Dream 253 – Jesus, the Sheep Gate and the Release of the Beasts

Finished on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Received on Sunday, July 16, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for all that we have.  Thank You for my family and friends.  I wait anxiously, and not always patiently, for Your return.  I love You, Father.

I had a dream last night that was very clear and horribly graphic…

Dream 1 description begins (“The beasts are released”)…

Our home was perched on a high hill in what seemed to be quite similar to the hills in the northwest part of Portland, Oregon. However, it was still different as it also seemed to have terrain that was both desert and tropical.

D253 Pic 1

The home we were living in was very narrow, as were the neighboring houses. Each house had around six floors, but each floor was just 7’ across and 8’ in length.  Cutting into this already small space were a series of stairs needed to go from floor to floor.

Even though the stairs were only 24” in width and had short risers and shallow treads, it still made it so the living area on each floor was ridiculously small, only around 5’ across and 8’ in length. In reality, there was not even enough room to get furniture up the stairwells and onto each of the floors.

We had already decided that this was just too narrow for us to live in and now had plans to move to a more expansive area with sprawling landscapes. As we continued to organize our move, we all made sure that we were careful to obey the local laws and kept our views about God quiet until He instructed us to proceed differently.

One day, we received a knock on our door. When I opened the door, I recognized the person standing there as a local developer.  To be polite, I invited him in to allow him to have his say, but I already knew that I would not be signing any contracts.

Developer: “Today is your lucky day!  I have an excellent investment opportunity for you.  We are about to develop a prime area in the valley and I strongly advise that you really need to jump on this opportunity immediately.”

Me: “I am sorry, but we are really not interested in this right now.”

Developer: “Listen, Erin, you really need to consider moving here.”

I instantly became guarded when he said my name as I just knew that something was not right. I had purposely stayed under the radar and had not really let anyone know my name, or at least so I thought.

Me: “I have already told you that we are not interested.”

He completely ignored me and instead pulled out a device that showed me a virtual 3D view of the development. I felt strongly that I was not to lose my patience with him, so I kept calm and decided to at least look at what he was showing me.

Developer: “You will live in one of these units.  I have built only three of these units and I will allow you to have one of them, but only if you agree to sign up with me today.”

Me: “While I agree that the entire area you are developing is quite impressive, all of these units are made of concrete.  These units remind me of tombs.”

Developer: “Look, Erin, you are really going to regret not buying this.”

Me: “How much is each of these units selling for?”

Developer: “Today only, I will practically be giving this to you at a bargain price of just $2 million.  Those who do not say yes today will instantly regret this as these prices will soon be doubling.  Not only that, but the units you are living in now, including this one, will soon become uninhabitable.”

Me: “I really do not want this unit at all.  I already know that there will not be any greenery or animals in this development.  All of it just seems so lifeless to me.”

Developer: Yelling.  “Alright, I am sorry, but you are now too late.  I don’t like your attitude and now I won’t let you come into the valley even if you begged me.”  He suddenly became eerily calm.  “Just remember, Erin, I warned you.”

As he stormed off in anger, I could not help but shake my head at what had just happened. However, I quickly put this out of my mind as I was almost finished packing our belongings for us to travel.  If he had even bothered to ask me, I would have told him that we had already decided to go in another direction completely.

After a bit more time, I looked over my checklist and noticed that I now had everything packed except for some groceries for the journey. It was evening, so I quickly set out for the grocery store at the base of the hill to the west of the valley before it closed.  As no one was available to come with me, I decided to head out all by myself.

As I drove to the grocery store, I started to hear people screaming in horror that their pets, children and relatives were now missing. This seemed quite odd to me as I knew that the Rapture had not yet occurred.

It did not take long for the mystery of these ‘disappearances’ to be revealed to me. As I started to cross over the bridge on the way to the grocery store, I glanced over the side of the bridge as it passed over some swamp land.  I noticed that the water level had risen dangerously higher than normal.

I stopped my vehicle on the side of the bridge to take a better look. As I looked down, I could see too many alligators and crocodiles to count.  I gasped in horror when I realized that this was the reason that so many people were now suddenly missing.  My heart sank when I saw a woman ‘walking on the water’ below.

I quickly got out of my car to scream a warning to her. I recognized the woman to be someone I knew.  I then remembered that she had invented some special shoes that allowed her to ‘walk on water’.  I yelled out to her at the top of my lungs, but she was too far away to hear what I was saying.

