Dream 254 – God, Our Only Rock in the Coming Days of Turmoil

Finished on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Received on Thursday, July 20, 2017


Dear Father,

It was horribly hot outside again yesterday so I once again had trouble sleeping last night as a result. I am also in a great deal of pain today.  Sigh…I truly feel as if I am starting to sound like a ‘broken record’ with all of my repeating complaints to You.

No matter what though, I love You, Father! Oh yes…I should also mention that I now have an ‘urgent’ newer request!  If this be in Your Will, could You please download Your Son’s image and strengthen my fingers to draw how I have seen Him in Heaven?

After I went to communion on my knees this morning, I looked up at the ceiling in my devotional room. It looked like there were some tiny bugs, but I was not sure.  I picked up my binoculars to get a closer look and there were tiny spiders.  I can only assume that a ‘mother spider’ must have recently hatched her babies.

I then retrieved my handy-dandy spider stick that my husband had made for me for just this occasion. It is an extendable stick usually used for washing windows, but with layers of duct tape, with the sticky side facing out, wrapped on its end.  This duct tape is so sticky that it is quite difficult for anything, including spiders, to escape.

As I jabbed the corner of the ceiling with the stick, I could not help but laugh when I heard the Lord call me ‘the great spider hunter’.   When I was finally done, about forty to fifty spiders had suddenly met their demise.  Unfortunately, I took a little plaster down at the same time, but it was not really noticeable up there.

Satisfied, I then took out my portable little handheld vacuum cleaner and started sucking up the carnage from ‘The Great July 20th, 2017 Spider Massacre’.  I then made sure to secure my window screen more tightly and did one final sweep behind my chair.

As I swept up behind my chair, I discovered an older black devotional journal sitting there. This started off yet another very painful journey for me. Though I should have known better, I opened the journal to the introduction page.  As per usual, I had written a small paragraph summarizing our current history since the previous journal.

There was also a prayer for the days of entries soon to be recorded and a dedication to my children. However, and to my surprise, this particular journal had quickly then become quite disorganized the further I flipped into its pages.

While it is possible that I may have accidentally switched to another journal, there was a page from October 15th, 2000 and then the next page was not recorded until 2002.  It was really quite a mess and unlike my usual way of organizing these journals.

As I started to read the journal’s details, I discovered dreams and visions that I had written even way back then. However, I had never put much stock in any of them at the time.  I soon discovered quite a detailed dream that I had written down back on January 15th, 2003.  The dream was set in a harbor that had seemed quite peaceful at first.

Dream 1 description begins (“Harbor Dream from January 15th, 2003”)…

I was with my three children having a happy picnic by the harbor. It was so peaceful there and other families were doing similar activities all around us.  However, darkness soon fell on us when a storm had quickly arrived out of nowhere.  As I searched the horizon, I then saw an army of demons devouring people as they came towards us.

I became terrified and quickly picked up two of my children to carry them in my arms. I then told my oldest son to hold on to my shirt.  Even though we were fleeing inland as fast as we could run, it was not long before these demons caught up to us.

I soon felt one of the demons’ hot breaths on my neck as we continued to flee. The smell was so putrid and was like a horrible combination of excrement, sulfur and rotting meat.  To my horror, I then heard its evil voice calling out to me and my children.

Demon: “Oh, how I would like to devour all of you, but I cannot because God says that you are all off limits.  How I just want to tear your ear clean off of your head!”

Dream 1 description over…

This dream was so frightening. While I only wrote down this one portion in my journal, I could recall even more of the dream vividly.  However, as was the case back then, I was still not to write down any other details other than those written above.

As I continued to skim through the many entries in this journal, I found myself wanting to call out to that naïve younger me and give her a solid shake. I would tell her to wake up from her sleep and to trust her instincts on all that was going on around her.

While there was great trouble all around me during this time, I was still unaware of it. Mysterious pains had started to appear and I was now suffering from exhaustion, headaches and depression.

However, it would still be around three years from this point in the journal until the Lord finally exposed that a person that was supposed to be my greatest protector had been putting drugs into my food. There was also so much more evil that was soon to be exposed about this man, but, in reality, the term ‘man’ barely applies in this case.

Not only did he perform so many wicked acts against me, but also against our children. This soon led to the breakup of our marriage.  Though I have proof of all of it and this proof had later been confirmed in a court of law, he has still never confessed and has still never apologized for even one of his many ungodly actions towards us.

Father, I continue to pray that You will shake and wake this man up before that ‘Great and Terrible Day’ soon to come, that day as written in Your Word. For so many just like me, our justice has still not arrived.  Many of us have been served so many injustices by court systems that are skewed towards the evil ones with the greater bank accounts.

However, I just know that You will soon administer Your perfect justice, Father. You have even shown me the horrific holding area where these wicked men and women will reside while they await Your final judgment.  This place is so terrifying that it makes my heart skip a beat at the mere thought of this place.

The wicked are placed deep below the surface and are tightly bound in restraints in a tiny coffin like prison. It is the tightest of spaces and uncomfortable beyond description!  Not only that, but they cannot sleep as You do not allow them to ever close their eyes.  A screen is placed in front of their eyes and replays all of their crimes over and over.

When I have cried out to You to have mercy on them, You then showed me how they never had mercy on their victims.  You then showed me how You gave them chance after chance to cry out for forgiveness, but they instead cursed You with their lips.

The claustrophobic horror awaiting these people is so suffocating and horrific that I personally cannot wish this on any man or woman, even my greatest enemy. Though I have been told that praying for this man’s redemption is now useless at this point, I still feel sad for him as this place is MUCH worse than even our very worst nightmares.

Even if now useless for this particular man, the Lord reminded me that continuing to pray for our enemies’ redemption releases the chains that bind us in unforgiveness. I also discovered that, if we do not do this, then He will not be able to fully use us.

Father, I ask for dreams and visions to be given to those who have done wrong and continue to do wrong. Please show these people how the enemy has been using them as his personal weapons.  Please show them Your Heavenly Courts and how the enemy mocks even those who had served him so well right until their sentencing.

