Dream 267 – Jesus and the Change in Seasons

Finished on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Received on Sunday, November 26, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for all that You have done here.  It is such a blessing.  You have delivered us from trouble and humbled us as a household.  Please bless each person who has given gifts to us with 1000 times more.  Please also take my offerings and bless those I have given to 1000 times more.

I cannot thank You enough for their generosity and for providing enough to give us our water and heat back. I am overwhelmed by the love and warmth we have been blessed with.  For me, Father, it was as if my body, my vessel, had gone dry and even my hopes had withered with the ensuing cold.

The cold in our house had brought so much pain to my body that I had felt that I did not even want to keep going. I had lost hope and my heart grieved at my hopeless state.  It was also difficult to see my children so discouraged as they were also wondering why You had allowed this to happen.  Your ways then started to come into focus.

By day 3, all of us, but especially our children, fully realized just how important water is. At this point, the lack of heat even became somewhat secondary to them.  I had later found out that each of our sons had taken a few turns at praying over the broken pump, sometimes together and sometimes on their own.

While the situation had been serious, our sons doing this somehow made my heart glad. While their prayers did not change our situation as it was not in Your timing, I was happy to know that they still continued to pray to You in the hopes that it would turn back on.  Father, they did not lose faith in Your power even when their prayers ‘didn’t work’ on ‘their schedule’.

By day 4, all of us started to become a bit sick, but especially two of our children. Despite using antibacterial wipes and other similar things to clean with instead of our nonexistent water, they still managed to contract cold and flu-like symptoms.  Thankfully, none of these symptoms lasted long and did not become overly serious.

While my husband and I felt these symptoms ‘coming after us’ as well, we were somehow able to fight off any possible resulting illness for the entire week. Thank You, Father, for protecting us!  In the end, this was used to take all of us on a type of ‘stress journey’, a journey with many highs and lows.

On one of the nights, the temperature of our house dropped to a rather chilly 53 degrees. As the resulting cold kept me up for a lot of this night, I used this time to walk through the house praying to You for relief.

The very next day, You brought the sun out and the home temperature rose to a comfortable 68 degrees. Thank You, Father, for sending us the sun…and Your Son.  After quite a few mini-battles and mini-victories, we finally were completely ‘back to normal’ on Friday afternoon.

Our water was running again and we once again had consistent heat. All in all, this lasted a total of just a few hours short of 6 days and 6 nights.  Thank You, Father!  Without You and those You called to help us, we would still be in great trouble today.

When the water pump was first fixed, the water was still not fit for use for a short time. The men had to take out pipe that went down 450 feet in our well to replace our water pump down there.  As instructed, we then had to let the water run for several hours to clear.  By Thanksgiving night, the water cleared and we could have our showers.

While it will still take a bit longer to fully recover from our losses, You have already restored our faith in You in our household. This ordeal helped each of us become much more thankful than anytime that I can recall.  Thanks to You, we had water for Thanksgiving and we were able to take warm showers that night.  Thank You!

While this was truly a special day for all of us, it was especially special for me. All of this truly helped me to realize that we could not do anything to fix our system on our own.  This situation also made me realize just how vulnerable we all are and how reliant we are on You despite the conveniences and services offered by our modernized world.

As a result, I am so thankful today! I am so thankful for everything that You do for us…

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was walking on a path in God’s Garden. The sun was warm and the day was beautiful and…well, perfect…as per usual.  There were blossoming trees everywhere and the air was filled with the sounds of birds and running water.

I looked behind me to see where the sound of the running water was coming from. It was only then that I noticed the most beautiful snowy landscape there.  I smiled at the sight of beautiful white powdery snow gently falling to the ground.  I smiled even more when I then noticed deer, rabbits, squirrels and other little animals playing in the snow.

The paths in this wintery landscape were lined with trees illuminated by the most amazing lights. It was truly breathtaking.  As I walked down one of the paths, I came upon a most unusual phenomenon, a phenomenon that you will never see on Earth.

The path that I was standing on now had a beautiful winter landscape on one side and a ‘just as beautiful’, but in a different way, spring landscape on the other side. I started to laugh with joy and stretched my arms out as wide as they could go.