Me: “Jane, you must leave the water now!  Leave as quickly as you can!”

She must have heard something as she then looked up and waved at me. However, she then continued to walk, completely oblivious to the dangers that surrounded her in the dark waters below her.  When I then saw that three alligators were now gathering around her, I screamed at her again, but to no avail.

I then watched as she used two of the alligators as ‘stepping stones’. When she went to step onto the third alligator, it leaped up and dragged her below the surface.  After her now dead body was dragged to shallower water, the two other alligators joined in for a feeding frenzy.

After they finished consuming the woman completely in what seemed to be just seconds, they started to act strangely. I was not sure what they were doing at first, but then I noticed that each of them had just given birth to several more alligators.  These new born alligators were growing rapidly and I knew that they would soon be deadly.

I ran down the bridge and shouted warnings to as many people as I could. It seemed as if not one single person had yet recognized the great danger that was right there in their midst.  They all seemed unable to understand what I was saying to them.  I finally stopped a man to speak with him.  He was in shock and quite catatonic.

Me: “What is happening?  Are you okay?  Sir?  Sir?”

Man: Dazed.  “After I said ‘no’, they took everything from me.  They flooded the area and unleashed beasts into the water.  No one was prepared.”  He snapped out of it and started yelling at me.  “Run!  Run!  Leave!  Leave!  Take very little and run now!”

I got back into my car and drove to the grocery store as fast as I could. Once inside the store, I quickly started gathering up some essentials.  After a short while, a clerk rushed over to me to talk.  When she came closer to me, we quickly recognized each other from some of my previous trips I had made there.

Clerk: “Erin, please take this bag of provisions.  I will sell it to you for only $25.  It will last you and your family about 27 days.  Take it and run!  Don’t look back!  This area is about to be leveled in order to make way for the developer.”

I forced a smile as I reached to take the bag of provisions from her. I was curious how she had also known my name, but then quickly remembered that I would use my card there for most of my purchases.  She must have made note of my name on the card last time I had used it with her.

Me: “Thank you so much for this!  Oh, I just knew that developer was evil.”

Clerk: “Oh Erin, their requirements to live without fear is really something that we all should fear.  It is a purchase for a concrete tomb!”  She then looked into my eyes with great concern.  “Did you sign?”

Me: “No, we did not sign anything.”

Clerk: “In that case, you must leave immediately!  You will be hunted down in the light of day!  Soon, all that this man built will be gone and only a few columns of smoke will remain.”

Me: “Wait!  I remember reading about this in the Bible!  A great war will come to the valley and the enemy will not survive!”

Clerk: “Yes, but you are to leave tonight to where the Lord sends you.  Go!  Leave now!  Quickly!”  She hugged me.

I left with her provisions, along with some water jugs that I had purchased. I decided to leave my car in the parking lot and go by foot as the roads were now clogged with traffic.  I strapped everything to my back and ran back over the bridge.

The swamp was now overgrown and the smell of sulphur and death was overwhelming. I ran to get my family and told them what had happened.  We fled in our other vehicle to the west, to the place the Lord had prepared for us.  It was an expansive lush landscape that the enemy was not interested in.

Dream 1 description over…

Received on Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for my husband and children.  Lord, I really mean it – THANK YOU!  I am so very thankful that You have given us such a beautiful place.  I still cannot believe that You brought me and my children to such a safe place.  This is an amazing gift from You and we could not have done this without You.

You continue to sustain us. We have recently even been able to have some repairs on our cars done that we have not been able to afford until now.  While there are still many items ‘outstanding’, I just know that You will once again help sustain us just like You have been doing for quite some time now.

Thank You, Father, for sending my husband to look after us. He loves to lead our home under Your guidance and authority.  What a gift he is to me and our children, so, again, thank You!  My children, in particular, have really needed a ‘positive’ male role model in their lives.

As You already know though, Lord, I still have so many worries today, especially when I start to think about some of the impossible walls we face ahead of us. Truly, all of our hopes remain only in You.  I am waiting on You, but, really, everyone in our household is waiting on You as well.

My body seems to really be wearing down now. My continued inability to ‘really’ be able to exercise regularly due to my injury is certainly not helping matters.  Please show us what we should do here, Father, or, better yet, could You just heal our bodies instead?

To encourage me, could You please just strengthen me enough right now so that I can at least be more active while we wait for our Transformation? Hmm, perhaps if You only wanted to Transform a few of us for now, I am sure that we would all agree to keep this miracle quiet until Your ‘proper’ timing…smiles!

