Dream 251 – Jesus, His Menu, His Timing

Finished on Sunday, July 2, 2017

Received on Sunday, June 25, 2017


Dear Father,

It has been a difficult week and I am having a hard time right now. I am struggling to not let my physical pain lead to depression as I am now even having a hard time finding a comfortable spot to lay my head down to sleep.

Father, it has been just over three years since my injury and now I cannot even enjoy resting my head. Journaling is even more difficult as my neck now seems to be unable to even hold the weight of my head anymore.

There are so many physical things that I would just love to do right now, but my ambitions simply cannot be met with my current limitations. For example, I have set out for a walk many times, but, in no time, my limitations yet again overcome my ambitions.

As my mom had me at the age of 21, she was still relatively young as I grew up to be a child and then a teenager. As she was also quite competitive, I was also then brought up to be competitive myself, whether intentional or not.  However, due to both of us then being competitive, it was not long before we started to even compete with each other.

While this was a problem in our relationship many times, this self-motivation and athletic ambition ended up serving me quite well when I branched off into my own ventures. However, with me injured for quite some time now, I feel as if my children have been robbed of this in comparison to what I had been taught.

Granted, they could still choose to be self-motivated and acquire this on their own, but I have no doubt that having an active and motivated mom as a coach would have helped them acquire this. While I know that God will soon make this all perfect, it still hurts to watch this as we wait for the fulfillment of His promises.

While I am still thankful for each day that God has given me and I am even thankful for even this very painful day, Father, please forgive me in advance as I once again vent to You. Quite simply, I feel as if my entire Christian walk has been very little fun for me and has instead been more like continuous blows from a very motivated enemy.

My punishing blows all started pretty well the minute that I gave my heart to You, Lord. While I now know that all of this was necessary to teach me to surrender myself to You and to therefore lose my ‘self’ in the process, it was still an exceedingly painful process with repercussions that remain in pretty well everything I do.

For good reason, the enemy had thought that he could trap me in the desert until I finally died. However, and unexpectedly, a door sprung open on May 8th, 2014 when You allowed me to be injured at work.  You then told me, ‘Erin, I know that you are now injured, but this is what I will use to call you out of the desert.  Now, walk this way.’

Father, you then quickly spared me from rotting in the desert by removing me. You fulfilled Your promise and led me out of the desert and into the ‘land of the trees’, all in a way that I could not possibly have seen coming.  After You ‘moved mountains’ to get me out of the desert, You then moved me so far away that the enemies’ plots against me there were exceedingly difficult for them to execute.

Though I am still in pain, my removal from the desert has since allowed me to take joy in the small things again. Time that I had spent in continuous battles is now spent enjoying the fun things that You send to me.  As just one example, a recently installed bird feeder is bringing me more laughter and joy than I could have ever anticipated.

I had recently bought a simple bird feeder and my husband promptly put it up. After considering various locations, we finally decided to put the feeder under an overhang between our kitchen and dining room.  This allows me to watch the birds and ‘other small critters’ enjoy the feeder both as I am eating and then as I clean up afterwards.

Now, I used the term ‘other small critters’ for a good reason here. While the feeder has attracted many different varieties of birds, it has also attracted a rather large squirrel that we have now nick-named ‘Crawl’.

Despite my birdfeeder being specifically advertised as being totally ‘squirrel-proof’, ‘Crawl’ still manages to ‘make a way when there really should have been no way’. His efforts to get to the birdseed despite the feeder being advertised as ‘Crawl’-proof have been extraordinary to watch.

It also seems that he has lost all fear of us. We can even make funny gestures at him through the window while he is only a couple of feet away from us and he basically ignores us.  However, after enjoying this spectacle for a while, I decided that he was eating so much seed that there was barely any left for the birds we had installed it for.

The solution we came up with was to buy some special squirrel food and put it in a separate feeder on the ground beneath the birdfeeder. Since then, ‘Crawl’ has mostly left the birdseed to the birds and harmony has been mostly restored.

