Dream 245 – God, Uriel and the Parade of Clouds

Received on Monday, May 22, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for my family and friends.  I am so blessed to still be here to see my children grow with each passing day.  I cannot thank You enough for all that You have done from beginning to end.

Yesterday, You called me to 2 Samuel 22, David’s prayer to You. I spent time on each line in remembrance of all that You have done for me and my house.  Next to each sentence, You placed on my heart various remarkable dates.

I definitely saw a pattern of lamenting. First, my tests, then my trials and then me pleading to You for mercy.  In hindsight, there was also a pattern of You calling for me to pray Your Will over my enemies in order to release them, and my worries, from my hands over to Your hands.

I now realize that, by my action of carrying the weight or yoke of what had been done to me, but especially to my children, I had replaced Your unlimited sovereign power over them with my extremely limited personal power over them. In other words, by my own inability to release the actions of my enemies over to You through forgiveness, I had created an open door whereby my enemies could continue to inflict harm on us.

Father, when I had believed that You were not noticing what my enemies were continuing to do to us, I began to lose hope. I would then bury my hope altogether.  Later, and after great attacks and me helpless with no end in sight, I would finally fall to my knees and ask You for forgiveness and to help me.

Every time I did this, You would then answer my cries and deliver us from harm. However, I also believe that I was the cause of many a delay due to my inability to trust in You fully to handle my problems.  When trouble came, I would often instead complain, ‘Lord, is there really still more in me that must be tested before I am freed?’

Well, now, today, as I stand before You, I am in awe of You. I take comfort in what You have promised.  I take comfort in Your divine justice and in how intricate You are.  I pray that my lips speak blessings and not curses on others.  I never thought I would ever be before Your Throne, Almighty Father.

Please forgive me for any trespasses I have done against others. I pray that, when I do come before You in Your Courts, You find me blameless.  I pray that I have confessed all of my evil before You and that I am then able to wear a gown of white.  One day, I pray that I will then be able to put on a garment of thanksgiving before You.

Father, I release all of my enemies, along with their schemes, to You. We have been under extreme attacks this spring, but we have really been under attack for many seasons.  Well, in reality, I cannot even recall any true time of peace in years and years.

That being said, I have had many a day of ‘false peace’. What I mean by this is that I would just finish enjoying a beautiful peaceful day only to find out the very next day that the enemy had launched several surprise attacks on me while I was blissfully unaware just the day before.

One such attack from almost seven years ago, in June of 2010, was so severe that it even affected my heart. The kids and I had planned a trip for June 26th through to July 4th, returning on July 5th.  This was to be the very first family vacation that I ever actually had the money to take them.

I had already arranged for time off from work and had booked a hotel for two nights at a place with a water park right next to us. We were going to go to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho first and then off to be with family the rest of the time we were out there.

It was now the day before June 26th and I was already fully prepared to leave for vacation.  After I was to pick up my daughter from school, I had then planned to pick up my boys from their dad’s.  The car was now packed for tomorrow and the four of us were so excited about heading off on our very first vacation together.

Well, our laughter and joy soon turned to sorrow thanks to the plots of their father, still my greatest enemy to this day. At 2:00pm on June 25th, 2010, the kids’ dad had strategically used the courts to serve a restraining order on me.  I was instantly no longer even allowed to have any contact with my sons.

A police officer served me the restraining order while I was at work and it was humiliating. However, this humiliation soon turned to so much stress that I vomited on the office floor.  Normally I could make it to a restroom first, but I simply could not stop it.  The room then began to spin all around me and I had to sit down before I fell.

The restraining order had come as a complete surprise to me. This man had lured me to move away from beautiful Bend, Oregon, to the desert, under a false pretense of peace and had waited for just this moment.  I suddenly realized this was really a well-orchestrated trap.  By foolishly trusting this man, I had fallen into his trap.

