Dream 268 – Jesus and my dance of joy in Heaven

Received on Sunday, December 3, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for my family and friends. Thank You for the beautiful snow. Today is our very first snowfall of this winter season. While I put quite the banquet out for the little animals and birds earlier today, none have come yet.

Seeing the snow falling today reminds me of Your blessings. All the trees have lost their leaves now and it really is not the prettiest thing to look at in this state. The landscape around us is mostly brown right now, so Your ‘white painting of snow’ is welcomed.

The snow that is falling today is so beautiful to me as it reminds me that You take even our darkness and sin and cover us in Your ‘white blanket’ like a garment. You make us pure as snow again and only You are able to do so.

This also has made me remember so many sleepless nights of worry during my many past troubles. During these lonely times, I would stare out at the dark landscape of concrete and streetlights and wonder if You could even hear me. I had no peace back then and I truly felt completely alone most of the time.

I would eventually fall asleep only to then be woken up in the morning, either by my alarm clock or the voice of one of my children, whichever came first. I would then look outside and be delighted that the dark landscape I had just been looking at was now covered in fresh white snow, the light of the sun making it all shine so brightly.

Father, You cover us completely. Father, You are our complete cover, our Heavenly covering. Father, You make all things brand new. Thank You for Your blessings and for sending Your Son to save all of those that will listen to His sweet call.

Lord, You asked me a question earlier this week that I just did not know how to answer. When I realized that I had no good answer to Your question, I then decided to ask You a question instead of trying to answer with a ‘not-so-good’ answer.

Me: “Father, there has now been more than 22 years of trouble. Could You please set me free soon? Could You also please set my family and my friends free soon as well? I so long to see my sons freed as well!”

While I did not hear an immediate answer, I somehow just knew in my heart that His answer will soon be shown to me by His actions and not just in a verbal reply. Still, with everything good that comes, it also seems that something bad comes shortly thereafter.

Lately though, it seems that the bad is increasing at a faster and faster rate. If anything, we are still treated unfairly, so much so that sometimes this can even be a bit comical. The problem now is that I am weakening. While my love endurance for You is great, my love for the world is waning and living here is becoming more and more exhausting.

I even find that I am now looking for You in the people that we have to deal with daily. With the exception of the great friends that You have sent us here at the Nest, seeing You in others is now becoming harder with each passing day. The world is truly growing colder with each passing day.

Father, please speak into our dry bones soon. Please raise us up and breathe new life into us. Please speak to us and give us hope as so many of us are growing so very tired…well, now exhausted. While I know that patience is the hardest of the fruits, knowing this still does not make any of this waiting that much easier.

Father, I have felt guilty about something lately. It is that I once harshly judged, and in self-righteousness, the Israelites for complaining so much while they were wandering in the desert. I would wonder to myself, ‘How could they complain so much when they were able to clearly see that God was working miracle after miracle in front of them?’

Well, my judgment came to an abrupt halt when God suddenly turned a switch on in my heart and gave me a new perspective. I realized that I had not truly put myself in their position before. I finally did this for the first time and I was not happy with myself when I realized that I too have seen God’s miracles and yet I still complain.

I am ashamed to admit that I had unfairly put the Israelites on trial in this regard. By doing so, I then put myself in the spotlight of God’s judgment as we are judged as we judge others. I ‘shook my head’ at them, but now I ‘shake my head’ at myself. I realized that I must look at my own journey and not focus on what they did or didn’t do.

I passed the age of accountability around 40 years ago and I now realize that I have wrestled with God for so much of this time. While I gave my life to Jesus around 23 years ago, I also now realize that He then turned up the heat even more when I did so in order for me to then lose myself.

During most of this time, I have never been able to hide from trouble. It is hard to escape from trouble when trouble has become so good at finding me no matter where I hide. Well, if God is doing a work in us by allowing this trouble, how can we then hide from it when God truly knows and sees everything?

While I originally would not take ownership of the trouble that used to find me, I now realize that trouble often serves a greater purpose, whether we like it or not. Well, when it comes to trouble, who likes it? Certainly not me.

