Dream 215 – Jesus, the Fish and the Gate

Received Thursday, October 6, 2016

Please note that this dream began on Sunday, October 2, 2016, but took several days to complete. When it became apparent that this dream was being fought by the enemy from start to finish, we finally had to ask the prayer warriors on our Nest Forum to pray for my protection.  I was then able to finish this dream shortly thereafter.  This is one of my longer dreams and spanned almost 36 pages of journal pages…


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for my family and friends.  Thank You for Your promises.  As the times we are in are becoming darker every day, I just know that the time of You sending Jesus to come for us is very soon.  Lord, I have had several dreams in the last few nights…

Dream 1 description begins…

My eldest son and I were travelling to a nearby city about two hours from where I currently live. We were driving on a four-lane highway right around dawn.  Somehow, and I have no idea how, the familiar highway turned into a country road that led to a beautiful white farmhouse with a few red barns and a large, silver silo.

The white farmhouse was built circa late 1800’s, but it looked brand new as it was maintained perfectly. It had a black shake roof with black shutters and a green door.  It was early morning, around 6:00 am, and the small farm owners and some neighbors were busy setting up an Estate Sale.

The items I saw them setting up for the sale were all pristine and were a ‘pickers’ dream for antiques. A very handsome elderly man approached our car.  I was in awe as he was easily in his eighties, yet he was working and lifting items that even a 25-year old bodybuilder would have trouble lifting.

Man: Smiling.  “It looks like you took a detour.”

Me: “Yes, but I do not know how.  The car just seemed to drive here.  It is as if the highway ended here.  We are a bit confused.”

As he gently laughed, I saw that he had perfect white teeth. He also had white hair, bright green eyes and a ruddy or tan complexion.

Man: “So, are you in a hurry?”

Me: “No.”

Man: Smiling.  “Well then, this is how I see it.  If you discovered us here and you were not even trying to and you did not take a wrong turn, then perhaps you are to step out and take a look around.  The sale does not start for a couple of hours, but I will give you first pick.  Come on.”

I laughed and turned to my son to see if he was okay with this turn of events.

My Son: “Go ahead, Mom.  It is kind of cool here.”

In the past, I would have been extremely excited about looking through all of these amazing antiques. However, I no longer felt the same way as I used to about treasure hunting, but I knew that it could insult him if I said I did not want to look around.  In reality, I was also way too curious not to take at least a bit of a look around.

I noticed that this man had work gloves on as he opened the driver’s door of my car to help me out. He was being a perfect gentleman, reflecting the era he had grown up in.  I laughed with him as I stepped out of my vehicle.  I breathed in the country air.  It was such a beautiful day for the workers to be setting up the tables.

The tables already had vegetables, fruits, baked items, jars of fruit preserves and honey set up on them. I closed my eyes for a moment as I recalled a memory of these familiar smells as a child of being at my grandparents in Illinois.  I remembered something else, but the thought quickly went away when I heard a different man talking to someone else.

Man 2: “Other than food and blankets, who really needs any of this anymore?”

As I looked around me some more, I noticed that several of the elderly women around me somehow looked much younger than I was. Though I could somehow tell that they were actually much older than me, like the man who helped me out of the car, these women were simply stunning.  All of these women laughed with such joy and were being so sincere with each other.

I turned to see if my son was seeing what I was seeing. Really, how could he not as these women were just so beautiful.  He smiled approvingly and gave me a ‘thumbs up’ to continue.  While this may seem like a weird reaction for a teenager being around much older women, you would have to see these ladies to truly know that his reaction was truly warranted.

As I started to look around, I was in shock over the vastness of the inventory and the value of the items for sale. However, I felt in my heart that I was there for a different purpose as I really had no need for any of these items, even though they were so beautiful and valuable.

As I walked around, I saw several lovely items which made me smile. There were elaborate doll houses, baby carriages and clothing from the 1800’s that had never been touched.

I also saw incredibly elaborate china, including Spode, Wedgewood and even Belleek. Each of these sets contained every item produced for that particular set.  This meant that every serving dish, container, vase and on and on for that set was all there.  Not only that, but all of the items were in perfect condition and worthy of a museum.