This was so unique…I now had one hand in the winter landscape and one hand in the spring landscape. I had so much joy as I marveled at this beautiful sight.  My joy only escalated when I then noticed that these cute little animals were starting to gather around me.  I then heard someone clearing their throat behind me.  It was Jesus!

Jesus: Laughing.  “So, Erin, are you having fun standing ‘between the seasons’?”

I leapt into His arms and hugged Him with all of my might. He hugged me back.  I felt safer than at any time I have ever felt before and more so than I can even describe.  It was completely unlike anything on Earth, a place where danger always looms.  I laughed again when I noticed that all of the animals had now gathered around us.

Me: “Oh, please forgive me, Lord, for I had mistakenly thought that the animals had come over to greet me.  I now realize that they had actually come over to greet You as they saw You standing there with me.  Lord, why are there seasons here in Heaven?”

Jesus: “Well, Erin, each of the seasons are good, as are all things in My Garden.”

Me: “Oh Lord, all of this makes me so incredibly happy!  I just love the seasons!  Even so, I must admit that the end of fall and the coming of the winter cold can sometimes make me sad.”

Jesus: “Well, Erin, you never have to worry about Heavenly winters.  Now, step over here and touch the snow.”

We stepped into the wintery landscape together and I touched the snow. To my surprise, the snow was not at all uncomfortable to touch even though it was still cool.

Me: “Wow, Lord, there is no need for gloves here!”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Hmm…are you saying that ‘the gloves are off’ here?”

Me: “Are we now going to box each other ‘with the gloves off’?  Oh no, Lord, is this what You mean?  If so, I would really rather not.”

I was laughing as I said this, but I must admit that I was still a touch worried about the prospect.

Jesus: “Well, how about if you ‘box with Me’ with honesty instead?  Go ahead, Erin, be honest with Me.  Go ahead and give Me your best shot.  I can take it.”

The animals all quickly scattered as soon as He said this. Since He was smiling as He said this, I somehow knew that He had told them to do this, not out of fear, but to make me laugh.  Despite His best attempt to make me laugh, I started to do quite the opposite.  My lips quivered and tears began to stream down my cheeks.

Me: “Oh Lord, what can I say other than that I am so sorry?”

Jesus: “You are sorry?  Why, Erin?  Why are you sorry?”

I thought for a moment and was going to say something, but I suddenly got scared about what I wanted to say to Him. My fear then quickly turned into worry.  He nodded at me for me to continue and I took a deep breath.  I decided to continue.

Me: “When I was unable to do anything about our recent situation on my own, I started to beat myself up over it instead of immediately trusting that You would help me.  You would think that I would have learned by now, but I obviously have not.  Oh Father, I am so sorry for doing this yet again!”

Jesus: “Hmm…so, Erin, who am I to you?”

Me: “You are my every breath.  You are my best friend.  You have given me a friendship that simply cannot even be measured in any earthly terms.”

Jesus: He pretended to look hurt.  “Well, Erin, we must not be very close friends if you did not come to Me for help right away.”

Me: “You are right, Lord, and please forgive me for saying this, but I sometimes wonder if we really are ‘that close’.”

I gasped and was shocked at myself for saying this to Him. I immediately clamped up and looked down at my feet.  Jesus gently lifted my chin so that my eyes were looking directly into His.  He again nodded for me to continue.

Me: “Lord, I know that You know everything in advance, yet You did not even bother to share with me that this trouble was coming.  You allowed, and not just me but our entire household, to come into trouble when You knew that we could do nothing about it.  This first wave of trouble was then followed by an equally troubling sneaker wave.

“More waves then followed and the undertow then dragged me on the bottom of the ocean…at least for a while. I knew You could fix all of this supernaturally, perfectly and immediately, but You didn’t.  Because You allowed this, Lord, my body is still aching as a result.  Where were You while I was tumbling on the ocean floor?”

He was still smiling at me, but now with even more sympathy. To my surprise, He was not angry with me at all.  Instead, He took my chin and turned it to look at my cheek.  He then turned it again to look at the other cheek and then back at the first cheek.  He was pretending to inspect ‘the damage’ even though I knew that my cheeks are perfected here in Heaven.

Jesus: “Hmm, let Me see.  Yes, your cheeks do look a bit rosy.  They even look a touch sand blasted…well, down there on Earth anyway, right?”