Lord, You have also recently placed on my heart a renewed interest in painting and sewing. This interest seemed to grow even stronger this week, so please illuminate all that You would like me to do.  I am eager to serve You even more, Lord!

I am also anxious about some government forms that I need to soon complete for our household. I am concerned and uncertain as to how all of this will fall into place.  Please let all of this be seamless and guide us in how we should proceed.  I feel so lost when I try to do any of this on my own.

I ask, yet again, that You please strengthen us to be able to do more activities while we wait on Your perfect timing. I am longing to give our children some fun things to look forward to.  Please, Father, bless us abundantly as we all just love You so much.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was in a vineyard archway leading to a beautiful aspen grove with a pathway made of incredible paver stones. As I searched down the path to the end, I saw Jesus bathed in the light of God there.  In between the archway and the end of the path was an ‘open door’ that I had not seen before.

Jesus was looking at me and was smiling. I could see healing beams of light emanate from all around Him.  He held His arms out to me and motioned me towards Him.  I instantly started to sprint down the path, through the ‘open door’ and straight into His loving arms.  As He hugged me, I felt His love pour out all around me and into my body.

Me: “Oh Lord, I am so glad to be here in Your arms today.  Could You please heal our earthly bodies today?  Please?  Today?  Could You take away all of our debts and enemies?  Could You remove them all today?  Today?  Please, Lord, please?”

Jesus: He was laughing as I was so animated in my requests.  “Well, Erin, I can certainly see that ‘patience’ is off the table for today…”  He looked into my eyes and smiled.  “…or at least that is what I am deriving from the urgency of your requests.”

Me: “Lord, I am asking You for the impossible.  I am coming boldly before You as I know, and without any shadow of a doubt, that You can do all things.  You can do anything that is in Your and Your Father’s Will.  Your miracles and love are without any bounds.”  I started to cry as it seemed that my heart was breaking as I spoke this.

“Lord, since I know that there is no end to what You are able to do, I just cannot help but feel that we are being passed over for Your healing right now. When I am here and in Your arms, I feel fully whole and alive.  Oh, will You not please consider us for Your miracles soon?”

Jesus: “I have heard your prayers.  Your requests please Me.  I know that your hearts hurt when I do not immediately do as you ask.  What I love about you, Erin, is that you continue to seek Me for the impossible and you never stop asking.  You have also learned to not act on your own and rarely do so now.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, as there is really nothing that I can do on my own anymore.”

Jesus: “Yes, but there is certainly plenty of trouble you could still find all on your own apart from Me.  You now wait for Me instead and this is good.  Now, I know that you are growing tired.  I also know that you are continuing to do everything you can do on your own.  This too is good.

“Erin, review the contract that I have given you again. You are asking for the completion of the contract.  I am about to grant you all that you have prayed for.  Those who love Me are like Sheep at My Gate right now.

“The Sheep gather together in great anticipation of the Shepherd. While the Shepherd has begun the process of opening up the Gate, the Sheep remain uncomfortable and crammed together while they wait for Him.  The Sheep cry out to the Shepherd as they long for their Shepherd to open the Gate.

“Erin, I am the Shepherd and I am the Gate. The Gate is opened by the Shepherd and My Sheep then go through the Gate.  Once they have gone through My Gate, they are taken care of in a new pasture and are given new promise.

“However, and even more than this, Erin, I am also your Shepherd now. You have not abandoned Me for greener pastures.  You have stayed with Me because you fully trust Me to keep you safe.  I have therefore set you apart, along with My other Sheep.  For you, Erin, this also includes your husband and your entire household.

“All of you are now My possessions. All of you will soon proclaim what I have done from beginning to end.  I have called each of you out of the darkness and into the light (1 Peter 2:9).  Those who truly love Me will soon stand amazed and shout their praises to Me.

“Erin, as it is written, you were once ‘not a people’, but now you are ‘God’s People’. If I was speaking of the Jews here, this would not make any sense as they were already known.  While you now know very little of your origins as you have been kept hidden, the enemy knows who each of you are.

“The enemy has waged war against your souls. He has waged war against your children and loved ones.  This war has been even greater for you, as it has been for that small portion of those who have been set apart by Me for My purposes, that will soon be part of My ‘Royal Priesthood’.

“While you still could have drank from the cup of envy, malice, deceit or hypocrisy and while all types of slander could have still been found on your lips, you instead kept away from all of this. Instead, you have longed for the spiritual milk that I have offered you.