Thank You, Lord, for the little things, but also for the mysterious bigger things that You do as well. Two of my children were originally supposed to travel on June 17th, but this was first delayed until June 24th to facilitate their dad’s trip to Mexico.

They were then supposed to leave yesterday, but there has now been an even further delay due to my daughter’s biopsy and the subsequent need to have her sutures removed. My enemy then followed a pattern that never changes and has since concocted a story that I somehow used all of this to orchestrate their trip delay.

While I would have normally replied to his lies immediately, the Lord told me that it was not yet the time to respond and that He would guide me when the time was right. He also reminded me to follow His example and not respond to lies.  I listened to Him and I simply did not respond to the horrible things he had said of me, all of it such evil lies.

I am grateful that, once this summer passes, yet another one of my children will no longer be subject to court orders for mandatory visitation as he will also be 18. However, this still means that my daughter would be required to visit.

While my younger son could then opt to stay here after he turns 18 just like my oldest son, he has since indicated that he would prefer going simply so that his sister would not have to be out there alone. While this is comforting, it is just so incredibly sad that the situation is such that he feels he has to do this.

It really did not have to be this way as I have always been amicable and quite cooperative with my enemy. However, this particular time is different as we still have not received my daughter’s pathology report and I refuse to budge on her safety.

While I am in no mood to have to fight my main enemy yet again as a result, her health is just too important for me not to. And, yes, thank You, Lord, for sending me a husband that has no fear in rolling up his sleeves to battle this man.  For some reason, You have even made it so that he somehow even enjoys fighting those who curse me.

Now, this last week has been quite interesting and I feel as if the Lord had sent me a series of small tests. In my first example, a clerk accidentally did not charge me for a $35 item.  While I instinctively somehow knew that the total I had just paid seemed a bit low, I was in such a hurry to pick up my kids from school that I purposely ignored it.

When I later had the time to look over the bill more closely, it was then that I noticed that this $35 item was indeed missing from the sales receipt. Once I realized this, I promptly phoned the store and told them that I would be coming back to pay for the missing item.

I was so mad at myself for not simply taking the time to check it over before leaving town in the first place. I then even felt guilty because, had the amount been too much instead, I am sure that I would have made the time to deal with it right then and there prior to leaving the store.

As I debated simply waiting until later that day, or even the next day, to make this right, I suddenly felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to take care of the matter immediately. My daughter then volunteered to come with me and we drove the thirty minutes back into town together.  We then even had to drive through a torrential downpour to get there.

When we finally arrived at the store, the two saleswomen helping me told me that they had recognized me from previous visits. I then explained the situation, but wanted to make sure that the clerk who missed the item was not going to get in trouble for it.

The ladies assured me that she would be fine and thanked me for coming back to pay for the missing item. After they rang the item through and I paid for it, I felt relief that I had made the situation right by coming back in immediately.

Before I left the store, the woman who had missed the item saw me and rushed over to thank me for my honesty. While I am not sure, I felt that perhaps the Lord wanted us to do this right away in order to pave the way for a future interaction with these women after we are transformed.  It really seemed to me as if there was more to all of this.

Anyway, the very next day, I made a different mistake, but this time it resulted in me saving the exact amount of $35 that I had just ‘spent’ the day before. By accident, I had put my finger through a clothes item that I was trying on.  It was at a liquidation-type store and this particular article was regularly over $250, but was on sale for just $42.

This was an amazing bargain and the item was of much greater quality than what you would usually expect for $42. While I knew that I could fix the hole that I had just made, it really would have still been easier for me to just sneak the item back on the shelf and pretend that this had never happened.

After discussing this with my husband, we decided to opt for full disclosure and asked to speak to the store manager. When she came over to us, we explained to her what had just happened and indicated that we wanted to pay the full price, but that we were still curious as to what the store policy would usually be in such a situation.

The manager then told us that she recognized us from previous visits and indicated that such honesty was unheard of in these days. She then went on to explain that these things happen and that she simply could not allow us to buy it at the original $42.

