Dream 226 – Jesus, Jasher and DNA

Received Sunday, November 27, 2016


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here! Thank You for my family and the home that You have given us.  I am so grateful and so thankful for all that You have done.  You are my blessing and my great hope.  I can never ‘do’ enough service to repay You.

If I were wealthy, I could never give enough. You own every place my feet walk.  You own every breath of air I take.  You have counted my years and even know the beats of my heart.  I love You, Father, so thank You.

Today, I come to You with several disturbing dreams, but I was glad to awaken from one in particular. I had this one the night before last on November 25th (Dream 2)  However, I will first ask for revelation of my dream from November 21st (Dream 1), which began my week of disturbing dreams.

Dream 1 description begins…

I was a Christian journalist sent by invitation to a World Summit of ground breaking discoveries in science, medicine and technology. This took place at a massive convention center in northern Europe at what seemed like Prague or Germany, but I was not certain.

Most of the participants there did not see me as a threat at all. A man was assigned as a global United Nations ambassador to take us around to explain the various advancements so that we would write, in his term, ‘compelling reports’.

The various areas we were to write on were according to what they see in hopes to further the cause of science, medicine and technological advancements. Basically, we were being persuaded to write in hopes that donors from various parts of society would agree to further their cause.

From what I started to witness, I soon became in shock that I was even invited at all. At one point during the tour, a reporter became upset at me because the ambassador was spending more time with me than the ‘more important’ media reporters.  This particular reporter was himself from a very large media outlet.

Reporter #1: “Why are you allowing this reporter to be here?”

Ambassador: “There is a large segment of the global population which still believes in God and Creationism.  Once they understand that God is here in these advancements, they will then turn and give money to us for research instead of giving money to their churches.”

This news reporter seemed satisfied with this answer. As the ambassador moved on, several of the reporters poked me and nodded their heads at me in a mocking way.

Reporter #2: “Wow, you have a difficult task.  You had better report the way he expects.  You have no idea who you are dealing with.”

While I hid my alarm and instead smiled at the comment, I was now on edge as I suddenly knew my life rested on what I would report. The ambassador then started our tour in the area of technology and took us to a wing of the building which was incredible.

I saw things there that I never thought that I would ever see in my lifetime. Though what was being shown was vastly inferior to the things that I have seen in Heaven, what I witnessed was still impressive from an earthly sense.  Nonetheless, it was still nothing like the power of God.  Here are a couple of the things that I witnessed here:

  • There was a type of refrigerator which could vary specific temperatures to specific items according to a microchip on each of the items’ packaging. The refrigerator, a sort of reverse of an induction microwave, could cool these items in seconds from within. However, there seemed to be much more to this. The key buzz words they used included ‘colder, faster and safer’, which was their slogan, as well as ‘prolonged storage for up to weeks and months’. The words ‘less waste’ and ‘preservation’ were also used.
  • I then saw something like a type of ear wrap blue-tooth device. With this, a person could think about another person and, based on the intensity of their ‘heat and feelings’, their thoughts would then unfold. We then watched as a man thought about a particular woman. This woman then called his name and undressed for him, but all in his thoughts using this device. We could see this all unfold as they were using a type of brain wave technology that could put the images from his thoughts on to the screen for us to watch. In summary, this device was personalizing his fantasies into an experience that was so incredibly real. In essence, this was personalized virtual pornography.

Reporter #3: “A man or woman would never need human contact again.  What about procreation?”

Ambassador: “Oh no, this is not to replace the human relationship.  It just helps those unable to understand their tastes.  These are for individuals who would like to explore their options in a personalized manner.  For example, the woman you saw was someone this man had contact with earlier in the day when he ordered coffee at the local coffee shop from her.  He inputted his visual and she then virtually reacted according to his will.”

Reporter #3: “Isn’t this an invasion of privacy on the woman?  It is so real.  Could this man not then expect that the actual woman should somehow remember their encounter?  People could even be killed by someone who is not ‘right in the head’.”