I saw other rare items there as well, including hand-painted French and English pieces and high-end glass from Europe. I saw beautiful clocks and pocket watches.  There were so many ‘jaw-dropping’ items that I cannot even describe all that I saw there.

I eventually stopped at a table where I found something quite unusual. I was not even certain why I found this particular item so incredibly fascinating.  It was a massive Atlantic copper tub or basin that I had sold in my shop years ago, wherein they were not nearly perfect like this one.

This basin had brass handles, wherein the inside of the basin contained these grape-like cut crystals, shaped in clustered cones. Each one of these cones was pointing up and appeared like diamonds.  I had never seen anything like this before:




I then saw something that really made no sense to me. One of the many cones had been encased in polymer as all of the crystals in that particular cone had blown out.  As a result, these crystals were now in various shades of grey, browns, and blacks.  I questioned why someone would not have just removed the bad cone instead of encasing it.

As I closely inspected this unusual item, I noticed that it had an old electric cord wrapped in fabric with an old plug. To make matters worse, one of the prongs was snapped right off and three wires were dangerously exposed.

I then picked up the basin by the handles and held it up in the sun so that I could look into it. The sun had risen higher in the east behind me and the brilliance of the cut crystals was creating a rainbow and shined almost like diamonds.

Indeed, these crystals were so bright to look at that I soon had to set the basin down. I smiled to myself as I looked at the cord because I just knew that the whole thing had to be rewired in order to use the plug.  However, once fixed, I also knew that this would illuminate beautifully at night.

Man: Laughing.  “I see that you like the only item here that has a defect.”

Me: Now laughing too.  “Yes, I have never seen anything like this.  By the way, could you tell me the story on this one bad crystal cone?”

The man laughed even harder at my question and I somehow already knew that this would be a good story.

Man: “Well, when I was younger, and without realizing the value in this just being able to illuminate during the day, I decided to wire all of these cones together and create a light from within for nighttime.  The problem was that this one cone kept heating up the other cones.

“I then decided to render this particular cone inactive by encasing it until one day when I would throw it out. However, I just never got around to it as the brilliance of the other cones was so great that it made us not even really notice the dark cone anymore.”

Me: “Hmm, so you did this because you wanted it to be a light source at night too?”

Man: Laughing.  “Yes.  I thought I would wire them together to shine in the dark too.  Now, are you planning to take this item home with you today?”

Me: “To be honest, I really have no interest in purchasing anything today as I just got rid of some beautiful pieces I had owned.  It is not that your pieces are unreasonably priced or that any of the quality is bad, it is just that I feel that the Lord wants me to no longer focus on things like this.

“That being said, I would have still purchased this item, but I noticed that it would need to be rewired. I am not sure if I could do this, but I could see if my husband could.  Hmm, I just do not know what to do here.”

Man: Smiling.  “Alright, tell you what.  I will give this item to you for half price as I just know your husband can rewire it.  How about go ahead and buy it for $22.50.”

Me: Laughing.  “Okay, you have a deal.”

Man: “Very good, Erin.  This was a great purchase and a thing of splendor!”

Me: “Wait.  How did you know my name?”

As he smiled, there was a flash of light and I woke up.

Dream 1 description over…Dream 2 description begins…

I was living in a home with wood floors that were made of all natural oak with no varnish. However, I was constantly being distracted by a spider about two inches in diameter that was the same color as the wood floor.

Each time I went to kill this spider, it would fly away. At long last, I was finally able to smack the spider with a rolled up magazine.  To my surprise, I discovered that this spider was actually two spiders with wings and were entwined together.

Dream 2 description over…Dream 3 description begins…

I was in a massive retail store with various floors. It was an old brick building with several loft-like areas.  As I walked around, I noticed that there were many antiques on display.  To my surprise, I recognized a piece of furniture my mother had purchased for me from ten years ago in 2006.

It was an ancient twelve-drawer Rosewood filing cabinet, but I am really not that sure how old it was. I had sold this cabinet about six months before my mom died last year and have since regretted it.  The cabinet had now been painted a blue-green color and was being used as a filing cabinet for behind the counter.

As I approached the counter, two clerks came out to greet me. I recognized both of these clerks as the men who I had hired to liquidate all of our belongings back in late 2006 to pay for legal and medical bills for me and the kids.  Back then, these two men had seen my file cabinet and had wanted to auction it, but I had refused their request.

