Dream 220 – Jesus, the Election and the Sea of Glass

Received Sunday, October 30, 2016

My Daughter’s 15th Birthday today!


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for my family and friends.  Thank You for my daughter.  I gave birth to her by C-section and I have a fifteen inch scar to show for this.  Well, maybe time has stretched the scar an inch more for every year past her 12th birthday.

Back in 2001 and just after ‘9/11’, I was given a scheduling choice by my doctor to give birth to my daughter on either October 31st or October 30th.  Given these two choices, I decided on the 30th, the day before Halloween, as opposed to the actual day of Halloween.

Father, I pray that I did what was right in Your eyes when I chose this date. I did this in honor of what I believed You would want for us.  Ever since, my daughter has been such a blessing and a miracle.  Even more so given all of the difficulties and troubles I had with the births of both of my sons.

I thank You today for all of my children. I know that, at times, they wear me down, but I am unsure of where I would be without them.  They have added to my life and, had it not been for them, I believe I would have lost my desire to remain here when You called me Home.

I thank You, Father, for all of our children. Lord, we are all now waiting on You to do something new here.  I feel that all five of our children are sleeping right now.  While they all seem to be asleep in their walk with You as well, it seems that sleeping is something I would rather have them do instead of being awake and rebellious.

As such, I thank You, Father, for this current time of sleep that they are in. I feel they will remain in this sleep until the day they soon arise, but only by Your divine hand.  I pray for this every day and can now feel that this day is almost at hand.  Indeed, each of us now feels this and we pray for this before every evening meal.

Recently, I sent in my absentee vote to Washington State as I am still registered there to vote. I was so excited to also see my eldest son vote for the very first time.  At the last election, I had asked You which candidate would bring Jesus faster to come and get us.  Based on Your response, that is how I voted at the last election.

However, this time when I again asked for Your wisdom on this issue, You told me to vote according to my conscience and my morals. You know that this is especially difficult this election because neither candidate seems moral.  Thankfully, and as I prayed to You on all of this, You again gave me further insight into my questions and shed light on our choices…

God: “Erin, my wrath is coming upon the cursed land.  One is a leader of moral compromise and, under this leader, the nation will be destroyed by surrender and by a punishing rod.  The other leader is one of strength and pride and, under this leader, the nation will not remain neutral, but instead will fight.

“However, no matter which leader is chosen, it now matters not as the nation has already been weighed and found guilty as it is void of Me. Remember, Erin, that I am the One Who deposes kings and rises up men.  Pray for those who are to be later ‘caught up’ that they do not suffer prior to that day.

“Therefore, Erin, bring Me your troubles and do not rely on that which lies to you, but instead rely on Me in all things. This way, when trouble comes, you will recognize My Voice, obey My Commands and will be held blameless on that day.”

Me: “Father, will voting day be ‘that day’ for the cursed nation?”

God: “No, Erin, this is not the day I am speaking of, but this day will still be a turning point for this land.  These choices will be recorded, so choose carefully based not on what you are told by the father of lies, but by what I have shown you.  While one I have appointed for a purpose, the other I have granted permissions to.  While one I have sent, the other I have agreed to, but did not send.”

Me: “Will You not give me any names?”

God: “Erin, you do not need names.  Do you not see that the world is against one while the cursed are for the other?”

Me: “Father, are all those voting for the wrong one cursed?”

God: “No, Erin, I do not judge by choices made by those who are now under a veil of deception.  Instead, they are judged because their hearts are void of Me.  You are misunderstanding what I have said.

“Now, why would so many need to rise up against one man if I did not send him? Erin, you have seen this before, so this should also be a sign to you.  Now the one in power has made a declaration to stand against another so as to not have his legacy destroyed.  What is a legacy?”

Me: “Could a legacy be a current way of life resulting from one’s past actions?”

God: “Yes, so now you must ask yourself what his legacy is.  It is a nation now void of God continuing on its course as a punishing rod, but disguising itself as being for the good for all mankind.  Now, who has appointed this man as god?”

Me: “The people have appointed him as god over them.”

God: “Yes, yet I am still God over all of them and have now allowed what they declare and seek.  Slavery has now come upon them, yet they see it not.  However, I still grant wisdom to those who earnestly seek it.  Therefore pray for wisdom and pray for Israel, My Land, as the man with the legacy to uphold is continuing on his course while the rest of the world is veiled from it.”

