Dream 237 – Uriel, the Veil and Growing Deception

Finished on Thursday, March 9, 2017

This dream was started on Sunday, February 19th, 2017.  However, this dream took over two weeks, along with five separate visits, to finally complete.  The last visit took place on Thursday, March 9th, 2017.

Received on Sunday, February 19th, 2017 (Visit 1)…


Dream from last night…

Dream 1 description begins…

I was in a city by the water. While the city seemed like Chicago, Illinois, I was not really sure.  Half of the city had been destroyed by something catastrophic.  While it seemed like some sort of bomb or bombs had done this, I was again not really sure.

The people in the city were walking around in shock. They were still trying to live and conduct business ‘as per usual’ even though whole buildings had been completely destroyed.  As I looked around, it seemed as if this was in late spring or early summer.

I walked over to the water at the shores of what seemed to be the town of Evanston, Illinois, which is just north of Chicago. Only a few feet from the shore, the water was overgrown with grey ashen colored bacteria and fungus.  The water was unfit to drink or swim in.  However, there was even more to this dream that I was not to write about.  As this was all so disturbing to see, I called out to the Lord…

Me: “When is this, Lord?”

I saw a massive number, the 4th, written all in white, just as I woke up from the dream…

D237 Pic 1

Dream 1 description over…

Received on Monday, February 20th, 2017 (Visit 2)…

Dream from last night…

Dream 2 description begins…

I was sitting in a ‘50’s sock-hop’ themed burger restaurant. The restaurant was above or in the same area as a bowling alley and seemed to be somehow joined to each other.  As I looked around, I noticed that it was around 1:00pm when a huge birthday party started to take place.  Soon, someone I did not recognize rushed up to me excitedly.

Person: “Oh gosh, Erin, you have to pick up your dress and be at the ceremony by 3:00pm!”

The person left before I had a chance to ask them what they meant by this, so I just continued to sit there having fun and talking to ‘friends’. I say ‘friends’ as I somehow knew that these people were my friends even though I did not recognize anyone there.  This time, one of my friends rushed up to me excitedly.

Friend: “Erin, do not forget to pick up your wedding gown!”

While I am not sure how, I suddenly knew what my friend and the other person were talking about. I smiled, laughed and nodded at my friend in agreement.  I double checked the time and knew that I still had no need to worry.

However, just to be on the safe side, I decided to leave the bowling alley / restaurant to go over to the dress shop. I entered the shop and saw a gown labelled with my name on it hanging inside a clear dress bag.  There was a woman there waiting for me and she handed me the dress bag.

Woman: “Erin, you had better hurry!”

I smiled and thanked her, but was still not worried about the time. As the dress had been pre-purchased, I took the dress bag with the gown inside and dashed out the door to head off to my wedding venue.  I ran down some cobbled streets towards where I was supposed to go.  Once I passed over a fairly hilly area, I finally arrived.

There standing before me was a massive castle made of stone, a castle that could have easily come straight out of a ‘Disney movie’! As it was completely surrounded by deep ravines, the only one way to get inside this castle was by going down a long stone path with walls.

I ran quickly down the stone path and soon arrived at the front door to the courtyard. A man and a woman were already there waiting to greet me.  The woman motioned me for my dress and then carefully took it from me as I handed it to her.  The man seemed quite excited.

Man: “Erin, you must hurry and come with me to prepare your flowers!  It is almost time for the ceremony!”

The man then escorted me to a large reception room made of all stone walls and floors. As I looked around, I saw a massive square stone table.  While I could not tell the dimensions exactly, the top of the table was easily seven inches thick and each side about twelve to fourteen feet wide.  It would have easily weighed several tons.

There were two massive stone vases sitting next to each other on the top of the table and near the center. The craftsmanship of these vases was simply beautiful.  I noticed that these two identical vases had unusually wide openings at the top.

Man: “Now, Erin, walk around, pick up your flowers and put them in the vases!”

