Dream 269 – Going into Battle with Jesus and the Eight Bells

Received on Monday, December 11, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here! Thank You for my family and friends. I am truly blessed. Father, each time I write about something ‘dark’, I then soon find out about something that has happened that is ‘even darker’.

Loss is such a hollow feeling. It leaves a void that only You can fill. While I had hoped that I would witness to my dad someday here on Earth, You had other plans. Over the years, I have learned through my tests and trials not to ask ‘why me, God?’ and instead ask ‘why not me, God?’ The death of my earthly father is another one of these times.

You are constantly at work in our lives. Even though I might not always ‘agree’ with Your timing, I have come to realize that everything is for Your glory and ‘our timing’ will only happen at Your appointed time.

My dad passed away on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017. It seemed that his death was a very sad commentary on ‘unrealized potential, broken dreams and vacant hope’. While my dad knew how to be liked by anyone that he needed something from, he would then ‘switch off’ and become as cold as ice when they later became ‘no longer of use’ to him.

I had learned all too well about this survival mechanism that he used in my dealings with this man, my earthly father. In the end, it just left those around him hurt and searching for answers. It left us constantly searching for some signs of life and of love from him.

When I later contacted his widow after he died, the answers I was given by her about his death just seemed to raise even more questions. However, I did not feel a call from You to pursue answers so I dropped it and kept any further queries to myself. Since his life was a mystery to us, it makes sense that his death would be a mystery to us as well.

In summary, the details that I do know about the circumstances revolving around his death points directly to a divine justice that only You could have orchestrated. While I know that all of this is fully known to You, it is still a bitter pill for me to swallow.

Oh Father, please grant me peace here. I really had no words when I first found out about his passing. It affected me deeply and much more so than I could have ever imagined. While I did not feel nearly the same level of grief as when I lost my mom two years ago, it still hurt, even with the distance and lack of contact over the years.

For two whole days, I was basically on ‘autopilot’. By the third day, the numbness then turned into a deep sadness. When I later wanted to come and speak with You in my devotional chair on this, life seemed to ‘get in the way’ and I was unable to. In Your divine mercy, You instead spoke to me while I continued with my ‘day-to-day’.

Jesus: “Remember, Erin, when one door closes, several doors open.”

While I know this to be true, I was still too numb with grief to really allow this to sink in. I just did not want to walk through any open doors at that particular moment. For those couple of days at least, I would say that I even felt ‘frozen in place’.

Jesus: “Erin, it was his time to go.”

While I know that Your timing is always perfect, it is still my hope that You had called out to him when he was still alive and in a coma. While I do not know what You have in store for him now, I do know that You meet us where we are and that Your love never fails. Even though he had abandoned us, I still pray that You will have mercy on him.

After his death, I started researching some of our family’s history. As I did, I soon came across some information about the disturbing treatment of the Osage Indians. This was allowed by the US government for many years. This had occurred in the early 1900s and involved many murders, but, in reality, it was a systematic genocide of a people.

In summary, the Osage Indians were given a piece of land that no one else had wanted to appease them. For some reason, the chief had the foresight to include a clause that gave ‘his people’ mineral rights for whatever was under the ground.

However, everything changed when massive amounts of oil was discovered on this land and this clause came to the forefront. While this gave these people great wealth at first, it would soon come at a severe price.

By the 1920s, hundreds upon hundreds of Osage Indians were mysteriously murdered and hundreds of millions of dollars of their wealth were stolen. It was an incredibly sad story. It even helped to spawn the FBI into what it is today. It was also fundamental in facilitating the rise of J. Edgar Hoover at the helm of the FBI.

This deception as allowed, if not even encouraged, by certain branches of the US government towards the Osage Indians is a horrible stain beyond comprehension. Donald Trump recently said it best when commenting on the leader of Russia…‘Trust me…we are not that innocent ourselves’. Well, this definitely fits into this category.

I even believe that the unfair treatment of the Osage has been used by God as yet another measure of the USA. While restitution was eventually made, this was at just a small fraction of what they were truly owed.

How can the many lives that were lost be brought back? Truly, only God Himself will be able to bring justice to this situation. I simply cannot help but feel that this is a bigger measure of the USA by God than one would think, but this is just my personal thoughts.

Anyway, I had quite an interesting dream two nights ago…

Dream 1 description begins…“Gifts upon departure”…

It was time for my family and me to finally leave a certain area that we had been staying at. While we were not particularly close to any friends or family there, we had still wanted to give gifts to those people that had been kind to us during our time there. We went shopping and bought items that we felt would mean something to each of them.

