Dream 229 – Jesus and the Mason Jar

Received Thursday, December 15, 2016


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here! Thank You for my family and thank You for the prayers of my friends.

It is beautiful outside here today and the snow is covering the trees and the ground. The pond is now completely frozen.  The temperature went from being warm one day, with us even using our portable air conditioners, to a full on freeze.  There seemed to be barely any transition between the two.

Looking back, the animals outside somehow knew that this sudden change in temperature was coming. The squirrels, chipmunks, deer, birds, both local and migrating, had been darting around desperately searching and preparing for winter two weeks prior to normal.  God, You obviously let them know and informed them.

In contrast, we humans rely on a flawed television weather forecast for our information. Sigh, if only we could get real-time weather forecasts from You as Your ways and forecasts are always flawless.

Today, I am thankful for warmth. When we had our power outage not that long ago, I noticed that the cold came so quickly.  Thank You, Lord, for keeping our powerlines free from ice and snow.  We are truly blessed beyond measure by You.

Father, You are the One who truly provides warmth in the winter and cool in the summer for inside while it is the opposite outside. We are clearly nothing without You, so I thank You today for our warmth.

This season and the last have been difficult ones. A lot of trouble has come and, thankfully, gone.  While the perception of looming disaster lingers as troubles still come at us in wave after wave, when they do finally reach us at the shore, they come in as no more than a ripple.

The waves that I see on the horizon are just so massive compared to the little waves that finally reach us where we stand in safety under Your Cover. Thank You for diverting troubles away from us.  Father, please continue to keep us safe.

Also, thank You for healing our little dog, Zoey. She has brought me great companionship and joy during some of my most difficult struggles.  When I cried the most and was alone, You sent her to comfort me, lick my wounds and sit near me.  She would even look concerned as she rested her head on my leg when I wept.

In the beginning of my writing, Zoey would sit on my chair right next to me. She has been there for me too many times to count, so thank You, Father, for sending us our fury companions.  These amazing ‘fur balls’ are such a true blessing to so many of us.

Lord, we have many pressing needs now and they all seem equally urgent and important. As always, we do not know how You do this, but You know every detail.  You know how, when, what, where and if, whether it be angel or man.  Quite simply, Lord, You truly know all things and everything.

So for me it has been a time of complete surrender and trust because without You we would fail in all of our endeavors to try to save ourselves. Based on the dreams I have had from You recently, I really have no choice but to take comfort in Your promises as I just know something huge is coming that is out of our control.

Dream 1 description begins…

The ground was covered in snow as my children and I viewed two massive clouds in the sky above us. We were surprised to also see the Aurora Borealis on the horizon in the distance.  These ‘northern lights’ then began to dance.  While this all started small, they eventually even illuminated the clouds.

Right before our very eyes, these massive clouds then formed into massive white wings. They took on more and more detail until finally an angel appeared from them.  This angel was so intensely large that he filled the entire sky.

Just as I was about to pick up the phone to call my husband to tell him to go look outside his office window at this, the phone rang. It was my husband calling me at just that moment and proceeded to tell me that he had just seen the same angel from work.  This was quite amazing as his office is over 20 miles away from our house.

As my children and I went to walk outside of our house to get a better view, all six of us were suddenly translated to a school parking lot. We saw many people there running and screaming in horror at the sight.  However, other people knew that this angel was actually a sign from God of His protection and cheered instead.

As we walked in the parking lot, we came across three old cars from the 1930s to 1940s parked there. I could tell that they had been there for a while.  These cars were fascinating to me as they seemed quite out of place.

Dream 1 description over…

After this, I had several other dreams of supernatural translation to various different areas. One in particular was a dream inside of a large supermarket.

Dream 2 description begins…

As I was walking through a large supermarket, I heard the Voice of God directing my attention towards various people. I soon noticed that He did not direct me to the people I thought He would and vice versa.  I then noticed that each person that I had been directed to was somehow supernaturally illuminated, thereby ‘marking’ them.

For some of those that were ‘marked’, I merely had to brush by them and touch their arm and somehow they would instantly know that God had sent me. In all, I went up to about ten different people and healed them by God’s power.

After doing so, I did not tell them anything about myself except for my first name of Erin. I then told them that Jesus loves them, that He is coming soon and to spread the Good News.

However, that was all I told them as I somehow knew that I was to specifically avoid any show-‘man’-ship as this was all to only be about God leading the ship. I was there simply to just obey His lead and not my own leading.

Dream 2 description over…

Dream 3 description begins…

I was in a type of arena watching a hockey game when I again saw several people illuminated or ‘marked’ in the Spirit. I then heard the Voice of God directing me.