Before I knew it, she took the item from me and slashed the $42 price to $7 with a pen. She then insisted that this was the price that it would now sell for and that this was non-negotiable.  We protested, but she absolutely insisted and then even went and told the cashier not to accept more from us for the item no matter how much we argued.

When my husband and I were later driving home from this store, it was only then that we made a shocking discovery. The $35 ‘cost’ of yesterday’s ‘honesty’ was somehow just exactly matched by our ‘savings’ for today’s ‘honesty’.  How can you not be amazed by God’s higher ways in all of this and to the penny even?

Anyway, there were then three other similar instances later that same week, all involving salesclerks and all really feeling like additional tests from God. I felt that I was then also tested twice more to not react to a couple displays of road rage against us.

I also felt I was being tested when I found out that two of our children had not given us the whole story on a certain matter. The Holy Spirit provided me with the wording that drew out the truth, but not in the way I would have imagined.  However, the test seemed to be whether I would handle this with firmness and gentleness or if I lost my temper.

In the end, I handled this with gentleness and only as much directness as was required. While there was more to this, all was reconciled in the end.  I must admit that I am now quite tired from all of this.  Just as I wrote this, I heard the sounds of birds singing all around me in the trees and had to thank God yet again for removing us from the desert!

As I was lying in bed last night struggling to find a comfortable position for my head, I started praying again. Tears soon started to flow and I found myself asking yet again when something incredible was finally going to happen.  I was in so much pain that this seemed to even amplify the urgency of my prayers.

Father, I pray that I have passed all of Your tests. Everything we own is Yours and we only have any of this simply because You have graciously provided it to us.  Everything around me is a gift.  My children are my gifts and my husband is my gift.

While there are still those things around me that I have earned from years of work, even these are Your’s since You are the One who gave me the day’s breath and the ability to create. Without Your gifts of our resulting abilities, we would simply not be able to perform anything.  Really, nothing could ever be possible as a result.

Oh Father, I am simply nothing without You. I write these dreams down even though You know that I hate writing.  However, I know that You have done so much for us, how can I not do whatever it is that You call me to do and, yes, even if it means writing!

As I laid there praying, I soon drifted off. You then gave me a short dream…

Dream 1 description begins…

I was about three years old and was wearing a little white dress. My feet were barefoot and I had flowers in my long hair.  I was standing in a meadow filled with beautiful wild flowers and was laughing out loud at all of the butterflies that surrounded me.

I was then allowed to watch myself as I danced around laughing while I chased these butterflies. I heard Jesus laughing and my three year old self quickly ran into His arms.  I watched as He held my younger self and I cried tears of joy at the sight.  I knew that she, and therefore I, would always be safe in His mighty arms.  I prayed again as I watched all of this unfold.

Me: “Oh Lord, please help us soon.  Please, Father, do not forget about us!”

Dream 1 description over…

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was in a beautiful meadow and could not even see a single cloud in the blue sky. There were flowers everywhere and I was wearing a white linen dress.  I laughed and started to spin all around in joy.  I was looking for Jesus at the same time, but I could not see Him anywhere.

I found an area with soft mossy grass and decided to lie down to rest. As I stared up at the clear sky, clouds started to line up.  The many cloud shapes were greatly amusing and I thanked the Lord for the wonderful spectacle.

I felt strongly that I was to now really enjoy this little time I had here that was completely void of any cares. Though I knew this would only last for but a moment, I could not believe how wonderful it felt to truly have all worries vanquished from my thoughts.  I closed my eyes in prayer.

Me: “Oh Lord, while we wait for You, time continues to march forward and life goes on.  All around us, conditions in the world are continuing to become worse.  It seemed as if life was still relatively good not that long ago and I am saddened that everything in the world is now breaking down so fast.”

I could tell that someone was near me as I prayed, so I opened my eyes. Jesus was right there standing above me.  I looked up and He had a huge smile on His face.

Received on Sunday, July 2, 2017

Jesus: Laughing.  “So, Erin, are you enjoying some rest?”