As He finished speaking to me on this, I could somehow tell that there was more to this that would be revealed at a later time, but always in His time. I thank You, Father, for Your wise words for it is You Who created the beginning and our eternity.

You know every man’s course and nothing can be removed from You so that You are not aware. As You even care when a small sparrow falls, so blessed are all of us who love You for having a Heavenly Father that loves us and keeps us safe.

Father, I need help with my recent dreams as they seem to be somehow related to questions I have recently received from several of my friends about how they can experience You in a deeper way. However, I find that I cannot reply to them adequately or with certainty as I really do not know the answer to this difficult question.

As such, I can only share with others the times in my past when I went from one state of being with You to another state. These transitions seemed to happen whenever You required something from me, even though I really had no idea what that was at the time.

While I now know that You have made me into a type of vessel, I now also know that I am not ‘of the water’ or ‘of the sea’. While You have placed on my heart a thirst for water and to live near it in proximity, water is not the way of my life.

Here are just a few examples to try and explain what I mean by this. While I am not an avid swimmer, I like to take a dip in a pool or lake.  While I do not have any desire to own a boat or ‘sail the seas’, I once had a huge desire to be a rower in my college years, even though I never really pursued this sport.

Anyway, and in reality, I have been and continue to be mostly a land lover who simply enjoys gazing at the beautiful lakes, streams, rivers and oceans from a safe vantage point. Oh yes, and I love fountains, springs, pools and waterfalls so much as well.

I love that all of the water in Heaven originates from the Throne of God and that the River of Life always begins with God. I love the taste of fresh, cool water, both on Earth and in Heaven, and I drink a lot of water each day.  I am just so thankful to You for water.

Now, why did I even mention any of this? I mentioned this in order to firmly establish that I am not a worshiper of water in any way, but that I am solely a worshiper of You, our awesome God.  Lord, I just know in my heart that You created me to be a vessel for Your purposes and not for my own fleshly ambitions.

To become this vessel for You, I needed all things obstructing the free flowing Spirit, the Holy Spirit, of God to be removed. This also meant I had to ask myself some very difficult questions.  As just one example, I asked whether I was still somehow accidentally interfering with Your Will.

When I finally decided to fully surrender my flesh for Your purposes, it was painfully slow at first as I was still listening to others and not just to You. Thankfully, Father, You were so very patient with me as I continued to seek You.

Even though I lost years of my life lacking a clear vessel, I am so thankful for Your grace and mercy and that You did not give up on me even when I became discouraged. Instead, You loved me through it all and You patiently ‘wooed’ me to You over and over again, never stopping.

In turn, I learned how to love You with my whole heart. Now I live every day for You, even though I am certainly not perfect.  Lord, even though my vessel is not perfect, I pray that You are pleased with me.  I just love You so much, Father, and You are my Strong Tower!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was once again standing at the overlook viewing God’s Valley below me. I smiled as it was dawn yet again as the light of dawn continued.  I took a deep breath and felt the rich air of Heaven fill my lungs.

I breathed in again and noticed that, as I exhaled, the air from God, God’s oxygen, brought life and youth to my body. I felt younger here and it was such a harsh contrast to how I feel on Earth.

As I looked all around me, I once again saw the bubbling spring coming from the rock. I ran over to drink from the spring and, as I approached, my eyes delighted in what I saw.  I began to cry when I saw a small vessel resting on this rock.  In order to fully understand the source of my tears, you will need some background…

Fourteen years ago, I owned quite the collection of beautiful antiques. Over the years, I had collected these antiques based on things I found to be lovely.  These things were usually hand-made, hand-painted or, if glass, hand-blown.  These antiques were from a time in the past and from a time before mass scale manufacturing.  They were from a time when things were still made with care and craftsmanship.

Sadly, when I later faced illness and had discovered hidden things that had been done to my children, I had to let go of these things of earthly value. Letting go of these things was not as difficult for me as it could have been though as my children and our living expenses mattered more than these things.

Quite simply, I needed to liquidate to pay for medical and legal bills. Soon the auctioneers, estate liquidators, pawn shop owners, banks, payday loans and, finally, bankruptcy protection came at me in succession.  When I had finally exhausted all of my worldly options, all that was left of value was my life and that of my children.

