Dream 246 – Jesus, John 15 to 17 and Buried Hope

Received on Thursday, June 1, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for all that we have.  Thank You for the peace of having my children here with me.  Thank You for having my husband’s children with us also.  Thank you for our home in a beautiful place.

Even though spring came late here in our region, the promise of summer has come quickly and the blossoming trees are now turning to green. Today, I give You a heart of extreme gratitude.  I love You, Father!

You protect us and sustain us. Your laws and gentle rebukes keep us on the Good Path.  Your Words are like diamonds, treasures on the journey of life.  You are my greatest Treasure!  You are my Father, my Friend and my Counsellor.  Everything that You do and/or allow is for the benefit of our hearts.  Your treasure is our hearts.

I have been running from You lately. I have been running away from coming to You.  I just know that the enemy has done his best to try and keep me from You.  I am sorry, Father, please forgive me.  I should be pressing into You, not running away from You.

I must be honest with You. I do not like what You have been showing me through my dreams and visions recently.  So much more now makes sense, but I am still wrestling with how I feel about it.  At one time, I somehow thought all of the watching Christians would gather together and intercede to stop the evil plans of the wicked.

However, I have since come to realize that, without the fulfillment of Your prophecies in both the Old and the New Testament, there would be great confusion. I have recently been shown things so intricate and deep, so diabolical and so unbelievable, well, as it stands today, I am clearly not prepared for what is coming or what is already here.

Well, I should really emphasize again that it is already here. Well, ‘they’ are already here and they continue to be like a tsunami spreading wherever there is available land.  They need no invitation to do so as, even without invitation, they still come.

So now what, Father? In my current state, my heart will surely fail.  Without You strengthening us soon, we will not last.  You have been instructing me about the hidden enemy and his works over the course of my entire life, yet now I see that I am still not adequately prepared as I am today.

I had thought that I was prepared at one time, but I really was not back then and I am certainly not as I am now. There, I am admitting it freely!  Father, I admit that I am not prepared right now as I currently am!  I need Your help, Lord!

As a baby Christian, I used to foolishly think that Jonah was just a big baby. Well, now I realize that I was wrong about him.  If I insert myself into his place and came against an enemy as scary as the inhabitants of the city of Nineveh must have been, what would I have done?  I may have talked a big game, but I now realize that I am more like Jonah than I would have ever thought.

Sub-dream 1 begins – “A Family Slaughtered” (May 20th, 2017)…

I saw a married couple living in the Middle East on a missionary trip. They had many young children and they were all there with them.  One night, some evil men broke into their house.  They then threatened the father and husband, a man of God, with an evil choice.

Man of the ‘false god’: “You must declare ‘our god’ as your god.  You must accept ‘our god’ or you will watch us as we rape your wife and children.  If you do not accept ‘our god’, we will then slaughter all of them right before your very eyes.”

The man of God was torn, but decided that he would try and save his family. Under his breath, he asked God for mercy and forgiveness, but knew in his heart that He truly knew that he loved Jesus with all of his heart.  He attempted to deceive the evil men in order to save his family by agreeing to their demands.

Man of God: “Okay, okay, I accept.  I accept ‘your god’.”

Well, what followed was horrible. The men of the ‘false god’ still continued with what the man of God had feared that they would do.  He was forced to watch as each of them took turns raping his wife and each of his children.  They then had him watch as they killed his wife and children one by one after they had finished raping them.

After the men of the ‘false god’ had finished their evil deeds, they prepared to behead the man of God. Just as the man of God was about to be beheaded, he cried out to God in great agony.  Whoa, his wails were unlike anything I had ever heard before and I found it incredibly hard for me to keep writing this.  I was then strengthened to continue.

Man of God: Crying out.  “Oh Father, forgive me!  Oh Father, forgive them!”

I woke up right as the machete was being swung down on the man’s neck.

Sub-dream 1 over…

This was just one of the many dreams I have recently had on this same topic. It has since made me truly realize that I had failed to understand the magnitude of what is coming to the nations and, in reality, is already here.

Now, if faced with the same situation as the man of God, could I truly trust myself not to do exactly as he had? In reality, how could any of us know what we would do if we were faced with this same horrible situation?  Father, with my children in danger such as this, I feel that my lips would have done the exact same thing to try and save them.