He reached over and helped me to sit up. He then sat down right next to me and looked into my eyes.  Without any warning, tears started to stream from my eyes down my cheeks.  I surprised myself as I was suddenly crying quite heavily.

Me: “Lord, while I feel broken, I really am now broken.  While I am so grateful that You removed us to a safe place in the trees, I desire to finally start truly living while we wait for You.  My fear is that You will keep us waiting too long in this forced holding pattern.

“It seems as if there is nothing we can do to get You to ‘really’ start moving with us. To make matters even worse, I have now even found out that my daughter may be sick. In turn, this potential sickness has caused a huge battle with my main enemy as he greatly resents the resulting delay in the children’s travel.

“Lord, we are waiting for the report from the doctor and my son will not travel without her. If this is even possible, my son’s stand has then even further infuriated their father.  I have now been accused of so many things as a result of all of this.

“While my enemy’s emails have been poisonous, I thank You, Lord, as I just know that You have helped me with each one of my replies. Still, the last few days have been exhausting and I am now completely exhausted from all of these battles.

“Lord, You know our every need, as well as our every heartbreak. You have seen what has been done to us and the things that have been said about us.  Despite the enemy’s accusations, I stood my ground and made the tough call to wait for the results before I will allow the kids to travel.  I felt that this course of action matched Your instructions.

“Lord, it even seemed as if You confirmed this when You then sent us a double rainbow shortly after making this decision. The very next day, there were even more battles, but it seemed as if You then sent us yet another double rainbow as further confirmation.  Lord, both of these rainbows even seemed to end right on top of our house!”

Though my eyes were blurry with tears, I saw Jesus facing me to listen with such empathy. He had His knees bent as He rested His arms on His knees as He listened.  I had never seen Him sit this way and I could not help but smile while I cried.  He smiled back at me, but then motioned for me to continue.  He listened as I continued to vent.

Me: “Lord, You know all of this is happening, so why would You allow all of this to continue when You know that we all love You so much?  Is it that I have not done everything that You have asked of me in the way that You asked me to do it?”

Jesus: “No, Erin, you have obeyed My directions perfectly.  However, please remember that you have now completely handed your life over to Me for My purposes.  Now, do you remember doing this?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus: “You then fully gave Me all of your children and told Me that they were Mine.  You then also told Me that they were never really yours to begin with.  Now, Erin, do you also remember doing this?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  You have entrusted them to me, but they are really all Your’s.”

Jesus: “Alright then, Erin, you must now trust Me fully with your entire situation.  While you may still prefer to pick and choose off of the menu at times, you must realize that doing so will result in an unexpectedly high ‘final bill’.  You will then look back at your meal and realize that it was not nearly as sweet as you had hoped it would be.

“So, Erin, let Me order for you instead, understand? In turn, I promise you that I will give you that which is good…even if you then receive some unexpected items…”  He smiled.  “Erin, what I serve you is good, but it is also good for all those sitting around the table with you…”  He smiled again and nudged me.  “…and, yes, this even includes those who are eating at your restaurant and those who are still waiting for their reservations.”

“Now, with Me ordering, even the scraps on the floor are good to eat. Remember that I am the Master Chef and the Server of Good Things.  However, you must also remember that God is the Owner of the Restaurant and that He is also the Creator of every single thing that is good.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, but why does Your food always seem to have to be so ‘bittersweet’?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Now, Erin, I never promised you that every one of My meal selections would be ‘sweet and easy’.  However, by fully releasing all things to Me and trusting Me in both the good and the bad, I do promise you that you will have a wonderful dessert at the end of your meal.  Erin, it will be a dessert that will never end.

“I have already paid the price for all of this so that you would have no need to worry. The price has been ‘paid-in-full’!  Now, I love you and I am here with you.  While I know that this has been difficult for you, your enemies will soon be begging for your scraps.

“Right now, your enemies refuse to eat even one scrap of what I have to offer even though they act like hungry dogs. However, there will soon come a day when they will then try to still make reservations to dine with Me at the Marriage Supper.  However, they will then find out that we are no longer taking reservations.