This was when I truly met God. I met Him when there were no worldly options left and when I could no longer rely on that which man lends or institutions provide.  Or perhaps it was when I could no longer rely on that which man provides or institutions lend.

Well, either way, from any or all of these options came my only option. This option, first and foremost, but finally forever, was and is God!  However, this is something I truly discovered the hard way.

During my liquidation to fund my battles, I finally had to sell my valuable collection of French confit pots. This was last on my list to liquidate and I had several different sizes of these pots.  I also had several different colors of these pots, including gold ones and even a green one.

While these confit pots were actually utilitarian pots from a couple of hundred years ago that were used to carry common goods such as olives, oil or even water, these had become valuable by today’s standards. Now, despite my huge collection of these confit pots from over the years, there had always been one particular size which seemed to elude me and this had bothered me.

I had tried to find this particular confit pot both at auctions and through other antiquity dealers. The pot I had always searched for was a specific seven inch confit pot that was French in origin.

What made this almost amusingly frustrating was that I simply could not obtain this confit pot when I had the money to buy it. However, as soon as I no longer had the money for it, this confit pot suddenly became available and I finally had to let go of this quest to obtain it.

In the end, none of this really mattered as I finally had to sell my entire collection of confit pots to an antique dealer. Since they gave me top dollar for this collection, this enabled me to pay for two months of rent in advance.  At the time, this was a true God send for me and my kids and temporarily gave me some breathing room.

While I have now given up my previous earthly ambitions to ever have a confit pot collection again, I must admit that I still have quite a soft spot for them. Of course, the Lord knows this, but He also knows that I never did complete my collection of confit pots with this particularly elusive one.

This is why tears instantly filled my eyes when there, on this rock with the spring, was the exact seven inch French confit pot I had always wanted and searched for. However, this Heavenly confit pot was not only more beautiful than the earthly pot, it was also completely perfected!


As I walked closer to this Heavenly confit pot, I started noticing details that made me cry even harder, but with joyful tears. The engraving was simply incredible and was so much greater than any worn earthly confit pots I had ever seen.  It was simply perfect and unlike anything on Earth.

This pot had a sterling rim that was even purer than .925, all engraved with scroll work. The handles were bronze and the top half was pure gold with roses engraved around it.  The body or base was like stone, porcelain and clay combined, yet still had an iridescent, pearl-like shimmer.

As soon as I picked up this little vessel, water from the spring shot up into the air and filled it. I laughed as I put the little vessel up to my lips to drink.  As I drank from this beautiful pot, the water tasted so sweet and refreshing.

I then placed this precious little Heavenly pot back next to the rock. I sat on the bench and continued to cry such joyful tears in both praise and wonder.  I was just so thankful that the Lord knows each of us so incredibly intimately and so much more than we even know ourselves.

Me: “Lord, though we might forget about certain things and even such painful parts of our journeys, You never forget anything about us.  You remember everything and record all that we suffer loss over, every sacrifice that we make and everything that we delight in.  You do not forget anything that we have been through.

“Here in Heaven, You delight in showing us that You were with us and, even though we lost so much on Earth, that all is reconciled in Heaven. You grant us even more here, including things that we do not even ask for.  These are all here waiting for us.”

As I looked out over the beautiful valley, I became captivated by the complete absence of the colors brown, black and gray. All that I could see was of life and living organisms.  Even the tree trunks were bronze colored and seemed to display a shimmering light or burnished polish to them.

It was as if I was viewing a living sculpture garden when it came to the trees, vines and flowers that I could see. The grass here is like carpet, yet even more durable.  Despite this, somehow the sheep and other animals here can easily graze on this grass.

As I pondered how amazingly mysterious and gloriously perfect this all was, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and there was Uriel greeting me with a smile.  Uriel was fully dressed again in armor and his wings were folded.

Uriel: “Erin, the King sent you a gift and a surprise.”

Uriel again drew my attention over to the spring. I started to laugh so hard when I saw that a sparrow with a small gold crown inlaid with pearls was drinking from the vessel of water.  I then saw this sparrow go inside the vessel and could hear it sing.

