Dream 256 – God and the Great American Eclipse

Received on Monday, August 21, 2017 (Eclipse later today)


Dear Father,

You are so awesome in power and strength. I love You, Father.  You have blessed me and my family abundantly.  Though we were treated severely for many years, You somehow, by Your grace and mercy, managed to keep us from great harm.

Looking back, I can hardly believe how many people have hated me and my children. I can only hope that You will soon make everything right.  When looking around us, I now see very little ‘good’ in those people who claim to love You.  However, I now see even more bizarre behavior in those people that are clearly removed from You.

While there are still some pockets of ‘good people’ where we live, I believe that many of them have simply just ‘lost hope’. Father, there is great evil coming upon the land.  It is already here and it is building.  This evil is wearing us down, those of us who love and look up to You in everything and for everything.  Please strengthen us soon!

Last night, I had to run to the grocery store for a missing ingredient. After placing my younger son’s birthday cake in the oven for baking, I then drove the 45 minute round trip to the store alone as my husband was still busy putting up some curtains for me.

While driving, I started to pray and sing in my prayer language. After I picked up my item from the store, I saw the most disturbing sight just as I was leaving.  I saw two young girls only about 13 years old holding hands, but not playfully.  They were such beautiful girls and it just made me shake my head as to where this world has now gone.

Father, I cannot recall things like this happening out in the open just a decade or so ago. Now I even see boys wearing girl’s clothing and lipstick.  While this was once unacceptable at our schools, this is now required by law to be allowed AND accepted.

Oh Father, how we have fallen! The truly horrible thing is that so many young people, but really almost everyone, are so clueless about You.  It is the acceleration into the age of rebellion.  The world went from driving at about 30 miles per hour into evil to almost hyper speed today.  The sad part is that this is speeding up even more each day.

The ‘ride’ this world is currently on is now truly out of control. When this all soon crashes, there will be very few survivors.  Father, I pray for the lost and that they may soon be found by You.  While You are so amazing and have given life itself to all of us, You have really given us in abundance much, much more!

While I am grateful to You every day, I am somehow even more so today. All that I have is truly Yours!  There is now nothing that I do on my own that is not led by You.  You even use my exposed mistakes to correct my path so that I then follow the correct steps.  This was so painful for so many years, but now I see that this was all necessary.

You have never been far from me even when I have wandered in the dark off of Your chosen path. I truly now realize that I would rather be rebuked here by You ‘today’ than be before Your Throne in Court wearing chains ‘tomorrow’.

I have had some odd dreams lately, but especially over the last few nights. One dream in particular that You gave to me just last night still sits heavy on my heart…

Dream 1 description begins…

I was shopping for a ring for my ring finger. I was in a financial position such that I would now be able to afford any ring that I wanted.  However, one ring in particular really stood out to me for some reason.  While it was pretty, I would actually classify this ring as ‘quite forgettable’ to anyone that would later see this ring on my finger.

I motioned to the salesclerk that I wanted to see a ring. When I pointed out the ring that I wanted to see, he did not look happy.  Instead, the salesclerk seemed extremely disappointed that I had selected a ring with such a very small total carat weight.

Clerk: Hmm, you really need something much better than this ring.  This ring is not even that special.  You deserve something better.”

Me: “Thank you, but this particular ring is already special to me.  This ring is perfect for me as it will serve as a ‘reminder’ representing ‘the Signature of a Promise’.  This ring is perfect and I will take it.”

The clerk suddenly looked very disappointed as he realized that he would not succeed in changing my opinion. He reluctantly succumbed and ‘allowed’ me to purchase the ring.  Just as we were about to complete the transaction, a different ring three cases down suddenly stood out to me.

Me: “Excuse me, but can I look at this ring as well?”

As this was a much more expensive ring, he quickly became excited again. He seemed happy about the prospect of having an addition to the small sale that we were just about to complete.

Clerk: Smiling.  “Oh yes, that is a beautiful ring!  This is an extremely rare natural ruby that was cut by God Himself.”

