Dream 238 – Angel, Job and the Silver Cord

Finished on Thursday, March 30, 2017

This dream was started on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017.  However, this dream took over a week and six separate visits to complete.  The last visit took place on Thursday, March 30th, 2017.

Received on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 (Visit 1)…


Dear Father,

Thank You! Thank You for everything!  You are the Giver of good things.  You send rain when needed to parched soil.  You send signs to us when we need it, sometimes to comfort us or sometimes to even warn us.

Sometimes You do things just because You delight in us and want to show us Your splendor. Quite simply, I am in complete awe at all of Your good works.  I am in complete awe at Your immeasurable loving kindness.

Earlier this week, it was the 9th anniversary of my heart stopping at work.  The miracles You had provided to allow me to survive this were simply incredible.  As just one example, a group of paramedics that ‘just happened’ to be eating lunch at the next door restaurant were alerted and they immediately rushed over to assist me.

However, there are truly so many miracles from You that I cannot even count them. I know of so many times in my life, and right from the beginning, that You have saved me.  However, these are only the events that I am actually aware of and represent a small fraction of the many more that I am not even aware of.

When I was very young, I lived in the San Francisco / Bay area. While there, I quickly learned that I had to be keenly aware of those around me and my circumstances.  I also learned to carry myself with confidence and never to look weak or like a ‘victim’.

By doing this, I was left alone most of the time. Nonetheless, I was still targeted on occasion and at certain times, but really for no particular reason.  Sadly, this is just the way it is in this city.  Anyone who has grown up in these types of situations will most likely be able to easily relate to what I am talking about here.

Anyway, even though trouble still came, I believe that it was still relatively ‘safe’ to go outside to be with my group of friends in comparison to today’s world. I feel that sending my children to these same places now would make me quite uncomfortable as the world’s changed.

After living in that are for many years, my mom decided that we needed a change. While my mom went off to search for a new home for us in the Pacific Northwest, my siblings and I were briefly sent to live with family in Wisconsin.

While living in Wisconsin, I soon found myself assuming that my ‘simpler surroundings’ would be much safer than the San Francisco / Bay area. I figured that, since we no longer had the same dangers in the country as we once did in the city, I could let my guard down.  I failed to adopt a new model of street-wise behavior.

In the city, it seemed relatively easy to avoid tricky situations simply by always remaining alert and aware. However, after hearing so many of the locals repeatedly say ‘stuff like that does not happen here’, I had finally let my guard down completely.  It was then that an incident occurred where a farmer I did not recognize pulled up in his truck to ask me for directions.

When I was around 13 or 14 years old, this man had approached me to ask for directions as I was walking home alone on a quiet country road from the local swimming hole. As I approached the truck to give the man directions, I suddenly received a very loud and clear message from either You or an angel telling me, ‘Erin, turn and run!’

For some reason, I did not hesitate or even think twice. I simply turned and did just that.  I ran so fast that I just knew that this man would not be able to catch up to me.  When I later got home, I told my family all that had happened and we phoned the authorities.

While I did not hear anything further about this incident for quite some time, I finally heard a few months later that a man in a truck with the same description as we had provided to the authorities had attempted to abduct a different girl. While I cannot recall if this man was ever caught, I just know that God had saved me from something terrible.

Due to this experience, I learned that trouble can come at us at any time, by any means and from anywhere. The enemy does not discriminate and he hates us all equally.  Thank You, Father, for teaching me these valuable lessons on ‘trouble’.

Though I am just one of God’s many, many children, I can say that trouble truly targets each of us. As a result, all of us must constantly ‘armor up’ no matter where we are or how safe it may seem.  Now that I am in my older years, I have many stories to share with my children about the types of troubles that can come from outside of the home.

In contrast, the vast majority of troubles that my children and my husband’s children have experienced have come from inside of the home. There is a similarity to all of this for each one of our children as all of their troubles have mostly come from those closest to them, all related to our respective previous marriages.

As a result, it would be safe to say that none of our children are that adequately equipped to ‘watch out’ for all of the dangers that surround them in this world. Most of what they have witnessed revolves around things that have continued to happen to either my husband or me from people that come at us for no real reason.

One huge benefit to all of this is that they have now also witnessed the power and miracles of You, Father. Each of our children has now seen You deliver us from these enemies, all in such a vast variety of supernatural ways.

Given the state of the world today, I know that I must now fully give our children over to You. I have to trust You fully to download supernatural survival skills into them about the world out there and those sent against them from the enemy.

At times, I do see glimmers of divine wisdom in our children, but, at other times, I simply shake my head in disbelief. Once in a while, I even catch myself looking up to Heaven and saying, ‘Oh Lord, they would not last two seconds out there when the trouble hits.  Please, God, help us all!’

Father, this is our new reality. The world is now changing so rapidly that most of us are unprepared for what is coming.  Who can know everything?  There was a time when the news on the television was a third each of headlines, sports and weather.  Now it is all headlines and virtually no time at all is spent on sports or the weather.

The world has now truly changed and it seems as if the church is way behind the learning curve on this. It seems as if those behind the pulpit are no longer preparing the saints in the pews for what has come and, more importantly, all that is soon to come.

Father, please help us all! Just as You have cared so much for me my entire life, even saving my entire family from death on one particular night in my youth, please supernaturally equip us so that we are able to survive these next times that are coming.

I trust in You as You have never let me down. When I look back, I now truly realize that You were always there!  I even now find myself pausing many times during the day as my heart fills with wonderment over Your extravagant love for all of us.  You fill me up with love, Father, and I love You so much!

My dream last night was amazing…

Dream 1 description begins…“A baby is saved!”

It was just before bedtime and I was standing on my front porch watching my dogs playing outside. As I watched them chase each other, I suddenly heard a baby crying.  As we are quite isolated, this was not normal and I went to go look for the baby.

Using the sounds of his or her cries to search, I soon found a toddler over at the side of my home. As I went over to pick up the baby, I could tell that he was a boy that had just barely learned how to walk.  He was only around 12 to 14 months old.

As I started to pick him up, my heart simply melted when he looked into my eyes, smiled and put his arms up to have me hold him. The poor little guy barely had any clothes on despite it still being quite cold outside in the evening.  His diaper was practically hanging off of him.  I could tell that he had been in the elements for quite a bit of time.

I then took the toddler inside. There was quite a ‘buzz’ in our home as everyone came over to check out our new ‘guest’.  As I gave him a warm bath and cleaned him up, I noticed that he had some strange bite marks on his skin.  I then gasped when I saw burn marks on him from a cigarette.

I wrapped him in a towel and my husband brought an outfit over that he had found in a bin of baby clothing keepsakes from when my children were little. After we created a makeshift diaper from things that we had around the house, we found that the clothing actually fit him quite well.

The baby hugged me tightly and I could tell that he did not want me to let him go. I stood next to my husband as he called the authorities to report all of this:

Husband: “Has there been any missing children reported?”

Dispatcher: “No, sir.  No one has reported a missing child.”

My husband then started to explain all of what had just happened and the authorities took down the information.

Husband: “So, what should we do now?  Should we take the baby to the hospital?”

Dispatcher: “No, sir.  Just keep the baby at your home for now.”

He then abruptly hung up on us without any further instructions. Once we both got over the shock of all of this, my husband and two of my children decided to go to the store to get some supplies for the baby.  For some reason, all of us in the house had already become quite comfortable with the idea of the baby continuing to stay at our home.

Almost 24 hours had then passed and we had still not heard anything from the authorities. During this relatively short time in our care, we noticed that the baby’s skin had healed and he no longer had any scars.  He was also now completely rehydrated and his skin color looked excellent.

I must admit that all of us were happy with this turn of events as we all agreed that we now felt that this little boy had become a welcome part of our family. We were all a bit sad as my husband followed up with the authorities again.

