Dream 312 – Uriel and the Seven Distinct Valleys

Received on Sunday, December 2, 2018 (Kislev 24)


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for a short pause between snowstorms.  Thank You for all that You do for us, both in the big things and the small things.  Thank You for protecting our family and friends.  Thank You for keeping our ministry up and running.

Father, the world has changed quickly and dramatically.  It is as if hell is now here on Earth.  While it is not that things were not already bad, it is as if there is now a large cauldron hanging over a fire and the dark water inside is now beginning to boil.  It is terrifying to see all of this unfolding faster and faster.

My daughter stood up against some pro-choice students today in chapel.  Yes, that’s right, chapel…and in a Christian school no less!  She stood for life and sited several facts.  She texted me from the bathroom, crying that she had then been bullied and accused of being self-righteous and judgmental.  All of this from her simply stating a list of facts and statistics.

This is now the third time she has had to stand for her beliefs, but, really, God’s commandments, in a very short period at this Christian school.  Father, while I try to not judge men for their beliefs, leaving this to You, why then do they judge us so harshly in return?

While I want to stand with Heaven here on Earth, I do not want to die as a martyr.  Without You healing us, we will have no chance as things are getting worse.  People around us are behaving in a bizarre manner.  It is quite frightening and I now find myself longing for the days of innocence, the times of freedom.

I used to be able to ride my bike for hours without fear back when I was young.  I would run on trails without any worry about rapists.  I could paint outside in the sun and did not need to worry about its intensity like we do today.  We could joke about silly things and there was no offense taken.  We could speak out about our injustice and stand for what we believe in, yet still keep friends who were opposed to our beliefs.

In today’s times, a person who has a bad moment of bad behavior could be filmed and lose their job, even their entire careers.  We have left the age of actual courtroom justice and have now moved into the court of public opinion via social media.  Justice is swayed by opinion and media presence.  While much of importance that is relevant is ignored, small insignificant things are amplified disproportionately.

Many churches that were once houses of God are now dens of iniquity.  They are ‘religiously neutral’, neutral on who You are, God.  They make stuff up as they go to make things more palatable for those who want the bread they serve.  The wine is bitter and avoided as they desire something that allows the dulling of the senses.

Instead of taking God at His Word, it is easier to avoid any opposition by turning God into an all-loving, all encompassing ‘god’ who embraces sinful lifestyles.  They do this by adjusting and modifying His Words to the point that what God has truly said becomes nothing but ‘blurred lines’.

More often than not, they completely leave Jesus out of the equation.  Why?  Because having a cross showing up these days is just way too controversial for so many people now.  Well, the cross means just as much today as Jesus still died for our sins and rose again.  Jesus is alive.  This has not changed and this will never change!

It is also becoming easier and easier to just skip what many now consider to be that ‘old hateful outdated Old Testament’.  To these people, the New Testament, especially when talking about Jesus, is not much better.  It is much easier to use love, but apply it in a way that all types of ‘love’ are, not only acceptable, but encouraged.

According to the new age of this world, Jesus’ greatest commandments are no longer followed, the commandment to ‘love God with all of your heart and then others as you would want to be loved.’  It has now been changed to ‘love each other in all ways, every which way and with anything and never stop.  Then just love yourself, take care of yourself at all costs and indulge yourself and your appetites, no matter what they may be.’

To oppose any of this ‘new age commandment’ is now considered to be ‘hate’.  Anything said praising God is also now hateful and offensive.  They tell us to keep it to ourselves.  We have become the new ‘inconvenient truth’ and everyone would like to have us simply disappear.  In contrast, anything praising the world, self-acceptance, self-expression, self-satisfaction and pro-rebellion, resisting God in all things, are now good, even if it means resorting to violence!

Father, I am deeply disturbed about what is now manifesting in the physical.  You have shown me the Valley of the Shadow of Death.  I know this valley.  In my dream, I saw another valley, but I also saw something amazing…a gathering of saints.  I am scared, Father, things have turned in the world so rapidly.  Who will endure any of it when You turn up the heat and shake the nations?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in yet another valley.  There was crying.  People were in great pain and mourning.  So many were hurting.  I kept hearing, ‘Why, God?’, ‘Why, Abba?’, ‘Where are You?’ and on and on.  I saw great trouble.  It was horrible.  I cried as I did not know what else to do.  I was on the top of a butte-like overlook.  I cried with them.  I soon felt a light tap on my shoulder.  It was Uriel.  I was still crying as I hugged him.  He was in battle gear.

