Dream 236 – Jesus, the Meek and the Proud

Finished on Monday, February 13, 2017

This dream was started on Sunday, February 5th, 2017 as fresh snow was falling outside.  However, this dream took over a week, along with five separate visits, to finally complete.  The last visit took place on Monday, February 13th, 2017 as a blizzard raged outside, dumping almost three feet of snow.

Received on Sunday, February 5th, 2017 (Visit 1)…


Dear Father,

Thank You once again for a new day! Thank You for my family.  Thank You for my friends.  As I reflect on current world events, I feel a need to take a deep sigh.  Father, I have been grieving as the world has changed, but really everything has now changed.

The very times You have warned us of has now come and nations are rising up against each other and against the USA and Israel. I am disturbed about the level of support now going out to ‘alternative places of worship’, places whose very foundation is the very opposite of the love of Jesus.

A dear friend of mine and a fellow Christian drew my attention to the fact that Christians rarely support each other anymore, but yet have no problem supporting causes which have opposite messages from Jesus and His Salvation message. Father, this friend then raised some further points with me that still have not left me.

The veil over the land has become so heavy that many Christians now believe that showing Christ’s love means sending money in support of these houses of worship. This only further helps them reach out their ‘anti-Jesus teaching’.  While Christian and Jewish ministries continue to suffer, other ‘ministries’ are actively funded and promoted.

Yes, Father, I can see that the time of the end is now surely here. Even speaking against this ‘alternative religion’ is considered hate.  As a result of Your leading, instead of engaging the enemy in a battle which is clearly Your battle, Father, I only focus on promoting that which You have shown me.  These are my favorite things to promote:

  • Your love for us!
  • Your Son, Jesus, and His beautiful heart, a heart which is just like Yours!
  • The place You have prepared for us out of Your love – Heaven!
  • Hope in the promise that You have great plans for us in these times, plans to rise us up and use us for Your purposes and to turn hearts towards You!

This means all of those that God chooses!  Father, this means that You will call the unlikely, the meek, to humble the proud.  In Matthew 5:5, the meek shall inherit the Earth.  Well, Father, I now believe that the entire ‘Sermon on the Mount’ was a foreshadowing of what You will now soon do with all of us.

What good is it to have people declaring the obvious together? We are in troubled times, Father, and many of us are struggling.  While I have no ‘temporary’ solution for anyone, I do know of only one ‘eternal’ solution, Jesus.  We must run after the heart of Jesus and, no matter what this costs you, perhaps even your life, we must do this!

Last week, I picked up my youngest child at her new school in town. When I pick her up, she is usually waiting with three other girls, all Muslim, that also have to wait for pickup.  As our daughter is quite personable, she is now friends with all three of these girls.

However, one of these three girls in particular has a bright smile. This girl has laughter and a joy almost like nothing I have even seen before.  Whenever I smile and wave at this particular Muslim girl, she always immediately smiles and waves back at me.

Now, keep in mind that this girl is Muslim as I tell you what our daughter told me about something quite special that this girl had done just last week. This girl showed our daughter a picture she had doodled of three crosses standing on a hill.

When our daughter saw this and asked her why she drew this, the girl had no explanation. While our daughter did not feel led to say anything more to this girl at this point, she told me that she could hardly wait to tell me all about the drawing.

Father, please speak to this girl and extend Your love to her family. Father, strengthen all of our children so that they are beacons of light and lamps to those in darkness.  Strengthen us as parents to say the right words of blessings and prayers over our children.  Father, please help us to be loving examples of You in all that we do.

Lately, in my dreams, it seems that I am quite often speaking to people from the Middle East in my prayer language. While I have no idea what language my prayer language is, I pray that, whenever You decide to use this gift, may it be solely for Your glory.

I just know in my heart that you are using my dreams to train me to use my prayer tongue in various circumstances. While sometimes this language seems to be a type of Arabic language, other times this language instead seems like it could be something that might have been used by one of the ancient lost tribes of Israel.

While I really do not know what this all means, I feel confident that You will soon loosen my tongue to use this gift for Your glory. In the meantime, I only seem to use my prayer language when I am either praying in private or while anointing our home.

Father, I found that the dream You gave me last night was quite puzzling. It puzzled me as it involved my grandmother, who died 41 years ago, and my grandfather, who died about 25 years ago.

Dream 1 description begins…

I looked much younger than I do now and was staying with my grandparents at a resort hotel. However, my grandparents also looked much younger.  They looked so much younger that I could not have even been born yet when they looked this young.  What was also odd was that, even though we now looked roughly about the same age, I respected them as if they were still my elders.

We were preparing to attend a very important, by invitation only, black tie gala event. My grandfather was dressed in a stylish tuxedo and my grandmother was wearing an elegant blue sparkling gown.  They both looked simply stunning and like they were straight out of a 1920s ‘Great Gatsby’ era movie.

As I was still not dressed formally for the gala yet, my grandparents asked me to hurry up and get ready for the gala. However, after seeing them both in their elegant attire, I suddenly realized that I had not taken the importance of this gala seriously enough.

I looked at the invitation and noticed that the gala was to begin at 6:00pm, with the reception and social period to go from 6:00pm to 7:15pm. I suddenly realized that I was going to be late.

Me: “Please go on ahead of me.  I will not be arriving until shortly after the dinner starts, so please save me a seat.  I will get there as soon as I can.”

To my surprise, my grandmother started to cry as I said this.

Grandmother: “Erin, this is very important.  We have all worked very hard to get here.  Do what you need to do, but please get there on time.”

She then reached over and kissed my forehead. After the two of them left, it was only then that I looked at the time again and realized that it was much earlier than I had originally thought.  I was puzzled that I did not notice this before they had left.

Me: “Curious?  It is only 4:00pm.  I do not even understand why they left so early?”

I double checked the invitation again and confirmed that this event was not even that far from the hotel resort. This made no sense?  What was the rush all about?

Even though I now had some time, I quickly started looking over my various options for a dress to wear. As I went to the closet, I noticed that there were several gowns that I recognized from when I was still in the clothing business.  I chuckled as I looked these gowns over for reasons that I will elaborate on later.