Husband: “We phoned yesterday about the baby we had found in our yard.  Has anyone reported a missing baby yet?”

Dispatcher: Rudely.  “No, sir.  No one has reported anything yet.  However, we have documented all of this and you are now in our files.  We suggest you just sit tight with the baby.  Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

Before my husband could say anything in reply, the dispatcher abruptly hung up on him. We did as we were told and it was not until about a week later that someone finally contacted us.  An officer knocked on our door unannounced while all of us were at home.  The baby quickly hid as my husband walked over to answer the door.

Officer: “I understand that you had called us a few times about a missing child?”

Husband: “Yes.”

The officer then looked over at a scary looking man that was standing next to him. This man literally looked as if it/he were a demon.  The man’s skin was grey and his teeth were decaying.  His breath was rancid and we could smell alcohol.  His dumpy old pickup truck was parked next to the police car and did not even look roadworthy.

Officer: “This man claims to be the grandfather of the child and to be the baby’s only living relative.”

Husband: “How do I know that this is really a relative?  I am not handing this baby to this man until I know for sure.  In the meantime, the baby is well taken care of here.”

Officer: “Okay, sir, but can we at least see the baby before leaving?”

Husband: “Yes, but you will not believe that this is the same child as the one we found.  He had bugs in his hair, bite marks from human teeth and burns on his face when we first found him.  This has all cleared up now.”

I went off to bring the baby to the officer to see him. However, when I found him where he was trying to hide, he resisted being picked up.

Me: Smiling.  “Please do not worry.  We will not let you go.”

The baby was reassured by my voice and he soon allowed me to pick him up without any fuss. I then took him over to the officer.  To our surprise, the old man gasped when he saw the child and had a horrified look on his face.

When the baby saw the man, he pointed at him and began to cry. We could tell that he was trying to speak to us, but was unable to say anything as he had not yet learned how.  My husband quietly said a quick prayer and gently touched the baby’s lips.

To all of our great surprise, the baby instantly began to tell us all of what this old man had done to him. While still all in a very young child’s voice, he was being incredibly clear and articulate.  Such horrific things had been done to him that it was simply unspeakable.  The old man looked terrified and turned to run to his truck.

As the old man ran, we could hear him starting to scream out a confession. While confessing to so many things, he also confessed to a murder.  He had killed his daughter after he had raped and impregnated her.  He told us that she was the mother of the baby.  Though still in shock, the police officer had quickly chased the man down.

With the help of my husband and sons, the officer arrested the man for both murder and child abuse. After the officer called in for assistance, the baby started to tell the officer all of the gory details of the night of his mother’s murder, all in front of our very eyes.

Officer: “Ma’am, are you folks ready to release the baby to Child Protective Services?”

Older son: “You have got to be kidding.  CPS handled our case horribly.”

Other son: “I could not agree more.  While they were nice to us at first, they soon began to believe the wrong side.  Soon after, they stopped believing anything that we had to say.  There is no way that I want this boy subject to this kind of treatment.  There is just no way!”

Baby: Looking right at the officer.  “Please let me stay.  I love them.  Please!”

Thanks to the Lord, the officer instantly knew that everything we were saying to him was the absolute truth. Though we could tell that he was still in great shock over all of what had transpired, he then addressed the baby directly.

Officer: Smiling.  “Okay, okay, I understand.  Now, do you have any other family?”

Baby: “No.  This is now my only family.  I am safe here.”

Officer: Addressing me and my husband.  “Well, you look like a young, healthy family.  Can you and are you willing to take on this baby?”

My husband and I looked at each other and we both had huge smiles on our faces. We then looked at the officer and enthusiastically answered ‘yes’ at the exact same time.

Officer: Smiling.  “Okay, very well then.  I will simply look the other way.”

As the officer turned and started to walk away, the Lord suddenly downloaded something into the officer. He turned around to address us.

Officer: “Wait a minute.  I have an even better option.”  He walked over to the old man, who was now fully restrained and being ‘closely guarded’ by our protective sons.  “Well, you are now going to want to give these nice people full guardianship, understand?”

The police officer released the man from his handcuffs so that he could write. He then handed the man a piece of paper.  God Himself then took control of the old man’s hand and he wrote out a professional and legally binding letter giving full guardianship of the baby to us.

The letter was written so well that even the police officer had to admit that it had been written by God Himself and not the old man. To our surprise, God then forced this man to request more paper.  He then wrote out a full confession of each of his heinous crimes.  This took quite a bit of time as there were so many crimes.

We could tell that the man was in complete shock as he watched his very own hand writing out confession after confession before signing the extremely detailed letter. As he finished writing and signing the letter, other police officers had arrived.  ‘Our’ officer ‘just happened’ to be a notary and he notarized the letters with my husband as witness.

After this was all complete, God left the man to his own devices and allowed his demons to overtake him. As the old man had not yet been put back in handcuffs after writing these letters, he was able to wrestle away one of the guns from an officer standing there that had just arrived on the scene.

The old man quickly aimed the gun right at my son and pulled the trigger. We heard a loud bang erupt, but were all amazed when the bullet simply disappeared into thin air.  No one was harmed.  The man looked at the gun with a confused look on his face.

Thanks to this delay, he was unable fire off another shot. One of the other officers then shot and fatally wounded him.  We later found out that the man had died while in transit to the hospital, all the while continuing to curse us, the police officers and God.

As this was now a crime scene, it took a few hours for everything to wrap up. After some time, the only one finally left at our home other than us was the initial police officer that had first arrived at our home with the old man.

Officer: Shaking his head.  “I am not quite sure what all this was today, but surely God is here and is still here with you.  That baby is one lucky child.”  The officer looked at me and the baby as he snuggled in my arms and smiled.  “So, are you a happy little guy?”

As the Lord had now removed the baby’s ability to speak, he simply smiled and clapped his hands in complete joy. The officer began to shake his head again.

Officer: “Seriously, I will need to be checked over after this one!”  He was laughing as he continued to shake his head in disbelief.  “Could it be that I have just been on the force for far too long?”

Me: “Can we pray for you that God is with you in all that you do?  Do you know Jesus?”

Officer: “I know about Him, but I do not go to church.”

Me: “Then He is calling you now to accept him.  He wants you.”

Tears began to stream down the officer’s face. My husband put his hand on his shoulders and then my boys did also.  The officer accepted Jesus into his heart.  We prayed the full armor of God over him.  We then saw something amazing in the Spirit.

Two large angels, each holding vessels, came over to him. One angel poured Living Water over him and the other angel poured oil over him.  In an instant, the officer became young, strong and very handsome.  We all cheered.  Needless to say, he was in shock and we were all in amazement at how great God is.

Officer: “I thought you people were crazy at first, but now I have understanding.  Wow!!”  He shook his head and had a huge grin on his face as he looked down at his new body.  “So, how will I ever be able to explain this?”  His smile then changed to a look of concern.  “You do realize that others will come out here once they see me!”

Husband: “Yes, but only those God calls will be able to find us, so please do not worry.  By the way, we will see you again, my friend.”

As my husband embraced him, a peace seemed to come over the officer. He then looked over at each of us and smiled.  He hugged each of us, starting with the baby, and then thanked us for what the Lord had done for him through us.

Officer: “This started out as the worst call of my life, but has now turned into the best ‘call’ of my life.  Thank you.”

We could see tears in his eyes as he spoke to us.

Husband: Smiling.  “No, thank you.”

Me: “Yes, thank you!  You saved the life of a child today and God has given you so much more in return.”

He turned and walked back to his police car. As he backed out of the driveway, he had a huge grin on his face.  He waved goodbye to us as he pulled away.  All of us felt such joy as we knew that this was truly a wonderful day that the Lord had made.

