Dream 250 – God, Hearts and the ‘Sealed Day’

Received on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It is first day of summer and this day is the highest of the ‘holy’ days for witches and pagans, but also for Muslims as well this year.


Before going into prayer, I was first told to study the Book of Job. After doing so, I was then drawn to Malachi and Revelation 22.

Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Please forgive my trespasses. Please forgive me.

My Father Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Your Name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those whom trespass against us.  Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.  For thine are the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, forever and ever and ever, Amen!

Father, I read all about Job in my Bible today and he truly was an upright and Godly man. In one day, everything was taken from him and this reminded me of when I went through all of my losses.  Since I am certainly not holy like Job, perhaps Your conversation with satan about me would have instead gone something like this…

God: “Have you considered My servant Erin?”

Satan: “Oh yes, of course.  She is the one who lied and stole.  Even today, lies of convenience roll off of her tongue.  She had even prostituted herself by serving other gods as well.  Oh yes, I know Erin well.  Please allow me to torment her and her children.”

Father, I now realize that I actually ‘needed’ all of the punishment and trials that I had received. Yes, and sometimes I even feel that I deserved all of it, but for good reasons – smiles.  While You had allowed all of this for my good, it has been very painful.

Thank You for having the story of Job in the Bible. All that happened in the Book of Job somehow provides a measure of comfort to me as it lets me know that You will even allow such trouble upon a blameless man.  The comfort comes from knowing that You love us so much that You would even allow this for our good, no matter who we are.

However, I will even go one step further. The very idea that You would find me worthy of this, as painful as it was and still can be at times, based on all that I have done against You, is simply beyond my understanding.  I am so thankful.

  • My children may not be ‘whole’, but they are alive and I am thankful.
  • I may not have had a Christian upbringing, but somehow the trials from my parents somehow still brought me here, so I am thankful for them too.
  • I may not have had good health since not that long after I became a Christian, but this pain has submitted me to my knees in prayers to You.
  • I once had beautiful things that were stripped from me in public shame and I paid a heavy price for my materialism, but I then gained a fortune in Heaven and it is there that my treasures wait.
  • I once had stellar talent that was stripped in humiliation during my trials and many were even envious of my success, but I am still thankful for this journey.

After my ‘stripping by the locusts’, I then hid myself. Though I was hidden, I could still hear horrible things being said about me by people that were close to me, people that I loved and trusted.  Father, I grieve the loss of these friends, yet I am thankful that You shed light on who these people really were.  They turned out to not be my friends at all.

I once enjoyed physical activity and I was competitive and athletic. I succeeded in everything that I put my heart into.  However, in hindsight, this was a major ‘heart problem’ for me as I had made my body into a personal temple of worship.  My heart had not been useful to You and Your purposes as a result.

Many years ago, I had lived in a beautiful place and in a beautiful home. However, this was soon stripped from me in humiliation and You removed me from this beauty and into the desert, a place that I hated.  While I was mostly isolated and had little interaction other than with my children there, this is where I was found by You.

Soon after I was taken into the desert, my enemies started to surround me. They then started to close in on me and were determined to destroy me.  Just as they were about to lead me to my very death, and by a true miracle, You sent my husband to rescue me.  He seemingly showed up out of nowhere and You used him mightily to help us escape.

You then provided for us. You prepared a home for us in advance of all of this.  You gave me back all of my children and then sent us to this place, a place that our enemies cannot reach us.  My husband has since become their earthly father, the kind of father that I had always longed for and had wanted for my children.

I am just so thankful for this beautiful and safe place. I am so thankful for my husband.  I am thankful for his children as they have made my children their sister and brothers.  I am thankful for my children as they are all alive, healthy and with me.

You meet me here in the wilderness, the ‘land of the trees’. You have kept my heartbeat going despite almost allowing my death a few times.  However, each time, You brought my heart back from death and, even more importantly, then reshaped me.

Oh Father, thank You for my removal of barriers to You. Thank You for removing me from the desert I hated being in so much.  Even though my enemies remain there and still pursue me today, I now know that You had already prepared this place, and even my husband, in advance of all of this in order to allow me to escape just in time.

