Dream 230 – Jesus and the Redemption of the Heart of a Sinner

Received Sunday, December 18, 2016

24 inches of snow plus some freezing rain meant some ‘downpours’ here. Power stayed on, so thank You, Lord!


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here! Thank You for my husband, my children and my friends.  I have been blessed by You continuously and I stand amazed.

Thank You for returning us home safely yesterday. My husband and I had to make a trip to the store and post office yesterday and it was a ‘white knuckle’ drive.  The icy roads combined with the fresh snow created treacherous conditions.  While we had left early in the morning to avoid trouble, it was really the last hour of our trip that had become quite difficult.  So thank You, Father, for safely bringing us home!

I have had a mystifying week. While we remain right in the midst of trouble, we still have not actually experienced any of the trouble.  So thank You, Father, for keeping us safe here as well.

Something happened to me a few days ago, but I am still not sure exactly what happened. This had come quickly to me as a vision just after my husband and I were watching headline news together.

The news report was of a young man who had walked into a church with a Glock 45 and killed so many wonderful Christian prayer warriors (my term for them). I had first heard this story over a year ago and I remember thinking at that time, ‘Lord, pure evil walked in and slaughtered Your people.  Now what are You going to do?’

I now apologize for doing this, Father, as I know this was a challenge to You. While no excuse, at the time I asked this, I was distraught over this crime and had wanted justice.  I also asked, ‘Father, nine lives are now gone.  Why would You allow this?’  I did not receive an answer from God on my question.

When praying again on this recently, I noticed that I called this shooter ‘kid’. I realized I was doing this because, at my age, he still looked like a kid to me.  Anyway, just a few days ago, this kid’s face came across the television screen again and reopened the ‘wounds’.  However, in the ensuing vision, I saw something about this ‘kid’ in a flash.

I asked my husband to rewind and freeze the picture on the kid’s face. As I stared at his face, all I could see was pure evil at first.  However, this vision then seemed to open a screen to me briefly and I saw a choir of angels, along with the glory of the nine people that had been slain by this kid.

I then saw this heavenly entourage interceding and praying for this young man, as well as their families. I saw that each of these people had now received a special crown of glory unlike anything I had ever seen before during my visits with the Lord.

The Lord then had me scan beyond these nine people and there I saw a massive wave of saints who were also wearing these crowns of special glory. Their voices were being heard directly at the Throne of God.  There were easily more than ten thousand voices just from the area that I was witnessing.

As I viewed this, I felt my heart start to pound in my chest and then almost seem to stop with a flutter. When this vision closed, only the face of evil on the television screen then remained.  I suddenly looked quite shaken up from what I had just witnessed.

Husband: “Erin, are you okay?  What is happening?”

Me: “I am not really sure, but this is a lot bigger than just this kid.”

After discussing this, we soon fell asleep as it was late and we were both tired. However, before falling asleep, I found myself praying to You, ‘Father, I still have such a long way to go.  I see a killer and I am still angry at him, so why are You showing me all of this?’

The Lord then gave me two very clear dreams that seemed to address my questions. However, one of the dreams seemed more like a nightmare to me than a dream.  The other dream was about a certain home that has often shown up in previous dreams.  This home was quite odd and seemed to have a lot of symbolism to it…

Dream 1 description begins…

The home in front of me was for sale and was a brick Tudor home circa 1920s to 1930s. This home was situated about a block away from where we lived in this dream.  At some point, some homeowner had painted the wooden front door a type of butter colored yellow.  Against the red brick, this color combination looked horrible.

This same owner had also removed the cute shutters that were once around the windows and had replaced them with metal awnings over each window. These awnings were then painted yellow as well.  These changes looked similar to changes that were quite common during the era around the late 1940s to early 1950s.

The brick shed in back, which had once been used as a garage, had now been turned into a tiny cottage or studio. However, instead of building a larger garage in its place, they had built a metal carport, which was also painted yellow.  This carport attached to the home, but was not in view from the street.

These superficial add-ons combined with the ugly yellow paint had made this house quite unattractive. I smiled to myself as this seemed appropriate to me as I recalled that this same home in my previous dreams always had some kind of evil dwelling there.

As I continued to study this house closely, I noticed that the basement had been sectioned off. The basement foundation was much larger than the house above it, which should never be the case, thus creating many underground hidden rooms.