Me:  “Why?  Where is the Lord?”

Uriel:  “He is here, Erin.  Look…there, in the midst of all the suffering, is Jesus.”  I then saw angels followed by saints.  I did not know what exactly I was seeing.  “Look, Erin.”

He drew my attention to the City of Jerusalem.  I saw seven valleys surrounding the beautiful city.  It was bathed in beautiful light.  However, the light soon turned to dark.  These valleys were places that had to be crossed before getting into the city.

Me:  “Why is this so difficult?  There are highways and roads on the way to the city.”

Uriel:  “You have only captured a fraction of the meaning of ‘valley’.  Look deeper.  Look at the valley over there.”  He pointed.  “You know this valley.  This is the Valley of Achor, the Valley of Punishment.  While you have already saw the Valley of the Shadow of Death, there are still five more.  Come!”

He took me to another valley.  I saw disgusting things there.  It was so gross.  It was so bad that I was about to vomit.  Just before I did, Uriel somehow stopped it.  He then drew my focus away to another vista facing yet another valley.

Uriel:  “The valley you just witnessed was the place where Sodom and Gomorrah stood.  This is the Valley of Siddim, the Valley of Abominations, the Valley of Sin.”

Me:  “Is Jesus here as well?  I cannot imagine Him being in this valley.”

Uriel:  “Yes, Erin, He is here.”

Just then, I saw the Lord looking out over the valley.  There were also angels gathered there.  When someone in the valley had finally had enough of what that valley ‘offered’, Jesus would take them out of the valley.

Me:  “I see!  He obviously does not partake in the sin, but He will still go to the bottom of the slimy pit of sin for us in order to pull us from it.  He will not leave us there!  He even comes for us in this terrible valley!”

Uriel:  “Now, look at this valley.  You have been here too.”

I saw great pain and suffering.  It was horrible.

Me:  “How is this different from the Valley of Achor, the Valley of Punishment?”

Uriel:  “This is the Valley of Kidron, the Valley of Pain, the pain of your heart.  This valley is the place where pride is removed.  This is the place of humility.  This is a place of the reduction of personal ambitions.  It is a place of loss.  The Lord is here too.”

I saw Jesus picking people up, people who had been stripped down to nothing from the cruelty of others and from the stain of loss.

Me:  “Oh Uriel, this was such a terrible time for me.”

Uriel:  “Yes, Erin, but look over there…”

I saw that a separated section of this valley had been reserved for Jesus’ healing.  It was so incredibly beautiful that I started to choke up with tears.

Me:  Crying.  “I have seen the Valley of the Shadow of Death.  There is the Valley of Achor, the valley of long suffering from punishment and affliction.  There is the Valley of Sin, the valley of abominations.  There is the Valley of Pain, brokenness from pride and oppression.  Do I have this right?”

Uriel:  “Do not worry, Erin, as you will understand the differences in a greater way very soon.”

Me:  “Oh no, please, I have been to all of these valleys and I know them.”  I started to weep.  “Oh please, Uriel, I never want to go back into those valleys again.”

Uriel:  Smiling, yet with empathy in his eyes.  “Hmm, perhaps you should let go and let God decide.  How do you know you will not be able to help others there?  If the Lord is in you, they why don’t you let God use you as His vessel.”  Uriel stopped to look over each of the valleys surrounding us.  He nodded at me to do the same.

“Erin, we are in an epic battle.  Are you an arrow or not?  I was not called here to tell you that the Lord is taking you back to these places to relive them.  He is showing you that there is hurting and that these valleys are also His vineyards.  Erin, the harvest is great, but the workers are few.

“It is time.  The angels are battling.  While those the Lord has called are still ‘targets’ right now, God will soon change this by governing those He has called for His purposes in a greater way.  You will all stand amazed.  While Sodom and Gomorrah have been removed in the physical, the Valley of Sin still remains, understand?

“Now, look at this valley.  This is the Valley of Elah.  This is the Valley of Battle, the Valley of Decision, the decision to surrender or fight.  God is there.  This is also where the enemy intimidates and calls out.”