There were amazing flowers everywhere that I looked. However, what seemed quite odd to me was that these flowers only had their heads and no stems.  As I looked closer at the flowers, I knew that they had to be Heavenly in nature as surely no flower on Earth could possibly rival the beauty of these flowers.

As I gathered up several of the flower heads into my arms, I decided to question the man as to how I was going to make an arrangement with flowers that had no stems. However, before my mouth could even speak any of the words, the man addressed my question.

Man: Smiling.  “Erin, just toss the heads into the vases!  You must hurry as it is getting near time!”

I laughed and did exactly as he instructed me to. The vessels were so massive, so large and so deep that I knew that I would not be able to fill these vases.  To make this task even more challenging, I was not tall enough to see the flowers inside.  As I must have looked quite confused and concerned at all of this, the man started to encourage me.

Man: Laughing.  “Do not worry, Erin!  Now, come on, it is almost time!”

As he hurried me towards the door, I saw a beautiful woman standing there. As I got closer to the door, and to my great shock and surprise, I saw that this beautiful woman was actually my mother and that she looked young again.  She looked into my eyes and smiled at me.

Mom: “Erin, come with me!”

My mom extended her hand towards me and I happily reached for it. I was so excited to see her again.  She was so healthy and vibrant.  As we started walking out of the room together, I glanced back at the two vessels sitting on the table.

To my great surprise and delight, the flower heads that I had tossed into these two vases had suddenly grown into two massive arrangements of flowers. Tears started to form in my eyes as I noticed that these were, quite simply, the most beautiful wedding flower arrangements that I had ever seen.

Dream 2 description over…

Received on Sunday, March 5th, 2017 (Visit 3)…


Dear Father,

Two of my children are away in the Miami, Florida area with their father. Please protect them while they are there.  I find these trips to be quite unsettling.  Father, I have recently had a series of dreams that also leaves me feeling extremely unsettled.  Please help me have peace as it is just so difficult to have any peace right now.

Father, I am so thankful for all that You have done for me and my family. Please continue to keep us safe from harm.  My heart grieves for what is coming and for what has already come upon the land.

Whenever I have seen or been shown this, I become distraught. It seems as if there is nothing that I can do about it except sound the alarm.  I am just one of many that You have put this on, the hearts of those whom love You so much.  My dreams have been quite clear lately…

Dream 3 description begins…

I was able to see all of the lands of the world. After this, I saw angels, by Your command, putting layer upon layer of ‘thin veils’ over the entire Earth.  As the layers of these veils continued to grow, it was as if I was now looking through bridal tulle or silk.

I could still see lights shining up from the Earth. Some of these lights remained bright, but others were growing dimmer as this veil continued to thicken.  There were even some brighter lights there that this veil somehow did not cover at all.

In some areas, but especially in major cities, virtually no lights were able to shine through as this veil was just so thick there. I then became frightened and scared when I noticed that there were even some entire lands that had no visible lights at all.

Dream 3 description over…

Father, this global veil is over all of us already. Perhaps our children cannot see them as prominently as my husband and I can, but these are being dropped over the land and all of the Earth right now and even as I write this.

Dream 4 description begins…

I was with my family in an abandoned mall. Only one store had not yet been closed up.  This last store was crammed with so much merchandise that it was hard to move around.  While there was so much to look at, there was not a single thing that was the correct size for any member of my family.  Not a single item could fit us.

I suddenly remembered a previous time when I had been to this mall before. It was only a very short time ago and a few of the stores were already starting to close.  I had recently visited one of these closing stores and they were in the process of selling off their fixtures.  Whole walls had been completely dismantled.

As the fixtures that were for sale were of much higher quality than the merchandise being liquidated, the fixtures being sold were actually much more of a bargain than the merchandise itself. As a result, it seemed as if the people shopping there were only interested in the fixtures and not the merchandise.

During this recent visit, I had commented that I did not have to look back that far to remember a time when this particular store had been a premier destination and a pinnacle shopping place. Now in this dream, it was the entire area that was now a ghost town.  We started reminiscing about how it was just a short time ago.