Me: I was now smiling and laughing.  “Oh Lord, how could I ever truly be angry with You?  I may be upset with you at times, but even this makes me feel humbled later on by the guilt for ever feeling this way in the first place.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I simply just can’t seem to keep myself from doing this at times.  I am so sorry for doing this.”

Jesus: “Well, instead of us boxing with our gloves off, why don’t we wrestle instead?  So, Erin, are you ready to take Me on?”

Since He was smiling and laughing as He said this, I knew that He was good-naturedly kidding with me in order to make me laugh again. Well, guess what?  I instead started to cry…yes, once again.  Sigh…why do I do this?  Well, even though He knew I was, and am still, like this, He still allows me these visits.  Oh, how I love His grace, a grace that simply defies what we are capable of even understanding!

Me: “Oh Lord, I am truly unable to take anyone on in this condition and certainly not You!”

Jesus: “Erin, do you still not understand what I was doing when I allowed all of this to happen to you and your household?”

Me: “While I know that I should by now, I do not fully understand.  Well, actually, Lord, I really do not have much understanding at all.”

Jesus: “Oh Erin, thank you for your honesty.  I will now ask you a few questions to help you understand…

  • Was your family’s faith not strengthened by this?
  • Did I not use this to revive those in your house who were starting to fall asleep?
  • Did I not then use you as My arrow for those outside of your house?
  • Was there not soon an outpouring of love for you by your friends, friends that come for seed at the nest that I have provided for you?”

Me:  “Oh yes, Lord, yes to all of it!  You did all of this so perfectly, yet I am so quick to not see all that You have done for us.  Thank You!”

Jesus: “When I send help, do not then worry that you are a burden.  Erin, please do not question your worth again.  I call upon the hearts of those who are Mine and, yes, even those who are not.  While you worry about many things, Erin, remember that all of the sparrows are Mine.  Do I not care when even one has trouble?

“Erin, you give out seed every time you feel Me place this upon your heart to do so. Do you not know that it is Me Who places this desire in you?  When you then follow Me in doing this, does this not then bring joy both to those whom give and to those who receive?

“Erin, I tell you the truth…I give generously and will multiply that which was given a 1000 fold more. You give food to the animals that I send to your yard and seed to the sparrows that I send to your nest, the nest that I have given you.

“Now, Erin…” He smiled and gently nudged me.  “…do you remember what recently happened when you were sick for a few days and in too much pain to put food or seed out?”

Me: Smiling.  “Oh yes, Lord!  I heard a knock at our front door and Zoey came to the door with me and was barking.  When I turned the corner to look out the door, Zoey immediately stopped barking and I stood there motionless and in shock.

“We then watched in shock as a little grey squirrel knocked on the glass of the front door. He then pressed his nose against the glass and looked right at us.  After he repeated this a few times, the shock finally wore off of Zoey and she started barking again.  Only then did the squirrel run away.”

Jesus: “Yes, but then what did you do immediately after this had happened.”

Me: Laughing.  “I went outside and provided the little animals with an even bigger helping of food and seed than normal.  While I had been thinking that perhaps providing this food and seed did not truly matter that much anymore, this helped me to realize that it truly did matter.

“Perhaps due to the few days that had passed without me putting anything out for them, I then noticed that many, many more animals and birds than normal had come to eat. I really had no idea that so many were eating what I had been placing outside.”

Jesus: “So, Erin, what did this then do for you?”

Me: “The tears came yet again, but this time with joy.  Seeing all of these little animals have so much joy truly brightened my spirit.  I even took some beautiful photos of the ensuing feeding frenzy.  Oh Father, I get so much joy from watching Your Creation.  It even feels as if my heart enlarges like a tent when I see this happening!”

I took a break here, but came back a few days later…Jesus started off exactly where we had left off…

Received on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, for it is written ‘do not hold back’.  Give freely and you will have plenty poured back into your lap, a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, brimming over.  While one receives in the same measure as they give, I have promised even more for you.  Now, do you remember your dream of the dying dove and the dark water pool?”

Me: “Are You referring to the dream of the house made of glass that all could see into from not that long ago?”

Jesus: “Yes.”

Me: “In my dream, this dove had hit the window and was lying on the ground next to the pool dying.  While I immediately went to help her, someone called to me for assistance in a different area before I could reach her.  When I turned to look back at the dove, I could see a predator lurking in the distance.