Please also show us who love You how the enemy also appears in Your Courts to request test after test against us. Please heal our broken hearts of grief for all that we have been through as a result.  Please protect us from the crafty ways of our enemy.

Oh Father, I was so foolish in my younger years. Though I made unwise decisions when encountering evil, You still chose to save me every time.  Even though You were so merciful with me, I was still angry with You for allowing me to make such bad choices.  How foolish for me to do this when I had been the one doing this, not You.

It was me who stepped into the doors presented by the enemy while he said, ‘Hey, Erin, do not go that way. There is a better way over here.  Come over here and walk in it.’  As the enemy’s ways somehow seemed easier, I would then foolishly believe his lies and walk right through door after door as presented by him.

Each trip then led me close to, but not quite through, the very door to the fiery furnace, all by my own doing. However, because You loved me even when I remained angry at You, You continued to save me from even greater and greater destruction.  Finally, after so long following this destructive pattern, I finally called out to You and You answered…

God: “Here I Am, Erin.  I love you and I forgive you.  However, you must also now forgive yourself and then others.  I have plans for you.  I have plans for you that are so great that you would not even believe My plans for you even if you were told.”

Even though I often still forget that I had been set free that day, I was finally and completely released from the prison of my past mistakes. While the enemy continues to remind me of where I came from and all of my past mistakes, I know that God has now released me from all of this.

While I could go on and on with assigning blame to my upbringing and what I had witnessed, this would really do nothing to help further my cause. Quite simply, the family I was given, for better and mostly for worse, was as allowed by God for my greater long term good.

As a result, I try to do my best to press forward and ‘Kadima’ and focus on the greater blessing of me now being here with You! You are incredible, Father, and You are our Creator.  As I think of all the amazing things that You have done, I cannot help but cry out in awe at all that You are to each of us.  Thank You, Father.

Forgive me for still looking back when I should know better. There are days when something will trigger a distant memory and I will then literally feel my heart pounding and my body start to sweat.

The enemy’s pattern is familiar:

  • He first reminds me of the consequences of a wrong path, decision or direction I had taken.
  • He then has me recall the shame and humiliation of losing everything.
  • He then uses the ensuing overwhelming grief to call me away from God.

Thank You, Father, for You have taught me how to break the enemy’s pattern. You have taught me to finally yet again cry out to You for help.  If I forget to do this, You now gently nudge me and remind me that the enemy’s schemes are coming at me.  This is when You speak tenderly to me…

God: “Erin, I am here.  This is the way, now walk in it.  Those are old bridges from long ago, but I am here with you now.  While I was with you then too, I am here now and you and your children are safe.  Come to Me, Erin, and I will give you joy eternal.”

Oh Father, I am so grateful to You and even for that old round ottoman I had in my old living room. I am so thankful for all the time I spent with You broken and on my knees.  When justice had turned on me and I felt alone, unloved, forgotten, abandoned, broken and hopeless, I was forever changed by You and restored, all in Your perfect timing.

Slowly, day-by-day, from strength-to-strength, You began to fill my emptiness with Your living water. You refreshed my soul and revived my ability to take in that which is good.  You instructed me while I slept, then applied those instructions while I was awake.

I learned about Heavenly justice in Your Courts. Even though I know that I still have much to learn, I learned about Your love for me.  Even though I still do not fully understand Your mysteries, I learned more about Your unconditional love for us.  I learned this and it replaced the love I had never received from my absent earthly father.

I learned about the enemy’s schemes and his methodical pattern of attacking us by using our sins against us. The amount of knowledge You have given me is vast and I now fully realize that it is all from You and You alone.  I pray with all of my heart that I will one day be able to apply all of this consistently and without faltering.

Still, Father, I need Your help yet again today. Please help me to once again forgive all of my enemies and release them fully to You.  My heart grieves when I see my enemies continue to prosper while we remain only sustained for now.  It is a helpless feeling to have such limited resources while we watch them continue to prosper in their evil ways.

I am again also asking for a special gift from You, Father. While my hands can no longer do what they once were able to, could You soon reverse this and grant me the ability to draw some of the things that You have revealed to me in Heaven, but especially to be able to paint Your Son in all of His glory.

Oh please, Father, I know that You can do this as I have already seen You do this with my writing. Even though I am a poor writer, You have been able to work through me with my writing.

As this is a miracle, I can then rest assured that You can easily do this with anything. As such, please, please soon grant me the ability to paint Jesus.  While some of the paintings of Him that exist today come quite close to what I have seen, they still only capture a very small portion of His Glory.

Received on Sunday, July 23, 2017


For the last two nights, I have continued to struggle with sleep due to the heatwave. I did not really get fully to sleep until 6:00am this morning, but soon woke up a couple of hours later at 8:00am.  However, when I checked the temperature in the room, it actually was not as bad as I had thought.  Hmm, perhaps this is something else then?

While I am now tired today as a result, at least it is cool in here as the heatwave has somewhat diminished. While we have a few small portable air conditioning units that help out substantially, they still have a hard time keeping up when it is so hot out.

Thank You for the relief in the heat! Today is only expected to have a high of around 73 degrees and this is perfect.  I am ‘happy again’…smiles.  Thank You, Jesus, for answering my prayers, even for the ‘little things’ such as my discomfort from the heat.

While I had several dreams last night, one particularly vivid dream really stood out to me…

Dream 2 description begins (“The Designer and the Dentist are saved”)…

Note that the following dream seems to have elements of both ‘before the Rapture’ and ‘after the Rapture’. As such, I am not entirely sure if our bodies were transformed (before the Rapture) or glorified (after the Rapture).  Perhaps it could represent both periods somehow, but, again, I am not really sure.  Perhaps it is simply yet another mystery from God!

I traveled with my husband and all of our children to a city on the West Coast. It seemed to most likely be the older historical area of Portland, Oregon as some of the areas seemed somewhat familiar to me from the time when I had lived there.