Us: “Wow, it really was not that long ago when everything was bustling and every one of these stores were still open.  People even seemed to have money to spend on good quality merchandise.  This is certainly no longer the case!”

All of us then sighed together as only ten years had gone by from when this mall was still thriving. So little time had passed that even my kids remembered better times and said, ‘Mom, do you remember when…’  I started to cry as the sight of all of this was making me so sad.

Dream 4 description over…

Oh Father, the times are changing so fast and all that we know is quickly disappearing right in front of our eyes. Even places that were once bastions of free speech are now corrupt and slanted towards everything evil.

I was recently reminded of a time when I was growing up in Berkeley, California. This was in the late 60s and early 70s and just before my mom moved us out to Idaho.  Looking back, this was a good move and one that I am now so thankful for.

While we were still living in Berkeley, my mom was a young feminist and would attend demonstrations at sit-ins at the mall of the campus. On occasion, these would erupt into riots.  I even own some actual photos of these riots that my mom had taken back when she was still a student there.

My mom had been fighting alongside others for the right to ‘Free Speech’, the right to speak freely and not be ostracized for your opinion. They were fighting for our right to voice an opinion no matter ‘which side you were on’.  As you may have gathered by now, this meant that I was brought up in a ‘liberal’ home.

However, being ‘liberal’ has since evolved and not in a good way. Back then, I was taught by my mother to be accepting of those who have differing opinions.  We were to learn from other’s platforms, even if we did not agree with them.  We were then to use this information to strengthen our own voices.  I also learned from my mom that we were to be respectful while doing this.

As my mom became older, she became less accepting of ‘other’s opinions’, but still loved a good debate. With this as background, I learned from her to formulate my own opinions based on trying to weigh all sides of the debate evenly.

When I would watch my mom argue with someone, I often saw people getting so stuck in their opinions that they simply could not see any other side but their own. This actually turned out to be good practice for me as this is a common trait of the Asperger’s that I deal with whenever my sons voice their opinions.

Now, fast forward to today, just about fifty years later, and there are once again riots at Berkeley. However, now the riots are to stop the voices of those that others there do not agree with.  There was even a person in particular that was recently covered in the news there.

What is sad with the world today is that there can no longer be truly ‘open conversation’. There is no such thing as simply ‘weighing in’ anymore without the risk of being condemned.  There is no such thing as being fair even if you have real facts and real evidence.

Well, time passed and things changed and, quite a few years back, I stopped being a ‘liberal’. This accelerated when I decided to strongly oppose the narrow thinking that I was constantly running into even before I become a Christian.

So I did not do this in ignorance, I then spent many years studying as many sides of an issue that I could. I even had several debates in my various college classes that required me to research both opposing sides.  I often even had to argue against the very side that I favored.

When I later became a Christian, the Lord gave me further gifts in this area and huge ones at that. Quite simply, He completely changed the paradigm in my thinking and somehow gave me the ability to hear a person’s story without prematurely judging them.

I would find out what a person had been taught and what they had experienced in order to understand why they feel as they do. While I would not always agree with them, and even most of the time I did not, this then allowed me to understand their path that led them to where they now were.

I am thankful for this as it gives me compassion for other’s positions even when I do not agree with them. Some of my best friends from the past are quite different from me, especially in the area of Christianity.  However, Jesus has made me realize that I may be their only example of Jesus in their lives and I needed to reflect Him in my actions.

Now, it is important to stress that I do not believe myself to be more ‘holy’ than anyone! The point to all of this is just that I have learned to be patient and to still love someone even when it is really hard to at times.

While also extremely tough at times, I have also learned to hold my ground even when someone is trying to blame God for all of their issues. Whenever this happens, rather than quickly react defensively, I now instead pray to God silently…

Me: “Oh Lord, oh no, here it comes.  Please take my words over.  Please take over my words, Jesus, because I would personally like to bring down curses from my lips.  I know Your ways are higher than mine, so please help me here.”

