Dream 247 – Jesus, God and a Glimpse of Our Transformation

Received on Thursday, June 8, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for everything.  I need help with my dream.

Dream 1 description begins…

We lived in a very fancy California-type country home. We were very wealthy, but were still ‘down to Earth’.  The view from our house was quite similar to what you would find in Tuscany and we could even see vineyards.  Our property was situated near a body of water and was adjacent to the base of a large bridge.

As I looked out, I noticed that we also owned a very large warehouse, but somehow knew that we rarely had a chance to use it. This warehouse was still sectioned off into different areas as it had been used to facilitate a variety of craftsmen that had once used these spaces as their studios.

It was such a beautiful sunny day out and the weather was perfect. However, my husband and I soon noticed that several people were now walking on a path we have in our front yard.  We addressed a woman as she was passing by.

Me: “Excuse me, miss, but where are you all coming from?”

Woman: “Oh, we are all travelling here by foot from the city for the wedding.  By the way, do you know where the wedding is supposed to take place?”

Me: “I am not sure. Who is getting married?”

Woman: “The pastor.”

I suddenly remembered the young couple that had just moved into a small home right on our property line to the north. I was surprised by her answer as, when I had found out that he was a pastor, I had just assumed that they were already married.

The woman living with the pastor had long straight brown hair and was very beautiful. However, the pastor was very good looking as well.  You could say, look wise, that they seemed ‘equally yoked’.

Me: “Oh, the pastor.  Yes, they are the couple that just moved in over there.”

I pointed her over to their house just as more people were walking by. To my surprise, and just during this short time, it now seemed as if hundreds of people had now walked through our property to get to their wedding.

Woman: Smiling.  “Okay, thank you so much.”

After she walked off, I looked over at my husband.

Me: “This does not make any sense.  It appears that they are even using our property for their wedding.  Why would they use our property, especially since we have not even been invited?”

My husband: “This really does not make any sense at all.  Who could blame us for being at least a little bit surprised, right?”

As we walked back into our house, we decided not to make a big deal about it. As we tried to make peace with this rather unusual situation, we heard a knock on our front door.  We decided to open the door together.

Man: “Hello, I was just over at the wedding and was told that you have some decorations in your warehouse.  Do you think we could borrow them for the wedding?”

I was not sure how they could have known that we had decorations in our warehouse, but shrugged it off. I thought for a minute, but could not remember seeing any decorations in our warehouse.  However, there was a lot in there from the previous owner and we still had not sorted it all out.

Me: “I am not sure.  I will have to look around and see what the previous owner of our property had left behind in our warehouse.  If we have any decorations, we will bring them over to you.”

Man: “That would be great.  Thank you.”

After he walked off, I went over to the warehouse to look. When I reached the warehouse, all seemed normal at first as I thought all the lights were off.  However, after I walked in a bit, I suddenly noticed that the backdoor was open just a crack and that a light at one of the workstations in the back of the warehouse was on.

I walked over to the workstation and saw a woman there. I cleared my throat loudly, but the woman still did not notice me.  I was quite surprised that she had not turned to look at me as I made other noises as well so as to not frighten her.  I suddenly somehow realized that it was as if God was keeping me hidden from her.

As I got closer, I recognized her as the woman that was living with the pastor. She had been working on various colored soapstone sculptures.  One of the sculptures was of a very large salmon and was beautiful.  When she looked down at her watch, she started to talk to herself.

Woman: “Oh no, it is already 2:45pm.  My wedding is at 3:00pm.”  She let out a deep sigh.  “Oh, how I would rather stay here!”

I watched her as she gathered her belongings, turned off the light and snuck out the backdoor. I was confused and decided to see where she went.  I turned on the master light switch and the warehouse lit up.  I walked over to the backdoor and peered out.

To my surprise, they had now set up a beautiful venue for their wedding right here on our property! I saw that several pieces of her beautiful art had now been erected at the venue.  I shook my head in amazement as I recognized that all of the art on display had been created in our warehouse and with our supplies.

Me: “I am so confused.  While I like this couple, why would they not at least ask for our permission before doing all of this?  If they had just asked, I would have happily said yes.  Why would they not at least ask us?”

I looked at the bottom of the backdoor, which served as the emergency fire door, and had noticed that the woman had used a rock to wedge the door open. I decided to remove the rock and keep the door permanently locked.

I walked back over to her studio area and noticed that all of her work was lovely. I shook my head again at the thought of her using our property and supplies without even asking.  I turned off the lights after I walked to the main entrance.  I locked this door as well and decided that they would both be kept under lock and key from now on.

When I got home, I explained all of this to my husband. He was as shocked as I was at all that had been happening in our warehouse without our permission.  We simply could not understand how this couple could organize such a large ceremony on our property without even asking or inviting us.

Dream 1 description over…

I woke up from this dream at around 4:00am this morning and became worried. I decided to go to my devotional chair, take communion and ask Jesus what this dream meant.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was immediately in His presence.

Me: “Oh Lord, what of this dream?  Are we not invited to the wedding?”

Jesus: Laughing.  “This is not the meaning of this dream.  Even though he was a pastor, this couple had been living together outside of marriage.  Even though they were using your property, warehouse and supplies, they had not asked you.  They did not ask you because they did not want to feel obligated to you in any way by asking.

“They instead took from you in order to make it their own. Even though all of the guests had to enter your property for the wedding, you were not even invited.  This dream does not mean that you are out of My favor.  When I tell you that I have found favor in you, Erin, I actually mean what I say.”  He smiled at me and I laughed.

