Dream 244 – God speaks of our enemies in His Courts

Received on Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Dear Father,

Today, I am feeling older than 54. I overexerted myself yesterday and now I ache.  I thank You, Father, for keeping me here a bit longer.  I thank You for the gift of sitting beside You.

I thank You for Your Courts and the glimpses of where we will one day live. On days like today, I wish for Home, I wish for You, Father, Your healing Words, Your rolling laughter and the comfort of Your power and omnipotence.  Thank You for everything.

Father, I am in awe of the things You share with me. I am in awe that You would consider me at all.  With my pain comes overwhelming discouragement.  The enemy, my enemies, revels in their victories and I languish in suffering from their effects.

Please do not forget me, Father. Please remember me.  I think of You all day long and even in my dreams.  I search for You.  Please forgive me when worldly troubles come and I worry.  I know that You, Father, are ultimately in control.  I have removed myself further from things that seem to be but a chasing.

Father, we have been under severe attack from all angles just as You had told me that we would be. We are being attacked with sickness.  Our transportation, finances, family, children and spirituality are all being attacked.  Just when I feel that we are being blessed and in Your favor, the attacks come again.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was at the door to God’s Court and Uriel greeted me in full armor.

Uriel: “The King requests your presence, Erin.”

Me: “Uriel, you have been in battle.”

Uriel: “Yes, Erin, there is a major battle surrounding the land and I must go back.  I have only returned here to bring you to God this day.  It is a difficult time for many, Erin.  There is a stronghold over great territories.”

Me: “Are you winning?”

Uriel: “Since God is in control, victory is assured, but there is still a war.  The enemies of God do not just surrender.  If they do, aside from what is written, do not believe such a trick as surely this is designed to overcome you.  It is false and a great deception.”

Me: “So, are the angels now aggressive towards the enemies of God?”

Uriel: “By the command of God, we are still on the defensive right now.  We are thwarting the enemy’s schemes and enforcing God’s boundaries on him.”

Me: “How can God’s enemies go outside of His Will?”

Uriel: “They do not play by the rules set forth, so we are there to strike down attacks that do not align with God’s Clock and Calendar.  They are now hastening various means of attacks to deter God’s elect and discourage many.  They understand that the hour is late and have used trickery.”

Me: “But does God not know everything?”

Uriel: “Yes, but time continues.  God has a plan and the enemy is opposed to His plan.  The enemy has now built up counteroffensives that we have been removing.  However, God is growing tired of the rebellious and is soon to punish the land under their feet as evil continues to pursue the righteous.  Though God is angry, He is also never surprised by the wicked, understand?”

Me: “I think so.”

Uriel: “Erin, God is with you.  You worry too much.  However, this is understandable from your low vantage point.  Now, come, as God requests your presence.”

Uriel reached over, put salve in my eyes and brought me through God’s door into His Court. I could hear choirs of angels.  He then brought me as far as I could go and then, at a certain point, I simply had to drop straight to my knees.  Uriel stood behind me as I knelt before the Throne of God.

I wept with my head down and even as I write. I prayed for forgiveness over coveting, partnering with the world, being of the world and not obeying God’s principles and laws meant to prosper us.  As my husband recently said, we sometimes treat the ‘Ten Commandments’ more like the ‘Ten Suggestions’.

I then heard the clamor and shuffling of chains. As I looked to my left, I saw a very long line.  The line was three people across and hundreds of people deep.  They were being led into the Court by angels with full armor, but different than their battle armor.

The people wept, cursed and moaned as they were forced to go before God. While they were still dressed in worldly clothing, each looked as if they had either been in storms, oil and tar or had experienced brutal punishment.

To say they least, none of the people looked clean. Though Uriel and I were still standing right there with them, the people in the line did not seem to notice us.  While I was unsure, I thought that I recognized some of the people in line.

The angels then gave a shout and the people immediately all fell to their knees. I heard the angels shout again as another angel went row by row waving his arm.  When he did this, the people’s lips loosened and they all began to confess.

Uriel: Speaking quietly just over my shoulder.  “Erin, these are your accusers.  These are those who curse you continuously at the mere mention of your name.”

Me: “But, Uriel, I do not recognize many of them, if any.”

Uriel: “These are soon to come and even more so.  Look, the line does not end.”

I looked over towards the door that they were coming in from and saw that there were more and more still lining up.

Me: “Oh, wow, this is sad.”

Uriel: “Erin, now look over here.”

I then saw a second door with many people that I recognized, but also some that I did not recognize. I saw people there from the beginning of my life and right up until now.  The people in this line were being lined up in pairs.  As I inspected this line more closely, I soon recognized more and more people.  It seemed that these were people that had aided and abetted my main enemies.

Uriel then brought my attention to a third door that was even closer to God’s Throne than the second door. The people coming through this door were in single file and the lineup was extremely long.  There were so many people that I recognized there.  I was then shocked to see many other people there as well, many I did not recognize.

Me: “Who are the people in this line that I do not recognize?”

Uriel: “These are the people who were instrumental in both your loss of function and in the breaking of your heart.  These are the people who were set on your destruction, your death and/or your poverty, all for revenge.  These are the people who stole so much from you.  Each of these people will now confess to their part in robbing you.  Each one must state their case before God solely on the truth.

“Now, look over there. This is a type of movie screen.  This is where Jesus stands before God.  Also standing over there right next to these people is the enemy.  The enemy delights in their destruction and has no loyalty to any of them.  No matter how much loyalty some of these people had for the enemy, the enemy has no loyalty at all.

“Now, as your enemies approach God, they will have no choice but to confess before Him on their knees. The entire truth will then play on this screen so that all those in the Court will also see how the other two groups participated in all of this.

