Dream 325 – Jesus takes us back to His Pottery Studio

Finished on Sunday, March 17, 2019

Received on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Sub-dream 1 “The Giant Boulder of Fake Freedoms” description begins…

I saw a massive boulder that the enemy had fashioned for destruction against God’s people of all races.  Before this boulder could be used, God sent an angel with a lightning rod to break the boulder up.  It was like a video game from the 1980s called ‘Asteroids’.  It was first broken up into two, then into four, then into eight and on and on until the boulder was broken up into many tiny pieces.

I then saw several people trying to put the boulder back together.  Since this was something that God Himself had separated, this was delayed until His timing arrived.  He made the pieces behave in a similar manner as trying to put two magnets together in the opposite way.

I then saw the enemy change up his game and add in even more deception.  His goal would now be to increase his efforts to convince people that God was evil and that it was God that had separated this ‘great boulder of love’.  Satan then explained to the people why he had originally fashioned this great boulder…

  • It represented love for the good of all
  • Only the ‘force of unity’ would be able to put it together again
  • To not refashion this boulder would be a direct assault against fellowship and ‘our mutual love for mankind’
  • This boulder would be necessary to protect ‘freedoms for all’

I saw that this boulder, once pieced back together again, would have a list of ‘freedoms’ attached to it.  All of these ‘freedoms’ had something in common; it was implied that they were all part of God’s Will, even though they definitely were not to those with discernment.  The list of ‘freedoms’ was an extensive one…

  • Freedom to choose death over life (abortion, infanticide, euthanasia…)
  • Freedom to love who ever or whatever you please (homosexuality, bestiality…)
  • Freedom to serve ‘the god of true love’ (one of satan’s titles for himself)
  • Freedom to take what someone else has, all in the name of ‘equality for all’ (socialism…)
  • Freedom to sacrifice for the greater good of the Earth (population control…)
  • Freedom to take care of those imprisoned by God’s rules (sin is a myth…)
  • Freedom to roam the lands and see the beauty (open borders…)
  • Freedom to remove hate in any form (especially all of the ‘hateful rules contained in the Bible’)
  • Freedom to say no to opposition (especially towards any opposition from the church)

I saw a plot that was in place from the very beginning of Trump’s presidency.  The plot was to remove any groundwork he had done to heal the land and give opportunity to all.  The enemy had a secret plot to enslave the people, all under the lie that these new rules were part of God’s Will when nothing could be further from the truth.

I then saw God create an Army of His own.  This Army terrified the evil leaders of the lands as it was now destroying the ‘Artificial Eden’ that satan had secretly sought to create.  Wherever His Army went, God’s Truth was revealed.  Wherever His Army went, the people in the lands confessed to their evil and were exposed.  Despite the enemy’s best efforts to destroy His Army, he was unable to.

Sub-dream 1 description over…

Received on Sunday, March 17, 2019


Dear Father,

I love You!  More than anything else, I love You!  I am thankful for all that You have done with me from the beginning up until now and even my future.  However, I am especially thankful for the gift of eternity with You.  Please forgive me for being silent lately, Father, as the last ten days or so have been brutal.  I removed myself from Your presence and others and went inward as wave after wave of attacks came.

While I cried at first, I think I then just went into a type of shock.  In contrast, my husband remained so positive about everything that I sometimes wondered if it was to a fault.  However, I should never complain about his great faith, so I will instead simply shake my head at all that had happened.  This is where I sometimes fail.  I go inward during attacks and search for a reason.  I then go into ‘self-inspection mode’.

When these attacks come one after another, I first try to determine where the initial breech was.  What was the first entry point whereby the enemy had opportunity and with whom?  Well, if they correlate with the dreams I am having, then, typically, they can, and usually do, involve me.  I had a dream about ten days ago or so…

Sub-dream 2 “My daughter in bed with a wound” description begins…

I was sitting next to my daughter on her bed while I was arranging some flowers.  We were talking about various things as I did so.  We had not been sleeping there as we were both in normal clothes, not sleepwear.  It was late morning, close to midday, and the sun was shining.  As we were talking, I noticed that she had a wound.

Sub-dream 2 description over…

This was my initial warning from the Lord that an attack was coming…and not just a small one.  I knew that this was also a warning, not just for my daughter, but also for me, as I was more than just an observer in this dream.  This then affected my ability to rest or sleep peacefully.