“Out of desperation, your enemies will then call the ‘Restaurant’ directly and claim that they already have reservations. The angel will then open the Book and see that this is not true.

“They will then be horrified to find out that not one of their names is on the reservation list.” He then looked sternly, yet lovingly, directly into my eyes.  “Erin, not one of their names will be on that list.”

I shuddered at the thought. While these enemies have done such horrible things to me, and many still try to do so to this very day, my heart was still saddened at the thought of their soon torment as I just knew it would be brutal and without mercy.

Me: “Oh Lord, if only they would turn to You now.  If only they would listen to You now before it is too late.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but you are not to worry about them as My Father and I are fully in control in all of this.  Just remember that you are in My care and already dine in My Restaurant.  So, even though I have created both you and the menu, would you still like for Me to order for you or would you instead prefer to pick and choose your own selections, perhaps even the ‘selection du jour’?”

Me: Laughing.  “Oh Lord, You are right!  I would much rather have You plan my menu for me.  Although my children may still ask for some of the side dishes, or even for other condiments, to make what is served more to their liking, I will stick with Your planned courses as You are always perfect in Your selections.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Erin, I know that what I serve does not always sound appetizing at first, but you have still chosen to dine here with Me.  However, those you love also dine at ‘your table’ and you are with others in this ‘Restaurant’.  While some may still prefer ‘junk food’ over My ‘Good Food’, I promise you that you will always have a ‘great meal’ when you dine with Me.”

At first, I laughed with Him, but then I rested my head on His shoulder. I circled my arms around His arm and held Him close to me.  I felt so safe there next to Him that I closed my eyes for a moment to take it all in.

Jesus: “Erin, while you have now slayed your lion, the old toothless one, you are now facing a large bear.  However, it too now runs.”

He suddenly downloaded a seemingly insignificant incident that recently occurred. When I had recently driven with my daughter to her doctor’s appointment, a large black bear had run right in front of our car.  I had plenty of time to stop, but the bear then quickly ran into the forest and out of our sight.  We then continued on our way and never really put any more thought about this incident.

Me: “So, what did this mean, Lord?”

Jesus: “Well. Erin, it is written that a roaring lion and a rushing bear is like a wicked ruler over a poor people.  However, it is also written that the Lord, Who has delivered you from the paws of the lion and from the paws of the bear, will also deliver you from the giant.  While the bear seemed like a threat at first, it quickly ran and disappeared up the trail and into the woods again.

Me: “Oh, that was You, Lord!”

Jesus: “Now, Erin, if I am with you, who can stand against you?”

Me: “It means that, when You are with me, no one can stand against me.  You were there with us on our trip to the doctor’s and had even sent us the bear as a sign.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Yes, Erin, and I also sent you both of the rainbows as signs.”

Me: Crying.  “I am sorry, Lord, so sorry.  It is just that…well…I am here with You now…so, please…please will You not help us…Lord, could You consider today to be ‘the day’?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Hmm, oh, I see.  So, are you requesting soup or salad?  What kind of dressing would you prefer?  Perhaps I can even provide some croutons?”

Me: Now laughing.  “Okay, Lord, I will try to not ask You again.  I am sorry.  It is just that…well…You are here with me right now, Lord.”

Jesus: “Though I fully realize that you wonder what I am up to, does the Bride always know the movements of the Groom prior to the day that He comes for Her?  Though She waits with oil in Her Lamp day and night for His arrival, She never knows exactly when He will arrive.

“Instead, She trusts in Him fully, knows that He will soon come and then prepares and watches. While the Bride then waits for the Groom excitedly, She does not always wait patiently, does She?  So, in order to keep Her encouraged, the Groom then sends confirmation of His soon arrival in various ways.

“The Groom does this by sending signs, gifts and wonders, as well as through angels and friends. The Bride then does Her part by keeping watch over Her dwelling and Her garments so that she is always prepared for His soon arrival.  Erin, you are an expectant Bride and I am glad!  You are faithful, but you must also remember that the Groom comes at the appointed time and does not delay.”

