Dream 249 – Jesus, Little Children and Matthew 18

Finished on Monday, June 19, 2017

Sunday, June 18, 2017 – Father’s Day…


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here! Thank You for all that we have.  Thank You for alerting us to hidden enemies and possible trouble.  I pray that we are free and clear from any of these dangers.

My daughter underwent a very painful biopsy that ended with four interior stitches and seven exterior stitches. The doctor removed a large deep elliptical chunk from her side.  It was very difficult to watch.  All we can do now is wait for the results of the biopsy.

Earlier that same day, a man came to our property to drain our septic tank. Unfortunately, we did not have any idea where the opening was.  While our property plans as approved by the county showed it was in a certain area, it was not there.

After quite a bit of poking into the ground, we decided that the plans must have been somehow reversed. Sure enough, and after he had to dig quite a large hole, he finally found the opening to drain it.  This was a miracle in itself, really, as the opening was in a completely different spot and was buried almost two feet under the lawn.

All of this took place on Thursday, June 15th, 2017.  Father, this was truly a day of digging deep to remove waste, first from draining the septic tank and then removing an uninvited possible predator via my daughter’s biopsy.  However, there were also other things that happened recently that were similar, but I will not get into the details.

June has historically been a time of transition for us. Another school year is ending and some of our children’s friends are now moving out of the area.  This is also the time I usually have to say goodbye to my children for eight weeks.  That is, of course, unless God has other plans.

Quite simply, I dread summers. I really dislike the heat and the humidity.  However, I hate the bugs even more – smiles.  Summers are also no longer as they were back when I was a child.  The term ‘carefree’ can no longer be used to describe them.  Oh, how I wish our kids could experience a carefree summer like we once were able to.

Something unusual happened recently wherein the Lord told me that He would soon give me some direct and specific instructions. He was very direct with me.  While I am not sure what these instructions will entail, here is what He said to me:

Jesus: “Erin, do nothing until Tuesday (June 20th, 2017), but then act on My instructions once I have provided them to you.  I am in this, so do exactly as you are told.”

He has only been this firm with me with dates and instructions about eight times, give or take, so this certainly got my attention. I have a feeling I know what He will instruct me to do and, if I am right, I would have acted sooner.  It seems as if He was holding me back for His perfect timing.  I am trusting fully in Him on all of this.

Oh Father, You are a great mystery and I never want to be out of Your favor or run ahead of Your plans. Please make my path clear and equip my feet with the proper shoes to go the distance.  I am trusting fully on You.  I had a dream last night…

Dream 1 description begins…

Our entire family was traveling to an amazing five-star resort. The route was very long and it took us hours to finally arrive.  When we came up to the second gated entrance of the resort, a Middle Eastern gatekeeper came up to greet us.  While my husband was the one driving, he wanted me to talk to him as I had arranged the stay.

Me: “Hello, we have reservations for tonight.”

Man: “What are your names?”

After I told him our names, he looked down at his papers to check for us on his list.

Man: “Oh yes, here you all are.  Welcome to our resort.  Just drive up there and someone will check you into your rooms and tell you all about the amenities.”

I looked up to where he was pointing to and there was nothing but an insanely steep hill at almost a 90 degree angle. Before driving off, I decided to watch other cars attempt to get up it.  I watched as each car failed just before making it up to the final stretch to the resort.  They then pretty well free fell to the bottom of the hill afterwards and crumpled.

My husband: “This is crazy.  That road is impossibly steep.”

Me: “I agree.  Even if we all get out, the car would still not make it.  Even if, by some miracle, the car made it, the rest of us still could not and we would be stuck down here.”

I decided to pray out loud to the Lord.

Me: “Lord, this is ridiculous.  It does not take a physicist to see that the ‘gravity’ of this situation will be our undoing.”

I then received instructions from God on what to say to the gatekeeper.

Me: “Okay, this is impossible and ridiculous.  I know that this cannot be the only route in.  The workers and suppliers simply would never go this route.  Now, we would like to go where they go, so where is the alternate route?”

Man: Laughing.  “I am sorry, but no one asks for the other road.”

Just then, we saw a brand new Audi luxury sedan attempt the impossibly steep hill. He hit the incline at full speed and made it quite a ways up.  However, before reaching the top, it tumbled backwards and landed at the bottom in a crumpled heap.  I was then amazed at just how quickly they removed this car to clear the way for the next car.

