Dream 314 – Uriel and the Wheel of Misfortune

Received on Thursday, December 6, 2018 (Kislev 28)


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love.  Thank You for all that we have.  Thank You for treating us so much better than we deserve.

Thank You that our children will not be travelling this Christmas.  Thank You that they will remain with us here.  They were given a choice to opt out this year and they did.  We are in shock…absolute shock!  Surely, Father, You have yet again fulfilled prophecy.  You told us in a Personal Word that ‘there will be a time where your children will be given a choice and will opt out’.  This has now happened!

While they did not go to their father’s in the summer either, they had wanted to.  However, an argument ensued between the children and their father and their father said ‘no’ to them coming out.  While this was an event we did not expect, this Christmas’ ‘opt out’ seems to be more like the real ‘marker’ we had been looking for.  That being said, I am not exactly certain what this was ‘marking’.

Father, my husband will soon have to expand his job search since all jobs in the Pacific NW has so far seemed to be closed to him.  While You have told me in a different Personal Word (of which, I get many) that our move would not necessarily be contingent on my husband’s employment, this means that truly a huge miracle would be required in order for us to move without this.

In fact, just the thought of all of this is far too overwhelming because, from my viewpoint of the ‘natural’, not the ‘supernatural’, this seems impossible to me.  However, to You and through You, I know that all things are possible and that nothing is impossible.

I had a strange dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “The Wheel of Misfortune” description begins…

I saw the clock face fall at the Clock Tower at the campus of Purdue University just like I had seen on the news in ‘real life’.  I watched this massive clock face drop as the workers watched.  The workers were helpless to stop what was in motion.

In a blink of an eye, I was now in an audience watching a type of ‘Wheel of Fortune’, but a demonic version that I will call the ‘Wheel of Misfortune’.  The clock I had seen fall was now on a spinning platform.  However, it had now been changed from an ordinary clock face to one with 24 separate sections or wedges.

I then watched as two ‘demonic’ versions of Pat Sajak and Vanna White walked out to assume their positions.  This was definitely not them, but rather a couple of people who were impersonating them.  It was clear that these two people did not ‘look right’ to me.  The three contestants waiting there for them were three world leaders.  While I was kept from recognizing them, I somehow knew that each were important on the world stage.

I then saw ‘fake Pat’ announce that the ‘bankruptcy’ wedges had now been replaced by ‘TIME’S UP’ wedges instead.  While I could not help but laugh out loud at this, I was drowned out by the moaning, swearing and complaining of the three contestants and the rest of the audience.

This moaning, swearing and complaining became even worse when ‘fake Pat’ started to read out eight of the other 24 wedges.  I quickly recognized that these were the exact opposite of the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-11:

  • Cursed are the haughty in spirit for their kingdom is hell.
  • Cursed are they who scoff for they will be tormented.
  • Cursed are the proud for they will be bankrupted.
  • Cursed are they who plot injustice for they will be served the same by their own accuser.
  • Cursed are the callous for they will be shown wanting on the scales.
  • Cursed are the black hearted for they will surely see satan in Sheol.
  • Cursed are the war makers for they will be called children of the god of war.
  • Cursed are they who persecute and sodomize the saints for theirs is the kingdom of the Lake of Fire.

I then saw that the other wedges on the wheel said ‘Israel’, ‘Jerusalem’, ‘USA’, ‘Internet’ and so on.  These were the most desirable wedges to the contestants.  They were even referred to as the ‘domination wedges’.  There were also some funny ‘one-time’ bonuses stuck on some of the wedges that were similar to the ‘1/2 car’ bonuses, but instead were ‘1/2 Jerusalem’ bonuses.  If all of this wasn’t so evil, it would have actually been quite humorous.

I then watched as each of three contestants took turns spinning the wheel.  No matter how they spun the wheel, it would continuously stop on one of the ‘TIME’S UP’ wedges.  The contestants were becoming angrier with each spin of the wheel.  The ‘fake Pat’, regarded as an expert in spinning the wheel, decided to give it a try and he too kept landing on ‘TIME’S UP’.  The host cursed God with each spin of the wheel.