Once I gathered myself off of the floor, I quickly tried to phone the courthouse, but it was already closed. I tried everything that I could think of.  After asking around, I received a recommendation for a lawyer at a larger firm and I immediately called his office.

I reached the lawyer’s assistant as the lawyer was unavailable. I soon discovered that we both had kids that went to the same school.  After I explained the whole situation, he informed me as to why this restraining order had been specifically timed for today.

Assistant: “The timing of this restraining order is very strategic.  It was specifically timed so that the courts would not even be able to look at this more carefully until the middle of July.  We have seen this type of strategy used before.  This usually happens just before a major family vacation so that the other person is not able to have contact with their children.

“Now, I have to ask you a few questions relating to the restraining order. Have you ever been neglectful, a drug user or an alcoholic?  Are you a frequent dater with various men?  Do you have a criminal record?”

Me: “No!  I have never done any of these things.  I have never done anything to warrant any of this.  While the other side has been guilty of every single one of these things, I have not done any of them.”

Assistant: “Okay, this is good.  We require $5,000 immediately for us to start.  You will then need to find people who will stand up for your character.”

I felt like vomiting again. I could not even believe what I was hearing.  Needless to say, I quickly cancelled our vacation plans and our reservations.  I had no idea what to do next.  When I phoned friends that I knew would vouch for me, I found out that they were on vacation and unreachable.  It was summer break for their kids as well.

I quickly realized that my greatest enemy had just pulled off the sneak attack of the century. He had been so amicable to me leading up to this, but then unleashed his special brand of hell once it was time.  I did not have $5,000 for the lawyer.  I had just $1,500 to my name.  That was it!  I had ‘no hope and no way’!

When the paperwork finally arrived a few days later, my heart dropped when I read the magnitude of what had just come against me. There were so many lies and accusations in these documents that I still cannot even believe it.

After many painful days of crying out in despair, I was finally given the chance to go in front of a judge to plead my case. Once I was able to tell my side of the story, the restraining order was quickly thrown out and labeled as ‘menacing and without merit’.

Unfortunately, damage was still done and this was just the beginning of a major war. I was now forced to battle the enemy on his terms and on his turf.  This would soon drain everything from me, including both my health and all of my money.  I still cannot believe all that happened and it still hurts to recall these painful memories.

Father, though this battle was eventually won, it was not in the timing or way I had prayed for. However, all was perfect and all of my children are now with me here in the ‘Land of the Trees’.  They have been here with me, and completely legally, ever since the enemy signed them away on August 23rd, 2014.

This was the very day that You had promised it would happen many weeks before and was publicly disclosed on our website well in advance. This was to be on a Saturday no less and had made us wonder how this could even be.  You had told us to have our belongings moved on faith and that You would deliver us on August 23rd.

Father, You did just as You had promised. You have freed me and all of my children from my oppressor.  While this man still has contact with the children as per our legal agreement, we are just so thankful to You for limiting their time with him.

Okay, the Lord just helped me discover a really strange twist to this story! Without me realizing it until just today, the legal papers served to our enemy requesting the relocation of all of my children occurred on June 25th, 2014.  This was four years to the day from the day I had received the restraining order on June 25th, 2010.  Amazing!!

While my attorney in 2010 was ‘less than ideal’, this time, Father, You had sent us the perfect attorney. We soon found out that my enemy was now having trouble with his attorney, the very same attorney he had used on me back in 2010.

This was now turning out to be even better than any scene in any reality show on television. The Lord guided us as we launched a massive counteroffensive.  It was His time to have us shine!

Jesus then reassured me that we would win and that we would do so without even needing to go to court. While this seemed impossible given the years I had to spend in court the last time I battled this man, I fully trusted in what He had spoken to me.

While I did have to attend a court hearing, it was cancelled when my enemy’s attorney did not show. It turned out that he had a mysterious accident and was bedridden.  Interestingly, he had been in an accident that caused him to have the same physical symptoms as mine, symptoms that he had just openly mocked just days earlier.