Me: “Okay, seriously?  We are not going on that crazily dangerous path.”

Man: Laughing.  “Look, my job is to test our guests and I am only here to get them this far.  However, I see that your wisdom will get you further.  Now, the road is over there and about a half mile to the right.  It is covered in overgrowth so as to not be visible.  When you pull up to the brush overgrowth, the gate will automatically raise.”

We watched as more cars lined up to attempt the climb, one after another. They seemed oblivious to the incredible danger that awaited them.  The man laughed as he looked over the lineup.

Man: “Hmm, it appears that you will have this place to yourselves for quite a while.”

Me: “Has anyone ever made it up?”

Man: “No, never by going this way!  It is impossible!  However, they still keep coming.  We already have their deposit and it is non-refundable.  Once inside the first gate that you had just entered back there, no one is allowed to cancel or turn back.”

I noticed that he was moving his hands and making gestures as he spoke with us that would make it look to the others as if he was reprimanding us and turning our car away. We turned our car around and drove the other route.  As we drove by the people in the lined up cars, they looked at us as if we were failures and shook their heads at us.

Son: “Mom, should we tell them?”

Me: “They would not listen to us even if the route was clearly marked, more level and even more obvious.  Now, do you feel that God is calling you to yell out to them?”

Son: “No. They are all looking at us as if we have been outcast.”

Husband: “Well, I can tell you right now that we will be the only car up there without any dents.”

We drove down the road that we were directed to. As we approached the overgrowth, a gate suddenly lifted out of nowhere.  Once past this hidden gate, the path was level, well-groomed and lined with beautiful trees and flowers.  We stopped briefly to look back and saw that the gate had closed back up, leaving no trace of our alternate route.

Dream 1 description over…

Father, this dream came to me soon after my husband and I had watched an investigative report on TV about a man who was a cult leader. He had claimed that he was Jesus and then used his position to sexually abuse naïve young girls.  These girls had complied as they had just wanted to do everything possible to please God.

Lord, it was so disturbing to see these people fall into this evil man’s schemes. He was finally brought to justice when he was arrested in Brazil after fleeing there from the USA.  It was all truly disturbing and I grieve for the victims and their families.

When I researched just how many of these horrible cults exist worldwide, I was in shock. All in all, it seems that these cults have millions of followers.  However, what is most disturbing is that the largest cult of them all is one of the largest religions.  This is the religion of the anti-Christ and is all of these combined, but all are so dangerous.

Oh Father, this grieves my heart. You are so incredible.  You are so wonderful and patient.  You have mercy on us even when we clearly do not deserve it.  You love us and Your love is beyond any of our comprehension.

As I researched more about cults, there seemed to be a common theme or pattern that all of these false religions and cults follow:

  • Isolation: Followers are cut off from family and loved ones that are not part of the group.
  • Financial: Followers are to sell all they own and give the proceeds to the religious institution or to the founder of the cult.
  • Manipulation: Followers are subject to harsh conditions and endless service. They are to work for the favor of the leader in order to gain favor with ‘god’.
  • Bible Altered: The leader or leaders declares that he or they have been appointed by ‘god’. They then morph into a ‘god’ and declare that the Bible has been convoluted and only they now know the truth. They then indicate that certain things are permitted that are directly against God’s Word and Commandments, claiming that their version is really the correct version.
  • Salvation: Eventually the leader becomes so drunk with power that they claim that the follower’s salvation is dependent on them. The leader does this by claiming that he is now ‘god’ with full authority.
  • Mind Control: Many methods of mind control and manipulation are continuously used against the followers and their children. The true purpose of all of this is to intimidate and torture their followers into submission.

Father, what is so incredibly sad about all of this is that so many of these cults do this ‘in the Name of Jesus’. These people were hungry for You and were seeking You, but instead of finding You, they found a wolf that devours sheep.

Please, Father, lift the veil of deception over those in darkness. Please light them with the truth and love of Who You really are!  While I do not know Your plans in all of this, I do know that You love us and long to have us come to You in all that we do.

Let not the power of men separate us from Your love. Let not one of Your lambs be deceived by these vicious predators.  These people twist and distort Your Word, our one true Lamp.  People have been deceived all over the world by the enemy.

