Dream 216 – Jesus, the 10 Days of Awe-ful and the Dead Sea

Received Sunday, October 9th, 2016


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for my family and friends.  Father, You have extended the fall colors just for me (smiles).  Well, I am sure You have done this for everyone and not just for me, but I like to think You heard the desires of my heart as You know that fall colors have always been my favorite time of year.

This has been the longest period of fall colors that I have ever seen and we are not even near the peak of it. There have been no fall winds yet as these winds usually removes all of the fall leaves in a single day.

This period usually lasts but a few days and my mood goes from being joyful and amazed by the colors to sadness that it is so quickly over. Once this happens, then I am left with the prospect of a long cold winter.

Last year, my heart was so very broken with my mom’s passing that I just did not have a chance to enjoy the fall season. Instead, the last fall season marked such pain for me that it became almost difficult to even look at the beauty.

While I still saw the beauty in You, Lord, I watched as an entire bridge in my life, in reality a few bridges related to my mom, seem to close. While death visits us all, it seems to affect each of us in different ways.

For this year’s fall season, I feel like You have given me a bit longer to get out and walk around, go for drives and take photos. Thank You, Lord, for I am so grateful for this extra time.

Still, Father, we continue to be pounded by enemy after enemy during these Ten Days of Awe. So much so that, just yesterday, I decided to half-jokingly rename this time the Ten Days of ‘Awe-ful’!

Today is Sunday and a beautiful fall day, but, sadly, it is being marred by the sounds of framers working on a new home seemingly just yards away from us. It seems that, out here in the country, there are no work ordinances for silence on Sundays and holidays.

As a result of all of the hammering, sawing and so on, I at first did not feel like writing in my journal today. However, with prayer, I have decided to push through the noise and continue on and still meet with You today.  However, as I continued to pray, You soon opened up a different perspective to me on these noises of construction.

In reality, the future owners of this home are probably praying to soon have a roof over their home before the weather turns into winter. I am also sure that the workers’ families are relying on the paycheck that comes from the building of this house.  This change in perspective seemed to help me press on through the noise.

As I continued to pray, you prompted me to recall the recent privilege we had of walking through an historical Anglican church yesterday. My husband and I had decided to take a drive so that I could take photos of the fall leaves.  We soon pulled up to a picturesque church that we thought would be perfect for pictures.

As we pulled into the church parking lot, we realized that they were getting ready for a service and quickly tried to drive out of the parking lot. However, before we could, a man, who was the caretaker, walked over and told us he was preparing for a funeral at 2:00pm.

Of course we told him we would leave, but, and to our surprise and delight, he instead asked us if we wanted to come in for a tour. We looked at each other with smiles and we enthusiastically agreed.

As this elderly man gave us a tour of the church, he was incredibly informative and gave us the history of the church, the stone, the paintings, the stained glass, the Baptismal Font and the wooden throne. The church was really elaborate and so fun to tour, but it was their pipe organ that was simply ‘off the charts’ amazing to behold.

After we left, we talked about all that we had just toured and seen. We both agreed that, while the church was absolutely amazing, neither one of us felt that God was truly present there.

While we felt that there were incredible elements in the architecture, as well as in the accessories surrounding the idea of Jesus and the disciples, along with some certainly interesting stories, the church felt more like a museum than a dwelling house for the Lord. While we were extremely grateful for the tour, this also saddened us.

Father, please forgive me if I have misspoken or judged this church unfairly or without leading. I was just going on a feeling in my heart.  It even seemed that the stories of miracles in the church all happened in the 1800s, yet I did not hear of any miracles that happened after that or recently.  This seemed somehow telling to me.

Father, I feel, with each day’s passing, that time is running out. I am not sure what You could use me for and I am willing, but the ‘able’ part is entirely up to You as I pray You will soon heal me.

Lord, I recently removed an enemy by deciding in favor of our quality of life. As a result, I have released this anxiety for the health of me and our family.  However, as this will no doubt have financial consequences, we will need You more now than ever.  I felt in my heart that we had no choice but to go this way and that You are in this decision with us.