I finally selected a gown that I did not recognize from my past. It was a simple dress, cream colored with a long tapered skirt.  The dress came with a small cream jacket that had a satin sheen to the fabric.  There were also some shoes there that had a cream satin that matched the outfit.

As I was younger here and my figure much slimmer than now, I marveled at the fit of this particular dress. It even seemed to somehow have been tailor made for me.  I looked at the label and noticed that it was a ‘Daymor Couture’ gown.  I suddenly recalled that I had ordered similar gowns for various clients of mine in the past.

Me: I smiled and shook my head.  “Gone are these days, Lord.  I no longer own any gowns or formal wear.  In fact, I cannot even recall ever going to an event that would have required me to wear something like this.”

After I selected my outfit, I became worried about being late and checked the time. To my surprise and delight, only thirty minutes had passed from when I started looking at gowns.  I double checked myself in the mirror and was shocked to see that I was ready.

Me: “How odd?  It is now only 4:30pm and I am already fully set to go to the gala.  Now I cannot remember why I even thought that I would be late in the first place?”

Dream 1 description over…

Father, this dream was so clear. However, I do not understand the timing of this or the content.  Why were my deceased grandparents in this?  Why did I think I would be late?

I must admit that, when I looked in the mirror in this dream, a rare event, I was shocked to see that my face, hair and makeup were all flawless. My reflection had showed that I was now in my transformed state.

I suddenly realized that this was the very first time I had ever actually seen my transformed reflection in any of my ‘transformation dreams’. All I can say is simply, ‘Thank You, Father, for this small glimmer of hope.’

However, I also noticed that this glance had lasted but mere seconds and that I was not at all comfortable with focusing on myself in this dream. Lord, please forgive me as, when I look in the mirror at myself now, the enemy has victory.  Father, please grant me peace to let go of my focus on my current lack.  I have spent many years in battle and the effects of these battles clearly show now.

Now, I had mentioned above that I chuckled when I saw some of the gowns that I recognized from my past and that I would elaborate on this more later. Well, the background for all of this comes from when I used to own a clothing store and I would often carry elegant dresses for the holidays.

When I later sold my shop, it was right at the beginning of the year. For some reason, the buyers of my shop did not want any of my stock and left me with the inventory.  While it made no sense to me for them to do this, it was not until later that the buyers told me that they also had realized that this was a regrettable mistake.

Now when I look back over the course of the selling of both of my prior businesses, I realize that God was fully behind both of these sales. Even though the buyers did not want the inventory and even changed the name of the shop, they had still offered me a deal so generous that I simply could not refuse it.

I later found out from the buyers that the downfall of their regrettable mistake was that they now had no items to sell that matched my existing customer’s tastes. To compound this, they had also abandoned the name recognition of the shop that would have translated into continued customer loyalty.

Now, there was also the buyer who had purchased my home accessories and furnishings shop. While this person had decided to wisely keep the inventory, they did not want the displays, computers, equipment and so on.  Despite this, I once again received a full price cash offer.  Both of these sales were truly a gift from God as they simply defied normal earthly logic.

Anyway, soon after this, my troubles truly started. Thankfully, I still had this inventory of dresses and they were still beautiful and current.  A friend from my church had heard about some of my troubles and had approached me to help sell these dresses online.

She indicated that she would then split the proceeds with me. Her offer seemed reasonable and I trusted her fully based on our relationship at the church.  Well, after about six months of not hearing from her, I decided to check in with her.

She apologized to me and informed me that she had been busy. While I now needed the money for my ongoing battles, I decided to give her more time.  After all, she was being kind by helping me, right?

Well, soon after this, I was with my kids at a goodwill store just fifteen miles away from the one that we usually went to and, to my surprise, I saw my inventory right there sitting in the racks. To my horror, there was one of my designer suits selling there for just $10 even though it retailed for around $600.

All in all, I found a total of ten of these items that day. I decided to buy back five of the ten as this was all I could really afford at the time.  I then took these five items to a local consignment shop and made about $300 from them within just a few days.

I then phoned my Christian friend to ask for an explanation only to find out that she had since disconnected her phone. This hurt me deeply and my heart started to ache.  It saddened me deeply that this person had decided that our friendship was worth being lost over some silly dresses.

This all just seemed so silly to me. However, this also served to compound my troubles as all of this had occurred just a few months after we had all of our things auctioned.  The sale of these dresses could have provided needed funds for my battles.  However, I now know that nothing surprises God and that this was all part of His plan for me.

Oh Father, You have done so much for me since then and all I can do is thank You over and over again for all that You have done. Thank You for who I am today.  Thank You for this vessel I have been given.  While my vessel may now be flawed and broken, it still has somehow gotten me this far.

Father, speaking of vessels, I still have not seen a piece of glass or pottery on Earth that matches Jesus’ skill. Even when His pottery has not been glazed yet, His work is simply stunning!  These vessels would be priceless on Earth today.

Received on Monday, February 6th, 2017 (Visit 2)…

This weekend was humbling for me. It seems that I have an equal ratio of troubles and blessings right now.  We have had car trouble and the car I am now driving has poor shocks.  As a result, my pain level has been excruciating.

I had forgotten how blessed I was when driving our other car. Now my pain level is a reminder that my underlying condition has not changed.  It was only by the grace of God that I felt better, that along with the great shocks He had provided me with.

There is an analogy here. God smooths out our bumpy ride and, without God as our shock absorber, we are subject to the pain of every bump in the road.  Still, no matter what has come our way, God has kept us steady.

It has been discouraging at times, but I have learned to be content in the moment. If I were to think about what all is coming, then I cannot be present in this moment.  Father, thank You for the reminder that You are in complete control.  You are the God of last minute miracles and I am so thankful.