I also now realize that a lot of my trouble was actually of my own doing, especially when I moved ahead of Him instead of waiting. For the 17 years of my life leading up to becoming a Christian in the early 1990s, counting from age 13 and onward, I made too many mistakes to even list. I certainly had no idea that waiting on Him was even an option.

I was a lover of self, a worshipper of the world and, quite truthfully, enjoyed all kinds of sinful things. During those 17 years, I went my own way completely and got into terrible trouble as a result…and over and over again.

When I look back now, I truly realize that the gentle hand of God was protecting me even back then and even in my sin. I now realize that His gentle voice was also continuously calling out to me, yet I still did not want to have anything to do with Him.

When I later finally gave my heart fully to Jesus, I really did not understand what would then be required of me as a result. While so many believe that becoming a Christian means a one way ticket to easy street, that is simply un-Biblical and untrue.

Once I became a Christian, I became hated soon after. I was even hated much more than anything I had ever experienced prior to becoming a Christian. When I was hated, I just could not understand what I had done to bring this on.

This confused me as I was much more loving towards others than ever before. In reality, I truly did not know how to love before accepting God as God is love. I had not yet realized that I was hated for accepting Him and that this was because He was hated first.

I then spent the first seven or so years of my new walk believing that I was reflecting the love, or what I perceived to be the love, of Christ to those around me. I now realize just how far I still had to go to lose myself back then…

  • My tongue was still harsh and on so many different occasions
  • I was still judgmental
  • I believed in the ‘prosperity gospel’
  • I was only ‘kind to others’ if I knew that I would then receive some ‘quid pro quo’ from them in return

I mistakenly believed that these were Christian characteristics. I believed this as I had foolishly mimicked those around me who claimed that they did these things in the Name of Jesus. I had foolishly relied on others instead of the truth found only in His Word.

My ‘God hating’ mother (well, back then) even called me out on my behavior at one point. It was quite the eye opener to say the least.

My mother: “Based on what I know about you and your (then) husband’s family and how you are all acting, I really don’t want any part of this Jesus you serve. If this is truly reflecting an example of this ‘God of yours’, I would really prefer it if you never talked to me about God ever again.”

Ouch!! While this hurt me at the time, I then quickly rationalized that she just didn’t understand. Of course I now realize that she was right. While she was wrong to not serve Jesus, she was 100% correct about what a horrible example we were being.

It was not until I had a couple of incredible experience in the year 2000 that I started my 17 years of truly coming to Him. Once I had these experiences, I never ‘let up’ on Him. Even though I could not yet ‘speak in tongues’ and some had told me that God could not hear me as a result, I just knew that they were wrong and I persisted in my pursuit.

I then kept reminding Him of His promises in His Word. As just a couple of examples, I knew that something was wrong with my sons, so I recited His promises that applied to both of them. I also knew that my ‘then’ husband had ‘outside interests’ that were not healthy for our marriage, so I then did the same here.

I also knew that there was still something wrong with me as well. I instinctively knew that I still had a heart issue. I realized that I still could not love Jesus fully as I was still hating myself for so many of my past bad decisions that I had made prior to ‘truly’ coming to Him for help.

As a result of this, I felt unworthy and unqualified to even share the Gospel of Christ. I truly needed to replace the ‘gospel according to self’ so that I could share the Gospel of Christ. I realized I was asking ‘why me, God?’ when I should have been asking ‘why not me, God?’

In a nutshell, the events in year 2000, my ‘turning point year’, started off like this. I was depressed and I needed help. Back then, the church I attended was unable to offer me anything. While they still then offered ‘Words from the Lord’, I found them extremely difficult to truly receive as they were mostly quite condescending.

I still could not understand God’s love for me. I was not sure if I would ever be truly able to love Him as it seemed so many others were able to love Him. I did not know what a Godly Father was like as my earthly father was such a terrible example. I did not yet know what a Godly husband was like as my husband at that time could not have been a worse example.

