Dream 240 – Jesus, His Bride and His Gift

Finished on Thursday, April 13, 2017

This dream was started on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 and took three separate visits over a three day span to complete.  The last visit took place on Thursday, April 13th, 2017.

Received on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 (Visit 1)…

First day of Passover and it is a beautiful spring day with temperatures around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for never leaving me and my children.  Thank You for removing us from the desert to this beautiful land.  The spring runoff of snow is creating large waterfalls from the normally little stream just outside our window.

The little brook is now a small raging ‘river’ and the sound is just so beautiful. It is wonderful to finally open the windows to the fresh air and this incredible sound.  I am enjoying the coolness as, in my Spirit, I feel that our land is due for some record setting heat this year.

Our winter was brutal and some snow fell again just last week. In comparison, we will have temperatures in the 70s this week.  We do not have air conditioning, but we have been gearing up for the heat in any way that we can.

After I saw the angels flip their hands from face up and then turning them over, You confirmed to me that this was in reference to conditions in the weather. Record heat followed by record cold and everything You have warned us about has come to pass.

As a result, I have learned, whether it is this year or the next or even a season we think not, the Holy Spirit is prompting me to act. So this is what we are doing.  We are gearing up for the heat and the coming storms that result from these extreme temperature changes.

Thank You, Father, for Your instructions. Although I am still afraid at times, You gently, but also sometimes sternly, remind me not to be afraid as You are God.  You remind me that You are in complete control and have full knowledge of all of the conditions.

I take comfort in this and cannot then say to You, “Excuse me, Father, but it is 100 degrees today. Do you know it’s really uncomfortable here right now?  Hello?”  God is not surprised by anything ever and He promises to give us relief.  While He does not always do this as we would expect, He always does it in His perfect way and in His perfect timing.

I have had some burdens placed on my heart recently. Father, I know the death of a child is used as a measure for those around them and even for the world, but I just cannot bear this at times.  I no longer have the tolerance that I once did to remove myself from what I see.

I also now know that You do not need my help with ‘sorting out’ various events as You have all of this fully in Your control. I also know that my mourning for these children’s deaths is not a good use of my time as You remind me that You already carried these children Home to You.

You then remind me of all that awaits these children in Heaven and that there is just so much there. Jesus takes them to the River, they get to visit the Baby Animal Garden and the teenagers even have that amazing hi-tech Learning Center to visit.

You then remind me that, even though I should not mourn for the child, it is still okay for me to mourn and pray for the parents and families of these children that have to still remain on Earth to ‘pick up the pieces’. When I then turn my anger towards someone who may have murdered the child, You remind me to give this to You as well as they are at great risk of judgment, both in the world’s courts and in God’s Courts.

Anyway, I was really quite bothered about something last night and, so much so, that I wept while I was taking a shower. I later found myself interceding for this criminal who, by all outward appearances, does not deserve any sympathy for his heinous crimes.  As I wept, You, Father, placed it on my heart to pray for this young man and so I did.

Oh Father, time seems to be coming to a close soon. According to Your clock, we are now in the final hour.  I now see this time as a ‘time of weights and measures’ and a time when a man’s actions, or even reactions, are being counted by You.

As I see it, one of the main problems right now is that decay has accelerated so rapidly recently that I do not think that those without the Holy Spirit will be able to comprehend or discern all that is happening. On quite a few days a week now, I even find myself getting up and wondering, ‘So, what horrible event has happened already today?’

I then become nervous about talking about any of this with anyone but my immediate family. I then question what we are even allowed to discuss in public these days.  The laws in almost all countries are changing so rapidly against Christians that talking about Jesus or even Islam is almost surely bound to bring you worldly troubles.

While it still maybe mostly safe to talk about Jesus in some countries today, how long will this remain? Is this still okay?  Soon it won’t be!  So I ask You, Father, to please strengthen us as we will not be able to endure even the initial wave of trouble coming, let alone help anyone who needs to hear the Good News of Jesus.

Lord, I feel like I am a race horse stuck inside the starting gate right now. I am so eager to start running, yet now I am old and not as able as the other ‘horses’.  I simply do not have the physical ability to run against them.

I realize that this means that we must rely more and more on our Owner, but really we should have done this all along. Jesus is our Rider and Trainer and the Holy Spirit has been sent to help us endure.  However, as I see it right now, I personally just cannot see much past the horse gate!