I was now transformed and younger, but with what seemed to be at least ten times the knowledge that I have now. As background to my ‘transformed state’, I should mention that I seem to have two distinct states that I am in when I have been transformed in these dreams:

  • ‘Low Beam’ State: When I am in the ‘low beam’ state, I remain nondescript and seem to keep to myself.
  • ‘High Beam’ State: When I am in the ‘high beam’ state, I have a notable glow and strength to me. I also seem to stand out in a crowd.

In this dream, I was in a ‘low beam’ state. I was even wearing a type of scarf that covered my hair and wrapped around my entire body.  This ‘covering’ seemed to enable me to move around in various areas that I would normally not be able to.

While this is meant only for this dream, my husband had been promoted and was now transferring to this area of the country for work. As a result, I was looking for an area for us to live in.  However, it was not to be a permanent home as my husband’s appointment was only to last perhaps six months or so at most.

While all of our children were also in the city with us, I had set out to look at these various areas alone. I started to look at several types of homes.  Many seemed quite similar to those in the Forest Hills and Vista Heights areas of Portland where I had worked on several major projects many years ago.

Based on my past experiences there, I thought that I could perhaps find a suitable place to live there. I then went to visit an old acquaintance of mine from years ago, a fellow designer.  She just happened to be having an open house that day at her house, but did not recognize me when I walked in.  I did not feel led to tell her who I was.

It was now almost 5:00pm on a Saturday and her ‘Open House’ was now almost over. As I waited for her, I could overhear several people talking about her house.  She was out of earshot for this so she could not hear their comments.  I was saddened as I did not hear even one person say anything complimentary about her house.

While her home seemed quite lovely to me personally, I still also noticed that her designs had become somewhat outdated over time. I waited until she was by herself again before going over to speak with her.

Me: “I just love your home.  Is it for sale?”

Designer: “No, it is not for sale.  The purpose of this ‘Open House’ is to present a portfolio of my work to potential clients.  In order to now get work in this area, people hold these events as a type of ‘design tour’.  Unfortunately, I have been spending so much time on others’ homes that I have had no time left to do the same with mine.”

Me: “Oh, so it sounds as if you were almost required to have this ‘Open House’.  Am I correct?”

Designer: “Yes, but it really has not been working out that well for me.  It seems that the only designers and contractors being hired these days are those who ‘borrowed’ their clients’ money and used it to work on their own homes instead.  Most of them do not seem to even know the first thing about ‘work’.  Now, what is it that you do?”

Me: “Well…”  I hesitated.  “…I am a designer, but I am really more of an illustrator right now.  However, I can still sympathize with you as I encountered a similar dilemma in my days as a designer.  I was so busy working on other people’s homes that I really did not have nearly enough time to work on my own place adequately.”

After I had told her I was a designer, I noticed that she instantly became suspicious of me and was wondering whether I was there to spy on her work. Really, I could not blame her for feeling suspicious, especially in such a cutthroat environment.

Designer: “May I ask you why you are here?”

Me: “My husband is relocating into this area for his work and we are currently looking at homes here with our children.”

Designer: Seemingly satisfied with my answer.  “Well, in that case, I need to warn you in advance that there is nothing for sale here that is not already owned by the ‘overseer’.  As a result, there is really nothing ‘truly’ for sale out here anymore.”

Me: “Excuse me, but I do not understand what you mean.”

Designer: “Everyone who had a home at the time of the ‘takeover’ had to remain where they were.  From there, the overseer took over all bank obligations, mortgages and even incomes.

“As long as we continue to generate income, we are allowed to remain in our homes. However, if we cease to generate income and become a liability, our property is seized and we are removed to ‘the area’ outside of the city.  As a result, we all have to remain productive ‘or else’.”

Me: “Hmm, I am still not following you.  I thought that there were still various companies and industries operating here.  My husband is to work here for the next six months.”

Designer: “No, he will not be here for just the next six months.  This is a trap to get him here.  The overseer had a void and now your husband is filling it.  He will now be here permanently until he dies.”

Me: “Are you sure about this?”

Just then, the Holy Spirit confirmed that what she had just said to me was correct. However, I then heard Him tell me not to worry and that this is all part of His plan.

Designer: “You said that you are here with your children.  How old are they and where are they right now?”

Me: “My sons are applying at the University and my daughters are back at the hotel.”

Designer: “Well, your boys will get into the University, but only into those programs that are needed in the area.  The overseer is short in the medical fields right now.”

Me: Laughing.  “Hmm, that may be a problem as none of our sons have any interest in the medical fields.”

Just then, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me: “Your children will be even better than doctors.  However, do not argue with her on this.”  I then let her continue.

Designer: “Your sons will really have no say in the matter.”

Me: “Well, okay.  Perhaps this will still be fine with them.  Now, are you telling me that there are absolutely no places available for us to live around here?”

Designer: “There are still places available, but only those properties that have been seized.  The only properties available are from those people that can no longer perform services in value proportionate to the corresponding value of their properties.”

Me: “So, are most of these properties from the elderly and the sick?”

Designer: “Yes.  You really, REALLY need to stay healthy here.  However, it is also because the overseer took over all of their retirement pensions and savings and removed their social security.”

Me: “Are you telling me that homes that were completely owned, free and clear, were stolen from them?”

Designer: “Well, not exactly.  If the owner already owned their property outright, they were allowed to keep it.  However, they would then still have to perform enough services to pay for their maintenance, utilities and groceries.

“If two people were living in a house and one of them died, the survivor could only have half of the groceries and utilities that had previously been allotted to them. Not only that, but half of their home would now have to remain ‘in the dark’.

“Even though I owned my home outright, I still had to continue to work as a designer to pay for these other things. While people continue to purchase my services, all transactions are now required to go through the overseer.”

Me: “Is there any freedom and money remaining that would still allow someone to hire a designer or even purchase items for their homes?”