Any court dates that were to happen after that were either canceled or delayed, each time by the opposition. We later found out that they were doing this to try to stall us until the start of a new school year in the desert.  Anyway, in the end, no court was required, just as God had promised.

While this was great news, all of this was still taking a toll on me. Not only was I now injured and in pain, but we were still living in my now hostile ex-employer’s rental property.  Even though I was in good standing and my rent was fully paid up, it was unsettling to now be living on enemy grounds.

As advised by my lawyer, I made sure that I kept to myself and completely stayed off of social media. Unlike last time, many people were actually home and available to come forward to vouch for my character.  Many of these people were common to me and my enemy.  It felt wonderful to have so many people come forward on our behalf.

My former employer had now become increasingly hostile and had even teamed up with my enemy. I then hired a different attorney to fight my ex-employer and we quickly sent them a cease and desist letter.  The letter worked and had enough teeth in it to hold off their threats and slander.

Here is the amazing part about my ex-employer becoming one of my enemies. Just a few weeks before my injury, my recorded performance review contained glowing reviews and praises.  Yet, somehow, due to my injury, they then decided to falsely accuse me of so many ridiculous things that they ended up contradicting themselves.

It was now August 22nd and we were still prisoners.  My oldest son had now told both his father and his grandmother that he absolutely wanted to move with us.  This infuriated my enemy even more.  We decided to pray together.  We asked God to have mercy on us and to force ‘pharaoh’ to allow us to flee ‘Egypt’.

It worked and God did the miraculous! He even had this all work out by my enemy’s initiation and all with NO COURT!  He signed away all of the children on the morning of August 23rd, 2014, a Saturday no less, and it was all legally binding!  While my accident has continued to be painful and has changed my life, the Lord used this to get us out of the desert and into the ‘Land of the Trees’.

While his attorney later made him realize the error of signing the release document, God stopped him from coming after us. Despite our victory, he was still arrogantly confident that I would soon fail at my marriage and that we would then be left destitute and homeless.  At the very least, he was confident that the kids would soon realize their ‘mistake’ of moving with me and beg him to let them come ‘home’.

Oh, how wrong he was! He failed to see that our Father was on my side, not his!  While God had also been ‘for me’ last time too, my time of hammering was no longer needed this time and He freed me.  We made it out of the desert and into the ‘Land of the Trees’.  Thank You, Father!

I must admit that life has never been easy for me. Enemy after enemy has risen up.  Even after God delivers us, the enemy still remains to pursue us and he has, over and over again.  Even as I wrote this last sentence, I just received an alert from the insurance company that they have once again rejected payment for my medical treatment travel expenses.

While this entity continues to force me to jump through hoops to get treatment, they then pull the rug out from under us at the last second. Father, please deliver us from this institution once and for all.  By law, I am unable to seek medical treatment on my own accord, so please close this and deliver me from this corrupt enemy.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was overlooking a beautiful valley teaming with spectacular flowers, colorful birds and amazing animals. Instead of being timid as they would be on Earth, the animals ran openly, grazed in the meadows and drank from the springs, all without any fear at all.

The sky was a beautiful blue dotted with pretty white clouds. I started to laugh when I noticed that the clouds were actually shaped like animals and moving as if in a parade.  I laughed even harder when I realized that God had created this sky show just for me.  The intricate details in these clouds were amazing and had no earthly comparison.

I had such joy here as I was no longer in pain. I felt young again and noticed that my hands were perfect and wrinkle free.  I ran over to take a drink of water from a nearby spring pouring out from a rock.  As I came closer to the spring, I noticed that the little confit pot was there and was already filled with fresh cool water.

Before going back to sit in the grass to continue watching God’s ‘Amazing Cloud Show’, I drank and drank. I shook my head and laughed again when I noticed that the entire cloud parade had paused to allow me to drink some water and settle in.

