Dream 225 – The Impossible

Received Sunday, November 20, 2016


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for the safety of our household.  Thank You for Your protection in times of trouble.  I cannot thank You enough from beginning to end for all that You have done.  Though I am not healed and our household is barely sustained, I look to You, Father, as, without You, we are truly nothing.  I love You!

I did not know You, but You called out to me. When I did not know Your Voice, You became such a force in my life that I had no choice but to listen to You.  When I finally surrendered my life to You, it still was not enough.

You then called me through the fire of punishing affliction. So much so and so ridiculous were my troubles that my children and I became a curse to those around me and all those close to us hid their faces, avoiding us at every turn.  When I think of the humiliation and pain of abasement, my heart literally hurts.

I feel sharp pains and, momentarily, grief overcomes me. Thank You, Father, for bringing me and my children out of the wilderness into this beautiful and safe place.  I feel Your hand of protection over us in all that we do here.

I pray that this continues as this is ‘Day 1197’ from when You gave us, me and my children, very clear instructions and promises. Perhaps You might bless us on ‘Day 1200’ and release some of the fulfillments of these promises.  Oh Father, this seems impossible, but You are the God of the Possible and the God of the Impossible.

So, Father, I give everything to You. As You know, we have been under severe attacks the last couple of months since opening the new website.  I also give this to You, Father, as it is Yours, not mine.

I have been particularly downcast lately as I was hoping for some wonderful miracles this week. Instead, more troubles came and even worse than any of the previous weeks.  So much so that, if I were to write everything down, and just the facts void of any emotion or story, no one would believe me.  It is true though, all of it.

As just some of the background on this, there is a vacant lot of land next to us. When we first came here, I had prayed for this property.  The property was for sale, but we had no ability to make an offer on it at the time.

Later, when it looked like this purchase was a possibility as there was a sale sign on the property, the Lord had me walk around the property and see the land the Lord was going to give to me. So I walked over it and prayed just as God had instructed me.

One day, I thought I would call the real estate agent just to see if the seller would be willing to take a contract on the property with monthly payment outside of the bank. When I phoned, the agent told me that the owner had already taken the property off the market two months ago and that she no longer represented the seller.

Two days later, the agent came and removed the ‘For Sale’ sign and I became quite disappointed. When this happened, I asked myself, ‘Why then would the Lord even have me walk the property and tell me He was going to deliver this property that He had already declared would be mine?’

Well, the man who owns this property plans on building on it with his partner. He is a very large, tall, scary man with a bald head.  He is some type of university professor and scholar and believes himself to be of much higher intelligence than all of the rest of us combined, both in our county and the next.

Well, I kid you not; the enemy now uses this man and his land to now torment me. I had later phoned him to see if he would be interested in selling the land to me and he told me that he and his partner were to be married and had plans to build there instead.  He said he would let us know if anything changed, but that the answer was ‘no’.

Of course I cried at this news as my devotional chair where I write and pray looks right over where they plan to build. In the last couple of months, and exactly every time I was with the Lord, the two of them seemed to always show up at their property, hold each other, mark off property lines and even point and stare at me.

On one day about a week ago, they had went there to chop wood and take photos of each other, as well as selfies together.   My family could not believe how openly ‘open’ they were right in front of us as they knew we were eating dinner.  As we closed our blinds, I felt sick to my stomach and have since been on my knees several times asking the Lord for a miracle.

Instead of asking for this property, because as of right now we are in no position to purchase it or are we even able to do many normal and basic things, I have just asked the Lord to instead bring a nice Christian family to the property to build instead. I simply cannot imagine enduring their constant display and mocking.

Well, with this as background, on Thursday night of this week, I had a dream that was unusual. Several people who I believe are demon possessed came against our household.  Later, the Lord revealed that these people came against us, and not just in my dream, but had actually been coming against us in the natural all week as well.

Dream 1 description begins…

I was battling some known Wiccan teachers at the local school by standing up to them in a forceful and direct way. I told them to stop and turn from their ways because God would send curses upon them, followed by fire, if they refused.