Yesterday morning as I slept, I saw a small bright light in the distance. As I stared at it, the light became larger and larger.  Soon, this light became very large and it was such a brilliant white light that it was like nothing that I had ever seen, even during my NDEs.

When I then woke up suddenly, my first thought was that I had overslept my alarm and that the noon sun was now shining in my eyes. However, as reality sunk in and I woke up some more, I soon realized that my room was still completely dark.  I then realized that this bright light had not been in the natural, but had instead happened in my dream.

As I was driving into town a few hours later, I heard a song on the radio and just knew that it was You sending me this for my comfort. As our reception for the Christian radio station is sometimes poor out in the country, I had heard this while listening to a secular station.  I then felt that the Lord was speaking to me through the song, ‘Forever Young’, by Rod Stewart.

When I later listened to this song again, I just knew that You were reaching out to me in love with this song. Well, I cried for quite some time as I listened to the song again and followed along with the lyrics at the same time.  These lyrics seemed custom made for the race I have run so far with You and that You were now encouraging me to continue:

Forever Young©

May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam,

   and may sunshine and happiness surround you when you’re far from home.

And may you grow to be proud, dignified and true,

   and do unto others as you’d have done to you.

Be courageous and be brave,

   and in my heart you’ll always stay…

Forever young, forever young, forever young, forever young!

May good fortune be with you, may your guiding light be strong,

   build a stairway to heaven with a prince or a vagabond.

And may you never love in vain,

   and in my heart you will remain…

Forever young, forever young, forever young, forever young, forever young, forever young!

And when you finally fly away, I’ll be hoping that I served you well,

   for all the wisdom of a lifetime no one can ever tell.

But whatever road you choose,

   I’m right behind you, win or lose…

Forever young, forever young, forever young, forever young, forever young, forever young, forever young, forever young!

As I wrote this down and thought about the Lord possibly talking to me, but really to all of us, through these lyrics, how could I not become teary eyed? While I have never heard the Lord sing and, if I did, I am sure that His voice would be different than Rod Stewart’s voice, it was the message of the song that just felt so touching to me.

As I wiped the tears from my eyes, my phone rang and it was a Jewish Messianic pastor calling to pray over our household. Thank You, Father, for this pastor that You had called to pray for blessings and healing over our household.  The timing and message of the prayer was just so perfect and I again just knew that this was from You.

I thank You so much for this wonderful gift. It was timely as I have been quite discouraged.  Time continues to march on and nothing much seems to be happening here right now, at least not in the ‘visible’.

Compounding this, I had awoken this morning to a continued pain in my left side, but now it was even worse. This pain went down my leg, my hip and my arm.  The left side of my face is slightly numb as well and it is so irritating.  I felt this pain was a call for me to pray to You, so I decided to go to my knees in prayer immediately.  My prayer…

Father, I love You. While I do not know what is happening to me right now, You always do.  Please, Father, please heal me soon.  If not now, then please make it so that I can still function and move around.  I am tired, Father, so please help strengthen me soon.

When I feel like this, it is hard. In my heart, I still look around me with all of the wonder and amazement of a child.  I have joy when I see the pussy willows reappear and the budding of the trees.  The deer are roaming our property and chickadees, sparrows and robins are now all around us, singing and building their nests to prepare for their babies.

I delight in my children and often say, ‘Wow, how did these children come from my womb? They are now taller than I am and they are still growing!’  I am so thankful for our children, Lord, so thank You yet again for the great blessings of our kids.

In my heart, I feel as if I should still be able to do all of the activities that I once was able to do. However, life can deal a cruel blow sometimes.  I now have the wisdom of Your living knowledge, but yet I have a body that is dying and unable to perform what I now want to do in Your service.

Father, do You remember how fast I was once able to cycle? Do You remember how I once danced?  Do You remember how I used to love to cross-country ski with my mom around the local trails back when I was still in high school?

While I seemed to be decent at everything I had physically tried, and perhaps I was even an athlete of sorts, all of this now seems to be such a far removed memory. Oddly enough and at the very same time, all of this also still seems so recent.  This is all so confusing at times.

These memories are still etched on my heart even as I lost so many years during all of my battles. My children were robbed of a normal childhood because of these battles.  I simply did not have the time to teach them things like sports because so much time was spent fighting these battles and simply trying to survive as a single mom.