As I pleaded with the Lord, I decided to stop for the day as my neck and back hurt too much to continue…

Monday, June 19, 2017

I was woken up early this morning after having a couple of more dreams. I immediately went to my devotional chair and took communion.

Dream 2 description begins…

I was walking in a massive field and the sun was already shining brightly. I was not certain if it was just after the morning sunrise or just before the evening sunset.  It was beautiful outside and I was young again.

The field was a mountain meadow and was lush with beautiful sweet grass and wild flowers. As I continued to walk, I could hear ‘Songbird’ by Fleetwood Mac.  This was surprising as this is not a song I have even thought of or heard since I was a child.  The song remained in my head as I woke up.

Dream 2 description over…

Dream 3 description begins…

I was in a dark landscape, but knew that I had several people to see. I was also waiting for my sons to meet me.  As I waited for them on a busy street, I noticed that the sidewalks, buildings, streets and cars were completely covered in a thin layer of black oil.

As people walked by, I noticed that their skin, hair and clothing were also completely covered. All I could see were the whites of their eyes.  I soon started to hear harsh comments and mocking all around me.  However, I was then shocked to realize that these were actually all being directed towards me.

Woman: “Well, don’t you think that you’re so special all dressed in white?”

She started to laugh at me and soon the others joined in with her. I looked down at what I was wearing and all my clothing was a shockingly vibrant white.  I was wearing comfortable shoes, linen pants and a boucle-woolen sweater top that was similar to a tunic or a dress.  I noticed that all of my attire was very conservative.

To my horror, two men soon approached me and they looked extremely angry with me. The first man swore at me and then spit on me.  The second man did the same and then hurled oil at me.  I looked down, but noticed that there was not even a trace of spit or oil on me.  The men looked at each other and were flabbergasted that nothing stuck.

The men were suddenly distracted when my boys called over to me from across the street. They looked fantastic, perfectly muscular, but not overly so, and it was obvious that they had now been transformed.  When the men looked over at them, they quickly decided that they were done with their mocking – surprise, surprise – smiles.

As I walked over to my boys, I could not help but smile when I noticed that we now all looked roughly the same age. This was a ‘dream’ come true as I have prayed for my sons to be healed for so many years now.

Dream 3 description over…

For Father’s Day last night, we had decided to watch a movie called ‘The Green Mile’. To my surprise, this was now almost twenty years old.  I was the only one that had already seen it as my husband had ‘almost’ watched it several times, but had not.

The main subject of the movie was a prisoner on death row, a gentle giant of a man able to supernaturally heal people. Now, I should warn everyone that there were also some quite disturbing scenes that were violently graphic, so be aware of this in advance should you decide to watch this movie.

Even though the movie was over three hours long, everyone there remained engaged in the film for its entire length. This was unusual as there was an abundance of character development between action scenes.  Anyway, by the time the movie ended, there was not a dry eye to be found.

After the movie, we gathered for desert to celebrate Father’s Day. My eldest son had just said something innocent and I suddenly started weeping.  Without warning and for no real reason at all, tears started to come.  I was now sobbing.

While I quickly regained control and made light of the situation, I knew that this was not the end of it. After we said goodnight and went up to our room, my husband asked if everything was okay.  I said yes, but then the tears started to flow again.  This happened again twice during the night and now again this very morning.

Father, life ‘as usual’ seems to continue all over the world right now. However, for some of us, things are never going to be the same.  Twenty years ago, when this movie came out, life was very different.  I was still a baby Christian back then and quite naïve.

Looking back though, I realize now that I was also quite harsh and judgmental of others. While I had ‘come out’ of the world and was now a new creation in Christ, I still did not always reflect Christ in all that I did.

Really, and until tragedy struck my life and me physically, I was perfectly fine believing that I had a menu of Christian beliefs to choose from that I could simply order depending on my appetite on a particular day. I would then leisurely digest them according to my selfish needs.

As just one example, I had become jealous when someone had beaten me for a contract on a large project that I was in contention for. While I asked God to forgive me for being jealous with my lips, my heart still wanted to hold on to these jealous feelings.

Even though I continued to do similar things all of the time, the Lord still blessed my businesses abundantly. However, instead of managing my financial affairs with wisdom, I often found myself taking risks.  These risks would then sometimes backfire and I would then have my peace replaced with various chaotic situations.