Me: “It is me, Erin.  Could I ask you a quick question?  How did you acquire some of my old items when I did not sell any of them to you?”

The men quickly started pretending to be too busy to deal with me when they heard my question. Instantly, I became suspicious of their operating methods.

Man: “Look, Erin, we are in the business of acquisitions.  All people have a price.”

He then pointed to some other items that I had also once owned. I had not noticed these items until he pointed to them, but I soon realized that these were also items I had never sold to them.

Me: “How can this be?  I never sold any of these items.”

Man: Laughing.  “If I am unable to purchase an item, then I take it.  Either way, I control commerce here.”

I scanned around and saw various items which seemed to have been damaged from a war, a battle or even a shipwreck. I also felt that some of these items had been stolen.

Me: “It looks like you took items where there was a fight for them.”

Man: “If there was, what business is it of yours?”

Me: “Well, most of these items are in bad shape and you are asking too much money for them.”

Man: “Well, perhaps they are not for sale.  Perhaps they are only on display in order to torment those who lost them.”

I already knew that these men had ulterior motives, but I suddenly realized that they were also extremely evil.

Me: “I have no use for these things anymore.  You have no power over me.  It simply does not matter to me anymore.”

Man: “Yes, perhaps not to you, but there are others.  Leave here now.”

Me: “I will gladly leave.”

As I began to walk out of the store, an elderly woman came in at the same time.

Man: “Oh yes, you are looking for this.”

He showed the elderly woman a purple heart that was suddenly now on display.

Widow: “Yes, that’s my late husband’s lost medal.  It would mean so much to me if I could have it.”

Man: “Yes, but I have more of his things as well.  Come with me.”

He then led the woman to other memorial items that were once owned by her husband. She was now in tears.

Man: “Now, I will make you a deal.”

Widow: “Yes, anything.  What is your price?”

Man: “It will cost you all that you have.”

When I heard this, I stepped just inside the store to protest. I was outraged.

Me: “Do not do it.  He is lying.  He will destroy you.  Your husband is gone!”

The man looked at me with utter contempt and yelled.

Man: “Get out!”

Just then, two larger than normal men appeared and unceremoniously threw me out to the sidewalk. Thankfully, I was supernaturally kept from being harmed.  Before leaving, I looked back through the window and noticed that all of the items that once had been mine had now disappeared and were changed to different items customized to whoever entered the shop.

I watched in horror as this man continued his sales pitches. After a while, the man suddenly glared at me through the glass and I realized he was satan.

Dream 3 description over…

After writing these three dreams down, I suddenly recalled that an odd thing happened that coincided with some of my dreams I had on Friday, September 30th.  I woke up twice during the night with a particular song in my head.  The odd part was that it was not just a verse or two that I recalled, but rather it was a clear, concise version of the entire song.

I did not quite understand why this song was downloaded to me. Now, to give you some background, I have to rewind to about two weeks ago when I was in a home goods store.  I heard this particular song for the first time and felt a need to use an app on my phone to find the name of the song and artist.

As information on the song popped up on my phone’s screen, I laughed and rolled my eyes at the name of the artist. This particular song was by an artist named “Dragonette” of all things and the song was titled, ‘Come On, Be Good’.

While I laughed about this at the time, I quickly forgot about the song since it was a catchy alternative song that was not really my taste. However, a week or so later, I decided to make a CD for a road trip we were going to take.  For a reason I am not sure of, I noticed this song on my app and decided to download it onto my CD.

When we later went on our drive and this song started playing, my kids started to laugh at the quirkiness of the song and soon requested that I skip the song. However, we then decided to give this song a chance and somehow we all ended up liking it for some hard to explain reason.

Now let’s flash forward again. On this one night, this particular song kept playing in my head.  This seemed to happen every time I flipped over or got up during the night.  While my previous experience told me this could be warfare and an attack, I knew it could not be as I had no other signs of an attack.  I decided to pray on this ‘just in case’.

Me: “Lord, why would You place such a strange secular song on my heart?”

Shortly after asking my question, I quickly fell asleep again and dreamt.

Dream 4 description begins…

Jesus: Smiling.  “Erin, do not always look to obvious signs.  Now, did I come to the world in an obvious way?”