Sub-dream 2 begins – “The Woman Riding a Bull” (May 14th, 2017)…

I saw an incredibly detailed vision of a woman with her breasts fully exposed mounted on a very large bull. The woman had extremely long thick black hair and wore a gold crown with jewels and pearls.  She wore a cape of red velvet that was lined with purple silk and sheer pantaloons.

She wore some type of elaborate jewelry and had a gold collar with chains across her breasts and stomach. I suddenly noticed that her arms had been cut off just below the elbow.  As a result, she was unable to steer the bull that she was riding.  In place of her feet, she had massive iron hooks and it was quite frightening.

A storm approached and started to kick up the dirt and sand like a dust devil. The woman then rode her bull out from the storm.  However, after a short while, the woman was gone, vanishing without a trace.

However, smoke had remained from where she had disappeared and it seemed as if the smoke would never end. The bull then realized that this woman was no longer riding him and turned to look for her.

Sub-dream 2 over…

This dream awoke me out of my sleep and disturbed me greatly. While I quickly made a drawing of what I was shown, I left it out due to its (albeit necessary) explicitness.

Sub-dream 3 begins – “The Group decrees ‘World Unity’” (May 21st, 2017)…

I saw a group of esteemed men with the same interests writing some orders. Once completed, a scroll was mutually signed by all of them.  These orders had been written against the Royal Family of Mecca.  Once the orders were placed inside three silver mesh canisters, their lids were sealed.

One of the canisters was sent south and the other two canisters were sent to those who had committed fornication with her, the United States and Israel. While I was unclear as to how Israel would have been involved in any of this, I was not given any information.

After this, I saw several very large attacks. The Royal Family of Arabia was soon gone.  However, I did not see what happened upon the other two canisters arrivals.

I then saw this same group appoint a man over all of the lands. While I somehow knew that this man was well known to the world, I was blocked from remembering exactly who he was.  While I could not fully understand the language that they spoke in, I could somehow see their plans.

Another large scroll was then drawn up, like a contract, declaring that the world would have one religion and that all of the other religions would be under this one religion. I then saw that the names of all of the other religions were also written on this document.

I remembered that the man who had been appointed seemed to be a type of leader, perhaps like a caliph, but was very evil. When the scroll was finally completed and ready to go out, it went out quickly.

Soon after this, this group controlled all of the money, food supplies and gas and oil. I then noticed that all medical treatment now had just one source for care.  There was also a declaration decreeing but one government, one religion and one bank and on and on.  All of these things were now controlled by this one evil entity.

Sub-dream 3 over…

Sub-dream 4 begins – “The Destroying Mold Spreads” (May 25th, 2017)…

I was in the pews of a church and watched a preacher preaching the Gospel. When I looked up at the ceiling, I saw mold in the corners at the front altar of the church.  The mold was spreading quickly, so fast that it was as if it was in a time-lapse video.

I then saw that this preacher was then no longer able to speak the Gospel of Christ. As the mold overtook him, I saw great despair and shock in his eyes over what had just come upon him and how quickly.

I then ran out of the church and down the street. I decided getting some cash would be wise so I ran over to my bank.  Once inside, I noticed that the same thing with the mold was happening there as well.  I quickly went over to the ATM machine to withdraw funds while I still could.

As I stood there, I suddenly noticed that a giant eyeball was staring at me from the machine. This terrified me, but then I noticed that this mold had now taken over the entire bank and had even encased the money.  Fortunately, I had already withdrawn as much money as I could, so I ran over to the nearest grocery store to get supplies.

As I went into the store, I noticed that all of the shelves had already been rummaged. Any food that was still remaining was sparse.  Worse yet, what was there was rotten as it had been taken over by the spreading mold.  I suddenly heard the produce man in distress and shouting to anyone who would listen.

Man: “I just put these out!  All of this was fresh just this morning.  What happened?”

I decided to run over to the dairy section hoping that it was not too late. However, the smell in this entire section was sour and people were now screaming in horror.  I decided anything here would be rotten, so I quickly ran over to the baking aisle.

While there were still some flour sacks available, my eyes widened when I saw that a five pound bag was now selling for over $100. As I left the store, I could hear even more screaming, crying and weeping.  However, it was no better on the streets as everything was now in chaos.  A man on the street started lamenting to me.

Man: “I have no hope!  None at all!  All that I had is now gone!  All of it is now gone!”