This was something completely unlike what I would normally do, although I know that if God called me to do this, I am now capable of this scenario. In return, the women at the school called out curses on me.  When they did, I felt a weight suddenly come over me and felt ill and dizzy.

I had three of my children in the car and I prayed for the Lord to get us home safely despite their curses. As we drove, the winds picked up and I could barely keep the car driving straight.  I then saw dark entities appear and disappear all around us and my kids saw the same things that I did.

After driving a few miles, we finally made it to our neighborhood. At one point, I saw these entities appear as deer grazing, but then changing into their true evil forms.  When we arrived at the house, all five children with me, I quickly locked up our home.  I then went upstairs to lie down and pray as I felt extremely dizzy from their attacks:

“Dear Father, I am unable to do anything without You as I am no one. These things around us are greater than I am and I am powerless unless You decide to grant me the power to stand.”

I then heard howling winds coming against our home. As I worried about the sheer force of these winds, I asked the Lord a question in fervent prayer:

“Father, did You bring me this far just to destroy me now?”

I then felt prompted to look out the window again. When I did, I saw that the land owner and his husband were at their property next to us taking dirt samples.  I was disturbed by this and continued to pray:

“Oh Lord, You delivered us to this safe place in the trees only to be overcome by the evil around us. Have You forgotten Your promises?  You said my name was written on the palm of Your hand, yet are You going to now allow all that You have done to be destroyed by the evil around us in a single day?

“Lord, what about my children and their faith as their faith is now greater than mine? For the sake of me and all of them who love You, please, Father, help us.”

Just then, four large angels, each the height of our tower of 70 feet, surrounded our property and all of them had flaming swords. Their faces appeared like flames of burning fire, yet they still looked completely angelic and from Heaven.

While they were adorned in armor of bronze, they also had something on that was like an overcoat of white. They were somehow both beautiful and terrifying at the very same time.  As I cried out to the Lord, suddenly the two angels at the southwest and northwest of the property faced towards these two men.

When the two angels did this, the men instantly dropped to their knees and begged and cried to be spared. I do not know what the angels declared to them, but I then heard a noise as both of these angels stepped out onto these men’s property.

I soon could hear their screams as these huge, prideful men ran for their car and, with tires peeling, took off. When these four angels then gathered into this now empty field, hundreds of evil entities started coming down at them.

With swords now drawn, these angel cut down hundreds of these entities each. When they were finished doing battle, they went back to the four corners of our property to continue to guard us.  As I looked at them, now standing stationary and on alert, they once again became invisible to my eyes.

While I knew that they remained around us, I could no longer see them standing there. I yelled to my kids to make sure everyone was okay and they were all in disbelief as they too had seen the entire battle play out.  Together, we thanked God in ‘shock and awe’ for what He had done and will do, both from the beginning and to the end.

Dream 1 description over…

My battles continued when, on Friday night, my middle son was all set to see a movie with his friend and spend the night at his grandparent’s house afterwards. He has been friends with this boy since we moved here.  My son has been a good witness and friend to some very odd children.

Most of these children are also on the Autism spectrum like him, so they tend to tell my son that he is their best and only friend that they have. My son, in all his quirks, is very strong in his convictions of right and wrong and I am often amazed as I believe this is the work of the Holy Spirit in him.

We do not get cell service here at the house, so the kids use an app to text each other using our internet. At around 6:50pm, my daughter received a text telling us that my son needed us to pick him up after the movie gets out at 8:45pm.  He said it is an emergency and that he refuses to get into the car with his friend’s dad ever again.

While I am acquainted with the boy’s mother and grandparents, I have never had any dealings with the boy’s father as his parents are divorced. My son had never done this before, so we told him we would drive in and pick him up at the theater right away.

My husband then texted my son to instruct him on what to tell them as to why he had to leave them. Based on this, my son then told them that there was a family emergency so that they would not be insulted by his quick exit from their plans for a sleepover.