“Now, I am in you on Earth as well. While I already talk to you from the mid-section in your chest, you will soon hear from Me just as clearly there as you hear from Me here.  Erin, this is what it will be like once you are changed and healed…”

I was suddenly taken out of my vision and was still sitting there at my devotional chair. Just then, I saw a massive flash or white charge that was similar to lightning.  My body was instantly different and had been completely changed.  I decided to walk around the room to see if this was all real.  It was!  I was still me and I was still very much alive.

Jesus: “Erin, come back up.”

I heard Him as clearly as I did in Heaven! Wow!  At first, I pretended to ignore Him as I really, really wanted to show my husband what had just happened.  However, and just as quickly, I realized that this was not yet the time for this.

While I was disappointed that this was only to be a glimpse, I was also incredibly excited. As I sat back down in my chair, I instantly changed back to ‘normal’.  I went back to continue my visit.

Me: “Lord, what was this all about?”

Jesus: “Erin, this is what it will soon be like.  When you are changed, it will be sudden, not gradual.  You will be changed in an instant.  While it will happen at a time you think not, it will be perfectly timed.  I will instruct you from there and your clarity of mind will also be enhanced.

“Great mysteries will be uncovered. I will show you these.  You will have understanding and hidden knowledge that can only come from Me.  While all of your cells will be regenerated, you will also be reshaped.  You will desire nothing but that which I place upon your heart.  You will be subject to Me in all that you do.”

Even though I completely trust the Lord with all of my heart and in all things, I at first reacted without thinking about what He had said in this last part.

Me: “But, Lord, then there won’t be any of ‘me’ left, right?”

Jesus: Laughing.  “No, Erin, you will remain Erin, just ‘perfectly’ Erin, understand?  Then when I send you out, people will be terrified as they will know that I am with you.  Even though you will come forth in love, most will fear you and will want you removed.  Those that do come to you for ‘good’ will rarely be those that you would have expected.  Do not worry, Erin, as you will know what to do as you will await instructions from Me.”

Me: “Thank You, Lord.  I love You so much.  Thank You!  Thank You!  Please continue, Lord.  I am scared, but I am also very excited.”

Jesus: “You were selected for the perfect time.  Erin, I am about to shake the nations and you will be one of the quakes.”

Me: “Will You equip me with the ability to stand against the enemy?”

Jesus: “Do not worry, Erin, as your enemies will be unable to come near you.  With just one thought from you, they will be circumvented by the angels that I have sent to you.  You will also have the strength of many men and nothing will come against you with any success.  You will even be able to scale a wall or climb like a deer on the cliffs.

“However, and even with all of this, you will still be gentle, kind and loving. You will be just like one would expect from My Bride.  You will be the very ‘crusader’ that the enemy fears the most.  You will be aware of every evil scheme before it comes to pass and every plot will be exposed before you.

“Now, you will be accused of many things by many people. However, even more people will be in awe and will come to you and ask, ‘What God do you follow?’  You will then answer…

I follow the God of all Creation, Who made both the Heavens and the Earth. I follow the God that made you.  He sent His Son, Jesus, Whom you persecuted.  He has the keys to death and Hades.  He tore the Temple in two and He raised the dead.  He then rose again and ascended into Heaven after leaving His Spirit upon those who believed.

His Spirit has now come alive in us and He has revived the souls of the walking dead in Christ. We are to shake the nations before that Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.  He will return for those that love Him and will come on the clouds to take His Bride Home.  He will take Her to the place that He has prepared in advance.

He will then come and return with a mighty army and take His rightful place on His Throne. There, each tongue will confess and every knee will bow in reverence to the Savior of the world, Jesus.

He looked over and saw that I was in awe of all that He Was saying. He gently nudged me and started to laugh in order to ‘lighten the mood’.

Jesus: “Erin, it really will be just this simple.”

Me: I laughed in reply, but was still trying to compose myself.  “Lord, I am speechless.”

Jesus: “Do not worry, Erin.  You are ready to receive and soon, very soon.”

He smiled at me and pointed up. I suddenly heard the Voice of the Father address me from above.  I instantly fell to my knees.

God: “Erin, do not worry.”

Me: “Father, I have never had this happen like this before.  What happened?”

God: “Erin, more is to come.  I am sending Gifts to My Bride ahead of the coming of the Groom, My Son.  Receive the Gifts and have joy.  These are prior to the ceremony.  There will be much more.

“I love you and could not be happier with you. Erin, this will be a wonderful time for you, so do not worry.  Even as the world becomes more and more in turmoil, you will be protected.  When you first asked to serve Me, you had expected a different type of ministry.  However, what I have given to you, Erin, is My best and is the best for you.”

Me: Crying in happiness.  “Thank You, Father!  I love You so much.  Please use me as You wish.  I cannot wait to someday be there with You.  I want so much to give You a long hug or even just to rest my cheek on Your hand or foot.  If only people really knew just how truly amazing You are, Father.  If they did, they would feel such shame.  Oh Father, I just love You so much.

God: “I love you.  Erin, I have had your life from the beginning and will continue with you until the day I call you Home.  Now, do not worry as I am aware of everything and you are fully forgiven, so do not doubt your worth and calling, understand?  To do so would dishonor My abilities as God to create you and choose you.  I have you, Erin, so keep your eyes focused only on Me.  You are Mine.”

Dream over…


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