That night, the song, ‘Come on, Be good’, went through my head again. This song seemed to come to me every time I flipped that night.  I could not help but laugh to myself when I then heard You say, ‘Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them, for the Lord, your God, He is the One who goes with you.  I will not leave you nor forsake you, Erin.’  (Deuteronomy 31:6)

All in all, aside from the continuous attacks, these 10 Days of Awe have also been quite emotional for me so far. The night before last, I started crying when I realized that my dreams from the Lord had truly started exactly four years ago on October 7th, 2012.  I started to weep as I looked at all the ways that God has changed my life since then.

I have learned through all of my trials that God, You Father, have given generously to me at times and, at other times, have allowed me to lose almost everything. As a result of these trials, I have learned to no longer follow the path of destruction, which leads to death, but instead I have now chosen to live for You and You alone.

I even now think of the fall season like a type of parable. It is a beautiful time of the year as it is a time for harvesting fields, a time when wildlife seems to be seen more and a time of vivid colors.  However, in what seems to be just a matter of a couple of days, the cold and wind sets in, the leaves fall, the gate to this season shuts and winter sets in.

In other words, one season ‘falls’ and another season’s time of sleeping and dormancy begins. While most things seem to then die, it is not until the promise of spring that we truly feel hope and see life spring up again.  While I actually love winter, well, mild winters, and I love snow, I must admit that I love fall even more.

As I prayed on all of this, I felt called to go back through my journals to the times that I had written in the fall seasons. In specific, I reviewed past events in my life that had occurred specifically during the fall feasts.  When I did this, I soon became amazed at the horrible, awful things which had occurred during this time, but always just prior to something great happening.

When I reviewed my fall 2011 journals, it helped me recall a time when all of my hope was gone because I had exhausted all of my means to fight for my children. Then, and completely unexpectedly, on September 20th, 2011, a check had been mailed to me which I did not receive until right before I was about to be forced to withdraw.

Prior to receiving this check, my attorney had just threatened to pull out of my case due to my lack of money prior to a trial scheduled for October 10th, 2011.  As a result of the related stress, I fell on my knees in prayer every day.  I felt that my heart would soon fail from the grief of exhausting all of my options to continue to fight for my kids.

Suddenly and without any warning, on September 26th, 2011, I opened my mailbox and saw this unexpected check had arrived.  This allowed me to be able to continue fighting for my children.  Thank You, Lord, for, within ten days, we forced my children to be returned to me and the enemy retreated with only the threat of trial.

The enemy was left completely baffled at my sudden turn in financial status. God had allowed me the ability to stand with strength and conviction and He delivered me.  Man did not do this for me.  Only God did as only God can.

However, this peace was not long lasting. Just one year later, in the fall of 2012, I yet again found myself facing even more trouble and despair.  This time, though, the Lord Himself came directly to me and has been with me ever since.

Though the Lord has always been there with me in Spirit, the Lord finally gave me my first Word on September 30th, 2012.  I soon thereafter had my very first dream/vision on October 7th, 2012, on the 7th day of Sukkot known as Hoshana Rabbah.

Father, I feel that You have blessed me for keeping my eyes on You. Please continue Your blessings upon us.  Father, the times are becoming less hopeful, but I will continue to keep my eyes fixed on You.  I rely fully on You to shelter us and keep us safe during these coming storms.  All of my hopes are fully on You now.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I am up on the valley overlook and, once again, it is at daybreak. The valley looks incredibly beautiful.  I walked over to the small bench near the bubbling water and dropped to my knees to pray.

Me: “Dear Father, I love You so much.  I know I do not know everything about You as You are infinite, but I do know You have called me here again and I am so thankful.

“You have prepared me in advance for the day coming in which I will be hated even more than I am now. I already see this around me daily already.  I am not sure how You will do all that You have promised, but I do know that You will do all You have promised.

“It is so beautiful here in Heaven. However, the beauty that I see here with my eyes, hear with my ears, touch with my fingers and even taste and smell is so difficult to understand and convey into words.  I just cannot thank You enough for blessing me with such an honor.