While I still hiked, went to museums and for long drives and attended church with these kids, it was still often such a struggle to find the time to do so. I pray that, if I were to die soon, I have left them with a heart for You, Father, and a heart for You, Jesus.

While I do not believe it is Your Will for me to go soon, could You please soon just let me see my sons healed if it is? Father, You know all of our needs, but my heart breaks for them and I can do nothing but pray.

I spent so many years alone and was always so cautious about oversharing our story. I spent so much time defending myself against those offering cruel advice on how I should parent my two boys.  They simply did not know the struggles of raising children on the autism spectrum or about Asperger’s.

Father, You were there though. You were there when people would say such horrible things to us in public.  I even recall a time when I was taking the kids for a visit with their dad.  Our drop off point was from Bend to Biggs, Oregon.  The dad would then pick the children up from me there and then drive back to the Tri-Cities in Washington State.

I often had to travel this three hour drive several times per month. This meant six hours of driving on the Friday night and another six hours on Sunday.  The cost of gas alone ended using up any extra monthly reserves we might have otherwise had.

As these were court mandated visitations, I had no choice but to comply. However, the cost of gas was debilitating.  I even had to make frequent visits to a local pawn shop to raise money for gas.  In the end, my camera, my jewelry and my other valuables were all forfeited, all for cash for gas.

While I would often repurchase some of these items once payday came, this was always at a loss. It was a vicious circle and there was really no escape.  On one particular trip, I had stopped for gas along a busy highway.

As I stood at the gas pump filling up my car, my youngest son, age 6 at the time, had decided that he did not want to wait in the car anymore. He somehow had unbuckled himself, dashed out of the car and was heading towards the busy highway.

As the other kids screamed at me as to what had just happened, I knew that I had to run after him before he reached the traffic that was zooming by. It just so happened that a police officer was in the parking lot at the same time and saw all that had happened.

He came up to me as I was holding my son with a technique called ‘passive restraint’ that I was taught to use in order to get him to calm down. I smiled at the officer in anticipation of him coming over to assist me.  How very wrong I was!

Officer: “Ma’am, should I be calling Child Protective Services?  It looks like you are having problems safely controlling your children.  While you ran after this one, you had ‘abandoned’ the other two children in your vehicle.”

Me: Still holding my son, I was now flabbergasted.  “But he was heading towards the highway and would have been hurt or killed.  I cannot be in two places at once.  Please, I have never had anything like this happen before.”

Officer: Sneering.  “So, what did you do to cause him to run away from you?”  He then looked over at my six year old son.  “Has your mommy hurt you?”

Son: “Yes, she hurt me.  She hurt my feelings.”

The officer then realized that my son was having a hard time speaking and was not ‘normal’.   However, this still did not seem to matter to him and he again looked at me with a condescending sneer.

Officer: “Look, I am going to have to fill out a report and write up a ticket.”

Me: Instantly bursting into tears.  “Look, officer, please, please, please do not do this.  I try as hard as I can to be the best that I can be with my kids, but my two boys have autism.  Please, please do not do this to me.  I do not even have the money for a ticket.  Such a charge would look unfavorable on me in court and this would not be fair given this one-time circumstance.”

Officer: “Well, I do not even know what this ‘autism’ is, but I do recognize when a parent is unable to keep their children safe.  Perhaps it would be better for these kids to be in a home with discipline instead.”

Me: Begging.  “Oh please, my home does have discipline.  This was not a normal occurrence.  Oh, please!”

My son somehow realized that the officer was implying that this could mean he would have to live with someone else.

Son: Screaming.  “No, no, no!  Mama, I’m sorry.  No, no, no, no!”

My son was so panicked that he would not stop screaming in terror at the possibility. He was so obviously terrified that even the officer had become uncomfortable.

Me: “Look, everyone knows our two local judges.  Let’s go before either of them.  I cannot risk agreeing to these charges and will have to go to court over this.  I will really have no choice.”

The officer suddenly knew that this might not look good to the courts as even he could now see that my boys had special needs. I believe that God was softening his heart.

Officer: “Well, this is your lucky day.  Just try to control your kids from now on, okay?”

He then walked up to my car and looked inside and could see that my other kids were all fastened in properly. However, both were crying as they had both started to cry when I had begun to cry.

Officer: “Okay, kids, have a good trip.”

The kids nodded, waved at him and were now smiling again. The officer then turned back to me.  While he tried to remain stern, I could now see a glimmer of a smile as he seemed to finally understand what I had to deal with.  He decided to have mercy on us.