As this theater is about a 30 minute drive one way, we decided to give ourselves time to make sure we were there early by leaving our house immediately. My husband then met my son, his friend and his friend’s father in front of the theater.

He also informed them that we had an emergency that my son had to come back to the home for. His friend’s father glared at my husband and seemed highly suspicious of all of this.  To make matters worse, his friend looked sad and disappointed at the news.

When my husband, my son and I were safely in our car, my son explained all of what had just happened. To summarize, his friend’s dad had taken the boys with him to what we believe was most likely a drug deal.

Not only that but, afterwards, this man then rolled down the window of the car, sat on the door outside the window and steered the vehicle with his leg, all the while screaming. This man had then crossed traffic dangerously and performed a host of several ‘death defying stunts’, all while driving a three-ton automobile.

I was so relieved to have my son safe in our car. I then became upset that this man would do such a thing.  While at first I considered phoning the police, I felt a check in my Spirit about doing so and was reminded that there are several drug issues here.

As in pretty well any depressed economic region, there is drug usage and this area was no different. Instead of me and these kids becoming involved in this dangerous situation, I was to give all of it to God.

As instructed in my Spirit, I quickly gave this situation to God as I knew our involvement would possibly mean ‘taking up a Cross’ that God did not direct us to take up. I then prayed for protection for the boy and his family as clearly this father had already given himself over to his addiction fully.

I took comfort that his friend would somehow be safe and protected as the Lord had already showed me over a year ago that this boy would eventually be healed by the hands of my son by God. I then gave God all of my praises for the divine protection of my son that He had just displayed.

Thank You, Father! Thank You, Jesus, for delivering both my son and his friend home safely and without harm.  You are the God of both the Possible AND the Impossible!  Thank You for granting my son the wisdom to call us to come and get him.

Last night, I had another dream and this one was both tragic and miraculous. In this dream, I was once again left with no options and no help from anywhere or from anyone but You, Father.  However, before I describe this dream, I have to give some background on our dog named ‘Snigglet’.

We had purchased Snigglet back in December of 2012 from a man selling puppies, quite literally, out of his raincoat. Some may recall that I have told this story in the past about how I put a fleece out to God on this purchase of Snigglet.  However, I will repeat this to refresh all of our memories on this.

When the kids had asked for me to purchase Snigglet after seeing her in this man’s raincoat, I responded to them by saying that I had only a $100 left and that this was for Christmas gifts. I knew that this man had wanted several hundred dollars for each of his puppies, so him taking only a $100 seemed a very remote possibility.

I told the kids this and that, if they agreed to this, I would go by faith to the cash machine and draw out this money and that, if when we got back, he was still there and would take our miniscule offer, then I would agree to purchase this puppy in lieu of any other Christmas gifts for them.

While the kids quickly agreed to these conditions fully, I must admit that I really did not believe that this man would still be there or, if he was, that there was any way that he would actually accept my meagre $100 offer.

Well, fast forward, let’s just say that Snigglet is now a much loved member of our household! She is a tiny Shiatsu Poodle or ‘She-Poo’ mix.  She has gray fur and looks like a little lion or bear.  She is sweet, innocent and quite simply the most loving little creature living under our roof.

Dream 2 description begins…

It was a beautiful and sunny day, so I decided to walk to town along a river promenade. I did not recognize the town, but it reminded me of the San Francisco Bay area park near the waterfront.  On Saturdays and Sundays, there are artists and different booths with crafts for sale and it is a fun and festive place to be.

On my walk, my little dog, Snigglet, had decided to follow me. She walked behind me a few feet the entire time.  As I was walking, I saw a large manhole in the middle of the sidewalk.  The cover was gone and the water was filled to the top with black sewage water.  I walked around the hole.

After a few more steps, I suddenly remembered that Snigglet was following me and I quickly looked behind me to see if she had walked around the hole too. I panicked as I no longer saw her there.  I called for her as I ran to the open hole.  I saw something in the hole for just a split second that might have been Snigglet, but then it was gone.