Every time I am about ready to give up, I usually start to ask myself the same questions. What did I do wrong here?  Lord, is there a sin that I need to repent for?  I go down my list and try to bring everything before You.  I then find myself saying the following…

Father, I am sorry if I have done anything to hurt You. I love You and I live for You every day.  I pray it is not Your Will to see me hurt further here, but, even if it is, then I know You have a plan.  Please help me to question You less and to trust You more.  I am sorry.  I love You.  Please forgive me.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I found myself at the bottom of the stairs to Jesus’ Mansion looking up at His House. I was surprised by this as I did not expect this today.  I had thought that I would have instead been brought back to the Potter’s Studio again to perhaps see the finished vessels.

After I recovered from my initial surprise, I started taking note of my surroundings. The massive stairs were made of perfectly hewed pieces of granite or marble.  There were channels of water running down from His House to the garden pools and fountains.

I smiled at the tiny fish and seashells in the channels. The inside of the channels were made of hammered gold and silver.  Depending on the light, it looked like either liquid gold or liquid silver.  As I looked closer, I wondered if it was actually made of platinum or a metal alloy even greater than gold.

Then again, perhaps it is made of just pure gold and this is what pure gold looks like. Since I have never seen 100% pure ‘Heavenly’ gold before on Earth as it simply does not exist there, I realized that I really had no gauge to describe this other than to say it is incredibly beautiful.

I was wearing a white linen and silk gown. I had woven sandals that were more comfortable than any shoe I know of.  The sandals conformed perfectly to the soles of my feet and were like walking on clouds.  I was in my Heavenly body and felt fantastic!

I looked up at the massive staircase before me, smiled and started to run up them. I was surprised at how fast I could run here and with such speed and agility.  Though difficult to describe and completely pleasant, I ran so fast that tears formed in the corners of my eyes.

What was truly amazing was that, when I reached the top landing, I was not winded at all. Even though I bent over when I reached the top as an earthly reflex, I quickly laughed at myself as this was not at all necessary.

When I looked back down the stairs that I had just climbed, I roughly counted that there were around 150 or more steps to the top. However, knowing the Lord, it was probably 153 stairs in total.  I laughed with glee at how amazing God is as I looked around me.

Judging by the sun’s position, it seemed to be around mid-day as it sat high in the sky. I looked over the mountains that surrounded His Valley and was in complete awe at the beautiful landscape.  I suddenly realized that every Psalm ever written about beauty could be seen right here in God’s Valley.

The River of Life cut right down the center, but also in the channels next to me. The water which flowed through these channels was coming directly from the very foundation of Jesus’ House.

Received on Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 (Visit 3)…

The orchards of fruit trees were blossoming and there were blooming flowers and vines everywhere. However, the landscape did not look random or haphazard, but rather it was obvious that this was all designed and maintained by the Master Gardener.

Now, I have seen workers in God’s Gardens before and have many questions about this. Perhaps these workers are saints who love to garden.  While I am not sure how this all works here, this is my best guess based on my past visits.  However, I really know very little about ‘Heavenly gardening’, so I just wanted to establish this.

In Heaven, perhaps nothing grows out of control. It seems intuitive to me that God could simply speak to a bush or tree and say, ‘This pleases Me in this form or shape.’  Since everything in Heaven loves God and desires to do His Will out of love and appreciation, perhaps a branch would simply never grow out of harmony with the other branches.

Perhaps the flowers here all stand at perfect attention because they always have the perfect mix of sun, water and minerals to grow. Perhaps a tree here does not bear ‘bad fruit’ for these same reasons.  Of course, this does not mean that the fruit here all has to taste the same and I already know that they do not.

This theory of mine seems like it could also apply to the animals and birds here, but again I really do not know for sure. All I know is that all of Heaven is breathtakingly beautiful.  I decided to sit for a moment so I could take all of this in.

I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of the Heavenly sun on my face. For some reason, the feel of the sun’s rays took me back to a time in March 1969, the last weekend before Easter.  At the time, I was visiting my grandparents for school break in Reno, Nevada.

I remember sitting on my grandparents’ patio and the sun was shining on my face. My grandmother had just finished putting up her Easter decorations.  I remember being safe there, but also feeling safe.  Things somehow just felt normal.

I remained there with my eyes closed for quite some time and reminisced. When I finally opened my eyes, I looked up and there was Jesus smiling at me.  The sun in the sky was directly behind Him and appeared to be crowning Him.

He looked completely enrobed in the light of the sun. What was really neat though was that His presence did not block the warmth of the sun from me at all.  I immediately jumped up and hugged Him.  I felt safe in His arms.  He gently laughed at my glee of seeing Him again.

Me: “I am so glad to see You.  I was just soaking up the sun.”

Jesus: “Yes, you are.”  He laughed as He knew that I meant both the ‘sun’ and the ‘Son’.  “Erin, you have gained wisdom and wit.”  He then pointed out towards His Garden.  “Now, I see that you are trying to figure out all of this.”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  I am sorry, but I am just in such awe of all of this.  I am also in total awe of You.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “So, what did you conclude?  Take Me on your journey of thought.”

He patted the top step of His staircase to indicate that we should sit down together.

Me: “Well, You can do all things.  You can command a bush to make a shape.  You can move those mountains and adjust them to Your liking.  You can command fruit to grow a certain shape and flavor.  You immediately form a new fruit whenever a fruit is picked off of a tree.  You can command the colors of the sunset or the sunrise.

“You can also have others do things for You, like gardeners or angelic workers. Each living thing here in Heaven desires exactly what Your heart desires.  As everything here somehow already knows what Your heart desires, each would desire to grow to please You and not one would be out of line with Your heart’s desire.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Hmm, so, by My command, do they grow?  By My heart’s Will, do things grow to please Me as a form of worship?  Is it a fulfillment of the desires of the saints who work here to groom My Garden and work for Me as a form of worship?  Hmm, perhaps it is all three then.  This is an interesting concept, but all requires love.”

Me: “Love?”

Jesus: “Yes.  Everything you see, I love.  It brings Me great joy to see this beauty flourish.  There is no death, no disease, no threats of fire and no men with ill-intentions here.  This makes My heart glad.