The only love I truly knew was the love that I had for my sons (my daughter had not yet been born). Even then, I was always worried that God would ‘steal them from me’. Why wouldn’t I feel this way when I still viewed God as ‘The Punisher’, a God that was watching and waiting for us to screw up so that He could then pounce.

While I wallowed in self-pity for many weeks, I only then made a seemingly odd decision, at least for me and at that time. I decided to fast and pray and have absolutely no food or water for three days. I decided that nothing would pass into me through my mouth during these three days.

Well, this then turned out to be the very start of my ‘turning point year’ of 2000. In the very last hour, really in the very last minute, of this three day fast, a heavenly voice suddenly woke me up from my sleep…

Heavenly voice: “Erin, get up and drink.”

I looked at the time and realized it was the very last minute, 72 hours less a minute, from the beginning of my fast. I listened to the heavenly voice and got up and went downstairs. After I drank some water, I went to pray.

I went on my knees and started to pray. I then became disappointed as ‘nothing was happening’. I started to ponder whether I had forgotten something. Nope, yet ‘nothing was happening’. Since my Christian friends had ‘guaranteed’ me that I would get ‘results’ from a three day extreme fast, I would need to speak to them about this.

I decided to go and sit in my chair. I decided to plead one more time for the Lord to finally speak to me, but in a truly tangible way. To my absolute shock, I then received my very first vision, a three dimensional one at that. This vision then started to unfold before me in incredible clarity.

While I have spent more time describing this elsewhere in my dreams, the long and short of it was that I was told to ‘die to myself’ in this vision. I somehow then knew that I needed to knock down all of the strongholds around me first. There were so many to knock down that I spent my first seven months ‘knocking them down’.

This was a hard time for me as so many around me told me that this was ‘just my imagination’. They said that what I had experienced was a delusion and that it had merely been caused by my extreme fast.

I now realize that much of this was coming from a place of jealousy. However, I somehow also knew even back then that this was actually coming from the enemy. I then anticipated that the enemy would continue to hammer me to knock me off my end goal of ‘dying to myself’. I kept pressing on and the enemy indeed kept hammering me.

Despite this great hardship, and without even realizing that this request would then bring on even more hardship, I ‘formally’ asked God for a ‘heart of gold’. This was now in September of 2000. As Jesus would later tell me in these dreams, I truly had not known what I had asked for. He was right…of course!

Yes, I had just willingly walked straight into a ‘furnace of affliction’. It was only then that I endured my most severe tests, trials and, quite honestly, a searing pain that is hard to even quantify. Just when I thought the Lord was finished allowing ‘the heat of the furnace’, well, He then allowed the heat to be turned up even higher instead.

As a result of this, people soon started to fall away from me in droves. I was then alone and isolated. The enemy had me exactly where God wanted me to be. Yes, He truly does work ‘good’ through the ‘bad’ (and if anyone tells you differently, do not believe them).

Quite simply, what then happened to me and my children made almost everyone I knew run away from us even faster. Even those Christians that I thought I could trust to embrace us then ran away from us instead.

We were now outcasts. I was without hope. I had not heard from God again. I decided that I must have somehow angered Him. I then felt that God would no longer have any mercy on me and certainly had no love for me anymore.

I then started to believe my ‘friends’, just like Job had started to believe his ‘friends’, that I somehow deserved all of what had come upon me. I came against enemy after enemy after enemy. The attacks were so relentless that it bordered on the ridiculous.

Since I was now ill (from what I would later find out that my ex-husband had been doing to me in secret), I was no longer able to do anything on my own to fight. My physical heart was weakening. My brokenness was killing me. I could barely keep my head above water.

While I now realize that I still had the hand of God carrying me through these difficult times, I did not know it at the time as He had not said anything to me yet. Finally, and just as I was reaching my breaking point, I once again heard a voice. This time it was the Voice of God. He spoke right into my heart…

Voice of God: “Surrender!”

As I had no more strength, I had no choice but to then do just that. I really had no part of me left and my strength was gone. My ‘self’ had now died in the pain and the humility of all that I had just experienced. While the world had taken me out of contention, this was the way that the Lord had decided to put me back into contention.