Several days prior to this, while I was in a small antique shop in Maine, I had come upon a series of small, extremely old, spelt and bronze boxes.  There was one in particular that caught my attention.  It was very intricate with what looked like either Scottish or Irish engraving.  The woman who owned the shop came over to me.

Owner:  “What you are holding is from the late 1700s, early 1800s.”

The age impressed me and I turned over the item to look at the price.  I was surprised that it was only selling for $10.  I could tell that the owner needed this sale, but I still hesitated a bit.  I normally do not purchase things I know nothing about and I did not know anything about this item I was now holding.

As background, I have some small shelves in my devotional room where I keep antiques.  On them are mostly small porcelain birds from England and Germany.  Most are gently loved and have a great story despite the various small cracks or chips.  There is usually a touch of damage as it reduces the price so significantly that I can afford them, yet the damage is also hard to notice unless you are really looking for it.

I keep all of these items in my devotional room as my husband is a bit of a minimalist and prefers ‘clean, organized and uncluttered’.  While he rationally and logically believed my finds to be ‘cool’ as he loves a great story, I believe he is quite happy that these items are best confined to the shelves of this one room.

Well…and to make a long story short…my empathy for the owner outweighed my hesitation and I soon handed the owner a $10 bill.  I could tell that she was very happy to make the sale.  She then started to pack the tiny item into a small beautiful box.

Me:  “Wow, that is a beautiful box for packing!  Where did you get these boxes from?”

Owner:  “I purchased them from a man who got them from an estate.  They were once used to contain ashes.”

Me:  “Do you mean ashes from a body?”

Owner:  “Supposedly.”

Me:  “That doesn’t make sense.  They normally are in urns or much larger boxes.  Perhaps these were animal ashes as opposed to human ashes?”

Owner:  “Perhaps.  I really have no idea.”

I said goodbye as I left with my reluctant purchase.  I said barely a word as we drove home.  My husband attempted to start a few conversations, but I was in deep thought.  I didn’t take the small box out of the bag.  Once inside the house, it literally stayed next to the entry.  It stayed there for the next few days and was never far from my mind.

I finally told my husband about it and he said I should pray about it and perhaps toss it.  This is where I then made a mistake.  I forgot about it and it remained.  This was my first mistake, a mistake made worse by my dismissal.

My second mistake, though one with great intentions, involved having my daughter’s friend from her worship team come over to our house.  At some point as we were driving my daughter’s friend back home after the visit was over, she started to do something odd.  She started to sing extremely loudly to the Christian music we had on.  It was really awkward, so I discretely turned up the music to drown her out.

There also seemed to be an odd tension between my daughter and her friend.  Once we dropped her friend off at her house, I was finally able to ask my daughter what was going on.  While I will not give any details, it soon became obvious that this girl had a powerful demon.  While it was all confined to this girl, the disturbing things that happened at our house had bothered my daughter greatly.

My daughter and her friend had hung out a bit on her bed watching television and talking, so I felt the Lord tell me that any remnants of this demon was there.  As soon as we got home, we performed a spiritual cleansing.  We felt better and the room once again felt at peace.  However, the attacks on our household were still not over.

My husband and I then received some disturbing emails from someone.  These emails were curses specifically against me and my relationship with Jesus in these dreams.  I was so disturbed by these that my husband and I immediately prayed against this as well.  However, I still had not dealt with the ‘box of ashes’ at my front door.

That night, I was in extreme physical pain.  It felt as if someone was stabbing me in the left side of my torso.  The next day was not much better either.  My husband and I were both unusually exhausted…so exhausted that is was as if we should be in a nursing home.  I even had to use my walking cane for the first time in weeks.  I was in pain and was feeling unstable.

It was obvious that we were still in the middle of an attack.  However, it seemed targeted more at me than anyone else as my husband and my daughter both seemed to now be sleeping well.  Our cleanse seemed to have worked for them, but not for me.  I could not sleep as I could not get comfortable.  I finally dozed off and dreamt…

Sub-dream 3 “The Pale Witches’ Putrid Milk” description begins…

I saw a group of normal looking people.  They were wearing grey and were gathered in a circle.  The ground they stood on was ashen and there was no green growth.  Their faces were pale and sickly.  They had no eyebrows and they had dark circles under their eyes.  There was a flame of fire there, but it was a small flame.