Father, Job was living ‘the perfect life’ and had such joy. While he had thought that he already knew You, his path of suffering, losses and grief ‘allowed’ him to truly know You.  You then met Job in his broken state.  You picked him up and restored him with Your grace and immeasurable love.

As for me, Father, You gave me Your mercy and grace even when I truly deserved neither from You. You somehow saw something in me that I could not see in my own heart and still have trouble seeing.  While I tried to be loving on my own, it was only when You drew my love out of me that a spring started to flow from this ‘desert heart’.

Through Your Son, You took me into Your arms and gave me a hope beyond any of my expectations. Oh Father, I am just so thankful for You and all You have done.  I am thankful for each and every day that You give me breath to awake.  I am thankful for each new breath that I am given by You.

I am also so thankful for the beautiful rainbow that You gave to my husband and me last night. It was a full rainbow and it lasted an uncharacteristically long time.  Thank You, Father, as I just know that You had sent this as a reminder of Your promises to all of us.

While You care about me, my children, my husband and his children, we are but a tiny fraction of those You care about. Your love has no limits.  You have done so much for us from beginning to end and I am truly in awe of You.

Today is the first day of summer and it is sunny and beautiful outside. The place You have provided for us is unassuming and tucked away.  I am so thankful for all of the amazing nature that surrounds us.  While my list of things I am thankful for is long and I am sure that I have still missed quite a bit, here it goes…

  • Thank You for the songbirds, eagles, herons, loons, hummingbirds, white hawks, kestrels, kingfishers, woodpeckers, chickadees, doves, yellow finches, wild turkey, pheasants and geese.
  • Thank You for the deer, porcupines and turtles.
  • Thank You for the foxes, bear, weasels and coyotes.
  • Thank You for the ground hogs, squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits.
  • Thank You for the ladybugs, butterflies, fireflies and dragonflies.
  • Thank You for the raspberries, birch trees and all of the other different types of plants, trees and bushes around us.
  • Thank You for the stream and the gentle waterfalls near us that flow in the springtime and sound so beautiful.

Yes, I even thank You for the spiders, crows, wasps and snakes. Though I do not like any of these that much, or even at all, I know that these too have been allowed by You as analogies and teaching tools for us to learn about our enemies.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was immediately standing in front of the door leading into God’s Court in Heaven. When I looked over to my side, Uriel was there and he was smiling at me.

Uriel: “God requests your presence, Erin.”

Me: “Oh, how I would love to see Him right now!”

The sounds of choirs of angels singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ came from His Court and filled the air. Uriel smiled, nodded at me and put salve in my eyes and then led me through the door.

I quickly noticed that this visit was different from previous visits. For some reason, I was being allowed to somehow be able to see clearer than in my previous visits.  While I could still not look directly at God, all of the surroundings were somehow clearer.

His Court area was mostly made up of beautiful white stone. The walls, ceiling and columns were all perfectly crafted as if by a team of supernatural craftsman.  I saw the Altar, bowls of gold and something like lamps or burning candles.  There were angels all around us and I could somehow feel the immense love they have for God.

In terms of the power of God that was there before me, it was like a massive white light incomprehensibly magnified into the light of a trillion suns. If it were not for God’s protection and the salve, I would have been instantly blinded.

Even with all of this, it is still impossible to look at Him. While it was a similar feeling as looking directly into the sun, it somehow did not hurt my eyes when I tried to glance at Him in the same way as looking into the sun does.  Still, I simply just could not do it.

The massive corona of light radiating from His Throne filled and surrounded the entire Court. My tongue was unable to move and I could not even gasp in awe.  Uriel saw me struggling and gently brought me closer to His Throne than I had even been before, yet still far away.

Though I was in awe and I trembled with fear, I still have never felt so safe. My knees involuntarily dropped and I wept with my face to the ground.  As I did, I felt a wave of warmth go over me.  My thoughts suddenly started to search for anything I could have possibly not repented of yet.