Where I had once been the subject of jealousy because I had heard God speak to me, all of what had happened since then had now made me the subject of hushed whispers of condemnation. While I was put down in shame, the Lord then reminded me that there is no shame in being His and His alone.

After this, I truly only had one desire…to live for Christ and Christ alone. While I decided to continue to ‘physically live’ on Earth for my children, I was now ‘truly living’ only for Him and for His service. My children were merely seeds of His that were given to me by Him to grow. I now had to surrender them to Him fully.

I also had to learn to let go of my past mistakes. I had to realize that God had truly paid the price to set me free. I had to confess that it was me and me alone that was keeping myself in ‘this prison of my past mistakes’. I had to confess that I somehow had even become comfortable in prison, as horrible as this prison was.

Yes, I had now become accustomed to being a prisoner. I had adjusted to my surroundings and was now fully expecting to never be released from my cell. Only Jesus would be able to unlock my prison cell. I was only ready to finally be freed when He then commanded me to be free…

Jesus: “Stand up, Erin. You are free. Come with Me on the path that I will take you.”

I did not hesitate after I heard Him speak this. I was now finally ready to be set free from my prison cell. As I came out of my prison, I had to then often remind myself to not listen to the words I was hearing from the enemy. I could hear the enemy whispering…

Enemy: “Hey, wait, you don’t deserve this. What qualifies you for this? How can you ever be released? You should be guilty for life as your crimes are just too great? Are you not the very same person who thought you were so perfect before you then fell? Why would Jesus talk to someone like you at all? You are an imposter and a phony. You really need to come back into this prison. You will be more comfortable here. Erin, come back in here as this is where you truly belong, both now and forever.”

Thankfully, I then prayed to God about these horrible lies and asked God to help me be free once and for all. I then heard Him say to me, “Erin, I am with you and I will never leave you.”

Thank You, Father, as this is all that I needed to hear. With Your help, I drowned out these negative voices with Your love for me. While the enemy continues to whisper these lies to me even today, I know that You will keep me free and never leave me. As a result, the enemy has no power to put me back in ‘his’, not ‘my’, prison.

Oh Father, not once did You ever tell me that trouble would not find me. Instead, You reassured me that You would deliver me from this trouble whenever it found me. You then placed a desire in me to follow You with my whole heart.

Even though I know all of this is true, there are still days that I struggle with my direction and my circumstances, especially when I am in pain. I feel beaten up when the attacks still come. When my enemies still come after me, I again wonder why this is happening.

While You have explained that this sometimes comes as I am one of Your arrows and a measure, this is still not easy to take, especially at times. When I later look back at these ‘skirmishes’, I realize that they were amplified because I was wrestling with You.

I wrestled with You whenever I tried to take these on all by myself. I wrestled with You every time I did not surrender my direction and circumstances to You instead. I then found myself pleading for forgiveness for continuing to do this.

Sadly, I still do this even today…when the attacks come and I am in pain and weak, I still do this. I then come to You in anguish…

Me: “Oh Lord, I have been wrestling with You again. I am in pain. What are You requiring of me, Father? Please help me! Oh Father, if only I would have just kept my focus on You instead of focusing on the trouble calling to me. Please forgive me, Father!”

When I do this, You then help me to realize that You want me to ask You for help. You then want me to put Your Words and divine love into action by crying out to You…

Me: “Oh Father, what are You truly asking of me in these trials right now? What are these trials requesting of me? Is there any more that I can do? Please help me to understand the directions and actions You wish me to take.”

I have then noticed that, the more I let You work in me as a result, the more that others then see You at work in me. Yes, while many hate us already because they first hated You, You have also promised us that many more will soon be jealous of us because they will truly know that You are in us in a great way.

Though You promise us this, I still have to wonder what could ever make anyone jealous of me, especially in my current state. I truly see nothing for anyone to be jealous of as I am today. Especially for anyone who had seen my plight over the many years, why would they ever want to then follow in my footsteps?

I am sure that anyone who had known that the Israelites were still wandering in the desert 40 years later would have asked this same question. I suppose that I too have walked in my own desert for 40 or so years. However, I also know that I have not had to actually live as a nomad in the desert either.