“In return, these living things do not fear death and they all live in peace and joy. They then fully give themselves to Me to bring Me joy.  Erin, I delight in My Creation.  I am the fulfiller of the desires of your heart.  All that is lovely, even the smallest things that you care about, I also care about.”

Me: “Lord, I wish things were on Earth as it is in Heaven as there is such beauty that awaits us here!”

Jesus: “Agreed, but this cannot be.”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  However, since You have charge, You can command and shape it if You wished too.  You can find workers.  There are many of us who would garden and prune for You.  Is this not part of Your harvest?  I want to be a worker for You.”

Jesus: He smiled as He reached over to hug me.  “Now, Erin, why did I bring you here today?”

Me: “Perhaps to see the vessels that You have created, Lord?  Perhaps to encourage me?  I love this here.  I love being with You in Your House.  I feel safe with You.”

Jesus: “I love you too.  Now, why do you believe that there is not one dead branch, bad fruit or fallen leaf here?  How about dying flowers?”

Me: “Well, in Heaven, there is eternal life and no death.”

Jesus: “Yes, but why then is there no branch growing contrary to the others?  Why are there no weeds or unwanted roots?”

Me: “Well, because all things grow to Your Will and delightfully so.  They love You and I can even see that they do.  All of the animals, birds, plants, trees and grass flourish here.  In contrast, weeds, anything contrary or other dying things would seem like an unsolicited visitor or intruder.  This would be out of Your Will and like disobedience.”

Jesus: “Yes.  Now, do you ever feel denied by the lack of weeds and death here?”

Me: Laughing.  “No, Lord, of course not.”

Jesus: “Then, Erin, I would tell you that the workers are few.  Now, let’s say that I did build a beautiful garden on Earth.  For this garden, let’s say that I then sourced all nourishment, provided the sun and the water and had all manner of animals and birds come to reside in it.  Now let’s say that I then let in tourists to enjoy My garden for free.  What would be said of Me?”

I thought for a moment, but knew that the Lord was helping me out with my answer. I could not help but smile and laugh as I replied to Him.

Me: “Oh Lord, please forgive me for saying this, even though I know it is not really me saying it.  If this garden was provided by You, some visitors would say, ‘Slaves built and maintain this garden.’  Other visitors would say, ‘The owner is rich.  We can take anything that we want to.’

“People would steal clippings of the plants for offshoots. Animal rights activists would say that ‘these animals are prisoners’, while others would complain that ‘this environment is not healthy’.  Soon after, Your fruit trees would start to be genetically cloned.

“At the same time, both straight and gay couples would want to come and be married in Your garden. However, You could not say ‘no’ or Your garden would be shut down immediately.  There would be so much more.  Lord, what You intended for good would soon be destroyed!”

Jesus: “Hmm, a Garden was built on Earth ‘as it is in Heaven’ once before.  The world is not ready for a Garden like this.”  He smiled.  “So, I will come instead.  Now, what will be said of Me then?”

Me: Shaking my head.  “Lord, You are so wise.  Is it hard to talk to me given my lack of understanding?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Of course not!  Erin, you delight Me and you desire My heart.  I have something very special planned.  Now, what have I placed on your heart recently?”

Me: “So much, Lord, but two things in particular stand out to me.  One of these things is Your ‘Sermon on the Mount’ from Matthew 5.  In this, I believe that You are describing who will be Your end-times workers or army, but I am not certain.

“The other thing is a downloaded vision I had of You preparing all of the elements for the Third Temple. However, this vision was according to Heaven’s perspective, not man’s perspective.  One day, You will take the Throne in Jerusalem and all will praise You on bended knee.  However, I was only able to see bits and pieces of all of this.  I also saw vessels containing oil, water and wine.  Lord, You were the bread.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Perhaps this is wisdom to study further.  Now, come with Me.”

As He stood up, He turned to reach for my hand. As we turned and started to walk towards His front door, the door immediately opened.  As we walked in, I quickly removed my sandals.  Jesus was laughing as He watched me do this.

Me: Smiling.  “But, Lord, I am on Holy Ground.  Well, it is also because I love the feeling of my bare feet on this warm stone and these beautiful rugs.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Okay then, I will accept this.  Remember, whenever you are holding My hand, you are already walking with Me on Holy Ground.”

Me: “Oh, of course.  Everything is Holy when I am with You.  Forgive me, Lord.”

Jesus: “There is nothing to forgive.  I delight in the fact that you would think of Me.”

Me: “Well, Your Garden is Holy Ground.  Your stairs leading to Your House is also Holy Ground.  Well, really, all of Heaven is Holy Ground.”  I looked down, shook my head and smiled.  “After all of these years visiting You here, I am sorry that I finally just figured this out.  Lord, You are so gracious and patient with me.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Erin, you are gracious as well.  However, you are not always patient.”

Me: “You are right.  I cannot wait to have more of You, Lord.  I cannot wait to come here permanently.  That being said, I also do not want to leave before I am useful.  I also desire to see You heal my children.  Lord, with so many things seeming to be going wrong at the same time right now, it is hard for me to remain patient.  I am sorry.”

Jesus: “Erin, this is not a surprise to Me.  The enemy also understands the times that we are in now and is the source of your troubles.  However, for now, these too have a purpose.  Now, study the Scripture I have given you and look again at those I will use.”

I took a break here and reviewed Matthew 5:3-11, the Beatitudes, in greater detail. It took some time to really get my head around all that was said in these passages, but the effort was so worth it to me.

Me: “Lord, there is much for me to try to understand there.”

Jesus: “These are those that I have called.  Some fit all of what is outlined there, but others fit only a few.  I will raise up those that I have called.  I am the lifter of heads.

Received on Sunday, February 12th, 2017 (Visit 4)…

Jesus: “Erin, you are anxious about many things.  You are unable to stop what is in motion.”

He pointed up to the hand painted ceiling in ‎His main hall and foyer area leading to His Courtyard and Gardens. As I looked up, I saw the first Words of the Bible being written, but as if it were live.  I felt such delight as the Words, ‘In the beginning…’, formed right there in front of me.