I am smiling as I write this as I am truly grateful that Jesus then enters into our conversation. This usually all starts with me asking this person a lot of questions.  As I do, they usually start spilling out all kinds of contradictions to God’s truth, or really, to any truth at all.

I then watch as God uses me to take them on a journey of discovery. At the end, I usually do not remember much of what was said, but they often shake my hand and/or hug me before leaving, inviting me to return at a later date.

Sadly, shortly after our conversation, the enemy would then get in their heads. I would then see these same people again just a little while later and they would now be upset at me for God using me to convict and expose them.  Thankfully, there were also some others that would remain thankful as they had been enriched by what was said to them through me.

However, this was quite rare and it seems that, most of the time, these people would instead usually become quite upset and curse me once they realized that God had ‘schooled’ them through me. While they would not always come out and verbalize this, I could often feel it.

Either way, I just know that this was not me, but rather God speaking through me. Since being married, my husband has witnessed this happening to me over and over.  He always seems to quickly pick up when it is God working through me because he says that I use a greater skill in conflict resolution and patience than I usually am able to (smiles).

God’s assistance in all of this is obviously necessary for me as, just this last week, I have been given a series of dreams about various groups of people I am being called to help in the future that I simply just do not like. Though this has been very difficult, I realize that this is God’s decision and no longer mine.

I now realize that I simply cannot pick and choose of my own accord and then later whine to God, “Why do You not use me? Have I not surrendered all to You?”  Quite simply, we cannot have it both ways.  I have discovered the hard way that ‘surrender’ means speaking from a true heart statement when speaking with God.

We cannot lie to God or ourselves when we do this. We must go where He takes us even if we then find ourselves in the middle of a firestorm.  When this happens, I often find myself saying, “While I have no desire to go here or there, Father, I surrender myself for Your purposes.”  While this is easy for me to say, it is still hard to actually follow.

I find it particularly challenging these days as my heart now surrenders to God, but my body is no longer fit and able. I am often in pain and my energy levels are low, especially compared to how I used to be.  Quite simply, I will still need a major rework by God to make me even able to travel anywhere again.

Father, what irony! When I was healthy and young, my heart was not ready.  Now that my heart is ready, my body is weak and I am old.  The world has turned away from You, God, and if I speak about my love for you in public, I am no longer even free to say Your Name.  I need Your help, but now more than ever!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was on God’s Mountain and the sun was warm on my skin. I saw His beautiful lake with the fountains over to my right.  The grass was green and lush and I could smell fragrant blossoms everywhere.

I decided to walk over and lie down in the grass under a Heavenly version of a weeping willow. As I laid there, I started to reminisce about being a child again, safe in my grandparent’s backyard.  When I was at my grandparent’s house, I would lie in the grass there and simply look up at the clouds.

There was no technology and no distractions, just warmth, smells and the wonderment of being a child in a safe place. I did not worry about scary strangers, bad men, cancer, death, broken down cars or other things.  Money issues did not affect me.  At my grandparents, I played without any fears, all thanks to the peace at their house.

Lord, I praise You for my grandparents! I pray that, one day, I will see them here in Heaven.  I feel in my Spirit that they are already here waiting for me.  This place in Heaven feels like a great place to just be a kid again.  While I did not know about Heaven as a child, all of this here is just so much greater than ‘even my grandparent’s place’, so thank You!

I smiled, closed my eyes to pray and ‘accidentally’ drifted off. When I awoke, I looked up and there was Uriel smiling at me.  I quickly jumped up excitedly and hugged him.  I knew that Uriel had gone off to war, so I did not think that I would see him again until much later.

Me: “Where have you been?  Are you okay?”

Uriel: Smiling.  “I am glad to see you too, Erin!  Come, I have something to show you.  God has called me to give you this message.”