Dream 1 description over…

Received on Friday, March 24th, 2017 (Visit 2)…

The dream with the baby was unusual and felt incredibly real. However, I had a different dream that was also unusual…

Dream 2 description begins…“Be wise with your personal information”

I entered a large store that sold home furnishings and appliances. I was soon approached by one of the sales staff as I looked around.

Saleswoman: “Hello, how can I help you today?”

Me: “Hi, I am searching for a refrigerator and a washer and dryer.  Are you running any special sales today?”

Saleswoman: “Yes, we are.  Come and I will show you.”

I followed her to a staged vignette of a laundry room. On display were a state of the art, high-end washer and dryer.  However, they were both neon pink and had silver and purple confetti glued all over them.

Saleswoman: “You can have this pair for $725.  These are normally priced at $7,500.”

At first I was repulsed by their appearance, but the price was so amazing I decided to consider it for a moment. I examined them closer to see whether or not I could paint them.  While now intrigued, I decided that I would want my husband to view them first.

Me: “Why are they so inexpensive?  Is there anything wrong with them?”

Saleswoman: “Well, they are our display models, so we had the drums removed from both of them.”

Me: “Okay, but that does not make any sense.  There can be no washer or dryer if they do not have their drums.  The washer would be unable to contain the water.  As for the dryer…well, this is simply ridiculous.”  I shook my head.  “These will not work.”

Saleswoman: “Too bad, these are such a great deal.”

Me: “What else do you have?”

Saleswoman: “Well, I will show you our refrigerators now.”

As we walked together, I explained to her the type of refrigerator that I needed for our home. She then took me over to a staged vignette of a kitchen and proudly stood next to a retro-shaped refrigerator in a flamboyant pink and green hunters camouflage.

Me: Laughing.  “These colors are just as crazy as the colors on the washer and dryer you just showed me.”

Saleswoman: “While this may be true, you will not believe the deal we have on this refrigerator right now.  We will sell this to you for just $326, down from $3,260.”

I perked up a bit due to the great price. I then inspected it closer to see if I could change the face of the refrigerator to not be so outlandish.  As I did this, she reached into a cabinet and pulled out some mirrored panels.

Saleswoman: “Look, you can even put these mirrored panels on it if you really want to.”

She clicked them onto the refrigerator. I had never seen anything like this before.

Me: “Hmm, I am really not sure which is worse.  Perhaps I could replace these mirrored panels with some stainless steel panels?  What if I instead turned the mirrored panels around and had the gun metal grey backing showing instead?”

Saleswoman: “Look, once you purchase it, you can do as you please with it.”

Me: “So, is there anything wrong with it?”

Saleswoman: “No, it works just fine.”

Me: “Well, the dimensions do look perfect for our space.  However, I cannot tell how deep it is.  Do you know what the depth is?”

Saleswoman: “Oh, I am not sure.  Here, let me slide it out and see.”

As she began pulling the refrigerator out from the wall, I was in shock at how incredibly deep it was. It was so deep that I could not even believe my eyes.  I had never even heard of something like this.  I measured the depth and it was around 72” or six feet deep, the same as the height.

Me: Laughing.  “Okay, this is simply ridiculous.”  I started looking around the room.  “Am I on camera?  This has to be some sort of joke.”

To my surprise, the saleswoman became noticeably insulted. She then addressed me as if I was a child being teased by someone in a school yard.

Saleswoman: “Wow, you sure seem very superficial.  Content counts, you know.”

Now that I knew that this really was not a prank, I wanted to make sure her feelings did not remain hurt.

Me: “Listen, I am really sorry for laughing.  It is just that I have never seen anything like this before.  How would I even get to the items in the back of the refrigerator?  I would need a grab arm or claw to reach anything back there.  Would this also not completely block the entry into almost any kitchen?”

Saleswoman: She seemed happy again and smiled.  “Well, why don’t you open it?”

D238 Pic 1

I opened the refrigerator and it started folding out into multiple layers. While it would be able to hold a lot of food, it would still need an entire wall all to itself.

Me: “This is very innovative and the price is fantastic.  Tell you what.  I will purchase this for my garage.  It is the only place with the space needed for this unique design.”

Saleswoman: “Oh, I am sorry, but this is not to be a ‘garage refrigerator’.  I simply can no longer sell this unit to you.”

Me: “Look, I am here to find a refrigerator and I am willing to buy this one from you.  With all of the space in this unit, I can now hold off replacing my broken refrigerator.  My current refrigerator is difficult to open and does not have a freezer, but I can live with it if I buy this one.  I used to be a kitchen designer and I just know that this one will work.”

Saleswoman: “Oh, well in that case, I must take you to our design room in the back of the store.  Now go on back and look around while I write up a sales ticket for this refrigerator.”

She pointed over to the door to the backroom and walked away. As I entered the room, I noticed that there were many kitchen cabinet and lighting samples to look at.  As I looked around, I was not that impressed by their sample displays.

As I continued to walk around the room, two young design associates came over to talk to me. They seemed quite young and I guessed that they could even be from some sort of high school work program.

Girl: Smiling.  “Hello, are you looking for new trends?  We have them here.”

Me: “Hi.  Could you please show me your cabinet finishes?”

Girl: “Sure, I would be delighted.”

She then proceeded to take out two different cabinet fronts and proudly placed them in front of me.

D238 Pic 2

Me: “Hmm, are these your only choices?”

Girl: “Yes, unless you upgrade to custom.”

Me: “Where are the upgrades?”

Girl: “They are over here.  Come with me.”

She then took me over to a wall with hundreds of different finishes.

Me: “Wow, some of these are beautiful!  How much would it be for an upgrade?”

Girl: Smiling.  “Upgrades are only $700 per cabinet.”

I was speechless at the high price at first as this was, by far, the most ridiculous pricing I had ever heard of. I quickly gathered my thoughts.

Me: “Just to make sure I understand this, are you saying that, if I wanted to have oak, walnut or cherry, I would have to pay for the cabinets plus the extra $700 per cabinet upgrade?  Now, is this the price for the entire cabinet or just for the door?”

Girl: “Oh, just for the door, of course.”

Me: “How can this be so expensive?  These cabinets are mediocre in quality, made of pressboard and the color is laminated.  At this price, a kitchen in your cherry color would run someone around $200,000 and this would be just for the cabinets.  Does this at least include installation and hardware?”

Girl: “This would include installation, but not the hardware.”

I was so distracted with our discussions that I completely forgot that I had left my purse unattended on one of the tables. Two college aged football players had come in to the showroom, but I did not think much of it other than that they were here to visit with these pretty girls.  However, next thing I knew, my purse with my cellphone in it, along with the two college boys, had disappeared.

Me: “Okay, where is my purse?  My cellphone and car keys are in there.”

Girl: “I did not see anything.”

I went to the service desk at the front of the store to use their phone. I quickly called the police and told them what had just happened.

Dispatcher: “What is your cellphone number?  We can use your cellphone to track their location.”

I gave them my cellphone number, along with my husband’s cellphone number.

Me: “What should I do now?”

Dispatcher: “We will phone your husband’s cellphone with further instructions.”

I then phoned my husband and told him what had just happened. As he drove over to pick me up, he received a phone call from the police indicating that they had retrieved all of my items after pulling over a car that they had tracked down using my cellphone.  After my husband picked me up, we drove together to the police station.

Officer: “While very difficult to prove, we know that these people are part of a very large ring or network that gather personal information from their victims.  Unfortunately, this network will now know everything about you and your family by midnight tonight.

“You will need to phone all of your banks, any stores you have gift cards with, your insurance company and even your pharmacist. You will also need to have your home rekeyed, along with your vehicle.