Designer: “Yes…”  I immediately sensed that her answer had just became extremely guarded and cautious.  “Listen, they are not monsters.  We get allowances.”

I suddenly recalled the countless stories from communist countries and from the days of Nazi Germany when criticism of the government could easily result in imprisonment or even death. I felt that this was now coming into play here.

Me: “As an illustrator, designer and writer, will I now also be under constant scrutiny once we move here?”

Designer: “Well, your work will certainly be ‘juried’.  However, since ‘they’ were the ones to recruit your husband, your living conditions will be on the higher end than us.  You may even end up living in the ‘Skyline’ district.”

Me: “The ‘Skyline’ district?  Wait, I know that area.  Hmm, that area certainly seems to be out of our price range.”

Designer: “Well, there are quite a few homes empty there now.  Anyway, I must close for the night.  Thank you for visiting.  By the way, you somehow seem familiar to me.  Do I know you?”

Just then, the Holy Spirit prompted me: “Heal her of her depression and fibromyalgia or she will not be useful to them for much longer.”

Me: “While we may have met years ago, this is no longer important.  What is important right now is that you are ill.  You are also worried that you will lose everything soon.”

She stared back at me with her mouth open. I could tell that she was in shock.  She quickly recomposed herself and moved towards the door.  After removing her ‘Open House’ sign, she quickly shut the door.  She then came back and sat with me.

Designer: “I had a dream recently where an angel had told me that help was soon to come.  Are you my help?  I need help now or I will soon be killed.  They will take me to the place where unproductive people are euthanized.  I know that I have cancer as I can feel the lumps.”

The Holy Spirit again spoke to me: “Erin, she is paranoid and scared right now.  She does not have cancer.  However, do not argue with her on this.  Continue…”

Me: “I am here to heal you.”  I placed one hand on her head and the other hand on her arm.  “In the Name of Jesus, your muscle aches and depression are removed!”

Instantly, there was a flash of light and I could see Heavenly angels all around us. The woman was then healed, but she was not transformed.  However, I then noticed that her home had been ‘transformed’ instead.  Her house had been instantly refurbished to such a magnificent state as to allow her to be gainfully employed again.

At first, she just sat there testing out her newly healed body. I could then tell that she knew it was healed and was then starting to look around at the house.  She was now becoming more and more excited at all of the sudden changes that had just occurred.  She soon started to jump up and down with excitement.

Designer: “Oh thank you.  Thank you!  THANK YOU!”

Me: “Oh, please do not thank me as it was Jesus Who did all of this.  This was not me at all!  I am just His servant.”

Designer: “Thank You, Jesus!  Thank You, Jesus!”

Me: “You have something else to ask of Him.  What is it?”

Designer: “I have a huge favor to ask.  Could you please ask Him if you could go and help my brother?  His home is already starting to grow dim.  He is a dentist, but he is in so much pain that he is now barely able to perform his services.  It is getting worse and they will soon take him to the ‘death center’.  His home is in the ‘Old District’ where most of the elderly now are!”

I heard the Holy Spirit: “Go, Erin.  Restore the man, as well as his wife.  Restore the electricity to his home.”

Me: “The Lord has told me that I am to go and do this.”

Designer: “But you do not know where you are going.”

Me: Smiling.  “Do not worry.  Jesus has already provided me with directions.”

Designer: “Oh yes, I should mention that he no longer has any phone service.  You will need to walk in the patient door of his home.  Be careful as this is a dangerous area.”

As I began to leave, I turned to look at her updated house. It was perfect and completely changed.  I smiled at her reassuringly.

Me: “You will surely get some work now, right?”

Designer: “Oh yes, thank you!  Well…thank You, Jesus, but I still want to thank you too!  The stores are all closed now so we have to barter.  I will now have swarms of designers coming here to trade with me.  You just gave me some status.  I feel alive again and I am no longer in pain.”  She smiled.  “Thank you!  Thank You, Jesus!”

Me: “Yes, but remember that all of this was God, not me, so praise Him only!”

Just then, the Holy Spirit told me that one of the angels had slipped a Bible into a fake tabletop book. He then told me what to say to her about this.

Me: “Look inside the book that just appeared on your table.  There is a Bible hidden inside the book’s façade and it is just for you.  Do not worry as you will be the only one who will be able to open this book.  Now, though you are thanking Jesus and this is good, do you truly know anything about Him?”

Designer: “While I did back when I was still a child, everyone said He did not exist after they took all of the good things away.  There are no longer any churches here and only ‘meditation halls’ remain.  No one is allowed to have a Bible and they have all now been removed.”

Me: “Well, you now have a Bible that only your eyes will see.  Now, no matter what you are told or what you will see, you must remain looking for Jesus.  Jesus sent me here for you.  Will you now take Jesus as your Lord and Savior?”

Designer: “Yes!  Oh yes!  Yes, before I die!  Please!  I have lost so many of my friends.  They did not know Him.”

Me: “Well, they knew ‘of Him’, but most of them then chose another ‘more comfortable way with fewer rules’.  They did this so that they could continue with that which is now acceptable.  While these things are now acceptable, they are still disgusting to the Lord and always have been.”

Designer: “Yes, you are right, but no one is allowed to speak against these things anymore.  However, I am now ready to accept Jesus.”

I prayed over her and the Holy Spirit confirmed that she had just given her heart fully to Jesus. I then watched as two angels were stationed there to watch over and protect her just in case trouble came.

Designer: “Please, please help my brother now.”

We hugged and said goodbye. I was then supernaturally transported, or ‘translated’, over the city towards an area in the northeast part of the city.  While being transported, I noticed a section of the city that had massive older homes and estates, but they were all now quite rundown.

This area was about six blocks square and had been walled off. The homes there no longer had any services.  People were dying in the streets.  In reality, the sight was quite horrific!

Almost everyone there was elderly and sick except for a group of gang members. These criminals were inflicting torture on these people at will as they were no longer able to defend themselves.

