Dream 213 – Jesus, the Branch and the Fallen Fruit

Received Sunday, September 25, 2016


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here! Thank You for my family and friends.  Thank You for all You have done for us.  You are amazing, wondrous and steadfast.  I love You so much Father, but, more than anything, I thank You for bringing me to You.

When I was young, I did not know You:

  • When there was tragedy in my youth, I questioned Your hearing.
  • When there were other gods hurled at me in college with the ‘many ways to God’ philosophy, I questioned Your power.
  • When I became an adult and lost my way, I questioned my worthiness.
  • When I turned to You, I questioned Your ability to forgive me.

However, when I finally lost everything, I questioned all my questions as I knew no other way but Your way or I would perish.

At times, and when my road was dark, long and ominous, I questioned my own discernment to hear Your still, small voice. As I travelled this long road, one marked quite often with uncertainty, difficulty and harsh conditions, I finally stopped focusing on the trouble and changed my course.

While I am still walking or running on this road, the same road with all its hazards, I just now see them as tools meant to get me to where You want me to be when I finish. However, it did not mean that this would be easy as You never, and not even once, promised me an easy road.

However, what You did promise me was that I would finish strong. A strong finish!  Lord, I just love this promise so much, especially as I am physically actually quite weak.

This week marked a time of reconnection with my relatives. It also meant a time of finalizing the twelve month mourning period in order to fully release the passing of my mother to God.  This release was not as easy as I thought it would be.

Finally, I once again heard the song by the Eagles, ‘Seven Bridges Road’, and I knew that this was a sign from You that I needed to complete my course on my eighth bridge. I knew that it was also my sign to say goodbye ‘for now’ to my mom.

This whole process has been very difficult on me as one of my family members has even chosen not to respond to me after I told him about my closeness to God, wherein I very lightly hinted about these dreams. However, there is nothing that I can do about his reaction except to pray.

In summary, and through this all, I drew closer to some of my family, but also lost some of my family at the same time. While everything before was at least neutral, now, and without believing I had done anything that differently than before, I find myself cut off from communication by some.

While I do not do like it, I accept it. I have reached out and prayed as there is nothing else I can really do except to give it all to God.  Father, why is it so repulsive for some to hear that You work and speak with us even today and that You, Father, are still a living and breathing God?

Regardless of their reactions, Lord, I love You and so do my children. We are looking to You in all that we do, so please continue to help us keep our eyes fixed on You to finish our races strong.

The night before last, on September 23rd, I had a dream.  I had not had a dream quite like this one for many years.  In reality, I had not had a dream quite like this since November 22, 2004 to be exact.

Dream description begins…

I was packing a suitcase, but I only packed my essentials. I knew that, where I was going, no one could come, at least not my family.  Still, I was happy, yet very determined, as this was something I had prepared for and for a long time.

I was just in awe that this date had now finally come as I had thought about this ‘time’ often over the years. As I was packing, it was now evening as I called over my children to speak with them.  I told all five of them that I would be back soon and not to worry.

Dream description ends…

When I woke up from this dream, I felt a bit disturbed. However, I soon fell asleep again.  About thirty minutes later, I had a much more elaborate and longer dream.  I stayed in this dream until You, Father, woke me up with Your voice.

Dream description begins…

I saw a beautiful home in a suburb, but I was looking at the home from slightly above the street. There was a massive fruit tree to the right of the driveway and it was beautiful.  You then spoke to me.

Lord: “Erin, when the first fruit falls to the ground, it has begun.”

Just before God spoke for me to awake, I saw a small fruit drop from the tree. I noticed that the fruit that had dropped was still unripe and had dropped before it was ready.

Dream description ends…

Father, please help me with this dream. Does this mean financial crisis?  Does this mean people falling away?

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

It was still sunrise in God’s Garden. While the sun had risen just a little further from my last visit here, it was still not fully over the horizon.  The sky was so incredibly beautiful and it was as if God had the angels paint the most incredible sunrise and magnify it a hundred times more beautiful than anything we could possibly conceive on our own.

I smelled a hint of wood smoke and fragrant flowering plants and vines. I looked to the north of the valley and there I saw beautiful aspen trees.  Their white trunks were extremely vivid and their beautiful heart-shaped leaves varied in a sea of colors, including golds, greens, reds, oranges and purples.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.

I could hear choirs of angels and choirs of birds singing in harmony. While I could see the formations of birds, I could not see the choirs of angels.  Now, I say ‘choirs’ in plural here because their singing seemed to come from all around me and in amazing succession.

Choir: “Glory, glory, glory, glory”; “Holy, holy, holy, holy”; and “He is worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy.”

Tears began to fill my eyes as I was overwhelmed by the amazing presence of God here in this place. As I heard these angelic choirs sing, ‘Worthy is the Lamb of God’, I began to openly weep.  I kneeled on the bench and felt a desire to offer up anything unholy or unworthy to God.

