Dream 264 – God, His Covenant, His Rainbow

Received on Thursday, October 19, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another beautiful fall day! Thank You for all that we have!

On my drive to the school today, there was a blanket of white fog over the water in the valley. On my way back home, I prayed to You in my prayer language.  I prayed for miracles as I was feeling down and a bit hurt that You had not removed my pain or, at the very least, granted me some relief.

I then started to doubt my dreams and visions again. I say ‘again’ as these still seem just too wonderful for someone like me.  I also started to ‘doubt’ as so many ‘really good’ timeframes have now come and gone.  These can often be quite a letdown.  The drive back is around 20 minutes or so and I then praised You for having mercy on me.

When I then turned down a little country road towards our house, I suddenly encountered a most unusual white ‘archway’ on the road right in front of me. As I approached it, it started to move in the same direction as me.  I could not seem to catch up with it.  I then pulled over and asked You if I should take a couple of pictures.

Jesus: “Yes, Erin.  Take a couple of pictures and share them with the Nest.”

Well, I did and here they are…

D264 Mist Archway #1

D264 Mist Archway #2

I then went back in my car and continued to drive towards the archway. However, the archway ‘stayed still’ this time and I then drove right through the archway.  When I looked back, it was gone.  This felt so supernatural that I just knew this was You.

I later researched this and found out that what I had just experienced is called a ‘fog bow’ or ‘solar glory’. It is also commonly known as a ‘white rainbow’ and is a rare sight!  I just knew that this was Your ‘really cool calling card’ and that I should now go up to see You at my very first chance to do so.  I really wanted to know what this meant.

So, Father, what do You have planned next for us? I have had a difficult and painful week and really need You to help me.  What about my husband’s work situation?  While things are still okay, storm clouds are on the horizon.  Oh Father, please open doors soon!  Our entire household loves and adores You so much and our hope is in You!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was up on God’s Mountain along the path overlooking the valley below. It was beautiful, fragrant and abundant with color.  I walked along the path and decided to stop at a rock with fresh water springing from it.  I laughed when I then saw a confit pot.

I took the small container, filled it with water and drank. As always, it was so refreshing.  I then sat down and gazed upon the beautiful valley.  I again smelled wood smoke in the distance, but a Heavenly version, and decided to close my eyes for a moment to really smell all of the amazing fragrances that surrounded me.

I took in several deep breaths and used my ‘enhanced senses’ here to separate the various smells. While I could smell ‘Heavenly’ wood smoke, I also smelt other fragrances such as sandalwood and cinnamon.  As I breathed in this Heavenly air, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  When I opened my eyes, there was Uriel smiling at me.

Uriel: “So, Erin, are you taking in the fragrance of Heaven?”

Me: Laughing.  “Oh, hi, Uriel, I am so happy to see you!  Yes, all of these amazing smells are such a mystery to me.  Uriel, where is the wood smoke coming from?  I do not see any smoke and it just seems so out of place to have a fire here in such beauty.”

Uriel: Smiling.  “The smell of wood smoke is actually coming from a fragrant tree.  Do not worry, Erin, as nothing is burning in God’s Garden.  Everything here has life.”

Me: “That’s great, Uriel, but doesn’t God also like ‘barbeque’?”

Uriel: Laughing.  “While perhaps He enjoys some of the same things you do, this is to remain a mystery for another time.  Now, Erin, the King has requested your presence.”

I quickly stood to my feet. He reached for my hand and we were immediately at the ‘open door’ to God’s Court.  Uriel put salve in my eyes.

Me: “Uriel, what does this salve do?”

Uriel: “Well, have you ever noticed that, at times, it seems as if you are wearing sunglasses inside God’s Throne Room?”

Me: “Yes.  In fact, I have often wondered why I cannot see more vividly there.  As a result of this, I then cannot fully describe certain things very well.”

Uriel: Smiling.  “Well, Erin, when you are here, you only see that which God allows you to see at any given time.  Even though you are in God’s presence, you also remain unable to see Him.  While there is a good reason for this, for now, just know that this is for your benefit.  Now, Erin, come with me.”

Uriel then brought me through His ‘open door’. I heard the amazing sound of the choirs of angels singing as soon as we entered.

Angels: “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who was and Is and Is to come!”

As we approached the Throne of God, I could feel my legs begin to shake. I soon lost my strength and quickly knelt down to worship God.  As I prayed to Him, I thought about the ‘Revelation Song’ being sung all around me and started to weep.

Me: Crying.  “Oh Father, You are truly my ‘everything’!  My past is so painful that it truly hurts my heart.  I want so much to be able to go back and make corrections, especially during the spring and summer of 2009.  Oh Father, my heart is breaking!”

God: “Erin, I know every single thing that you have ever gone through, including in ‘the spring and summer of 2009’.  Erin, it was My Will for you to go to the desert.  This is where I called you.  This is where you cried out.  This is where you were found by Me.  This was an especially painful course for you as it immediately followed a prior year also filled with great pain, both physical crushing as well as emotional.

“Erin, I use such events to trigger transition and change. While a few of these events have been joyful, almost all of the changes that have occurred in your life have come from painful ones.  While you have gone from place to place, you have only done so as I have directed.  Erin, I have taken you on this course.

“Now, the place you are in now, the ‘land of the trees’, has been, and continues to be, a place of great joy for both you and your children. I even allowed your injury in order to accelerate My plans to get you there.  When you look back, you will see that just about every move you have ever made since birth has been due to pain and loss, but also for the promise of a fresh start.

