Dream 305 – Jesus and a way shall be made for us

Received on Sunday, October 21, 2018


Dear Father,

I love You!  Thank You, Lord, just thank You!  The beautiful leaves outside my window are like flames of orange against a brilliant blue sky.  It is dramatic and so inspiring that it is bringing tears to my eyes.  I am thankful for all that we have.  You have delighted me in too many ways for me to even try to list them all.

I am coming to realize that I have been like a child about lovely things my whole life.  Your stunning nature simply takes my breath away.  All of the little animals, Your little animals, bring tears to my eyes.  All five of the wild turkeys came this morning.  It was so good to see them again amidst the gun shots that I have heard in the distance.

I look around me and see the works of potters and artists.  Their talents are truly like miracles everywhere.  I sit in my lovely devotional chair and look out at Your amazing creations.  I am so thankful for a husband who loves me and children who have seen Your miracles and believe.

Thank You for the Nest as well, Lord, for their love and support has meant so much and has kept me going.  How blessed am I to have hundreds of people globally who pray for us?  Though we have not met in the physical, it is like we have and they are part of a special family.  Who am I to complain, Father?  Well, I still do, so please forgive me.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Jesus was standing right there in front of me.

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, I know that you are tired.  However, even though you are tired, you still delight in Me.  This pleases Me and My Father.”

Me:  “Lord, You have done so much.  You have done so much more than I can even count and I cannot thank You enough.  Please forgive me for complaining.  I love our home and the little animals You have sent our way.  I find so much joy in all of it.

“I never want to appear unthankful or ungrateful when You have lavished me with such beautiful things.  I do not know what tomorrow holds, but, with You, my family and my friends at my side, I truly have everything.  Oh yes…thank You also for opening a door for my husband.  This means so much to us, so thank You.”

Jesus:  “You are welcome.  I also forgive you for your complaining, Erin.  However, you are not alone.  There have been many a prophet that have come before Me asking for signs, for fulfillment, for protection and for mercy.  They lived in fear of angry mobs.  They lived in fear of My Words coming back void of truth and the mobs being proved right.  This was confusing to them as none of them could see the bigger picture.

“Now, man was created to care for the Earth and the animals.  However, sin is the great separator between good and evil.  The mouths of the animals were then silenced and the relationship was gone.  Men then had to battle the land as feeding off the land was now a constant struggle and still is for so many.

“Before this, all was taken care of and there were springs of fresh, healing water.  There was also an abundance of food.  This was man’s reward as man was created to worship God with their whole hearts.  Things of beauty can then bring opportunities to ‘worth-ship’, but only as long as the source of where this came from is never forgotten.

“When man decides to worship things that can break, burn or be stolen instead of the God Who created them, then forget their Creator in thanksgiving in exchange for something that does not breathe life into them, then I either give them over to their sinful desires or I break and remove that which caused the walls between us, their idols.”

Me:  “I love You, Lord.  I know full well that everything in front of me will soon burn when the Earth is re-made.  I have learned to not become attached to things, but rather just to my family and friends, but especially and more so to You, my Father and Creator.

“Lord, my body is turning against me right now and there is nothing I can do about it.  Even resting hurts.  I cannot get much sleep as even the pressure of my mattress now hurts when I lay down.  The pain is so intense that it even makes me bring up my meals at times.  Well, I guess ‘no pain, no gain’, right, Lord?”

Jesus:  “Soon, Erin, very soon…”  He smiled and laughed as He knew that I had no gauge for the time He speaks of.  “…and yes, I know that I have said this to you before.  Now, I will do all that I have promised.  I love you.  Even though your wait has continued, you have not cursed Me and turned.  Instead, you have pressed into Me even more.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, but I have still been complaining to You about our wait.  My heart has been hurt by this as You are my friend and I know that You could heal me in an instant if You wanted to.  I watch for You in all things.  I love You with my whole heart.  I am broken before You and in such great pain.  Given this, I guess I still do not really understand why You will not remove at least part of the great pain I am in.”

Jesus:  He looked into my eyes with an indescribable empathy.  “Oh Erin, I have a reason for this.  Can you please just trust Me a bit longer?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”  I smiled and laughed.  “I am not going anywhere…well, at least not without You!”

Jesus:  “Then cling to this scroll and My Words as nothing spoken by Me or written will return void.  Rejoice, Erin, rejoice.  Continue on your course and care for that which I have entrusted to you.  Have faith in Me that I will do all that I have promised.  Trust Me for a record harvest in due season.

“Now, I have you, so do not worry.  Rejoice and delight in Me as I am the Living God, your Groom and your Friend.  Before you, there is no other God.”  He smiled and laughed.  “I will send gifts ahead to delight you as I will lavish My Bride.”

Me:  “I love You, Lord, with my whole being.  You are my greatest gift and treasure.”

Jesus:  “You are My Bride in gold of Ophir.  Though you have been refined in the fire of affliction, you are still here with Me.  See, I am doing a new thing.  Do you not perceive this?  You have knocked and I have opened the door before you.”  He smiled.  “Do not hover in the hallway as I am calling out to you.  I am here.  Enter…enter!”

Isaiah 43:1-21 came to me.  I read it and cried.  I am so thankful to God, to You, Father, for everything in my life!

Dream over…


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