Dream 304 – Jesus and the Hidden Arrows soon to be revealed

Received on Sunday, October 14, 2018


Dear Father,

I am so thankful to You!  You love me and bless me despite my earthly desires.  Who am I that You should love me so?  Who are we that You should delight in any of us?  You created us fully knowing that our earthly lives will be a struggle and that, more than likely, we would go our own way with rebellious hearts and sinful appetites.

To most, I should not even be considered for any special calling.  To the world, I am a disappointment and a failure.  However, Father, You see something in me that delights You.  I am in awe of this.  Please forgive me, Father, when I say flippant remarks against myself as, to me, I too feel as if I am a disappointment.

I know that to think or say these things dishonors You, my Father Who knit me in my mother’s womb, so please forgive me!  I can say this much with certainty…I was lost and I have now been found by You.  I had wandered in my youth and You called me to You, saying ‘Here is the way, child, walk in this.’

I felt abandoned and unloved and You took me in and loved me.  You have taught me compassion for those who grieve, have lost, have suffered, have endured great pain or have been hungry or thirsty.  I found I did not notice these things as much before as I had so much trouble of my own to focus on.

I could only dream of one day being free, whether in this life or in death.  I felt something awaited us on the other side of death even though I really did not understand the eternal, the place You have prepared for those who love You.  Father, I have been lost, exhausted, in great pain, unsettled and scared, but more so lately it seems.

Oh Father, our lives are facing great uncertainties.  There has not been any open doors yet.  We have done all that You have asked and are now waiting on You.  Our lives will soon be in great turmoil if at least the promise of an open door does not come soon.  As this would be contrary to Your promises, we continue to cling to what we know.

Oh Lord, while I know that You love us and will not abandon us, this has been a literal nail biter.  This world needs Your miracles now and more so than ever.  I now see things once thought to be terrible and horrifying becoming trendy and fully acceptable.  There are now blasphemies against You and Your Bride everywhere.

Christians all over the world are now being openly killed for their beliefs.  I just know in my heart that it will not be that long before these persecutions are everywhere.  DNA kits are becoming increasingly popular and are being used to find out our various ancestry origins.  I believe this is an attempt by the enemy to flush out those that You have kept hidden.

This recently landed close to home when a medical facility pressured me to have my blood tested for information about viability and illness.  As I became sick just thinking about allowing this, I declined each time that I was asked.  All I know is that we love You with our whole hearts, souls and strength and that You are never changing.

Oh Father, I am so sorry that I have been mad at You.  I am sorry that I am scared right now…well, really scared.  My children are all starting to want to go their separate ways now as they too are starting to lose hope.  While they have not left You, I just think that they are becoming ready to take their own journeys.

While to hear my boys talk such big dreams makes me proud, I am also worried for them as they are truly unaware of their inability to read social cues.  Oh Jesus, please bind this curse of autism and let this curse be removed in Your Mighty Name.  It is just too much to bear seeing these young men with hearts like young boys face this harsh world unaware of what lurks beneath the surface.

Everyday for the last 7000 days or so since my youngest son was born, I have begged You for so many things concerning them…

  • To keep these boys close to You.
  • To let them grow up to be fine young Christian men that chase after Your heart.
  • To help them to one day find loving Christian helpmates, lovely brides who will be great compliments to their lives.
  • To help them to one day find gainful employment.
  • To have the ability to heal others.
  • To be able to defend the causes of the weak in Your Name.

I have done all that I can do which You have entrusted to me to love, nurture and grow Godly men.  Now, Father, I give them to You as they were always Yours from the beginning.  Please let them not be crushed in spirit as it is different for them than it is for a man with understanding.

Oh Father, I pray that I have not failed You.  As my eyesight becomes worse, especially on some days, and my headaches become difficult to endure, I lose sight of Your promises.  While I know better than to allow myself to do this, I still do, so please, please forgive me!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was standing in the beautiful Aspen Grove in Heaven.  I was looking over the beautiful path made with chiseled stones and noticed that, instead of grout between each joint, there was soft green moss, as soft as animal fur.  It was so beautiful.  I was wearing a white linen tunic or dress and my feet were bare.  They were lovely feet, no longer scarred from their years of use.