Me: “Even though I should know better and even though You just finished explaining all of this to me, Lord, I still need to ask You for our healing as we continue to wait for You,  Please, Lord, soon!  While I do not want to jump ahead of Your plans, this is something that You have already promised, right, Lord?”  I started to laugh.

“Now, with that being said, I certainly do not want to stuff myself on salad when I know that the main course contains the ‘best meat’. While I trust in Your timing, I really am just too excited about all that You have planned for us to wait much longer.  Still, while waiting is really hard for all of us, I will do my best to keep the hearts of me and my household on You while we do so.”

He looked very pleased with what I had just said to Him. As He smiled at me, and even though waiting is so hard, I somehow truly felt in my heart right then and there that only He truly knows the perfect timing for all of this to happen.  This comforted me greatly.

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, I know that you will ‘try’.”  He laughed.  “Now, do you remember the dream that I gave to you last night?”

Me: “Yes, Lord, it was a funny dream…”

Dream 2 description begins…

I lived in a home with eight foot high walls. There was no roof over our home, only the walls.  The windows were also open as there were no glass panes.  The carpet was even made of soft green grass, but was perfectly mowed short and kept thick.

D251 Pic 1

In the very center of the room was a massive tree. The tree had a variety of fruits and consisted of different types of both citrus and apple.  The branches were so laden with fruit that it was ridiculous and would be impossible if this tree was on Earth.

The sun shined into the room and, at times, I would move the bench around so that I could sit in the sunlight and soak up the sun. At other times, I lied in the grass, but mostly I loved just sitting on the bench eating fruit from this amazing tree.

As I was relaxing one day, I suddenly heard a loud knocking on my front door. I opened the door to find a man standing there with a large package.  Even though I did not invite him in as I had not been expecting a package, he decided to come in anyway.

When the man entered, he inspected the kitchen. As the kitchen was nearest to the front entry, he seemed to completely ignore the main living room.  He also did not seem to notice that there was grass for carpet and a fully grown fruit tree laden with fruit in the middle of the room.

Me: “Excuse me, sir, but is there something that I can help you with?”

Man: “Well, no, there is not.  Indeed, you are the one in need.  Just look at this place!”

I looked around the kitchen, but was unsure what he was referring to. It was quite clean and, other than just a few dirty dishes in the sink, essentially barely used.  I soon realized that I was no longer making the kitchen my priority and chuckled as this is not like me at all right now as I just love to keep ‘my’ kitchen spotless.

Man: “Yes, I can certainly see that you desperately need my help.  Fortunately for you, I have the perfect thing for you to purchase that will solve all of your problems.”

Before I could protest, the man opened the package and pulled out a massive metal contraption. It was such an odd looking thing and even had burgers in plastic wrap, along with other seemingly random items and food.

While pieces of the contraption seemed complicated, the food itself looked old and well past their expiration date. The contraption itself was covered in dust.  As I inspected it closer, it looked like a type of custom food apparatus on wheels made to produce meals in some sort of self-sufficient manner.  I was puzzled as to why I would need this at all.

Me: “Why would I ever need such a thing?  First off, I do not eat that much.  However, when I do, I already like my setup as it is.  All I have to do is eat the fresh fruit that is right there on this tree!  I love doing this and I really have no need for any more.”

I could tell that he was now purposely ignoring my words, along with the tree, as he was really just wanting to continue with his sale uninterrupted.

Man: “Now wait just one minute, young lady.  I will show you that this is much better.”

He started playing with the contraption to show me how it worked, but it soon became clear that it was no longer working. I could tell that he was desperate to sell this to me.  I was still not interested and did not want either of us to waste our time any further.

Me: “Listen, I really do not want to be rude, but I am really not interested.”

Man: “Well, I will still leave this with you anyway as it was specifically designed just for you.  I really have no use for it.”

Me: “I am confused.  Can you not see that this fruit tree is all that I need for food?”

Rather than acknowledging my question, the man simply left without taking the contraption with him. After he left, I carted the apparatus over to a corner of the kitchen that was out of the way.

