Dream 315 – Uriel and the Pattern of Job in our lives

Received on Friday, December 7, 2018 (Kislev 29)


Dear Father,

I praise You this morning with everything I have.  With my whole heart, I am glad that You are my Father.  I was once forgotten, abandoned and a stain, but You took me in and nourished me with Your Words.  I dedicate this day to You, Father.  I just love You so much.  Thank You!  Thank You for Your goodness and for Your loving kindness!

It is slippery outside today.  The ground is frozen solid and the bare dirt is now covered with ice.  Thank You for helping me to get my girls safely to school.  As we drove this morning, around sunrise, just before the sun shone on the mountainous horizon, a column of bright crimson shot up into the sky.  It looked like a flame!

We stopped to take a photo.  My daughter tried her best to capture the image, but the photos really did not catch the awesome sight that our eyes were seeing.  Even though the lens of the camera filtered the beautiful flame on the horizon, I knew it was a sign from You, Father, so thank You!

My dreams last night were exciting.  My first dream provided more details on my “Wheel of Misfortune” dream as posted in yesterday’s Dream 314…

Sub-dream 1 “The Wheel of Misfortune Revisited” description begins…

I saw the wheel again, but the curses were now hidden under the wedge prizes.  As such, these curses were now hidden to the participants.  The wheel had also changed in that there were now too many partitions or wedges to count.  It previously only had 24 wedges, the same as the real ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

The participants were extremely excited about the various parcels of land that were now on the wheel.  It was all about power and money.  They did not care what could happen to them in eternity.  The hidden cursed wedges were under the wedges that portioned out parts of Israel, Jerusalem and the USA in such horrible ways.

You then showed me that men who quickly run to evil simply cannot contain their excitement over the prospect of harming the innocent.  You then showed me the demonic entities all around this ‘Wheel of Misfortune’.  You then pointed out that, to these participants, it said ‘Wheel of Fortune’.  They somehow could not see the ‘Mis’ part attached to the Fortune.  The ‘Mis’ was missing to them!

I could tell that the demonic realm was very excited that the people around the wheel, including the host, could so easily be manipulated to manifest their demonic entity.  Their demonic entity manifested in them very easily.  Seeing this unfold somehow produced an odd type of shock in me.  It is the type of shock that, when you see it, you think, ‘Oh please let there be a witness to what I am seeing as I cannot believe my eyes right now!’

Sub-dream 1 description over…

Well, Father, You have shown me that this type of demonic manifesting is now occurring in the physical realm all around us here on Earth.  This will be something we will all begin to witness as the hour is very late.  We have even seen these entities manifest in children.  I recently encountered this at a discount thrift store known for its wide selection of costumes.

There was a boy named ‘Conner’ and he was about five years old.  He was looking at costumes and both of his parents were with him.  Conner was wearing a princess costume over his clothes and the parents looked proud.  I could hear them talking together and they were now looking for wigs and princess slippers for him.

I had to do a double take on this as I was having trouble comprehending what was going on.  I then caught Conner looking at me.  He had a very demonic look to him.  It was as if he knew who I was in the Lord and grinned.  Even though I was haunted by his look, I smiled at him and said loud enough for the parents to here, ‘I will see you around, Conner.’

I said this cheerily and made sure that there was no fluctuation in my voice to give away my surprise at his evil stare.  Conner did not look so happy about that either.  His parents were clueless and seemed delighted that I was interacting with their son.  After this, Conner kept his eyes on me.  I waved at him a few times and he looked away each time.  I knew the demonic manifestation did not like that I seemed unphased by this.

Oh Lord, please have mercy!  Seriously?  Father, I never thought I would actually be here to witness all of this.  My husband experienced the same thing last week from a ‘special needs’ boy around the age of fourteen.  He said that the look the kid gave him was so evil that chills instantly ran down his spine.  He too felt led to cover up his surprise by being friendly to the boy and his mom.

Please power us up, Father!  We are going to need the help!!

My next dream was so cool that I could get ‘lost in it’ over and over again if I could.  After I got home this morning, I dropped to my knees and was so thankful to You, Father.  Thank You for my dreams and visions.  What refreshing water they are and they quench my hurting heart.

