Dream 265 – Jesus and the False Labors

Finished on Sunday, October 29, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for sustaining us.  Thank You for Your love.  Thank You for Your warnings and the yielding of our hearts to make corrections.

Father, I love You! All of us in our household and on our Nest love You!  While my children do not ‘fully’ understand You yet, they are still much closer to You than I ever was at their age.

Father, You brought us here to the wilderness, the ‘land of the trees’, and have sustained us here. We have been here over three years now and, though my enemies are still looming, they have been ‘kept at bay’.  Nonetheless, it seems as if there are still some things that remain outstanding…

  • My health and pain is worsening
  • We are still waiting for our Transformation
  • My main enemy continues with his evil
  • L&I never stops, never helps and my benefits could be gone again at any moment and for any number of reasons
  • My husband’s work situation continues to be less than ideal

Oh Father, so many dates for our healing have come and gone and my 20,000th day has now passed.  Are we foolish to keep waiting on You?  Father, please, please provide us with hope soon.  Please provide us with a miracle, Father.  Our time here on Earth is so short.

Please grant us hope, if not for my sake, then for all of the other’s sake, even if for no other reason than because I am someone who is completely in love with You. Please do not be angry with me or hide Your face from me.  Please do not forget me.  Father, my dream from the night before last was quite disturbing…

Dream 1 description begins…

I lived in a home so high-end and incredible that it was somewhat uncomfortable for me to even be living there. Even more uncomfortable for me was the fact that my bathroom, including the ceiling and the walls, were all made of glass.

D265 Pic 1

To make matters worse, there was a public park next to our home. People were going over our thick high bushes and trees to swim in our three-tiered infinity pool despite this barrier.  Once there, they could then see me in this glass bathroom and at times that I really wouldn’t want anyone to be able to…period.  They would then try to visit us.


At one point, they even started to use my bathroom. For some reason, they somehow even felt comfortable and justified in doing so.  Understandably, I was extremely uncomfortable with this.  One day, and in order to help take my mind off of this, I decided to swim in the pool in the back of our home instead of the infinity pools.

As I was about to take a swim there, I noticed that there was a badly injured dove lying on the side of the pool. I believe that the dove had injured itself when it had accidentally flown into the glass walls on the sides of our home.  I was deeply distressed by this and wanted to try and heal the dove.

D265 Pic 2

As I was walking towards the dove, I was stopped in my tracks by screams for help coming from a different area of our property. When I looked back at the dove as it lay there, I also noticed a predator in the distance, a type of predator that I had never seen before.  This predator looked like an odd mix of fox, raccoon and cat.

This odd mixture of animals made for a beautiful, but unusual, creature. It had blue-grey fur, black markings and a long bushy tail.  While I really wanted to go and help this injured dove first, I knew that I would have to wait until I helped the screaming man.

I then left to possibly save and/or heal this screaming man. After finding him, I did both of these things.  I then explained to the man that I now had to run in order to attend to an injured dove.  I could tell that he urgently wanted to say something to me before I left, so I stopped to listen to him.

Man: “I am grateful for what you just did for me.  In return, I am going to bring back some of my friends to help you.”

Me: “This is not necessary, but thanks for the offer.  Now, I need to go to the dove.”

When I arrived back at the pool, the once clear water had now turned into dark water. I then noticed that this ‘fox-raccoon-cat’ animal was already in the process of dismembering the dove in this dark water.

While I was extremely disturbed at the sight, yet another distraction came up. The man that I had just saved and healed had just arrived with his group of friends.

Man: “Do not worry, ma’am, we will clean all of this up.”

Dream 1 description over…

Oh Father, this dream was deeply troubling and very real. What does this all mean?  I am sad and feel at a loss today.  Oh Broom Tree, where are you so I can lie at the base of you.

Lord, it seems as if I really can do nothing but wait on You right now. I am swimming in dark water.  I am uncertain about the future.  People can see through ‘the glass’ at me.  Please help me, Father.  Are You there?  Jesus…Lord…are You really there?