I knew that this torture was ‘state sanctioned’ as I could also see that a group of militia was overseeing the area and was doing nothing to stop this. If anything, they were encouraging the mistreatment.  I saw the bodies of many dead people in the streets.  Many of the corpses were now decaying.  The stench was horrible.

Holy Spirit: “This is the place that people are sent to die.  We will now go directly to the man’s home.”

I was now walking on the sidewalk of a street. I then saw a very large estate illuminate a short distance away from me.  This was only for me to see though.  I knew that this was the man’s house.  As I walked towards his house, I noticed that several workers were now demolishing some of these ‘historic homes’.  I went up to one of the workers.

Me: “Why are you tearing these houses down?”

Worker: “We don’t question our orders, but it’s a shame, isn’t it?  They were all once so beautiful.  When I was a kid, we were all in such awe of these homes.  Well, now…not so much!  They are expanding the ‘no-go zones’ and some of these homes are in the way.  However, I believe it is really because there are too many places for people to hide from execution in these large homes.”

Me: “That is horrible!”

I must have sounded too concerned as he suddenly started to look suspiciously at me. I then heard the Holy Spirit tell me to not say anything more.

Worker: “Well, it is what it is.  For now, at least I am healthy and employed and have electricity and food.  Sadly, there will come a day that each of us will come here to die.  Like I said, it is what it is.”

It looked as if he was about to ‘sound the alarm’ on me, but, thankfully, he was then supernaturally redirected and completely forgot about me. As I continued to walk, I recognized these beautiful large stately homes as once having beautiful trees, flowers and greenery.

However, these homes were now almost completely dark and weeds were now overgrowing their sidewalks and porches. I seemed to even recall driving in these areas myself when I was younger and being in complete awe of these massive estates, all of them so beautifully landscaped.

As I walked up to the front door of the man’s house, I noticed a sign saying ‘Dentist – Entrance in the back’. I slipped down the back alley behind his estate and went to knock on his backdoor.  After knocking, I waited quite a while.  A woman answered.

Woman: “Are you here for work?”

Me: “Well…sort of.”

Woman: Cautiously looking over my shoulder.  “Are you alone?”

Me: “Yes”

Woman: “Please come in and sit over here.  I am sorry that there is no power on our street.  It must be due to the demolitions.”

Holy Spirit: “The power had been cut off before the demolitions.  Do not say anything.”

Just then, an elderly man in a white dentist coat came over to greet me. I felt a confirmation that this was the designer’s brother.

Dentist: “I just sterilized my equipment.  I can take you now.”

Me: “How could you have sterilized your equipment when you have no power?  Do you have a generator?”

Dentist: “No, but I have not had any patients since the power was shut off.  The instruments were sterilized then.”

Me: “So you have had no patients since…”

Before I could finish, the Holy Spirit interrupted me: “Erin, do not argue with him.  He is marked for death, along with his wife.  Heal them now in My Name.”

Me: “Would you like to be healed and have your power restored?  Jesus sent me to your sister’s and now to you.”

The man looked at me in complete shock. However, just then, there was a knock on the door and the woman let whoever knocked in.  When we turned around to look ourselves, I saw that all three of my sons were now standing there.

Son: “Hi mom, we were just sent here to help you with an entire block just a short distance from here.  Jesus sent an angel to tell us where you were.  There are also many angels waiting outside to assist us.  The entire block is set to be leveled today and all of those that reside there will soon die.  We do not have much time.”

We then brought this man and his wife to Jesus, but much quicker than usual, and supernaturally healed them and restored their power. We then went to the designated block and supernaturally went door-to-door, telling them that there was no time to evacuate.  In just moments, and with the assistance of the angels, we somehow had many of them accept Jesus immediately and without argument.

The Lord then confirmed that we somehow had just brought around a hundred people to Jesus. We were then supernaturally transported again to just outside of the block.  Shortly thereafter, and we are talking just seconds, too many explosives to count were detonated and the entire block was decimated.  It was now around 6:00pm or so.

These explosives had been set ‘in secret’ and without any warning to the residents. I shook my head at how evil these people were.  We then watched as the angels took the souls of those that were saved ‘just-in-time’ up to Heaven with them.  We knew that they would now be safe with Him forever and ever.

Dream 2 description over…

Received on Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for my husband, my children and the family and friends that You have given to me.  There is calm and peace in our home.  While our children are at the age when they could be out getting into trouble, they seem quite content just hanging out at home, sitting in the sun or hanging out with friends online.

Father, like my husband and me, my children’s hearts are anxiously waiting for what You will soon do with us. Our two eldest sons are just starting to navigate the world, but I already know that the plans You have for them will exceed all of their expectations.

So far, our children have kept on Your ‘straight and narrow path’. I am grateful for this as they will not have the many past mistakes I had made that still try to call me back.  Father, whenever I now start to think of these past failures, You quickly override the enemies voice by calling out to me…

“Erin, come back to Me. I am here.  Do not listen to the enemy.  Even your past mistakes have been used to form part of your mosaic.  This mosaic is what I have created with you.  Now come back to Me.”

I am instantly then back with You and I am here and completely safe. My heart then stops racing and my fears quickly turn into thankfulness.  Thank You, Father, for sending us Your Son, Jesus.  Thank You for sending Him as the Perfect Sacrifice for us so that we who believe in Him may live in abundance with You.

On some days, I really believe that it is quite possible that I suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, or PTSD. PTSD is quite common for those that have been in prolonged battles.  I have seen a lot of bad things happen in my past and have discovered things too difficult to wrap my head around.

I have come to realize that each person deals with trauma in different ways, especially when they come face-to-face with things beyond what they could ever endure on their own without Your divine help.

While rare, some people have stoic hearts and show very little emotion when faced with trouble. They are somehow able to rise up without fear of what may happen to them.  They then do what is necessary to help, all without faultering.

However, many others simply freeze and then are not able to do anything at all. They become confused by a maze of thoughts and go into shock.  Others run and hide instead and try to avoid what is happening altogether.  For most, ‘survivor’s guilt’ then follows in their footsteps, along with the enemy.