Though the painting’s story appeared to unfold in the motion, it was a story, ‘His-story’, that had already been told. When I turned to smile at Jesus, He again pointed my attention back up to the live story taking place on His foyer ceiling.

Jesus: Smiling.  “Erin, you can view this whenever you step inside My House here.  However, are you able to stop it?”

I smiled back and began to walk while staring up at the ceiling. It traveled at the same speed that I walked.   However, whenever I stopped, it appeared to stop as well.  However, I soon noticed that it really did not as the motion ahead of me continued to flow at its predetermined pace.

Jesus: Laughing.  “Erin, I know your thoughts.  You cannot stop that which has already occurred.  When you stop, it does not affect history.”

Me: “I know, Lord.  This painting fascinates me as I have never seen living and breathing art before.  The technology here is truly divine and amazing.”

Jesus: “The entry of My House takes you on a journey from the beginning.  Even the furnishings, columns, sculptures and stones here are all divine Heavenly versions of what the saints dedicated to Me during their lives on Earth.

“In all things, and even in the darkest of times, they still gave to Me. This is all part of My history and contains gifts given to God, to Me, as blessings for all that I have done for them.

“However, I also see in these beautiful artifacts their love of sacrifice and their hearts of gold. While I choose not to have a House encased in gold everywhere that your eyes can see, all that you see here is even more valuable to Me than gold.

“These saints were refined in the furnace of affliction, yet they still offered up all they had to Me. Some‎ of them had very little, while others had more than enough.  However, not one of them failed to recognize that it was only by God’s grace that they had anything at all.”

As Jesus spoke on all of this, He literally lit up with the light of God and this light shined brightly all around us. As I stood there looking around, I realized that, even if you added up all of the wealth of all of the kings on Earth all throughout history, you still could not find such amazing things.

‎I saw the finest fabrics, hand woven tapestries and silks with patterns that could not even be replicated on Earth. The colors were so vibrant, yet somehow were never overpowering.  This too could never be copied on Earth.

The cushions that are here to sit on are like clouds. The craftsmanship would be impossible to mimic.  The artwork was so beautiful and represented every period since Creation.  Nothing was old or worn.  Despite its ‘age’, every item seemed brand new.

My eyes teared up as I scanned the room. I knew that I was seeing a quick glimmer into the lives of those who had dedicated everything to God.  I somehow knew that some of these items were even made by entire families that had been slaughtered during their creation.

I also knew that many of these items were made by slaves who had owned nothing. I was even able to somehow feel the underlying kindness of the artisans that had made these items, the same artisans who had sacrificed everything for God.  I was now crying even harder at the emotion of seeing all of this before me.

Jesus: “Erin, what is wrong?”

Me: “Lord, I do not feel worthy to be here as I have not sacrificed my life to You like many of these saints have.  In reality, I truly live a very cushy life compared to so many of the saints that are represented here.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “‎Yes, Erin, but yet you are here with Me and you are right where I have called you to be.  I designed the course of your race for My purposes.  Now, the tour of My House was meant to show you that, in here, in My dwelling, is the gold of Ophir.  While this may not be what some would expect, this is perfect to Me.”

Me: “Lord, Your Home’s beauty is simply indescribable.  Not even the Rothschild’s or the richest sheiks could ever come close to this.”

Jesus: “So, after we walk through My rooms and halls, we will then enter into My inner Courts.  Here, the Garden is in the very heart of My House.  This is where I spend time listening to music.  This is also where I like to dine with My guests.”  He smiled.  “This is also where the clock and calendar is that shows events soon to come.”

Me: “It is so beautiful, Lord.  Thank You for inviting me here.”

Jesus: “Erin, you have been struggling recently with all of the injustices done to you and others.  However, is it not written that I will use the meek to humble the proud?

“I have seen the wrongs that have come against you. At times, you then turned the other cheek against those who came against you and refused to fight.  However, at other times, you appeared to fight a ‘winless’ war.

“This is not as it seems though as even your losses were actually My victories. What you believed to be a loss actually became My gain.  Erin, in the lives of those I have called, I use some of you to shed light ‎on what others are doing.

“I also use some of you to shed light on idolaters, thieves and the like. I sometimes do this by even allowing some of you to become victims to their schemes.  This all serves a purpose, but do you understand how?”

Me: “Well, Lord, while I am not fully certain, I will try my best to guess.‎ For me, when I was a new Christian, You sent various trials to give me humility.  However, it took many trials and much humiliation to finally get me to a certain point that You had wanted me to be.

“You must have then seen something in my heart that You must have liked, but perhaps it was just a promising part of me. You then sent me test after test after test.  There were so many tests that I simply cannot count them all.  This was probably to teach me about my ‘worth’-iness to endure and to look to only You to save me.

“It seems like You now are putting me into situations where I can testify to others who struggle through my own struggles. It seems that You do this so that I can encourage others to be patient by being an example based on what You are‎ doing with me today.”

Jesus: “This is good, Erin, and yes, much is true, but not necessarily in the same order for all.  Some are raised like Job to love Me, but then the enemy petitions in Court to send tests and calamities.  The enemy argues that, ‘Surely those like Job will become disheartened and turn from You.’  If such tests and calamities are then allowed to be sent, this turns out to be true in many instances, but others pass.

“However, some are raised like you and did not grow up knowing Me. You endured many trials before you even knew Me, but you endured even more after.  Such trials would send the majority of people back to the lesser of the two scenarios.  They would turn back away from Me and most do.

“Then there are those who never really knew Me at all, but want to. However, they also would prefer their lives to not have much trouble, but they would really prefer ‘no trouble’ at all.  The trouble with this is that, when trouble does come, they need the first ‘savior’ that comes by.

“This ‘savior’ could be any ‘savior’ from any religion, but these people really prefer to rely solely on themselves. These people tend to look at someone like you as being weak and to be avoided at all costs.

“Now, over the years, I have used those who claimed to be mine to show kindness to you and your children during your darkest time. However, many of these people later took advantage of your kindness and acted as thieves.  They treated you much like Saul treated David, again for no cause and for no reason.