We then took the time to write individualized notes to include with each of these gifts. Each time we gave out one of these gifts, we asked the recipient to please wait until after we had left the area before they opened their gift. For some reason, it was important that they did not open any of these gifts until after we had left the area.

When we had finally finished giving out the very last of the gifts, it was time for us to say goodbye to the area, an area that we had spent so much time in. While all of us were a bit sad as we drove away, we were also really excited about where we were going.

Dream 1 description over…

I then had another dream last night that brought me to my knees this morning. This dream was simply incredible! You called me to write this dream down as well…

Dream 2 description begins…“Going into Battle with Jesus and the Eight Bells”…

I was in complete darkness when I heard the sound of a mighty bell ring out eight times. At the last striking of the bell, a light suddenly shined on us from above. This light lit up our entire surroundings. To my surprise, a vast army was there with me. They were all around me. I was one of many and was several rows back from the front row.

Now that I was in ‘The Light’, I noticed that all of us were geared up for battle…

  • We were dressed in the most incredible white armor
  • Each of us were mounted on horses with wings
  • We were all strong and fit…for women, comparable to Wonder Woman and, for men, comparable to Thor, but with better physiques than even this… beyond compare, really
  • We were not soldiers or ground troops, but more like an army of warriors
  • We each had a specific place that God had assigned for us, along with a special ‘custom fit’ plan

There were also thousands…no, millions…of angels surrounding us. As I looked around, I noticed that our three sons and our two daughters were also there with us. All of us were so excited and were waiting for the command of God.

While there were thousands of us that made up this vast army, it was only then that I noticed the most exciting part. There was Jesus!  He was in the very front and facing towards us. I have never seen Jesus look quite like this before!

I have goosebumps as I write this as He truly looked like the most incredible commander in history, but multiplied a million fold and in a way that I cannot even put into words. He looked so strong in His full armor that, even on His own, He would look undefeatable to even the most massive army of the strongest of enemies.

He held a scepter in His hand and sat confidently on His beautiful white horse. He looked over us with purpose in His eyes. A regiment of His mightiest archangels flanked Him on both sides. While He shined like the sun, we were still able to behold His magnificence. Tears of joy started to form as I looked upon this amazing sight.

I heard a command being shouted and then the sound of a thousand bells all seemed to ring at once and in perfect unison. As the ringing echoed and disappeared, it was replaced with a rising and great battle song from a Heavenly choir. All of this was accompanied by the most inspirational music I have ever heard.

Jesus started to shout out orders towards us. Braveheart seemed like a girl scout in comparison…smiles. The incredible authority in His Voice simply cannot be measured. Despite this, it was somehow not at all frightening to us, but was incredibly comforting instead to know that we had the ultimate High Commander, One that can never fail.

Jesus: Loudly. “You will now go forward with Me and I will be in Your lead at all times. You are not to engage the demonic realm that will soon part in front of you. You are to leave any such engagement with the demonic realms to My army of angels.

“I will lead you through the darkness and you will heal the sick, give hope to the weary and strength to the powerless. You will scale a wall and leap over objects that would have been impossible for you to leap over before now. While I call each of you ‘My friend’, each of you will now be ‘My warrior’.

“Do not be afraid of fire or billowing smoke. Do not be afraid of the Earth shaking or the ground splitting. You have now been strengthened from on high. You have been prepared for a time such as this.”

An angel then directed us to look behind Jesus. Up until this point, His presence had made it so that we had not even noticed the danger that was lurking behind Him. In the black smoke and fire there, we could see regiments of demonic beings standing like a wall. Their sole purpose was to keep us from going where God had called each of us to go.

I was now filled with a strength that I simply cannot even begin to describe. When I bent over to pat the beautiful horse I was on, I then realized that each horse and rider somehow already knew each other as if they had known each other for a lifetime. Each pair formed a perfect team. I knew my horse and my horse knew me. Wow!

As I patted my horse, I realized that it would have been the very best of breeds and highly valued on Earth. Each of the horses we were riding on were like this. Our horses wore shining armor that matched our own. The horses had coats like silk and all had manes braided so intricately it could only have been braided supernaturally.

Jesus: Loudly. “Now, you are not to be afraid as I am with each of you. I will go before you in all that you do. I will now remove all that is before you with a single shout.”

Just then, I heard the most awe inspiring battle cry that I have ever heard. This cry was an untold multiple in awe of any battle cry produced in even the most epic of movies. Father God Himself was shouting out like thunder from Heaven. The black smoke, fire and demons instantly split into two and a huge path formed right through the middle.

