Dream 261 – Jesus, the Grateful and the Worldly

Received on Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Dear Father,

While I thank You for another day, I am going to be perfectly honest with You here. I am really hoping that it will soon be my ‘last day’ of me being as I am today…please, Father!

I had a difficult time getting to sleep last night. My husband had already fallen asleep, so I decided to find something light to watch on television…or so I thought.  I started to watch a reality show, well, two in a row, but different shows and both with the word ‘housewives’ in it.

Yes, I know what you are thinking and yes, I really do know better, but there really was not anything else interesting and ‘light’ on. Anyway, I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing.  It was so shocking to me.

The women on these shows were filled with hate, jealousy, anger and coveting and were incredibly lewd. It was so sad that I soon found myself talking to the Lord under my breath about it.

Me: “Oh Father, please help them.  They truly have no clue about what is soon to come.  They will be swept away soon and will have no idea what hit them.  Even though they are so rich, they really have nothing that will truly last.”

To my surprise, I suddenly heard His audible voice replying to me…

Voice of Jesus: “Erin, they have purposely chosen this world over Me and there reward is only that which you now see before you.  They will have been ‘paid in full’.”

Me: “Yes, Father, but the world does not know that You are here.  They do not know You.  Soon, and just as they hated You, they will also hate us.  They will kill all of us if You do not strengthen us soon.  Please protect us from the corruption and immorality that is sweeping over this land.  I know it is just going to get worse and worse.”

Voice of Jesus: “I have called out to them many times, but they have continued to say no to Me.  While I will continue to call them, time is running out for them.  They love the world and it is their idol.”

It was 1:23am when I finally turned off my reading light and the television. As I lay there, I started to think about how everything has changed so much, especially recently.  Tears ran down my cheeks, but I wept quietly so as to not wake up my husband.  I did not want him to be tired for his work in the morning.

Just a few minutes later, something unusual happened, something that has never really happened before, especially while I was still awake. Before my eyes, pictures started to flash of easily a hundred…no, hundreds…of people from my past that had intent to harm me.  There were even people there that I remembered from when I was very little.

The pictures kept flashing, two or three per second, lasting just long enough for me to recognize each person. For many of them, I honestly cannot even remember their names, but I remembered each of their faces.

The download soon became so painful for me to view that I reached up to cover my wide-open eyes. However, the images kept flashing before me.  I then tried to rub my eyes in the hopes of stopping it, but this did not work either.

I was relieved when the flashes of all of these people that were so cruel to me had finally ended. I stared at the ceiling and was now as awake as I have ever been.  I tried to relax, but then, and just a few seconds later, the picture flashes started up again.

This time, the flashes were of real-life scenarios of things done to me in the background that I did not even know happened. I saw people deceiving others and placing barriers to prevent me from receiving any recognition or awards.  I saw people telling others why I should not be promoted even when they knew I should have been.

While I saw the receivers arguing that I should be promoted or awarded based on my level of work, commitment and quality at first, I then saw them quickly agree with the other person that I shouldn’t. I saw the other person then tell them lie after lie about my character.  It was painful to watch and the flashes continued for some time.

After a very short pause, the flashes started again, but now with a different theme. I saw plots to undermine my work.  I saw people taking credit for the work that I did and then making me seem like a liar for saying it was my work to begin with.  I saw people making up lies upon lies to again attack my character.

Thankfully, these flashes finally stopped. This was not just a few flashes, but thousands of flashes.  When I looked at the clock, I noticed that barely five minutes had passed.  This seemed odd to me as this much information should have taken hours to download.  After a few more minutes, I somehow knew that the flashes would not be continuing.

I suddenly felt physically ill from all that I had just been shown. I ran over to the restroom to vomit, but nothing came out.  Just as quickly as this wave of nausea came, it started to dissipate and finally left altogether.  I went back to bed and started to cry again over what I had been shown.  I soon fell into a very deep sleep…

Dream 1 description begins…

I was young, strong and vibrant again. I was not sure if I was in my glorified state (that is, visiting from Heaven post-Rapture) or in my transformed state (that is, still living on Earth pre-Rapture).