It was only then that I noticed that there was a massive pile of other items that other salespeople had obviously previously tried to sell to me. I could not help but laugh at the sheer number of useless items that were piled up in the corner.

Dream 2 description over…

Jesus: Laughing.  “Now, Erin, make sure you stay in your living room with the fruit tree as I am there with you.  You have everything you need there.  I will provide the sun, the rain and will continue to give you fruit from the tree.  Whoever knocks at your door from this point on are mere distractions.  Unless I tell you otherwise, it is best to just ignore them as they are trying to pull you away from living here with Me in abundance.”

Me: “Oh Lord, please forgive me for doing this.  I did not realize that I was…”

Jesus: “Wait, Erin, this is not an admonishment, but a confirmation.  While you will continue to be kind to strangers at My leading and hear what they have to say, you are only to do so as per My instructions and then come back to Me immediately after any such encounter.  Always remember that Heaven is over you and that I am your Canopy, your Cover and your Light.”

Me: Crying.  “Yes, Lord, You are all things to me!  Now, can You help me with another dream that I had recently?  While the dream was too short for my liking, it was wonderful and seemed so significant.”

Dream 3 description begins…

My mom, my daughter and I were all playing together. What was so odd about this was that all three of us were the same age, around five years old.  Somehow the three of us were now the very best of friends even though we were still related, even if in three separate generations.

Dream 3 description over…

Me: “Lord, how could this even be?”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Well, Erin, I delight in each of you, but there is so much more that you do not yet know.  While all will be reconciled with you some day, just know that you also have many more friends already waiting here.”

Me: “Lord, what was the meaning of the exposed house with no roof?”

Jesus: “This symbolizes your heart, Erin.  Your heart is ever open before Me and bears fruit that is good to eat.  There were no glass panes in the windows as there is no need for glass on the windows of your heart.  There is also an ‘artery’ planted there with roots and it is a tree of continuous harvests.  Even the floor of the house is lush grass with a soft texture.  The sun shines from your heart, Erin, as I am shining there!”

Me: Crying.  “Lord, I have great difficulty thinking of myself in this way at all.  Lord, all of this is just too wonderful for someone like me.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Then stop your thinking and just relax and fully give Me your heart.  It is written that Sheol and Abaddon lie open before me, so how much more are the hearts of men?  Erin, the refining pot is for silver and the furnace is for gold, but it is I that test hearts.”  Proverbs 15:11 & 17:3.

Me: “Lord, people are growing colder every day and this coldness is growing faster than ever before.  I am worried about how this will all turn out.”

Jesus: “Do not worry for this is also written.  Now, Erin, I continuously search your thoughts and you just thought, ‘Is this what He meant when He said I am going to do something in your day that you would not believe even if you were told’?  You had just thought this as you were recalling some of the troubles that have come against you.

“Well, Erin, NO, this is not it!  While I use you to test the hearts of those around you, there is much more to this.  While it is also written that, in this life, you will have trouble, do not worry as I have overcome the world.  Erin, there is so much more to all of this.

“And, yes, while I also use you as a measure for your enemies, I am also going to do so much more with you and soon. While you already know this in your heart as your dreams have been preparing you for the time when you are strengthened and healed, you are still discouraged by how you are on this very day.

“Well, do not be discouraged, Erin, as this is now the time to be encouraged. Know that I am here with you always.  In the same way that I know all of the hidden plans in the hearts of the wicked soon to be punished, how much more do I delight in those hearts that fully trust in Me and know that My plans are for their good?

“Now, do not worry, Erin, as I have you and your children. Know that I sent your husband, but also so many friends.  I removed you from the desert and sent you to a beautiful place.  I have provided for your needs there.  Now, please remain in Me.  In just a little while, you will understand why.  I love you!”

He smiled at me and put His arms around me. I hugged Him tightly and never wanted to let Him go.  I felt such peace that I really did not want it to ever end.  Quite simply, it is a peace that can never be fully described on this side of Heaven.

Dream over…


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