Sub-dream 1 description over…

Father, please help me with our situation here.  I cannot imagine being here when all of these events from Your Clock and Calendar in Heaven happen.  Please grant us strength, knowledge and divine wisdom to stand in the face of such opposition.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was sitting with my eyes closed.  I heard a voice from behind me call out ‘Rise Up, Erin!’  When I opened my eyes, I saw a massive wheat field before me.  It had broken stalks and was heavy with ice.  It looked as if a sudden freeze occurred right before the harvest.  I then looked over to my right and there was a massive field with wheat ready to harvest and with no ice.  I stood up.

Me:  “Where are You, Lord?  Uriel, are you there?”

Just then, Uriel appeared.  He had walked through an open sky and then the sky shut.  In the short time that the sky had been open, I could see thick smoke and movement.  I knew that he had just come from the war.

Uriel:  “While I do not have much time to spend with you today, God has called me to tell you that He is with you.  The enemy and his workers no longer have access to God’s Courts.  This would be similar to a judge giving them his instructions and orders from his bench, but not giving them the paperwork from his decision.

“In other words, the enemy is testing his boundaries and is angry at the perimeters that have now been set up by God.  We are here to enforce the directives made by God, as well as enforce those territories with established borders of entry.  The confusion you are experiencing and are seeing in the physical around you are people with demonic strongholds that just lost contact.  This is why you are seeing such odd behaviors.”

Me:  “Do you mean that this is like they are aliens and that their communication to their ‘mothership’ is down?  Does this mean that the angels of God are confounding and confining the enemy as we speak?”

Uriel:  “Well, yes, it is like what you stated, but there is much more to this.  Erin, there is a plot in place against Israel and the USA.  There is also a plot to assassinate the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia by his critics in order to gain control over Mecca.”

Me:  “Uriel, is the enemy not a ‘united kingdom’?”

Uriel:  “Yes, but there is now a lust for power against common enemies.  These common enemies are the USA and Israel.  However, this is really not a change as it has always been this way.  They seek to remove anyone standing in their way to power over Mecca and over the world.

“You have only to seek those in the UN who are consistently opposed to the USA and Israel to know who is controlling the narrative.  It is unfair as Israel is attacked relentlessly by the UN.  When Israel’s people defend themselves or fight back, they are the ones to be found guilty of crimes.  Do not worry about this though as God has seen the course of the architect of lies.”

Me:  “Hmm, I had thought that the Saudi Prince was likeable and popular with his people?”

Uriel:  “No, Erin.  There is a plot to remove him.  Remember that God had originally separated the nations and confused their language.  Their goal is to reverse this so that the world has only one governing body, one entity.

“There is also a plot to open the borders of both the southern USA and the northern USA, as well as the global waters.  While these are disguised as humanitarian efforts, this too is a lie.  Their secret slogan is ‘Tear down the walls and storm the city’.  ‘Walls’ hinder access and is the reason why they are so hated by the enemy.

“Now, once the Saudi Prince is removed and his family killed, both the oil and Mecca will be controlled by a type of ‘savior of the people’.  You, as a believer in the Lord, are an enemy of the One World Government, a government to be controlled by Islam, the offspring of Ishmael.

“Remember that this is only their plot or plan.  This is not God’s plan as He is the Creator.  Remember that their ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is only in light of God’s Will, NOT ‘their will be done’.  Their control is limited.  Just know that they are seeking the destruction of all that is God’s and all that is good.  They plot evil continuously and call for the death of God’s chosen.

“Now, I must go.  However, do not worry.  Be strong and take courage.  When you begin to see all of this unfold, you are not to be surprised.  While you still have time there, do not be afraid as God is with you and will be with you in an even greater way.  Heaven will be opened to you.  You will be strengthened because of this.  You are loved by the King!”

Uriel then turned and went back up into the sky from where he had come.  As he went up into the sky, the sky opened and he disappeared into the opening.

Dream over…


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