I then watched as the angels formed an impenetrable line on both sides of the path in order to hold back any of the demons that dared to attack us. Jesus then signaled for us to follow Him up through the middle of the dark clouds that were on both sides of us.

As we proceeded through this battle scape, each of us following Jesus’ lead, I once again heard God’s Voice shout out. In an instant, each of us were taken to where He wanted us to be. Each of us would soon know what we had been made for. God Himself had taken care of each and every detail. He had a special plan for each of us.

Dream 2 description over…

Oh Father, thank You! This dream cut me to my core, but in the very best of ways. This dream gave me so much hope that I cannot even quantify it, certainly not here on Earth. Oh thank You, Father, thank You!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I found myself in a meadow filled with beautiful horses, each more stunning than even the very finest of horses on Earth. They were playing and took turns running after each other. Though this is hard to explain, while they were not wild, they were completely free. They were more than happy to simply serve God and love Him.

While I was even smaller in stature compared to these magnificent horses than I would have been on Earth, it still felt absolutely normal. These horses were so beautiful. As I stood there admiring them, one of these amazing horses came over to me. To my surprise, the horse then bent down. I somehow knew that I was to get on for a ride.

I laughed with joy as I eagerly jumped on. He ran over to a hilly area and then proceeded to the top of one of the hills. Once at the top, I could then see down upon this beautiful valley of horses. While some had necklaces of flowers around them and others had different adornments, each of them were equally beautiful.

As I sat on this perfectly muscled and groomed horse, I could not help but stand amazed at God’s immense power, love and grace. Though these were such beautiful horses, I soon became in awe at the very thought of this being just the tiniest fraction of what He has created. I prayed to Him with tears of absolute joy.

Me: Crying out with…well, pure glee. “Oh Father, thank You for bringing me here. Thank You, Lord, for this promise of Heaven!”

I leaned over and hugged the neck of the horse. Just then, I heard the familiar sound of the Lord’s good natured laughter. I turned and there was Jesus sitting on His own horse.

Jesus: Smiling. “Well, Erin, you are very welcome.”

When He brought His horse next to mine, the two horses greeted each other with their noses.

Jesus: Laughing. “So, Erin, I see that these horses delight you.”

Me: “Oh yes, Lord. I had been so sad when I heard of the horses that were burned up in California. It has been so difficult for me to hear these news reports. It was even more difficult to then hear the stories of the trainers who loved these horses. Many of the horses that had died were their very favorites and were very much loved.

“These horses had trusted their trainers to such an extent that they had even decided to stay in their stalls thinking that they would be kept safe by them there. These horses had decided to stay in their stalls instead of running to avoid the coming fires. It was a fatal decision!”

Jesus: “Oh Erin, if I care about even the smallest sparrow that falls, do I not also care for the horses that fell? Look around you. They are free. There are no flames, no cruel hand of man and no worry of age. Here, they are young, strong and joyful. I know each one of their stories and their journeys. Erin, I know each one of these horses.”

Me: I began to cry again. “Oh Lord, thank You! I am so glad that animals are alive here in Heaven. So many preachers have preached that animals have no soul and therefore have no place in Heaven.”

Jesus: “Hmm…and where is that written? This was never written in My Word. This is an enemy tactic used to further remove the glory of God as contained in His promise of Heaven being paradise.

“Do I not care about My horse? Did God not create this horse? She is a friend to Me and follows Me closer than most of those on Earth who claim to know Me. When you are feeling down, who then sends your animals to console you and ‘lick your wounds’? Is it the father of lies that does this for you? No!

“Those who preach that these animals are purely there for their purposes so that they can then treat them as abusively as they choose are doing so to try to remove their guilt. It is just too condemning a thought for a wicked man that abuses his animals to believe that these animals that he abuses in secret could even be a type of order of angelic hosts created by God as a measure for them.

“They will then argue that, because it is not clearly stated in My Word, they can do to these animals as they please. Well, won’t they be surprised to find out that these animals have also been used as a measure for these wicked men?

“What about the wicked Balaam. He was so busy beating his donkey that he was unable to see the angel who was sent. After beating his donkey for a third time, the donkey was given the ability to speak.

“You should always be careful about those who do not reflect the character of the living God. This is a warning to those who bend their ear to evil. How many children or elderly have been upset with God because their beloved companions with fur or feathers had passed and then they received this false preaching?

“The enemy is then quick to rush in to ‘comfort them’ by telling them, “Oh, I am so sorry about your animal. I am sorry that your animal is not important to God and has no soul. Just remember…‘once dead, always dead’.” Erin, this does not reflect the character of My Father or Me, but only suits the enemy’s purposes instead.”