“This predator was waiting for me to leave so it could devour the dove. By the time I got back to save the dove, this odd cross breed of a predator, a strange raccoon, fox and cat combination with light blue fur and black stripes, had dragged the dove into the dark pool.  This creature was now shredding the dove in the dark pool.”

Jesus: “So, Erin, do you now know what this dove represents?”

Me: “I think so, Lord.  I now believe that this dove represents my joy as my joy has been leaving me.  Oh Lord, I have felt so hopeless lately.  I cannot watch the news anymore as it grieves my heart too much.  I cannot listen to stories about the abuse of children or the elderly without my heart then skipping.

“Hearing about the torture of animals or all of the other horrible things are now just too much for me to bear anymore. Lord, I truly feel as if my heart will die if You do not soon restore it.  My heart is dying, Lord, and I need Your help.  Please, Lord, I am knocking.  Oh Father, please help me.”

Jesus: “None of this is a surprise to Me.  I created you, I know you and I call you friend.  I have put you away for now until I have strengthened and healed you.  Though the enemy desires your death and shame, he has not been granted this.

“Now, you have asked Me why I even allow trouble? In terms of your recent situation, I allowed this to happen to your heat and water to then show you that you are loved.  Erin, you needed to know that you are loved.  Trouble is also allowed because it serves many purposes…

  • It measures a ‘wicked man’
  • It keeps a ‘righteous man’ on the straight path
  • It refines the ‘faithful man’ and readies him for service
  • It calls on the army of God through the prayers and the cries of the ‘weak man’

“As for the ‘weak man’, this is you. You cried out in advance of the trouble in your Spirit, your tongue from the Holy Spirit.  You then activated an army of angels to assist you.  However, your household first needed some refining and this came through a lack of heat and water.  While hard on your children at first, this then benefitted them greatly.

“As for the ‘wicked man’, this is your main enemy, but also your many other enemies. In this case, the ‘wicked man’ had sought to cause your household never ending trouble and access.  Do not worry, Erin, as, in the end, and even before, the ‘wicked men’ will lose.

“As for the ‘righteous man’, this is your husband. While he could have easily engaged the ‘wicked man’ in his recent attempts to lure you onto his wide road that winds in circles and never ends, your husband instead kept his faith and hope in Me.  He pressed on with a straight and upright walk and thwarted your enemy by doing so.”

Me: “While there is a lot to discuss here, Lord, can we first back up to the part where You spoke about my prayer language?  Are You saying that the Holy Spirit that guides this already knew how to pray in advance of the trouble?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Of course, Erin, as it is Me that is in you and My Spirit called out in advance of your trouble.  You then just asked the following in your thoughts…‘In that case, why have you not healed us yet?’

“Well, let’s look to the pattern that I just spoke to you about. This perceived delay, which is never really a delay to My Father, is being used as a measure for those around you.  When the day I have promised you finally arrives, will everyone not be in awe of what I have done here from the beginning to the end?  Now rejoice, Erin, rejoice!”

Me: “I am trying to rejoice, Lord, but I am in such pain that this makes it hard.”  I smiled at Him.  “However, I wouldn’t mind if You could just help my face look as if it has joy even when I am hurting.”

Jesus: “Hmm, this is an unusual request.”

Me: I became embarrassed and looked down.  “Oh Father, You are right…this would not be truthful.  Never mind.  Please forgive me.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Do not worry, Erin, I forgive you.  Now, what if I instead pour out so many blessings that your face cannot help but smile even in spite of your pain?”

Me: Laughing.  “Okay!  Yes!  I am definitely willing to have You be God over me as I know that You will not harm me.  It is just hard for us to smile when we face trouble after trouble, even when we know it is being used as a measure.”

Jesus: “Erin, you are thinking of a particular trouble that recently came up that you are worrying over.  Do not worry as I will also deliver you from this trouble.  They will be unsuccessful in their pursuit of you as you have done nothing wrong.  You will not go to court even though they might try.

“Now, stand and state your case. They know the law and cannot now change the rules simply because they do not like the outcome.  Stand, Erin, as greater am I in you than he who is in the world.  Erin, one day soon, a thousand will flee at the threat of just one.”