“Father, please help me forgive my enemies. In reality, this time of awe, as well as the last few weeks, has been a time of ‘awe-ful’ for us.  If there is anything more that we can repent of, please reveal this to me.  I love You!”

I felt a hand on my shoulder and there was Uriel smiling at me.

Uriel: “The King has heard your cries.  He is in the field and requests your presence.”

I eagerly jumped to my feet. I could hardly wait to see Him again.  Uriel pointed to the rock with the bubbling spring.

Uriel: “First, drink some water to refresh you.”

Me: “Oh yes, thank you.”

I went over to the bubbling spring and drank deeply. When I was satisfied, I ran over to his horse.  His horse had already lowered so that I could easily climb up on the saddle.  His horse was a massive horse and I felt dwarfed next to it.  Before I knew it, we were once again in flight over the beautiful valley in God’s Garden.

The Garden was filled with lush plants and trees. On this particular day, Uriel took us south of the garden valley where I saw lush tropical garden landscapes with incredible wildlife.  I saw too many birds to count, all adorned in vibrant colored feathers.  They were singing such incredible musical songs that tears well up in my eyes.

I then saw beautiful estates with lush landscaping, pools, fountains and waterfalls. Each of these estates also had their own beautiful private courtyards.  I saw elaborate celebrations with musicians and dancing.  Everyone was so happy and content.  There was a true peace present as well as there is never any danger here.

To my surprise, I then saw elephants dressed in colored robes or blankets and headdresses. I saw these amazing elephants giving rides to the saints.  While I also saw other animals that I did not recognize as ones on Earth, they were also equally as remarkable as the elephants.

We then travelled to a distant shore that was both beautiful and tropical. There were modern wooden and glass houses on stilts standing over the water.  The water itself was incredibly beautiful and crystal clear.

There were sailboats racing and beautiful sea animals and fish playing. These stilt homes had glass ceilings and floors and were more advanced than anything I had ever seen on Earth.  As I took this all in, I could not believe how amazing this all was.

Me: “Uriel, are those homes?”

Uriel: Smiling.  “No, Erin, those are just vacation homes.”

Me: “Why would we need a vacation from anything in Heaven?”

Uriel: Laughing.  “These are just for a fun change of venue and to gather with friends.  They are not meant as a get away from the toil of labor, but are equally as restful.  Now, those over there are residences.”

He then pointed over at some massive estates. I noticed that they even had their own islands.  Their private beaches were incredible and the sand was like sugar.  Everything was absolutely beautiful.

I saw people in their open-air walls looking out at us and happily waving at us. As we waved back, Uriel then flew more southeast and eventually came up from the southwest side of the Valley of Blessing.

As Uriel circled there, I could see Jesus in the distance waving at us and laughing from the field of lilies. Uriel then gently brought us down to this field of lilies.

I quickly thanked Uriel, patted his horse and ran to Jesus as fast as I could. He was laughing as He could clearly see how excited I was at what I had just witnessed and to speak to Him about all of it.  I ran straight into His arms and hugged Him.

Me: “Wow, Lord, this is all even more incredible than I thought.  Thank You.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but this is only a small fraction of what is here.  You would not even believe what else is all waiting here for you.”

Me: Crying.  “It is so beautiful, Lord.  I pray I do not ever lose Your favor and fall short of coming here.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “I have not anticipated your failure, Erin, so we continue to build a place for you here.  I would not build this for you if I knew you would not come, right?  Now, I have some things to show you.  Are you ready?”

He gently reached for my hand and we were suddenly in a desert valley. In the distance were two cities, but I instinctively knew we were no longer in Heaven.

Jesus: “This will be disturbing to see, but not unlike things as they are today.”

Me: “We are no longer in Heaven though, correct?”

Jesus: “You are correct, Erin.  These cities are near the plain which later will become the Dead Sea.”

Me: “Okay, Lord, but I see more greenery than the Dead Sea has.”