The flame was so small that it could barely heat up the pot of milk that was sitting on top.  As a result, the milk was neither hot nor cold.  They were speaking curses and dipping their bread in this lukewarm milk.  I was invisible to them, so I decided to go over and see the milk for myself.  I leaned over to smell the milk and it was putrid.

Sub-dream 3 description over…

When I woke up from this dream, I finally realized that witchcraft was being used against me.  It was time to go to my devotional chair and find out what the source was.  However, the enemy, anticipating this, was one step ahead.  I was distracted by the sight of my dog Zoey shaking in the corner.  There was blood on the floor mixed with her urine and she was not even coming up to me.

It was last Sunday and all the veterinarians were closed.  I would have to go to an emergency facility.  When I talked to the doctor on call on the phone, she advised that I watch Zoey’s progress to see if she got sicker.  She was and I phoned the doctor again.  She told me that she would meet me at the animal hospital.  She then warned me that an emergency call would be expensive.

As so many here know, when it comes to these furry family members, price is sometimes not seen in an objective manner.  I agreed to this and we went.  I quickly put Zoey in her crate and carried her to the car.  When I went back to grab my purse, I noticed the bag that contained the little ash box.  I had an ‘Oh God’ moment and grabbed the bag.  Zoey was crying as I drove so I prayed to the Lord loudly in the Spirit.

I prayed for Zoey and asked God to forgive me.  As I drove to the veterinarian, I saw a dumpster.  I decided to throw out the ash box with the item in it right then and there.  I first disguised it in a used takeout bag and prayed over it that no evil spirit would come out of it and that no one would find it by accident.  I sealed off any unclean spirits to that box, rebuked it and disposed of it.

I then prayed for Zoey, our car, our household, our family, our finances and apologized to God for allowing this item into our lives.  I was certain that this box, along with having my daughter’s friend in our house, had allowed the breeches in our walls for the enemy to approach.  The cost of warfare was high as the doctor ran test after test and found nothing wrong with Zoey.  It was particularly upsetting to spend $700 that we do not have only to have nothing found wrong.

When I came home and explained the expense and throwing out the box to my husband, he agreed that what I had done were the right decisions.  Thankfully, Zoey has been fine ever since.  However, my attacks were still not over.  Even though I had prayed over everything, the friend was no longer here and I had thrown out the box, another attack came the following day.  It was a brutal one!

I started the car and immediately smelled an odd burning smell.  I thought that perhaps it was only the heater as it was quite cold outside.  I went outside and chipped the ice off the windows.  When the girls and I got in the car together, the smoke smell was now quite intense.  I immediately turned off the car.  We then decided to use ‘the clunker car’ instead.  I took them to school without incident and came back home.

I immediately called the service garage and they sent a tow truck.  They did not think we should drive the car if there was the smell of smoke.  This took a couple of hours though as the tow truck driver got lost trying to find our house.  After later running a diagnostics test, the garage called us.  There was a variety of things wrong with our car:

  • The alternator had short-circuited and was causing the burning smell
  • One of the fuel lines needed to be replaced
  • The accelerator needed to be replaced
  • The blower to our heater was not working properly
  • There was a tail of a wood rat stuck in the engine

Technician:  “Well, that was the bad news.  Do you want the good news?”

Me:  “Yes, I could use some good news!”

Technician:  “I will send you a loaner car at no cost and much of this will be repaired under warranty.”

Me:  “Oh, thank God!”

Technician:  “The bad news is that it will probably take us a couple of weeks to get all of the parts and fix it.”

Me:  “That’s fine.  Please just make it safe to drive again.  Fire scares me.”

Well, there was even more that happened to us during this week, but you now have an idea of some of the attacks we had to endure.