Ambassador: “I understand your concerns, but this is a safe, effective way to act out your desires without the messiness of a relationship.  Did you ever want an affair with your friend’s wife, but wanted to explore the option discretely?  Well, this is how and it should make relationships much healthier.”

I knew this was a major deception. I also saw this as a way for pedophiles and others to act out their twisted fantasies.  This seemed so clearly and completely awful to me.

Ambassador: “Alright, let’s move along.  It is not important to dwell on this.  The technology will be launched very soon and is here to stay.  It is not up for debate.  It has already been fully funded.”

After this, we saw several other advancements in technology. He then moved us into a wing for medical advancements.  Here are a few of the things that I witnessed there:

  • The grafting of the skin of animals to humans.
  • The injecting of animal fats into human faces, which removed wrinkles and slowed aging.
  • The grafting of birds and fish, creating an entire species, literally, of flying fish.
  • The crossing between an eagle and a leopard. This hybrid could somehow both fly and run, but is something very difficult for me to describe with accuracy.
  • The injecting of the DNA of ants into human growth hormones. This was similar to the ‘Antman’ superhero, only real. This special DNA made men and women supernaturally strong.
  • The crossing of the molecular structure of a tall man into the embryo of a short man or dwarf. This created a distorted baby with disproportionately long arms and legs compared to the torso.

As we walked around some more, this all became even more of a freak show. We then approached an area where the cancers of several sick children were being transferred to prisoners and terrorists for experimentation purposes.

Reporter #3: “I don’t understand.  Why remove the cancer and implant it back into someone else?  Just destroy it.”

Ambassador: “Cancer always needs a host.  You can’t just remove it.”

We were all a bit confused by his answers and by all of what we were witnessing. We then came to another area where beheaded men were being given a transplanted head from another person.  It was so gross that I became even more ill to my stomach than I already had been.

We then proceeded to the embryo area where we were shown a type of computerized machine where a couple could enter all the characteristics of their ideal child. The couple could select all of the good characteristics of themselves, but also any other characteristics of their choosing as well, either good or bad.

A machine then ‘created’ the desired molecular DNA by using the DNA of several famous people mixed with the DNA of the couple to produce the ‘perfected’ embryo matching their specifications. This embryo was then implanted into the woman’s womb.

Reporter #3: “Can’t this also be used for extreme evil?  Entire armies could be created.”

Ambassador: “Good question.  This is complex, so please wait over to the side for our reply while we continue with our tour.”

As we continued walking, I glanced back and saw that this reporter was being escorted out of the building. The ambassador quickly directed us to a different area.

Ambassador: “Now we will move into our weapons area.”

We walked over to a massive arena. There were people inside this arena that came from all over the world and it almost seemed like a United Nations assembly of sorts.  In the middle of this arena, there was a massive ball of fire about two feet in diameter spinning above the arena and rising.

Ambassador: “Here we have harnessed the power of the sun.  We have created this ‘other sun’ as the sun above us is soon to burn up.”

Reporter #4: “The sun is seven times hotter than it was over 2500 years ago.  The sun is not going to burn out.  If you harvest this on Earth, it will burn up everything.  Just look at the men in the front row.”

As we looked over at the men in the front row, we could see that their faces were boiling with burns. The nonchalant attitude on the damage that this ‘tiny sun’ was causing to these people seemed so surreal to me.

Ambassador: “Come, I have one other advancement to show you.”

He then took us to a room with a massive glass enclosure where there was something like atoms and a nucleus. He used several scientific terms to describe what we were witnessing, but these complex terms went over all of our heads.  He was quite excited.

Reporter #5: “Can you state this in simple terms that our readers can understand?”

Ambassador: “This is for growth population control.  There are certain areas of unproductivity globally where people suffer from lack of resources, such as basic water, food and shelter.  There are also areas of constant war.  This eliminates these problems by removing the challenges and keeping the historic integrity of an area for regrowth redistribution.”

Reporter #2: “Genocide?  Genocide?  Is this what you’re proposing?”