“Now, this third door, the one that is closest to God, contains your blacksmiths. The second door contains all those who aided your blacksmiths.  The first door contains all those who aided all of them.  Many at the first door had done this by bending an eager ear to gossip, using eager lips to spread lies or both.

“Most in this third group is related to your ministry, the dreams and visions that God has given you. Now, many will receive forgiveness as they will plead for mercy.  Those in the third door, your blacksmiths, already had many chances to, but did not.”

I then looked up and saw my birth name and photo appear on the screen. An angel then recited my aliases to the people out loud.  As he did, I heard moans, screams and curses, followed by weeping.  There was a stench as well.  There were people associated with each bridge of my life weeping and gnashing their clenched teeth.

It was quite painful to then see various things on the screen as I had no idea that some of these things had ever happened. It was horrible.  However, just as quickly as I saw an image, it was quickly erased from my memory.  These images faded so quickly from my memory that I had no time or ability to write any of them down.

Me: “Uriel, what is happening?”

Uriel: “These memories, these parts of your history, were shielded from you.  Erin, God only gives you what you are able to handle.  Many a man or woman, like you, will have this, but most of their lines of enemies are short in comparison.

“Your lines are very long as the enemy has never stopped his wars upon you. He has sent trouble upon you like rain.  He has sent trouble upon you like an ocean, with wave after wave after wave sweeping over you.  The enemy has never stopped.  Just as the oceans do not sleep at night, neither has the enemy.”

Me: “Uriel, this has been a difficult life for us.”

Uriel: “I know, Erin.  While it seems as if your attacks do not stop and will continue, just know that God sees them all and will soon vindicate you.”

God: “Erin…”

I quickly bowed down.

God: “All of your enemies are before Me just as you see them now.  They are before Me.  Calamity has come upon you for your entire life, yet you remain here and you seek Me.  Therefore, I will grant you what you seek and that which you ask.”

Me: Crying.  “Father, it would bring me no joy to see You destroy my enemies.  The thought of them, along with the misery and shame that came with this, makes me sick…”  I then added with a smile.  “…and I am still not sure about half the Kingdom.”

“Father, something is on my heart. Could You make right all that my enemies have taken from us?  I cannot be God over them, but, Father, You can.  Could You heal my children?  Could You heal me both inside and out?”

“Father, could You spread these dreams to those who hunger, thirst and want to know You and Jesus better? You have created, through me, a giant love letter to the lost, the weary and those broken in spirit.

“I never knew how truly awesome You are until You called me into relationship with You. Please do not take me Home until I am able to help others see You for the incredible Father and awesome God that You are!  I pray that I have not asked for too much.”

God: “Erin, this was already granted, as well as your field.  Do not worry.”

I heard someone moan just after God spoke of the field that He had promised to soon give me.

Me: “Who was that moaning?”

God: “Would you not moan at the mention of your guilt before God if you sought to justify it?  I own the land and everything in it.  The stars are mine.  The moon and the sun are mine.  Who can argue and say, ‘Hey, that’s mine, bought and paid for’?  No one can say this.

“I sent My Son to send Good News that the Noteholder has released their guilt and removed their sins. I even gave My Son as a blood sacrifice.  Even then, they continue to live contrary to My Commandments.”

Me: “Are You the Noteholder?”

God: “Yes.  I sent My Son and, by His Blood, He became ransom to set the captives free.  Many then went straight from prison and into the darkness to continue their sin.  Now, as you can see in My Court, those who are before Me now owe Me a great debt.  I have called in their note.

“I have recorded their transgressions and have bound them up in chains. Here they are.  Many claim to know Me, yet they do not know My Son.  If they have the Holy Spirit speaking knowledge and wisdom to them, then they are deaf and have rejected My Counsel.  So, here they are.  Now, who will stand up for this one?”

Suddenly, I saw a man that I could now barely recognize, but had treated me and my children so unfairly from many years ago. I noticed that not one person spoke up for him and that Jesus was no longer there.  Suddenly, the man started to bargain with God.

Man: “I have done this for you.  I did this…”  He began to list several items.

God: “Because you have harmed many in My Name when I had not called you to do this, you claimed yourself ‘god’ over the innocent.  You have failed to recognize the effects of the harm you have done.  I have called you many times to turn from your wickedness, to repent in brokenness to Me and to seek and accept My Son, but you refused.

“Therefore, I do not hear you and your pleading falls on deaf ears. You had no compassion on those who are Mine.  Several times, you were able to prevent harm.  You acted as judge and jury, yet never once administered fair justice on their behalf.  You favored the evil and caused them countless harm.  Just as you judged, you too will be judged.  You are removed from My sight until your day of judgment.  Next…”

Just then, another man, shaking uncontrollably, began to confess many horrible things.

God: “Enough, it is too late.  No more, I am finished.”

God then put this aside and went back to addressing me.

God: “Erin, I will continue in My Courts, but you needed to know that I love you, I have not left you, I will not forsake you and that I grant good gifts to those that I love.”

Me: “Father, this makes me sad.  It is difficult to witness.”

God: “While I am the God of justice and mercy, those here have forsaken Me and rejected My Son.  Therefore, I do not know them.  I have reserved a place for them until the time of judgment.  They will reside with the sons of Moloch and those who do all kinds of evil.

“Now, things are about to change. I love you and have something wonderful planned for you and your household.  I will heal your broken heart and comfort you.  You will help many even as your lines of enemies steadily increase.”

Me: “Then I give all of my enemies to You, Father, in Jesus’ Name.”

God: Laughing.  “Very well, Erin, I have them.  Their life is not their own and, just as your life has been given to Me in surrender, they still cling to theirs.  I will rescue you from their clutches.”

Uriel brought me to my feet.

Dream over…


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