After I sat down and got comfortable, the parade of clouds immediately continued. I watched the clouds form into a ewe that gave birth to a lamb.  The ewe soon faded away, but the lamb remained.  The lamb soon ‘walked off course’, but a massive hand with a shepherd’s hook quickly pulled her back onto the path.

I could tell there was some movement around me, so I looked around. I noticed that all of the small animals in the valley and next to me were now sitting and looking up at the cloud parade with me.  I only then realized that the sound of the animals being excited had come exactly when they had witnessed the lamb being guided back onto the path.

I laughed with joy as I started to realize just how different the animals are here in Heaven compared to those on Earth. While they are much more friendly, smarter and interactive here, it somehow still feels perfectly natural and, well, perfectly perfect!

As I continued to enjoy watching all of the adorable animals, a small furry chinchilla like animal came up to me. This adorable ball of cuteness looked up at me, then looked at my lap and then looked back up at me again.

Me: Laughing.  “Do you want to sit on my lap?”  It moved its head up and down as if to say ‘yes’.  I laughed and smiled.  “Well, come on up then!”

It climbed up on my lap and rolled over on its back to view the Cloud Show. As I gently patted its soft tummy, I realized that doing so made me so…happy!!  I looked back up at the sky and suddenly realized that it had once again been paused for me to allow me to settle in and get all comfortable again.  I laughed and thanked God for this.

The clouds ‘started up’ again and showed the lamb changing into various stages of its life. At each stage, I saw a different predator come after the lamb.  However, the predators became larger and more ferocious each time.  I was actually amazed at how disproportionate in size and number these predators were in comparison to the lamb.

We watched as each time the predator’s ‘jaws of death’ looked like they were just about to swallow the little lamb whole, a massive sword always came at the last moment and cut down the predator. Every time that the predator cloud shape was cut in half, it would start fading away and then soon completely disappear.

The lamb soon grew into a ewe herself. I then watched as she gave birth; first to one lamb, then two and then to a third lamb.  I then watched as even more predators, now in the shapes of wolves, joined together to try and remove each of the lambs.  However, each time they went to attack, God’s sword cut them down and they quickly dispersed.

I cried with joy at seeing God’s power in cutting these enemies down. The animals witnessing this with me spun around, danced and jumped for joy as each wolf was cut in half.  They seemed just as overjoyed by each victory as I was.

After this, I saw a sheep fold form, but soon even more wolves came. However, God formed a type of dome cover.  The sheep were now protected by a dome that looked similar to a giant bubble blown from soap.  I became overjoyed again when I saw that the protected sheep were now increasing in number much faster than the wolves were.

I lifted my hands in praise to God and thanked Him for this awesome show of hope. As I worshipped Him with all of my heart, I felt a hand gently touch my shoulder.  I looked over and there was Uriel standing there in his full armor.

Uriel: Smiling.  “So, Erin, are you enjoying the show?”

Me: “Oh yes!  I guess my head is in the clouds…counting sheep…and maybe some of the wolves too.”

Uriel: Laughing.  “Greater is He Who is with the Sheep, the Shepherd, than he who is against them, the wolves.”

Me: “The wolves are many.”

Uriel: “Yes, but they are no longer enemies here in Heaven.  They are no longer predators here.”

He pointed down towards the valley and there, in the distance, I could see a den of wolves. They were beautiful and playful.  They were in friendly interaction with the other animals and definitely were not hunting them.  There was no fear here at all.

Me: “Wow, there are wolves here in Heaven?”

Uriel: “Yes, Erin, and there are lions and bears here as well.  However, they have no need to hunt for unsuspecting prey here.  This is a peaceful valley without fear of bloodshed and sudden destruction.  Now, Erin, the King, God, requests your presence.”

I quickly jumped up to my feet. Uriel reached over for my hand and we were instantly in front of God’s Door.

Uriel: Smiling.  “Erin, look up.”

I looked up towards the sky and noticed that all of the clouds were now bathed in shining gold. I then saw the clouds form into golden sheep that were now very strong looking.