Me: “Oh Father, You are here, You are in the midst and You are all around me.  Please forgive me if I have not handled some of my tasks according to Your perfect Will.  I long for Your presence and to be right before You.  I am sorry if I complain or if, at times, I pray and get disappointed when You do things in an unexpected way, which is most of the time.

“Father, I have now dedicated all I am and all we have to Your perfect Will. So, Father, please have Your way in me as I long to be a good worker and long for more of You.  Thank You for remembering us, Father, and thank You for Your promises.

“I pray I have removed myself from the things of this world and have kept You as my main reason to be here. I anxiously wait for what comes next in my journey as I know the times of Your soon return is coming.”

I then felt a hand on my shoulder. As I looked up, I saw Uriel and he was smiling.

Uriel: “The King is in the field, Erin, and He awaits your presence.  Take a drink of refreshing water and then it is time to depart.”

I went to get a drink. I soon drank several handfuls!  As Uriel pointed to his horse, the horse went down low to enable me to saddle up.  Uriel had his arms crossed and smiled at me as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

Uriel: “Hmm, Erin, were you thirsty?”

Me: Laughing.  “I never knew how thirsty I was until I began to drink.  I feel so much better now, so thank you.”

Uriel: “Do not thank me as I did not create this bubbling spring that flows from the rock.  Remember that this is God’s Garden and that I am but a messenger and a servant.”

Me: “Well, that makes the two of us as I am just a scribe and a servant.  Well, at least when I can, I try to write as best as I am able to.”

Uriel: “Erin, this is enough for God as He is requiring no more and no less from you.”

Me: “Why do I always feel I should be doing more?”

Uriel: “Hmm, God calls you friend and the Lord requires your presence.  Have they required more than what you are capable of?  Even though they have told you by instructing you in the ways you should go, which you then have, do you still feel you should be doing more?  Are you perhaps hearing that you are to still do more?”

Me: I was doubtful.  “Yes, I think so, but I am not sure.”

Uriel: “Erin, this is from the enemy and perhaps it is your ‘self’ that is making plans.  Die to this ‘self’.  Now, what has God been instructing you to do in this last part of these 40 days?”

Me: “Well, so far in this block of 40 days, I have been putting my physical and spiritual house in order.  I have said goodbye to my mom and I am at least trying to put my mourning period to a close.  I have finished almost every task God put on my heart.

“Now, I still have some small things to do this week, but then I pray I have done His Will and He is pleased. I have gone to God in forgiveness of anything else I have done to pray for His generous mercy.”

Uriel: “Then, Erin, you are doing everything He has asked of you.  The enemy would want you to feel incomplete, depressed or leading unto your own understanding to move ahead of God.  Remember, doing anything apart from God is out of His Will.  This can cause ‘self-inflicted’ wounds.”

Me: “Oh, this makes sense.  Okay, I will not move ahead of God.”

Uriel: “Very good.  Now, Erin, are you ready?  The King is in the field?”

Me: “Oh yes!”

After we mounted Uriel’s horse, we were soon in flight over God’s Valley. This time we flew to the north, right over the aspen forests.  We flew over alpine meadows, beautiful lakes of light blue, lush pine forests and snowcapped mountains.

I saw beautiful estates in these areas. Some were massive log cabins and others were modern looking retreats.  I saw snow falling, but I also saw green grass thriving.  It was beautiful and very difficult to describe.

I was a bit turned around as I do not know if there is necessarily a compass registering east, west, north or south. I simply just do not fully know.  However, whatever direction this was, it was beautiful and what I saw would be so exciting for those who love mountains, meadows, lakes and snow.

I was excited myself as I just loved to cross-country ski when I was younger. My mom and I went out all the time and this was such a great workout.

Uriel now appeared to circle and come back down and toward the southeast, wherein we flew over an area of Mediterranean-looking lakes and homes. We then flew over more vineyards, orchards and fields until we finally arrived in a field of lilies.

As I looked down, I could see the Lord in the field waving to us. Soon as we came to the ground, the horse bent down and Uriel helped me off.  I hugged Uriel, patted his horse and ran as fast as I could to the Lord.  As Jesus received me with open arms, Uriel flew overhead and we waved goodbye to him.

Jesus: Smiling.  “Erin, I am so glad you came.”

Me: “Lord, I am afraid about the state of everything.  It seems as if the evil is becoming even worse.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “It is written that evil will become acceptable and that which is good will become unacceptable.  These are the times you are in.”

Me: “Lord, I have been depressed lately and I am wondering if I am doing things correctly.”

Jesus: “Hmm, things…Erin, I do not understand.”  He was smiling as, of course, He knew exactly what I meant and understood fully.  He knew that I knew this too…

Me: Laughing.  “Okay, I just feel in my heart something great is about to happen, so I just pray that I am on the right track.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Hmm, you are here, right?  Hmm, your prayers for help have been answered and your needs are being met, right?”