Now, could you imagine waking up to the same bleak desert scenery every single day? Could you imagine eating the same food daily? Could you imagine not having a ‘stable home’, but a tent you had to pack up and move every day instead? Yes, though they saw the miracles of God daily, I believe that I can finally understand their perspective.

It must have been extremely discouraging, especially when this continued year after year without change. It would have even been horribly scary, at least at first, as you would also watch your generation die off. After all, remember that they were not allowed into the Promised Land due to the ‘bad reports’.

Oh Father, please forgive me for previously being so critical about the Israelite’s complaining in the desert. I am only now understanding where they were coming from. I am putting aside my judgment on their reactions. Judging them is truly something I should have never done in the first place, but I did, and I am so sorry, Father.

Here I am, sitting in my comfortable chair, and I still complain. I am sitting in comfortable conditions with heat and water (thank You again) and I still complain. While I do not complain about my surroundings, I still complain about the attacks that come from outside of my surroundings. Father, please forgive me for my complaining!

There are just so many Scriptures that come to mind as being applicable during these times in the desert, these times of trouble. There are so many Scriptures that tell us that, one day soon, God will wipe away every tear from our eyes and that Heaven will have no more death or sorrow, crying or pain. For example, Revelation 21:4.

As hard as this is to fully comprehend, we should be glad for our trials for it is then that we know that we are in partnership with Jesus (1 Peter 4:13). Even in our pain and suffering, we are not to deny that the Words of God still applies to us (Job 6:10).

From these Words, we can be assured that others are enduring the very same kind of trials as we are, some much worse. We are then not to feel alone in our suffering. While our trials still sting, we learn and then know that we have not been ‘singled out for punishment’. This is one of His ways of ‘sculpting us’ and who are we to question Him.

We also receive assurance that the God of all Grace will only allow this to continue for so long. In just a while, which can seem an eternity to us yet just a little while to Him, He will call for us. Yes, He who has called us to His eternal glory in Christ will Himself restore, confirm, establish and strengthen us (1 Peter 5:9-10).

Oh Father, though we have lost so much by the enemy’s hands, we are now ready to be restored. Though we sometimes still wonder if we have lost Your favor, we are now ready to have You confirm that we have not and never did (as I have finally realized after all of these years…smiles).

Though we have lost our earthly desires thanks, yes…thanks, to Your trials and tests, we are now ready to be reestablished in what You have in store for us, both here on Earth as it is in Heaven. Though the enemy has stolen our youth and our health, we are now ready to have You heal and strengthen us.

Father, thank You for all that You have done, and for all that You will soon do, for us! Thank You for being our Heavenly Father, a Father like no earthly father can possibly compare to. Thank You for being our Physician and our Counselor. Thank You, most of all, for Your precious Son, without whom we could never stand before Your Throne.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was so joyful to be in Heaven today in my ‘pain-free’ glorified state that I immediately started to skip, dance and laugh with happiness. The path I was ‘dancing on’ was as beautiful as ever and was lined with trees with shimmering silver trunks.

The trees made an amazing canopy of pink blossoms and the entire path was completely covered in petals. I suddenly laughed in delight as I just realized that this scene matched the cover of a calendar I had just purchased, but with the Heavenly perfected version in comparison to the still beautiful earthly version.

I looked down at what I was wearing. It was a beautiful gown of white. This gown was similar to one that I had worn here before, but I had not worn a gown quite like this since the time that these dreams first began.

I wanted to now dance with complete abandon, but I first looked around to make sure that neither the Lord nor any angels were watching me. When I did not see anyone, I went into the very middle of the path and danced like I have never danced before.

To my amazement, I started to turn in perfect pirouettes, better than any I could ever do even when I was at my best while in ballet. Oh, how I miss ballet! As I turned in perfect circles, tears of joy fell down my cheeks as I noticed that even the blossoms were now dancing in sync with me.