As I went inside, I noticed that there was one area of the basement with a coal-burning furnace that had tentacle-like arms for venting the heat to the rest of the house. I recognized this furnace as the type of furnace one of our homes from many years ago used.  This ‘Octopus Furnace’ was commonly used to heat homes back in the 1940s.

This type of furnace always seemed quite scary to me as you are able to see the fire burning inside of it. The oven area and each ‘tentacle’ or duct fed into each room of the house.  The home I had lived in had eventually converted to oil.  The burning fire had been removed and coal was no longer required to be fed into it.

I then noticed that there was another area of this basement that contained several quite valuable old antique pieces. However, for some unexplained reason, this particular room had been bricked on two sides, with the brick exterior forming the third wall.

The fourth wall had been oddly framed in with two by fours that were only six inches apart. This meant that there was no way to get inside this room in order to be able to view the valuable mystery items contained within.  There was also no door or window that someone could crawl through to get inside.

As I peered inside, I noticed a light hanging from the ceiling within this room with a rope cord attached to a chain switch. What made this odd is that this light had an old light bulb that I somehow knew had always stayed lit and never burned out even after all of these years.  It really made no sense to me though.

There were other old rooms in this basement, but most of them were concrete and looked unfinished for living. There was a wooden creaky stairway with no railing leading to the main floor.  I cautiously went up the stairs to continue looking around.

The main floor was strange as well as it was completely cut up with many tiny rooms. The bedrooms were only the size of a twin bed and could really hold nothing but a twin mattress.  Living in one of these rooms would make me feel claustrophobic.

The kitchen was really nothing more than a dry pantry. There was no refrigerator nor was there a sink for running water.  While there were electric outlets, cabinets and an electric stove and oven, there was really nothing else in the kitchen of use.

As I continued to look around the house, I saw that there was no laundry room and only one tiny bathroom. This bathroom consisted of only a toilet.  While there seemed to be water for flushing, there was no bathtub, shower or sink.

The living area was so small that it would never hold a couch. At best, perhaps it could hold an easy chair and a very small television.  As I continued to venture around, I noticed that there was also an attic.  I decided to climb up to the attic to inspect it.

To my surprise, the attic had been turned into a large bedroom. It had two windows, with one of the windows opening to the north and the other window opening to the south.  The walls were all angled to match the pitch of the roof.

At the bottom of the walls, I saw doors there that lead into some odd crawl spaces. However, the doors to the crawl spaces were only about thirty inches wide and high and barely gave enough room to even get into these spaces.

As the ceiling dropped down onto the resulting sloped side walls, I knew this would make it so no dresser or other furniture could be placed there without looking out of place. To make matters even worse, the room was filled with cobwebs.  It was dusty and I could feel evil here.  I decided that this house was a ‘tear down’ at best and left.

A few days later, my daughter and I were walking by this same house and noticed that there was now an open house sign posted. We both were feeling adventurous, so we decided to go inside.  As soon as we entered, the real estate agent tried hard to sell the house to us.

The agent told us to look for all of ‘the potential’, which I recognized as a common selling technique. While my daughter and I tried our hardest to see the potential, neither one of us could come up with any configuration that could actually allow someone to live in this house without a major remodel.

Me: “So, how much are they asking for this house?”

Agent: In a thick southern drawl.  “The homeowner wants $333,000 for the home.”

I could tell that the agent seemed a bit embarrassed by the asking price.

Me: “Well, unless that secret room down there holds gold in it, then I cannot imagine anyone paying that price.  There are not even any closets in the bedrooms.”

Agent: Smiling.  “I know, I know, but just think of the potential.”

Me: Smiling.  “I am sorry, but I really just do not see any potential.  Tell you what.  I will give you $33,000 for the lot simply because it is a corner lot with a view.  However, the house as is still has only one window that overlooks this view and that is from the attic.  That is my best offer for this house.”

While the agent laughed at my offer, I could also tell that she knew that I was right.

Agent: “Now, how can I possibly accept that offer?  I simply cannot.  You have a great day.”

As the agent was saying this, she was already ushering us out. As we walked away from the house, my daughter and I started laughing at our treatment once the agent had realized that we would not be the ones to buy the house.

After this, we walked into town and spent a few hours running errands. As we walked back to our house, we walked by this house again.  We were both in shock when we saw that a ‘SOLD’ sign had now been posted.

The very next day, we could hear the sound of construction from our house coming from this house. We decided to take another walk later that afternoon to check it out and noticed that an addition had already been built off of the living room area.