Sub-dream 4 over…

Sub-dream 5 begins – “The Secret 6th Pillar of Islam” (May 26th, 2017)…

I was in a classroom with an Arab instructor. He was wearing a white long overcoat with a headdress.  He was showing the class a white globe of the Earth.  A massive white ribbon was wrapped around the globe.

He then started to point to the various lands, all seven of the continents, and at the ribbon wrapped around them. While I was not sure if the ribbon somehow represented the global internet, I noticed that, on closer observation, all of the ribbons seemed to originate from the Middle East and were going out to each of the seven regions.

Instructor: Speaking in a heavy accent.  “You must listen and understand that you have all been taught a lie.  The only truth is that all foundations are really from Allah.  Allah is the pillar and the capstone.  Without Allah, the entire building crumbles.”

The instructor then showed the class a drawing of the five pillars of Islam using a slide projector. When he finished showing the class the 5th pillar, the slides mistakenly advanced to show a 6th pillar.  When he noticed that this was accidentally being shown to the classroom, he quickly unplugged the projector as fast as he could.

Student: “Teacher, what was that 6th pillar?”

Instructor: “There was no 6th pillar.”

Student: “But we all saw it!”

When the whole class started murmuring their collective agreement, the instructor decided to take his chances and continue with his lesson. He plugged the slide projector back in and showed them the 6th pillar again.

Instructor: “Yes, yes, this is a special pillar.  However, it is also a secret and only those who accept the words of Allah are allowed to see it.  Now, who would like to learn about the secrets of this special 6th pillar?”

Every one of the student raised their hands in agreement. When the instructor saw this, he excused himself for a second to pray under his breath and out of the sight of his students.

Instructor: “Thank you, Allah, for delivering this knowledge to me.  Thank you for so easily delivering these students.”

Sub-dream 5 over…

Father, I have also had several other dreams that seem to be related to the Book of Revelation. However, I must admit that I have not spent much time reading Revelation as it overwhelms me.  As such, it is still mostly a mystery to me and I have a limited understanding.

Sometimes it even seems that Revelation is truly just too wonderful for the limits of my abilities. However, when I do read this, I can see that Your Courts and Your Throne are just like what I have seen.  When I read about what the beautiful choir of angels sings in Your Courts, it is just like what I have heard.

Revelation even speaks of the beautiful Sea of Glass You have shown me, but it is frustrating, as I am sure it was for John, that my writing could never truly capture the wonder of this marvel. While this ‘Sea’ is glass, it is also somehow living and breathing.  In reality, this is just too difficult for us to comprehend in our current human state.

Father, I pray for greater knowledge and ‘Revelation’ from You as I attempt to navigate this great Book. Since we are clearly in the beginnings of this time now, I truly now feel that this is what You would want us to do.

I have also come to realize just how effective the enemy has been in turning Christians against each other. So many are now kept so busy accusing others of false teachings, false signs, false wonders and deception that there is barely any time left for them to witness to Your Grace and Glory to the lost.

In Mark 3:25, Jesus states, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand”. Jesus had spoken this to the Pharisees after they had just accused Him of being the ‘prince of the demons’.  They then falsely accused Him of being able to cast out demons only because He was secretly one of them.

Jesus has often reminded me that there will soon come a time when we will also be accused by fellow Christians of working for satan. Well, in reality, this time is here as I have already experienced this backlash from fellow Christians a few times.

This backlash comes even though I clearly write of our love for all things God and the Bible. You would think that this backlash would be because I was writing about my relationship AGAINST God, but it is really because of my relationship WITH God.  It is apparent that, not only is the world now backwards, so are many of God’s ‘followers’.

Now, God has specifically created us for a relationship with Him and has even told us that He would speak to us in dreams and visions during the end times. Even though what I have written is in line with the Bible and constantly points to the Bible, the attacks still come, almost always from those who should be supporting all of this instead.

Quite simply, all of us were created to love, praise and worship Him. While we are also called to honor His Creation, including the Earth and the animals, and to love each other, we are to always love Him first and foremost and obey His commands and commandments.  While nothing I have written in these dreams has contradicted this, anger still comes and will only continue to increase, mostly from fellow Christians.

Father, You gave us many warning in the Bible to not be deceived by various things, but especially by those who teach false doctrines. These false doctrines are variations of Your Word and have been sent by the enemy to lead Your Lambs to the wolves of a false gospel.  It has worked and many now follow a false ‘christ’, one who is the very opposite of the positive Fruits of the Spirit.