“An officer will follow you to your car to check for any unlocking devices for thieves that may have been installed on your vehicle. You have been compromised and you now have to take immediate steps to stop them and secure your perimeter.”

Me: “What about my children?”

Officer: “Well, they now know who they are, along with their cellphone numbers.”

Husband: “Should we be afraid?”

Officer: “We all should be afraid, but no, at least not until about six months down the road.”

Husband: “Why six months?”

Officer: “You do not know?”

Me: “We should not have fear.  We should only fear God.”

Officer: Smiling.  “Yes, fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  They are more afraid of you.  However, all of you must still remain aware, alert and wise!”

Dream 2 description over…

Dream 3 description begins…“The elusive tiny Sparrowhawk”

A miniature Sparrowhawk flew over and decided that she wanted to sit on me. The Sparrowhawk was so very tiny that I barely noticed that she was on me.  For some reason, she seemed completely uninterested in hunting and was only interested in me.

I decided to take a picture of this beautifully unique little bird with my cellphone. However, whenever I tried to take a picture, it would hop over to the hand that was holding the cellphone.  After many failed attempts, I laughed and decided to stop trying.

Dream 3 description over…

Dream 4 description begins…“Alcohol – The ‘spirits’ really do have spirits”

I had been invited to a large fraternity house party. When I arrived, I could tell from the outside that this was quite a high-end mansion.  As I looked around inside this massive house, I noticed that every bedroom had a chandelier hanging in the closet.  I went up to a fraternity student to ask him about this curious sight.

Me: “Why would you have these beautiful chandeliers hidden inside the closets?”

Student: “We like to have the light contained so that we can let in as little light as possible whenever we need to.”

Me: “Why not just leave them in the open room and put them on dimmer switches?”

Student: “What?  That is stupid.  Who even does that?  Try waking up with a hangover to a bunch of irritating lights.”

I could see that arguing with him on this was simply pointless, so I decided to just walk away. I could not help but shake my head as I then proceeded down one of the hallways.  When I glanced into each room as I passed by, I could see that there was a lot of bad stuff in each of them.

I shook my head again as I now realized why they would all enjoy the darkness so much. When I finally came to the end of the long hallway, it entered into a kitchen.  I saw a bunch of guys there engaging in various drinking games.

I also saw many different bottles of alcohol strewn all over a massive kitchen island. While I specifically noticed gin, vodka, tequila and whiskey sitting on the island, it seemed as if ‘spirits’ of every type were present given the vast number of bottles.

Received on Sunday, March 26th, 2017 (Visit 3)…

As I entered the kitchen, there was a ‘fraternity brother’ standing next to the island with a bottle of alcohol and a shot glass just in front of him. There were also two extremely valuable vases situated near the center of this massive island.

One of the vases was a very large Loetz vase made of blue, green and gold iridescent glass with sterling silver overlays. The other was most likely a Tiffany vase as it was made of characteristic gold and purple glass with bronze overlays.  The value of these two vases had to be around $12,000 each, but perhaps they were worth even more.

In this particular drinking game, it appeared that the boys were trying to bounce quarters into these extremely valuable vases. If the coin missed, the ‘frat boy’ had to ‘down a shot’.  However, if they successfully bounced the coin into the vase, all of the others had to ‘down a shot’ instead.

Alarmed at the precariousness of the situation, I quickly located two cheap vases of similar size in one of the cupboards. These vases were definitely much more suitable given the risk of damage, so I quickly switched the valuable vases out.  As the ‘frat boys’ were already fairly intoxicated, they barely even noticed that I made the switch.

Sure enough, soon after I switched the vases out, a ‘frat boy’ in a drunken state accidentally toppled over one of the vessels. As it smashed into pieces, many of them laughed hysterically.  I could not believe the complete recklessness, so I decided to look for a sober person to ask if I could purchase these vases from them.

After a considerable amount of searching, I finally found someone that appeared to be sober. As I approached him, I recognized him from a picture that I had seen earlier that identified him as the president of the fraternity.  He smiled at me as I came up to him.

Me: “Hi, my name is Erin.  I just wanted to ask you if these vases were for sale.”

Pres: “Hi Erin.  Go ahead and just take them.  They have been with the house from the very beginning and all of us really hate this old junk.  By the way, I have much more over there if you want any of that stuff as well.”

He pointed me over to a small room and then took me there. As we entered the room, I saw so many beautiful items that would have incredibly high value at an auction, I was in utter shock.

Me: “Whoa, do you even know how truly amazing this stuff is?”

Pres: “Yes, but there used to be five times more of this in this room.  However, once a year, we have a party where we catapult these into a stone fence.”

While he thought all of this was quite funny and was laughing about it, my stomach started to become sick over the utter waste.

Pres: “If you want it, just take it, but I suggest you do this quickly as you just never know when we will bring out our catapult again.”

Me: “Great, but I would like to at least pay you something for all of this.”

Pres: “Look, I do not want or need your money and neither does our chapter.”

Me: “Alright, thank you.  I will start moving this stuff out immediately.”

I quickly began moving these valuable items out into my car parked out front. I acquired some amazing items, including Tiffany, Loetz, Weller, Wedgewood, French Majolica and Belleek.

I also found some incredible old maps, oil landscapes, bronze statues and Persian rugs. As I looked around some more, I also found antique ink wells, a very valuable clock and a beautiful scale with weights.  I shook my head as I lifted up the scale to inspect it.

Me: Praying.  “Oh Lord, if the original founders of this fraternal order knew what was happening today, they would surely be using this as a scale of judgment.”

After loading up as many items as I could, I returned only to now find an entire collection of rare books. Many of these rare books were first editions and some were even signed.  There was Edgar Allan Poe, Dickens and even Shakespeare.  While this is all somewhat impossible, all I can say is WOW!

After looking around some more, I then found some design scrolls by William Morris and even an original house plan by Frank Lloyd Wright. I quickly added up that this room alone contained several millions of dollars in treasured artifacts.  I again felt apprehensive about just taking all of these items, so I approached the president again.

Me: “Are you really sure that I can just take these?  Collectively, this stuff is worth an absolute fortune!”

Pres: Laughing.  “Look, Erin, I am not drunk and I will even write you up an official bill of sale so that you can finally relax about all of this.  We want you to take it.”

He then found a sheet of paper and wrote up quite a professional looking receipt. As I looked closer, I saw that it contained all of the proper legal fine print necessary to officially remove all rights of these goods and fully transfer ownership to me.  I was in shock because the ‘contract’ was well written, fair, legitimate and legally binding and even somehow listed a detailed description of each of the items I had acquired.

Me: “Just to make sure, this is yours to sell, right?”

Pres: “I am the legal guardian of this, so yes.”

He then proceeded to show me legal papers that outlined that this was the truth. I was surprised at all of the effort he was putting into this to let me take this stuff.  He even provided me a color copy of a document outlining his credentials with the authorizing signatures.  I noticed that his signatures on all of the documents matched perfectly.

Pres: “Look, if we are allowed to destroy it by catapulting it in the back yard or during a drunken game of quarters, if we are allowed to throw these away and toss them into the trash, if we even bury some in the backyard for no particular reason, if no one comes to catalog or inventory our furnishings and if no one polices us, surely it is then our right to sell it or, in this case, give it away when we want to.  After all, we have paid our dues.”

Me: “Okay, thank you.  While I really do not have much money on me, I insist on at least giving you whatever money I do have.”

I reached into my pocket and realized that all I had was a $10 bill on me. This was even less than I thought I had on me.  I sheepishly handed it to him and he smiled as he took it from me.

Pres: “That is more than enough as I really do not want your money.  I will gladly sell all of it to you for $10 just to have it gone.  Here, I will even now add this to the bill of sale.”