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was up in Jesus’ House and sitting with Him at the table in His Courtyard. He is sitting at the head of the table and I am seated at His right side.

Me: “Lord, I am scared.  You are here with me, right?  You are not just my imagination, right?  It is You with me, right?”

He smiled as He reached over and put His hand over mine.

Jesus: “Erin, you have been prepared for this special day for your entire life.  I am with you and I am here.  I am taking hold of your hand.  Even if I were only ‘your imagination’, what ‘Divine Imagery’!  None of this has been or is blasphemous.  I do not encourage you to sin and I correct anything that would take you in the wrong direction.

“I have lined up all things, everything in your life, for My divine purposes…yes, even your mistakes…all of them. So, your imagination is good, Erin, and I can assure you that you are of sound mind.  Now, what of all of this?  Why?  Well, do you not see it?  Where is your imagination taking you?  What are the desires of your heart?”

Me: Smiling.  “Well, do You want ‘wild’ or ‘conservative’?”

Jesus: He smiled.  “Start with ‘the least’ and then go for ‘the best’.”

Me: “Well, You could heal all of us, but subtly so that no one really thinks anything miraculous came from You.  Their thoughts will then be able to easily rationalize what had happened to us.  We would be limited in our abilities to heal.  We would then eventually be persecuted for our faith in You.”

Jesus: “So then My ‘arrows’ would not be straight and would have severe limitations.  Hmm, this certainly does not sound like what I am ‘shooting for’.  These would also be ‘arrows’ that would never reach its target.  ‘Ineffective’ does not sound Heavenly to Me.  Okay, now give Me your ‘extreme imagination desire’.”

Me: “Okay, Lord, here it goes…

  • I would be strong, youthful and beautiful;
  • I would have a glow about me;
  • I would have great wisdom and knowledge from You;
  • There would be a joy on my face that could not be hidden;
  • We would all be changed in an instant;
  • We would be released from our debts and debtors and would then only be indebted to You and God, Our Father in Heaven, completely;
  • I would love to see all of our children healed and reconciled, justified and changed;
  • Heaven would open and we would have so much provision that we would be able to live free and help others;
  • Our hearts, our ‘Silver Cords’ to You, would be made incredibly strong;
  • Our only duties on Earth would be to serve as soldiers in Your army;
  • We would help You with the ‘harvest’;
  • We would help You administer justice by separating those whom You have called from those who have harmed so many;
  • We would work completely through You, like free-flowing ‘living water’;
  • We would do a ‘mighty work’ in Your Name;
  • These dreams and visions would encourage hearts and bring healing;
  • We would refresh those who are weary and broken and give them hope in Your Name;
  • We would want for nothing; and
  • We would still somehow be able to enjoy a small slice of Heaven on Earth until You eventually came for us.”

Jesus: “So, Erin, does this seem impossible for Me?  Does this seem impossible for My Father in Heaven?”

Me: “No, Lord, as nothing is impossible for You.  You can do anything that You would desire for us, those of us who love You.  You had already done the impossible when You were here, including raising the dead.  You raised Lazarus from the dead even after he had been in the grave for four days.  Lord, ‘no thing’ is impossible for You.

“However, I also now feel as if there is nothing more that I can do, write or say in order to ‘provoke’ You to use and/or heal us sooner. As I am merely a child of God and a lover of You and Your heart, I am limited in my words.  If I cannot move You as I am today, I do not know what to do next as this is all that I am capable of right now.

“Just know that I long for my ‘great imagination’ to become reality. I long to be here with You physically, not just in a vision, but really here.  Please consider me, my household and our friends.  Please consider every good thing under our roof and on our property.  May everything here that has been created by God be used for Your glory, Lord.”

Jesus: “Your request has been heard and your prison clothes are removed.  Now, rejoice, Erin, rejoice as Heaven is upon you.  While I know that you are frustrated by the ‘perceived delay’ and uncertainty, just remember that I did not promise you an easy delivery.  While I also did not promise you a labor with no pain, I did promise you a ‘new birth’.  While the road is narrow, rocky and winding, as well as long, this led to Me.”