Me: “Uriel, what does this mean?”

Uriel: “Things are soon to change for many of you.  God has sent angels concerning you.  His recompense is with Him.  Schemes are crafted in the darkness and give birth to destruction. However, you are not to fear as God sees what the wicked do in secret and will not prosper their evil plans against you.”

Me: “Uriel, I just want freedom from all of them.  I am not comfortable in rejoicing in their demise.  I have been a victim of the schemes of the wicked since my youth.  During most of these times, I completely lacked knowledge and Godly wisdom.”

Uriel: “Erin, God just showed you that He already knows this, that your name is still written on the palm of His hand and that you are ever before Him.  He has never forgotten you.  He created the clouds before you and your story is now even written on the tablet of the sky.

“More importantly, His love story to you is also written on the tablet of His heart. You are loved, Erin.  He does not sit like a young hungry lion waiting for you to sin or make a mistake.  He does not look to pounce and tear you to shreds and devour you, leaving your carcass to the vultures.  This is not the character of God.

“Even though, at times, you are left to wonder about what is coming next as it appears that the enemy has victory after victory against you, do not worry. God has a plan and soon their dancing will be turned into mourning.  Now, God requests your presence.”

He reached over and put something like Vaseline over my eyes. He then brought me through God’s Door and into His Courts.  The music was beautiful and unlike anything here on Earth.  I could hear a choir of angels singing in perfect harmony.

Angels: “Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty, glorious is He and worthy to be praised!  To God be the glory forever more!  Hallelujah, hallelujah, forever and ever, hallelujah, hallelujah!”

The music went straight into my body and flowed through my veins and muscles. Even my very bones could feel their worship song.  As I listened, Uriel brought me as close as he could to the Throne.  My knees soon buckled right there on the Sea of Glass.  I put my head down and praised Him for quite some time.

I thanked Him for saving me from the enemy’s countless schemes. I thanked Him for removing us to a spot where our enemies were unable to hurt us like they were still continuously plotting to.  I then thanked Him in advance for the healing He has promised.

Me: “Father, I am so sorry for not trusting in You fully.  All of this trouble has made it so hard to see all the good that has come from all that You have done for us.  I am so sorry for burying my hope.  Please, please, Father, please forgive me.”

God: “Erin, you are forgiven.  You are not here on trial.  Although the enemy pursues you just like he did My servant, David, you are here with Me.”

My attention was drawn back to the three doors, the same ones I had just seen in my previous dream. They were sitting there to my left.

God: “Your enemies are on the wrong side of My Court and come through those doors instead.  The guilty do not come before the Judge willingly and by personal invitation like you do, but are instead summoned by force.  The sounds of their voices are like noise and clamor to Me.  Their stench does not please Me, so their time here is swift.

“You, Erin, come to My Door by invitation. While it is good to fear Me, you are not to be afraid of Me.  While one should be in fear of Me when in sin, they should not be in fear of Me when doing what they have been called to do for My purposes.

“Now, I know that, at times, you think that perhaps you have sinned and are out of My favor. Erin, you are not.  You are being used as a unit of measure.  While I also use evil against evil as a measure at times, I measure wicked men, and women, by their actions against My elect.

“Erin, I do not repay evil with good nor do I promote their schemes to further their course. While I allow the wicked to prosper, I do so only within My perimeters and within that which has been foretold.  While the wicked then receives that which the world offers, remember that this will be their only reward.

“Erin, though you have lost the world, you have gained eternity here. While the time you have had in the world has gone swiftly, especially when evil seems to prevail, I tell you the truth, Erin, the wicked do not reside here.  Those who do not turn from evil and repent before Me in humility are far removed from Me.

“Each day, the wicked are more and more pleased with themselves even as the evidence against them mounts. One day soon, they will wake up and be in shock when those they have been inflicting have been removed from harm just like the clouds you just saw.”