After adding the $10 purchase price to the bill of sale, he officially marked the contract as ‘paid-in-full’. Even though he was being so helpful and insistent, I still could not help but feel somewhat conflicted.

On the one hand, I felt a bit shrewd as I knew the immense value of this stuff. While I think the fraternity did too, they simply did not like the looks of this old stuff.  On the other hand, I still felt very good about this as I knew that I would at least keep this stuff safe from harm.  In turn, I would then be able to sell these items to those who would actually value and appreciate them as the significant bits of history that each item were.

By the time I was done loading everything into my vehicle, I was shocked to find that everything fit in and so perfectly. I just knew that there had to be an angel assisting me in doing all of this as it simply defied logic that it could have all fit so nicely.

I decided to go back into the house to check in on the drinking party one last time before leaving for good. As I entered the kitchen again, I was shown that each of the ‘frat boys’ had now taken on a ‘spirit’ from each of the respective alcohol bottles that they were each drinking from.  What I saw next was difficult to describe, but I will try.

In essence, I saw something like a type of ‘spirit’ floating out of each bottle like a cloud. It was almost like the ‘genie’ from the Disney movie, but without the clarity.  In turn, the ‘spirit’ entering each drinker seemed to grow more and more intense each time they took another drink.

The Lord then downloaded a description of what each of the different ‘spirits’ was doing to these young men as they ‘drank them in’:

    • Tequila: Those drinking tequila became paranoid, mischievous, extremely rowdy and a ‘bit crazy’.
    • Whiskey: Those drinking whiskey became violent. However, just before becoming violent, they would declare that they could not take responsibility for what they were about to do. Immediately after being violent, they would then become remorseful. This cycle kept repeating itself.
    • Bourbon / Scotch: Those drinking bourbon / scotch started to reminisce about sad thoughts from their past which, in turn, seemed to make them ‘somewhat suicidal’. They would start off by becoming whiny, but then they would become quiet and sorrowful. This cycle kept repeating itself.
    • Gin: Those drinking gin became lustful and coveting.
    • Vodka: Those drinking vodka became emboldened, jealous and somehow physically much stronger than they normally would be.
    • Jägermeister: Those drinking Jägermeister started to hallucinate and would often start laughing for no apparent reason.
    • Rum: Those drinking rum became seductive, overly expressive and would also often start laughing for no apparent reason.

Me: Praying.  “Oh Lord, these ‘spirits’ really are taking over the behavior of these drinkers.  When liquor is labelled as ‘spirits’, they truly are properly labelled.  I am not sure if beer and earthly wine are any different?  While I am not sure about all of this, it seems wise to simply avoid taking in these ‘spirits’ altogether.”

I felt that I had seen more than enough, so I found the door and drove away. I was still in shock at all that I had in my car and could not believe that all of this had just happened.

Dream 4 description over…

Father, what a crazy world we live in. Please grant us wisdom.  Please strengthen all of us as what is soon to come is terrible.  All of this is now coming at us so quickly that we will need You in all that we do, but even more now than ever.

Received on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 (Visit 4)…

Dream 5 description begins…“A massacre averted, a man saved”

Note: This dream had quite a bit of swearing in it, but I have removed the swear words and replaced them with ‘****’.  There is also violence and disturbing content.  While I could have simply removed all of this completely, I felt it was important to indicate how ‘real life’ this dream was by leaving it in.  For those who may be offended by this, please feel free to skip this particular sub-dream.

It was a sunny afternoon and I was driving to pick up my children from school. As I was stopped at an intersection, a school bus I knew would be carrying elementary students began to swerve and then rolled on its side.

D238 Pic 3

I quickly got out of my car and ran to the rear emergency doors of the bus. I could hear the children inside screaming and crying.  I opened the door and climbed inside and started helping the children out of the bus until they were all out.  I could tell that I had already been Transformed as this was quite easy for me to do.

As I looked at the kids, they were all so confused and distraught. By a true miracle, not one of the kids had any injuries other than some minor scrapes and bruises.  As I checked the kids, I finally came up to the very last two kids that I had helped out.

They were adorable twins around seven years old and both were wearing matching white hats and yellow raincoats. I could not help but smile to myself as I thought their outfits were out of place for such nice weather.  One of the twins motioned to me.

Twin: “There is a man with a scary gun in the front.”

I nodded and put my finger to my lips to keep her quiet. I then gathered all the kids together in a safe area on the side of the road.  I pointed down the road to an area that could not be seen from the bus and addressed them just loud enough for them to hear.

Me: “You are all to stay together and walk over there.”  I then pointed to one of the kids who looked older and had remained relatively composed compared to the other kids.  “I want all of you to follow him.”  I then instructed the older boy.

“Now, I need you to count your steps. Once you reach that turn in the road, I need you to count 60 more steps in total and then wait there.  Have everyone stay near you and then wait for help.  Do you understand?”

Older boy: “Walk to the turn in the road, 60 steps after that and then wait for help.”

I nodded yes and smiled. I then addressed all of the kids again.

Me: “I need you all to follow him, okay?  Help is coming.”

All of the kids nodded in agreement. Most of them were still sobbing and I could tell that they were all scared.  After they started walking and I knew that they would be safe, I decided to go back into the bus.

Just before going in, I recognized a mom that had just pulled up in her car near the overturned bus.  I pointed to the walking children and put my fingers to my lips to keep quiet.  For some reason I had no phone, so I then motioned for her to phone for help.

I watched as she started to make a phone call as she drove to where the children were. I was relieved that there would now be an adult there to look after these scared kids.

I boarded the bus and could see the driver crumpled on the side, which was now the bottom. As I approached him, he appeared to be breathing, but unconscious.  As I came closer to the driver, I suddenly noticed a man crouching behind the front seat.

While the man still seemed dazed and hurt from the rollover, he raised his arms to point a ‘miniature’ machine gun at me. I was startled and now quite frightened.  Instinctively, I put my hands up in the air.  Note: I later looked this up on Google images and believe the gun to be a ‘SOFIC 2014 SIG MPX’, but I am not entirely sure about this.

Me: “I am just a mom helping to collect the children.  My name is Erin.”

Shooter: “I don’t ******* care who you are.  This ******* driver turned his wheels before I could do anything.”

I then looked at the roof, now the side, and it was riddled with bullet holes. We were standing on the windows to the right of the seats that were now on the road.  While I wanted to leave, I realized that, if I turned around to go, he would shoot me.

Me: “So, wait, you were going to shoot the driver?”

Shooter: Yelling.  “No, no, no!”  He was irritated.  “The kids!  The kids!  I am the executioner and it is their time!”  I could tell that he was snapping out of his concussion as he looked around.  “Wait, where are the kids?  Where the **** are they?”

Me: “The kids are gone.”

Shooter: “But there is no blood?  Where did they go?”

I knew I had to tell the man what he wanted to hear. I felt that, if I did not, he would leave the bus and start shooting the now gathering bystanders.

Me: “Look, you really messed these kids up.  I am not sure if they will even make it.”

The man seemed disturbingly happy and satisfied with this and that, at the very least, the children were stressed and suffering. I then pointed to the driver.

Me: “The driver looks like he is in bad shape.  Can I check him?”

Shooter: “No, no, no!  I should ******* shoot that ******** head off.”

He pointed the gun at the driver’s head and I could tell that he was about to pull the trigger. I instinctively knew that I had to distract him immediately.

Me: “Okay, okay, okay.  Look, it is okay.  He cannot even move.  He is most likely already dead.  I would not waste your bullets.  You might need them for me, right?”

I smiled and laughed to try to lighten the mood. However, in reality, I could not believe that I had just said this.  He then laughed too and thought it was funny.

Shooter: “Oh, so you want to die today too?”

Me: “Well, I was not planning to do this today.”  I laughed.  “However, I already know that Heaven is awesome as I have died before.”

