Dream 231 – Jesus, the Call….Are you ready?

Received Monday, January 9, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for keeping all of us safe.  Thank You for holding us safely in these storms.

My children could not fly out until tonight and do not arrive until tomorrow. We must make the five hour drive again in the early morning to beat the next storm coming.  Please continue to protect us, Father, from what is coming against the land right now.

I have had some very difficult dreams recently. However, it seems that I can only remember small portions of these dreams.  What I can remember has been shocking and has left me quite troubled.

Dream 1 description begins…

I was on the overlook viewing area of God’s Courts as I looked down on the Earth. Satan was standing in the middle of North America.  He easily stood several miles high and held a wooden broom.  The handle was splintered and the broom head consisted of several long strands of hay.

As I stood there, I noticed that there were angels there at the Courts with me. One of the angels was standing to my right and the other was standing to my left.  The angels both started to speak with me, but they somehow did so without words.  As they did, I suddenly knew what was occurring.

Satan started to use his massive broom to begin sweeping the land. As the broom swept over a city, I could see whole buildings crumble to ash.  I then saw him sweep the resulting debris into the Mississippi River.

As the debris swept into the river was now blocking its flow, I saw the water of the river spread out to the crop lands. While I have never seen anything like this before, the natural flow of the river was being turned around and was starting to flow backwards.  The towns near the rivers were soon overcome by the water.

I then saw ash and dirt being kicked up by some wicked winds. I saw tornados hit various areas and devastate many cities.  Tornados even began to hit areas that they had seldom, if ever, had hit before.  All the while, satan was looking over all of this and laughing.

I was then able to see up close the areas where people had been hit by all of this. The people were crying out for help, but there was none to be had.  There was no one to help as the other areas that could have helped were also experiencing catastrophes.

This broom continued to sweep up the land for a time. It was an evil sweep up of ‘loose ends’ and was at the expense of those who did not support the agenda of evil.  I saw the National Guard being deployed in order to maintain order and hand out supplies.

I looked at the two angels standing on both sides of me and questioned them as to when this would all be. One of the angels pointed back to the scenario below and I could now see several angels there.  These angels had a blue cast and were dressed in white.

After I heard the sound of a horn, I saw storehouses of snow start to pummel the landscape. This was then followed by record cold.  I saw winds and snow, followed by thunder, lightning and rain, only to repeat several times.  I saw a very long and costly winter.

I then saw calamity follow this harsh winter. I saw poor planting conditions and the ground was unfit to accept seed.  As a result, the crops produced had been cut in half.  I pointed to the unfolding calamity as I looked over to one of the angels standing with me.

Me: “So this is summer?”

I was directed to look down again and could see the continent crying out for help, but there was very little help to come. The land was devastated and pummeled.  The heat, storms, record rains, lightning, hail and tornados continued to come in rapid succession.

On the map below, I could see various locations being hit by tornados. However, most of these places were unprepared as they had not really ever seen tornados there before.  They had no warning systems in place, leaving them extremely vulnerable.

I also saw storms with lightning setting forests aflame. However, these storms were quite unusual as they were ‘dry storms’, including lightning without rain.  The resulting forest fires soon became uncontrollable and the effects of these were far reaching.

I then saw rolling black outs in various places, including Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York and Miami. Many large cities were now struggling to maintain their power grids.  All the while, satan continued sweeping the land and seemed oblivious to the angels sent from God.

When satan finished sweeping the land, he then left the area and headed to the countries in Northern Europe. After this, he went over to the Middle East.  However, he seemed to have no interest in the geographic areas of China and Russia.

Satan then became quite busy ‘getting to know’ many, many people. However, every now and then I would see him take time out from his ‘busy schedule’ to look up into the sky to mock God.  Seeing all of this disturbed me deeply.

Satan then went to a particular area and began to appoint and rule from there. He was now sending out orders as opposed to traveling himself.  As I became even more disturbed by this, I looked to the angel next to me and asked him a question.