Jesus: “The Dead Sea was once the garden.  God’s lush garden spanned over this entire area.  This spanned over to the area of the west to the sea and to the north and southern valley, as well as the eastern garden.

“This area was the area of the ‘broken covenant’ with God. This was the area where man no longer feared God, but instead lived according to their own flesh.  They even enjoyed strange flesh.”

He briefly showed me what was happening at that time. I saw everything from animals, children and other abominations for sale as a means for ‘pleasure’.  As I was being shown all of this, it started to make me quite ill, so the Lord put His hand over my eyes to comfort me.

When He took away His hand and my eyes opened again, the memory of what I had just seen, or at least the severity of it, was quickly removed. However, what seemed to bother me more than what I had just seen was just how much these perverse practices were readily acceptable at that time.

Me: “Lord, how is this okay?  How could these people have been oblivious to the suffering of these poor children and animals?”

Jesus: “Erin, the entire civilization had grown accepting of even the worst of sins.  Sins once done only in secret were now fully in the open and all was exposed.  God, My Father, heard the cries of the innocent and sent fire upon these cities.  While fire rained from the sky, it also came from below, creating a furnace.  The entire area then became dead and all salt.”

Me: “Lord, what is brimstone?”

Jesus: “Burning stone.  The smell of rotten eggs is like Sulphur and is also from below.  The once lush and beautiful valley was now dead.  While some salt is good, nothing can grow when there is too much salt.

“A mockery had been made of Adam and Eve and the fall of man was revered as a thing of glory because man could now be free to make their own choices. These cities were then made a harbinger marking a warning or time.”

Me: “So Lord, what will happen?”

Jesus: “Erin, the time of judgement has come, but there are also signs and miracles too and new life is springing forth in the dead.”

He again reached for my hand and we were now on the banks of the Dead Sea as it sits today. I was in shock as I saw that pools sprang up from holes and plants and fish were once again living there.

Me: “Lord, how is this even possible?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Here, taste just a little of this.”

He pointed to the water from the Dead Sea. I took a small sip of the water and it was awful.  I quickly spit it out.

Jesus: Laughing.  “Now, Erin, drink some of this.”

He pointed to a small pool next to the Dead Sea. I tasted the water.

Me: “Oh, this is sweet and fresh water.”

Jesus: “Come over here.”

He gently reached for my hand again and we went to a different side of the Dead Sea. There was raw sewage being dumped there.  It was disgusting and smelled like Sulphur.

Jesus: “Despite what is pouring into this, the water is being healed, for it is written that ‘the waters shall enter the putrid waters and the waters will be healed, every living creature coming to this water will be healed and there will be a multitude of fish.’  (Ezekiel 47: 8-9).  Erin, new life can spring forth from the dead and I will display My splendor.”

Me: “Lord, in Your Word, You say, ‘You are the salt of the Earth.  But if the salt loses its saltiness, how shall it be made salty?  It is then good for nothing.’  (Matthew 5:13).  How then can this Dead Sea have life?”

Jesus: “Erin, who can bring the dead to life?  You?”

Me: “Oh no, Lord, only God can, only You can.”

Jesus: “You are witnessing the time of evil.  All evil comes with tolerance and accommodations to execute sin.  It is now thought of as the time of a ‘free pass’ void of God.  Things once done in secret are once again done in the open and things once detestable are now acceptable.

“To argue or fight against this is now hopeless. Erin, I know the times you are in and I will strengthen you.  I will bring new life to your tired bones.  I will put My Spirit in you and you shall live.  I shall place you in your own land.”

Me: “But, Lord, is this not referring to the return of the Jews to the Promised Land?”

Jesus: “Yes, but it is also for you, Erin.  I opened your grave and returned you to a safe place.  There I will call you.  You cried out to Me when all hope was lost.  Instead, I am putting your bones together and breathing new life into you.  I will display My splendor through you and you will know that ‘I AM’.”

Me: “Lord, You are everything to me.  Do Your Will in me.  I love You.”

Jesus: “I love you.”

Dream over…


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