While this room was still only just a frame, I had thought this to be quite strange as there was no foundation underneath it. The builder had simply used piers and concrete as if they were building a deck.  I shook my head at this as now the very last bit of character that the face of this home had was now completely lost due to this shoddy work.

As we continued to look at this house, a man came outside and started talking to us.

Man: “Would you like to come in and see what I have done with the place?”

My daughter and I were too curious not to see this, so we agreed to go for a tour. Once inside, I decided to ask him a rather bold question, at least for me.

Me: “Could I ask you how much you paid for this house?”

Man: “$229,000 cash.”

I suppressed my shock at him paying so much as I did not want him to feel bad about his purchase. I also decided not to mention what I thought the price should have been.

Me: “So, what are you all changing?”

Man: “Well, I have a big screen television, so I needed to add on to the living room immediately.  However, I will worry about the rest later as this was the most urgent.”

Me: “You do realize that there is no water running to the house, right?”

Man: “Yeah, I know, but this was not a big deal to me as long as the toilet worked, which it does.  Now, come and see the basement.”

As we followed the man down the stairs, I suddenly became intensely curious to see what he had done with the secret room with the valuables. I thought he would have at least made a door to them, but instead there was now a sheet of plywood covering the framed wall, the only access point.

From what I could remember from my earlier viewing, I knew that there was at least $50,000 in valuables just from what I could see. I was also quite sure that there was much more value in the parts that I could not see.

Me: “Did you get the valuables out of that room first?  Was there any hidden treasures?”

Man: “The stuff in that room annoyed me and so did the light, so I decided to block it from my sight.  I am now going to put my gaming tables in here.  I quite like having friends come over to visit.”

My daughter and I continued to act cordial and supportive even though we now both realized that this man was quite foolish. As we walked together back up the stairs, we noticed that there were several hammer holes in various walls.

Me: “Excuse me, but what are you doing with these holes?”

Man: “Oh, I was hoping to take down some walls and reconfigure the layout.  I even had an architect and engineer come.  However, we soon discovered that every single wall in this house is a load bearing wall.  To bring down even one of these walls would mean the entire home would collapse upon itself.”

Me: “Oh no, that is awful.”

I felt bad for him because I knew that there would have been no contingencies for this in the sale agreement.

Man: “That’s okay.  I’ll just expand out.”

When I looked over at my daughter, I could tell that she had just realized that this man was crazy at the exact same time that I had. We politely thanked him for the tour and quickly exited the house.  He bid us goodbye and went back to his renovating.

Dream 1 description over…

Father, whenever this house or a version of it appears in my dreams, it either reflects a part of me that needs reforming or it is an example of the evil at work within a man. However, this time, the dream also seemed to represent a place with no living or free flowing water to refresh.

The only water available seemed to be for the toilet, where the toilet is used to facilitate the transfer of waste and sewage water. There seemed to be nothing redeemable and no remodel seemed logical.

Not only that, but the secret room that contained visible riches as well as hidden riches had been completely boarded up. After this room was boarded up, the ‘light eternal which never burns out’ was also boarded up along with it.

In a house such as this, other than removing the entire evil structure, there seemed to no longer be a way to recover the valuables hidden in the ‘heart’ of the room. This was now a boarded up ‘secret room’.

Father, I know about this secret room and that You are there in the midst. When my heart had stopped, I went to this place.  This was like a secret room, but also like a learning center at the same time.  This is the place where You had called out to me in such a clear and remarkable way that it changed my life.

Through this, You showed me that, unless any of us remove Your access to us, You will meet us even in the most deplorable of conditions. People are never removed completely from You unless they wall You off and reject You completely.

This house was not structurally sound and was built to be unchangeable and unadaptable. To me, the house represented a man without God and a man void of the joy of the promise of possibilities.  As in the past, the dream of this particular house left me feeling quite sad.

Father, in my past, I had seen houses in similar condition for sale in the natural. I never purchased a house like this, for which I am thankful, even when I could afford to buy.  Now, in this life, I doubt I will ever have my name on a property or deed.

However, that is now just fine with me as I am excited for what awaits me in Heaven. On Earth, everything comes with attachments, contracts, taxes and liens.  In Heaven, all of these things will simply be things left in our past.

That being said, I must admit that I still fantasize about someday owning the property that I view outside of my devotional window. It is beautiful and the wildlife is abundant there.  Even if I did own this land, I really have no ambitions to build there as I am not certain that there will be enough time for anything ‘lofty’.