The leaders of these false ‘messiahs’ then burden their followers with works, and one in particular even praises them for their deaths. Many in this one now coerce their sons and daughters to commit suicide / murder by encouraging them to sacrifice themselves by using hidden bombs to kill and maim others in the name of their god.

It seems as if each of these false religions has the same common theme. Each of them has a long supplemental list of demands that are loosely based on one man’s (or woman’s) interpretations and writings of excerpts taken out of context from the Word of God.  Each one of these false messengers then keeps their followers hostage by requiring them to give a designated homage to get to Heaven.

This ‘homage’ to their ‘god’ could mean acts of service or sacrificing their money, land and children and on and on, but often all of it. They teach of a god that must be feared.  They teach of a ‘false Jesus’ that is actually the enemy in disguise, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Their promises of Heaven and Eternity are only available to their followers if they pay the price to their particular religion in full, whatever this may entail.

In contrast, the One True Jesus of the Bible teaches us in Matthew 5:3 that ‘blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” In Matthew 20:16, He teaches us that ‘the last will be first and the first shall be last.’  These cults teach the complete opposite of our Perfect Jesus.

You, Father, are the God of justice, mercy and compassion. You even sent Your Son, God in the flesh, Jesus, to show us the way to You through His love and sacrifice.  He was and is the Pure Lamb given as a sacrifice, a scapegoat, to atone for our sins.

He has risen! He Lives!  He is in those who accept Him as their Lord and Savior!  The Holy Spirit is our Heavenly Cell Phone, a gift from You as a direct line to Jesus!  Jesus, via the Holy Spirit, is our Counsellor, directing our path in righteousness, love, compassion and mercy for the lost.  We simply could never do this without Your guidance and compassion.

What god can do this other than our One True God in Heaven, our Creator? None!  Father, the world is in the process of dissolution.  It is melting and dissolving right before our very eyes.  You have shown me a series of tentacles in which we, as a world, have lost all control to but a few.  The root of each of these nations is now in the wrong hands and most of its citizens are completely oblivious to what is happening.

You showed me who now owns the financial markets and our mortgages and controls the banks. There is a deep root to this and it is hidden.  Global food supplies are now completely controlled by those in power and not one has been elected.

The spread of a mighty nation that has no land is NOT referring to Christianity! All of the major book publishers for educational materials, and soon even for Bible publications as well, are already now in the wrong hands.

You also showed me who owns the media, entertainment and technology. You showed me who owns our transportation.  It is all owned by the same people who own the financial markets.  They create false stories that make the stock markets plummet and then buy up the ‘hurting’ companies at a fraction of what they are worth.

While this once was happening slowly, it is now happening very quickly. The doors to the nations were opened and the enemy was freely allowed, and often even encouraged, to invade and conquer.  As this was done in a relatively ‘peaceful manner’, no one noticed.  We are the spoils and the plunder and are now free for the purchase.

My husband and I recently had the chance to review some DVDs from a Christian organization called ‘Koome Ministries’. These DVDs taught us quite a bit about the inner workings of Islam as the head of it is a former Muslim.  What these DVDs had confirmed as already happened is more than just a little bit frightening!

Father, if You do not strengthen us soon, how will any of us survive? Several months ago, You showed me the United States as if it was a massive house.  In this, Canada was its ‘front yard’, Mexico was its ‘backyard’ and the countries to the east and west were its neighbors.

You then showed me other things as well. The USA’s bordering supply lines are now controlled by the enemy and are the ‘gateway regions’.  These include the Aleutian Isles, Alaska to Russia, the Panama Canal Region and Hudson Bay to Toronto.  The North American continent is now vulnerable to takeover as these gateways are the USA’s front yard and backyard.  Worse yet, all of this is being done ‘by invitation’.

Father, I do not want us to still be here anymore. However, if we must remain for a while as workers to bring in Your harvest, please, please strengthen us and soon.  Who will be able to stand if You do not strengthen us soon?  Please hold us up!

I recently stumbled onto one of the enemy’s websites and they now refer to us as the ‘crusaders’. One site even said, ‘Death to the Crusaders’.  So, Father, it seems as if we are now the Crusaders then.  So, what does it really mean to be a ‘Christian Crusader’?

The atmosphere around us has changed even more recently and not in a good way. Anyone who now speaks anything contrary to a ‘certain agenda’ is labeled hateful.  In contrast, no one is able to freely talk about the Good News of Jesus anymore, even when being extremely cautious.