I immediately thought of my desire to cover up the fact that I did not acknowledge a distant family member’s accomplishment. I was ashamed that I had forgotten to do this, but really had avoided it, and I now wanted to make up an excuse for doing so.  While I had not acted on this yet, I had surely already plotted it in my head.

While I was unable to speak any of my confessions out loud, my thoughts started to list so many things. The list was long and many of them were things I had already repented for.  Perhaps this was happening because I was still ashamed of how I had been even though I had already confessed.  I decided to confess them again ‘just in case’…

  • For giving others the impression that I was greater than I really was at sports, at work or in anything I have done, please forgive me for boasting.
  • For believing that I was once more athletic or beautiful than I really was, please forgive me for my vanity.
  • For thinking that I was once more prosperous than what I was, please forgive me for thinking of myself as my own provider.
  • Though I know that I am really nothing special, for sometimes thinking that I may somehow be greater than I really am simply because You have called me to meet with You ‘in person’, please forgive me.

My list went on and on as I continued to condemn myself. ‘Surely you are a braggart.’  ‘You are vain.’  ‘You are worldly.’  ‘You have robbed from those God has called you to gift and you are a thief.’  ‘You are a liar.’  I started heaping condemnation on top of condemnation upon myself.  Suddenly and mercifully, a rumble came from the Throne that stopped me in my tracks.

God: “Enough, Erin, enough!  Stop this!  I forgive you.  I have heard your thoughts and you are forgiven.  Have I not called you to be here with Me this very day?”

Me: “I…I…I…I’m so sorry, Father.  I love You.  Please forgive me for being so impatient with myself and even You lately.  Please forgive me for…”

God: “Enough, Erin!  I am here to comfort you, not to rebuke you or condemn you.  You worry that I am angry.  You often doubt your place with Me.  Even though I have already removed the stains of excrement from your past, you sit before Me in a cesspool of your mistakes.  In turn, this is as if you are hurling them at Me.  Now, why do you still do this?  Speak to Me.”

Though He was stern, probably more so than any of my previous visits, I still felt safe and loved. I just knew that He was being my Father, but a Father that lovingly disciplines His children to help them move forward.  After all, a ‘true’ father does not abandon His children and God is the Ultimate Father, a Father without fault or blemish.

Me: “Father, it is just that…well…”  I took a deep breath and continued.  “Well, I look at my life and I am ashamed at all that I have done.  The enemy is ever before me to remind me and I feel pain and grief.  There is just so much that I am sorry for.

“As a result, I then have a difficult time remembering just how far You have taken me. I instead try to measure my own worth and then I am not able to see all that You have done as a result.  In my current state, there is truly nothing that I can do apart from you.

“Father, there are now many days when I am not even sure that I make a difference in the lives of others at all. Sometimes when I open my Bible to the parts of Your Word that speak of admonishment and punishment, I believe it is because I have done something that has put me out of Your favor.

“As You know, Father, so many of my friends had found it so easy to abandon me. I have also made too many enemies to count simply because I live and breathe.  This has happened for so long and has happened so often, well, I now wonder if even You may soon get sick of me and abandon me.  Oh, Father, I am so sorry for feeling this way.”

I suddenly felt a comfort sweep through me and it seemed as if He was smiling at me. After all, how could I ever know for sure when I am unable to look upon His Face?  While I soon felt more at ease, I must add that it really is truly impossible to be completely at ease before the Mighty Creator of every single thing in existence.

God: “Well, at least this was spoken in honesty and from your heart, Erin, even though your wisdom has failed you here.  However, you are really not much different from when Job placed his doubts before Me as you just did.  Now repent for this, leave it behind you and release this burden to Me.

“Erin, remember that you did not choose Me and that I chose you. I created every cell in your body, inside and out.  I directed all of your steps since the beginning and I will forever continue to direct all of your steps.  I have determined your path and I have numbered your days on Earth.

“Now, I find you worthy and delightful as you have now emptied yourself of your ‘self’. While you are not perfect as not one but My Son is, and certainly not by worldly measures, you are what I have deemed to be perfect in My eyes and by My standards alone, understand?  Now, who are you to question Me as God for doing this?