I have also prayed that, if I can never own this property, that You, Lord, would somehow prevent this man and his husband that owns it from building. If they built there, they would live in full view of our windows.  They are not friendly at all to us even though we are friendly with them, so this would be hard for us to take day after day.

If not to be ours, we pray that You would then allow someone else to buy it. However, Lord, You know our heart and know that we would love to one day make an offer that these men cannot refuse.  If not this, then perhaps You can have an angel appear to both of them that would convince them to dispose of the property at a reasonable price.

There are so many reasons why we pray for this, Lord. It seems that every day that I have an epic dream from You, Father, and almost every Sunday, these two unfriendly men come to the property.  They do various things in plain view of all of us in such a way that they almost seem to be taunting us.  They also know we love their property.

Lord, I do not want to judge them, so please forgive me. However, I just feel so uncomfortable whenever I am with You and I see such things from them.  Father, this disturbs me so much.

I know You tell us to love the sinner and hate the sin, so this is why I now ask for forgiveness as this can sometimes be hard for us to do. Just today, between 2pm and 3pm, they were here again, even though we are in the middle of an ice storm.

Father, I trust in You, I love You and I ask for You to please come for us soon. This world is much worse than it was just ten years ago and each day evil acts are accelerating.

There is nothing this world has to offer us that any of us now desire. Even our children have asked for virtually nothing for this Christmas.  Our two eldest sons both said that there is nothing that they want or need.  How is this even possible for teenagers in this day and age of materialism?

While our children do not want anything this world has to offer, all of the children still ask for and want the healing that only You can provide and have promised to us. All of them are so excited to see what You will do next, Father, so thank You for giving all of us such hope!  I also thank You yet again for these awesome children!

Father, I am reminded by You that right before those two men arrived today, that You are with us in everything. Just before they came, You had sent us three young eagles and they soared right above our property.

I feel such comfort knowing that nothing ever surprises You. You are never caught unaware and You are never surprised.  You see everything, know everything and there is nothing beyond You.  Please forgive me when I make judgments against the wicked things of men when I am certainly not a perfect woman myself.

All I can do is just strive to reconcile my heart to You in complete joy, obedience, love, humility, though I do not think myself humble, patience, though I definitely lack patience, and endurance. I pray every night before I sleep that I am reconciled to You.

I pray that any sin be exposed so that, if You take me while I sleep, I come to You lacking in no good thing. I love You, Father.  You are my blessing.  You fill my heart with Heavenly Treasures and I feel so honored to be Your daughter.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was again in the River of Life and Jesus was still holding my hand as I stepped into the river. We had not yet gone in all the way, but I noticed that He had brought me in a bit further than the last time I was here.

Jesus was enrobed in light as bright as the sun. Even though the light was so bright, it was not like looking at the sun and my eyes were somehow kept from watering.  Really, His Glory shined even brighter than the sun, so this was amazing to behold.

His presence was clear and precise. His magnificence and beauty seemed to be only just a part of what I was able to see.  His eyes were a bright blue green and looked so kind that it was beyond description.  He smiled at me with perfect teeth.  Tears streamed down my cheeks as He reached over to hug me.  I held Him tight.

Me: “Thank You, Lord, You are so awesome.”

He pulled me away slightly so He could look into my eyes.

Jesus: “I am glad you are here.  Now, before we proceed, tell Me what is troubling you.”

Me: “Lord, I am struggling with stories in the news right now, my nightmares from the last couple of nights and the uptick in evil.”

Jesus: “Erin, I once explained to you that even those who love Me with all of their hearts would be sacrificed in this war. This was their purpose from the beginning.  Each life has a purpose under Heaven.  Just as some will be supernaturally saved, some will be called Home to be here.”

Me: “I guess I still struggle to see why innocent people and children die at the hands of evil.  It seems like evil wins, Lord, and I do not understand.  It sometimes seems so senseless to me.”

Jesus: “Erin, you were given a glimpse into where those who were slain from that church now reside.  Now, did you see their joy?  Did they look angry?  Were they demanding justice?”

Me: “No, Lord, they were so happy!”

Jesus: “Shall I take you to the Garden for Children and show you those who died young there that are now in complete safety, security, laughter and joy here.  Their lives were not lost for no reason, but for the purposes of My Father.  You see only the suffering of those who live and remain.  Who are you to question what is best to get a man from there to here with Me?”

