dream description ends…

Father, this dream was quite frightening and real. It was as if there was something hidden that was jumping from person to person with only a touch and anyone near those infected appeared to soon become infected as well.  Whatever this was caused nerve damage or some kind of neurological decay.

Disturbingly, I felt that this was a much ‘sneakier’ disease than something like, say, leprosy, which would be easier to spot and avoid. The hidden danger of whatever this disease was truly frightened me in this dream.  While it seemed like my family was protected, it also seemed as if we had not been taken in the Rapture yet.

Father, please remove us before these strange things occur. I cannot imagine having to keep track of our family in the midst of this horror.  Please protect us from the hidden danger of this viral entity of evil which is coming or is perhaps even here already.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was once again at the overlook of God’s Garden. It was still dawn, but the sun was just a bit higher than the time I was here before.  The sky was beautiful and the shades of pinks and purples were even more prominent than at my last visit.

There were flocks of starlings and other small birds making intricate formations in the sky and it was truly a beautiful show. I looked over at the rock with the bubbling spring and walked over to take a very long drink.

After drinking this amazing water, I felt so refreshed. After I had my fill, I sat on the bench and began to thank God for His beauty.  Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder and there was Uriel smiling at me.  Uriel was in full body armor and his wings were beautiful and massive.

Uriel: “The King is in the field.  Are you ready?”

Me: Jumping to my feet.  “Yes!  I cannot wait to see the Lord.”

Uriel smiled and pointed my attention to his horse. The horse was beautiful and elegant, yet muscular and with a luminescent shimmer to its coat.  The horse bowed down so that I could easily climb up onto its saddle.

Uriel: “Are you ready to fly?”

Me: “Yes!  I am as ready as I will ever be.”

I heard Uriel laugh as we took off with such speed that it was truly incomprehensible, yet I still felt absolutely safe. He circled first to the east over the valley towards the sun.  He then circled over a massive meadow and up towards the southwest.  I noticed that he was taking me in a different direction this time.

In the distance, I saw what looked like a tropical lake or ocean of light blue-green with white sand, boats and beautiful mansions. We were then far away and to our left as he flew over an area of beautiful gardens.  The weather today felt almost tropical, but not at all heavy.  Instead, the atmosphere was light and airy and about 75 to 80 degrees.

Uriel then accelerated and we were instantly over the valley in which I am most familiar with. The field of lilies was now directly in front of us.  After he landed in this field of lilies, I climbed down from his horse.

I then saw Jesus waving in the distance. I quickly thanked Uriel, kissed his horse on the side of his nose and ran as fast as I could to the Lord through the lilies.  It felt fantastic to run as I was fast, lean and healthy here.  Jesus waited for me with open arms and hugged me upon my arrival.

Jesus: Smiling.  “Erin, I am glad you came despite your difficult time.”

Me: “Lord, I am tired of this world we live in.  Can we come Home here soon?”

Jesus: “Yes, but first I have more for you.  Are you ready?”

Me: “Yes, Lord, of course.”

He took my hand and began to walk with me.

Jesus: “Now, I have some things to show you.”

Immediately, we were in a Heavenly field of crops wherein there were two massive fields with workers. The field to our left had barley, while the field to the right had wheat.  There were harvesters looking after the crops.

I walked with the Lord to where the two fields met. Jesus picked a head of wheat as well as a head of barley.  Both heads were absolutely perfect, but I noticed that the barley looked a touch plumper than the wheat.

Me: “Hmm, they look so much alike.”

Jesus: “Yes.  These are both choice grains and serve many purposes.  Here, these are perfected and their seasons do not end.”

Me: “So there are seasons, but they are never ending?  How can this be?”

Jesus: “Soon you will understand, but these overlap and are always abundant.  Each harvest is better than the last and each is perfected.  The workers enjoy their work and the harvesting of the grains.  Here, all is perfected and the grains are good to eat.”

Me: “It is hard to imagine what the food here is like compared to what we eat now.”

Jesus: “There is no yeast or hidden fungus required here to permeate the dough in order for it to rise.”

Me: “Then how can it rise?”

Jesus: “By the air here and by command.  There is also no need for any hidden binding agent to cause the bread to increase.”

Me: “This is fascinating.  So are there bakers and chefs here?”