God: “Erin, watch as this worker falls from My favor.”

I saw a man that was about to heal these ‘marked’ people as he loudly declared the Name of Jesus. However, I also noticed that he was doing this while making sure that he was in full view of the cameras.  However, before he could heal any of them, I saw the ‘marked’ people that he was to heal suddenly lose their ‘marks’.

The man was suddenly without the ability to heal from God. After he saw that this had happened, he started to stammer with his words and became quite embarrassed.  He was then booed right out of the arena.

Me: “What happened, Father?”

I then saw the man in the parking lot as he was being visited by angels. However, I could not see what was happening nor could I hear what was being said.

Dream 3 description over…

Dream 4 description begins…

As I was standing there, I could feel rain pouring down all over me. However, I was not being flooded with the rain.  The rain was also neither cold nor irritating.  It was a constant downpour.  I also noticed that there was no wind.

As I woke up, I could hear the voice of Jesus, “And the latter rain…”

Dream 4 description over…

Father, I was taught at my church that the latter rain is a ‘bad thing’, so please help me to understand this controversy. I also come to You today with other things, and there are many, including needs, requests, prayers and answers to questions.

I lay all of these at Your feet in the Throne Room and at the foot of the Cross. Please help me with what I am seeking.  I love You and I long for Your presence.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was immediately on the bank of the River of Life as I turned to look over at Jesus. He was completely enrobed in the light of the sun as He smiled at me.  The river looked like it had silver mercury on top of the water, yet it was pure water.  I realized that this was the effect of the light of Jesus as it reflected on the water.

This all looked so magnificent on the top of the water. While the water was still completely inviting, it somehow seemed almost like a thicker liquid or even a solid today.  However, this is particularly difficult to describe.  I was in tears as Jesus turned, faced me and reached for my hands.

Jesus: “I am glad that you are here with Me, Erin.  You did not select Me from the beginning, but I chose you.  From the time of your birth until this very day, I have never been far from you.  In these last seasons, I have been with you in every moment.

“Your years of painful trials and endless tests have brought you to Me. Many have run from Me, but you remained.  You have questioned My methods when trouble fell upon you, but in your trouble I was found by you.

“I was there with you in your times of great pain and suffering. I was there with you in your times of great shame and humiliation.  I was there with you in your times of loneliness and darkness.  I was there with you in heartache and in heartbreak.  I never forgot one tear, Erin, not one.”

Me: Crying.  “Lord, I knew You were there with me, even when I was a child.  Even then, I somehow knew there was someone with me.  I cried out to You and those cries were never lost.  I am sorry for the years that You were with me that I did not know You yet.  Thank You for keeping me safe during my rebellious youth.

“Thank You for giving me back my children as You had always promised. When my children were young, I had thought that this would be impossible.  Thank You for sending me a Godly husband when I thought I was destined to remain alone.

“Thank You for turning my life of pain in those journals into a love story of how I longed for You even when I did not know if You could hear me. Lord, I wanted to know how to love You and You showed me how.  You showed me that You are so much more than a symbol on a Cross or a concept on some pages.

“You are more than a ‘god to conjure up at a whim’ or an ‘oracle to rise up to our demands’. You are real, Lord, and You are more real than even the air that I breathe or the water that I drink.  You are everything to me and I would gladly go through my lifetime of troubles again just to know You like I do now.

“I realize that I am not the most perfect of vessels. I am not active in church activities anymore.  I am not what the world would call worthy for any relationship with You.  I spent many years with selfish ambitions.  I spent many years torturing my body to try and perfect it.

“I spent many years chasing the world’s offerings. I spent many years running from myself.  I have been divorced twice and married three times and this alone would disqualify me from Christian ministry.  I have been bankrupt several times due to my legal and medical issues.

“To many, all of this would disqualify me as not having good stewardship or even good character. In fact, that I am standing here with You today at all would disgust so many Christians.  Lord, I am so sorry as had I known from the beginning what I know now, well, maybe I would have made better choices.”

Jesus: “Erin, I am your Judge and I was there with you.  Now, what choices did the world leave you?  You trusted in what you could see, but now you know how to wait.”

I suddenly left our visit to look outside to watch the snow fall. As the sun was still shining, I noticed that the snow looked like little diamonds as it fell.  I quickly snapped a photograph and went back to our visit.

Jesus: Smiling.  “Erin, were you distracted?”

Me: “Forgive me, Lord, but, while I was writing, the sun came out over the snow falling and it was so beautiful.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “I know, Erin, as I sent this for you to see.  Now, while I look to the heart, I realize that your history would disqualify you from working in finance or from being on certain church boards.  However, I did not create you for this.  If you were created for these things, then your tests would have been different.