Shooter: Laughing.  “Oh, okay, this explains your ‘balls’.”

Me: “Well, last time I checked, I did not have any ‘male parts’.”

I laughed again as I knew that my humor seemed to be calming him down.

Shooter: “Heaven sucks.  Hell is where I am going.”

Me: “Really?  Have you been there?  I have had friends who have seen it and I know it changed their lives.  They would never wish this for anyone.  I know that Jesus does not want you there.”

He looked confused and, as he shook his head and held his forehead, I noticed that he had a nasty head wound. Though hard to see because of his threatening demeanor, he was actually a normal looking guy that I believed many women would find attractive.

He was in his early 30s with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He was wearing jeans, a black crew neck t-shirt and a black leather modern racing bike jacket.

Shooter: “Who the **** are you?  Are you some kind of preacher nun?  Maybe I should just shoot you.  You could be an angel.”

Me: “Well, I am not any of these.  Perhaps today is my last day.  If this is God’s Will, then go ahead and shoot!”

He slowly raised his gun until it was pointing right at my heart. While I tried to look calm in the hopes he would change his mind and not shoot me, I was really thinking, ‘Oh Lord, this is going to hurt.’  I then started thinking about my husband and my kids.

He did something to his gun and I heard it make a strange locking sound. I watched his finger as he squeezed the trigger.  This all somehow seemed to happen in slow motion.  Loud firing sounds pierced the air as he shot at me over and over.

When he stopped firing, I looked down at my torso, but nothing had happened to me. He aimed the gun at ‘the roof’, which was now the side of the bus, and fired again. So many shots riddled the bus that it started to look like ‘Swiss cheese’.  As the automatic chamber continued to shoot, he turned the gun towards me.

Just as it was about to fire at me, I took a deep breath and prepared myself to die. As he shot at my head and body for what seemed to be several minutes, which I know it could not have been, I realized that, once again, nothing had hit me.  I took a sigh and felt great relief.

I looked behind me and noticed that the bullets made a strange silhouette of my head and body. I suddenly felt my ‘insides involuntarily loosening’ and I knew that there was nothing I could do to stop it.  However, just before ‘this’ happened, I felt God strengthen me.  Thank You, Father, the ‘feeling’ then went away as fast as it had come.

Shooter: “Okay, Erin, who the **** are you?”

I could not believe that I was still calm, at least on the outside. I knew that, had God not strengthened me, I would have passed out from the terror of all of this.

Me: “I am just Erin.  Now, what is your name?”

Shooter: “Trey.  My name is Trey.”

Me: “Look, Trey, I believe that God has a plan for you and that today might be the day you find Him.”

I pointed up to a ‘side window’, which was now the roof. As we looked, Trey’s story started to unfold in the window as if it was a type of video screen.  The Lord then supplied the words and I began to narrate Trey’s story to him from the time he was little.

Trey was now in shock and looked on in complete silence. We were both watching his life as if it was a movie.  While I still could not understand why he wanted to die or why he wanted to kill these innocent children, I could now see how he had come to this point of desperation.

While I will not go into the details of the many things I saw about his life, one incident stood out. When Trey was very young, his father would rape his sister.  One time, Trey had caught him doing this and yelled out for him to stop as his sister was weeping.

While the father then stopped, he only stopped long enough to give Trey a savage beating before returning to his fowl quest. Trey had witnessed this quite a few times and it soon drove him into shock.

I then saw Trey as a teenager. He was battling depression, anger and fright.  I then saw that an open wound to his head had formed from all of this.  Using this ‘head wound’, several demons later gained access to Trey when he became older.  He was now in severe conflict and was having great difficulty understanding right from wrong.

Just before the very end of the ‘movie’, the screen showed a row of white washed trees with gnarled branches all in a row. The trees had no branches, leaves or signs of life other than that they looked like artistic sculptures.  The visual of these trees made Trey breakdown momentarily, but I was not sure what this had meant to him.

D238 Pic 4

Me: “Trey, it is okay.  Thanks to the Lord, you have not murdered anyone today.  Now, you are still going to have some hospital or jail time, but at least you will be safe there.”

Trey: “I hear voices and they tell me what to do.”  His eyes started to dart around.  “I cannot stop them, Erin, I cannot stop the voices.”

Me: “It is okay, Trey.  Let me pray for you.”

Trey: Sneering.  “For what?  So that I can get an upgrade from a cot to a mattress in prison?  So that I can receive a Twinkie once a month?”  He momentarily looked angry again and pointed at the empty bus seats.  “Those kids eat Twinkies.”

The Lord then downloaded something and I instantly realized why Trey had wanted to kill the kids. It was because the ‘head wound’ from his father had occurred when he was around six or seven years, around the same age as these children.  This torment continued and he hated these kids as, unlike him, they seemed happy and peaceful.

Me: “Listen, Trey, I really do not think that many of these kids will be eating Twinkies tonight.  Many of them are very poor and do not have very good home lives themselves.  While the Lord will eventually take these kids up into His arms, today was just not meant to be their day.

“This was God’s choice, Trey, not yours. However, right now, He is focused on you.  He knows your pain and now I am a witness to this as well.  I saw it, I see it and now I understand.”  Tears actually started to well up in my eyes.  “Trey, I am so sorry.”

He studied me and seemed somewhat confused. I believe that he rarely had experienced compassion from anyone so he was having trouble recognizing what he was seeing.  I was really not sure about this though.

Trey: “No one has ever seen what you just saw.  I have never shared this with anyone.”  Tears started to form in his eyes.  “I thought that I was the only one.”

Me: “No, Trey, you and I are not the only ones!  God has kept records.  Jesus knows everything and He has been with you.  He called to you, but you did not turn to listen.”

I had heard sirens in the distance a little earlier and I knew that police officers and others had now arrived. As we could see out the front and rear window, which was now the front and back sides of the flipped bus, we could see flickers of movement.  I knew that we were now surrounded by officers.  He now realized this as well.

Trey: “Why are you still here?  Just go!  Please, you must leave now!”

Me: “No, Trey, I am going to stay here with you.”

Trey: “But I am a kid killer, Erin.  I am done.”

Just then, God downloaded a status report on the kids and the driver.

Me: “No, no one has died here.  Remember, you did not have the chance to kill any of the kids.  According to God’s report, He has not seen anything which is not redeemable.  Do you think God accidentally left something out?”  I smiled at him and began to see him soften when I said this.  “Hmm, I really do not think that He did.”

Trey: “If I die today, I do not know where I am going.  I think that I am ‘hell bound’.”

Me: “Well, do you want to change that to ‘Heaven bound’ instead?”

Trey: “What do I do?”

Me: “Give your whole heart to Jesus right now!”

Trey: “Why would He want my heart?”

Me: “Because He loves you.  While you will not be free from the trials that will come because of today, He will take you through them.”

Trey: “Will you be there too?”

Me: “I am not Jesus.  He will give you the Holy Spirit.  He will remove those voices.  Anytime that you need a friend, He will always be there for you.  I will visit and write, but I am not Jesus.  One day though, and very soon, I will see you in Heaven and you will be changed.  You will be changed even more than today.”

Trey: “Erin, I will be in Heaven before you are.”

Me: “Does that mean that you will accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?”

Trey: “Yes.  What do I need to do?”

Me: “I will help you.”  As I prayed for him, he started to cry…

“Lord, Trey comes to you today as a broken man. You know his story.  You know what has happened to him.  He is confessing his sins before you today.”

Trey then began to confess so many things. He then confessed his evil plans to kill the children today.

Me: “Lord, please forgive Trey.”

Trey: Now weeping.  “Please forgive me.”  He was crying so hard that it was now difficult for him to speak.  “I accept You, Jesus!  I accept You into my heart!”