Father, the enemy never stopped and never stops.  However, thank You, Lord, as, by the end of this last week, I started to again feel better.  Zoey is also feeling better and my daughter has been happier.  What did the dream of witchcraft mean?  Oh Lord, please help me!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was immediately at the door of His Pottery Studio.  I was so excited to be here again.  Well, that is an understatement!  I had visited here back in early 2017 and had always looked forward to my return:

  • Dream 232 – The Race and the Potter’s House (January 15, 2017)
  • Dream 233 – Lord, what are You working on? Part 1 (January 22, 2017)
  • Dream 234 – Lord, what are You working on? Part 2 (January 24, 2017)
  • Dream 235 – The Final Glaze, the Bull and the Matadors (January 25, 2017)

In the last of these four dreams, Jesus had told me, “When you come back next (to the Potter’s Studio), I will have put on the final glaze and they will have already been through the kiln.”  Yes, I was VERY excited to be back here again.

The outside of His Studio was beautiful.  The landscape surrounding His Studio was like looking through a Tiffany Glass landscape window.  The door opened and Jesus was standing right there with a huge smile on His face.  I ran into His arms and gave Him a big hug.  He took me over to a stool.  His sleeves were rolled up and He seemed happy to be working on some vessels.

Jesus:  “How are you today, Erin?”

I watched intensely as He formed a beautiful pot from a lump of clay.  He was so skilled, much more so than any artist on Earth.

Me:  “Lord, You are amazing!  Is there nothing You cannot do?  I wish I could throw a pot like You do.  My hands are uneven in pressure and my pottery was lopsided.  Why do You not just command a vessel into being?  Why dirty Your hands?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Do not worry, Erin, My hands are clean.  This is the finest clay Heaven has to offer and it is good.  What fun would there be in just commanding a piece of art into being?  It is the thoughtfulness of the Potter Who creates such a vessel.  As I form the shape, I also form the story.  I become one with the clay in My hands and I create a unique vessel from the clay.”

Me:  Crying.  “Lord, You allowed me to got through the fire so many times.  This happened just last week.  Will You not finish this soon?  Please, Lord, I am tired.”

The Lord looked at me with empathy and stopped spinning the wheel.  In reality, this was perfect timing as He had just completed this particular pot.  He reached for a towel and then placed His hands in a washbasin.  His hands were instantly cleaned.  He then dried His hands and came over to me and hugged me.  I cried even as I write.

Me:  “I love You so much, Lord.  People have said horrible things about me.  I want so much to one day show them that my heart is Yours and it does not think badly about them.  Lord, I was cursed and so was my family.  They even cursed You and I can do nothing.  I am just exhausted.  Will You use me as You promised?

“Will You heal me and help me so I can show others the wonderful Lord, my Potter, how great You are?  Lord, the world is becoming much worse and quickly.  The rise of evil has come.  The first wave of locusts has come upon the land and many of us will be stripped of a voice soon.  Please, Lord!”

Jesus:  “Erin, why are you bothered by so many things?”

Me:  “I don’t really know.”

Jesus:  “I do.  It is because I have placed these things upon your heart.  I have also begun to download knowledge into you.  Can you tell that you are experiencing this?”  He smiled.

Me:  “Well, yes, Lord, actually, yes.  I thought I was having some ‘lucky guesses’ about various things, but now I realize that this is You doing this.  Many times, I am not sure why or how I know, I just do.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I send people your way, both good and bad, so that your knowledge is complete and your wisdom is sharp.”

Me:  “My husband has been reading some of my dreams with You and I just know it isn’t me.  It is You, Lord, granting me wisdom.  On my own, I only have wisdom gained from successes and failures.”  I began to cry.  “I am afraid I have more failures.  I am struggling, Lord.  I am trying to paint and draw, but, without Your healing, I am struggling.  When I was young, I took for granted all of my talents.  I never imagined not being able to do certain things.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Oh Erin, do not worry as your troubles will soon be removed.  I have only a few more pots to finish from this batch of the finest clay of Heaven.  I had to rework some dry dead clay.  You showed up at My final time at the wheel with these pieces.”

He drew my attention to a rack with a wide variety of pots in small to large sizes.  They were about to be glazed and fired.

Me:  “What an unusual batch of pots You have to glaze.  I love Your work, Lord.  Everything turns out so beautiful.  When will these ones be finished?”

Jesus:  “This group will require quite awhile in the firing process.  The kiln is at high heat.  It is not the same process as many of you have been through.”

Me:  “Yes, my firing was several years of heat and glaze then heat again.  I am not sure if I have been finished yet.”