Me: “Father, things are now accelerating so rapidly.  It seems that evil is now the main course and that there is very little good left.”

God: “Erin, you have been shown the schemes of the wicked.  The enemy would now have you distracted as he knows that I will soon call you to something even greater.  Soon you will understand.  Now, speak of your recent dreams.”

Me: “Yes, Father.  On May 14th, You made me aware of some trouble coming.  I discovered something, but, really, You showed me.  I do not know if this is for now or for another time.  However, I have been having a hard time writing about this out of fear.  I am sorry.

“The first thing You showed me was from an article from a Muslim prayer site. As the organization sponsoring this site is supposedly ‘peaceful’ and ‘mainstream’, I was not expecting to see anything dramatic.  As I looked at the picture included with the article, I was slightly puzzled as to why You would have me continue to look there.  It was then that I suddenly saw the ‘item’ attached to the boy just above his ‘praying’ hands.

D245 Pic 1

“I quickly took a screenshot. I then watched as several comments were then made below the image about how great the article was.  Finally, after about two days, someone commented about the explosives strapped to the boy.  Within a few hours after the comment, the picture was replaced with an uncontroversial one.”

NOTE:  After this dream was finished, I was later shown a congratulations message to the terrorist that murdered dozens of people, mostly children, at a recent Ariana Grande concert that I was led to add.  This was such a horrific event, yet the people running this site took noticeable glee in their deaths.

D245 Pic 2

“I also had a dream the night before last and I was off to a gala. I was wearing black mismatched shoes.  One was a winter clog and the other was a black tennis shoe.  It was only then that I suddenly realized that I could have been wearing beautiful sandals the whole time instead.”

God: “Look at it this way instead.  Beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News no matter what they are wearing on their feet.  Even though you will soon travel to many places, you will still feel a bit unworthy for your call.  However, do not worry, Erin, as I will equip you properly in all that you do.  I also have plans to heal you soon.”

Me: “Thank You, Father.  The left side of my face and arm are now numb.  It feels as if I had just been to the dentist.  This is very uncomfortable for me.”

God: “I will do everything I have promised in its time and in a short, short while.  Now, there is even greater trouble coming to ‘your land’ as the enemy has begun portioning off ‘the land’.  Now, look down there.”

God split the Sea of Glass to show the Earth below us. I somehow then knew I was to look directly towards the Middle East.

God: “Erin, this is Babylon.”

An area of land quite near to Israel lit up. However, I somehow knew that He was also referring to Islam in its entirety.

God: “Erin, this is the ‘Land of the Ten Leaders’.”

Me: “But, Father, I thought that the USA was Babylon.”

God: “Yes, but it is a different type of Babylon and more like Tyre.  Now, it is important for you to write clearly all that you soon will be shown.”

Me: “Father, I stumbled on an Islamic website about a week ago, but I now believe that You had actually sent me there.  I discovered something there that I do not believe many saw.  I saw a photo and a countdown showing that there were only a few days left, but to what?

“Israel will be celebrating the Jubilee of Jerusalem soon, on May 24th.  The President and his cabinet will also be there at the same time.  The Palestinians have called for a ‘Day of Rage’ while they are visiting Bethlehem.

“I am worried and have been praying for Israel and the USA ever since. I believe that, either this year or next, but perhaps even tomorrow, something might happen.”

God: “While you are wise to take note, Erin, remember that I am here sitting on the Throne and know about every deal that is made in secret.  Now, a long time ago, you were shown swift horses as the enemy descended upon Jerusalem like a cloud.”

Me: “Yes, Father.  A contract went out and was signed against her.  Was the USA recently tricked?”

God: “This is enough for today.  I will remove your enemies and provide for you all that I have promised and more.  You will see walls removed.  You will then focus on that which I reveal and deal less with your trouble.  I have found favor with you.  I love you.”

Me: “I love You, Father.”

Uriel brought me to God’s Door. I decided to turn back around towards the direction of the Throne.  While I could not see God, the light from Him shined bright.  I was in tears.

