Dream 313 – Uriel and a dream of healing will be our actual healing

Received on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 (Kislev 27)


Dear Father,

Sigh…we love You, Father!  We give our lives to You.  We thank You for all that You do for us.  You sustain us.  You give us eyes which can see and limbs in which to move us from one point to another.  You give us hands to praise You and write of Your Great Works.  How great and wonderful You are, Father!

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my earthly father’s death.  He neglected me.  His love was conditional and I did not prove myself worthy of his love.  His judgment for me was harsh and his lips were filled with lies.  He died as he lived…separated from all of us.  Oh Father, feelings of abandonment and sorrow often bubble up when something triggers our memories.

For example, the recent tornado outbreak that just occurred literally hit close to home.  Cass County, Illinois was where my mom, aunts and uncles were abandoned as little children.  They were left for several days in the winter with no shoes or warm clothes.  My grandmother somehow could not get home to them as she was very young and began to have children at age 13 or 14.

By the age of 17, she had two children.  By the age of 20, she had a total of five. All of them were taken away from her, including the sixth child that she gave birth to while she was in jail.  It was here, in Cass County, that the tornadoes just hit.  Cass County is a tiny county in the middle of the country.  When I say it is in the middle, it really is as there are 24 states to the right of the state and 25 states to the left.

It is right in between all of them on the map.  I had learned years ago that this area was once considered to be one of the best antique locations on the east side of the Mississippi.  Some believe that this was because a barge was needed to reach the west side that would cost them their belongings.  Evil men took advantage of them and the east side of the Mississippi was where many just made their home as a result.

Here are some other interesting facts about the state of Illinois…

  • It became a state on December 3rd, 1818. Their 200th anniversary was just two days ago.
  • It was one of the main hubs for both the Mafia and the KKK.
  • Both Obama and Abe Lincoln began their political careers there.
  • On a personal note, this is where I was born, where my parents met and where my mom was adopted.

Illinois is also hot and humid and therefore prone to tornado activity.  My first recollection of Illinois was during a tornado when I was about four years old in Peoria, Illinois.  I also recall Easter in Varna, Illinois, as that is where I saw little yellow fuzzy chicks for the first time.

I also remember that my grandpa took me to a real soda fountain.  For just one nickel, he bought us two root beer ice cream floats.  They were served in large glass cups, each with long spoons and straws.  Other than that, I do not have a lot of memories there other than gravestones of relatives and markers of the roots of my family.  I also still remember stories about the Great Depression and starving families.

Father, the times we are currently in are very difficult.  Evil has severely increased and is continuing to do so very, very rapidly.  Just recently, I read an article about someone mistreating a baby to a point that I just could not believe it.  Who tortures babies?  It just grieves my heart.  Perhaps these evil people are keeping these babies for welfare purposes.  Who truly knows though other than God?

Father, the demonic presence everywhere is becoming increasingly unmistakable.  Please strengthen us greatly and soon.  We have had some very upsetting blows recently.  While the usual ‘normal’ problems of everyday life continue, I am now wearing down quickly.  Well, Father, I am struggling greatly.

Father, I have a dear friend that has a little girl that is in trouble.  You know my friend’s name and the baby’s name and both are in Your care.  I know that You have her, but I pray that You strengthen my friend and heal her baby.  Please, Father, give her a sign to show her that You are there in this valley with her.

Oh Father, grief is so difficult.  The pain of the heart, and the pain of being unable to do anything about it, is so hard.  Father, You can heal her from where You are because You are all around us.  Please, Father, if we are Your lights, then shine through us.  Please light the flame in us.  Strengthen us to be Your servants in all of this darkness.

All of the opposite of the fruits of the Spirit are manifesting everywhere now.  Please, Father, please shine Your light in us.  Please do not place us where we cannot be seen.  We want to be used by You to light the darkness.  In Matthew 5:15, it is written, “Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.”

So, Father, please consider us.  We are the Bride.  We are the maidens who watch for our Groom to come.  We have been diligent.  We have plenty of oil to keep our lamps burning until You come for us.  However, why keep the home lighted for only those under our roof to see it?  If we are the light of the world, why do You keep us hidden?