I immediately thought that perhaps she had tried to jump over the hole instead of walking around it and had accidentally fallen in. As I called out for help in a panic, I stuck my arm all the way into the black water in order to see if I could feel her.

The current of the water was very strong and was moving very quickly. I screamed out and asked if anyone had a flashlight, but no one answered.  I looked around and stopped a passing park or city worker and explained my situation.

Me: “Sir, I will jump in the water to get her, but first I just want to know if there are any air pockets or places where she could be or if it is all flooded.”

Man: “Lady, seriously?  It has been ten minutes and passing.  Your dog is dead and gone, so accept it and move on.  You need to talk to a civil worker, but they don’t come in until 8am tomorrow morning.  It is Sunday, so no one will drop what they are doing to recover your dog’s dead body.”

I panicked even more and began to cry uncontrollably as my little dog hates water, hates having her feet wet and gets scared easily. To make matters even worse, she probably cannot even swim.

I went back to search in the black water some more, but I could not see a thing. I did not know what to do as the manhole down from the direction of the current was sealed and covered.  I put my ear to the cover and could hear the violently rushing water.

As I listened for my dog, I started to hear whimpering, but quickly realized that this was just my imagination. Just in case it was not my imagination, I asked a man to help me take the cover off of this manhole.

Man: “The hole is sealed and can’t be lifted off.  Look, it even says that anyone tampering with this lid will be subject to arrest.  I am sorry about your dog.”

I was in tears when I decided to walk home. As I recounted my steps, I regretted that I had not stopped Snigglet from following me.  I realized it was my fault as I had thought it to be cute that her hair was so bushy even on her face that she could barely see.  She probably was not able to see properly and fell in the black water as a result.

Thoughts of what I was going to say to the children did not come easily. How was I going to tell my kids?  I came up with a plan to wait until I called an official in the morning as she could have still somehow ended up in an underground landing with air.  As I still had this faint hope, I decided to delay telling anyone about this horrible news.

Thankfully, not one person in our house had noticed that Snigglet was missing that night. When I contacted the official the next day, he told me that the water had been so high under the city that some manhole covers had even blown right off.  He then said that there would be no chance at all of any animal or human surviving this.

He then informed me that it was a very good thing that I did not jump in after her as I would have surely lost my life as well. He then got the manhole location from me and told me that he would have it covered so that no other dog or even child could fall into the sewer again.  I was grateful that he was both apologetic and kind about this.

When I got off the phone, I dropped to my knees and cried out to God:

“Father, my grief is great as I miss Snigglet. She was such a great little dog, always made us smile and brought us no trouble at all.  She was innocent like a little lamb or baby animal and was so wonderful.

“Please, Lord, if she lived even for a few seconds, I pray that she was in the care of angels and not shaking as she does whenever she becomes scared. Father, I pray that one day I will see her again in Heaven.  She was a gift and brought us so much joy.  Thank You for the three years, almost four, that we had her.”

I then stood up and went to where the kids were gathered in the basement. When I walked downstairs, my other dog Zoey was crying and pacing as she somehow already knew that Snigglet was gone.

I began to tell the kids about what had happened, but at first they were not listening. I had to repeat to them several times that Snigglet was gone before the news truly sunk in.  As it did, I saw great distress come over all of their faces.

Son: “I’ll find her.  I’ll jump in the water.”

Me: “It’s been almost 18 hours.  It is impossible.  It would be impossible for her to be alive.”

Son: “No, mom, it’s not impossible with God!”

As I turned to walk back up the stairs, I knew that this was going to deeply affect all of us for quite some time. My heart then grieved even more as I could now hear my daughters sobbing at the horrible news and trying to comfort each other.

However, and to my complete and utter amazement, as I rounded the wall of our steps, there was Snigglet standing there halfway up the stairs. I quickly ran to her, picked her up and held her tightly.  To put it mildly, she looked like she had been through some major trouble.

As Snigglet looked up at me, her eyes seemed to say to me, ‘I have seen things no one should ever have to see’. I then noticed that her fur was no longer grey, but more like a beautiful caramel color.  When I yelled out the good news to the kids, they all cheered.  I heard my son exclaim excitedly, “See, nothing is impossible with God, mom!”