Me: “Is this before we meet Jesus in the sky and are taken Home?”

In response, the angel looked at me with sorrow and sympathy, but still did not directly answer me. He then pointed over to God’s Courts and I could tell that he was instructing me to go to God with my questions instead.

Dream 1 description over…

Dream 2 description begins…

The veil was lifted from my eyes and I could suddenly see that which had been hidden. This was indescribably frightening.  I saw that many of the people that surrounded me were in severe sin and were now being ‘taken over’ by the enemy.  I then noticed that the degree to which they would be ‘taken over’ by the enemy was based directly on how regularly they were participating in sin and the severity of the sin.

While I was not to outline the sins that I was being shown, I was to note that these people had now been so caught up in their sins that they were completely unaware of the magnitude of the enemy’s influence and power over them. The influence by the enemy on them soon severely convoluted their perspective of the severity of their sin.

It soon got to the point that these people were so deceived that they were maliciously drawing attention to those not participating in sin so that they would be labelled as ‘a concern and a menace’. I was then shown a series of sins so bizarre being performed by some of these people that it left a horribly bitter taste in my stomach.

As I later watched the news on a television in my dream, the upset in my stomach was magnified further when I saw an even worse series of bizarre and horrific events that had just occurred. All of this made me feel so sick.

Dream 2 description over…

Father, there is an even greater rise in evil and crime taking place now. It is so awful that I often cannot even watch the news anymore.  I am sickened as I feel there is so little coverage on important matters, yet over-coverage on minor problems.

The media seems to be creating a ‘spin’ on certain stories in order to sensationalize a matter. They then seem to later take this sensationalized matter in order to use it for mass public manipulations.

As I watch this unfold, I will often feel the Holy Spirit telling me, ‘This is a half-truth. Do not believe it.’  As a result, I no longer trust what I see or hear from the news media as being the truth at all.  Again, all of this is truly disturbing.

Now, on a personal note, I have been concerned for my health as something seems to be happening to me. While on some days I feel this is good and I am healing, on other days, especially when the weather changes, I am in unbearable pain.  While I need to be seen by my doctor, the insurance company continues to refuse to cover any costs.

In desperation, I recently contacted my State Senator for help on all of this. To my surprise, the senator is actually a former client of mine.  When I talked with her office, they assured me that they will contact the offending division of Labor and Industries and let them know that the senator is now ‘on my case’.

That I was even able to get through and find someone to help me was truly a miracle and completely unexpected, so thank You, Father. To make this even more interesting, the person I contacted just happened to have the last name of ‘Mason’.  This made me laugh as it made me remember the dream I recently had with the ‘mason jar’ in it.

I also learned just this morning that one of the trees that my grandparent’s had taken me and my brother to had just toppled over. This tree was famous as it was so huge that people were even able to drive through it.  As I watched the news, I saw the same old sign from over forty years ago sitting there right next to the now fallen tree.

Father, I take great comfort and feel so blessed that I have seen even taller and larger trees in Heaven. While I cannot remember exactly which dream I wrote about this, it seems like it was from not that long ago.  Just a week before seeing this on the news, I had a dream that even seemed to allude to this tree’s toppling…

Dream 3 description begins…

A close neighbor of mine from many years ago kept knocking on my front door to give me updates on all of the famous landmarks that were being destroyed. It seemed that she was coming over to do this about once every thirty minutes, each time announcing the fate of one of these landmarks:

  • The half-dome in Yosemite National Park, California had been destroyed
  • Virginia City, Nevada had burned to the ground
  • The cliffs at Steamer’s Lane, Santa Cruz, California had fallen into the sea
  • The San Francisco Bay Bridge in California had lost one entire suspension cable area and had fallen into the sea
  • Coit Tower, a 210-foot tower in San Francisco, California, had fallen

She kept coming over and the list kept growing and growing. I could only guess that this must have all been caused by an earthquake or perhaps even a series of earthquakes.  This seemed to be confirmed when she then told me that most, if not all, of the historic missions along the California coast had been destroyed.