“Even though you tried over and over to do the right thing by them, often even at your own cost, not once did any of them apologize. As a result, their actions were then recorded by the enemy and charges against them were allowed in My Father’s Court.

“God then granted the enemy permission as I did not stand in defense of them. At that point, they did not call on Me as their advocate as they were instead led by their own understanding.  Based on their harsh treatment of you and others like you, these people were then judged harshly by Me.

“Erin, calamity then comes to these people in the form of tests and trials so that they might finally come to Me in humility. This comes so that they might finally repent of their sins and submit to the Will of My Father in Heaven.  However, very few, if any, of these people have done this.”

Me: “Hmm, let me see if I understand this.  While these people were used against me in order to refine me, I was also used to refine them?  So, we as Christians are often used against each other so that You are able to see how we are able to be used one day?  Does this happen to all of us?”

Jesus: “What have you learned just recently?”

Me: “Well, just because I am Yours, I am not free from trouble.  You have sent five ‘quote’ Christians ‘unquote’ into our lives in the last two years and each one has taken advantage of us.  However, I now see that You had used us to deal with each of them.

“On each occasion, I prayed over them and even with them soon after they dealt unfairly with us. Now I look back and see that I later heard that each of them soon after came upon trouble.  While this may not be directly because of us, it seems this happened because You had used me to pray Your Will over them.

“While this all sounds awful at first, I now realize that, if it were not for the trouble You allowed into my life, I would have never understood how much You love us. I would have never understood that You want us each to lack no good thing.

“In each of these five cases, I also now realize that You blessed us for our obedience in doing Your Will. You blessed us for our obedience to what You called us for.

“In fact, just this last week, we have been dealing with a dishonest man. In a private word, You had told me that this man is one of yours, but also that he is not living the life that You are calling him to live.  Based on all that You just told me, I now understand why You still allowed us to deal with him even though he has deceived many.

“In our meeting with this man last week, You first showed me and then had me tell this man about three separate areas in which he had deceived us. At Your leading, we then gave him a chance to make things right with us.

“Instead, he was once again dishonest with us even when I had physical proof printed out that pointed this out to him. Unfortunately, we are still not finished in our transactions with this man and have no alternative but to continue to deal with him.

“Lord, why would You allow all of this trouble for us? It seems as if we are being punished for doing everything You have asked us to do.”

Jesus: “Have I not provided the means?  Did I not open the door?  Erin, if you now know that I send My best people into a battle, do you not also know that I will equip and deliver you?  If you care about the things that I care about and you have given yourself to Me as a living sacrifice and vessel, then are you Mine to use or are you in this for yourself instead?”

Me: Shaking my head.  “Oh no, Lord, please, please forgive me.  It is just hard.  People are becoming more shrewd and scrappy.  It seems like things have become so much worse lately.”

Jesus: “I will show you more in a moment, but first, Erin, know this.  I love you, I have called you and you are Mine.  When you pass through the waters, I will be with you and the river’s torrent will not overtake you.  When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched from heat nor will you be burned by flame.

“This is what I have done from beginning to end with you. In the year 1993, when you were age 30, you gave Me your heart.  In the year 2000, you told Me that you wanted more of Me and you asked for a heart of gold.

“This was a very long and painful process and one of patient and not so patient endurance. This is a walk of tests and trials to pound out the rough edges and even by sanding.  In terms of you as a vessel, well, I needed to first begin with pliable clay.  You began this when you gave your life to Me as a lump of clay.

“This then took seven years before you finally said, ‘I want to be used as a vessel, Lord.’ Then I said, ‘Okay, but this will not be easy.’  You then agreed, no matter what happened.  So then there was a process of shaping you into the vessel you are today.

“As a vessel, you do not say to the Potter, your Creator, ‘Why, Lord, why use me for this or that?’ Erin, if you chose to be used according to your own ideas of being My vessel, then you are no good to Me.  You would just sit on a shelf instead and be of no use to Me.

“Instead, you have agreed, even after all of your shaping, firing, glazing and re-firing, to have Me use you to honor Me for My purposes. You reside here with Me already as this I have promised, but you must allow Me to now use you as I see fit at this point and trust Me.  Do you trust Me?”

Me: I was pouting.  “I feel rebuked, but yes, Lord.”

Jesus: “Erin, I am preparing My ‘Temple Vessels’.  Some will hold water, some oil and some wine.  All are useful to Me.  One day, I will take My seat and the ‘Seven-fold Spirits’ will be like lights in My lamp.”

Me: “Do You mean as vessels here in Heaven, Lord?”

Jesus: “No, Erin, on Earth.  I am preparing vessels like an army.  You will be like sparkling basins before My Altar.  Every pot will be Holy.  I will fill each vessel with good things.”

Me: “Lord, times are becoming difficult.  How will I endure this if I am not healed first?”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Erin, are you once again the vessel speaking to the Potter with suggestions?  I have no intention of leaving you as you are.  Did you not see your finished glaze?  You are in the kiln at low heat.  I am still using you as a vessel against those I am sending a final test to.

“Now, I have provided for your needs from beginning to end. I am using you for several purposes.  Although this seems grim, it is divine.  You are almost finished and soon I will use you to display My splendor.  Your purpose will bring great joy.  You, Erin, will rejoice.”

Received on Monday, February 13th, 2017 (Visit 5)…

Me: “Lord, something came to me as I slept last night.  I believe this dream relates to what You are showing me, but I need Your help on all of this.”

Dream 2 description begins…

I was a driver of a school bus and had permission to drive to any doctors’ appointments within the city I might have that were during school hours. I had an eye appointment with my optometrist, but had to drive across a huge chasm or ravine to get to her office.

As I drove through the southern part of this historic city, I noticed that it was once beautiful and had many high-end shops and businesses. However, this had now been taken over by a wealthy casino owner and the entire area was now a gambling district.  At first I thought this was perhaps referring to the President of the USA, but I was then downloaded a picture of the casino owner and saw that it was someone else.