Officer: “Okay, ma’am, you are free to go.  Be careful in the future though.  Your son may not be so lucky next time.”

After this, I became worried that could happen again and I bought a special child safety latch to ensure it would not. Thank You, Lord, that was the only time this happened and it could have gone so horribly.  Thank You, Lord, for Your divine protection.

Father, even though things like this made it difficult for me to travel with my children back then, this was still something the kids and I used to enjoy and do often. Now that my children are all older, as are my husband’s kids, traveling would be easy now.  However, my pain makes traveling very difficult right now, so we keep our trips short.

Father, it grieves me that I am no longer able to be a ‘young mom’ to our kids right now. Please, Father, do not let me deteriorate any further.  My kids and my husband’s kids, now ‘our’ kids, have been through the fires of life and have emerged as such delights…well, smiles, for the most part.

Now though I feel like it is me that is holding us back. As You know, Lord, time has taken quite a toll on me.  Oh Father, I love You so much.  Our kids all love You so much.  We have all now seen your miracles time after time and we all know that You have moved so many mountains concerning each of us.

However, today, I beg and plead with You to please not forget me. I am so sorry that I did not appreciate You in my youth.  I am so sorry that I was too busy to recognize You working in my life when I was in my 20s.  I am sorry that I was ‘hard of hearing’ when I was in my 30s.  I am sorry that I was difficult to even listen to due to all my complaining when I was in my 40s.

Well, I am now in my 50s and I feel You, I hear You and I even have the honor of actually seeing You. Oh Lord, I long to be in Your presence.  You have taught me to be silent so that I can quietly listen to Your sweet Voice.  I move slow now, but You have taught me to observe and pray.

Lord, I am just so thankful for another day here. I have learned to appreciate even the subtle things now.  You have shown me how to appreciate even the little things that I would have missed back when I was younger.

I am so thankful that You have provided me with a Godly husband. I am thankful that he is so supportive of my relationship with You.  Father, my enemies remain ever-present, but Your protection remains over each of us.  I am so thankful to You!

I have to travel again soon to see my doctor. I keep hoping that this will be the time that I am healed and before we go.  I hope that he will then be a witness to a great miracle instead of just another appointment with someone who is disabled.

I pray that this will be so and I still hold out for the miracles You have promised me. I pray that these are for now and not later, but also to be for all things.  However, in the end, I want all of this to be in Your timing, Father, and for Your glory and not mine.

Today, I want to be ‘Forever Young’, both in my Spirit and in my body. I want the glory of God to fill my broken body and use me for His purposes under Heaven on Earth.  Today, and with many tears and in great pain, I give myself fully to You, Father God.

Oh, how I long to hold Jesus’ hand as He walks me over the threshold from my final bridge of life and into His eternity. While I was not able to live in ‘peace on Earth’, I pray that, by some measure, I still served You well here.  Jesus, I pray that I made a difference and offered hope to the weary watchers of Your soon coming on the clouds.

I had a dream of my mom last night…

Dream 1 description begins…

I looked over at my mom and she was young and vibrant. This was something that I had only seen glimmers of on Earth.  She was giddy and joyful, even though ‘giddy’ would have never been a word I would have ever used to describe her on Earth.

I saw my mom as she walked in the City of God, the Golden City. She now had a skip to her step as she walked and the Lord told me it was because she now only remembered the good.  All the bad things from Earth had now been far removed here in Heaven.

I had come to the City and she was so glad to see me. She seemed almost anxious, but pleasantly so, to show me something that God had placed her in charge of.

Mom: “Erin, I cannot wait for you to see this.  Come on!  It is beautiful!  Come!”

As soon as my mom finished saying this, but well before she could show me what she had wanted to, I woke up.  I was back in my bed and it was still dark.

Dream 1 description over…

Father, I am so happy to see that my mom is so happy there. All the former things are gone.  I barely even recognized her appearance, yet I knew her.  I knew her!  Lord, You have restored all that was stripped from her.  She was beautiful when she was on Earth, and particularly so when she was younger, but she was now so much more than ever.

Father, You have repaired her brokenness. You have healed her of her cancer, leukemia and all of her other ailments.  Truly, this is such a miracle!  Thank You!  Thank You, Father, for this precious gift!