As a small breeze was blowing, the aspen trees were making music.  The beautiful leaves were shimmering in green and gold.  I could see the small pool up ahead and it was bathed in a shining bright light like the sun.  I picked up my pace and started to run down the path.  As I drew closer, I saw Jesus standing there waiting for me.  When I finally reached Him, I dropped to my knees and wept at His feet.

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord, so sorry.  I am losing hope now.  When I dream that I am healthy and then wakeup unchanged, it hurts so much.  Every cell of my body hurts.  As I already love You with all of my heart, what good could continuing this do?”

I felt His hand gently rest on my bowed head.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here.  Allow Me to carry you.  You are not alone.  I have not abandoned you.  Erin, I have not abandoned you.”

My face was to the ground over my knees.  I then felt Jesus pick me up into His arms.

Jesus:  “Erin, your name means ‘peace’.  I am the Prince of Peace.  You are My Bride in gold of Ophir (Psalm 45).  I have chosen you.  You did not choose Me.  All you have, I have given you.  All your friends, I have sent.  All of your enemies, I have silenced.

“I know that you are tired.  I know that you struggle and weep.  I am pleased with you and your heart is Mine.  I refined you in the fire of affliction and the dross has been removed from the surface.”

I began to speak and He put His finger across my lips to ‘hush me’.

Jesus:  “I know, Erin, I know.  I know.”

I began to cry and even now as I write.

Jesus:  “Stay with Me a bit more.  Watch for Me.  I come and I will not delay.  I have prepared something for you that you would not believe.  This will be for there, Erin, and will be like it is here in Heaven.  This is how I have taught you to pray.  There will be a final time and times before the great and terrible day when I will do all that I have said and the prophecies are fulfilled.

“Now, there will also be a terrible day for those who enjoy their blasphemies and lies.  This will be a great time of shaking where the wicked will confess to those that I have called.  It will be a period of vindication for you whom I have called, but also a time of exhaustion.  It will be tiring and draining to be here knowing that you belong as a citizen in Heaven.  I will strengthen and heal those I have prepared as My arrows.

“You will divide your time of service to Me between ‘the lost’ and ‘communion, rest and prayer with Me’.  You will do all things with no hesitation or fear for what comes as there will be My Voice in you and the Spirit of the Living God will be as one with you.  You will hear from Me greater than someone that has fasted with no food for 40 days, yet you will still have the strength of an army of men.

“Now, Erin, there is a reason that I have shown you who you will be in your dreams.  There is a reason that I have shown you who you will encounter, who will be humbled and who will turn.  I know that this has been difficult, but, when you are as I have shown you in your dream state and changed in the physical, all things hidden will be revealed in a period of a few short days.

“This will be a time of great reconciliation, comfort and joy.  You will then understand that you were called for a purpose.  You will then forget your people and your father’s house as the King is enthralled by your beauty.  What I mean by this is that you will be called into service by Me and that you will need to let go of your former ways of thinking, those engrained in you by your family that is apart from Me.

“You will put away your prejudices, your notions and your will and you will put on the new garments that I have prepared for you.  See, I have kept you hidden.  Though they search for you to destroy you, they cannot find you because the King has called upon angels to guard you in the ways you should go.

“So here, Erin, even the part of you in pain and suffering is not considered.  While your past, including your divorces, has disqualified you by those who see only your stains, they fail to recognize that you have been forgiven, set free and are now as white as snow to Me.  Looking at you as the least, or similar to the worst like Hagar, has been the best thing to keep you for My purposes.

“Who but My Father, your Creator, and Me, your King, is better qualified to choose whom will be of service to the Throne, the Kingdom of Heaven?  Who is better to love than those who have lost everything but have still been loved and carried by God?  Do not worry, Erin, but rejoice for this is a glorious day that I have made for you.  I love you!”

He reached over and kissed my forehead.

Jesus:  “Erin, I will restore all that the enemy has stolen.  I will reveal all that has been done in secret.  I will comfort and strengthen you.  God is within you and you will not fall.  I will help you at the break of day.  Be still, My arrow, and know that I am God!  I love you!”

Jesus smiled at me as He reached over to gently hug me.

Dream over…

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