Just recently, a woman in Augusta, Maine had simply told a coworker that she would pray for her because of her upcoming surgery. Nothing else was said and the two women, who attend the same church, had thought their conversation was private.

While I am not entirely sure of all of the details of this story, it turns out that someone had overheard their conversation. The woman that dared to mention ‘prayer’ at work was then fired.  While she will most likely fight this in court, this still sends a message and puts her life in turmoil.  Seriously, it is unbelievable what we are now witnessing!

On Saturday, my husband, our two daughters and I were in our car as we pulled up to a stoplight. The vehicle in front of us failed to notice an elderly woman walking in the crosswalk.  We then watched as, and in what seemed like slow motion, this vehicle then hit the woman.

Despite our attempts at warning them by honking, she was struck down. I bolted out of the vehicle to see if she needed aid as my husband parked the vehicle and called 911.  The woman hit was in the right as she was in a crosswalk and had the walking signal.

When I reached the woman, she seemed dazed and confused. She kept stating that she was fine, but I could tell she was injured.  At first, I felt that she was refusing our help because she was in shock, but I now believe it may have been because she was worried about possible medical costs and the time this could involve.

As the paramedics checked over the woman and my husband gave his eye witness statement to the police, I soon found myself standing next to the elderly man and his wife that had struck the woman. I overheard them both remarking about how ‘wonderful’ it was that he had not been driving faster or the result could have been much worse.

When I replied by telling them that ‘this was a miracle from God’, the man and his wife immediately stiffened up. I could tell that they were both uncomfortable by my seemingly innocent statement.

While I should not have been surprised, I still was as the response I had just received was so incredibly cold and seemingly out of place given the obvious miracle. Lord, has it really come to this?  Tragedy strikes and You intervene to save them, but we are now no longer able to praise You openly for what You have done without being ‘offensive’?

Father, I know that this has been a long rant, but I am struggling to wrap my head around this late hour. We have encountered so many struggles in the last few years and they continued even after these dreams began.  In fact, and in the last few months, there seems to have even been an increasing ramp up by my enemies.

Anyway, about a month ago, I ran out of my favorite late grape harvest wine, a 2012 vintage. Sadly, there is just no more of this particular wine left to purchase.  The wine was sweet and I had used it especially for communion with You as per Your leading.

On a side note, I have been called away from my devotional chair before communion a few times and, each time I had to be away for some time, the wine in my tiny communion cup turned into sweet syrup, almost like white grape sugar syrup. The evaporation of the water seemed to create this sweet syrup.

Anyway, once I ran out of my favorite wine, I decided to drink a different wine that I had purchased a couple of years ago. At the time, it was simply because it was handy, but I now realize that there was a specific reason that I am now drinking this new wine for communion.  It is called ‘Buried Hope’, a 2013 Vintage.  The label reads as follows:

With ‘Buried Hope’, we are telling a story of promise. Great wines come from stressed vines.  If vines are stressed, they react by producing fewer, but more complex and flavorful grapes.  Our winemakers are dedicated to finding the most challenging soil environments, which stress the vines just enough to achieve the highest quality in each grape, leading to wines that TRULY reflect the personality of their origins.

Father, Jesus is the True Vine. However, for the purposes of this ‘Buried Hope’ story, I feel as if I am one stressed grape here and that I am from a really stressed branch.  Perhaps I should not feel this way, but I do, so please help!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was standing in a massive vineyard in a grape growing wine production Paradise of epic Heavenly proportions! There was row after row of perfected grape vines.  The vines and trunks needed no training, guidelines or lead wires in order to grow.  They stood perfectly on their own.  There were several different varieties of vines there.

The soil was the same as the Lord had showed me in previous visits. However, as a reminder, Heavenly soil is perfectly aerated and really dense, yet light and airy.  It is full of minerals and has the perfect PH and enzymes for growing perfect crops.  There is no need for fertilizer as God provides everything in full perfection.  There is no lack of balance, just perfect growing conditions.  There are even diamonds in the dirt.

Heaven is truly a perfected Land and a Grower’s Paradise! However, I should mention that I am not much of a gardener.  I know very little about what is needed or even how to describe what I am seeing.  However, I know just enough about landscaping on Earth to be able to say, ‘Wow, there is so much more here than meets the eye!’