“Instead, you were created to be here with Me in this moment. Do not disqualify yourself, Erin.  Back sixteen years ago, you were told to die to yourself.  Other than physical death, this requires hard work.  You signed up for something that virtually no one volunteers for.

“However, this too was also planned from the time of your birth. Sixteen years ago, you accepted a greater call.  You then recognized that you had a heart condition and requested a heart of gold.  Now, does a heart of gold happen from success to even greater success?  No!

“A heart of gold happens from going through the fire and the furnace of affliction. Erin, you went through the flames.  You now feel battered and worn, but, to Me, you are more than qualified, you are perfect.”

Me: “But…”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Oh no, Erin, not a ‘but’…”

Me: “Lord, have I really lost all of my selfish ambitions?  I do not feel like I have.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Well then, what are your selfish ambitions?”

Me: I thought for a moment.  “Well, I…hmm…well, I was hoping…hmm…Well, Lord, I want to be healed.”

Jesus: “Yes, but you just had many thoughts.  What did these thoughts involve?”

Me: “I am sorry, Lord, but there were many.  I want to be healed.  I want You to use me to heal others, all in Your Name.  I want so much to remain private by sneaking into children’s cancer centers during the night to heal them.  I would then leave notes about You for their parents.  I want so much for people to know how much You love them.

“That being said, I hate the thought of anyone focusing on me. Also, people could easily hurt me simply by pointing out all of my failures.  I sometimes feel that it is best if I simply remain silent and tucked away.”

Jesus: “Hmm, well this was not self-focused at all until the few sentences at the very end.”  He laughed good-naturedly as He said this.  “Now, how about you let Me handle the details?  Have I failed you so far?”

Me:  “No, Lord.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Well, I have no plans to start now.  Now, last night, I gave you another dream.  Do you recall it?”

Me: Smiling.  “Yes, as it was quite clear.  It made me laugh because You know that I do not like waiting.”

Dream 5 description begins…

I was in a dark garage and there was nothing in it except for a wooden box to sit on and an electronic tablet to view. However, I could not use the tablet as the screen was doing something funny.  There was a Mason Jar on the screen that was filling up with water, acting almost like an hourglass.



There was a caption under the Mason Jar:

“Your device is uploading. Do not pause.  Your patience is appreciated.”

After a few hours, the caption under the Mason Jar changed to the following:

“The updates to your device will enhance your current features and allow for greater speed and mobile capability.”

Just as I finally went to impatiently hit a button, a tab came up with another caption:

“Are you sure you want to pause your update? Doing so will delay your enhanced features.”

I laughed when I read this as I quickly noticed that I actually could not pause even if I had wanted to. When I did touch the screen, it was obvious that the device was now in complete control of the update and I even had no ability to turn the device off.

I then noticed the total time that it took to complete the update. The update had lasted to just short of 7am.  In total, the update had taken from 3pm in the afternoon to just before 7am the next day.  This amounted to roughly 16 hours in total, give or take.

I also notice that, just as the little Mason Jar on the screen finally became completely full with ‘water’, a new caption popped up:

“100% capacity reached! Congratulations!  Now start using your new features.”

I woke up just as the tablet started to explain the new features of my device. It did this by displaying messages in different languages one language at a time.

Dream 5 description over…

Jesus: Laughing.  “Erin, you seemed to have patience.”

Me: “Yes, shocking, right?”  I laughed with Him.  “However, I was very curious and just knew that this was from You, Lord.  However, why the Mason Jar?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Here is a bit of history.  The Mason Jar is one of the sturdiest clear vessels and does not break easily.  While you are welcome to search for nuggets, it seems to Me that you were shown a clear vessel with a download of water using a common form of technology.  You check this device often to see if there has been any change.”

Me: Laughing.  “Yes, Lord, and I am doing that now.  Every morning, I awake hoping for changes to my own vessel and check to see.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Yes, I know.  Now, are you ready for greater service?”

Me: “Oh yes, Lord, please.”

Jesus: “Then come…”

As He reached for my hand, my vision seemed to become like a camera filming at ground level. I could now only see the backs of our feet, our ankles and heals, and the bottoms of our white robes.

I could see the top of the water as Jesus stepped into the water first to help me in. I then saw an extremely bright light shining from Him like the sun as He faced towards me in the water.

Dream over…

I was not at all ready for this dream to end here. However, the Lord stopped it in anticipation of finishing this on another day.  I started to cry as I had been hoping to be baptized and perhaps even healed.

Who really knows how this will all unfold other than Jesus? Only God knows.  So now I must simply wait, yes wait (smiles), for the download to continue.

Love and blessings, Erin


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