Received on Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 (Visit 2)…

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

D240 Pic 1

I was in the midst of a beautiful garden that was in a gigantic circular shape. The outer ring was full of fruit trees of every kind.  Some branches were blossoming, while other branches had ripe fruit.  There was then a ring of flowering vines, fragrant bushes and berries.  Within this, there was a ring of grasses and flowers.

There was then another ring of sweet meadow grass with low flowers leading up to moss at the banks of a round pond. Inside the pond, there was a fountain springing up in the middle.  It was simply amazing and had clearly been designed by the ‘Master Gardener’!

I found myself on the east edge of the meadow grass looking towards the west. The sun was now lower in the sky and I could tell that there was still an hour or two before the sun would set.  I decided to sit down for a moment to take in all the beauty of this incredible place.

The fragrance was amazing, but difficult, if not impossible, to fully describe or section out as so much was in full bloom. I could feel the sun on my face as I looked down at my hands.  I could not believe how beautiful and young looking my hands were here.

My fingernails were not painted, yet they looked as if they were made of pearls that had been made into polish and had coated each of my nails. I let out a big sigh as they were more beautiful than any fingernails I had ever seen and certainly mine today.

I heard a voice from behind me. It sounded like Jesus, but I was not entirely sure.

Voice: “I am your Rearguard.”

I turned to look behind me, but no one was there. Now I was pretty sure it was Jesus.  I then heard a voice from where I had been looking.

Voice: “I go before you.”

I turned back, but no one was there. Now I just knew that this was Jesus.  I then heard His voice from above me.

Jesus: “I am your Canopy and your Tent.”

I looked above me, but He was not there. I then heard His voice right next to me.

Jesus: “And I am always by your side.”

I turned to my right just as I felt His hand touch my shoulder. It was Jesus sitting and smiling at me right next to me.  I reached over and hugged Him in delight.

Me: Smiling.  “Lord, I was unable to see You!”

Jesus: “Ah yes, yet I was still right there with you, was I not?”

As He smiled again, I could see that His teeth were incredibly white. His eyes are the most beautiful blueish green color.  Tears started to stream down my cheeks.

Me: “Lord, I am so glad to see You!”

He reached over, took my hand and held my hand in His hands. He then raised my hand up to His right cheek.

Jesus: “You are always precious to Me even though you do not always feel that you are.”

Me: “Yes, but I still do not understand why I do this.  I do not understand why life has to be so difficult.  Why is life just so dark now?  Why is this life so dark?”

Jesus: “Well, residing in a dark place means that, when the light of dawn finally breaks, it then removes the darkness in an instant.  Dark can no longer hide as the light then floods into the darkness.  You are in a dark circumstance, yet the light in you still shines like a beacon.

“Soon, there will be no darkness around you. Remember, Erin, it is always darkest right before the dawn.”  He smiled.  “This is a daily occurrence as a sign from Heaven, along with the phases of the moon and the rotation of the Earth.  Even the rotation of the sun and the stars are signs from Heaven.

“Now, these things are all currently taken for granted as a ‘sure thing’, right? However, what would happen if just one of these failed?”

Me: “Wow, Lord, it would not only be visible, but it would also most likely be catastrophic.”

Jesus: “Now, these are all ‘lights’, right?”

Me: “Yes, and they are all created by God, You.  However, You, Lord, are the Light of the world.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but some still prefer the darkness.  Some worship the sun, the moon and the stars and then bow to these as their ‘light’.  Erin, I am the Light of the world and whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.  You are my light and the lamp burns in you, My Lamp.  Now you are to show the way to those living in darkness.”

Me: “Lord…”  I paused.  “…how?”  People hate me already and I am just a ‘nobody’ right now.  Not only that, but I am barely encouraging even to myself.  I am burning out, Lord, so please light my fire soon.  Please put more oil in my lamp.  Oh Lord, the darkness surrounds me.  What if I have no light?”

Jesus: “Erin, stop!  Darkness hates light.  Did you believe that there would be no battle?  For it is written that this is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world and that people loved the darkness rather than the Light because their works were evil.

“For those who do wicked things, they hate the Light and are not attracted to it as Light exposes their wickedness. But whoever does what is true comes to the Light so that it may be clearly seen that his…”  He smiled.  “…or her…works have been carried out in God.  Remember that this should also be true of you.

“Whoever is in the Light, yet hates his brother, still dwells in darkness. Whoever loves his brother dwells in the Light and, in him, there is no cause for stumbling.  But whoever hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in the darkness and does not know where he is going because the darkness has blinded his eyes.”

