Dream 301 – God and the times will grow darker and darker

Received on Friday, September 14, 2018


Dear Father,

Thank You for the ability to wake up!  Thank You for another day.  Thank You for the promises, Your promises, that we cling to in the midst of everything.  We have been struggling this week.  Since our entire household is on the brink of change, we are all unsettled and uncertain.  While we are ready, hope is beginning to fade.

Please forgive us, Father, but we only have a few months provisions to sustain us.  We are fully relying on You to open that door we can walk through.  As of yesterday, I have been without solid food now for 40 days.  I felt in my heart that this was symbolic of me as a toddler in the adventure of Your calling soon to come.

I feel as if I am now finishing my race of this portion of my journey and that I am now moving into the next portion, a supernatural phase.  During this 40-day period, I became very sick if I veered at all off of the foods I could take in.  At times, I was unstable, dizzy and I was frequently tired…well, at least in the beginning.

I just could not stomach anything that I was used to eating and the sickness eventually made it so I lost all desire and cravings for these things.  Two other things that are odd has also happened during these 40 days.  First off, I constantly had a bitter taste in my mouth.  Secondly, I smelled things that no one else was smelling.  This was an odd burning smell, something similar to burnt toast, rubber or metals.

Counteracting these harsh smells were the smells of fragrances, such as strong flowers or spices.  Again, nothing was present and only I could smell these.  I have also experienced heightened periods of agitation, pain, muscle tightness and even twitching.  I had already experienced this last part prior to the start of these 40 days.

I have also become more emotional.  I now get very sad over the loss of children or the elderly in the news.  I have also become quite attached to some of the small animals in our yard.  I recently wept over the loss of a small red squirrel I called “Patches”.

Patches used to seek me out several times a day.  Patches was pregnant and/or nursing babies and I had grown quite fond of her.  Patches came whenever I called her name.  She ate out of my hands.  Then…one day…she was gone.  I called for her for an entire week, but nothing.  I believe she became prey for something larger.

Even writing about Patches brings back my tears.  Thankfully, there are three little red squirrels who began to come around shortly after Patches disappeared.  I would like to think that these were her babies.  Two of the three will now even eat from my hand.

This last year has been one of my most brutal on record.  Father, please have compassion on me as I am still stunned by all of it.  It has been difficult to stomach and, as I write, the taste in my mouth is like syrup of Ipecac.  While I do not recall how I know what this tastes like, I have had it and it is horrible.  I believe it might have been when I was a little girl and I had used some inappropriate language around my grandma.

I had a very vivid and horrible nightmare last night.  In this dream, I had purchased a property from an ex-client that had turned into an enemy.  As background, I had done quite a bit of work for her for no charge.  I had even referred her husband for the job he currently has as an executive.  I had made the calls and wrote a letter of recommendation on his behalf.  Why they turned, I still do not understand until this day.

Father, I was so thankful when You woke me up from this.  In this dream, I had ‘superhero’ abilities.  The Holy Spirit was upon me.  At one point, while there were several hundred people around me, only four or five at the most were saved.  It was so frustrating…

Sub-dream 1 begins…

I had purchased a large, distressed property from the ex-client couple I described above.  I decided that my first project would be to remodel the kitchen.  For no good reason, I then phoned the husband to install the new electrical lighting.  Instead of waiting for me to show him where I wanted the lighting to go, the couple had used an extra set of keys I knew nothing about to come in and install it where they wanted it.

When I arrived, I could see that the man had installed the wrong light in the wrong spot.  I then noticed he had left an invoice for his work for me.  I had someone change all the locks so that their keys would no longer work.  I then confronted the couple and they became instantly and unreasonably offended.

Me:  “I am sorry, but I refuse to pay for this until you have fixed it.”

Woman:  “You are being unreasonable, but fine, so be it.”  She then added with an evil smile.  “Oh yes, don’t forget about all the people coming here for the festival.  It is all right there in the purchase agreement for your house.”

While I was going to ask her what festival she was talking about, both her and her husband had quickly rushed off.  I went to a cabinet and took out the purchase agreement.  I searched the fine print to find what she was referring to. Well, there it was.  For some reason, part of the sale contingency and immediate closing of the property was that I agreed to house some of their relatives for a weekend during some festival.

While I started to panic, I then asked myself ‘how bad could it be?’  I then prepared a few of the bedrooms believing there would only be a couple of families with a few younger children coming.  I then spent a lot of time fixing up the main living areas, including the kitchen, living room and the bathrooms.

On the day of their arrival, I quickly realized that I had not been as thorough in my preparations as I had wanted to.  While this would turn out to be a relatively minor problem, it started off with me noticing some dust in some of the corners.  My problems then quickly escalated when I opened the door to greet my guests.

To my surprise and dismay, there were more than 40 people who entered in.  I was then concerned for good reason as I certainly had not planned to house this many people.  Even though the house was large enough to house more, I had only prepared for the arrival of two families.