I have personally experienced each and every one of the above reactions in my past. I understand how each reaction can occur as I have fully experienced each one of them.  While I most often tend to spring into action when necessary, I then experience a debilitating type of withdrawal from the stress of doing so shortly thereafter.

I thank You for the relatively peaceful days I have had recently even though I am in great pain. However, this peace can sometimes result in me having the time to look back at past mistakes.  While waiting for what You will be doing next, I will then sometimes ‘go back there’ instead of focusing on You.  Father, please forgive me for my foolishness in doing so.

As You already know, since You know everything, an old friend unexpectedly resurfaced recently. This woman had been crucial in helping me get through the police action that took place against my greatest enemy.  She was a witness to what had happened and had helped me gather the evidence I needed for the ensuing court battles.

While I have too many enemies to count from each of the past bridges of my life, the resurfacing of this friend served as a reminder that I also have faithful friends in my life. Thank You, Father, for faithful friends!  They are truly rarer than diamonds these days.

This faithful friend also served as a reminder to thank You for those on our Nest and our dear ‘Dream Team’. They have been a constant source of great friendships!  This is in such huge contrast to the artificiality of the ‘Facebook World’ we now live in.  I am now convinced that Facebook is a breeding ground for all of the negative fruits of the spirit.

Perfect lives are now crafted there that can never match their realities. They pick and choose the most flattering pictures.  They keep out all of their negative events and poor choices and exaggerate the good instead.  The enemy then uses all of this to then tell us, ‘Wow, look how awesome this person’s life is.  You are quite the loser in comparison.’

As such, I now do my best to avoid Facebook for this and so many other reasons. However, I now also find myself avoiding the news media as much as possible.  So much tragedy visits so many people so frequently now, but especially for those in uniform sent to protect and battle for us.

While many in uniform are taught and trained to be in these battles, very few of them are then taught how to cope with the aftermath once they leave their service. The battles they were in then continue to rage in their heads over and over.  They then pray, and hopefully to You alone, Father, for a ‘do-over’.

There are also those people who suddenly and unexpectedly step out of their normal nature and commit a one-time horrendous crime. Now, I am not talking about sociopaths or those who habitually perform evil.  I am talking about those who do something horrendous and then cannot even remember why they even did such a thing.

They are then not only put into prison for their mistake, but they then continue to charge themselves with even greater crimes in their minds afterward. There is only one true way to get out of this prison and that is You, Father.  Blessed is the man or woman who goes to You with a broken heart and cries out to You…

“Father, I am guilty of these sins. Yes, I did it.  I do not deserve Your mercy as I really deserve nothing that is good.  However, I am sorry, I am truly sorry!  I can do nothing on my own except mess up my life even more.  I have now lost everything.

“Please find something in me that You would find worthy! Though I do not deserve Your mercy and grace, could You please still find something in me to still work with?  Please, Jesus, please, Father, I need You now more than ever!”

What a blessed man or woman this is. Thank You, Jesus, for somehow seeing past our mistakes and our ignorance towards You.  Thank You for still going after the lost sheep.  Yes, thank You even for our abasement.  I now truly know that You work Your very best works in a man or woman that has been brought as low as they can go.

Yes, Father, I now know this all too well as I truly understand abasement. I understand losing everything and being reduced down to nothing.  Abasement is an express elevator to the lowest floor.  However, it is only on the lowest floor where the Foundation is found…You, Jesus, You, Father, our Solid Rock and the Foundation of our lives.

On my own, I truly had nothing and I still have nothing. Though my ignorance and poor choices did their level best to stop Your plans for me, You were successful in aiding me even when it should have been impossible to.  You are my Creator and You allowed all of this, not to torture me, but to bring me fully into Your mighty arms.  Thank You!

I finally also truly understand why you allow children to drown, die in hot cars or be abused by evil men, just to name a few. These children are often then brought up to Heaven to be with You, but those left behind are then measured by these precious examples.  These children are used mightily for Your purposes and ways that are higher than ours.

You have told me that these kids ‘were on assignment’, but are now in such joy in Your presence. You have told me that angels were sent so that they would not suffer.  For those that remain, You told me that You will often then remove their memories of the horrible events.

You will then allow them to only remember when it is necessary, such as when they face their abusers. You told me that You have done the same with our children, but especially my two boys, so thank You, Father!

While my children often seem strong, I believe that this is mostly due to Your mercy in veiling them from most of the bad memories. However, I still had the memories of what had been done to them, all without my knowledge at the time, and became bitter towards You.  I was bitter as I did not yet have understanding of why this was allowed.

I was mad at You, but, in reality, I was actually furious at You. I was furious that You would allow this.  I questioned Your heart and wondered if You even had one.  I questioned Your ability to hear and whether You even had eyesight.  I questioned everything about You and even accused You of turning Your back on suffering.

After doing this for so long, I finally cried out to You in brokenness. I finally cracked in all of my grief and suffering.  I finally realized that I was powerless to change our situation or make things right on my own.  I finally cried out to You.  I cried out to You and then remained silent and listened.

It was only in this resulting silence that I finally allowed You to work with me. I now find that I do not grieve as much for the children that die at the hands of the merciless as I know that they are with You and that this was part of Your plan.  While still hard to bear what happens to these children, I now instead grieve for the families caught in tragedy.

I grieve for the soldier. I grieve for the policemen and women.  I cannot believe I am saying this as I never would have in the past, but I also even now grieve for the criminals.  Yes, I even grieve for my main enemy as I have been shown what eventually happens to these men without mercy.

We are here for only a short time and life deals cruel blows. When I was young and foolish, I was far from You and could not hear You.  I wandered after the ‘feel good gods of the world’.  Well, I am now old and full of years and I hear from You.  I then speak through the pages of my journals and they reflect my time with You.

While not that many people are listening to what these pages are saying right now, I thank You with all of my heart for sending those who actually do. Thank You for those You have sent to stand by me and my family during these difficult days.  Thank You, Father, for all that You do for all of us, and even for those who do not know You!