Dream 2 description over…

Father, this was an incredibly real dream with such great detail. However, very few of my past dreams have been this emotionally draining.  When I woke up, I truly felt as if I had just lived through this entire horrible experience.  Needless to say, I was extremely glad to see Snigglet that morning, much to her delight.

Lord, it seems like I am in many similarly impossible situations right now and there are so many more soon to come at us. We face one battle after another, all with no visible end in sight.  All I can do is look to You as You have promised to deliver us from our troubles.  I just pray it is sooner rather than later as these troubles seem to be continuously mounting.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was walking down a path through a grove of aspen trees when I saw Jesus bathed in a corona of light all around Him like the sun. As I ran to Him, He held out His arms to receive me.  I was small in comparison to Jesus, so when I ran to hug Him, my cheek was level with His chest.

Me: Crying.  “Lord, I cannot take much more.  Please Lord, help us.  Please help us!”

I felt Him kiss the top of my head. He then motioned for me to sit down next to Him on the bench.

Jesus: “Erin, every time you are faced with trouble, you gauge your actions and wonder if you are going in the right direction.  You wonder if, this time, I will finally leave you to your own devices and abandon you.  Well, Erin, I will not as I am always with you.”

Me: “Lord, I just love You so much!  I am approaching 1200 days since You gave me a very clear list of promises.  Please do not only grant these upon my death, but also allow them while I live.  Lord, You have not healed me, but You have taken me out of the desert to this beautiful land only to allow my tormentors more opportunity.

“This week we fought two institutions and are now in a battle with a third. It seems that I have brought trouble upon my husband and his kids simply by being alive and breathing.  As in the past, I seem to have trouble follow me due to no fault of mine.

“Lord, one moment I believe that I am finished with dealing with one battle, but then another battle quickly rises up. Lord, are You allowing me to be the object of scorn?  It sure seems this way as I am constantly being hammered by my enemies.”

Jesus: “Erin, I sent you help.  You are not alone as I am with you always.  I will deliver you from all of these situations.  Not only will you face them and defeat each one, but I will be with you in each battle.  I know you have not had a reprieve, but I also know what I have told you.

“Erin, I come and My recompense is with Me, even though you have not yet seen this. I did not have you walk that property to only then, as a cruel hoax, give it to another.  This I would not do to the one I call loved, My beloved.  So, how am I now instructing you through these difficulties?  Erin, do you see this?”

Me: “Are You instructing me on having another level of faith?”

Jesus: “Yes, but there is more.  When you have had dreams where you have declared curses and prophesied over someone, do you feel this is you speaking?”

Me: “No, Lord. I have even had a couple of cases in the natural where the Counselor, Your Spirit, has welled up in me, controlling my tongue, declaring a thing and it was done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  I knew it was not me speaking this though.”

Jesus: “Yes, but this authority was from Me, right?”

Me: “Yes.  There was no mistaking it, especially by the looks on the faces of those on the receiving end.”

Jesus: “Then, Erin, what again are you learning about?”

Me: “To declare a thing by Your Will and Authority so that it will then come to pass and come into being!”

Jesus: “Okay, then what else am I showing you?”

Me: “Is it that I am somehow missing the mark?  Lord, all I know is that You are in control and that I am, really our entire household, is under attack here.  We need you, Lord, and we are in trouble without You.  I feel that I will be thrown into a cistern next as I am not speaking positively about the state of things.”

He laughed as He knew I was referring to one of the plights that Jeremiah experienced that I had recently read over again.

Jesus: “Erin, you have your own personality.  You are not Jeremiah, you are Erin.  There are patterns to many of these situations, but what remains constant is that I Am Who I Am and God is on the Throne.

“Erin, your life has been planned from beginning to end and you have waited an entire lifetime to see the promises I have given unfold. Now, it is always darkest before the dawn, Erin, and I have commanded angels concerning you and your household to guard you in all your ways.