Me: “Oh, like a parable all around us hidden in plain sight.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Well, yes.  So, Erin, does evil live and breathe or is it dead?”

Me: “Okay, this is a great question.  Hmm, people living in darkness perform evil every day.  They still breathe, but they are not alive.  Well, they live, but not for You and are therefore in the darkness.

“The enemy and his army are also dwelling in the darkness and are separated from You. They are working day and night, yet, apart from You, they are still dead.  They believe they are alive in satan and in darkness, but this is a lie.

“Lord, I still feel dead here even though I am a part of You. The Holy Spirit is in me, Your Light is in me and I love my brothers and sisters, yet my body is still dying.  My body is dead and decaying.  Even though I am not in the grave, I still feel like I am.”  I smiled and started laughing.  “I feel like I am one of ‘the dead in Christ’.”  I then let out a big sigh and looked into His eyes.

Jesus: “Then rise, Erin, rise up and shine!”

Me: “Yes, Lord, but I can do nothing without You leading the way.  I love You, Lord, and I am hurting.  Please, please, please show me how to rise!”

He smiled and nodded in agreement as He stood up. He then took my hand and brought me up to Him.

Jesus: “Come with Me to the fountain.  My Fountains are in you also.  Now, come.”

Received on Thursday, April 13th, 2017 (Visit 3)…

Jesus brought me to the edge of the beautiful round pond. The fountain in the middle had many layers of spouting water.

Jesus: “Now, Erin, come and drink as this is Good Water.”

He smiled and motioned for me to take a drink. I bent down and momentarily noticed my reflection in the water.  As I looked down, I reached up and touched my face as I watched my reflection.  Tears started to stream down my cheeks and I saw myself touch one of my tears in the ‘mirror’ of the water.  He then talked to me so tenderly.

Jesus: “Please, Erin, drink.”

Me: “Oh Lord, thank You.  Thank You for Your promises and the promise of this place.  Oh, thank You so much for this place so that we can be here with You.  Yes, yes, Lord, I will gladly drink!”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Wait.  Better yet, please allow Me.”

He reached down with both hands and cupped some water into His hands. He raised His hands to my mouth and I drank from them as if they were a cup.  I could feel the water going through out my insides.  I could feel it in every single part of my body.

Me: I smiled and laughed.  “Oh Lord, this is the Living Water, right?”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, straight from My cup.”

He smiled as we looked at His hands. He then reached down to the water and playfully splashed me.  I splashed Him back and we both started to laugh.  I then became serious and sad again.  Jesus looked over at me and gave me such a sympathetic and comforting smile that it defied comparison.

Me: “Lord, if people only knew just how wonderful You are, they…”  I started to cry in gratitude.  “…well, there is no one like You.  What You have done for us and what You have prepared for us here.  Oh Lord, I just wish people knew just how wonderful Your heart is.  It is perfect!  You are perfect!  You love us.  You even love me.  I am in awe and wonder over all that You have done from beginning to end.  Thank You!”

Jesus: “But remember, Erin, you have only seen a tiny fraction of all that is waiting here.  You are a witness to My Love.  Although few read this right now, I have written this story, My Story, on the tablet of your heart.  There is also a Book that very few now read that also shows My love for My Bride.  This is much the same as the verses that I have often pointed you to.”

Me: I instantly knew what He was referring to.  “Oh, the Book is the Song of Solomon and the Scripture is Psalm 45.”

Jesus: “Erin, you are a bride and you represent what a bride, My Bride, is to Me.  You are precious and honored in My sight and I delight in you.  My Fountains are in you and your candle, your Lamp, burns brightly.  You look for Me and you wait for Me.”  He smiled at me knowingly.

Me: “Yes, Lord, but not very patiently, I’m afraid.”

I shook my head at myself and He laughed.

Jesus: “Yes, but you are in anticipation of a big celebration and the excitement of My coming for you, the excitement and the promise of all of this.  It is okay.  It is well.”

Me: “So, You are not disappointed in my anxiousness and impatience?”

Jesus: “Well, for your wellbeing, it is best to just trust Me.  I am coming for you and I will be coming soon.  However, in the meantime, I have something wonderful that I am sending ahead of Me.  It is a Gift sent ahead for the Bride to be delivered by the angels.  This is special and will delight you.