Soon, other sparrows came and gathered there as well. I noticed that all of them also had small gold crowns, but that there were different colored stones in the crowns of each one.  It was just so cute that I could not keep myself from laughing in delight.

Me: “Wow, even the little brown sparrows are given shimmering gold and silver feathers and wear crowns with jewels.”

Uriel: Smiling.  “Come, Erin, the King is in the field.”

I ran over to his horse in anticipation of our flight. However, before I could even have a thought as to how I would mount the horse or when Uriel would do this and that, we were already in flight.  This all happened faster than any earthly plan of thought!

Today, we flew immediately in the direction of the rising sun and over God’s valley. Somehow my eyes could easily withstand the brightness of the sun, even though there would be no way I could do this back on Earth.

We flew over the area of mountains that was west of the Valley of Blessing. We then flew over estates, vineyards, lakes and parks.  To the east, we could see the Golden City of God.

To the north, I could see something like the Mediterranean Sea with incredible estates on beautiful islands. There were amazing sail boats and each of their sails was of different colors and sizes.  There were massive celebrations and I could hear music.

Uriel then brought us in the direction of the fields of flowers to the south. I could see Jesus in the distance in the field of lilies as He waved to us.  Once Uriel landed, I thanked him, kissed his horse and ran as fast as I could to Jesus.

I could see Jesus laughing as I sprinted towards Him. I jumped over many beautiful rows of flowers as I went to Him.  I finally jumped into His arms and He easily caught me and gave me a gentle hug.

Jesus: “Erin, there is so much urgency today.  What is happening?”

Me: “Lord, thank You for sustaining us.  Thank You for Your grace as it is more than I feel I deserve.”

Jesus: “Erin, I love you and have not forgotten all that you have been through.  I have and will have fully…”  He paused.  “…restored all you have lost here, but even more than you know.”

Me: “Thank You for the beautiful confit pot.  The water from this tasted so good.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Yes, and even the sparrows enjoyed this.  Now, did you recognize the details in the body of the vessel?”

Me: “Yes!  The engineering was like nothing I have ever seen on Earth.”

Jesus: “Erin, someone you know engraved these flowers and vines for the small vessel by My direction.  Do you know who?”

I gasped with delight as I knew of only one engraver of flowers with this type skillset on Earth. Tears of joy started to form in my eyes.

Me: “My mom?  Oh Lord, did my mom do this?”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, and all of the engraving that you have seen here in Heaven has come from her to you.”

Me: “Lord, how is that even possible as she only died last year?  I know that I have had these visions from You of this engraving from before she died.  I remember the engraving on the keys, the fish lure and other pieces.  How could this engraving be from my mom as I saw all of this long before she had even died?”

Jesus: “Erin, this is a mystery to be revealed at another time.  Now, why do you cry?  Rejoice for she is here and she serves me in joy.  She no longer suffers and she sings as she did in her youth.  She now delights in you, Erin, when once she did not.  Here, she delights in you and is thankful for you.  Now, come.”

He reached for my hand and we were instantly in the City of God and standing on the Sea of Glass. This was unlike anything on Earth.  Though we stood on the sea as if it was a solid, when we looked below us, we could see movement, almost like it was flowing.  I thought that perhaps it really was, but this is so hard to describe.

Me: “Lord, this is beautiful.”

Jesus: “You see the water in the depths and it is living, yet it is solid like a stone and you can walk on it.  Now, how do you know this is not a liquid you are actually standing on, like the sea?”  He smiled as He asked me this question.

Me: “Hmm, this is a good question, but I really have no idea.  I thought this sea was a solid living glass stone.  It certainly is a deep blue that looks like the sea.  Lord, I am in awe.”

Jesus reached for my hand again and we were now at the area where the River of Life flows and branches into four more rivers. These rivers, in turn, branched into other rivers.


He then took me above all of this. As I looked down, it literally looked like a massive tree, a massive living tree of water.  We then went back down to the banks on the River of Life.

Me: “Lord, this is incredible!  This is all so amazing!”

Jesus: “What I have shown you is a mystery revealed to those whom search with the key of understanding.  Do you have this key, Erin?”

Me: “No, Lord, as I am empty and only a vessel.  I have no key unless You give me one.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Well, Erin, then you have this key now.”