Jesus was smiling at me. I began to cry as He hugged me.

Me: “As much as I love You, Lord, my heart is now breaking and my hope is now fading.  I am also scared too, so please, please help us soon.”

Jesus: “Erin, I am with you, I am in you and I am here.  Now, I know that you are grieving.  I also know that you are crushed and you feel forsaken.  This is something that I understand.  When you looked outside recently, what did you see?”

Me: “A torrential downfall after a very long dry period.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, and I have promised you many things.  Do you still believe in Me?”

Me: “Oh yes, Lord, but I now believe that I am the problem and that there is no cure for me.  Lord, I have not been ‘good enough’ for my whole life.  While I am sometimes then the second or third choice, I am usually not even considered at all.  Really, Lord, I am ‘just a nobody’.  Oh Lord, I need some hope soon as I feel at a loss right now.”

Jesus: “I am with you, Erin, and I will do all that I have promised.  Are you not going to now ask Me when?”

Me: “Please forgive me, Lord, but ‘soon’, ‘now’ and ‘in a little while’ does not translate very well where we are.  All I know is that I really do believe You and in all that You have promised.  It simply just hurts too much to have hope and then have a date pass.  I then have hope again and then yet another date passes.

“Soon, yet another hour passes, then another day, another sunrise, another sunset and another break of dawn is gone. To make matters even worse, everything I see and read on the news now is all bad.  People are so wicked.  Please do not delay anymore, Lord, as I will not be able to endure much longer.”

Jesus: “Okay, Erin, I have heard you.  I can feel your distress.  I know your anxious thoughts.  I have you.  Now, look into My eyes.”

When I looked into His eyes, I saw myself young again. I was running.  I could breathe deeply.  I was strong and beautiful.  I had long hair and such joy on my face.  I could run with speed and my breathing was easy and steady.  My heart was strong and healthy again.  I had such great color in my skin that it even had a sparkle to it.

I watched as the Spirit of God then came over me. I was strengthened even further and now looked like ‘a flame burning brightly’.  My legs now had a kind of ‘spring’ to them and I could leap and hurdle large objects.  Even though I had very little fat, I looked ‘well fed’ and was not ‘gaunt from the burdens of appearances’.  I was strong in the Lord!

I soon had to turn my head away from His eyes as looking at me in this Transformed state was becoming too painful for me to take. I started to break down and weep.

Me: Crying.  “Oh Lord, please don’t keep dangling carrots in front of me.  You know that I cannot do anything even close to this unless You somehow create a new body for me.  Oh Father, there is just so much for You to do as I have never been as injured or as old as I am right now…

  • My hands, face and body are swollen
  • My fingers can barely grip and no longer function well
  • I am now unable to even sew my son’s patches onto his pants
  • I can barely climb the stairs anymore
  • My pain even takes my breath away at times
  • My blood pressure was so high recently that they even had to retest me several times
  • There were also all of my other tests
  • I sometimes get disoriented and forgetful now

“I am scared. No, Lord, I am now really, really scared.  Please have compassion on my situation here.  While my children have remained confident in Your promises, I cannot bare to see this fade if time keeps marching on without us being changed.  Oh Lord, please do not allow me to diminish so much that I can no longer function.  Please!”

Jesus: “Do not worry, Erin, as I have heard you and will not allow this.  While I have now taken you to ‘the edge’, just wait a bit longer and you will soon see My glory!  I love you, Erin, and even more so than you could possibly know.  I am in you and I am with you.  I will take care of your every need and even more.  While your heart is now broken, just know that I understand this brokenness.

“Now, I will do all that I have promised. Erin, I am about to.”  He kissed my forehead.  “I will send help, signs, miracles and wonders.  The pouring rain has not stopped and neither will My blessings.  I love you.”  He hugged me.

Me: “Oh thank You, Lord.”