Sub-dream 2 “A Life Full of Activities” description begins…

I was in Portland, Oregon on a road near Lewis and Clark College.  This road runs through the exclusive area of Dunthorpe and is known as the place with Portland’s ‘Old Money’.  I had driven this road everyday on my way from home in the SW Portland Hills to Lake Oswego where I had two of my businesses.

I was riding a bicycle that had a ridiculous number of items balanced on it.  Even though I was having trouble keeping the bike straight, I kept picking even more things up.  It was not that long before I could no longer stay up and be balanced.  As I simply could no longer ride that overburdened loaded bike down that Dunthorpe Oregon Road, I decided to shove the load off of my bike.

I found a bunch of Trillium plants and pushed my bike towards it, heavy load and all.  Once there, I shoved my load violently into the plants.  The vigor with which I threw these burdens of mine into the plants surprised me, but then I realized just how much I hated this load.  As soon as I did this, I somehow became a tiny toddler again.

I fell to the ground.  At first, I could not move, but then I was on my knees and crawling.  I was so happy to be free from my burdens.  I knew that I was now a tiny infant as I could see that my hands were tiny and I could even feel drool coming from my mouth.  I laughed with glee at my newly found and wonderful freedom.

I then went from crawling to walking.  I had a hard time at first just as most infants do when first using their legs.  I smiled and laughed as I was loving being freed of that heavy load.  I then laughed with glee when I found a tricycle.  As I rode the tricycle, it somehow morphed into a bike with training wheels.

As I could soon ride the bike with ease, the training wheels simply disappeared.  I then went from that to running, biking and swimming.  I then went to my high school days and was cycling, running and dancing, all near the joy of the water near our home in Idaho.  From there, I saw myself doing an even greater extreme of activities.

Then, one day, it all stopped.  I had grown tired.  I then gave myself up completely to God after He had brought me through several years of punishing that broke me.  I saw my Trek Racing Bike parked in the garage.  I saw my running shoes shoved in a corner.  I saw films of my dance performances on VHS tapes, but unable to play them now.

I then saw the last thing my mom had purchased for me thinking that I would soon be back to 100% health.  It was a set of custom Titleist DT irons.  These irons were so good that it was the only time that I could spin the ball backwards.  At the time I was playing in college, it was rare for a woman to be able to do this in golf.

After looking at this for a while in sadness, I felt You reach down and pick me up.  I felt a mighty wind and it went into my lungs.  It was surely the Breath of God.  He then placed my feet on a solid rock and said, ‘Now, Erin!’  I looked up and I saw Open Heaven.  I then looked around and saw others who God had called.

I was so excited that I leaped off of the rock, leaped over another and skipped over another.  I then went to a highway through a valley and began to run.  It felt so fantastic.  I was completely free from pain, stiffness or shortness of breath.  Tears streamed down my cheeks as I thanked God for this gift.

I then looked down at a river and noticed that a scullers boat was waiting for me.  I had always wanted one.  I climbed in and was soon rowing with great precision and speed.  I then came up to a large pool and dove into it.  I was able to keep my breath held underwater for much longer than is humanly possible.  I came to the surface and swam very fast with virtually no splashing.

I then looked over at the peaceful shore and saw a racing bike waiting for me.  I climbed onto the bike and raced like the wind straight up a huge 45-degree angle hill.  Even though the hill was long and impossibly steep, I did not once run out of breath.  I did this with ease.  There was no strain on my body.

The bike soon turned into a wind sail.  I could somehow fly and could see over the entire area with it.  Even though I did not have wings, I could fly!  I stayed up in the air for quite some time and was gleeful.  Just then, a massive eagle came towards me and swept me up onto its back.  I felt so happy and safe there as we glided over the terrain.

Sub-dream 2 description over…

Oh Father, I felt so fantastic in this dream.  It was truly a miracle and gift from You.  I needed this, Father.   I love You!  I love You so much!

I had a dream similar to the above dream in 1999 or 2000, about 18 to 19 years ago, when I was pregnant with my youngest son.  While the scenario illustrated above was similar in ways to this dream, this one was a much better continuation of it and one I enjoyed so much more.  Thank You, Father, for this amazing dream.