Oh please, Father, please use us soon.  We love our Groom and we have sacrificed ourselves to search You.  We long to be in Your presence and at Your service.  So therefore, You tell us in Matthew 5:16, “In the same way, let your light shine before others so that they might see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven.”  However, Father, we are instead still tucked away as of now.

The world is becoming so cold so quickly.  It is dark…well, very dark now.  Father, the ‘snake-tivity’ is next to the Nativity, with both on display.  There is a battle between the self-wisdom of man apart from You and the faith that You will be God over us and will bless us.  Please vindicate us.  Change us so that we terrify the enemy because You are here and You are bigger than all of them.

Father, strengthen us and make our faces shine like the sun, all of us who are blessed because of our suffering and pain in Matthew 5:2-12.  Father, rise up in us here and now.  Make Heaven visible in us.  Your promises are for here and for now.  It is freezing right now in this part of the world and the grapes are ripe for the harvest.  However, there are fewer and fewer every day.  Please, Father, rise up in us!  Do so quickly!

Sub-dream 1 description begins…

In my dream last night, I woke up in a shallow grave.  I was in a valley and dawn was starting to break very slightly.  I could see a lighted area where the sun was beginning to rise at least an hour before the dawn.  While my eyes were completely open, my body still felt as if I was in a deep sleep.  I then heard either Jesus or Uriel (I could not tell which) call out to me…

“Erin, arise!  Arise!  Wake up now!”

I sat up quickly in my dream.  In an instant later, I then awoke suddenly from my sleep.  I looked over at my clock and it was around 2:30am.

Sub-dream 1 description over…

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was once again in the valley of the twelve rows of grapes.  I was crying as I looked over the landscape.  It was night and beautifully clear.  I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I looked over and there was Uriel again.  He was in full battle armor.  I knew that he had been fighting with his sword as you could see the remnants of war on it.

Uriel:  “Erin, God has sent me.  We are in an epic battle.  We will not retreat until God commands us to.  Our retreat will not be until the harvesting is finished.  You have not begun the harvesting yet as you are awaiting the King’s orders.  You are to wait for Him as you are in the service of the King.

“Remember that a general…or, in this case, the King…does not reveal His secret weapon until the time of its greatest value against the enemy.”  He looked at me and smiled good-naturedly.  “In other words, Erin, the Lord has not forgotten you.

“Now, we, the angels, have been commanded to not yet release the full battering of the nations.  What you are seeing right now is merely an uptick in activity as those hidden are soon to rise and come against the land and those who remain.  These are the evil entities and are the enemy.

“In contrast, the opposite of evil, God’s lamps…”  He pointed towards me and smiled.  “…will shine as bright as the sun and will expose the hidden.  The evil will then have cause to confess with their lips all that they have done against the Kingdom of God.  Your very presence will terrify them.

“Now, I must go.  I have come to tell you to be strong and take courage as you will see some more difficult things soon.  However, be encouraged as Jesus has overcome the darkness and He is bringing His lights with Him.”  He smiled and pointed towards me again.  “He loves His lights.

“Now, you are anxious and tired right now because you know something has begun which cannot be stopped.  You, Erin, have seen what is coming and you are terrified.  However, do not be.  Stay strong and be of good courage as the Lord is with you.  Greater are those with you than are those against you.

“Now, you will soon be changed and in an instant.  This change will come upon you as a thief in the night.  You will be in a dream and you will think that ‘this is only a dream’.  However, when you awake from this ‘dream’, you will soon notice your ability to breathe has become greater.  You will then notice that you feel alive and strong again.  As you will be amazed by this, it will then take some adjustment for you to fully comprehend it.

“However, when you then begin to move around, you will notice that your pain has been completely removed.  You will then get up and dance.”  He looked at me and smiled.  “While there is even more to this, I must go now.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  Be strong and take courage.  The Lord is with you.”

Uriel turned away from me and towards his horse.  He jumped up onto his horse and flew back up into the darkness.  In an instant, he was gone.

Dream over…


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