I looked up at the sky as I continued my ballet moves, each so perfected that I just knew that I could never do this on Earth even when I was in my very best shape. I looked up at the sky through an opening in the tree canopy and the sky was a vibrant bright blue.

My dancing suddenly came to a quick halt when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I instantly felt embarrassed as I had been dancing with all of my heart and thought I would have looked quite silly doing so.

When I turned and saw that it was Jesus that had tapped on my shoulder, my embarrassment somehow completely disappeared instantly. He had a huge smile on His face. I jumped up into His arms to hug Him.

Me: “I am so glad to see You, Lord!”

Jesus: “I am glad to see you too, especially while you were ‘dancing as if no one was watching you’.” He laughed.

Me: “Oh, me too, Lord! More than anything, me too! You know what? I have not thanked You nearly enough for all that You have done for me, Lord. You have blessed me with Your presence and I love You so much. While I do not truly understand this, I even feel as if my heart and my love has even grown larger and bigger as a result…”

Jesus: Smiling. “Please, Erin, continue.”

Me: I looked down at my feet and sighed. “…but I also find that my pain sometimes then shrinks my joy and ‘growth’ as well. Oh Father, I am so sorry for doing this.”

Jesus: “Well, let’s focus on your joy and growth today. Did your friends not recently show you just how much I care about you? I called and many answered. Erin, you needed to know that you are loved. So, how does it feel?”

Me: “Wonderful! I just never, ever want this to ever end!”

Jesus: Laughing. “Well, I can assure you that this will never end once you are here with Me.”

Me: “Lord, You recently told me that my vessel is ready. While my vessel could even still be waiting and drying on a shelf as we speak, I really pray that now is the time for Your use. Oh Lord, please use me soon! Please don’t forget me on a shelf!”

Jesus: “Oh Erin, how could I forget the girl…

  • …who left the blue stains on My front steps?
  • …who kicked up a tornado of petals here in My Garden?
  • …who delights Me and makes Me laugh?
  • …who somehow even makes My ‘most serious’ angels smile?
  • …who showed up before Elijah in designer pajamas?
  • …who made Enoch want to bless her?
  • …who, as a little toddler, ran into My arms and cried out ‘again, again’?
  • …who, as a young child, clung to Me so that she could smell My garment and hug My neck?
  • …who, as someone braver than she even knows, continued to climb the ladder in the midst of a great battle just so that she could see Me in Heaven?
  • …who took the sword and fought the dragon even as he was spewing such terrible lies about her?
  • …who still has wide-eyed wonder for Me and My Father even in the midst of battles, pain and suffering?
  • …who made My Father on the Throne rumble with laughter and joy?

“So, Erin, if Heaven is for you and I am in you, and both are true, then, Erin, whom should you fear? Who is it that should scare you? Since I have promised you that I will do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told, then do not fear or be scared of anyone or anything.

“Since you delight in Me, I, in turn, will give you the desires of your heart. You, in turn, will give so many joy and hope. Even though you will provide this to so many, you will still cause many others to be jealous of you because of Me. Erin, and as I have promised you before, I have not taken you this far just for you to be broken, tired, weak or discouraged. Your worry has aged you.

“Even though I understand why you have been worried, you should always remember that you have only to come to Me when you do so. Erin, do not forget that you had even wielded the sword of truth in order to stop the dragon’s lies. This is finished. Now, what do you remember from your dream last night?”

Me: “Oh yes…this was a very unusual dream…

Dream description begins…

I was a young girl living in Europe during the 1940s. It was winter and everything was frozen. I lived in an area that had high mountains surrounding us. I was walking home after school with a young boy. He was either a friend or perhaps even my brother.

We were in the process of crossing over a narrow one lane bridge when a bus suddenly appeared. It was heading straight at us. The driver looked right at us with hate and we were surely about to be killed. We squeezed as close as we could to the rail. As the ravine was hundreds of feet below, jumping over the side was not an option.

Me: Screaming out. “Jesus, please help us! Please don’t let us be killed like this!”

As soon as I screamed this, and at the very last second, the bus veered to the other side of the bridge. I could hear the bus scraping the other side’s rail. We only had inches between us and the bus. As the bridge was very icy, we had to hold onto this side’s rail to keep from sliding under the bus as it passed us.