Uriel reached for my hand and gently squeezed. We were immediately at the overlook near God’s Courts.  The Earth was below us and the moon was orbiting up and to the right.  I noticed that Uriel had indeed been in battle and was even still wearing his armor.

In the drawing below, Uriel is actually much larger, more muscular and handsome than I was able to draw and much more so than any earthly ‘action hero’. He is also not usually in armor when we meet, but he was this time as he was going back into battle…

D237 Pic 2

Uriel: “Look, Erin.”

I looked back to where Uriel had pointed and saw before us the layers and layers of veil that were now over the Earth.

Uriel: “What you are being shown are veils over both those who believe in God and those who do not.  The brighter lights are those who, by faith, have cut through the veils of deception.”

As I looked, it seemed as if the places with the thicker layers were where people had become stuck in their thinking and practices. The thickness seemed to vary depending on whether or not people could move beyond this, but they also have to want to do so.

Me: “Why would God allow this?”

Uriel: “Because those whom search for truth with their whole heart will find it.  This does not mean that those ‘covered’ will not uncover truth.  It only means that their struggle to find this truth will be more difficult.  Many have cut through the deceptions.

“Erin, the veil is not the deception. It is only a cover over truth in which a man will see truth to fit his own desires and be handed over to his own devices.  The greater their sin and the further they are from God, then the thicker their veil from truth.”

Me: “This makes me sad.”

Uriel: “Do not be.  Time has accelerated.  Evil accelerated almost fifty years ago.  The battle lines have been drawn.”

Me: “What will happen?”

Uriel: “The rise of evil has come.  Due to the veil, many now believe that they are defending the right cause, but they are not.  Erin, the world accuses the wrong man and he is hated by the world.  Does this mean that this person is ‘the one’?”

Me: “No.  He certainly does not fulfill the requirement of a person ‘loved by the entire world’ at all.”

Uriel: “Erin, no one will be loved by all.  However, ‘the one loved by most’ will take his seat in a way that you think not.  You have only to look at the fruits of the legacy of this man to see the root cause of the trouble upon the land.  What are these?”

Me: “There seems to be several things:

  • He is against Israel;
  • He declares that which was once bad is now good;
  • He sacrificed the larger base of the population in order to serve those who hate that same larger base;
  • He morphs religions into one of ‘unity’ and ‘mankind’s greater good’, thereby forsaking ‘one nation under God’;
  • He turned those living in the land to be enslaved by the government; and
  • He has made it so that none of us can speak out against what they are doing.”

Uriel: “Yes, Erin, but it will soon become much worse than even now.  There is an even greater deception coming and armies have been deployed over the land.  What you have dreamt about is about to come true.

“However, do not fear what is coming. Though you will be hated and many will seek to extinguish your light, do not worry as you will be strengthened and your light will become a beacon to those who are lost.”

Me: “Uriel, I saw many more lights than just mine!”

Uriel: “Yes, Erin, many will be called.  However, you have not been forgotten and all that has been given to you will come to pass.  Those that you are called to will be saved.”

Me: “Are ‘they’ the people from the dreams that I have had recently?”

Uriel: “Yes, but more.”

Received on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 (Visit 4)…

I felt anxious today as I took communion.

Uriel: “Erin, your heart is unsettled today.  Do not worry about that which you cannot change.  You must learn to trust only in what you know to be from God.  He has not forsaken you.  Isaiah 45 and Psalms 17, 45, 46 and 91 are for you now.  You have also been told to read Esther again.  God has no plans to harm you.”

Me: “I am sorry, Uriel, but I wake up in pain and look to God for His promises to come to pass.  My pain just seems to be worsening right now.”

Uriel: “He knows your need, Erin.  Like all those who have gone before you, it is difficult to see the good in the midst of worsening conditions, especially pain.”

At that moment, I felt a prompting by the Lord to glance out of the vision and into our yard. I saw a mother deer and her baby walking together below me.