I then heard horrible things being shouted at those who had already been through so much.  I heard them call out, ‘Give up and die!’, ‘God has forgotten you!’, ‘Do what feels good!’ and on and on.  I also saw a river there, but the water was dark and bitter.  I also saw giants there.  To stand against them was intimidating.  I then saw saints come in and strengthen those that the enemy was taunting.

Me:  “Who are they?”

Uriel:  “You don’t know?  This is you, Erin, as well as those that have been called into His service.  However, be forewarned that there will also be many saints that quit here.  Some of these are even the elect as facing these giants is intimidating.  However, your witness as arrows will pierce the hearts of the evil.”

Me:  “So, is this our battlefield, the battlefield where God will use us?”

Uriel:  “While this is difficult to understand, not all of those you witness to and aid, even those you heal, will stay and overcome.  Many will instead go back to their place of sin, a valley familiar to them and a valley where they have company.”

Me:  “Oh Uriel, that is horrible.  They do this even after Jesus has done all of this for them?  That is so sad!”

Uriel:  “He is there and gives chances, sometimes many, before the final one, the final decision.”

Me:  “But I see an overwhelming army of demons there!”

Uriel:  “Yes, but this it to prevent this…”

He showed me another valley.  It was a garbage dump filled with flames.  It smelled horrible.  It was terrible to even look at.

Uriel:  “This is the Valley of Eternal Death.  This is the last valley.”

Me:  “Hmm, I only count six valleys though.  Did we miss a valley, Uriel?”

Uriel:  “The order is purposeful.  The final battle is fought in Jezreel.  This is the Valley of the Final Battle, the Valley of Armageddon.  By God’s command, I have shown you this before.  The Lord comes to this place with His army of saints.  Yes, Erin, those who have been His vessels, His arrows, His warriors and His Bride.

“It will be when His Kingdom, as the Lord of lords and the Kings of kings, will be established.  The nations, all seventy of them who remain from them, their remnant, will bow before Him.  Erin, you will witness this.

“Now, do not get caught up in specifics with these valleys.  A valley is below the mountains.  When the nations are shaken, the lands will be leveled, the valleys will be raised up and the mountains will be brought low.  There will be a highway leading to the City of God and all will travel there.

“Now, this Great and Terrible Day of the Lord will come and some will be raised up and others left here, understand?  Do not fear this as God will soon bind up your brokenness and heal your infirmities.  You will run like you did in your youth and will even leap over objects.  You will see a wall and scale it.  Nothing shall be impossible for you as God is with you.

“Now, Erin, rejoice…rejoice!  However, I must go now as we are in an epic battle.  God is sending signs to the nations that this is the hour.  I must go!”

I then saw Uriel go up into the Heavenlies.  Then, and for just a brief three seconds or so, I saw an epic battle taking place, a battle between the angels of Heaven against the angels of darkness and other beasts.  After seeing this for just a brief time, the terrifying vision was gone.  I looked back across the seven valleys…

  • The Valley of the Shadow of Death: Facing death.
  • The Valley of Punishment (Achor):  Chastising.
  • The Valley of Sin (Siddim):  Abominations.
  • The Valley of Pain (Kidron): Heart pain and humility.
  • The Valley of Pride (Elah): The battlefield of decision.
  • The Valley of the Final Battle (Armageddon): Just before the appearance of our Lord.
  • The Valley of Eternal Death: Everlasting flames.

I was glad that Uriel told me not to get caught up on the order of what he had just showed me as he knew that I would have.  Well, as told, I give this all to You, Father, as all of this is Yours.  This is Your story, not mine.  As for right now, You told me to look at the shaking.

To those who are watching for You, it is obvious that You are humbling the lands right now via fires, famine, drought and extreme temperatures.  The media and scientists are trying to cover this up, most of them probably unintentionally, by using climate change as the reason for this increase.

What is harder to explain away is the noticeable increase in the number of earthquakes, especially those of magnitude 5 and higher.  The ‘Ring of Fire’ is on fire.  Then there is the increase in people displaying demonic properties.  What about all of the strange phenomena, such as the ‘unexplainable Bell Earthquake’ on November 11th, 2018?  There is also the rise in hatred and the waves of lies.  There is persecution.  There are rumors of wars.

Oh Father, the list just goes on and on.  We cannot endure all of this if You do not strengthen us soon.  Please, Father, do this soon!  Please…we love You so much!

Dream over…


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