“When you receive My Gift for My Bride, you will know that I will not forget you. I always come for what is Mine, understand?  I also call out to those who are not Mine, but most refuse to hear Me.  Instead, their hearts run to another groom and their feet run to a different feast.”

Me: “Lord, I had something odd appear in a dream I had last night.  I heard a ‘bing’ that sounded quite similar to a ‘push notification’ on my tablet that normally alerts me to earthquakes or extreme weather that may have occurred or are occurring.  However, it was neither of those this time and I was deeply disturbed by the message on my tablet.D240 Pic 2

“I then went to my tablet, but noticed that ‘my’ tablet was no longer mine. Even my server had changed and only certain Apps and information were now available.  It disturbed me.  ‘My’ tablet had then automatically translated some sentence of Middle Eastern origin, possibly Arabic, into English for me to read.  Lord, what did it mean?”

Jesus: “Well, this is written, so now look to Isaiah.”  I laughed as suddenly ‘Isaiah 14:12’ flashed right there in front of my eyes.  “Ancient Babylon worshipped the moon god.  Arabia is the daughter of Babylon.

“Now, Lucifer was an angel of light that had fallen into darkness and he is weakening the nations by using his weapons and instruments. The veil has now gone over the nations, but not for modesty, but rather for infliction.  Infliction is a punishing rod for slavery.  Now, what is slavery?”

Me: “Someone who is owned by another for their purposes.”

Jesus: “Well, it is worse than this.  Slaves are forced into obedience by their owners, masters or oppressors.  They are captives.”

Me: “What does this dream mean, Lord?”

Jesus: “Well, it is going to get hot, and unbearably so, for most.  However, Erin, I give you refreshing cool water to drink, the Living Water, so do not be afraid.  Many will perish for lack of water.”

Me: “Lord, may I ask You a question?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Proceed.”

Me: “Jesus, You are the ‘Rising Son’, but are You not also the ‘Morning Star’?  I mean the ‘real’ Morning Star?”

Jesus: “Hmm, great question.  Well, there were many translations of the Word and some may seem confusing, but perhaps they really are not.”  He smiled.  “Now, let Me explain.  Lucifer, when he was still in Heaven, was a bright ‘morning star’.  However, when he fell from Heaven like lightning, his flame was extinguished.  Now I am the ‘Morning Star’, understand?”

“Well, Erin, you no longer have to be confused about this.” He good naturedly laughed as He looked into my eyes and I smiled.  “Now, to those who ask for wisdom concerning this, then I will give this to them.  Now, Erin, when is the sky the darkest?”

Me: “Right before the breaking of the dawn.”

Jesus: “Yes, and a bright Light has come to remove the darkness.  Now, there are many references to the roots of Babylon.  Do you see, hidden there in plain sight on their banners, both the moon as a crescent and a star?  However, there is a difference as I am the Son of God and the Savior of the world, not the ‘destroyer who comes to rob, kill and destroy’.

“Now, you were given this dream in order to dig deeper and to understand the times that you are in. Now, Who is the real and bright ‘Morning Star’?  Who is the ‘Dawn Breaking’?  Who is the ‘Everlasting Light’?”

Me: I became excited.  “Why, it is You, Jesus!  You are!  Lord, I feel different in my heart today.  I love this time with You so much.  You are wonderful!”

Jesus: “I have given you several things today to pray about, things that I have placed on your heart.  Know that there is a counterfeit to everything that is good.  The adversary seeks confusion.  The veil over the land is oppressive and will be a type of desensitizer.  It will make people unable to discern or realize what is happening until it is too late.”

Me: “Oh, do You mean like paralyzing snake venom?”

Jesus: Nodding.  “This is exactly what it is like.  I gave you a vision of this before.  The snake slowly swallows the victim whole while he is still alive.  He is unable to free himself as he cannot move.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, but You can free him!  You can!”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Yes, Erin, I can.  Erin, My Spirit is in you, so do not be afraid.  In a little while, I am going to shake the ‘heavens’ and the Earth, both the sea and the dry land.  I will shake all of the nations.  You must not fear as I am with you.”

Me: “Lord, I know that this time is soon.  I will try to not be afraid.  Please strengthen us.”

Jesus: “Do not worry, Erin, as you will not be shaken in the way that you think.  My Gift is soon to come.  Keep your Lanterns burning, even in the watches of darkness.”

He smiled as He reached over and hugged me. I felt so safe in His arms.

Dream over…

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