Uriel: “He knows all of your needs and is not surprised by your circumstances.  Just know that, one day, you will have only to testify about His amazing works concerning you.  Go to Isaiah 54 as He has something for you there.  Erin, you will not see me again for a while as I must continue with God’s commands.  We are in an epic battle.

“Now, you are not to believe all that you read, see or hear in the media as only a partial story is being disclosed. As you have discerned, the ‘father of lies’ controls both ‘the land that you can see’ as well as ‘the land that you cannot see’.”

Me: “Do you mean the internet and the airwaves as well as the land itself?”

Uriel: “Yes.  There has been a marked increase in activities for the purposes of tracking locations and recording other information.  Whenever a letter is sent, a purchase is made or a map location is referenced, it is now being tracked.  There is also a growing and popular trend to locate lost family members using blood.”

Me: “Oh, Uriel, I have now seen this being spoken about.  Are people’s DNA being used to do this?”

Uriel: “Yes, but this is also being used for much more.  With this, they will be able to know a person’s origins and that of their children.”

Me: “Since information is power, how can we avoid what is now upon us?”

Uriel: “God will protect you and your family, but just understand that you are now being tracked by all that you gaze upon.  Remember that even those things done, but really especially those things done, in a ‘setting of privacy’ are now being tracked and recorded for future use.”

Me: “Oh, do you mean the internet?  Hmm, I cannot recall anything that I have done that I have to worry about?”

Uriel: “It is not that you have, Erin, but rather just know that much information has already been gathered on so many.  You must also warn your children not to participate in anything that requires personal information unless they discuss it with you first.  As God is protecting you and has sent angels concerning you, just be aware.”

Me: “What if we simply just stopped using all technology?”

Uriel: “Erin, it no longer matters and, even if it did, this would no longer be possible.  How would you and your family manage without technology in these days?  How would your children be able to perform their school work?  How would all of you be able to function at home or at work?  You are simply to just pray for protection over all things.”

Received on Thursday, March 9th, 2017 (Visit 5)…

Uriel: “You must understand the times.  God has sent me to warn you about things you cannot see.  The deception is great.  The Counselor that God has sent into you has a voice.  Erin, you are one with the Holy Spirit, the Voice of the Lord.  Now, and more than ever, do not act prior to consulting God first, even on seemingly small matters.”

Me: “Have I been doing something wrong?”

Uriel: “No, this is just a warning to be careful.  If this were in the times before the Lord, and even some after, what man would be foolish enough not to protect his property, let alone his family?  Security from a worldly standpoint is wisdom.  If there are things that you are unaware or unsure of, then wait on God to reveal that which is hidden.”

Me: “Hmm, it takes the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out (Proverbs 25:2).”

Uriel: “Yes, Erin.  Now, I have been sent to warn you that there is an epic battle raging.  God has sent you relief and a messenger.”  He pointed at himself and smiled.  “There is a delay right now, but do not worry as this delay is of no surprise to God.  Now I must go back to the battle, but just know that, if you are uncertain of anything, then wait on God before you act, especially when it concerns your personal information.”

Me: “Should I be scared?”

Uriel: “No.  I was not sent to scare you, but only to warn you about the coming deceptions upon the land.  However, this is not just concerning you, but all those that God has called.  It is wisdom to pray to God for revelation prior to an action.

“Erin, you are at war with the princes of this world and therefore unaware of that which you cannot see. Just understand that the enemy would like to trick you into dismissing a seemingly small matter that is actually important by having you instead focus on a seemingly large matter that really has little or no significance.  Pray for wisdom.”

At that moment, a large gust of wind hit the window where I was sitting and startled me. The winds have now been blowing here for several days straight and have been so strong.  I am so thankful that the Lord has kept us from losing power.

Me: “Uriel, why have the winds been so strong lately?  It is dangerous to even drive right now.”

Uriel: “God sends signs that reveal to man that there are great powers at work.  God uses these natural forces to shake the land, but He even literally shakes the ground when it serves His purposes.  Now, what does God say about the wind?”