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at his bold statement. He then pulled the ring out for me to look at.  As I admired the beauty of this ring, I placed it on my right hand ring finger.  Once the ring was completely on, the single ruby suddenly changed!

I looked in amazement as this beautiful ruby split into two. The ring now had a red ruby on the top and a beautiful clear diamond on the bottom that formed two mirrored halves of each other in different colors.  There was also now a gold band that divided the transition of the diamond to ruby. The ring looked even more amazing than before.

Clerk: He was now in shock after witnessing the change.  “What?  What happened to the ring?  How is this even possible?”  He glared at me.  “What did you do?”

Me: “Well, did you not just see what just happened with your very own eyes?  I did nothing but put the ring on.  Now, I will take this ring as well.”

Clerk: “But…but…this ring is now clearly worth much more.  I will now need to reappraise the value before selling it to you.”

Me: “Fine.  Adjust the price if you really feel you need to, but I will still pay it.”

I proceeded to remove the ring. However, as soon as the ring left my finger, it instantly changed back to its original state.  I could not help but smile at this unexpected turn in events.  The clerk suddenly looked quite upset and was in complete shock again!

Clerk: “Okay, exactly who are you?  How did you do that?”

Me: I could tell in my Spirit that I was not to react.  “Hmm, I am not sure what you mean.  Now, how much for these two rings?”

While the clerk now seemed visibly shaken to me, he still decided to mark up the price anyway. To my surprise, he then changed the price to be about three times more than the original price had shown.  I was about to get upset at him, but I heard the audible Voice of God telling me to not show any emotion.

God: “Continue with your purchase, Erin.  Pay the man what he is asking for, but no more and no less.  Remember that all of this is Mine.”

I opened my purse and paid the man the amount he was now asking. While my ‘human side’ was not happy about paying so much, I knew that God had a plan in all of this.  To my surprise, the man still did not seem happy about me buying the rings.  It soon became clear to me that the clerk no longer wanted to sell me any of these rings.

Clerk: “I charged you three times what the price was and you should have walked away.  You should know that I can refuse your business if I want to!  That ring has special powers and I now want it all to myself.”

Me: “The ring is no longer yours, but God’s.  I have now even purchased it for three times your original asking price.  Now, please hand it over and let me leave in peace.”

In desperation, the clerk snatched the ruby ring from me and placed it on his little finger. He looked at it in the hope that it would again change into the much more expensive ring.  Instead of changing, and even as he stared at it, the ring started burning his skin.  Smoke was now coming from his finger.  He frantically tried to remove it.

Clerk: “You b****!  This is witchcraft!  Get this ring off of my finger now!”  He could tell that I was not going to help him until he stopped being rude to me.  He quickly softened his approach.  “Oh please, lady, please help me remove this ring.”

I reached over and effortlessly slipped the ring off of his finger. To my surprise, the scorching hot ring remained cool to the touch for me.  He was puzzled as, even with all of his strength, he was unable to remove the ring himself.  I set the ring down on the counter next to the other ring and the stack of cash I already had there to pay for them.

Me: “Listen, I am willing to pay your asking price, so take the money.  Take the money, hand over the rings and I will be on my way.”

The man looked back and forth at the rings and the money for what seemed to be a couple of minutes. He said nothing at all during this time, so it felt quite awkward at this point.  He finally took a deep breath and reluctantly handed me the two rings.

Clerk: “Here you go, but now I want you to please leave.”

Me: “Oh, I will and I won’t be back.”

Clerk: “You are not allowed back, you freak!  Now go!  GO!!”

I said nothing in return as I took the rings and headed for the door. When I was about to leave, I looked back just as the clerk was putting cash into his pocket in the same amount as his mark up from the original price.  The Lord then downloaded instructions as to what I was to do next.  To the clerk’s surprise, I then turned and walked back.

Me: “Oh yes, I need my receipt please.”

The clerk began to scramble. He could not have looked any angrier at me as he wrote out a receipt for me reflecting the original price only.

Me: “Now hold on here.  I just paid you three times more than what is on this receipt.”

Clerk: “Well, lady, the difference in price is now my commission.  You got your rings, now leave!”