Me: “Is this the same type of people that preach ‘once saved, always saved’ and then go on to use this as their reasoning to behave in the most wicked of ways without fear of consequence or any regard for what their behavior will do to others?”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin. It seems that these people would rather take excerpts from My Word out of context in order to use this to exalt themselves above others. These same people then purposely ignore the many places in My Word that speaks about loving God with all of their heart, soul and mind and loving their neighbors as they love themselves.

“As with so many things, this too is a gauge and a measure. While these people twist My Words for their own gain, they never fool God, just themselves. All is seen, all is measured and nothing is forgotten by My Father Who sits in His Courts. Now, Erin, let us speak about your dream from last night.”

Me: “Yes, Lord! I am just so excited about all that I had been shown! This felt so real and was so encouraging. It is just hard for me to imagine that I could ever be like that, especially as I am feeling today. As You know, Father, I just lost my earthly father and I have not been doing well these last few days as a result. I do not like ‘the world’ much anymore and I am really struggling with all of this.”

Jesus: “Erin, you continued to chase after Me.” He smiled and nudged me. “You even pursued Me until I caught you. Just remember that it was Me who had called you to begin with.

“Now, I know the origins of each person. Each one! I have seen all of the injustices against the innocent and all that the wicked believe has been done in secret. Take comfort in knowing that the One Who rules over the Earth is greater than the evil that is upon the Earth. As it is also written…greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world.

“Now, your time is coming to a close where you currently are. I have called you and your household to greater service. You have fought many battles and, through each one, and although you are now weary, you still put all of your hopes in Me. Erin, you had picked up your old Bible earlier today.”

Me: “Yes, Lord. This particular Bible is usually a very difficult one for me to pick up. It is worn, the pages are tattered, passages are marked with lines and I wrote so many dates in the margins there, dates of times filled with pain. I had purchased this Bible back in 2004 and it has been my companion ever since.

“You have spoken to me through the pages of this Bible. I have been so blessed by Your Words contained within. When I was on my knees this morning, I opened this Bible to 2 Samuel 22. I then noticed that I had underlined 51 verses. I remember reciting each of the underlined verses to You.

“I had also written 22 separate dates there, each written as separate markers. It is a song of praise from David, but, to me, it is more of a battle cry. Oh Father, to me, this is a warrior’s battle cry! It even gave me strength when I had wanted to die.

“I remember wanting so much to be just like King David. I wanted to have the same love that he has for You. He even danced before You, Lord. He danced before You and was never ashamed to do so. Oh, how I wanted a love for You like his!”

Jesus: “Well, Erin, I want you to read this again. This is a battle decree. These are directives of that which will be. You are My witnesses to the Kingdom of Heaven. While you are not one of ‘the’ Two Witnesses in Jerusalem, you will still go wherever I send you. You will also ride a horse.” He then smiled and gently nudged me. “As you know, I recently acquired some beautiful horses from California.”

I knew that He was specifically talking about the horses that had recently died in the California fires. He was comforting me again. As soon as He finished saying this, I immediately heard all of the horses in the valley making sounds as similar as horses can make to cheering for Jesus. I could not help but laugh as they were all bowing down to Him now. How great is our God!

Me: Smiling. “Will we be riding on horses from now on instead of other forms of transportation?” He knew I was kidding.

Jesus: Laughing. “Well, I never said that you will only ride everywhere on horseback, right?” I then laughed. “However, what I do say is that you will come just like a vast army from the Gates of Heaven…and in whatever form of transportation I deem appropriate for the occasion.” We both laughed.

“Now, so far, you have had many more losses in this life than you have had gains. However, I tell you the truth…I will restore all that the enemy has stolen. What was lost will be found. You will go where I send you in My Name. You will display awesome abilities as I will be with you. Now, Erin, rejoice! All of you who truly love Me, rejoice, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.

“Oh yes…I recently sent some ‘blue snow’ to you again. This was your first ‘real’ snowfall of the winter season. I had sent this to you to remind you that, although you are discouraged, do not be. I am with you and I will go before you into your battles. However, I am also right beside you and I take up your rearguard. I am also in you.”

Me: Smiling. “Thank You, Lord, but are You above me too?”

Jesus: Laughing. “Yes, Erin, of course! Now, rejoice and take comfort.” He smiled with such love and looked into my eyes. My heart leaped with joy! “Prepare, Erin! Now is the time to prepare! I call you ‘friend’!”

He reached over and hugged me. I hugged Him back and never wanted to let Him go …as per usual.

Dream over…


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