Me: “I am so sorry, Lord, as I know that Your ways are always best.  You recently showed me something in my dream and I thought it was a nightmare.  Please help me to understand what this is.”

Jesus: “Erin, tell Me about your dream.”

Dream 2 description begins…

Our family was now healthy as each of us had already been transformed. We were together standing in line at a Burger King.  This in itself was unusual as we very rarely eat at Burger King.

While we stood in line, we noticed several teenagers were also in the restaurant. These teenagers had various piercings, tattoos, satanic jewelry, strange hair and even stranger clothing.  These teenagers knew our kids as they went to school together.

When these teenagers noticed us, they began to mock our kids. However, You restrained us and had me simply look at them.  Then, and right before my eyes, I was able to see into their hearts almost as if it was their souls, but this is hard to explain.

I then saw that two of the teenaged girls looked exactly the same on the inside as they looked on the outside, which was not good. However, there was also one teenaged girl in particular that was the very scariest looking one and the one that I would have thought was the very farthest away from You.

However, and to my surprise and shock, when I was able to see the inside of this ‘scary girl’, I saw a beautiful little girl with blonde hair. As this little girl looked back at me, she cried out to me as if she was almost scared to death.

Girl: “Please don’t leave me.  Please help me.”

As I walked over to this ‘scary girl’, the other girls began to scream and yell at me to stay away. I ignored them and instead reached over and touched this girl’s arm.  I could then hear my voice being used by You, Lord, to speak to her.

I do not know what was said, but she changed right then and there and was healed in an instant. Our kids were amazed by what You did with this girl.

After this, we walked downtown and I was shown the ‘insides’ of many other people. I noticed many evil people who did not look evil from the outside.  I also noticed so many good people who did not look good from the outside.  It was a nightmare to me as I could see into these people’s hearts and it scared me.

Dream 2 description over…

Jesus: Smiling.  “Erin, you cannot judge a man by outward appearances or even sometimes by their actions.  Do not be surprised when many are deceived by what they see.  Instead of crying out to Me for wisdom, they take on the role of judge and jury.”

Me: “Lord, are those who were slain inside the church praying for the young man who killed them?”

Jesus: “Who is better off, Erin, those whom live and die knowing Me or those who live and die never knowing Me?  Did I come to save the lost or the found?”

Me: “The lost, Lord.”

Jesus: “Service to Me also means that you set your judgments aside and do not try to be Me.  I did not call down armies of saviors, but I instead call for love and compassion.  You must trust Me fully and not act on your own.

“Do not be surprised if you find yourself ministering to those who wear hate on their faces for you, even while their hearts are conflicted with both love and hate. You must trust Me to send you even where you think I would not send you.”

Me: “Lord, did I understand You correctly?  Will You be sending me to difficult places to heal difficult people?”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Yes, Erin.  Is this not what I came for?  Is this not what My disciples did?  However, there is more.  You will be equipped with more when you are to fight against a harsher enemy.  Now, when you looked in the eyes of the photo of the young man who killed those people, what did you see?”

Me: “More than I expected, Lord.  I saw damage.  I saw beyond the entity of evil that had possessed the boy.  I saw a young man who was demon possessed.  I saw that this had begun at an early age.  I saw anger that led way to self-medication.  In his anger, he opened himself up to more and more.  I saw something…”

Jesus: Gently stopping me.  “Erin, you are not being called into service by your own choosing, but I have called you for Mine.  These dreams and visions are to make you aware that you will not always go to the obvious choice from your outward eyes.

“Instead, you will call out to Me and I will send you where I call you. You must fully trust in Me to direct your path.  You are not to judge as you are not Me and have not seen all things from beginning to end.

“Just because a man is disabled or blind, it does not mean you are called to go up to them because of what you think they need. Instead, I might have you walk up to a normal man whom I will then call to go up to others, understand?”

Me: “Yes.  In my dreams, You had me walk by some and not others.  This time, You are showing me that the worst people from my standpoint are not always the same from Your standpoint.  Lord, I give myself over to You fully.

“Now, I will not lie and say that I am not afraid, as I am, but I am also so excited to be used by You in some way and soon. I understand that there will be some that I do not even initially even like, but I will just need to remove myself, or my ‘self’, out of the equation completely and let You take full control of my actions.  I love You.”

Jesus: “I love you.  Now, dream again as I have more for you.  Do not worry.  Do not be anxious about anything.  Trust Me and I will make your path straight.”

He smiled at me as He reached over and gently hugged me.

Dream over…


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