“I have not abandoned you to the grave or even taken the life of your little lamb to see you destroyed. Instead, I have allowed you to endure your troubles so that, when you are finally delivered from all of this, no one will dispute that I am God.

“You have only to read My Words to see battle after battle in those pages. However, the one thing that is certain and does not change is that victory awaits those who endure.  I have promised you that I would deliver you through your trouble, as well as completely remove it.

“What you are enduring is not uncommon to man, so do not listen to anyone who claims I have turned My face from you as I have not. Now, Erin, why have I allowed you to face all of these difficulties?”

Me: “Lord, I am sure it is so that we lack no good thing.  You do everything for our good and for the good of those who love You.  I have been here so many times, but now I am asking You for help.”

He good-naturedly, but in a loving and joking way, turned His head to expose His ear to me in order to ‘listen more intently’.

Jesus: “Oh please, Erin, speak up as I am having trouble hearing you.”

Me: He smiled and I started to laugh at this.  “I need help, Lord.  I need help as I cannot do anything without You.  I have exhausted every human course.  I have tried every avenue and expended every resource.  Now I am coming to You.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Well, Erin, it is about time.”

Me: “Lord, but I came to You first.”

Jesus: “Yes, but this is what happened, Erin, and this is not just you as this is common to all.  You come to Me with a need and a date in mind.  Then, while I am working on your request, and even though you do not know this, you assume that I have left you to figure your trouble out on your own.  You then go forth only to find out that you cannot help yourself.  You then come back to Me, but only as a very last resort.”

Me: “Oh Lord, yes, I do this.  I confess that I definitely do this.  Please forgive me, Lord, as I am horrible.”

Jesus: “Repent, Erin.  No, you are not horrible as I do not have this close a relationship with horrible people.”  He smiled.  “Really, they do not like Me much.  Now, what did the dream of your little dog teach you?”

Me: “Well, I made mistakes, I exhausted my options and then it was just too late.”

Jesus: “Actually, the way I saw it, this was always completely out of your control.  You exhausted your options, but you had first failed in one area.”

Me: “To go to You first.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin.  Come to Me, but then wait for Me and I will direct you in the ways you should go.  I appoint men and even remove kings.  What is impossible for men is possible with God.

“Now, let us discuss the power of declaration put into practice. Do not walk around cursing by declaring, but declare by blessing.  Declare a thing to come into fruition, a tree to bear fruit, and allow Me to work through you.

“Now, I did not take your son’s life on Friday. Even though the enemy had petitioned in Court for calamity against you, none was granted.  Now rejoice, rejoice, as My plans are to give you hope and a future.  I am here with you.  I have taken care over you from beginning to end.  I have allowed your difficulty.”

Me: “Lord, it is hard to be joyful during this crushing.  If it was just me, I would be fine, but it is also my family and friends.  Now there are so many that are turning away from me and even people who said they would never leave.  I am just so thankful that my husband and children have been steadfast in standing beside me.  Lord, my heart has been broken so many times that it has become harder and harder to live.”

Jesus: “I speak life into you, Erin, so live.  I love you, Erin, so live.  I know you are downcast and disheartened, I know you become depressed and I hear your cries.”

Me: “I am sorry, Lord, but I am a baby.”

Jesus: “No, Erin, there is a reason I have you here with Me.  Although you wanted to turn from Me, you have not.  I have promised to deliver you from your troubles in a single day.  Although you have been given the bread of adversity and the waters of affliction (Isaiah), Your Teacher…”  He pointed to Himself.  “…will be hidden no more.  You will gaze upon Me and see Me, Erin.”

Me: “I do not understand.”

Jesus: “I will instruct you, so now look up.  Erin, where does your help come from?  Now, look to the hills.  Who owns the cattle on one thousand hills?”

Me: “You do, Lord, You do.”

Jesus: “Then do I not also know your needs before you ask?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus: “Do not worry, Erin.”  He smiled and hugged me.  “I have you, I am with you and I will deliver you.  I am your healer, so do not worry or be afraid.  Soon!”

Dream over…


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