Jesus: “Of course.  When was this declared an art form which is now no longer good?  There is no lack here, but there also is nothing which is contrary to that which is good.  In the world, there is a negative for each positive, but in Heaven there is no need for opposition to balance that which is good.

“On Earth, there is a need for this from ‘the fall’. Well, because of ‘the fall’, there is an ongoing struggle between good and evil.  Here in Heaven, you see that which is good and all is void of evil.  Now come and let Me show you what you have recently been made aware of.”

Instantly, we were on an earthly farm and there before us were three fields. One of the fields contained barley, one contained wheat and the third contained rye.

Jesus: “You eat these in some form every day and they cannot be avoided without great care and struggle.  Let Me show you something.”

He walked over to each of the three fields and pulled a head of each grain. He came over to me and showed me the different grains.

Jesus: “Erin, what do you see?”

Me: “I see something on each of the heads that appear to be a few black grains.”

Jesus: “Does this look right to you?”

Me: “Hmm, I really do not know.”

He then went over to uproot another type of plant or grass that was right there in the midst of the rye.

Jesus: “Now this is the ‘tares’.  Do you recall what this is?”

Me: “I recall it as the tares amongst the wheat in Matthew 13:27.”

Jesus: “Look.”

He then showed me, in reverse time, the plant which was infected with mold. He moved His arm and, in an instant, I saw that the soil was good and the farmer had then planted the crops in this good soil.  I then saw that God then sent the sun and the rain.

However, I then saw something else that was quite frightening. I saw a demonic entity commanding a flock of crows.  Interestingly, a ‘flock of crows’ is also called a ‘murder of crows’.  Anyway, this ‘murder’ of crows had been sent out to take these ‘other seeds’ into the good field.

As a result of these other seeds, ‘tares’ began to crop up in various places. However, these weeds looked quite similar to the grains, yet carried harmful spores out amongst the tender young wheat, barley and rye.  In turn, these spores produced fungus that infected these grains.

Me: “Lord, I cannot tell that plant from the wheat.  It looks exactly the same.”

Jesus: “Yes, this is ‘zonin’, which, in turn, is like a ‘harlot’ that is brought in to degrade the wheat.  It is a destroyer and not recognizable until the time of harvest.  Now, let Me show you the root.”

Side note: I wrote down the word, ‘zonin’, but I was not entirely sure of the spelling as I had never heard of this word before.  Regardless, it seemed quite obvious to me that this ‘zonin’ was not at all healthy for us.

Jesus then took me back to ancient times to just after ‘the fall’. This was in the time of Noah, wherein I could see field after field infected with ‘tares’.  I then saw people grinding these grains in order to use in their bread.

I then saw people eating these bad grains. Behind all of this, the Lord then gave me a glimpse into the demonic realm, where I saw the roots of witchcraft here.  This was yet another form of treachery, wherein this ‘Pharmacia’ was part of the roots of illnesses.

Me: “I do not fully understand.  Did the flood not remove all of this, thereby banishing it from the Earth?”

Jesus: “For it is written, ‘and as were the days of Noah, so shall be the coming of the Son of Man.  For as in those days which were before the flood, they were eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered in the ark’ (Matthew 24:37-38).  This occurs now and also occurred back then.”

Me: “Yes, but it seems the enemy is cleverer now.”

Jesus: “Erin, these tares were removed once, but this disease remained to infect again.  Now, when was the enemy completely removed?”

Me: “Lord, God is wiser and stronger.  Why did He not wipe out fungus, disease, mold and death along with all of the evil descendants?”

Jesus: “Flood waters rose to remove the fast growing problems, but where was it written that God would remove trouble from here on Earth?”

Me: “Well, at least not by flood.”

Jesus: “Erin, evil still remained, but instructions were then given to bring life to those who remained.”

Me: “You mean in Leviticus when the Israelites went into Canaan, the Promised Land?”

Jesus: “Erin, what is one of your main warfare signs?”

Me: “The presence of mold marks the presence of evil for me.  It is a huge sign of trouble.”

Jesus: “Now, what does mold do?”

Me: “Well, if left unchecked, mold can spread and ruin everything surrounding it.”

Jesus: “So, what of the wheat then?”