All of these bits of my childhood were now gone and all in an instant. It happened so fast that the news could barely keep up with reporting it all.  It was so difficult for me to hear all of this.  My neighbor soon started to panic and shout hysterically.

Neighbor: “Rain!  Wind!  Sliding!  Shaking!  Trouble has come!  Trouble has come to the ‘land of gold’!”

Dream 3 description over…

Father, this was all so incredibly disturbing. I have no idea of when or if any of this is soon to come, but it all seemed so real.  I have missed You, Father.  I have been going through a time of grief.  Last night as I slept, I had another disturbing dream…

Dream 4 description begins…

I had posted a notice on Facebook for all of my friends from my past to read. The notice was in the form of a goodbye letter that summarized the highlights of my life, including my tragedies and my milestones.  While I did speak about my losses, the Lord had me speak even more about my gains.

I wrote as the Lord instructed me to and made sure that I did not brag or boast or act as if I was spiritually higher than anyone else. At the end of the notice, I thanked God and Jesus for my incredible journey and indicated that, if it had not been for the Lord, I would not have even been here to leave this for them.

I told my friends that I loved them and thanked them for being a part of my race. I told them that my race was finishing as I could now see the end.  I then said that I would hopefully see them again one day in eternity.  I ended it by saying, ‘Erin…signing out’.

Well, that was that…or so I thought! I soon received horrible hate mail from so many people in response to my note that it was simply unbelievable.  I received these letters from almost every single person in my group of family and friends.

While I will not elaborate on the horrible things written to me, it was awful. I decided to delete my account and end all contact.  Sadly, my children were soon after harassed by these same people on their social media as well, all because of what I had written.

Dream 4 description over…

Father, I will need Your divine strength and help with what is coming. Without Your strength, my heart will not be able to withstand what this world is soon to become.  I am scared and need Your help.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I laughed in surprise as I was already in the River of Life facing Jesus. There was a glory light, like a halo or corona, surrounding Him.  It was a living light magnifying off of the water and it was so beautiful.  There was an incredible spectrum of colors.

His face was tan and radiant and His eyes were a beautiful blueish green. His teeth were as white as snow and His smile melted my heart.  I cried as I faced Him and He reached out to hug me.  I hugged Him back and never wanted to let go.  As I hugged Him, I could hear the clock in our house chime three rings for 3pm in the background.

Jesus: “Erin, you worry about many things.  This is not beneficial for you.  Do not worry as I am about to strengthen you for this coming time.  Now, I have given you a small period of rest.  You completed all that I asked of you.  Your heart is reconciled.”

Me: “I am not certain what you mean, Lord.”

Jesus: “It means that you no longer have ties to the former things.  Your heart now longs for Me.  You have forsaken your worldly ambitions and set these all aside.  Your grief has been because you mourn for certain moments, even though these were very short moments.  Do you remember what you had asked for, more than anything, many years ago while your friends were all asking for material items?”

Just then, I was downloaded a scene from my third grade class. I was almost nine years old and this was a tumultuous time of my life.  We were living in a housing project.  During this time in my life, I had to go everywhere that my mom and stepdad went.

Even at this young an age, I had been exposed to many things. I had already been to at least fifteen rock concerts and we were always near the stage.  I had hitchhiked up and down the California Coast with my mom and brother (yes, hitchhiked!).

While I will not mention the other things that my mom had allowed me to see, let’s just say that I had been exposed to a lot. My brother was to as we seemed to always be right there in the thick of all of these things.

I usually felt like an inconvenience to my mom and step dad. As a result, when my teacher asked us to list what we wanted the most, I remember asking for something ‘more than anything’.  However, instead of a list, I had drawn a picture instead and what I had drawn compelled the principal’s office to call me and my mom in for ‘questioning’.