Ambassador: “This is humane and not genocide.  This only removes the populous.  It keeps the structures, such as the infrastructure, water systems and commerce, all intact.”

I somehow knew that this was a subtle reference to their evil plans for Jerusalem. He then showed us whole villages of Christian settlements as well.  I suddenly wanted to vomit at all that I was seeing.

Me: “Excuse me, but I need to use the restroom.”

Ambassador: “I am sorry, but this is not possible right now.  Here, put this pill under your tongue instead.”

He handed me a pill to put under my tongue. I pretended to take the pill, but instead left it hidden by wedging it in my finger.  The ambassador kept looking back at me to see how the pill was affecting me.  I forced myself to act as if the pill had taken away my sickness and this seemed to satisfy the ambassador.

At the end of the tour, we were taken to a room so that we could write our articles. We were then instructed to hand our completed articles to a monitoring editor before any of the articles could be published.  I knew, as several of us did, that everything we wrote would be edited in order to suit their agenda before being released to the public.

Reporter #4: “Well, I guess God is officially dead after this.”

Me: “No, He’s not.  If anything, His anger is building.  This was written about before in Scripture.”

Reporter #5: “Where in Scripture?  That is not in the Bible.”

Me: “It is in Jasher and Jasher is referenced in the Bible.  It is a hidden code for God to reveal other mysteries.  It is there in the fourth chapter of Jasher and is about all of this.”

Reporter #4: “You are a kook.  We should report you!”

Reporter #5: “No need to.  They will examine her writing and change it to fit their agenda.  She will never work again.  See if God saves her.”

Dream 1 description over…

The following is my description of the second dream. For some reason, this dream somehow disturbed me more than any other dream I have ever had.

Dream 2 description begins…

I was taken under house arrest to a location that I did not recognize. This area seemed like it could be California or even an English speaking tourist town somewhere in the Mediterranean.

I did not know what I had done to cause my arrest, but it seemed that my very existence had caused me to be found guilty. I was taken to a house on the lower street of a small village and confined to a room 6’ x 6’ x 6’, six feet wide by six feet long with a six foot high ceiling.

The room was painted gun metal grey, including the floor, the ceiling and the walls. It was a perfect cube with only one window.  The window was six inches high and approximately three feet wide.  It was only six inches down from the ceiling so that, when I stood up at 5’2″, I could see out, but only barely.


As I entered this cubic room, a person was already sitting there waiting for me at a folding desk. He greeted me upon arrival and identified himself as my attorney.

Attorney: “Well, I have no file on you.  You have no papers, no identification, no passport and no marks.  I have nothing on you and nothing to build a case for your innocence.”

Me: “But I haven’t done anything.”

Attorney: “To your accuser, you have done everything.  You are guilty until proven innocent.”

Me: “But if there is nothing I am being charged with, then how can I be guilty?”

Attorney: “Oh, you have been found guilty and charged with life here.  They do not give you anything to aid you in living.”

Me: “I do not understand.  Where is my family?”

Attorney: “What family?  Where is your family?”

I instantly knew not to say anything about my family as they would use this against them. I quickly composed myself.

Me: “Sorry.  They died long ago.”

Attorney: “Thought so.  There is no one to stand on your behalf and with no proof of your innocence there is nothing that I can do for you.”

I already knew my fate, so I did not speak. However, I did not cry as I had no fear either.  The attorney began to fold up his portable desk.

Attorney: “Now, a few more things.  I was able to give you an hour to walk to town to soak up the sun, but only for one hour.  After one hour, you will need to return here.  I was able to get you some oil paints in tubes.  I was able to secure one canvas.

“They would not allow you to have a brush nor a pen, so you will need to use your finger to paint. There is no light here and no electricity.  You will have only your clothing for warmth.  I will leave you this chair to use for your painting.  Oh yes, you will have no food or water.”

Me: “I will die very quickly.  Should I eat the paint?”