Me: “Okay, but just remember…God sees all!”

Just then, smoke started pouring out of the pocket of his pants that he had just put the money in. Soon, flames started to shoot out of his pocket.  The clerk threw the money to the floor and tried desperately to put out the fire.

As I walked out of the store, I looked back through the window. The money completely burned in just an instant and only some ashes remained.  Not only that, but the fire had completely burned off an entire pant leg as well as a part of his shirt.  He started to yell obscenities at me as he flashed the ‘hand gesture involving one finger’.

Clerk: “F*** you and f*** your God as well!”

I shook my head as I started walking down the street. After walking just a few seconds, I suddenly heard a thunderous noise.  When I turned back and looked at the store, I noticed that it had now completely collapsed onto the clerk.

Dream 1 description over…

Father, it seems to me that ‘things’ have recently changed even more. Though I do not know exactly what this change is, I can feel it in my heart and now even in my stomach.  Whether You will do something supernaturally extraordinary today or not is still a mystery, but one thing remains certain to me – there are no accidents with this eclipse.

The eclipse that will happen later today is just too extraordinary to be ‘a cosmic accident’. As an example, the number of times the number ‘33’ comes up is simply amazing.  Jesus was 33 years old when He was crucified.

The numbers ‘12’ and ‘7’ are also represented. ‘12’ is the number of Jesus’ disciples, but also the number of tribes of Israel.  ‘7’ often represents God’s perfection.

  • The eclipse will begin in Oregon today, the 33rd state of the union
  • The eclipse will primarily go through a total of 12 states, but will also touch a couple of other states as well
  • The eclipse goes through 7 different towns and cities named ‘Salem’. Salem is an abbreviated version of Jeru-‘Salem’
  • The first major center that totality will come to is Salem, Oregon
  • Totality in the USA will last for approximately one hour and 33 minutes and will span four separate time zones (Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern)
  • The eclipse will end in South Carolina on the 33rd parallel
  • It occurs exactly 33 days before ‘The Great Sign’ on September 23rd, 2017
  • It has been 99 years (or 33 x 3) since the last coast-to-coast total solar eclipse
  • The last coast-to-coast total solar eclipse where totality was reserved for only the USA was back in 1776. Most would agree that this is a rather significant year for the USA!

While there is even more to the eclipse than what I just listed, Father, Your stamp is clearly all over this and on display for all with eyes to see. It even seems to me that certain Scriptures from Matthew, Mark, Acts, Joel and many others have all been rolled up into this one spectacular and timely event.

Oh Father, events like this eclipse truly make us realize just how small we are. You are truly our Creator!  Please reveal Yourself against these rebellious nations and show Your might to them.  Please shut the mouths of those who curse You.

However, Father, please also heal the hearts of those who are grieving. Please show Your grace and mercy to those whom You call.  Please let all of the people know just how wonderful You are.  There is no one like You, Father!  Not one is like You!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was immediately standing at the open door to God’s Court. A clear stream of light shined through the door with a brightness that simply cannot be compared, not even to the light of the sun.  I looked over and noticed that Uriel was already there to greet me.

Uriel: Smiling.  “God requests your presence.”

Me: “Uriel, today just feels so different to me!  What is happening, Uriel?”

Uriel: “Rejoice, Erin, for the Kingdom of Heaven is coming.  Now, come.”

Uriel put salve in my eyes and ushered me into God’s presence. The choir was singing and their song was incredibly beautiful.  The choirs of angels overlapped and their voices and music went continuously upward in succession.  It was so beautiful that tears started to stream down my cheeks as I tried to take it all in.

Choir of angels: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty!  The whole Earth is full of His Glory!”

My legs suddenly weakened and I quickly knelt on the beautiful ‘Sea of Glass’. I put my face to the floor in order to better worship the Glory of God that filled the ‘Temple Court’.  The light from His Throne was somehow clean and crisp, yet warm with the many colors that radiated and reflected off of the ‘Sea of Glass’.  I started trembling as I prayed.

Me: “Oh Father, please forgive me for anything else that might still be in me.  While I come before You in my imperfection, my heart is perfectly yielded to You and in love with You.  I am both excited and terrified as I have no idea what today will bring.