Me: “Lord, as this is from Isaiah 30, is this not then a rebuking Scripture?”

Jesus: “Well, perhaps to some, but I am not rebuking you here.  I have sent you, now stand!  I am the God of Justice, Erin, and you are an arrow in My quiver.  Stand and do not worry.”

Me: “Thank You, Lord.  Oh yes, I had a dream last night that I want to ask You about…

Dream description begins…

I was in a gown of white and it was incredibly beautiful. I was on my way to a big event when I heard a knock on the door.  I opened the door and a woman was standing there.

Woman: “There has been a blackout at the event.  I am sad to say that it has now been canceled.”

Me: “Tell them that there is no need to cancel as the lights will be restored.”

Woman: “Based on these words, we will allow the event to go on.”

After the woman left, I turned to a box that had recently arrived that I had not yet opened. I had not even had a chance to look at it very closely.  When I picked up the box, I only then noticed that there was a label on it that said ‘5000 Lumens!’

As I knew that this was a measure of light, I became excited to see what was inside. I quickly opened the box.  My stomach dropped in disappointment when I then saw that the box was completely empty.

I began to cry as I had just finished telling this woman that the event could go on as it would have its power restored. I had told her this with full confidence and faith, but this empty box did not seem to match my desires for this to happen.

I started to search all around the house looking for some other lighting I could use. After looking absolutely everywhere, I realized that there were none to be found.  As soon as I sat down to pray and have a good cry while doing so, I heard Your Voice…

Jesus: “Go to the event.”

Me: “Must I go?  Will they not surely destroy me once I arrive?”

Jesus: “Why would they destroy someone bringing lights?”

Dream description over…

Me: “What did this dream mean?”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Hmm, I believe that this dream seems to interpret itself, don’t you?”

Me: “Well, I am still not sure about the ‘5000 Lumens’ part.  This would certainly be a well-lit event!”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but this light is in you and you will soon be like a generator of light.  These dreams and visions are to prepare those that I have called for My purposes.  This also prepares your hearts so that you are ready to generate ‘My Power’ during storms.  Look down…”

He pointed to the bottom of my garment and smiled. I looked down and was surprised to notice that an electrical cord had suddenly appeared.  The cord was running out from under my garment.

Jesus: Laughing.  “See, now all I have to do is just plug you in.”

I was laughing so hard that I nearly fell to the ground. As I was bent over in laughter looking at this cord, it just as quickly disappeared as it had appeared.

Me: “Okay, You are trying to make me laugh and You succeeded.”

My laughter eventually settled down and I looked over at Jesus with a huge smile on my face.

Jesus: Smiling.  “You are smiling again.  So is this all that I had to do?”

Me: “Oh thank You, Lord.  That electrical cord was just too funny!”

Jesus: “Erin, please do not allow discouragement to steal your joy.  I also know that there is even more on your mind right now.”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  I am not sure why You had me look at this, but the resulting thoughts are deeply troubling.  I am having a difficult time with it.  You have placed the 1917 to 1923 time period in history on my heart for some reason.

“When I then went to where You wanted me to research this, I discovered events that had occurred that are so troubling. There were events during this time that included the execution of Alexander and his family, trouble with Israel and several other things.

“I then had a dream that seemed to somehow relate to these events. I saw several angels with plumb lines measuring the lands and judgment orders going out.  This was 100 years ago.  I then saw the fall of Great Britain.  Lands were broken apart.”

Jesus: “I am the God of Justice and I know the times, past, present and future.  This was a very troubling time for the world.  Now, is there anything else that is weighing on you?”

Me: “Yes, Father.  A reoccurring pattern of Your judgment.”

Jesus: “Well, Erin, if you see a pattern unfolding, then you have only to put the events in light of today to measure the time.  Pray and then return to Me for illumination via My Words and the Holy Spirit.  If the pattern is reoccurring, then you will understand events as they unfold.  When you see the world turn against Israel, then you know the time.

“It is also like a woman in labor. She soon gives birth after the labor pains begin.  Now, I will send historians and those who love various harbingers.  You are to find joy…”  He smiled.  “…and even find some ‘lumens’.  I love you, Erin, and…”  He reached over and hugged me.  “…your pain will soon be turned to joy.”

Me: “Thank You, Lord.  I love You too!”  He smiled.

Dream over…


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