Me: “No, Lord, You are unconventional and You came in a way no one expected.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Yes, even though it was foretold.  They had thought that this was not how a King would display His power, right?  So, if it is written in advance of this great and dreadful day of the Lord by the prophets, and yet this is also called a great and glorious day of the Lord, then will this day not be glorious for some, yet terrifying for others?”  (Joel 2:31, Malachi 4:5, Acts 2:20)

Me: “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus: “Erin, I am teaching you how to know when I am the One speaking to you.  If something is in your belly and you cannot dismiss it, and it is even disturbing your sleep, then come to Me and I will instruct you.  When you do, I will not leave you guessing.  However, you must come to Me so that I can grant you wisdom and peace.”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  Now, what about this strange song I kept hearing in my head?”

Jesus: Laughing.  “The words, Erin, the words.  When people search for Me, but then try to limit My abilities by saying ‘God would never do this’ or ‘God does not work this way’ even though there is no contradiction to Scripture, they are trying to limit God.  Well, do not limit the God of all creation.  Do you not believe I can do anything?”

Me: “Yes, but I just did not expect You to use such an unusual method to speak to me.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Well, Erin, you were wrong to build walls around My abilities.  Now, when it comes to the gift of these dreams and visions that I have given to you, how often have you heard people say to you that ‘God would never do this’ or that ‘this is just not the way God works’?”

Me: Laughing.  “Well, as You know, this happens all of the time.  They then accuse me of having an elaborate imagination.”

Jesus: “Well, Erin, then they should all request this gift as it has not only changed your heart, but it has even circumcised it back to Me.”

Me: “Yes, but painfully so.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “True, but would you change anything?”

Me: “Well, yes, Lord, but any modifications I would make would only be on some of the outcomes that came about due to my own poor choices.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “As you draw closer to Me, Erin, you must realize that there is more than just the surface of a thing.  Instead, there are many layers, so do not get stuck because of a stiff neck.  If you do, you will fail to see what I would like to do.  Now, look at that song again for the message I sent you.”

Me: “I guess that I had mistakenly thought that all secular music is not good to take in.”

Jesus: “Erin, this is like the food that you eat.  If you eat only one thing over and over again, you soon lose the delight that you once had from the taste of it.  There are redemptive messages all around you and in every walk of life.  Have you never heard a non-secular song that finally lost its luster?  Have you not also heard some non-secular songs which really do not edify Me?”

Me: Laughing.  “Yes, Lord, all of the time.”

Jesus: “Then do not get stuck always looking for Me in obvious places as sometimes an ‘unconventional’ Savior uses ‘unconventional methods’.  After all, ‘I’m making a taste, you’re chasing a flavor.  You’re gonna be saved, I could be your Savior.  So say your prayers.’”

We started laughing together as He knew that I would quickly recognize that His words were taken directly from the lyrics of this song. As I continued to laugh, I could not help myself from hugging Him with a love and gratitude that defies earthly description.

Me: “Oh, thank You, Lord, for instructing me in the ways that I should go.”

Jesus: “Remember, Erin, people will not like you because you are unexpected and unconventional.  While you walk with Me, these people have instead built perimeters around Me and the way they think that I should go.

“Remember that these people do this even though it is written in Scripture that ‘in the last days, I will pour out My Spirit on all people, your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams.’

“These people are not expecting something like this, so do not worry or try to defend your gift. While those I have called will hear Me and see Me in your gift, those the world sends will become angry and even unreasonably so.  Erin, there is so much more to come.”

Jesus was smiling at me as I woke up…

Dream 4 description over…

Father, thank You for all of Your wonderful instructions while I sleep. This weekend, we took a beautiful fall drive with the kids.  After I read the lyrics of this song to our children and told them about this dream, we decided to play it again.

We all laughed together as we listened and agreed that this is so much like You, our Lord Jesus, to have so many hidden meanings in otherwise simple lyrics. Later that night, I had another dream, on October 3rd, 2016, about bitter honey.

Dream 5 description begins…

I tasted some honey that had won awards at a fair. After all, everyone was talking about how amazing this honey was, so, naturally, I had to see for myself.  However, as soon as I took a taste of this honey, I noticed that it was bitter, similar to syrup of ipecac.  As I began to vomit in my dream, I woke up…

Dream 5 description ends…

Father, please help me with all of the dreams I have had these last few days. As the Jewish calendar just turned to the New Year of 5777, now, and more than ever, I feel the enemy is ramping up against us, Your children.