After greeting all of these people, I began to run throughout the home trying to clean it up to accommodate the influx.  The house turned out to be much more massive than I had anticipated.  It was like a maze, similar to a massive furniture showroom with various room vignettes.

Many of the rooms were outdated and had a lack of linens.  For those rooms that had linens, they were unclean with dust.  Even though the rooms were imperfect, everyone seemed fine with it until sunset and it was time to eat.  I realized I did not have enough food, so I ordered more.  I continued to rush from room to room cleaning as best I could.

I began to walk through the house to check in on my guests.  I soon realized that there were other doors I was unaware of and many more people had entered.  I was now completely overwhelmed by the amount of people.  In total, I had counted that there were easily thirty rooms to the home, as well as some basement rooms.  Despite the great number of bedrooms, I knew that this was still insufficient for all of these people.

As the night wore on, I realized that this home had supernaturally expanded to be the size of a small city.  I wanted to check the perimeter, but it would have been too long to walk it.  To my surprise, there was a golf cart that I could use.  I then used this golf cart to circle the back of the property so that I could find the place that all of these other people were using to come in.

It did not take me long to realize that there was an open gate.  I then spotted a large gang of very scary men hanging around the gate.  As I got closer, I realized that they were MS-13 gang members.  They looked at me and watched me, but stayed at the entrance as I drove by.  I somehow knew that they wanted to shoot at me and that God was preventing them from doing so.  I was completely supernaturally protected!

I then drove to the top of a hill.  There was a para militia group shooting at a target range.  One of them stopped me…

Man:  “Just to let you know, there are a few gang members peddling drugs disguised as candy.  When they saw you come around here to the back, they decided to sell them at the front door.”

Me:  “Thank you.”

I then began to continue my drive around my ‘house city’.  The man yelled out to me.

Man:  “What are you doing?  You can’t go this way.”  He then pointed up ahead.  “Look, there is a biker gang blocking your path.”

I looked ahead and saw that there was a notorious biker gang at a bar bordering the path to the other end of my property.  I prayed and decided that I needed to warn the people not to take these disguised drugs.  I then cut across a field and found another entrance.  I saw paramedics hauling out people on stretchers.

I wanted to find the drug dealer doing this, so I drove around a bit.  I soon found a most disturbing sight that I will never forget.  There was a man dressed like a clown on a bike towing an ice cream trailer.  The ‘familiar music’ of the ice cream man was playing, luring all of the kids to him.  Even though I was still too far away to confront this man, I could supernaturally hear what he was saying to the kids…

Little girl:  “What kind of ice cream do you have?”

Clown drug dealer:  “Well, I am out of ice cream, but I have something much better…and it is free.  I have this role of candies for you.”

He then showed the little girl a strip of colorful candies that looked quite enticing.

Little girl:  “But I really wanted ice cream, not candy.”

Clown drug dealer:  “Once you eat some of these candies, it will be like you can order any kind of ice cream you like and have as much as you like.”

Little girl:  “Okay, thank you.”

She then took the candy and walked off.  I then noticed that there was a line up of other kids waiting to do the same.  Since these kids were below the age of accountability, I knew that this had to still be pre-rapture.  I had to stop him.  When I came closer, he instantly became alarmed.

Clown drug dealer:  “What the f*** are you doing here?  I am going to f****** kill you!”

I waved my hand and he instantly stopped his cursing.

Me:  “In Jesus’ Name, I command you to leave.”

It worked.  It was as if he had no control of his actions.  He went on his bicycle and rode away from me as fast as he could.  I went back to the front door to speak with the paramedics.

Me:  “I confronted the drug dealer.  He has now left.”

Paramedic:  “What do you mean?  That drug dealer was only a small part of the problem.  There are drug dealers all over the place now.  The ones you really need to watch out for are the drugs being distributed from your basement.  These are lethal.”

As I then searched around this massive complex that had been a much smaller house, I realized I could barely do anything compared to the massive amounts of crimes now taking place.  While I wanted to help, I was almost powerless.  As I searched, I soon stumbled onto a larger room that had twelve native chiefs.  Each chief had a skill.  When I entered the room, they looked at me as if they hated me.  One of them addressed me.

Chief:  “I am to draw your picture.”

He sat down to begin to draw, but his hand stopped.  He called out to the other chiefs.

Chief:  “This one has something powerful around her.  I am unable to draw her.  Pray for me that I will have the strength to draw her.”

Even though they all began to pray in a language that I could not understand, he was still unable to draw me.  I then felt a call to pray openly in tongues.  I started to talk in tongues quite loudly.  They seemed to understand what I said and looked terrified.

Chief:  “What can we do to make things right with the gods?”

Me:  “Not ‘gods’…God.  Repent and turn away!”

They became enraged at me and began to curse me.  I turned and prayed something and God instantly shut their mouths.  When word got out that this had happened, people began to scream and run away.  I then prayed to God…

Me:  “Father, forgive me for thinking I could do more here.  I am overwhelmed at how many hate You.  They hate me too even though I am hosting them in my home.  They love their sin.  I am sick, Lord, really sick.”