“While you have sometimes gone back to measuring your worth by how others weigh you, you must now stop this. Erin, you do not serve the world, you serve Me.  You must surrender yourself fully to Me this day and do not delay.”

Me: “Father, I give all of me to You!  Your ways are higher and Your weights and measures are just.  While You are the ‘I AM’, I have come from mere dust.  I am only one human and, according to the world, quite flawed at that.  However, to You, I am somehow without blemish.”  I started to cry.  “Oh Father, I love You so much!

“Could You please help me to have understanding? Could You please help me to have wisdom?  Could You please strengthen me as I am now consumed with grieving for so many that are hurting?  Could You please heal me soon as I am in pain and truly exhausted?

“While I do not have the ability to know all that is happening to me right now, I do know that You have a plan for us in all of this. Oh please, do not let my exhaustive idle words bring You to anger with me.  I am just grieving for all of the hurting people around us right now and want You to comfort them.  Oh Father, I pray that they all find You soon.”

God: “Erin, your requests are good and I have heard your cries.  I have seen your burdens.  Though your vessel is now complete, you will not have full understanding of all that this means until My Spirit is completely upon you.

“Now, you must continue on your course. I know that you are frustrated, Erin, but soon, very soon, your enemies will have no choice but to confess the evil they have done against you.

“Now, My ways are always perfect and I have My reasons for keeping you hidden up until now. While some, and even you at times, have questioned My ‘delay’ in healing you, this has never been a delay to Me.

“Do those who question this know even more than Me?” He then laughed and it rolled through the Court.  “Would they like to replace Me on the Throne?  Well, they should repent now as even My ‘delay’ in your healing has been used as their measure.

“Erin, you, along with the others that I have called, will soon shine like the dawn that breaks the darkness.

  • I will continue to protect you even as the wicked pray for harm against you.
  • I will continue to hold you close even as the wicked sacrifice to idols and plot your demise.
  • I will continue to show you favor even as the wicked ‘worship’ in curses against you.
  • I will continue to walk with you even as the wicked attempt to ‘command’ Me to deliver you to the grave of the depths of Sheol.

“Well, no one ‘commands’ Me, Erin, though the enemy tries. I will instead, and very soon, send out those that I have called.  They will shine like gold and silver.  These are the ones that have presented themselves to Me in offerings of righteousness

“These are the ones that have continuously gauged their actions by My measures. While not one of them is perfect, just My Son, your hearts please Me greatly as they are ever before Me and contrite.

“Now, Erin, you had just stopped writing for a moment and asked yourself if You are really here and speaking with Me.” I heard His laugh and I smiled.  “Yes, Erin, it is Me and you are not delusional.”  He laughed again and it rolled through the Court.  “Do not worry as soon all will know that none of this is an illusion, understand?”

“Now, I am about to accelerate My judgement against the many wicked as they have no fear of Me:

  • There are the sorcerers and adulterers.
  • There are those who swear falsely.
  • There are those who oppress the widow and the fatherless.
  • There are those who cheat the wage earner.
  • There are those who deny justice.
  • There are even some that do all of these, your main enemy being one of them.”

“Now, you have been asking Me the same questions over and over again lately in your thoughts. Do you remember what these questions are?”

Me: “Yes, Father.  Why do You allow the wicked to continue to prosper?  Why do You allow the wicked to test You?  Why do You allow the wicked to then seem to escape time and time again?  My main enemy that You just mentioned is one of these.  He has been so cruel to me and my children over and over again and continues to be!”

God: “Well, Erin, the words ‘seem to escape’ is correct.  While they may ‘seem to escape’, I will not allow even one of the wicked to escape Me, including your main enemy!  While I may allow them to prosper for a time, but within My bounds, I do this so that they are then ‘paid-in-full’, understand?

“As for those who love Me and testify to My Good and the goodness of My works, I will prosper them forever. Though they are afflicted by the unrighteous and judged by a false measure in the ‘courts of man’ now, they will continue to remain in Me and with Me.  Erin, these are My friends, My ‘special Vessels’, for ‘the day that I am preparing’.