As another example, I often would make a big production out of my gifts and donations. Quite simply, I enjoyed being recognized for ‘my generosity’.  I once even wrote a sticky note to my receptionist that said, ‘Make sure my name is on the donor bulletin.  If you find out ‘Jane Doe’ is a bronze donor, find out what I need to do to be a silver donor.’

Well, an incident soon occurred at the same time that changed me. Even though my design shop was not open on weekends, I decided to go into work one Saturday.  It was my first location and I was eager to succeed, so I had a sign on the front door that said, ‘If you see the lights on and would like to come in and browse, just knock or phone!’

Well, on this particular morning, I heard a loud knock on the door. I looked out and noticed that it was an angry looking homeless man.  I suddenly remembered that I had foolishly forgotten to lock the door behind me.  He then opened the latch of my front door and walked right in.  He seemed to be sizing up the situation as he stared at me.

Man: “Listen, I just need to use your bathroom.  It’s an emergency.”

While I was obviously scared about being alone with this man in my shop, what could I really say? I pointed him to the restroom.

Me: “Okay, no problem.  It’s right over there.”

The man walked into the restroom, but left the door wide open. I quickly moved behind a massive work table and reached for the phone.  I had my finger on the ‘call button’ for 9-11 just in case.  I heard the man zip up his pants as he walked out of the restroom.

He looked over at me for a few seconds, but then decided to leave. He was gone in an instant and I never saw him again.  I quickly ran over and locked the front door behind him.  I was rattled and just sat there praying.  I glanced over and suddenly noticed the note about wanting to be on the ‘donor bulletin’.  I immediately felt convicted.

After gathering myself, I decided to go into the restroom. It turns out that the man had relieved himself over the entire bathroom.  Somehow he had urinated everywhere, including the walls, floor and sink.  Well, I was around six months pregnant at the time and I thought long and hard about my life as I scrubbed down the entire space.

It took several more hours before I was finally satisfied with the condition of the bathroom. However, it took several more years before I was satisfied with the condition of my heart.  Well, in reality, I am still not satisfied and I sometimes still battle with this.

Just about a month after this, I encountered a visit from an angel at this same shop. I was not alone and this incident was actually witnessed by three other people.  Two of these people were clients and the other was my business partner.

A ‘woman’ had entered the office and she immediately seemed quite different from anyone else that I had ever seen. She also had the most beautiful hair that I had ever seen and it was shimmering in copper chestnut colors.  I also noticed that she had stunning eyes and perfect teeth as she looked over and smiled at us.

Oddly enough, I also recall that her shoes were amazing. Quite simply, her shoes were unlike anything I had ever seen on Earth.  While my memory fails me in trying to describe them, all I can now say is that they were beautiful and, well, ‘noteworthy’.

The woman came straight over to me and started to speak with me. While the others were somehow kept from hearing what she was saying, I immediately could somehow tell that this was a message straight from God.  She then started to reveal things to me from my childhood that only I could have known.

She spoke of events that I had never spoken about, not even to a single person, and still have not to this day.  However, it was not just events she spoke of, but also even the hidden thoughts that I had during these events.  While I can no longer remember all that she said as I did not journal back then, there are certain things that I can still recall.

Angel: “Erin, God has a plan for your life and you will be blessed in all that you do.  I will see you again soon.”

Just as quickly as she had arrived at my shop, she turned and left. I was still in shock as I looked over at the other people that had witnessed this with me.  I asked if any of them could hear all that had been said to me.  They were all ‘white as a ghost’.

Person 1: “All I heard was an old lady singing.  However, when I turned to look, that young woman was standing there singing instead.”

Person 2: “Look, I am not a religious person, but I think that we just saw an angel.”

I quickly ran to the window and looked out over the parking lot. I then ran outside and circled the perimeter of the building.  There was nobody there at all.  It had only been but a few seconds, but she was gone.  There should have been someone there.  I walked around in a daze the rest of the afternoon asking myself what had happened.

Oh Father, I could surely use another visit from this angel right about now. I really could use something as I feel as if my heart has been broken.  Thank You for never giving up on me, Father.  I am so thankful for You.

However, I also feel that I am struggling with so many things right now. Where do we go from here?  Another school year is over and my children are about to leave again for the summer.  I pray that they can stay at home this year.