Me: “Yes, Lord, to both.”

Jesus: “Then I see no glaring case for disobedience.  Now, I believe you are downcast because My instruction on ‘the workers and the witnesses’ was exciting and uplifting when compared to My instruction on ‘the tares’.  The instruction about tares was unpleasant.”

Me: “I do not know why we were not taught about this ‘fake’ imposter wheat.  I thought we were to confront false Christians like tares and uproot them.”

Jesus: “Hmm, then read this parable again.  In this, I am the sower and I spread my redeemed or seed.  You are a true believer of Me, correct?”  He smiled.

Me: “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus: “I spread seed in the field of the world.  Your presence shows that you are bearing fruit through My grace, which is sufficient.  Because you bear fruit, the Fruits of the Spirit, your presence on this field is like the Kingdom of Heaven being at hand.”

At this point, I felt instructed for us to review Matthew 3:2, 4:17, and 10:7. I then came back and Jesus continued.

Jesus: “You grow like wheat, yet you still have to grow next to the realm of evil.  The weeds are disguised as wheat, but are really tares.  However, these tares will not be torn out until the wheat is harvested.  Once the whole field is harvested, then the tares will be separated and burned.

“However, the precious wheat will be saved and stored away in the barn.” He smiled at me as He knew that I would look at Him at the end of this sentence.  “Yes, Erin, but I mean the ‘barn’ that is here in Heaven.”  He light heartedly laughed.

Me: “But what of the molding tares?”

Jesus: “Yes, this is to illustrate how quickly mold or decay can destroy wheat.  You are not of the world and I am not of the world.  You are a citizen here.  Come, I will show you more.”

He took my hand and we were now in a beautiful orchard. There were trees there which bore multiple varieties of fruit.  The orchard was beautifully groomed and perfect.

Jesus: “Now, what is the difference between orchards here in Heaven compared to those you have seen before on Earth?”

Me: Laughing.  “Well, here there is no fallen fruit as all the fruit is attached to the branches and nothing has fallen.  Here there is no rotten fruit, worms or decay.”

Jesus: “Very good, Erin.  I spoke to you about the wheat and tares.  Now, what of the trees which bear many fruits?”

Me: “Well, from Matthew 7:16-20, this seems related to my dream, Lord.  I watched a fruit fall from the tree before its time.  What did it mean?”

Jesus: “This dream marks the beginning of a time.  You will know it when you see the first fruit fall.  It will also have multiple meanings.  You will recognize them by their fruits.  Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes or figs from thistles?  So every healthy tree bears good fruit, but a diseased tree bears bad fruit.

“A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.  You will recognize them by their fruits.  Apart from the Branch, a fruit rots.”

Me: “So, will there be several people who we thought bore good fruit that will soon fall?  Is their fruit bad?  Maybe these people have something to do with banks or money?”

Jesus: “Or perhaps churches?  Erin, do not be deceived.  Take this time to draw near to Me.  There will be a great falling away, but there will also be a great awakening of those who have been asleep.  A baby is formed in the womb to a fetus for 40 days.  Think of this period as your reshaping and as a time of preparation.  You are to move from one state to another.”

Me: “I am not fully certain what You are referring to.  Do You mean Elul, the month of Elul, to the Days of Awe?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “I am My beloved’s and My beloved is Mine.”  (Song of Solomon 6:3).  He then reached for my hand.

Me: “Thank You, Lord.  I love You so much.  I want people to know how wonderful You are.”

Jesus: “Leave this to Me.  Now, what can cause a fruit to drop from the tree before it is ripe?”

Me: “The weather?”

Jesus: “Yes, the shaking of the tree from wind, storms or hail, but also the cold or extreme freezing.  Sometimes God can also cause this by His command.  Other times it is from disease and worms.”

Me: “The world?  Evil in the world?”

Jesus: “Yes.  However, overbearing is another cause and sometimes the youngest fruit is sacrificed for the good of the tree.”

Me: “This seems harsh.”

Jesus: “As a parable, sometimes young children or young believers are removed to Me.  I collect them, yet they do not fall, all for the greater good of the other fruit.  This is difficult to understand, but the other fruit can then thrive better attached to the Branch.  Now, Erin, who is the Branch?”

Me: “You are the Branch and, apart from the Branch, fruit will not survive.”

Jesus: “Erin, know your enemies from their fruits.  Take these next few days to bring all of your troubles before Me.  Write these down.  I will remove these in a single day.  Trouble bears no fruit in you.

“Any pruning I have done on your twigs will now become healthy branches bearing much fruit. I am the Branch and you are an extension of Me.  Apart from Me, you can do nothing, understand?”

Me: “Yes, Lord, I will do as You ask.”

Jesus: “I have more for you.  I love you, Erin.”

Me: “I love You, Lord.”

Dream over…


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