Attorney: “Hmm, this would be a bad idea as the oils will make you very sick.  I’m sorry I could do nothing for you.”  He continued to fold up the desk.  “Oh yes, you have only one hour.  Do not be late returning.  It is beautiful outside.  Take this into your memory and paint it.”  He smiled.  “Take care!”  He then left.

As I walked outside, I saw that the area was filled with beautiful homes. The ocean was deep blue and there were boats.  I decided to walk to the town to my north.  At the top of the paved road, there were three roads intersecting the north road that I was on.

The sun was so bright that I could barely read the names of the roads. One was Beach Street, one was Waterfront Road and one was Meadow Avenue.  There were arrows pointing to various events occurring down each of these roads.

The sign on the road I was walking on said ‘Village 1km’. I did not know how far 1km was, so I continued to walk.  When I finally reached the village, I saw that there were beautiful shops and other things to see.  However, I had no money, so I had no interest in any of these things.

At the end of the village road, I saw that there was a shooting gun range. It was all open air and seemed very unsafe to me.  The man running the range was taking IDs and money for people to be able to shoot the distant targets attached to hay bales.  The hay bales seemed more like for an archery range rather than for a shooting range.  The owner looked over and spoke to me.

Owner: “Go up there and shoot.”  I looked back at him.  “Go ahead.  You don’t need ID.  I have two guns there for you to use.  This is on me.”  He laughed.

As I approached the open table or booth, I saw two ridiculously large pistols sitting there. The one to my right had a silencer on it and the one to my left was plastic, like a toy, but transparent.  I could even see the bullet cartridge inside of the transparent plastic.  I picked up the plastic revolver in my left hand to inspect it.

Owner: “That is a real gun, not a toy.  It works just like the one on your right.  Both will do the job.  The one on the left will get into places the other gun won’t.  The one on the right will make no sound.  Either one will get the job done.”

I picked up the one to my right and aimed at the target.

Owner: “You know what these are for.  They are not for shooting this target.”

I then realized he was trying to coax me to shoot myself. I turned to walk away.

Owner: “Go ahead and at least take the plastic one with you!”  As I walked away, he yelled out to me.  “You are going to regret this!”

As I reached the top of the hill, I thought about taking another road to a better place. However, I quickly realized that this road would not lead to anywhere.  I decided to walk back to my room instead.

As I came up to my room, a woman was standing there looking at me like she hated me. I still did not know what I had done.  She pointed at me to go into the room.  As I went in, the door quickly shut behind me and was instantly sealed.

It was now midday and I had nothing to do, so, with my finger, I began to paint images of light on this canvas. To my surprise and delight, when darkness came, the lights or highlights I had just painted somehow lit the room even though there was no electricity.

The next day, I saw a glass of water and a bread roll with meat sitting on the window slat. By the third day plus twelve hours, and after someone at night had continued to leave me food and water, I heard two people outside the sealed door.

Woman #1: “She should be dead by now or close to it.”

When they opened the door and saw that I was painting instead, they looked terrified. They took my painting and frisked me for food and water.

Woman #2: “You should be dead.  We will wait three more days.  Here is one more canvas, but you won’t have enough paint to finish.”

I felt that they were testing me on this. Later that night, there were two rolls, extra meat, cheese, a cookie and a chocolate marshmallow milkshake, my favorite!  I ate all of this and this repeated for two more nights.

When the women came back and opened the door, again on the third day, they became extremely distressed. They saw that, not only was I stronger than when I had come in, but I smiled at them and had finished yet another painting.

Woman #1: “That’s impossible!  This is witchcraft!  You are a witch.”

To their surprise, I kept silent and said nothing in reply. The women then returned several hours later and sealed off my window and door so that I would have no air.

Woman #2: “She’ll be dead by morning.  There will be no air.  No witchcraft will save her.”

When all the light was gone, I began to cry out to the Lord. As I became faint, an angel suddenly appeared.

Angel: “I am with you.  Do not be afraid.  God is greater.  He Who is in you is greater than he who is out there.  Come, let’s eat.  It will be exciting when they come to see you gone.”