I also now feel that something is different with me now, but I really cannot explain exactly what this may be. So, Father, all I can do is surrender all that I am to You.  I love You!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was walking in a field of flowers and the fragrance was amazing. As per usual, the weather was absolutely perfect.  I looked around and could see butterflies of every size and color fly over beautiful flowers of every color.  Some of the butterflies then occasionally landed on the flowers in order to soak up their nectar.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I looked around. I was wearing a beautiful white linen gown.  My hands skimmed over the delicate flowers and I noticed that they were young again.  There was no longer any damage from the sun, work or age.

In the far off distance, I saw a white horse running towards me at full gallop. As this incredible horse came closer, I noticed that he had a beautiful braided mane and soft fur.  As he came even closer, I recognized this horse as Jesus’ horse.

When His horse then came over to me, he nudged me to jump onto his back. He then knelt down so that I could easily climb up on his back to ride him.

Me: “Okay, please take me to Jesus!”

The horse made a noise that indicated he agreed with me. Once he knew that I was securely on top of him, he headed off, running through the fields of flowers.  I had not been on a horse in years on Earth, so this felt fantastic.  I was also somehow able to ride without a saddle and it never felt like I would slide off, not even for a moment.

Off in the distance, I could see a beautiful grass meadow with a clear blue pool fed by a river. As we came closer, I noticed some fountains in the pool that I did not recognize.  I realized that I had never been to this particular place before.

It was such a beautiful place. While the area surrounding me seemed like a mountain meadow, I was not certain of this.  When I saw how high we were, I realized that I had not even paid attention to the fact that we had just ran uphill.  The Lord’s horse bent over so I could easily climb off of him to take a drink of water.

After drinking some water, I heard children laughing in the background. I walked down a small path to a different clearing and I saw Jesus.  He was in this beautiful meadow and was sitting with around 30 or 40 children ranging in ages from around 18 months to 8 or 9 years old.

His horse was still standing right next to me when I decided to walk over to listen to Jesus speak with the children. However, His horse immediately protested by stomping his foot and shaking his head back and forth.  I stopped in my tracks and realized that this was not my place.

I could tell that the children were so excited about being with Jesus. They each patiently took turns hugging and kissing Him.  I could also see angels in the distance running and playing with the children.  As per usual, Jesus was sharply dressed and was wearing white linen pants and a tunic of white linen with the sleeves rolled up.

I could see Him directing the children to go to the angels. He then turned towards me and smiled.  My heart leapt when He put out His hands to receive me.  I ran across the meadow as fast as I could and jumped up into His arms.  I immediately started to cry.

Me: “Oh Lord, I am so glad to see You!  Who are those children?”

Jesus: “In the last several months, you have been horrified and grieved over the loss of the lives of several children in news reports and from friends.  I gathered them here so that you could know that they are all here with Me now.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, I have been grieving and can barely even watch the news anymore.  The ever increasing reports of famines, child trafficking and other stories are just so hard to hear.  While my heart has hurt over all of this in the past, I have never felt it quite like I feel it now.  Oh Lord, the families…”

Jesus: “Erin, do you see that little guy in the distance?”

Just then, a cute little boy turned and, with a huge smile on his face, waved at Jesus. He then laughed as he turned back and quickly caught up with the rest of his group.  I then saw the little boy reach over to hold another little boy’s hand.

Jesus: “Erin, this first boy is the one that you grieved about yesterday.  The other boy is the one that you grieved about just this morning.”

Me: “Lord, what is wrong with me right now?  My feelings of grief for what has happened to these kids keep sweeping over me.  Really, I am not worried for these children as I know You have them in Your care, but I grieve for the parents.

“I could tell from their interviews that those little guys had good parents on Earth, Lord. While there are also children that die that have bad parents, I just ask for You to comfort these parents as they seemed like they loved their sons so much.  Please, Lord!”

Jesus: “Erin, you are only seeing a small part of a bigger picture.  Now, who are you to question God?”

While He was not being harsh with me as He asked this, He was firm and still very loving. I suddenly felt ashamed at my question.

Me: “I am sorry, Lord, but it is just that You are the Son of God.  You are my Savior and You are the Savior of the world.  I know that God has created all of this, but these children are innocent, Lord.  Why would You allow…”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but they are all here with Me now.  Whether they were baptized or not, dedicated or not, had other rituals performed or not, it matters not as they are all now here with Me.  Each of these children had an important assignment on Earth, but now they are back here in Heaven with Me and where they belong.”

Me: “Lord, I do not understand.  Was death their assignment?”