While I somehow had a feeling that I was still in my transformed state and pre-Rapture, I was really not 100% sure. However, if I were, all I can say is that things are going to become really horrific before we are finally taken up.

I was in a city that had just been struck by an earthquake of epic proportions. Several large buildings stood in front of me and I could see hundreds and hundreds of exposed offices, condos and apartments.  I could see their belongings.  It was surreal.  It was almost as if I was looking at a massive set of badly damaged doll houses.

I quickly snapped back into reality as doll houses do not have people in them screaming out in terror. A woman soon came up to me from behind to ask me to assist her.

Rich woman: “There are several people trapped in my apartment building.  It has collapsed.  Can you help me?”

Me: I nodded yes.  “Okay, I will follow you.”

While the woman walked as quickly as she could, all of the rubble and debris from the earthquake slowed her down considerably. I could see dust in the air from the collapsing buildings everywhere.  The dust was mixed with smoke as some of the buildings had started to burn.  The woman stopped and pointed to her apartment.

Rich woman: “This is it.  I know that there are several people trapped in there.  I know that my boyfriend is trapped in there.”

I looked over at the apartment complex and could tell that it had contained luxury units. The building had four stories with four units per floor, 16 units altogether.  The entire face of the building had been sheared off and looked unstable.  I looked back at the woman and only then noticed that her dust covered clothes were very high-end.

I looked around and the devastation was incalculable. I gasped in horror when I looked to the area in behind the woman’s apartment complex.  Massive hills that had each been covered in high-end estates had literally tumbled into the sea.  While the area appeared to be California, I really could not tell exactly where I was.

Rich woman: “Please, lady, can you keep this building from folding in?”

I was surprised by her outlandish request. However, when I looked down, I could see that my outfit was dust-free and pristine.  It seemed as if those here now knew about us and our assignments and she had surmised that I was ‘one of them’, either glorified or transformed.  I felt uncomfortable that she felt that I personally had this kind of power.

Me: “Listen, only God can keep this building from folding in, not me.  I can do nothing apart from Him.”

Rich woman: “Well then, hurry up and tell Him to do this for you.”

Her tone was so harsh and rude that it completely took me by surprise. I somehow felt that she was one of those that hated us, ‘the ones assigned by God’.  I then heard the Lord speaking to me.

Voice of Jesus: “You are only to go to the third floor and save the family that is there.”

I cautiously approached the devastated building, but could not see any people at all. I started to pray as I reached the building and was suddenly able to see movement with something similar to infrared vision.  This was odd as we were still in broad daylight.

I then saw two adults with their two older teens holding each other in the rubble on the third floor. I was later told by the Lord that the adult man’s name is Jason and the adult woman’s name is Susan.  All four of them were shaking and crying.  I called up to them.

Me: “Hello.  Can you hear me?”

Jason came to the edge of the blown out wall and looked down at me. I waved up at him.  He was dust-covered and, understandably, looked shaken and distraught.

Me: “I have been sent to help you.”

Jason: “Okay, but there is no way up or down.  We are stuck up here.”

Me: In a quiet voice.  “Well, Father, now would be a great time for a ladder.”

As soon as I finished saying this, a metal fire escape ladder supernaturally appeared. I suppressed a smile as I did not want to appear uncaring to those around me.

Me: Again in a quiet voice.  “Thanks, Lord!  That was fast.”

Even though I was ‘small’, I knew that I had great strength and would be able to help all four of them down the ladder. They were visibly shaken.  Once they were down, Susan then addressed me, but the two teens kept looking at me like I was some sort of alien.

Susan: “Oh thank you!  Thank you so much.  I don’t know how you made that ladder appear, but thank you.”

Me: “It was God and it is God who is rescuing you now.”

It soon became obvious that she misunderstood what I had meant by this.