As Trey said this, I saw something leave his head and shoulder area. It was like a large black type of combination demonic bird and snake.  I had never seen anything like this.  It hovered a bit, but then it disappeared while making some strange sounds.  It sounded almost like screaming mixed with nails on a chalkboard.  Trey suddenly straightened up.

Trey: “Oh wow, I feel so light.  I feel free.”  He suddenly looked horrified.  “Oh Erin, what have I done?  Oh my God, what have I done?”

Me: I smiled at him reassuringly.  “Calm down.  You are His.  Now, I am just going to go and check the driver.”

It seemed that the driver had received a ‘knock-out punch’ from the side mirror when it punched through the window. I knew that he was going to be okay as God confirmed that he was just ‘sleeping’ and would be just fine once the paramedics came to him.

Me: “Trey, we had better go.”

Trey: “Wait!  What will happen to me?”  He was now panicking and scared.

Me: “No matter what happens, God has you, okay?  I am now your friend.”

Trey: Now talking ‘in shock’.  “Can I come and live with your family?”

Me: “No, Trey, you will have to go to jail or to the hospital.  The good news is that Jesus is coming for all of us very soon.  You will not have long there before Heaven.”  I smiled and squeezed his hand reassuringly.  “You will be fine.”

At that second, the police demanded that we come out of the bus immediately. We both put our hands up in the air, but Trey was still holding his gun.  As the overhang to the door was a few feet above ground since the bus was on its side, one of the officers came over to help me out of the bus.

However, as Trey climbed out, his gun suddenly became unbalanced in his hand when it had hit the overhang to the door. When the gun began to drop, Trey instinctively brought his arms back down to try and grab it.  As this made it appear that he was becoming aggressive again and was about to shoot again, a sniper took him down.

I tried to go towards Trey, but the officers quickly pulled me away. He died within seconds.  However, right there in front of me and in the Spirit, I saw Jesus receive Trey.  I watched as Jesus carried him Home.

Though I was now crying, I was also joyful at the salvation that I had just witnessed. After quite some time answering questions and helping fill out reports, I was finally able to leave.  As I walked back to my car, I was surprised when the two little twins in their raincoats came up to speak with me.  They had such beautiful smiles on their faces.

Me: Smiling.  “I am so glad that you are both okay.”

Twin 1: “We wore raincoats today because Jesus told us that the rain was coming.”

I then looked up and saw that rain clouds were starting to collect.

Twin 2: “Jesus said that it will be a ‘Trey’-rential rain.”

I looked at the twins and laughed.

Me: “So, did Jesus tell you all about this?”

Twin 1: “Yes.  Jesus was on the bus and told us that we would be okay and that help was coming.”

The twins were now giggling and I could not help but laugh and smile with them. I then started to cry as I looked up towards Heaven, shouting praises to Him.

Me: “Jesus is awesome!  Thank You, Lord!  Thank You for keeping everyone safe!”

Dream 5 description over…

Received on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 (Visit 5)…

Dream 6 description begins…“Beauty is in the eyes of your beholder”

A group of attractive women, all looking like supermodels, had been going from estate to estate throughout major cities holding art exhibits and wine events to pre-sell commissioned art pieces. They targeted the large houses and mansions of the wealthy.

This group went from home to home displaying art that seemed to be a mixture of sculpture and wall art. The pieces illuminated and some even incorporated water features.  Each event drew in several hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions.  The artwork was scheduled to be finished after their various tours were complete.

A former client of mine wanted my opinion on a few of these pieces and invited me to one of these events. After I arrived and had a chance to look around, I could not help but be quite impressed by the show and presentation.  After the event finished, I decided to speak with the women as they were packing up the art pieces.

Me: “We would like to purchase that piece.”

I pointed over to a particularly stunning illuminated glass and metal wall sculpture. The woman who replied to me seemed to have a Middle-Eastern foreign accent, but yet was blonde with blue eyes.

Woman 1: “That is not possible.  I am sorry, but you must simply wait along with everyone else.”

Me: “Hmm, but my client does not want to wait.  She would like this piece now.”

Woman 1: “I am sorry, but this is not possible.”

Me: “Okay.  So, when can she have her piece by?”

Woman 1: “Well, we are on tour until June of 2019.  Then there are the 5,000 orders that are already before hers.  It will be by the end of 2020.”

Me: Laughing loudly.  “Okay, so, let me get this straight.  You have collected millions, if not even billions, of dollars while knowing that you will not need to even produce anything for 3.5 years.  Seriously?  The world will change and things will be different by then.  Styles and interiors will have changed and redone.”

Another woman had been listening and chimed in with what seemed like either a Russian or Eastern European accent.

Woman 2: “Well, it will not matter by then.  These places will all be gone, but we will continue.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

I could tell that she had no intention of answering me and she walked away, ignoring my question completely. I then saw a different woman taking various photos of items in the house using a small camera.  As she took photos, I noticed another woman walking with her and cataloguing the contents of the home.

I then remembered hearing that these women would arrive hours before each event to set up and would even request that the homeowner be absent while they worked. It suddenly hit me that these women were up to ‘no good’ and ‘nothing Godly’.

Me: “Hey, you are con-artists.  You have no intention of selling anything!”

Woman 1: “$75,000 today for that piece.  However, if I let you take it, you must stop saying what you are saying.”

I instantly recognized that they were willing to sell me a piece immediately simply to keep me quiet. I decided to play along because I knew that my life would be in danger if I did not.  I was going to offer to pay by check as I would then have it arranged so that the recipient could be traced once the check was cashed.

Me: “My client will purchase this.  Who do we make the check out to?”

The women then started talking to each other in another language. The Lord then made it so that I knew what they were saying.  The women somehow knew that this check would be traced and that they would be compromised if they had it cashed.

Woman 1: “Just keep the piece and we will be in touch with your client as to the payment.”

They looked angry at me as they knew that I had somehow tied their hands. I had them leave the art piece where it was as I would arrange for pickup.  The piece was simply beautiful and I was excited to tell my client the good news, but also to warn her as well.  Before I could tell her all that had happened, she called me over to her.

Client: “Come here, Erin, we have something to show you.”

I followed her into a type of safe room that looked like a command center for gathering intelligence.

Client: “We have been tracking these women for quite some time now.  They take the checks and then drain each of their accounts.  They then send their information overseas to the Middle East.  They then have their businesses and holdings given over, as well as their homes and estates.  All of it is forced to be sold to these oversea holdings and then all of the items inside of the homes and estates are sold off as ‘trophies’.”

Me: “So, they are taking over our wealth?”

Client: “Yes, but this is just a small part.  Our nation is falling, Erin, and they have bid for the spoils.”

Me: “When is this?”

Client: “It is eroding now, but soon the takeover.”

Dream 6 description over…

Received on Thursday, March 30th, 2017 (Visit 6)…


Dear Father,

I love You! My heart hurts because I have grown to love You so much!  I miss You and I long to be in Your presence.  The joy of my heart is on You and it now seems that ‘things’ around me can only bring me joy for a very short time now.  So many people are suffering, people who love You!  Please, Father, have mercy on Your children.  I love You and I long to see You come upon the land.

Father, I am old now and I am growing older day by day. I battle against my body and time keeps making my body even older.  While my ‘insides’ are young and I have youthful desires, my body is now unable to do as my heart longs to.  Instead, I now succumb to my pain.  I am fully aware of my lack.

I am sorry to complain, Father, as I know that You are here with me. I also know that You know the desires of my heart and the pains in my body.  In my recent dreams, You have been instructing me daily and have placed me in incredible circumstances.

In these dreams, I am in a different body. I also have wisdom in my words and knowledge in my lips that I know can only come from You!  I am simply not capable of any of this without You.  You even write through me in these very strokes of my pen on this paper.  You do everything for Your glory.