Jesus: “Partly, Erin, as this is the time of weights and measures.  It is also the time when the world has accelerated in coldness.  While some still press into Me for strength during uncertainty, many more now run in the opposite direction.  Erin, there are so many things that I measure based on these little children:

  • I measure the way the community treats the parents afterwards
  • I measure those who are then accusatory
  • I measure those who ask whether the child had been dedicated or baptized, but especially if their intention was to place fear in the hearts of parents and to make them wonder if their child will even be in Heaven
  • I measure those who make accusations from a liability standpoint
  • I measure those who say to the parents, ‘I bet you will want to move now.’

“The list of weights and measurements from all of this goes on and on and on. I also measure the grieving using this:

  • I measure if one of the parents then turns on the other parent
  • I measure if someone is blaming others
  • I measure if someone is displaying pride or avoidance

“Again, My list of measures goes on and on. I tell you the truth:  A couple will either pull together or come apart from this, but for those who press into Me, I will answer them.”

Me: “Forgive me, Lord, but I am angry and I am angry at You.  It breaks my heart and I feel their pain.  I just do not know why these intense feelings are happening in me right now.  Why are You allowing me to feel such grief right now?  You now even allow me to see glimpses of these tragic events and I have now seen things I cannot forget.

“If You do not supernaturally strengthen me soon, my heart will surely fail from all of the grief. There are children left in hot cars on purpose.  There are kids who die in tragic accidents.  Lord, what about all of the babies that have been left to die after their parents have overdosed?

“All of this is based from only that which I have heard or read just in North America. This does not even include tragic stories from the rest of the world!  Why, Lord?  Why are You placing all of this on my heart right now?  Look, I am sure that even my hair is now growing grayer by the second.”

I tilted my head down and tried to smile as I said this last part. However, it was a pained smiled and the Lord reached for my hand.  He smiled back at me and His eyes reflected a love for me that is simply indescribable.  I was still saddened.

Jesus: “Erin, the death of a child has a far reaching impact.  While the death of a man or woman who has lived a long life also has an impact, this is fleeting.  While their deaths are no less valuable to Me, you also must remember that death is still a part of life for now.  While many no longer live their lives in the light of eternity these days, any parent that still cries out to Me will be comforted.  Their children are here in Heaven.”

He put His hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes. He became quite stern again, but still not harsh and very loving.  I looked back into His eyes.

Jesus: “Erin, the time has come and I will send out those that I have called to comfort the lost and give hope to the grieving.  I have put several things upon your heart recently.  Do you know that the love and compassion you feel for others is not even a small fraction of what I feel?  I have increased your capacity.  While what you are now feeling may seem unreasonable to you, just know that it serves a purpose, My purpose under Heaven.  Now, what would you do if you could do anything under My authority?”

Me: “My desire would be to heal sick children.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Well, Erin, this is the ‘number one answer’ to this question, but there is also more to this.  Now, what do you think the usual requests are from those children who have died and are now residing here with Me?”

Me: “I am not sure, Lord.  Hmm, I really do not know.”

Jesus: “It is the same requests that were just made from the children that you were just watching:

  • Can you make sure that my mom and dad come Home too?
  • Oh yes, can my sisters and brothers come Home as well?
  • Can You please let them all know that we are here and happy?

“As you know, Erin, it can be a very difficult road to find Me, but it does not have to be.”

Me: Crying.  “Lord, I did not know how to find You.  I did not know what to do and I fumbled a lot and I still fumble today.  I am still angry about the pain of death.  While death itself may not be painful, living and dying certainly is.”

He laughed at my last comment, but then became serious again.

Jesus: “You have seen what I have shown you here, Erin.  You will have great compassion and love for the lost.  You will help gather those that I have called from the grips of death.  When I send you, you will no longer be in your current condition.  Very soon, Erin, I will heal every part of you.

“When I have done this, you will no longer ask Me, ‘When, Lord, when?’ I will do everything that I promised that I would do for you.  You will be broken no more.  No more will you grieve.  No more will you suffer.  No more will you worry.  Now, come with Me!”

He reached for my hand and we were suddenly on an overlook in Heaven. I saw the platform, the receiving area, in Heaven.  It was near the City of God.  There I saw the train tracks and the tram, like tevah, pulling into the station.  One pulled in and then there was another right behind, then another and then another.