“You have now drank of My cup and tasted that which is good to drink. I have therefore set you apart and have given you that which is good.  I held you in My arms like a shepherd holds a newborn lamb whose mother had rejected her.  I then nursed you with spiritual milk and you have drank from that which is good.

“You now only look to Me for your milk. You now look only to Me and follow Me in all that you do.  Little-by-little, day-by-day and from strength-to-strength, I have led you to where you are now.  Though the wolves are just outside of your fence calling to you, I have kept, and will continue to keep, you and your household safe.

“Though the wolves mutter all kinds of foul things about you as they call to you from the darkness, they will not prevail. They will not lead any of you past My boundaries.  They will be unsuccessful in their quest to make any of you stumble and fall.

“I am here, Erin, and I will open the floodgates of blessings over you. I promise you that the Sheep Gate is about to open.  Do not worry as My Gate will not be like that of the Temple.  There, sheep were taken through one way to be slaughtered as a sacrifice.

“I instead came to obliterate the need for the Temple sacrifice altogether. I came as the Perfect Lamb as there is no blemish on Me.  Even so, I was an abomination and a stain to My persecutors and was hated for no reason.  I remain so to this very day.

“Now you are My Sheep, set apart for My purposes, not to be slaughtered, but rather to be strengthened in the pasture that I have prepared. There, one-by-one and two-by-two, you will gather within My fold.  There, I will do something that you will not believe.

“Erin, there will soon come a day unlike any other. This day has been specially designed by My Father and Me for ‘a time such as this’.  I will soon send you, My precious Sheep, out amongst the wolves.  However, instead of the wolves devouring you, they will become terrified and will flee at your sight.”

Me: I smiled at Him.  “Hmm, so…is today off of the table then?”

We both started to laugh together so hard. He obviously knew that I was just kidding.

Jesus: “Hmm, so is that the only thing that you received from all that I just said to you?”

We were still laughing as He hugged me.

Me: “Well, Lord, it is just that we are all so excited right now!  If not today, could You still make this really, really, really soon?  Please, Lord?  Pretty please?”

Jesus: “While you already know that today will probably not be the day, you also know in your heart that this day will be soon.  Do not worry, Erin, as you are at the front of the Gate.”  He smiled and nudged me in a lighthearted manner.

“Now, I know that you have exhausted your current pasture and you are now in need of fresh growth. Well, I am here to tell you that I am about to open the floodgates.  Be encouraged as I will do everything that I have said that I would do.  While I do not delay, you are to still enjoy the days leading up to this.  Do all that your heart has called you to.

“Erin, while your plans will succeed, the enemy’s plans against you will fail. I have not abandoned any of you.  I have seen the activities of the wicked surrounding you and I am not pleased.  To give you some hope of what will soon come, have I not already removed some of those that the enemy has sent against you and your household?”

Me: “Yes, Lord…”

Jesus: “Hmm, you do not sound that convinced.  How about naming some of them?”

Several names suddenly ‘popped’ into my head. There were many, many more than I had even realized.  As my main enemy has often been too much of my focus, I had somehow not appreciated all of the enemies that He had already removed for me.  I shook my head at not realizing this more fully before.

Me: “Okay, okay, Lord, I am sorry.  Please forgive me.  You have already done so much to protect us!”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but I promise you that you will soon be even more thankful for what I will soon do with your remaining enemies.  Now, rejoice, as not one in your household will be lost.  Enjoy this day as I have heard your prayers and have accepted them.  I will grant your requests and fulfill each of My promises in your contract.”

“Continue to do good as you wait. I am here with you.  All of the plans that I have placed onto your heart will succeed.  You will soon count your enemies as they fall one-by-one.  You are My Sheep and I am your Good Shepherd.

“While I can take down a lion and a bear in an instant, remember that I can also just as easily remove a tiger and a leopard just as fast.” He was smiling at me as He spoke.  “Yes, Erin, I can even remove the spiders and the wasps.  Always remember that nothing is too big for Me, understand?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  Thank You!”  I hugged Him tightly.

Jesus: “Erin, review your contract again.  It is almost time.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, I will.”

Jesus: “Soon, Erin, very, very soon!  Continue to be patient as you wait.  All will make sense, including the wait, once this day finally comes.”

Me: “Oh Lord, we just love You so much!”

He put His hand on His heart and then pointed to my heart. I hugged Him and didn’t want to let go.

Dream over…


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