It was actually quite sad to see that this had happened. There were prostitutes and people begging and trading stolen goods in order to acquire gambling money.  It took me awhile to find my doctor’s new office as she had moved from the high-rent beautiful place I was familiar with to a low-rent brick building that was in poor condition.

When I arrived, the receptionist informed me that the doctor was behind on her appointments. After some time had passed, the doctor was finally able to see me.

Doctor: “Hello, Erin, I am so sorry for keeping you waiting.  I now have to overbook my appointments as around half of all of my bookings now cancel, leaving me with huge losses in income.”

Me: “So, these are ‘no-shows’?”

Doctor: “Yes, and no one even has the courtesy to call and cancel anymore.  My income is down 75%.  The only time my income rises these days is when a poker player decides he needs to have his eyes checked after being deceived by another player.  He then goes and spreads the news and more come.”

Me: “I am so sorry to hear about all of this.”

As she replied, she was in the process of checking my eyes.

Doctor: “Well, the times have changed faster than I ever imagined they could.  Well, your eyes are fine.  You do not need glasses.”

Me: “Are you sure?  Sometimes I have a hard time focusing on several objects simultaneously.”

Doctor: Chuckling.  “Well, at least your lines are not blurred.  Erin, your eyes have improved since your last visit.  In fact, they are even clearer.  Let me see.  Hmm, I am going to run one more test.”

The doctor then hooked my chin into a cup and lined up my eyes with a high-tech machine. She then made some motions and told me to say which one I could see more clearly.  All the while, the images kept shrinking in size.

Doctor: “Impossible!  Impossible!!  You were wearing bifocals just three years ago.  Impossible!  I have never even heard of this.  Erin, your eyes are 20/2.  This is vision that is even better than an eagle.  You must stop wearing your glasses immediately.  This is why your vision is worse.  You see much more clearly without your lenses.”

I thanked her and paid for my appointment with the receptionist as I left her office. I was still in shock as I walked to my bus and started driving.  I then noticed that I was a bit late getting back to the school.   I needed to hurry before the children were let out so that I could complete my route.

Now, this part was really odd. While my bus had been empty, I noticed that there somehow were now passengers already on.  As I scanned the passengers, I suddenly realized that I recognized each one of them.

I became upset as I also realized that these were all people who had swindled me and my children. Some were sitting together, but others were sitting alone.  Each of these people had claimed to be Christians in order to gain my trust only to later steal from us.

The first row was made of people I met in 2004. As I looked back at row after row, I realized that these people were seated in successive rows based on the times in which they had each stolen from me.  They all were acting as if nothing had happened and were trying to redirect my attention away from them by complimenting me.

Me: “You all stole from me and you all know what you did.  I refuse to drive you anywhere.  I have already released each of you to God.  Seriously, you really do not want me to be the one driving this bus.”

Man: He started off by mocking me to the others.  “Oh boy, she is still the same Erin.”  He then looked back at me.  “Come on, Erin, take us with you.  It is not our fault that you were foolish.”

Me: “I prayed for you.  I told you that I was sorry for my part in our transaction.  Despite this, you still ended up stealing money from me.”

I then pointed to two women from a church I used to attend that I knew were deceivers. I outlined how they had done this to me as well.  I then scanned each person and addressed them in a loud voice.

Me: “I could keep going, but the memories are much too painful.  So many of you went to my church.  I forgave each and every one of you.  I gave you to Jesus.  Now whatever happens is between you and God.”

They pretended to ignore me, but I knew that each had heard me and that each knew what they had done, but still did not care. However, not one left the bus and I knew that I would now have to take them or I would be late for the kids.  I sat back in the driver’s seat and I prayed to God on how I should proceed.

Me: “Lord, what do I do?”

Holy Spirit: “Drive in reverse.  As you go backwards, I will shed light on the impact of what each of them had done.”

As instructed, I put the bus in reverse and started to drive backwards. As I did, I could hear the passengers starting to scream out in horror.

Passenger: “Oh God, please stop!  I am sorry, sorry!  Please, let me get out of here!”

By the time I had made it to the school just in time for the 3:15pm pickup of the children, I noticed that every one of the passengers had jumped out of the bus. I could also see that many had even used the windows to try and escape whatever God had been showing them.

Dream 2 description over…

Me: “Lord, what was this all about?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “When you discussed the year of the beginning of these trials and tests, it was the year 2004.  The trials and tests for your husband started in this very same year.  There is a reason.

“Now, you had asked Me about the times of Noah, what was that like and how bad will this become. Well, it will become worse, but not in the ways that you think for man.  It will only be worse for those that I have called.  Why?”

Me: “Well, based on the dream I just had, is it because our vision is clearer?”

Jesus: “Well, yes, but whose vision and how does this become clearer?  Let Me explain.  You have noticed a change in the atmosphere in general and with you individually.  What have you seen?”

Me: “Hmm, well, this is a possible pattern, but, again, I do not know for sure, Lord.  In 2004, my first heart episode occurred.  Then my heart broke for four years and, in 2008, I finally had my last major episode and pacemaker.

“Then I went to the desert and was further broken. Then, in 2012, You called me up to You.  Then You repositioned me by removing me to ‘the land of the trees’ where I have been to this day.  Is this the pattern?”

Jesus: “Well, yes.  For you, there are your bridges of seven years, but there are also attacks coming against you in waves that fit a four year pattern more.  Your first wave came as a deep betrayal by those closest to you.  A division occurred between those who would remain steadfast with you during the storms and those who would be used as tools for your refining and shaping.

“Just as much as these were used to shape you from the Potter’s hands, they were also judged for their actions against you by Me. All of these people had actually believed themselves to be greater than you in all things.  However, these people were aside from your main enemies.

“This was an army that came against you relentlessly during your storms. The enemy delighted in this fully.  After you asked them for forgiveness or after you had prayed for them, some of these people then endured trials of their own.  However, some of them still did not see what I had done here.

“I had given many of them multiple chances to make things right with you, your children and others. However, they instead justified their actions under God and believed themselves to be righteous.  You were then broken in Spirit, Erin, and your heart grieved.”