Susan:  “I didn’t know that God was a woman”

Me: This time I couldn’t help but laugh.  “No, no, no!  I am not God.  I am just one of His workers.  I have been sent by Him to be here for you.  I am in His service and this is for His glory alone.  Just know that Jesus knows you and is sending more help.  He is here with you right now.”

I then turned towards the woman that I had followed and she looked angry with me. In fact, she was now extremely irritated with me.  I wanted to lose my patience with her, but I felt the Lord tell me not to react.  I didn’t.

Me: “What is wrong?”

Rich woman: “Why would you take so much time to save them when they are nobodies?  Do you not know who is still trapped in there?”

Me: “I don’t.  Who are you talking about?”

Rich woman: “‘Person’s name’ is in there.  Save him.  You need to save him and stop wasting your time with these other people.”

She had named someone famous. However, before I could make note of this man’s name, the Lord completely erased his name from my memory.

Me: In my thoughts.  “Lord, was I supposed to forget this man’s name?”

Jesus: Also in my thoughts.  “Yes, Erin.  It is irrelevant now as he is already gone.  Now, this woman is really only concerned about the contents of this man’s safe, not him.  She needs what is in his safe and is trying to trick you into helping her get to it.”

Me: I addressed the woman.  “The man you speak of has already died.  However, you really only care about his safe and need to get the items from inside.  Am I correct?”

The woman instantly turned as white as a ghost. She was visibly shaken by what I had just said, so much so that she was unable to reply.

Me: “I have not been called to help you with your selfish ambitions.  Can you not see that those that can still live need to be saved instead?”

Well, that snapped her out of it…smiles. She was furious and started swearing at me at the top of her lungs.  As almost all of what she said was curses and ‘choice’ descriptions of me, I am simply going to leave this out.

She then turned away from me and climbed up the ladder. Just as she was about to reach the top level, the upper two floors folded over onto the lower two floors with a mighty rumble.  While I heard the woman scream in terror, this was quickly followed by silence…and dust.  She had now been consumed by the building.

As I walked over to the crumpled building, I could not believe my eyes. Sitting on the top of the flattened rubble was the man’s safe.  I felt the Lord download the combination to the safe as I climbed over to it.  I reached for the tumbler and used the combination.  The door to the safe swung open.

I looked inside the safe and could see several high-end jewelry pieces, several large stacks of hundred dollar bills and a pile of titles to various properties. Next to this stack of titles was a large clear bag containing a variety of labeled keys.  The labels showed that the keys were for an assortment of vehicles and properties.

As there was too much for me to take at one time, it took several trips to hand these items to each of the four of them. I could tell that they were still in complete shock about what had just happened.  I then started to give them instructions that God had just downloaded to me.

Me: “Jesus wants you to have all of these items, including the keys and deeds to this man’s vehicles and properties.  He wants you to…”

Jason: Blubbering.  “But…but…but what if people think we stole all of this?  What if people then think that we had acted as looters?”

Please note that I removed their last name and the name of the town in Montana in what follows in order to protect the family’s privacy. I then felt confirmation from the Lord that I was supposed to keep this to myself.

Me: “Is your name Jason R….?”

Jason: “Yes.”

Me: I looked over at his wife.  “Is your name Susan R….?”

Susan: “Yes.  We are the R….’s.”

Me: “Look down at the deed at the very top.  There is a deed to a property near ‘Small Town’, Montana.  Now, what names are on the deed to this property?”

Jason: “How could this even be possible?  Our names are on this deed!”

Me: Smiling.  “Your names are on all of the deeds and titles that you are holding.  Hmm, it seems as if this man had been holding these titles in your names and on your behalf without you even knowing it.”

Susan: Stammering.  “But…but…but how could this be?  Thank you!  Who are you?”

Me: “It doesn’t matter who I am.  Please don’t thank me, only thank Jesus.  I am nothing without Him.  I am just His worker and this is all for His glory alone.  Now, all of this is yours, including the money, the titles and all of the other items.

“As it is His Will to do so, God is now going to deliver you to your property in Montana with His supernatural power. There, you will be assisted by angels.  God will continue to provide for you during the times of trouble.  His angels will protect you no matter how much the evil increases.  Do you understand?”