I sighed as I realized how perfect Heavenly gardening is compared to earthly gardening. There is no slavery or forced labor here.  There is no anxiety or stress and the work is easy.  All that is here is for the pure joy of working the land.  Producing good things for God is even a form of joyful worship.

Yes, even ‘working’ the land here is a form of worship and stewardship, the pure joy of honoring God! This is why so many of the ‘laborers’ here sing as they ‘work’.  They sing with joy, they laugh and all of them are relaxed as they do it!

As I walked through the rows of vines, I noticed that the time of the day seemed to be morning. Based on the dew, it may have even been late morning.  The temperature was a beautiful mid to high 60’s and I heard birds singing everywhere.  I could also hear the faint sound of music, along with the sound of water and a waterfall.

While I could not see where all of the sounds were coming from, I could see the morning sun shining on the grapes. The sun made the grapes reflect like pastel jewels on the vines.  There were every shade of pastels, golds, light greens, dark pinks and too many other shades to count.  It was simply stunning to witness.

The clarity in the atmosphere here is really like nothing on Earth. My heart truly felt at Home here and cannot be truly described.  It is so beautiful here and so much greater than anything I had ever conceived in my old thoughts of Heaven, even as a child.

Jesus: “Erin, over here.”

I looked up toward the mountain where I had thought I heard His voice, but I did not see Him there. I decided to run down to the end of the row to get a better look, but soon was distracted by noticing what I was wearing instead.

I was wearing a beautiful white linen gown with another type of silk veil wrapped around the back of my head. It also wrapped around my arms and was so luxurious feeling.  I looked down at my feet and I was barefoot.  Like last time, I laughed with joy when I noticed that the dark soil here does not make your clothes or feet dirty here.

I realized that the Lord had put me in bare feet as He knows that I would not usually go outside, or even inside for that matter, like this. I simply do not like dirt on my feet, so I almost always have footwear on.  However, here in Heaven, well, this is AWESOME!  I suddenly remembered I was looking for the Lord and called out to Him.

Me: Smiling.  “Lord, where are You?”

Jesus: “Erin, I am right here!”

I turned and looked all around me, but I still could not find Him. I decided to walk down a row of grapes that had an amazing vine canopy overhead.  At the end of this canopy-like path, I saw a small bench next to a large rock that had water cascading down into a clear pool of fresh water.

I realized that I was thirsty, so I quickly ran over and dropped down to my knees to drink from the pool. The water was amazingly cool and refreshing, as per usual.  I stared into the water at my reflection and started to cry as I could barely even recognize my healthy appearance here.  I smiled and laughed as I swiped my finger in the water so that my reflection would become wavy.

However, just after I did this, I saw someone else’s finger go into the water. As soon as the finger entered the water, it instantly became as still as a sheet of glass.  I looked over and there was Jesus.  I instantly sprung up from my knees and hugged Him in excitement and joy.  Even if I do not see Him for the shortest of times, I cannot wait!

Me: “Oh Lord, I just miss You so much!”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Erin, I am always with you.  Now, what is wrong?”

Me: “Lord, if You do not turn and heal us soon, or take us Home instead, we will not last.  I have been shown, as You have revealed to me, what is to come and I am not prepared.  However, who can really prepare for what is coming?

“Lord, no one is ready. While some people may think that they are ready, they are not.  Apart from You, absolutely no one could ever be ready for what is coming.  What You have revealed to me is for now and it is happening.  It is all happening just as clearly as Your Word has said that it would!”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, this is written and has been foretold.  While this is not a surprise to Me, you are still in awe because you have waited a long time for signs and now they have come.  While you had been worrying that what you have written could be at odds with what you have read in the Bible, you now have increased understanding.

“Things that once seemed confusing to you are no longer quite as mysterious. You now see with increased clarity the accuracy of your dreams as it relates to Scripture.  Still, you come to Me today in apprehension and brokenness.  I tell you the truth, Erin, you have not been deceived.”  He smiled and then reached over for a cluster of grapes.

“Now, Erin, look at these grapes. These are not quite ready as they have not quite reached their time.  However, these over here…”  He then pointed to a different cluster.  “…are plump and bursting from their skins.  These are ripe for the harvest.

“Now, if these are left too long on the branch, they would eventually shrivel and die and would be wasted fruit.” He nodded His head and smiled.  “Determining the readiness and the maturity of a grape is not an easy thing.”  I suddenly became downcast and Jesus immediately noticed.  “Okay, Erin, what is troubling you?”