Dream 2 description over…

Father, I had other similar dreams this week and these left me feeling deeply distressed. The room and situation I was in was completely void of any justice or hope.  It was awful to feel this void, so thank You for sending help.

My dream from earlier in the week about the DNA modifications led me to look into these in order to see if they already existed. To my surprise, there is an organization called CRISPR that seems related to all of this.  I was disturbed by how close in time that we are now in to all of these horrors.

I was then led to find an extremely old copy of Jasher that I had acquired from a used bookstore some time ago. This book is from the 1880’s and is quite remarkable.  I immediately flipped over to the fourth chapter of Jasher since my dream had indicated that there would be a clue contained there as to the time we are now in.

In this dream, the advancements in science, technology and medicine were presented with the idea that these were for the ‘good of mankind’. However, I am sure that altering DNA and things like that are not for the ‘good’ of any living creature, period.

Now, do not get me wrong here as I am in support of many of the advancements that have been made. For example, I have a pacemaker that God has allowed me to have in order to keep my heart beating and I am grateful for this.

Father, I am deeply troubled by these dreams. Please help me to understand why You gave these dreams to me.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was up in the Heavenly aspen-lined path. At the end of the path, I saw Jesus enthroned in a corona of light, a light as bright as the sun.  As His arms were once again extended towards me, I ran, crying, into His arms and into His presence.

Jesus: “I am here, Erin, I am here and I am with you.  Be strong and courageous and do not fear man as I am with you.  I have also sent angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”

Me: “Lord, my dream was void of all things.  I was not even like a prisoner in jail.  At least a prisoner has a number, a case file, is guilty of a crime and is serving time.  Most have lights, books, food, water, care, a bed and even blankets.  This had nothing.  Why did they not just kill me instead?”

Jesus: “Erin, the enemy would like you removed.  By the power of suggestion, they wanted you to take your own life so that they could not be charged with your murder.  At first, they tried to have you run away so that they could shoot you as a fugitive.  However, you did not take those roads.

“Then, in the village, they gave you two more chances. One gun was for you to shoot yourself right there.  The other gun was for you to take with you that would not be detected by an officer under examination as it was plastic.  This gun was for you to shoot yourself in the room.

“You were then given no food or water in hopes that you would ingest the oil paint. Instead, I was with you.  Later, and under My power and authority, you were removed.”

Me: “Lord, it was frightening.  I had no one and I was all alone.”

Jesus: “You were never alone, Erin, as I was with you.  Now, everything which happened to you to sustain you was supernatural.  This means that, under earthly jurisdiction, it had no logical explanation.”  He smiled.

Me: “This means it is from You and from Heavenly places.”

Jesus: “Yes.  Now, I see that you have been downcast, Erin.  I have promised to remove you from your troubles in a single day.  What I have done in the past for you is nothing compared to what I am about to do.  I know the beginning from the end, Erin.  I will take special care concerning you.  Did you not see this in your dream?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  I had a beautiful view from my dark room.  The paints of light from the picture actually created light in the room and sparkled.  You gave me food that I enjoyed.  I ate only a little at first so that I would not be sick, but then I ate more later.  I even had a cookie and my favorite flavor of milkshake.  The milkshake was cold and the bread and cookie were freshly baked and warm.  You provided.”

Jesus: “Like now, Erin, you are barely being sustained.  You recognize that trouble has surrounded you on all sides.  Although it looms and you feel as if you have lost hope, know that I have and will answer your cries.  I have not forsaken you.  I have promised to bless you and your household abundantly.  I have not forgotten you.

“This time four years ago, you thought I had stripped you of everything. As I began to work through you, many people then came against you.  I allowed this right before I moved you to a safe place.  There you were able to flourish before I then moved you physically from your desert land into the place I prepared for you.

“You went from strength to strength, not on your own, but from My power. You are the pearl I have formed.  I will not leave you to die in your shell, but I will take you out of your enclosure and use you for My glory and My purpose.  You understand the times you are in, Erin.  You have discovered things, mysteries hidden in plain sight.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, Jasher and certain other books from the Bible.  Why were these removed?”