Received on Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Dear Father,

I love You so much and I am so thankful. I do not stop to thank You enough.  While I still do not know exactly who I am in this thing called life, I do know that I now love You with all of my heart.  I am grateful for all that You have done and all that You have saved me from.  Quite simply, I have not and can never thank You enough.

Earlier today, and while normally I would avoid doing this like the plague, I felt called by You to really have a good look at myself in the mirror. While I am certainly not how I used to be, I am grateful that my body is still relatively dependable.  I have healthy hair, good eyesight, good hearing and all of my arms, hands, legs and feet are intact.

While what I have may not be perfect, and some may only be partially functional in places, in general, my body parts are at least ‘all there’. My heart works, even though it is assisted by a pacemaker.  My neck moves, even though it is assisted by plates and hinges.  However, it all works and I am alive.

I am alive and I can still breathe, smile and laugh. I receive love from my family and friends, but, most importantly, I receive so much love from You.  Thank You for all that we have!  We are truly rich in You, not because we deserve it, but because You, Father, have given us grace that not one of us can possibly earn on our own.

I now realize that there is truly nothing that I am able to do on my own anymore. Only through Your love, grace and mercy am I able to have the faith to go on.  However, even my faith is provided by You and You alone.  Thank You for never giving up on me.

While I do not know all of the reasons why I am here and somehow matter to You, I know that You have a plan for me in all of this, so thank You. I know that You can do all things.  You are God and can do anything You want whenever You want.  You can take away or You can increase, all at Your Will and as fast or slowly as You so choose.

All is for Your glory and all things are according to Your plans alone. Oh Father, please have mercy on us, even in all of our failures, and bless us.  Please heal our children.  Please force the tongues of the wicked to confess their evil and then remove them from our sights.

Please do not forget us! We are now desperately clinging to all of Your promises.  Even so, I just want You to know that I am so thankful for You, Father.  You are glorious.  You are a generous and loving Father.  You are an amazing mystery.  I love You so much.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was standing with Uriel just outside of the door to God’s Court. He smiled at me.  I was surprised to see him as I was really expecting to meet with Jesus today instead.

Me: “Oh!  Hi, Uriel!”

While I was suddenly speechless for some reason, he could tell that I was happy to see him. I could also tell that he felt the same way about me.  It seems that Uriel has somehow grown used to me over time…smiles!

Uriel: “Well, hello, Erin!  God requests your presence.”

Me: “I am surprised to see you here.  Where have you been lately?”

Uriel: “I am doing the Lord’s business.  However, today is not about me.”  He smiled.

He then put salve in my eyes and ushered me through the door and into God’s presence. As soon as I entered, I could hear the amazing sounds of the choirs.

Angels: “Holy, holy, holy!  Merciful and mighty!  Holy, holy is God!”

My legs soon started to buckle when Uriel brought me closer to God. I dropped to my knees on the Sea of Glass.  While I still could not look directly at God, even with the salve in my eyes, I could see the many coronas of light that emanated from His Throne.  I could also see that there were layers of angels around Him in these waves of color.

I closed my eyes and started to pray in my prayer language. I thanked Him for opening His door for me.  I thanked Him for being so faithful and good even when I have not been very faithful in return.  I thanked Him for loving me even when I have sometimes been anything but lovable during our wait.

I suddenly felt an urge to thank Him for providing us with the beautiful scenery that surrounds us on Earth while we wait for Him to move in us. I then took some really deep breaths and could feel His very presence in me with each breath.  I then started to feel wave after wave of His healing strength come into me from being in His presence.

Me: “Oh Father, You are so good.  Thank You for allowing me to be called ‘Your friend’ even when I do not feel like a very good friend to You in return.  Surely my heart is treacherous and easily swayed by negative thoughts.  I am so sorry for doing this!”

God: “Erin, be still and know that I am God.”

There was a flash of bright light. I suddenly felt the power of God surge into me.  While I really cannot explain it fully in earthly terms, it was like a surge of power, but with no pain at all.  I felt as if I was now being strengthened, both on the inside and the outside, for something that I was about to be shown by God.

The ground in front of me then suddenly split. I looked down as scenes started to unfold, all in accelerated time.  I somehow knew that I was about to be shown the beginning to the end in lightning speed.  I watched as scene after scene flashed in front of my eyes.  While I wanted to share even more details of what I was shown, I was only to write the following down…

  • Darkness turned to light
  • The Earth prospered
  • Sin, pain and destruction entered
  • The Earth was flooded and then reemerged
  • Sin, pain and destruction quickly returned
  • The Son was sent to save us from our sins
  • However, sin, pain and destruction continued

I then saw the future…

  • Sin, pain and destruction accelerated
  • God, through His Son, stepped in
  • If possible, sin, pain and destruction accelerated even faster
  • God, through His Son, stopped all of it ‘just in time’
  • The destruction was removed and a new reshaped Earth emerged
  • Our hearts were reconciled and healed at a much faster pace than the sin, pain and destruction that caused it
  • Our broken hearts and mourning soon turned to joy and dancing
  • Every dry place was transformed into blossoming beautiful lands

As I watched all of this happen in fast motion, I could feel my body and heart heal and generate at the same pace. I felt my old and shriveled cells renew and become supple again.  My very cells were being regenerated by the wellspring of the River of Life.  All illness and death were removed from my body at lightning speed.

I felt that I was to look at myself again as I had just done on Earth, but this time without a mirror. While what I then saw is quite hard to describe fully, I will do my best.  I was stronger and leaner than when I was in my very best shape.  While I was muscular and healthy again, I was still completely feminine in form, shape and tone.

My fingers and toes had the perfect shape to them. My fingernails and toenails now glistened like pearls.  I reached back and pulled forward some of my hair.  It was long and softer than I had ever felt before and was an amazing golden brown in color.

I reached up to feel my face and became excited. My nose was no longer broken and my skin was tight again.  My skin was no longer ‘loose’.  I could not feel even a single wrinkle, none at all, anywhere.  I started to weep with gratitude.