“Soon, you and all of My ‘special Vessels’ will be given understanding and will know who the righteous and the wicked are. I will show them to you as if by separation.

“This will also be like the ‘Days of Noah’ in that you will weep for the lost as Noah and his family did. Also, and just like Noah, you will still know of and be disgusted by their wickedness.  Noah prepared under great duress and was mocked for many, many years before the time I finally sent the rain.

“Like back then, this coming ‘day I am preparing’ will consume the wicked. However, for you and the others I have called, those who fear My Name and love Me, your lights will rise like the sun and there will be healing in the light of your beams.

“You will be youthful again and just as playful as a young calf. You will trample on the wicked.  They will become like ash under the soles of your feet on this, ‘the day that I am preparing’.

“Now, do not despair and do not grieve for the wicked as they have chosen to live apart from Me. While they may claim many things in My Name, I will not honor their idle words or their idol sacrifice.

“Now, rejoice, rejoice, as I am about to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told. Even though you will soon leave My Court to return to your place and may even then still believe that all of this is too great for you at times, do not, Erin, as I am Me, the Lord of hosts and the great I AM.

“It is I Who judges the wicked and the proud. It is I Who finds you worthy of good things.  It is I Who has records the pains inflicted on you by those who have pretended to be your friends.  I have kept records of every single curse ever made against you.

“Even though it may have seemed like I had abandoned you or perhaps even momentarily left you, I never have, not even once. Instead, I brought you to a land that I selected for you and put you in wide open spaces.  I have made your home holy and have sent angels concerning you to protect you and your family in all that you do.

“Now, My Gift is soon to come to you. Once this comes, you will never doubt My love for you again.  You will again dance just as you did in your youth.  Your enemies will fall at your feet.  They will have curses on their lips even at the mere glance of you.

“Soon, your enemies will be saying, ‘How can this be? We destroyed her long ago, yet now she prospers?’  ‘Who would favor her in such a way?  I deserve what she has, so why her?’  ‘Was she not the one who went into bankruptcy not that many years ago?’

“Erin, their curses will go on and on and on even as they watch My deeds being done through you. They will still hate you, yet will also be in complete awe and speechless by what I will do through you and My friends that I have called.

“Now, Erin, do not be afraid and do not be discouraged as I will soon give you the wealth of nations. I will remove all of your debts in a single day.  Then, not one enemy will be able to say, ‘Wait, she is mine!  I own her!’  You are Mine and always have been.  Even when you walk through the fire, not even one single hair will be singed.”

Uriel came over to me to help me back up to my feet. After we had walked a short distance, I decided to turn back towards the Throne of God.  I was in tears.

Me: “Oh Father, thank You!  I just love You so much.  You are so awesome and I cling to Your promises.  Thank You, Father, thank You for loving me.”

God: Laughing.  “Oh Erin, it is not hard for Me to love you.  It is you who are hard on yourself, so do not be.  Watch for your Gift as I will be sending it soon.  I love you.”

Uriel brought me outside. I was still weeping tears of joy from my glorious time with my Father and Creator.  I started to wonder when this would all happen and whether I still needed to do anything.

Uriel: Smiling.  “Do not worry, Erin, as the time has come and you can do nothing to prepare for God has already ‘sealed this day’.”

Me: “Uriel, what do you mean by this?”

Uriel: “While this remains a mystery for now, it will soon be revealed and then you will know.  Now, remember that no one can undo that which God has done, so do not worry.  Erin, never doubt His love for you and that He has even sent angels concerning you to prepare your walls.

“Now, rejoice, Erin. Rejoice as He has found you worthy.  Rejoice as you know the fate that will soon befall those who have been wicked against you.  Rejoice as you will soon be strengthened from on high.  So rejoice!”

Uriel smiled at me as we continued to walk down the path. Tears of joy continued to stream down my cheeks, but I certainly did not mind this type of tears at all!

Dream over…


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