Me: Crying.  “Yes, but even more so because, if they knew me, they would know that I prayed for them.  They knew that I was lower than them.  They also knew that I was not in a position of power.

“I did not understand their lack of compassion. I had given and sacrificed so much to them, yet they all repaid me with evil.  I cannot even remember all that I had lost, but I just know that I had lost so much.”

Jesus: “I know, Erin, as I remember.  Full records are taken by angels and stored for judgment.  You are the meek.  You searched for justice and did not find it. You were My measure to their heart condition.

Me: “Oh Lord, please do not punish them like they punished me.  They really do not know You or they would not have done this.  They do not know what they have done.”

Jesus: “Erin, they had no mercy.  Did even one of them call you to say that they were sorry for their wrongs against you?  No.  Now the hour is late.  Judgment of those who say ‘I am a Christian’ is in stages.  Do not confuse this with the plagues as this is different.

“Now, back to the days of Noah, a time when all seemed normal to those with depraved minds. The measure of judgment first came when man abandoned the dignity of those made in the image of God.  They removed any divine likeness and were unable to recognize or see My face in others.

“You and your family can see Me in the eyes of those I have called and cannot see Me in the eyes of others. This happens when a veil or blurred lenses falls upon the land.  This blurred vision then leads to the mixing of sinful desires with Holy Laws.”

Me: “You mean like things once permissible and good are now bad and things once bad are now permissible?”

Jesus: “Yes.  This is the result of lawlessness, but it begins first with a man abandoning his own sense of wrong and right by sin.  Therefore to justify his lusts, or hers, he uses any means possible to get this and, in the process, cut down the Godly in his path.  Now the wickedness of man has spread and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart is continually on evil.  Man has refused to repent.”

Me: “Lord, does this include Christian men and women?”

Jesus: “Yes, but especially those who have called themselves more righteous than you.  Come, let Me show you.”

I was sad now and all of my joy had left me. He reached for my hand and we were now on the balcony that overlooked God’s clock and calendar.  I noticed that the speed of the ring of events had now accelerated.  I then saw something else that I did not understand.

Me: “Lord, what is happening?  God’s clock is running normally except for this ring of events.  I see something that I do not understand.  It looks like massive waves, yet they are not.”

Jesus: “What Scriptures have I led you to?  Erin, I gave you what is expected, although difficult, in all things, love.  Is there anyone that, if I turned them to call you and confess their wrongs to you in full repentance, you would not accept their apology?”

He suddenly downloaded images of so many people who had wronged me.

Me: “Actually, Lord, it would free me and heal my brokenness.  It would be so welcomed.  What a wonderful thing this would be.  However, I have come to accept that You will handle this as they, not one of them, have ever apologized.  Lord, if there is anyone that I need to make things right with, please bring them forward to me so that I can reconcile.  I want to.”

Jesus: “There is a reason I bring this to you now.  Look…”

I looked at God’s clock and saw wave after wave coming against the events on the ring. However, the ring still kept moving at this now faster pace, but I now saw the entire ring brightly illuminated.

Jesus: “These are My workers, Erin.  I am about to pour into My vessels.  The vessels are also instruments for Me.  As a vessel, you are also a worker.  Then there are those who are witnesses, those who shout out about My splendor.  These all will come in waves against the land.

“There will then be a great separation of those whom I call and those I leave. Of those who remain, they will remember, turn to Me and cry out or they will face the judgment.  You are seeing the waves there.  As much as plagues were once displayed to humble, so it will soon be again.  There will be miracles, signs and wonders before that ‘Great and Terrible Day’.”

Me: “Lord, when is this to be?”

Jesus: “Erin, give Me your trust.  Trust that I work everything together for the good of those who love Me.  Now, there is a gauge written.  Well, there are many.  However, to those who pay no regards to the ‘Older Books’ and only look to the ‘New Books’…”

Me: Excitedly.  “Oh Lord, this is 1 Peter 3!  You gave me this.”

Jesus: “Well, yes, this is very good and a measure for those I chose for this or that, but there is more.  You can take comfort to know that Peter and others suffered, but that they now reside here with Me.  You will also be here.

“Just know that, as many who claimed to be Christian turned away from them, they too will turn away from you. However, this time, I have strengthened those that I have chosen and I will display My miracles through you.

“Erin, you will be mocked. The rest of this is also a manual of how you are to be used as a vessel in My Temple.”

Me: “For 1 Peter, should I read it in part or whole?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “It is wisdom to read it in whole and not in part.  As I have spoken to you before, do this until the time in which these Words are illuminated by Me for such a time as this as Words I have emphasized.  In the past, they have not made as much sense, although they were still inspiring and good for the heart.  Now I bring this forward in your thoughts.”

Me: “Lord, I will read all of Peter’s writings, both 1 Peter and 2 Peter.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but do not forget about John.  Again, this is also in support of the times I have brought you to.  There is also Jude, as you will and have been taught to discern.  However, once I begin this…”  He then directed my attention back to God’s clock and calendar.  “…you will be able to do all that I call you to.  You will see with different sight.

“Now, do not worry about the trouble that you believe is from a fault of your house or your impatience.” He smiled at me.  “This trouble is from My use of these as tests for others and not from any ‘fault’.  Soon there will be a separation and then you will be used for one final call.”

Me: I became distressed.  “Will I be separated from You?  Oh no!”

Jesus: Laughing.  “No, Erin, this separation means that I have used you as a gauge to separate you and others from those I will not use.  Okay?  Do not worry.

“Now, your vessel will be finished soon. They are very beautiful.  They are strong and have stood through this final long firing.  You will have luster.  You are a work of My hands.”  He smiled.  “Remember, I am the Potter, Erin, and you are the clay.  Rejoice, for I have shaped you, fired you, glazed you and fired you again.  I have found you worthy.”

Me: “Hurry, Lord, please!  I need Your strength as I am weak.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but I am made strong in your weakness, so rejoice!”

He laughed and smiled at me as He reached over and gently hugged me.

Dream over…

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