In the past, there seemed to be more ‘good’ in the world than evil as evil was usually hidden. However, there seems to be so much evil now that it is now becoming more and more difficult to even see the good.

This week, we once again experienced a series of cluster ‘perimeter’ attacks that all seemed to come from outside enemies. While I feel that I am so close to being free from all of this according to Your promises, I also feel that I am now in the very eye of the storm.

Even my own children now seem a bit beaten down and no longer as expectant of Your promised upcoming miracles, God. I have never seen them like this and they seem exhausted by all of their battles as well.  Well, I cannot really blame them on this as lately it seems that, for every good thing, there are now five bad things.

Father, it is beautiful outside today and the fall leaves are bright and colorful. I feel in my heart that You are on the verge of doing something amazing.  However, with each passing season, I wonder if this will be my last.

Father, we are facing some major storms right now and I simply cannot believe the uptick in attacks coming from all around us. Father, please keep us protected during all of this trouble.

Lord, if not for You and Your divine instructions, so many things would have caused our destruction by now. I see Your hand in everything, but yet I still become afraid.  Father, please just deliver us from our troubles and please do so soon.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

However, just as I was going up to visit the Lord, I suddenly received a disturbing phone call and once again had to pause. After this call, I became unsettled, so I instead went to God for personal instructions.  This latest pause then kept me busy until I went back to my public journal on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016.

Even as I again started writing in my journal, even more bad news came in and now in no less than three different areas that were all starting to converge. I did not understand the reason for the sudden increase in attacks, so I repented of anything I could think of ‘just in case’.

Now, for those who know me, especially my children, I really do not swear. However, I was already at a tipping point, so, uncharacteristically, after receiving yet another piece of disturbing news that interrupted my prayers yet again, I blurted out a word that I did not even use when I was a non-Christian.

I instantly became angry at myself for my outburst, even though no ‘human’ actually heard me utter it. Indeed, what really disturbed me the most is that my outburst would have given the enemy a clear sign that he was able to get under my skin.

After I repented, I decided to write down the following to give you some reasons for this outburst as well as more background on what we are facing right now…

Ever since my injury, the insurance company has fought all of my treatments and tests tooth and nail. Well, seven months ago, and to our amazement, they had agreed to pay for some tests down in Virginia where my doctor is located.  As I can no longer travel alone, they surprised us by also agreeing to cover my husband’s costs to accompany me on this trip.

Quite simply, we now needed the insurance company to pay for this trip in advance as they still have not reimbursed us for our last three medical trips. These trips were necessarily expensive and we still have not been able to fully recover from it.  Not only that, but I have now been billed for an additional $5,800 for a test the insurance company asked for, but now refuses to pay.

In terms of this almost six grand bill, the service provider for this test is now threatening collection if we do not pay immediately. Even though I did not sign my name authorizing this test nor was I warned of any possibility this cost could ever come back to me, somehow the service provider and the insurance company are both attempting to make me responsible for this expense.

Now, one of the tests I was to take on this trip was not one that I was at all keen on taking to begin with. I had this particular test twenty years ago and it was extremely painful and I had adverse reactions to it.  This scared me immensely as this harmed my health even though I was perfectly healthy back then.

With this as background, you could only imagine my reaction when I unexpectedly received a phone call from the insurance company that they just now decided not to cover my husband at all and will not be paying for our trip in advance after all.

In turn, this puts us in a very bad spot since, if I cancel this appointment, then the insurance company will drop me. On the other hand, we really do not believe the insurance company will actually ever cover our submitted costs after we have gone on the trip at great personal expense as they have reneged on this every time in the past.

As further fuel to help move me into swearing, I also had remembered a conversation I had with my mom last summer wherein I wanted to fly out to see her before she died. My mom had convinced me that she would still be here for a while and wanted me to use the money I would otherwise spend to see her to fly to see the doctors to get medical help instead.

My mom was quite persuasive, and has always been so, so I somehow ended up agreeing with her and used that money for this earlier medical trip. After taking this trip, I tried to get reimbursed from the insurance company, since they promised they would, so that I could visit my mom, but they then refused and still have not paid us to this day.