I remember even more about my time back then.  I had too much happening.  There were way too many things on my plate and I had a heavy burden.  I was a very good business woman and designer.  I seemed to be well liked by clients.  I had a lot of friends in the church.  I had even designed the remodel of our large church right down to matching choir robes and flower arrangements.

In my businesses, I was cunning and shrewd, but always ethical, particularly with any signed contracts.  I was what you would call a ‘Christian Sinner’.  Why?  I would often times tell white lies in order to keep clients from bothering me and panicking about late shipments.  While I was cagey and stayed within the perimeters of business ethics, I now realize I was out of bounds when it came to Biblical principles.

Even though I did this six days a week, I would then try to make everything ‘right’ at Sunday’s service.  I would cry out for mercy.  I would go down to the altar to ask for forgiveness.  The problem was that, on Monday, the ‘Sinner’s Cycle’ would start again as if I was keeping it hidden from God.  Seriously, it was as if I had left Him at the Altar.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was up on a cleft or butte of a familiar valley.  I saw the harvest taking place there.  I could see that this field was smaller than the massive frozen wheat field I had previously seen and this made me sad.  Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned and it was Uriel.  I could tell that he had come to speak with me from the battle again.

Uriel:  “Erin, I have been sent by God to let you know that He has heard your cries and He knows your pain.  The pattern of those whom God has called can be seen in Job.  You have been tested like Job.  You had lost your monetary wealth.  You were then hit with the grief of painful loss and someone close to you told you to turn from God.

“You did not do so, but then you endured physical punishment and loss of your full function.  While you were dealing with all of this, friends then came to you to remind you of all of the areas where you fell short of God’s blessings and why you were instead being cursed.

“Each of your friends then deserted you.  All you thought you could count on was then lost.  You cried out to God in your pain, sorrow and abandonment!  God heard your cries and He called out to you.  He opened Heavens to you.

“He will now restore all that you have lost.  You will not only receive all that you have lost, but you will receive a double portion!  He has not forgotten you, Erin.  Do not worry.  Be strong and take courage for the Lord is with you.  He will take hold of your right hand and bring you before your enemies, your scoffers.

“Now, Erin, you have found a jewel in the pages of your brokenness just now…”

Me:  “Yes.  I just opened my old Bible, my battle Bible, the Bible that took me over all of my valleys, my tests and my trials.  I cried out to God and marked the days in this book.  However, just this morning, I discovered a Psalm that I did not mark up.  It was never illuminated until today and I am not sure why.”

Uriel:  “Yes, Erin, it is the 144th Psalm and is written for this time.  It is a hidden jewel, as was Psalm 45 to you fourteen years ago.  Now, rejoice, as a hidden mystery is soon to be unearthed.  Rejoice in God, Erin, for He has found favor upon you.  Now, I must go back!”

He turned away and leaped onto his winged horse.  It flew rapidly towards an opening in the sky and then he disappeared.  As I stood there looking up, I knew in my heart yet again that the Lord is my Rock and my Fortress and will always be, from now and to eternity.  Psalm 144 once again came to my mind …

“Blessed be the Lord, my Rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle; He is my Steadfast Love and my Fortress, my Stronghold and my Deliverer, my Shield and He in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples under me.  O Lord, what is man that You regard him, or the Son of Man that You think of him?  Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.

“Bow Your Heavens, O Lord, and come down!  Touch the mountains so that they smoke!  Flash forth the lightning and scatter them; send out Your arrows and rout them!  Stretch out Your Hand from on high; rescue me and deliver me from the many waters, from the hand of foreigners, whose mouths speak lies and whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood.

“I will sing a new song to You, O God; upon a ten-stringed harp I will play to You, who gives victory to kings, who rescues David his servant from the cruel sword.  Rescue me and deliver me from the hand of foreigners, whose mouths speak lies and whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood.

“May our sons in their youth be like plants full grown, our daughters like corner pillars cut for the structure of a palace; may our granaries be full, providing all kinds of produce; may our sheep bring forth thousands and ten thousands in our fields; may our cattle be heavy with young, suffering no mishap or failure in bearing; may there be no cry of distress in our streets!

“Blessed are the people to whom such blessings fall!  Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!”

Dream over…


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