Jesus: “Your journey is ready to begin.  While the delay in your blessings has been a divine one, it is one that has also left you questioning all of this.  Erin, do not question this.  I have done everything that I said I would and I will do everything that I said I will.”

Me: “I love You, Lord.”

Jesus: “Now, ‘seize the day’!”  He smiled and laughed.

Me: Smiling.  “Yes, Lord…‘Carpe diem’!”  He laughed.

While I was satisfied with our visit, as I always am, I soon became worried…yes, yet again…smiles! I decided to go back to visit Him just a little while later.  Jesus met with me immediately.  He was smiling and had such sympathetic eyes for me.

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, I am still here.  Hmm, I see that you are worried again.”

Me: “Oh Lord, I am, but about things some may even feel are silly.  It’s just that…well… September 23rd came and went.  My 20,000th day then came and went.  I am not sure why, but all of this is weighing heavily on me now.  Father, what is to happen to us?”

Jesus: “When you read My Word, Erin, both old and new, you know it is Me.  In the same way, you also know that it is Me that is speaking to you.  You then also know that it is me that has guided each of your scribes, counseling you on every one.

“While I have not actually thrown you into a cistern of dung nor put you into a fiery furnace, I have allowed you to be consistently tormented, but especially by your main blacksmith and accuser. I have allowed all of this for good reasons, many of which you will not fully understand until you are here with Me.  You must continue to trust in Me.

“Erin, I have allowed you to have many encounters, experiences and escapes so that, when I finally use you for My glory, many, many more from all walks of life will be able to see themselves in your story. Whether they are young or old, rich or poor, native or foreigner, orphaned and forgotten, they will be able to see themselves in your story.

“I have scripted your story, Erin, all of it, and, in turn, you have now scribed it. While this has caused you great pain and even a broken heart, just know that I love you.  I am sorry that it was necessary for you to endure this.  ‘Drinking from My cup’ is not an easy path.  Please do not worry though as your heart is My treasure and highly valued.

“Now, because I know your thoughts…” He laughed.  “…I know that you had just thought, ‘Yes, but now I am old, disabled and incapable.’  While this is true as you are today, I am about to change you for My glory.  Do you know that, when you soon look back upon this very day, you will even smile and laugh?

“However, I know that you are not laughing right now and this I understand. Though times have been difficult for you, I have been and will always be there with you.  When the enemy requested your death, which he has many, many times, I stood for you.

“When he requested your children, I stood for them. When he requested your health, I stood for you and allowed this with only limited parameters.  When the enemy requested your continued punishment, I stood there with you.  I even stood with you as lies, false testimonies and even false documents were used against you.

“Little do your enemies know exactly who you are to Me. Erin, do you not see the miracles that are about to happen?  It is unfolding right before your very eyes.  Look…”

He reached for my hand and we were instantly at the ‘dark pool’. However, the pool was no longer dark.  It was no longer filled with black water.  The pool was now lined with pearl in continuous sheets instead.  The water in it sparkled like a jewel as the sun shined upon it and danced in iridescent movements of color.  It was breathtaking.

Jesus: “Now, Erin, this is your pool…”

He then pointed over at the dove, but it was now alive and healthy, sparkling in whites, golds and silvers. It was no longer cooing in mourning, but instead sang beautifully and happily.  It had a new song of praise.  While ‘my glass walls’ were still clear, it was now completely private and I could see luxurious gardens, vineyards and fountains.

Jesus: “While no one can see in, Erin, you can still see out.  Do you understand?”

Me: “Not fully, Lord, but I am trying.”

Jesus: “Remember, Erin, it is always darkest before the dawn.  While I know that you are discouraged, angry, worried and uncertain right now, please do not be.  While a plan has been in place for you from the beginning, the same is also true for your entire household, as well as for those who truly love and seek Me with all of their hearts.  Erin, the time has come for you to swim in this beautiful pool.  The time has come to bind up your brokenness.  Now, come with Me into the healing pool…”

He reached for my hand. Just as the toes of my right foot touched the water, I saw a flash of light and felt a jolt of healing power come into me…

Dream over…


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