Little did I know that all of what He was showing me would soon become even greater! He then showed me how our children would be after their Transformation.  I somehow knew that our children would soon be changed to exactly how God already sees each of them now.

He started off by showing me our three boys. They were completely healed and strong.  While hard to describe, they were somehow ‘made completely whole’ again.  I wept as I heard myself cry out, “Oh Father, they are now the men You had always planned for them to be!  Thank You, Father!”

They were athletic and, for a lack of a better comparison, looked like the mightiest of warriors. Their jawlines were pronounced and they had such white teeth and kind eyes.  While they were still human, they really looked a lot like the mighty angels I have seen here.  However, they were still a normal height for Earth, but a bit taller.

He then showed me our two daughters. They looked even more beautiful and kind than they do now, but supernaturally so.  All of their very best features had somehow been amplified.  Each of them was now perfected, but in a way that somehow still captured each of their unique personalities.

They no longer had any need for makeup as their beauty made this unnecessary. Despite their amazing new beauty, I could not find any vanity in either of them as their hearts had also been strengthened.  While they remained just as human as our sons…smiles…they too looked like angels, but the female kind!

While I could see many other enhanced qualities in all five of our children, I knew that they were all designed to more fully reflect Jesus. While they each reflected how God uniquely created each of them in a magnificent way, they remained humble.

I broke down in tears and gratitude to God. I could not speak for several minutes as I sobbed with joy.  I was barely even able to write as I wept, both on Earth as it is in Heaven.  I took a few minutes to gather myself after seeing our children in this way.

Me: “My God, my Father, my Every Single Thing and All Things, how can I even begin to thank You for this gift, the sight of our healed children?  Oh God, my Father, thank You, thank You, thank You!  I have longed to see this with all of my heart and soul, especially for my two boys.

“This is all so real to me and as if I already somehow know it completely. Oh Father, please do not let me lose even one moment of this memory.  Thank You, Father, oh, just thank You for this.  You are so amazing.  I just know that this will soon happen on Earth as it is Heaven as You always keep Your promises.

“Who am I that I would be entitled to such a Gift? Who am I to have my prayers for our children answered fully and in much greater ways than I could have ever imagined?  I am forever thankful and forever grateful for all that You have done and will soon do!  Thank You, Father!  Thank You, Jesus!”

God: “Erin, since you have lost yourself completely in your pursuit of Me, so I will give you much, much more in return.  You believe, Erin, and so here you are.  You come to Me when I call you.  I love you.”

Me: “I love You too, Father, so much.  So, so much!  Please do all that You have shown me and soon!  Please, Father, as only You can do the impossible.”

God: “I will do this soon.   Rejoice and do not be afraid.  I am your Father, the One Who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  I am your Creator, the One Who has hidden you in the cleft of a rock.  I have written your name on the palm of My hand.  The names of your husband and children are also written there.

“While I will give you that which you have asked for, I will also grant you immeasurably more. As for your children, people will soon say to each other, ‘Whose kids are these?  While I can tell that they are the same kids, they are somehow completely different!  How is this even possible?’

“This will truly be something to behold and soon as My Son is constantly petitioning for all of those who love Him. He is ever before Me as your advocate.  He is in each of you and bears your pains, regrets and losses.  Though He already knows My timing on this, He still asks Me, ‘When, Father, when?’ on each of your behalf.

“You and My Son are now inseparable as you now come to Him in everything that you do. Since you have done this with My Son, I will now do all things for you which are good.  I will heal your brokenness.  I will heal your family.

“I will bring you out of the place that I have hidden you. When I do this, you will only be able to see the remains of those who have tried to destroy you.  I have seen it all and I have never forgotten.

“Erin, you will soon say, ‘God hid His face from me for only a while, but then He hid His face no more.’ Though this is hard for you to understand right now, you soon will. The time has come.  I love you, Erin.”

Uriel came over to bring me to my feet. Even though I was much stronger here than I ever had been on Earth, my legs remained wobbly in God’s overwhelming presence.

God: “Soon, you will look for the wicked that had pursued you, but you will no longer find them.  Do not worry as no weapon formed against you shall prosper.  The time of your enemies is soon to come to a close.  I am shutting down the doors of access and they will be forced to confess from their unbridled tongues.  Their tongues will be loosened from My Throne.”

Me: Smiling.  “Hmm, but is not even their unbridled tongue still bridled by You, Father?”

We both started to laugh. He obviously knew that I was just kidding.

God: “Yes, Erin, but, either way, their pride unbridles their tongue and then their guilty confessions are bridled.  They will have horror in their eyes at the sight of you.  They will have no ability to bring forth their curses as I will leave them without words.  You will soon see this.”

Me: “Thank You, Father!  I love You!”

God: “I love you, Erin.  Now, you will soon be removed from the place you are hidden for a time of service.  You will also soon be in sync with others that I have chosen that are in addition to your household.  You will then all no longer be alone in your thoughts.  Do not worry as I have not forgotten any of you.”

Uriel brought me out the door. I looked back and waved towards God on His Throne.  Even though I could not look at Him, I somehow knew that He had waved back at me.  I smiled as I looked over at Uriel.  He was smiling back at me.  I seemed to amuse him.

Uriel: “Soon, you will declare a thing in Jesus’ Name and it will be done.  Soon, you will scale walls.  Soon, you will know the thoughts of the wicked.  Now, rejoice, as your waiting is coming to a close and a new door is opening for you to walk through.

“Do not worry as God has commanded angels concerning you, your family and all those that He has called. These angels will guard all of you in all of your ways.  You will then go out and bear witness to a dying world.

“As you have been told before, there are others besides you and your household that will soon be called to witness with you. Rejoice as you will have many friends that will stand together as one in Jesus’ Name.  You will be the last wave before that ‘Great and Terrible Day of the Lord’.  Now, rejoice, Erin, rejoice!”

Dream over…


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