Jason: “No…I mean yes…um, I think so, yes.  While I really don’t know how all of this will happen, we will praise Jesus continuously from here on.”

Me: Smiling.  “Good!  Now, are you all ready?”

All four of them nodded their heads in overwhelming agreement. I then saw a door supernaturally appear behind them and pointed.  They turned around and started to shake their heads in disbelief.

The door then swung open. While all around the door was complete devastation, we saw nothing but beautiful Montana landscape through the door.  We could also see an incredibly beautiful custom home tucked away in the wilderness.

While they were all excited, they were even more shocked than before. After they each took turns hugging me, I then motioned for them to walk through the open door.  They held each other’s hands as they walked through the door.  Once ‘in Montana’, they turned around and waved.  I could tell that they were still in disbelief.

Me: “Now, you have very little time left to choose to commit yourself fully to Jesus, the Son of God and our Savior.  You must always remember and understand that Jesus is the One that has saved you.  You must always remember and understand that God is the One that has had mercy upon you and your household.  Now, give all the glory to Jesus alone and be comforted in the knowledge that He knows each of your names.”

They all nodded in agreement and were now crying with joy. I could tell that all of this was slowly sinking in.  They waved at me again and I waved back.  After the door shut, it then completely disappeared.  While I do not know this family’s story, I do know that God has a plan to keep them safe.

I looked around me and noticed that some other ‘workers’ were now there with me. While I was still not entirely sure if we were glorified or transformed, I did notice that they were just like me…well, except the men as they were men, not women…smiles.  Women were there as well.

We gathered together and held hands in praise and thanks to the Lord. We all felt that we had completed what God had sent us there for.  As we prayed, the Earth started to shake all around us, yet we remained on ‘Solid Ground’ and were not shaken.

We stood there in stillness looking at the bleak landscape, now shaking violently, as several more properties fell into the sea and disappeared. I am not sure how many died that day, but many died.  Billions of dollars of property were completely destroyed.

What these people had worked a lifetime for had now been destroyed in less than an hour. As we continued to pray, God moved each of us, one-by-one and two-by-two, to different areas and to new assignments…

Dream 1 description over…

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was in a place of darkness and I could not even see a hint of light anywhere. I held my hand up in front of my face, but could not see it.  I touched my face and knew that my hand was there.  I started to panic and cried out to the Lord.  He immediately appeared, bathed in warm light.  I ran over to Him and hugged Him tightly.

Me: Crying.  “Lord, I was in the dark.  Those picture flashes that You just gave me were horrible.  Oh Father, what a miserable life I have led.  No, what an incredibly miserable life I have led.  Why would You allow this, Lord?  Why?”

Jesus: “Erin, this was all allowed because I chose you.  I kept you where you were because I chose you.  I did this so that you would learn that working for men matters not.  As one of your former bosses once said to you, ‘Anyone can be easily replaced, including you.’  Well, Erin, I am here to tell you that this man is a liar.

“To Me, you are of great worth and value. I have recorded every one of your hopes, dreams and prayers as they are good.  Because you work for Me, I will soon repay you a thousand fold of what the enemy has stolen from you.  While you are already a citizen here in Heaven, you will soon be a ‘field worker’ there on Earth.”

Me: “Lord, the evil is multiplying.  It used to be that 90% were good and 10% were evil.  Now it seems as if this has flip-flopped.  Now I feel that only 20% are good and 80% are evil.  This seems to be getting worse day-by-day.  It is so sad.

“I wish I could just teach my children from home now as the things being said in front of them at school are truly inappropriate. There is no respect, decorum or manners anymore.  Horrible things are now spoken about people that are then not allowed to defend themselves.  In the wake of tragedy, horrible lies are now said about the dead.”

Jesus: “Erin, I am in you and you are in Me.  You will not be shaken.  I will strengthen you.  I am here.  You will soon be My shining light in a world that grows darker with every passing day.”

Dream over…


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