In hindsight, it would have been better for me to say goodbye to my mom than to endure more of my forced dancing to this corrupt puppet master, the department of labor industries. When I was told about this yet another betrayal by this corrupt agency, I told my husband all that was said.

After a long discussion and prayer together, we then decided to take a stand and have now refused to go on this medical trip. This means that I now have to rely fully on the Lord as I cannot heal myself.  Indeed, with no further medical coverage, I simply cannot rely on this flawed system anymore, but must instead go to our Father in all things.

This has been a painful road for us and an even harder decision. Even with an L&I lawyer, representing me on a commission basis, we have decided to cease dancing to their tune by not going on this medical trip.

While, by law, the insurance company can tell us we cannot drop my so-called ‘care’ from this corrupt agency, I suppose they will now need to put me in handcuffs because I will simply no longer play their horribly corrupt and twisted game.

While some may feel that I have shared too much here, I just know that these are the types of obstacles so many of you are facing today and want you all to know that you are not alone. Indeed, I do not believe I stand alone in believing that these corrupt government systems are slowly working together in order to enslave so many of us.

Father, I must admit that I had mistakenly thought that these Ten Days of Awe would be somewhat different than they have been so far. To be quite frank, I am just in shock at all of these turns of events.  However, You soon would give me yet another dream that seemed like a personal warning.

Dream 6 description begins…

As I entered an office building, I was greeted by a secretary that I had actually met before on Earth at a previous appointment. However, what I found so unusual now was that she was wearing a wide brimmed hat cut off at the top that had a nest inside it.

When the bird peaked out of the top of the hat, I instantly recognized the bird as a Sparrowhawk because of its yellow eyes and striped breast. I had remembered this small bird of prey from when I used to rehabilitate them many years ago.


Dream 6 description ends…

After I woke up, I immediately went to the Lord to ask Him about this odd dream. He confirmed to me that this dream was a warning about some people we currently have to deal with.

While Jesus confirmed that He had sent me to this firm to receive some assistance for various government matters, He also warned me that these people are not friendly towards us and that their motives are not what we had thought or had hoped for.

He then instructed us to continue to have them perform the services we had hired them for and to provide information to them as necessary and requested, but that we were not to disclose any more information than what was absolutely required.

As the timing of His instructions is always perfect, on the very next day after this dream, on Tuesday, October the 4th, this very same woman ‘just happened’ to contact us with a letter.  It soon became clear that this letter exposed her trickery and, if followed, would have had adverse consequences to us for a long time.

Indeed, had the Lord not warned us, we may not have seen what this woman was doing. Before I responded, I immediately went back to the Lord with what was contained in the letter and He provided me with how to respond.  After I wrote my response and sent the letter, this potential door to trouble was quickly shut.

Thank You, Father, for the heads up from Jesus on the plots of the enemy. I am still sad though as, so far, it just seems that the ‘Days of Awe’ are the ‘Days of Bad News’.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

As I walked along the path in God’s Garden, I could see the beautiful valley below me as the sun was rising. I smiled to myself as I wondered if it was a new day’s sunrise or still the same morning as my last visit and just a few Heavenly minutes later.  As per usual, the beauty here was breathtakingly beautiful and the temperature was perfect.

Me: Smiling.  “Well, You are still allowing me to be here, so I guess I am not in trouble.”

Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up at and it was Uriel smiling at me.

Uriel: “Erin, the Lord requests your presence.  Please drink from the spring and be refreshed.”

I walked over and drank from the bubbling spring for quite some time. What is so funny is that, as I am drinking, I suddenly realize how much I needed to drink this water, yet I never seem to remember to take a drink without being reminded first.

When I finally finished drinking, I turned towards an amused Uriel. His arms were crossed and he had a light-hearted teasing smile.  He was in his armor and his beautiful wings were on full display.  I smiled when I noticed that his horse was already waiting for me with bended legs.

Uriel: “Come, Erin, the King is in the field.”

Before I knew it, we were in flight. Uriel flew north to an area with beautiful bodies of water.  However, the water was not dark and ominous like our oceans, but I could instead see into the water.

As I gazed down, I could see fish and other creatures, but they were somehow inviting and not scary at all. As we flew over this area, I could also see massive estates with beautiful beaches in their private coves.  I then saw small villages with beautiful shops and people celebrating.