Me: Crying.  “Oh Lord, I remember.  I wanted a small cottage with green grass.  I wanted flowers and a yard.  I wanted a white picket fence so that my puppy would not be hit by a car on the busy road.  I wanted to be safe and far away from the place I was.

“I asked for a mom who would actually know that I was there and cared. In my drawing, I had a mom that held my hand and kept me safe.  When we spoke with the principal about this, my mom lied and said that things at home were ‘just fine’ and that I was just being dramatic.  Oh Lord, I had forgotten about this.”

Jesus: “Erin, I did not ask you to do this so that you would look back and travel to your first and second bridges.  I asked you to do this so that you would see that you have now been given everything that you had asked for.”

Me: I thought for a moment.  “Lord, You are right!  Our home is safe.  I care for my children in the way that I had always wanted to be cared for.  While You have not yet removed me completely from my enemies, You have removed us to a place of safety.  Lord, this is even better than what I had asked for as You have also given me a husband and Godly leader that all of our children respect!”

Jesus: “You needed the time to enjoy what you have.  Do you know why?”  He smiled.

Me: “I feel in my heart that things are about to change, Lord.  Nothing is as it seemed.  The warnings from almost fifty years ago seem to have now sounded.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Hmm, I did not hear the Shofar yet.  This is interesting.”

Me: “Lord, You have recently taken me back to songs from when I was a child, things which triggered events and times.  During the 1960s, well, everything changed.  It was if gates of evil opened and all the angels from Heaven withdrew.”

Jesus: “Yes.  This was a pivotal point.  The holes or voids in each man’s heart were filled with things of the world.  Permission was granted and God was removed across the land over the course of time.  However, very few of those who had sounded the alarm were ‘called’.”

Me: I became animated.  “Lord, You used mainstream music!  I just know You did, Lord.  I remember some of these songs.  The song ‘Bad Moon Rising’ was one of these warnings!  There were many more ‘warning songs’, but most people used them as ‘drug songs’ instead!  You used every means possible to bring people back to You!  I know it, Lord, I just know it!”

He smiled at me as I spoke.

Jesus: “Well, man likes their worship of idols.  There is still time, but …”

All of a sudden, a vision of a dream that I had on Friday night (January 6th, 2017) came to me.

Me: “I remember, Lord.  There was hardly anyone to minister to who wanted the Good News.”

Dream 5 description begins…

I was walking in a crowded market place. The atmosphere was heavy and dark.  I somehow had the ability to heal, but there were very few people illuminated.  It was so sad that I began to weep.

Several of us who were ‘called’ had gathered together to pray as this seemed to be the final sweep prior to us being removed. We openly mourned as we held hands together, giving off a beautiful beacon of light.

However, instead of people being attracted to us, they were repelled by us. They mocked us, threw things at us and swore at us.  It was awful.

Dream 5 description over…

Jesus: “Erin, are you ready for what comes next?”

Me: “I am not sure.  I just know that, if You do not do anything, I will not make it as my grief and pain are too great.  I can even now physically feel the effects of this on my body.”

Jesus: “I love you.  I will not let you languish and suffer.  You know the times that you are in and that there is much to do before you arrive here with Me.”

Me: “You will come for us, right, Lord?”

Jesus: “As it is written, Erin, I will send out angels from the four winds, from the ends of the Earth to the ends of Heaven.  Angels will gather the elect.  I will bring you Home.  Now, what was the lesson from the fig tree (Mark 13:27-29)?  Do you remember?”

Me: “’As soon as the branches become tender and sprout leaves, you know that summer is near.’  In the same way, we see all that is happening and know that You are near and right at the door.”

Jesus: “Erin, you are also now going through a period of ‘tender’-ness.  You are mourning for the lost.  You are like a branch which is about to sprout.  Now, what is written that I have always kept on your heart?”

Me: “Ezekiel 37 and the ‘Valley of Dry Bones’.”

Jesus: “Do you see miracles all around you right now?”

Me: “No.  They are few and far between.”