Me: Crying.  “Thank You, Father, for opening Your Door for me.”

I then put my hand over my heart and curtsied towards Him. I heard the roll of His laughter.  I felt that this had made Him happy, almost like an offering of sorts.

God: Laughing.  “Erin, you will always come through this door, not through those other doors, so do not worry.”

As Uriel took me out of the Door, I turned around again and waved goodbye, but really ‘see You again soon’.

Uriel: Directing my attention back to him.  “Now, Erin, this is important.  Several things you have been shown are interwoven and are significant.”

Me: “Yes, Uriel.  I have composed a list of things that I have noticed recently:

  • Ramadan starts in five days and there is a plot in place.
  • Palestine has called for a ‘Day of Rage’ during the President’s visit to Bethlehem.
  • There is a great celebration in Israel as this is the 50th Year of Jerusalem, the Jubilee. This is when God delivered Jerusalem back to the Jews.
  • The President, his family and his cabinet will all be there to take part in the celebrations.
  • North Korea has stepped up their provocations.
  • The USA is now divided, politically and racially, like no other time in history.
  • Recently, the weather has been extremely bad.
  • I have been shown that we will soon experience record heat as God will be turning up the heat to batter the land.
  • I see resources being stripped, along with crops and communications. I see downed electrical lines. This all looks like this could be for this summer.
  • I see problems with travel.

“I have had several dreams about all of this and have asked God to allow my kids to stay home this summer. I have prayed that they will be unable to travel or that my enemy simply does not want to have them come this time.  Uriel, I feel that so much is not right with the world right now.”

Uriel: “Yes, Erin, there are epic battles taking place.  However, there are many more soon, very soon, to come.  I am still in my battle gear for a reason.  We are heading off several enemy breaches right now.  The heaviness you feel in the atmosphere around you is due to all of this taking place right now.

“Now, be careful of what you believe as truth via communications received from ‘the world’. Very little they now say is the truth.  The rules have changed and much more is now permissible, even though most of it is not beneficial.  Your only trusted Source is to now be the Word of God and the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, God’s Voice in you.

“Now, be careful about using the web. Remember the size of the spider that controls the web.  Michael is battling this ‘spider’ right now, along with several of us.  As soon as several areas of attack are cut down, new ones instantly spring forth in their place.

“Erin, you must put everything before God. Pray over your devices and remind your household of the dangers.  Be diligent, Erin, as there is an epic battle that continues.  You will soon be called into even greater service.

“Yes, Erin, you are a type of soldier, but, even more importantly, you are a Bride. Just remember that the Groom always sends Gifts ahead before He comes for her, okay?”

I must have still looked a bit worried despite his reassurances as Uriel then smiled at me and gently placed a reassuring hand onto my shoulder. I nodded in agreement.

Me: “Okay, Uriel.”

Uriel: “Do not worry.  The times of the prophets, that which is written, is soon coming to pass.  You will see it unfold and be amazed.”

Me: “Uriel, did the Lord send the beautiful little Kingfisher to my bird feeder earlier today?”

Uriel: Smiling.  “Yes, Erin.  Remember that everything Good and Holy only comes from God.  If He is surely in the big things, then He is surely also in the small things.  He delights in you.  When you smile, it makes His heart glad.”

Me: “Please tell Him to send more, okay?”

Uriel: Laughing.  “Erin, tell Him yourself.  His Door is always open to You.”

I looked over to God’s Door and it was open. I wanted to walk back, but looked over at Uriel first.  He smiled and gave me an approving nod.  I opened the door slightly and looked towards the bright light as best I could.  I knew God was there, but still could not see Him through the indescribably intense brightness.

Me: Smiling.  “Father, thank You for sending the Kingfisher.  Oh, yes, and thank You for all of the little chickadees as well.”

God: I heard rolling laughter.  “You are very welcome, Erin.  I will send even more.”

Dream over…


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