Me: “That God is not in the wind?”

Uriel: “While this is true, God is also omnipresent.  While God is not ‘the wind’, He sends the wind, directs the wind and can stop the wind.  Just remember that God never takes on other forms as He is always God.  While angels can be and have been commanded to take various forms in order to serve God’s purposes, God never does.”

As Uriel said the word ‘never’, he looked into my eyes, nodded and smiled. Quite simply, the massive power of God cannot be contained in any way, shape or form.  The people trembled before the power of the ark, yet it contained but just an infinitesimal fraction of God’s power.  I wondered if God would ever be pleased if He were to be portrayed in such a way even if the intentions were noble.

Uriel: Smiling.  “Erin, you already know this.”

Me: “Yes, thank you, Uriel.  About the angels sometimes taking on various forms, Hebrews 13:2 tells us that, when we give hospitality to strangers, we know not if we are actually entertaining angels without being aware.”

Uriel: “Very good.  However, you must also know Who ‘the Spirit of the Lord’ is.”

Me: “Is Jesus ‘the Spirit of the Lord’?”

Uriel: “Yes, Erin, and the Spirit of the Lord can be seen on the many faces of those who are sent to you by God.  You too have the face of Jesus upon you.  This is the Holy Spirit and the ‘Light’ that shines brightly upon your face.  The Spirit of God is also upon you to assist you in sending out the ‘Good News’ to those who need this.  As a vessel used for God’s purposes, you provide water to those who are thirsty.

“Now, people will still know you as ‘Erin’ even though God will be working through you, understand? You will not become ‘Jesus disguised as Erin’.  People are not to stop following Jesus in order to run and worship you instead.  You will not be ‘God created in Erin’s image’, but rather you were created in His image and for His purposes only, understand?”

Me: “While it is still a bit difficult for me to understand all of this fully, I just know that I never want people to focus on me when this should always be about God and His Son.”

Uriel: “I know, Erin.  Now, do not worry as God has you.”

Me: “Uriel, can the enemy disguise themselves as Jesus?”

Uriel: “It is written, and by the Lord’s own Words, that many false prophets will appear and deceive many (Matthew 24).  You must stay with what you know about the heart of God, Erin, and let this be your measure.  You need only to look at the root of a matter in order to evaluate the fruits of a prophet…

  • Are they self-serving and self-edifying or are they truly forsaking the world and running after God?
  • Do they surrender themselves to God’s Will?
  • Do they reject the message of the ‘Wide Gate’ and stay with the message of the ‘Narrow Gate’?

“You must always understand where the ‘Wide Gate’ leads. Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter through this (Matthew 7).  Understand where this will lead.  While you may wish to take the time to understand another’s position, never partake in their ways of coming to God.

“God created man in His Own image, yet many know Him not nor are they accepting of holiness. Instead, they have now been handed over to their own devices.  Soon, God will say to them, ‘Depart from Me as I do not know you.  I sent My Son to show you the way.  Those who accept My Son accept Me and will not perish but have life everlasting.’

“God loves His Son and sent Him to save the world. However, they did not accept Him and so they also did not accept God, His Father.  For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, whom He loved, to save those who were lost and living in sin.  The Father sent down His Love, but very few saw this.  However, God will now send an army to show his power, strength, majesty and love.”

Me: “Uriel, I have never seen you so strong in your speech.”

Uriel: “I am here to tell you of the urgency of this hour, Erin.  The time has now come upon the land, the time that was written and foretold of by the prophets in His Word.  Be ready!  God is with you.”

He smiled at me with such strength and kindness that I instantly felt such comfort. To have such a mighty angel, but really an army of His angels, watching over us, sent and guided by God Himself, is such a great gift from the Lord and so remarkable.

Truly, to be loved by the King of kings is to be loved in a way that no person on Earth can possibly replicate. For no man can say, ‘I am God’ and be God for no man has seen the face of God and lived except for His Son, Jesus (John 1:18).

Dream over…

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