As we flew over the area, I realized that there was really nothing like this on Earth. I saw saints in the distance and each of them were both unique and perfected.  It was so fun to see people engaged in amazing activities all around me.  I simply could barely wait to participate in all of this someday myself.

Tears started to stream down my cheeks uncontrollably at all the joy and laughter I could see. There was great food, music and a way of life that I have only seen faint glimmers of here on Earth.  These people no longer had any cares or worries and I could virtually feel their freedom from all of the earthly chains that we are bound by.

Uriel then circled around and over some other amazing properties. While I love architecture and gardens on Earth, it is quite simply beyond description here in Heaven.  We then approached the Valley of Blessings and passed many harvest fields before finally touching ground in the field of lilies.

There was Jesus waving at me. I quickly patted Uriel’s horse and thanked them for the beautiful scenic tour, but could hardly wait to run to Jesus.  As I ran towards Him, I saw Him smile and I could tell He was glad to see me too.  I hugged Him tightly.

Jesus: Laughing.  “I see you finally made it.”

As we began to walk, I watched as His hand glided over the tops of the blooming lilies. As His hand passed, each lily responded to the touch of His hand by opening and moving closer.  This was so amazing that I tried to mirror Him by moving my hand over the lilies as well.  However, I did not get the same result.  We both laughed.

Jesus: “I know this has been a difficult time for you and your household and that you all have had many worries.”

Me: Smiling.  “Lord, You even told me that I was skilled in the art of worry.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Yes, but this is not a good skill to boast of as this will make you ill.”

Me: “It already has, Lord.  The flood gates of enemy attacks have come and we are all in awe during these ten Days of Awe.  I sometimes feel that I must be out of Your favor because of my lack of faith.  I am trying, Lord, I am really trying.”

Jesus: “Well, it sounds as if you have done all you can, right?”

Me: “Yes, but now I have to give these battles to You so that You can instruct me in the ways that I should go.  I really know no other way.  Lord, could You please soon release me from all of these government agencies?  I am tired and all of this seems to be becoming a full time job to just deal with these agencies.”

Jesus: “Erin, give all of this to Me as I have you.  If, during these ‘Ten Days’, you are not able to reconcile with your enemies because these are institutions with no heartbeat, then I will take them and release you.  This should be a period of drawing closer to Me.  Do not look to man for your delivery from trouble, but to Me, understand?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Now, come with Me to fish.”

He took me by the hand and instantly we were in a boat on a beautiful lake. We were surrounded by the most beautiful fish I had ever seen.

Jesus: “Now, Erin, reach down and take a drink.”

Me: I took a refreshing drink of the water.  “Wow, this water is amazing.  It is so fresh and pure and the fish are so perfect and colorful.”

Jesus dropped a small net into the water and hundreds of fish jumped into His net. He then brought the net up, took out one of the fish and then released the net with the rest of the fish back into the water.

The fish He had taken was quite small, seven inches long, and incredibly cute. Its scales shone like a rainbow and it was quite beautiful.  Unlike on Earth, the fish was not gasping, but instead appeared to be able to breathe comfortably out of water.

Jesus: “Though this fish is out of the water and out of its element, it still breathes and remains calm.  In fact, Erin, it even looks happy.”

As Jesus moved His hand across the side of the fish, it suddenly became even more beautiful, stronger and with even more intense colors. After He showed me how the fish had changed, He put it back in the water.

I noticed that the fish then looked at Jesus and seemed to be waiting for something from Him. Jesus smiled and nodded at the fish and only then did it swim away.  Soon it began jumping in and out of the water as it swam back to its school.  The fish seemed even happier than ever.

Me: “Wow, that was amazing, Lord.”

Jesus: “Erin, you are like this fish.”

Me: “Really?  What do You mean?”

Jesus: “You know that you belong here, yet you are forced to swim in dark seas with predators all around you.  On Earth, the water is bad, the food is poor and the enemy is relentless in its pursuit of you.  He is hungry for you and he is hungry to destroy you because of Me.

“Now, what I have done with that small fish I will soon do with you. You think you are being punished by Me when trouble comes, but you believe this only because you lack faith.  Erin, I tell you the truth, you have faith, for when you cry out, I answer you.  You have learned that I will come to you immediately.  You cry out and I answer.