The doors opened and the saints got off the train and moved onto the platform. There was music, cheering crowds and such joy.  I saw angels with lists checking off the names of the saints that had arrived.

I saw children run to greet their parents and grandparents as they came off of the tram. I also saw the reverse and saw parents and grandparents rush to greet their children and grandchildren.  There was so much joy that it could not even be measured.

Jesus: “See, Erin, does this joy not help to erase your worries and, yes, even your anger at Me?”

I had tears streaming down my cheeks, even as I write.

Me: “Yes, Lord, this is all so wonderful.  The joy and reconciling of all of this pain is truly incredible.  I am sorry for being angry with You.  I wrestle with all of this because I know that You are so loving, kind and strong.  I wrestle because I know that You hate needless suffering, as well as evil of any kind.  I am just having such a hard time with all of this evil and all of the pain that is allowed on Earth.”

Jesus: “I know this, Erin, but look and see that all of this is why!  Look around, Erin, and see that I have prepared a better place and here it is.”

He slowly turned me in a circle and smiled at me as He pointed out so many things. I shook my head in amazement and cried at all of the beauty that is awaiting all of us.

Me: “Yes, Lord, but how will people know?”

Jesus: “They will know as they will have been called.  Now, who you will not see here are those who have caused any of these little ones to sin.  It would have been better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”  (Matthew 18)

Me: “Lord, are you also referring to these cults and false religions?”

Jesus: “Erin, I showed you a place a few years back where I will hold those who I will have no mercy on.  I will have no mercy on those that did not show mercy to these little children, My children.”

I suddenly remembered exactly what He was referring to, but it was just too horrible to describe. I was about to try, but the Lord told me not to discuss this further at this point.

Me: “Oh Lord, this is such a horrific place!  It is horrible, just horrible!”

Jesus: “This place is also reserved for those awaiting judgment for using My Name in their pursuit of evil.  However, this is a temporary holding area.  In this area, they will not be able to think of anything but their crimes over and over again.  They will also not be able to think of anything pleasant.”

Me: “Lord, I have never seen You so firm about all of this before!”

Jesus: “All of the saints that you see here have inherited the Kingdom of Heaven and are able to enter My Gates, the Gates of the City.  They do so and give thanks.  However, there are also those who reside outside of these Gates.”

Me: “Are You referring to Revelation 22:15?”

Jesus: “It is like the Days of Noah.  People are in the market, buying and selling.  They are doing their daily business and going about their plans.  There will be marriages and engagements, eating, drinking and the like.  Suddenly, the very days that they had thought they had left were gone.

“They were oblivious to the times and paid no attention to their continued sins. They took no time to know Me and repent as they enjoyed their sins too much.  So, when the time comes, I will have made sure that not one will be able to say, ‘But I did not know You, God!”  I will have called out, but they will have chosen not to hear Me.”

Me: “Lord, You have never been this way before.  What can I do?  Well, I can do nothing without You!  Oh Lord, please help us!  Please strengthen us soon!”

Jesus: “Erin, I have promised, so do not be afraid.  Do not worry as I have you and I call you My friend.  I am soon to strengthen you.  Since I will not reveal all of the plans that I have for you, you must instead trust Me fully.

“Now, I am glad that you came to Me in full honesty today. I can count only a few times when you have confessed to being angry at Me.  God on the Throne?  Yes.  But Me?  No.  I understand that you are angry, but please take comfort in My plans.

“Remember that I am never surprised, never caught unaware and never misinformed. I never cower or worry.  I never shake at the sight of darkness.  I never plot evil for good.  I never scoff at the righteous.”

I ran straight into His arms and hugged Him tightly. Even though all that we had just spoken of was hard to speak of, He was still able to somehow comfort me.  He is truly the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  Nothing is impossible for Him!

Me: “I am so sorry for being angry, Lord.  I love You!  While I still hate all of the pain here on Earth, at least I am now greatly encouraged by all that You have shown me.  I am also so glad that the little children are praying for their families and friends still here.  Oh, what joy it is to have You comfort the broken.

“Lord, please do not delay in strengthening all of us. Please do not delay in strengthening my family and my friends.”  I then smiled at Him.  “Oh, please do not delay in strengthening me as well.  Our hearts are on You, Jesus!”

Jesus: Smiling.  “That is music to My ears!  Soon, Erin, very soon!”

Dream over…


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