I felt the Lord prompt me to search wheat, barley and rye fungus, as well as ‘tares’ and trouble. I then went to the Scriptures and read about God’s instructions about mold and mildew.  I then learned that mold and mildew was extremely serious, including in wheat and barley.

In turn, this is related to Ergot, which is linked to the drug LSD. This, of course, has roots in the Fallen with their teachings on Pharmacia or pharmaceuticals (Leviticus 13 and 14).

Me: “Lord, this is frightening.  How can any of us be protected from the enemy if it is in our breads and cereals.  How can we find it?”

Jesus: “It is written as a warning, so do not ignore something in front of you.  Take actions on these things when presented to you.  Left unchecked, this small thing can ruin so many portions and spread.  It is like sin, Erin.”

Me: “I just discovered some mold in an old freezer in our garage and I cannot seem to remove it no matter what I try.  This seems ominous to us as we are not in the position to replace this at this moment.”

Jesus: He looked at me seriously.  “Hmm, then here is a rebuke.  You are not in the position to keep it.  You have taken care of everything I have asked of you, but now you must be diligent and remove that which is unclean.”

Me: “Forgive me, Lord, as I thought I could control this.”

Jesus: “Perhaps you should then give this to Me.  If this were not important, I would not have written instructions for its removal in My Words.  This is poison and is an unwanted fungus on an unwitting host.  I love you, Erin, and this is part of your instructions as I am revealing to you about the dangerous tactics of the enemy.

“Now you know about the locusts and that these have ravaged your crops. You are now also aware of another plague of the enemy and one in which a person must fight against uncleanliness.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, but You came to abolish ceremonial law so that we were not bound by it.  You set us free.”

Jesus: “Hmm, yes, Erin, but this is a matter of good practices versus evil.  Erin, would you allow this fungus to be where your children sleep or eat and say, ‘Oh, Jesus died on the Cross for me.  I no longer need to worry about those old issues.’”

Me: “No!  Sorry, Lord, absolutely not as I know the dangers of this mold and it is bad.  I am going to do all that I can to obey that which is written for the health and safety of my family.  I would not feed them uncooked meat, so I certainly would not allow them to live in filth if I have the ability to clean this.”

Jesus: “This is a condition in which I see the enemy thrive in.  I gave you instructions and signs to avoid that which longs to harm you.  The enemy is like yeast.  Your dreams recently contain sound instructions about the state of things.

“These times you are in are becoming worse and the evil is becoming more pervasive. That which is good is declared evil and that which is evil is declared good.  It cannot be disputed.  Now, tell Me what you have learned.”

Me: “Lord, two weeks ago, You focused on locusts.  I have lost so much from a worldly standpoint, but I have gained everything in You.  You then have shown me something hidden which has a root.  She comes in like an adulterer, whereby You called her a harlot, and makes that which is good bad.

“Now, I know that bleach can usually remove mold, but that it cannot if the roots are too deep. However, I now realize that this ‘zonin’ or ‘tares’ which carries rot, or Ergot, is so toxic that it can make people lose control.  This seems to be now acceptable in our wheat and grains, but I find it a problem.”

Jesus: “All of this is to show you that when I bring you signs, when it is even written and when you see it with your own eyes, then take a stand against it.  Now, your house is clean as you take care of your home and are responsible over it.

“However, just understand that the enemy originates from here and is operating in the world. Remember that innocent looking wheat amongst you can bring trouble that is meant to destroy.”

Me: “Lord, this mold You have shown me seems widespread now.  Is this being ground into our wheat as we speak?”

Jesus:  “Yes, Erin, but it will become far worse.”

I was then shown that animals were also eating these infected moldy plants.

Me: I became distraught.  “Oh Lord, is this mold in almost everything we ingest now?”

Jesus: “Erin, do not live in fear as I am giving you that which is good.  I give you good bread and clean water even as the world feeds on the bread of affliction and foul water.  This would otherwise make you sick, but do not worry as I am here and I am with you.

“I have warned you so that you recognize the times you are now in and that this is now widespread. The enemy seeks to destroy your harvest.  Pray and I will send help from My sanctuary.  Erin, I am here.”

Jesus reached over and hugged me. I felt such love from Him as I hugged Him right back.

Dream over…


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