Jesus: “Another mystery.  Perhaps it was the agenda of tired scribes.  Perhaps there was a preference for words in part and not in whole.  There were reasons though, all according to man.”

I later went to the Lord on this again, as I have in the past on this issue, and He confirmed that this was as allowed by Him. This is not to be viewed as a case of the enemy keeping something from us that God did not have power over.  2 Peter speaks of how certain things were going to be misused or twisted and that this is never a surprise to God.  For some, these are available for those who the Lord leads to these mysteries.

Me: “Lord, Jasher and Enoch are very long.”

Jesus: “So are others.  Do not concern yourself with why as this is God’s Will.  It takes the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out.  Thereby search, Erin, knock and the door shall be opened.  What have you found?”

Me: “Well, I see that Peter wrote about how untaught and unstable men will twist Paul’s letters, as well as other Scripture to their own destruction (2 Peter 3:14-18).  It seems like Paul was granted wisdom by God, but that unstable men formed different doctrines from this.”

Jesus: “Yes, very good, Erin.  Now the enemy will try to distract you.  For by Peter’s words (2 Peter 3:17-18), ‘Therefore since you know this in advance, be on your guard, so that you are not led away by the error of lawless people and fall from your own stability.  But grow in the grace and knowledge of Me’.

“Erin, this is the age of lawlessness again. Where is it written that I am changing and now accept that which had been declared detestable?”

Me: “You are unchanging, Lord, in your Word.”

Jesus: “I do not change the commandments given to man.  Because I was sent as the sacrifice for the sin of man, have I now allowed sin to be acceptable or, by My grace, to be permissible?”

Me: “No, Lord!”

Jesus: “This is the time when many will fall away, Erin.  I will give you all you need.  Many of you will go out in the field to separate the wheat from the tare.  I will send you as a worker for the harvest is soon to be brought in.  The last harvest is soon to come.  I will prepare you and give you all you need to fortify your fields.

“Do not be deceived by the pleas from the enemy. He will accuse you of many things, but nothing will prevail except My unshakable foundation of truth and love that you stand upon.  You will not be moved.”

Me: “I am not understanding fully.”

Jesus: “Do not worry, Erin.  You see that the time has come.  That which has been foretold is now coming into season.”

Me: “Lord, the mixing of DNA, this disturbing technology, all of it seems to some to be beneficial.”

Jesus: “You cannot drink from My cup and the cup of demons.  You cannot partake in the table of the food I give you and partake at the table of demons too.”

Me: “I recognize this Scripture (1 Corinthians).  Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.”

Jesus: “Erin, this is referring to the food you eat, but I am talking about your body.  Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Keep your temple sacred, as sacred as possible, in the age of lawlessness.  Do you have understanding?”

Me: “Only that which You give, Lord.  This age is awful.  Soon the ‘Mark of the Beast’ will be in full force.”

Jesus: “Remember that the enemy presents evil as good.  It starts as a device of record, a tracker of information.  The very money you use will only be available with this.  Many will take it as a method of safety.  Many ‘children’ will have marks tattooed, tinctures with worldly information.”

Please note that Jesus showed me various images of young adults as He said the word ‘children’. I saw that no children were under the age of accountability, but that many looked young enough to look like ‘children’, especially to us mothers (and fathers).  This was reminiscent of photos I had seen in the past of young men that had been sent into battle back in the world wars.  It saddened me greatly when I saw all of this unfolding.

Jesus: “In your dream, you had no file and no record, yet you were guilty.  In the end, the punishment will be like John the Baptist, yet the consequence will be eternal life here in Heaven.”

Me: “I do not want to be here for this, Lord.”

Jesus: “You will see some trouble, Erin, but you will testify as a worker and My precious pearl.  Now, do not worry as I have you and I will send you help.  I am your Provider, your Healer and your Savior.  I love you!”

He smiled and hugged me.

Dream over…


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