As the bus went by, I saw a woman looking out at us from one of the windows. I recognized her from the school I somehow knew that I could no longer attend. She was yelling such hateful things at us. I could then hear the bus driver laughing. He then screamed something out about us in a language that I could not understand.

I simply could not understand why this bus driver or this woman hated us so much. It was only then that I noticed what I had on my sleeve. My friend or brother and I were both wearing armbands with the Star of David on it. We were marked as Jews.

Dream description over…

Jesus: “So, Erin, what concerned you in this dream?”

Me: “Everything concerned me, but I was particularly disturbed at the hate I could literally feel that was coming from the driver and this woman. It was a coldness that I simply could not understand or even measure. It left a chill running down my spine and even now as I speak about it.”

Jesus: “Since the bridge was narrow and icy, the bus driver could have easily killed you had I allowed this. In reality, if not for Me, he would not have veered to the right at all. At My call, the bus instead moved over just enough for you to squeeze between it and the rail. By doing this, I freed you from certain death.”

Me: “Why did You give me such a terrifying dream?”

Jesus: “To show you that, even though they wanted your death and you should have been killed, you were spared from death as you were even protected in your dream state. I wanted to show you that, even in your dream state, I will protect you…”

As He said this, He smiled, laughed and good-naturedly nudged me. I could not help but laugh in return. Sigh…only Jesus could make me smile when using such a ‘tense example’. He truly knows the very best way to teach us, even if it is ‘unconventional’!

Me: “Thank You, Lord! So, what would have happened otherwise?”

Jesus: “The conditions in this dream during this place and time in history were brutal and the hearts of people were cold. Without My intervention, they would not have veered at all. They would have never risked themselves or their bus by veering to the right to spare you. They would have instead plowed right into you without even a second thought.

“As you noticed from your armbands, you and the young boy were both Jewish in this dream. This is why this dream seemed so unusual at first since you had not yet noticed your armbands. However, what was even rarer was that, in this dream, you were a Jewish child that knew to call out to Me. A Christian Jew was extremely rare back then.”

Me: “While I now kind of understand why You gave me such an unusual dream, I must admit that I still do not fully understand.”

Jesus: “This dream was meant to startle you as you have been conditioned to expect the worst and hope for the best. This is a learned coping mechanism from your upbringing. This dream was meant to show you that, with Me, you should instead pray for the best and fully put your hopes in Me. This dream was meant to show you that I will not let you fall, even in the iciest conditions.

“Erin, the world is growing colder every day. People’s hearts are growing colder every day. It will not be much longer before this coldness matches and even surpasses that which you saw in this dream. In ways, it already has.

“This is why I am soon to strengthen you. Do not worry, Erin, as I will not leave your vessel on the shelf much longer. After spending so much time ‘handcrafting’ you, why would I do such a thing?”

Dream over…

Please note that I took a break here for the day and was planning to finish this in the next day or so. However, God had different plans for me…one that I certainly never saw coming…but He did.

To be more specific, I soon found out that my earthly father had suddenly passed away. Understandably, I have been quite occupied by this ever since. While I am sure that this dream will ‘be continued soon’, for now, we will have to wait a bit longer.


Dear Nest family,

Please pray for Erin as her father passed away earlier this week (Tuesday, December 5th, 2017). While she has not been close with him in recent years as he chose to keep her out of his life, the hope of this ever changing died when he did.

While her Heavenly Father has been all she has ever needed, there is still a soft spot in everyone that wants to also be loved by their earthly parents too, but unconditionally. How rare this is today as people’s hearts grow colder.

Please pray for Erin to have wisdom in dealing with the aftermath.

Please pray for Erin to have peace as now both her parents are now gone.

Please pray for both Erin and her brother that God quickly fills any void that may result, foreseen or unforeseen.

Please pray for God’s grace to flood all those who come together in this time of grieving.

Thank you, one and all here, for being our home away from home! Thank you for all of your love and support.

Blessings to all of you!


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