Just then, I received a revelation, but I do not have words to describe all of this. Not only that, but this also seemed to happen in but an instant.  The Lord could see me struggling with all of this.  He smiled and encouraged me to continue.

Jesus: “Go ahead, Erin, pour out as a vessel that which you are able to explain.”

Me: I took a deep breath.  “Well, those before God’s Throne on the Sea of Glass are there by faith.  I worship before God and kneel upon the waters of the great sea.  I am feeling solid on my knees, yet I see the movement of water on the depths below me.

“I am not aware of my position because I am caught up in the Glory of God in His presence. The Spirit of God in me hovers over the water, yet I walk on solid ground.  This is all such a mystery!  Sitting at this sea or waters is the very Throne of God, yet He is before all of this.

“He takes that which was dark and void in Genesis 1:2 and brings forth life from it. The River of Life, which really is the Spirit of God, flows from the Throne and branches from there, multiplying from the water and around it.  He then creates abundant life.

“You, Lord, have breathed eternal life into the dead. You are our bridge to eternal life.  You call out to many, but very few answer.  Lord, every day I grow deeper in love with You.  With every day, I am in awe of Your works.”  I reached over and hugged Him.

Jesus: “Very good, Erin.  Now, you have been counting days.  Numbers are good and are a measure which instructs you.  They number your days so that you may gain the heart of wisdom (Psalm 90:12).  I instruct using numbers and there are no accidents when certain numbers continuously appear.

“Now, the number 1 cannot be divided against itself. The number 2 is a number of union, but can also be one of division.  However, a pair in union with Me, a 3 stranded cord, is not easily divided.

“You have seen the number 4 in the seasons, quadrants of division and the four angels. You understand the number 5 from My Word in reference to the parable of the good and faithful servant (Matt 25:20-21).  You know of the number of man, directions and the 6 days of activity.”

Me: “Lord, what do You mean about ‘directions’?”

Jesus: “Well, in the world, there is east, west, north and south.  However, there is also forward, backward, left, right, up and down.”

Me: “Hmm, so besides the compass points of four, there is also up and down?”

Jesus: “Correct, but not just on a map.  It can also mean the path or course of your life.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, and it seems that, in ‘my race’, I have gone all of these directions.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Yes, Erin, this is very good.  Now, the number 7 is My number.”

Me:  “This is the number of completeness.  There is refinement in the furnace 7 times.  In the Scripture, Your Words, Lord Jesus, are flawless and like silver purified (Psalm 12:6).  In the furnace on Earth, there is refinement for 7 times.  Your Words are pure and give us the breath of life.”

Jesus: “Yes, but it also means a day of rest after six days of work.  Erin, I have given you these numbers in order to now focus on the number 8.  This is a time of new beginning.  Erin, it is the new order of the state of things.  I have told you that I will do a new thing, yet I do not go against My Word.

“Now, how often have you looked backwards at what I have accomplished and see it all as perfect and just as I have proclaimed? At the same time, how often have you seen this all accomplished in a manner unlike how you had expected?”

Me: Smiling.  “Oh Lord, all of the time.  You are mysterious, yet I take comfort in You because You give us so much greater than we can conceive with our hearts.”

Jesus: “I have circumcised your heart, Erin, and now I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.  Now, you can look into what the number 8 signifies for further instruction.  However, you must not look to numbers as if to tell a fortune as they cannot prophecy.

“The Spirit of the Lord, My Spirit, is not in numbers, yet these numbers are there for use as a key to unlock mysteries that I grant to those with wisdom. Divine wisdom comes from Me, understand?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus: “Now, I am entering into a new covenant with you as My favor is upon you and your vessel is willing.”

Me: “I am ready, Lord.”

To my surprise, I started to jump up and down in complete and utter excitement!

Jesus: Laughing.  “Okay, Erin, simmer down.  Now, let Me go before you and also be your rear guard.  I have appointed watchmen on your walls.  I have also commanded angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.  Therefore take comfort in Me.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, thank You for pushing me through the barriers.”

He reached over and hugged me. He then looked into my eyes with such a kind smile and a love that simply has no description.

Jesus: “Erin, flesh is like a wall, so study circumcision.  Look at what separates you from God and change it.  I have answered your cries and your heart is circumcised to Me.”

Dream over…


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