Sub-dream 1 over…

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was sitting in a meadow by a stream that I recognized.  I saw this many years ago.  In fact, it was 14 years ago.  It was a beautiful place.

Me:  “Oh Lord, I am overwhelmed by my dream.  I thought that this would be rewarding.  There was so much sin and evil that I had a hard time keeping up with them.  I wanted them all gone.  I did not like them.”

I then heard the Voice of God.  His voice was powerful, yet comforting.  We immediately started discussing the dream I had just written down.  This dream was quite draining, more so than almost any other dream I have had.

God:  “Erin, you will see much evil, but it is only a fraction of what I see.  I have shown you what it will look like at the end.  The demons in the hearts of men will stir up.  Evil will far outnumber the good.”

Me:  “But, Father, some of these people are those that I recognize, some are even from church.  I failed to see many redeeming qualities.  My Holy Spirit was at full attention.  Even though this is not like I am now, I had very little compassion in this dream.”

God:  “I know, Erin.  You will be called to areas where you will not have a good reception.  You will be hated because of Me.  These people have not humbled themselves.  At times, you will be sent just to be present and to wait on Me.  I will instruct you in the ways that you should go.”

Me:  “Oh Father, I had ideas that I would do great things on behalf of the Kingdom, Your Kingdom, but this was disturbing and I felt ineffective.”

God:  “No, Erin, you will be very effective.  You only saw your greatest opposers in every room that you stepped in.  There were others in the rooms who witnessed that you were called by Me.  While you were overwhelmed by the number of opposers, you sent others hope.  It is important to understand that My Will involves going into battle and that these wars are not pretty.

“I sent this dream to you to show you the progression of the times you are coming into during your service.  At first, it will be palatable and you will start off with scenarios you are familiar with, those that you can quickly overcome.  There you will prepare for the basics.  You will be a gracious host who yields to Me and provides for your guests…or, should I say, those that I send to you.

“You then encounter more and more and more.  As the night turned darker in this dream, so did the areas that I took you.  This is so I have not one who is lost, understand?  They cry for help and you are sent in to stand.  While you are not their savior and you are not God, My presence will be in you and upon you so they know that I have heard their cries.”

Me:  “Father, I do not understand.  This all seems so bleak to me.”

God:  “Erin, each group that you encountered had someone who had cried out to Me.  To survive, they remained silent.  You are there to display mighty deeds.  You were free to walk amongst them, you were not scared and you were not harmed.”

Me:  “Father, I could hear their thoughts and how much they hated me.  It was horrible.”

God:  “I understand.  Are you still wanting to continue?”

Me:  “Yes.  However, I will need healing and strengthening.  I also need to repent for believing my own ideas for how all of this will be.  All of this involved me being a ‘Superwoman’ of sorts.  I am embarrassed to even say this aloud.”

God:  Chuckling.  “Oh Erin, you make Me smile.  You referred to yourself as an infant eating soft food like a toddler learning to navigate.  While this is true, you need to know that you will be like a warrior from My army, but subject to Me and sent for My purposes.  You will heal the sick and the broken hearted.

“You will display mighty deeds and scale a wall.  Yes, Erin, you will scale a wall!  You will be My vessel for My purposes.  You will stand for My Kingdom as I appoint you.  You will go as I lead you.  I will provide for you in all that you do.  It was time you understood that you will not always enjoy this.

“Look at how your relationship with crows has changed.  While you have always despised crows because you have had bad experiences with them, you have now grown fond of them.  You even rescued an injured crow from dying alone in the fallen snow.  In turn, I have used these birds to warn the animals around you of predators.  These birds also then chase these predators off.  As you are now feeding them, they are sending you gifts.”

Me:  “They do?”

God:  “To these crows, their gifts are precious.  They send you shiny things and drop them on the ground around your home.”

Me:  Laughing.  “Oh, I thought that this was my kids dropping earring studs, dimes and paperclips.”

God:  “No, Erin, this is from the ones that you once hated.  I sent this to you as an analogy so that you would rethink your preconceptions about the things around you.  Cast off your judgments as you are not judge.  Let Me be the judge, understand?  This means go freely where I take you.  When you have a question, just ask.

“I am here with you.  Let Me be your solid food.  Let Me be your source of water as I bring the water of life which fills your emptiness as My vessel.  I love you.  I accept your repentance and I will now make you brand new.  You are a new creation in Me and I am pleased.  Are you ready?”

Me:  “Yes, Father.  I will gladly go wherever You take me.  Even when it becomes scary or difficult, fill my vessel and pour out water to those who are thirsty.  Please do not let me ever run ahead of You.  Please do not let me ever stay way behind You.  Please let me do Your Will in all things.  Let Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  I want so much to be a Bride worthy of her Groom.”

God:  “Do not worry.  I love you.  Take courage!”

Dream over…

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