Me: Crying.  “Lord, what if I am not found suitable to You?  I love You so much, but what if, when You come, I am not what You expect?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Well, Erin, perhaps it is time for a sweeter communion wine?  Hmm, it seems the enemy has been working overtime while you are in this vulnerable state and that he has been stirring up your memories during the Counting of the Omer.  The enemy recently took you over a past bridge, but I allowed this.

“Now, you have already repented numerous times for each of your offenses and I had already forgiven you. Erin, I do not keep a record of wrongs unless the wrong course is chosen and I use this to get someone back on their chosen path.  With you, I have seen your path and already know that it leads to Me.

“You are like a Bride who, before her Groom comes, worries that she will be rejected just before the ceremony starts. Erin, do not worry as the Groom loves His Bride.”  He smiled at me and I hugged Him.

“Now, do not let the enemy deceive you. While you are unable to change bad decisions from your past, you can still make right your destination here.  Erin, though you are here with Me, the enemy is behind you and wants to call you back.  However, I am here with you and I am calling you to go forward.

“I am standing at the Altar like a Groom at a wedding. You are the Bride, unable to break your gaze with the Groom as you approach Him at the Altar.  I am at the Altar daily, Erin, so come to Me whenever you are worried.

“Now, look at your dress. Hmm, did you pick this yourself from your closet?”  He laughed as I looked down.  “I think not as there is nothing as fine and as pure as this white fabric in Heaven that you are wearing here.’

“Now, it is very important that you remain in Me daily. Come to Me frequently and call out to Me always.  The enemy creates much glamour and distracts you, but I speak to you continuously now with revelation, so take note.

“Even though it seems like all hope is lost…” He smiled.  “…or ‘buried’, it is not.  Soon the dawn shall come and the sun shall rise.  The hopes of those whose hearts have been broken, bones dried up and skin shriveled like grapes, ‘left too long’, will be revived.  I tell you the truth:  For those who wait for Me, I am the Vine and they are the Branches.  You are dressed as My Bride, but, apart from Me, you cannot bear fruit.”

I knew that this was a lesson straight from John 15.

Me: “Lord, why would You ever leave any grapes on the vine for too long?”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Do not worry, Erin, as you are not one of the shriveled up grapes as your branches produce Good Fruit.  Branches unable to produce Good Fruit are of no use to the Vinedresser.

“Now, I call you friend and you did not choose Me as I chose you. I have appointed you so that you bear fruit and so that your fruit abides, that is continues to remain, so that whatever you ask My Father in My Name may be given to you.

“This vine here…” He pointed to a vine.  “…has many branches.  Each branch bears fruit and will continue to do so.  You remain in Me and My Words are in you.  Ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you by My Father, the Vinedresser.”

Me: Laughing.  “Do You mean ‘Bride’-dresser?”  We then both laughed together.

Jesus: “Well, yes.  As He has loved Me, so I have loved you and remain in love.  If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.  You also must love one another.

“My commandment is this: That you love one another as I have loved you.  Greater love has no one than this that someone lay down his life for his friends.  You are My friends if you do as I command you.”  He was gentle, yet stern, as He said this.

Me: Crying.  “Oh Lord, am I in danger of not obeying Your commandments?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Well, Erin, there is no one who is perfect.  If I obey My Father’s commandments and I have then asked you to obey My commandments as a Groom would ask a Bride that had married Him for love, and since you are My Bride and also My friend, then you will remain in love with Me and abide in Me and Me in You.  We will then be as one, understand?

“Now, the hour you are in is dark. Many will be persecuted in My Name and in the Name of My Father, yet these persecutors do not know Us.  However, since I have now come to each of them, they will be guilty of their sin and will be unable to say, ‘You did not call me, so I am blameless.’  No excuse will be allowed as it is written that whoever hates Me also hates My Father.”

Me: “Lord, I will study John 15 as I feel that You will say even more to my heart there.  I also feel that there are many layers of meaning in Your Words of love than we realize.”

Jesus: “Erin, I will grant you what you are searching for, but it has been there from the beginning and is no secret.  Now, continue to the next chapters as well (John 17), Erin, and make sure to etch My prayer on your heart.”

I stopped here in order to read John 15, 16 and 17 carefully from start to finish. As I read His beautiful Words again in these chapters, the Words came alive and I wept.  I then went back to Him to ask, yet again, why He would choose someone like me.