“Now, I sent you a ‘miracle sign’ today. This sign was unusual in that it was a sign that you could neither explain away nor refute.  This then caused you to take notice.  I have also shown you the Home that I have for you here in Heaven.  You are a citizen here with Me and this is a promise and covenant that I have made with you and with those who accept that I sent My Son as a living sacrifice for the atonement of the sins of man.

“As for you, Erin, you constantly chase after Him. You look to Him and you call Him friend.  Erin, I have seen your brokenness after you have spent time with Him and He still does not heal you.  While I know that you then doubt your place, Erin, do not.

“Now, when Lazarus was not cured, but instead died of his illness, those who loved him, as well as understood the power of My Son Whom I sent and had seen His miracles, became deeply discouraged. However, on the fourth day, and by My command, Lazarus was raised by My Son.  I had sent My Son to release Lazarus from the shackles of death and this was a miracle that could not be disputed.

“While pain has come to you again, you know that, this time, and in your heart, it is because ‘the time of separation’ will soon follow. Since this time will be different from past times, I have now severed any attachments you and your household had in order to make the transition easier.

“Now, I know that you are in pain and grieving right now. Since you are here with Me and I call you friend, I also know that this is a difficult thing for you, but also many others, to understand why I have allowed your pain and grief to continue.  Well, to help you understand, I will now ask you a question.  Erin, do you remember what it was like when you were in labor with your children?”

Me: “Yes, Father.  I remember the pain of my labor and the uncertainty of it all.  I remember the buildup as we prepared a place for the baby.  I remember wondering if the baby would ever be born as the days seemed to go by so slowly.  My anxiousness was only increased when I then went through so many ‘false’ labor pains.

“Once my ‘real’ labor pains finally started, each of my labors were then long and drawn out. However, once You delivered each child to me, after they were born, the joy of each of my babies easily outweighed any of the memories of the pain that I had just experienced.

“I remember crying out in great pain, but then, and in just a single push, a single moment, I then went from great pain and uncertainty, weakness and very little strength, to great joy. I then cried tears of joy and thankfulness and had a renewed strength.  Oh Father, each of my children’s births were such miracles.  Each of them were from You.”

God: “Erin, you have once again been in labor with great pain, but now with a different kind of labor and pain and for a much longer time.  You also do not fully understand just what you are about to give birth to this time.  However, just know this…I have promised you good for the rest of your days.  Erin, you are about to give birth to a great gift of promise and no harm will come to you.”

Me: “I do not know what this all means, but I do know that I love You so much.  If it be in Your Will, Father, then I am ready and I am willing.  In Jesus’ Name, I ask that You please do all that You have promised…and soon!”

Even though I could not see Him, I could somehow tell that He had just smiled when I had asked for this ‘in Jesus’ Name’. I also somehow knew that this was the right thing to do, especially under our circumstances…smiles.

God: “Your labor is finally finished.  You are about to give birth to something you never thought was possible.  Do not worry nor be afraid, Erin.  I have shown you many small signs and wonders.  Just enough so you are certain it is Me, but not big enough for you to know beyond doubt it is I Who has done this.  While I have given you many rainbows, today is a day that the rainbow was celebrated for purposes removed from Me.”

Me: “Oh yes, it is ‘International Spirit Day’ today!”

God: “Well, today My Spirit is in you.  Erin, the sign I gave you today was not void of color, but pure and white and a gift to show you that your promise has been fulfilled.  You belong to Me, as well as all of those whom I have called for My purposes.

“Rejoice, Erin, rejoice today, as My glory is upon you and you are about to give birth to something the world will never expect. This will be a wonder and a sign and will come with many miracles.  I have given you a new promise.”

Me: Crying.  “Oh Father, the rainbow of many colors was for Noah, but I feel that this pure and white rainbow is meant for us.  Was this a sign and a gift from You?  Was this sent by You from Heaven?”

God: “Yes, Erin.  Now, Heaven is with you.  My Spirit is also upon you, along with the angels I have assigned to you.”

Me: “Thank You, Father, but when will this all be?”

I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Uriel and he smiled at me.  As Uriel brought me to my feet, I knew that my time for ‘questioning’ God was over for today.

Me: “I love You, Father.  Please forgive me for being so impatient.”

God: “Do not worry, Erin, as I love you and I am with you.”

As Uriel led me out the door, I quickly turned to wave goodbye to God. I saw a flash of light come from His Throne area that I have since figured out is Him waving back to me.  When I heard Him laugh, I smiled and felt such joy.

Uriel: “So, Erin, though you still have many questions, please allow me to ask you one first.  What time was ‘the sign’ given to you earlier today?”

Me: “Hmm, while I believe it was around 8:45am, it may have even been as late as 9:00am.”

Uriel: “Well, Erin, then it is a good time to study Noah.”

Me: “Okay, Uriel, but how can anyone truly know though given that the times are so very difficult for us to figure out?”

Uriel: “Yes, I know this, but remember that much has been foretold of these coming times.  Erin, you are in them now.  Who could have ever imagined this?  Who could conceive what is about to be given birth?  Erin, remember not to worry as the Spirit of the Living God is in you.  His face shines upon you.  Remember that He orchestrated ‘the sign’ that you received this morning, so rejoice, Erin, rejoice!”

Dream over…


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