Jesus: “They are there, but hard to tell.  I have commanded the angels to send them.  Do you think that I have sent in the ‘last days’ miracles’ to only the Jewish people?  Did I forget those who love Me?  Those who I also died for and promised eternal life too?

“As evil came upon this generation, so did I also raise up a remnant who knows to hear My Voice, the one calling in the desert. Your times, your bridges and your life of suffering was not wasted, Erin.  You now have understanding, knowledge and compassion which only come from trials, trial by fire.

“You are now in times in which ‘deliverance’ will take on new meaning. You will be zealous for Me and fervent about saving the lost from that which they have no understanding of.”

Me: “How can I save anyone?  Very few listen to anything that I have to say.”

Jesus: “They will, so do not worry.  You will have much to offer as they will know that I have sent you and others I have called.  There will be a difference between those of you I have called and those sent as a counterfeit.  Many will call you false, but the difference is that you will operate to glorify Me, God in Heaven.

“You will have no desire to draw attention to yourself. You will listen to My Voice only, not to those who taunt you or call you out.  The church is expecting false signs and wonders, as it is written, but they will not all have understanding.

“Instead, they will be swayed by those they expect, those who fit what they prefer, men of renown. This is the same as was written in the beginning.”

Me: “‘Men of renown’ is in Genesis 6:4.  Are they related?”

Jesus: “Well, yes.  The enemy has prepared for these times also.  You and those I have called are unexpected.  The world views you as unqualified.  Christians who rarely call to My heart will become jealous and indignant.  Ignore this.  I have sent watchmen on your walls to guard you in all your ways.  Now, if you are ready, I will prepare you for what I have called you for.”

Me: “I have many questions, but, yes, I am ready, Lord.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Do not worry.  I will be with you.  I have given you time to prepare your house and finalize your dealings with those who have troubled you.  You have prepared the hearts of those around you also.  I love you, Erin.  You care about the things that I care about.  I have prepared your vessel.  Now, let My Spirit continuously work through you.”

Me: Crying.  “I am ready, Lord.  I love You.”

He smiled and then put His hand under my neck and back. As He dipped me into the river, I felt the refreshing healing water come over me.  However, I felt something else.  I felt as if I had been filled with healing water.

When I came out, He was smiling. There, over Him, I saw what looked like a glorious cloud and streaming light.  I heard God’s thunderous voice through the cloud.

God: “Erin, I call you friend and I am glad you are here for such a time as this.  You are greatly loved.  I will command angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”

His voice went into me and through me.

Jesus: “Now, I am glad you trusted Me, Erin.  This was a big step.  You do trust Me, right?”  He smiled.

Me: I was trembling.  “I do, Lord, I do.”

Jesus: “There is much to do and much for you to learn.  Your time of trials and tests are finished.  I have called you.  It does not mean that the world will not test you.  It just means that, if I am with you, and I am, then who can be against you?  I have something exciting planned here.  Are you ready?”  He smiled.

Me: “I…I think so…yes, I am ready.  I have come this far.”

Jesus: “Yes, you have.  I am about to pour out My Spirit in even greater numbers.  I will instruct you.”  He smiled.  “You are under My wings and at My altar.  Who will argue it?  Now, rejoice, Erin, find joy and wait for Me.  Joy is the greatest sign to Me of your gratitude.  Your obedience is My joy.”

He put His hand on His heart and He smiled.

Jesus: “You are greatly loved.  In My joy, your heart makes Me glad and your vessel will shine, Erin.  I love you.”

He reached over and hugged me.

Me: “Lord, I love You too.  What comes next?”

Jesus: “Do not worry.  Soon, very, very soon, I will reveal this to you.”  He laughed as He knew that the word ‘soon’ was a tough word for me to hear again.  “Take comfort, Erin.  You are here and ready and I will not let you wait long.”

He smiled and I hugged Him again.

Me: “Thank You, Lord.  I love You so much.”

Dream over…


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