“I now offer everything up to You. I pray that the gifts we recently gave in Your Name bless those that we had given to.  Father, it really is Your money as all that we have is Yours.  I pray that our offerings to You pleases You.”

God: “Yes, Erin, I am pleased with you.  Though you feel unworthy to be here, you are worthy to Me.  I did not bring you in your perfection or you would never be able to come before Me.  Though you seem unlikely as a ‘worthy choice’ to many, you are ‘perfectly imperfect’ to Me.  I have done it this way so that you remain ‘hidden in plain sight’.

“Erin, I have hidden you in My quiver knowing that, one day, I would bring you out for My purposes. Though your trials have been extremely difficult and your road ‘the less travelled one’, I have kept you safe in My arms.

“Your heart has never been far from Me and even from the time you were born. While I have brought you on an extremely long journey, you are now prepared and emptied for what I will soon fill your Spirit, your Vessel, with.  Now, Erin, are you ready?”

Me: “Oh yes, Father!  I have nothing more to complete ‘on my own’.  I have now finished all of the tasks that You called me to do.”

God: “Understand the fullness of today.  Understand the hour and even the minute.  The land is rebellious.  The land is now even worse than the land of Nineveh was.  I have already explained to you that the land is now like this.  They now sacrifice their children unto death and partake in rituals and worship to other gods.

“They will now know to be still. They will now know that I am God.  You know that the time of the end draws near.  You understand this, Erin, as it is now in the very heart of your being.  However, you will not fear when you see these things come to pass as I am your refuge and strength.  I am your help in trouble.

“Though I am about to shake the nations, you are not to worry. You are not to worry as I am in the midst of you.  You shall not be moved or shaken.  Erin, I will help you at ‘the break of dawn’.”

Me: Crying.  “Oh Father, I am scared for the people.  Please, Father, is there another way?  Is there anything more that I can do for them?”

God: “Erin, you will continue to serve Me until I call you Home.  While there is much to do and the harvest has ripened, the laborers are few.  While you have thought that I would send others different than you, I now tell you the truth…

“I have chosen you, along with those that I have hidden, to come out and bear fruit for those who are hungry and provide water to those who are thirsty. I will then save those who turn from their wickedness in repentance, those who have been nourished by the ones that I have called.

“You are the Bride that will boast of her Groom. Many will come to the Wedding Feast because of your beautiful feet, feet that bring the Good News.  You will give the gift of the heart of My Son to those who will accept this, understand?”

Me: “Yes, Father.”

God: “Now, you are Mine.  I have you, so do not worry.  Today will mark both a great and terrible day, but in a way that you think not.  To those with the gifts of knowledge and wisdom, they will still have none unless I grant them this.

“They of their ‘own knowledge’ cannot truly understand this as there is no explanation, remedy or cure for the army that is soon to come, an army of those that I have called and appointed. Now rejoice, Erin, rejoice, as I am God and there is no other above Me.  You are loved, Erin.”

I felt Uriel’s hand on my shoulder. He helped bring me back to my feet.

Me: “I love You, Father.  I love You with my whole heart.  I always wanted to understand how I could love You with my whole heart and You have shown me.  You have shown me Your love for me.  I give my whole heart and even my life to You!”

God: “I love You, Erin, but there is no need to give Me your life ‘in death’.  Giving Me your life ‘in death’ is not what is planned for you, but rather in service that you will find such great joy in.  Do not worry as I will be with you in all things.  Angels have been sent to protect you, your family and those that I have called.”

As Uriel took me to the door, I turned back and waved. Even though I could only ‘see’ the blinding light of His glory, I could somehow tell that an usual blaze of light flashing in front of me was actually Him waving back at me.

Uriel: “The Lord has told you of this time, Erin, and you have now seen the angels at attention.  Now, are you ready?”

Me: “Yes, but I am not exactly sure for what.”

Uriel: He smiled at me.  “You will see very soon.  Now, rejoice today, Erin, as Heaven is coming down!”

Dream over…


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