I come to You today with my prayers and petitions. Father, please fill me with Your Living Water.  Please fill me with all of the good fruits.  Please fill me with all that You find good so that I might pour out Your love onto others.

In my dream last night, I was attached by only a silver cord that was held by God in Heaven. I then fell asleep again and an angel came to me in my dreams.

Me: “Will God sever my cord soon?”

Angel: “No.  Erin, I have come to strengthen your cord, not loosen it.”

I then watched as the large angel wove two strands with the one. After he did this, I suddenly felt more ‘alive’ and my senses were heightened.

Angel: “The Lord gives You this strength and a message.  ‘Whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven and whatsoever you shall loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven.’  Remember also what is written here…”

The angel then pointed to the Word of God and the word ‘when’ illuminated.

When two of you agree on Earth about anything they ask for, that shall be done for them of God whom is in Heaven.  Where two or three of you gather together in Jesus’ Name, there He will be in the midst of you.”

Me: “This Scripture has always been difficult for me to understand.  So many different commentaries have been made on this and they vary so much from each other.”

Angel: “Then believe this, Erin.  God has strengthened you, but you do not see this yet.  You and those He has prepared will declare a thing and it shall be done if declared in Jesus’ Name.  This authority is given from the Throne of God.  ‘That which is bound by you on Earth is bound in Heaven and that which is loosed on Earth shall be also in Heaven.’

“The Lord holds the key and, when you pray and gather in two or more in His Name, He comes in the midst of you and even in the fiery furnace. What He opens, no one can shut.  What He shuts, no one can open.

“The Lord has opened this door and it is a door that no one but Him can ever shut. He knows that you now have little strength, yet you have kept His Words and bound them on your heart.  You declare your love for the Lord and you are hated because of this.”

Me: “But, angel, I have not endured patiently.  I must repent as it is so difficult to wait.  I am sorry.”

Angel: “It is not for me to hear your repentance as I have no authority to forgive your sins.  However, I can tell you that God loves you.  Though you grow tired and weary with each passing day, though you see the wicked prosper and the Godly perish and though all seems hopeless around you, you continue to hold onto the burning flame within you, your Hope.  The Spirit of the living God is in you.  Your vessel has been prepared, emptied and readied to receive that which God will pour into you for His glory.”

Me: I jumped up in excitement!  “I am ready?”  I then prayed.

“Father, I am ready! Please, please, God, use me or take me Home.  I am ready for what comes.  I know it will be difficult, but it already has been difficult as I am already hated for doing nothing.  I cannot even imagine what it will be like when I am being fully used by You.”

Angel: “Remember, Erin, just as there are vessels used of God to pour out love and eternal life, there are also vessels used of the enemy to pour out the opposite of the Good News.  Be careful as these vessels will be constantly filled by the enemy to attempt to distract you from your call.”

Me: “But if the Holy Spirit is in me, will I not then know of this immediately?”

Angel: “Yes, but remember that they are clever.  They disguise themselves as redeemable, but they are a chasing.  You will know them by their fruit.  You will know them by that which flows from their hearts then out their lips.  God will illuminate those that He has called you to.

“Remember that those whom look good from the outside are often wolves in sheep’s clothing and that those whom look like wolves are often the Lord’s Sheep. Do you understand?”

Me: “Yes.  I am not to judge by appearances.”

Angel: “Your dream of the school bus was an example of this.  Jesus was in the midst of the children as they cried out to Him.  They were protected and unharmed and so was the driver.  The young man, Trey, was who the Lord had called you to.”

Me: “Since Jesus was already right there, why did He not just go to Trey Himself?”

Angel: “You are one of the Shepherd’s Sheep.  You are precious to God and you are His.  However, you are also a vessel and a measuring device and are used like a plumb line.  God uses measures to weigh the proud, the arrogant or any of those living apart from Him.  The troubles which have befallen you have been allowed by God.  At first, this was to refine and test you.  However, now you are being used as a measure.”

Me: “Wow!  So all of my ridiculously constant troubles are really now all about the hearts of others that are coming against me?”

Angel: “Yes, but you are just one example of many being used in this way.  When those who call themselves ‘sent by God’ tell you that you have sinned and you are out of favor from God because of all of your troubles, it is really them who are being measured.

“In Job, he repented after complaining to God. His friends were then quick to come and point out Job’s faults.  Then God spoke to Job and reminded him who He is.  He reminded Job that He is the Creator of everything and the measure of a man’s days.

“At the end, God then had Job pray on behalf of his friends, thereby loosening the enemy’s grips on them and handing them over to God. Because of Job’s prayers, God granted them mercy even though God was angry with the way they had spoken to Job during his brokenness.  After Job did this, God then blessed him abundantly.”

Me: “So Job’s troubles were not just about Job, but were also for measuring the hearts of those around Job?”

Angel: “The Words of God have depth.  There are layers upon layers of meaning.  Those who seek God in the midst of each Passage will find even more.  This is the blessing of illumination from God and the beginning of wisdom.

“In the beginning of Job’s story, he was blameless, upright and careful to avoid evil. Satan then appeared to God and argued that Job was only good because he was being protected by God.  Satan then petitioned God to test Job.  God then set the rules to preserve Job’s life.

“With these rules in place, the adversary first sent death to his loved ones, along with the loss of his property and wealth. Satan then sent personal affliction upon Job’s health and he was covered in open sores soon after.

“Job’s partner, his wife, then cursed him, tried to convince him to give up on God and to leave to die. His wife seemed to want him dead because she could no longer stand the sight of him.  The spirit of divisiveness and control had come upon her.

“Three of Job’s friends then came to join him to share their thoughts on his problems. Their ‘council’ then caused him to curse the day that he was born.  They then caused him to reflect back to the beginning of his life so that he desired to never have been born.

“Job’s friends kept slowly chipping away at him. Once they had weakened him enough, they then suggested that he was a sinner whose evil was greatly offending God.  They even claimed that his children caused their own deaths by the tornado.

“Job’s friends then escalated this even further by declaring that Job probably deserved even greater punishment from God than that which had already come upon him. It was then that he finally rose up against his friends.  However, he now questioned his relationship with God and with man in general.

“Do you see what the adversary had done there? The enemy was very clever.  He then even sent a fourth friend to confirm to Job that he was wicked by their assessment under God.  All four of his friends did all of this under the guise of ‘speaking for God’.

“This is when God then entered in and demanded Job’s attention. He was reminded of God’s power from beginning to end.  He then yielded to God and surrendered himself by recognizing his lack.  His vessel was then emptied completely so that God could fill it for His glory.  Job was reduced so that God could be increased.

“God was then angry with those whom the adversary had sent to torment Job, twisting God’s love for him and bringing hopelessness to him. These men had twisted God’s heart and words so much that only advice devoid of God remained.

“Job obeyed God’s instructions and then prayed and interceded for his friends on their behalf. God then forgave their actions even though He was angry with them.  God then returned a double portion of all that Job had lost and even added to his years.

“So, Erin, please understand that you are a vessel used by God. For those with no understanding for God, intercede on their behalf that He forgives their trespasses against you.  Never forget the Lord’s Prayer.  This was placed on your heart and into your memory when you were visiting your grandmother’s house while you were still a little girl.”

Me: “Yes, I promise.”

Angel: “This is Good News, Erin, so rejoice!  Rejoice, for the promises that the Lord has granted you from Haggai are with you.  Rejoice!  Rejoice!

Dream over…

I quickly looked at my hands and feet to see if perhaps they had already been Transformed. While they had not yet been changed, I felt that this all would be soon.  I then cried out to the Lord:  “Make this soon, Father!  Please make this soon!”

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