“Erin, this is a faith based relationship. You come to Me in good times and bad as I am always with you.  Your lack is because you struggle with trust for others to meet their promises as your trust has been destroyed so many times before.”

Me: “Are you referring to my earthly dad?”

Jesus: “Perhaps, but you know that there are also others who have contributed.”

Me: “Lord, should faith and trust not be the same?”

Jesus: “Faith in God is different than trust in man.  Are you not glad that I am always available to answer your cries of distress?  Erin, you can trust Me.  I have not pulled My love from you by giving it to another.  I have not made promises to you and then disappeared.  I have never failed to hear you and answer and I will not start now, okay?”

Me: “Thank You, Lord.”

Jesus: “Now, I just caught a net full of a few hundred fish.  I selected just one of them in order to show you what I could do.  This little fish was unafraid and he did not say, ‘Oh no, is the Lord going to bite my head off?’ or ‘Is the Lord unhappy with me?’  Instead, this little fish knew nothing, but instead trusted that I would do him no harm and that My plans for him were blessings.  I blessed him and he is now happy.”

He pointed to the lake at the same fish. I saw this fish jumping so high out of the water that it was actually quite funny.

Me: Laughing.  “Lord, that fish can now practically fly.”

He laughed and then pointed first to His chest and then to me.

Jesus: “Well, perhaps he will discover this next.  Remember, with Me in you, nothing is impossible.  You know the times you are in and you are being equipped to come to Me.  Remember that I instruct you as you sleep and give you revelation upon request.  If you seek Me with your whole heart, I will be found by you.”

“Now, I must show you something about a different type of harvest. However, you must be careful as the days you are in stir up old conflicts, open doors and open wounds.  Take this time to come to Me and I will instruct you in the ways you should go.  I am about to close the gate on your enemies as this is ‘Nillah’.”

“Now, your enemies wrestle with you as they converge, so release them to Me. I am the Gate and whoever enters through Me will be saved (John 10:9).  Before the Gate closes, the Heavens open wide, understand?”

Me: “I think so.  Are we in this time now?”

Jesus: “You are in the beginning of the times, but you are entering through another Gate.  You will have the same destination here with Me, but you will first be a worker and a fisher of men.”

He smiled at me as He gently reached for my hand. We were instantly at a beautiful gate.

Jesus: “Now, what is this gate for, Erin?”

Just then the gate opened.

Me: “Hmm, is it to enter into the other side?”

Jesus:  “Yes, but it can also be a barrier which separates you from Me.  Remember about your heart and the gate.”

Me: “Yes, sin separates us from You just like a closed gate.”

Jesus: “Yes, sin is a barrier and a type of gate.  What else does a gate do?”

Me: “It keeps those allowed to enter apart from those not allowed to enter.”  (Revelation 22: 14-15).

Jesus: “Tell Me, do you see another way in if the Gate is closed?”

Me: “Well, I guess someone could climb over the wall.”

Jesus: “Yes, but it is written, ‘Very truly I tell you, Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in some other way is a thief and a robber!’ (John 10:1).  The desire of My heart, Erin, is that all would repent, circumcise their hearts and enter through the gate.  My hopes are that none would perish.

“Erin, I will grant mercy to all who cry out as even the thief was able to enter in when he asked Me to remember him. Now, this is the time to examine your walk and to be an instrument of forgiveness and love.  Now you must seek My face.”

Me: “Lord, please forgive me for sometimes sitting outside the gate, even though it is open to me, and hopelessly crying out to You in complaints and lack.  I know that one of my favorite Words in Scripture from You is from Matthew 7:13-14:

“‘Enter at the narrow gate for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who are going through it, because small is the gate and narrow is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

“I pray that I remain with a repentant heart, prayers on my lips, praises on my tongue, my eyes seeking Your face and my ears hearing Your voice until the Heavens open and You receive us Home, Lord. Please have mercy on me and my household that we may be reconciled to anyone we have wronged with both forgiveness and love.  Lord, we long to do Your Will.”

Jesus: “Erin, I am here for you, so do not worry or be afraid as your help comes from Me and I am the Gate.  You are loved.”

He reached over and hugged me.

Dream over…


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