Me: “Oh Lord, I am not You.  I have floundered on my path of righteousness.  While I am a hopeful Bride, my life’s journey has soiled my clothes.  I thank God, My Father in Heaven, for sending You, His Son, to save me from the sins of this world.  Without You, Lord, I would surely be sent to the depths of Sheol.

“Lord, I love You. Please forgive me that I am finally having revelation about obvious Words that You have spoken to me.  I am still in awe and wonder over why You would call any of us, but especially me as I truly feel that I am the least of these.

“I am a woman born of sin, conceived out of wedlock.  I have been divorced twice and have been bankrupt three times.  I feel that I am the least deserving of being called.  When I was youthful and strong, I was foolish and prideful, vain and arrogant, but now I am full of years, old and in pain.

“While I do not feel physically able, my heart is ready. Here, with You, I am young, vibrant, beautiful and strong.  When I am here in my dreams, I even wear white.”  It suddenly fully hit me.  “Lord, in my dreams, You have me wearing white!

“While I am so thankful, who am I that You could ever find my vessel worthy? I have wronged others in my journey here.  While I have tried to make amends with all that I could think of, some of their doors were shut.  However, for the doors that were opened, I gladly walked through and corrected my wrongs as best I could.

“Lord, I so desire to be fully blameless before You. Please reveal to me anything else in this late, late, late hour that I can bring before You to ask for forgiveness.  I would like to give You all of my heart so that no evil or unforgiveness remains.  I do not want my lamp to be only half full of oil.  Lord, I want to be ready and full of oil.”

Jesus: “Erin, I will give you the desires of your heart.  You are My Bride and My Branch and continue to bear Good Fruit.  Do not worry as it is written that ‘I am about to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.’  Do not worry as I will strengthen you for the journey.

“Now, read and receive My prayer (in John 17). I went to My Father in Heaven and this is for you, Erin, so take careful note of what I asked as My Father granted My request and you are as ‘one’ to Me.”

Me: “While I am not certain what all of this means, I joyfully accept.”

Jesus: “You will, Erin, you will, so do not worry.  Now, I have shown you the evil of the ‘sons of Molech’ and this is the same as in the ‘times of Noah’.  Understand the roots of Sodom and that what is being worshipped is not that of fertility, but that of dung.  Understand the hatred at the root and the rapid spread of evil.

“Understand that this is in all walks of life. Like yeast in a batch of dough, it spreads quickly, causing it to rise.  So it is now and this yeast is the great process of deception.  It has spread across the nations.

“Along with this comes a veil of darkness. ‘Elect’-ed officials, along with the elect, including congregations and even entire countries, have been in a daze.  Though an army of darkness has come, this still comes with hope.”

Me: “Lord, how?  How is there hope?  How can this be when no one even listens to any of us anymore?  Many Christians now believe that You would never call any of us even though it is written.  To some of these Christians, we are now even more deplorable than ‘the deplorable’!”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Well, Erin, I did not appoint them as your judge, right?  However, I will see them in Court here one day.  Now, pray, as they are the ones who have been deceived.  The more their opposite of the Fruits of the Spirit are practiced and grows, the less room there is for Good Flavorful Fruit on the Branch, until no room remains.

“Erin, the dark veil over them grows thicker. Many will be caught unaware when the veil is lifted.  They will bargain, but I will not hear their self-accolades of being such ‘hard working servants for satan’.  So pray, Erin, as satan is the lord of confusion.  He is the enemy and is a wicked vine that has branches that abide in him as well.

“There is no Fruit of the Spirit on his branches, only fruits of the drunkenness of evil wine. As the wicked partake, they are exposed as My Father and I see everything.  Erin, you have experienced the ‘wine of affliction’, yet you have remained faithful.

“Though you do not believe yourself worthy, I have still chosen you. Your heart is good and it is Mine.  You are Mine and I have redeemed you.  Now, I will pour good wine into you.  You will then pour out good wine on others.  Your vessel and wineskin is good.

“Some will drink what is good and will be changed. However, some will refuse what is good.  However, for you, it matters not as I am with you and you already reside here with Me.  You do not belong there, but here, understand?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  I am an alien there and Heaven is my true Home.”

Jesus: “Very good, Erin.  Now, enjoy the beautiful day that I have given you.  I will continue to bless you, so do not worry.”

He reached over and hugged me.

Dream over…


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