Jesus:  “Actually, Erin, I have finished your vessels.  I have your vessels in a different room with others, but they need My final signature…or seal, if you want to call it this.  As for these pots here, they are different and must go through some temperatures that will eventually perfect their finish.  However, they will still be cracked, marred and imperfect until they finally come out of it.  It will be a shorter process, but an extremely difficult one.”

Me:  “I don’t understand, Lord.  You are the Potter.  You create each one.  Can You not keep them from cracking under pressure?”

Jesus:  “Yes, I can, but this is not how I have chosen to create these ones.  You must trust that I am doing what is best.  Do you trust Me?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”  I let out a sigh.  “It is just that I hate seeing them go into this ‘scary furnace’.”

Jesus:  “They don’t go into a kiln to become ashes here.  If I didn’t put them in the fire, they would not be useful.  Erin, you know this.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  It has burnished me.  I just pray I will be used by You one day!”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, you will be.  There was a firing schedule and a timeline for this.  I told you that I have not sent any new troubles upon you.  All that is coming your way right now is just residual permissions and nothing new.  I have now finished My vessels to be used for My purposes.  Would you like to see them?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord!”  I jumped up and down in excitement.

He reached for my hand and led me to a door.  It was a warehouse with glass shelves and a glass ceiling, an Open Heaven.  I could see a massive wave of light.  I saw Jesus wave His hand.  I was in complete and utter awe.  I saw the most beautiful vessels I had ever seen in my life there.  The colors were incredible.  Just then, a light shined like the sun and illuminated them.  They were almost transparent, like glass, and the insides of each glowed like gold.

Me:  “Oh Lord, they are so beautiful.  They look like glass, even though I saw You throw them like pottery.  How is this even possible?”

I was still in awe and began to cry tears of happiness as I walked down the rows.  While each of the vessels were different, they were all equally beautiful.  I saw one that stood out to me.  It was golds, greens, blues, fuchsias and gold iridescent.

As I looked even closer, I could see moving pictures!  I saw flowers blossoming, butterflies and little birds flying, clouds floating and on and on.  The scene changed as I turned it in my hands.  It was amazing.  As I stared at it a bit longer, I could somehow see emotions in it…compassion for children, the lost, the poor and more.  I gasped…

Me:  “Lord, this is my vessel!  This is mine, right, Lord?  It is like the painting of Creation on the ceiling in Your Home that moves.  I have never seen anything like this.  It is beautiful.  It is so beautiful.”  Tears of happiness were streaming down my cheeks.

Jesus:  “Do you like it, Erin?”

Me:  “Yes, it is perfect.”  I good-naturedly looked at the bottom of the vessel.  “Well, almost perfect.”  I laughed.  “You still need to sign this.”  He laughed.  “Oh Lord, it is the most amazing piece of art I have ever seen in my life.”  I then looked at all the vessels that surrounded me.  “There are thousands here.”  I did a quick mental invoice.  “Perhaps there are over 100,000?

“Lord, this is just so amazing!  These vessels thrown by Your hands are not just pottery, but also have features like a movie, an autobiography and a painting all in one.  This is a miracle!”  I looked at Him and jokingly nudged Him.  “With so many, I am worried that it will take You a long time to sign all of these, sealing them as Yours.”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “No, Erin, it won’t take long at all.  This is the easy part and can be finished with just the wave of My hand.”

Me:  “Oh, please wave Your hand!  Please!”  I was jumping up and down in excitement again.

Jesus:  Still laughing.  “Do not worry, Erin, as the time of My Army is soon to come.  As surely as I care for My sparrows, I will also care for these to pour out water upon a thirsty land.  Do not worry.”

Me:  “Lord, each one of these vessels are so incredibly beautiful.  Will You be giving us a copy of these for us to enjoy for eternity?”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Oh Erin, this has already been done for you.  Do not worry.  Now, try to find joy.  In just a short while, I will take you out of the quiver, My quiver, and use you.  You will soon go from sitting on a shelf and waiting to displaying mighty deeds in My Name.  All of you will work together and your presence will not be replicated by anything made by the hands of man.”

Me:  “This would be impossible for man.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but it is not impossible for My hands.  I will also be with you.  Not only will I be in you, but I will work through you in all that you do.  However, you will not fully understand this until it is time.  There will be no contrary thoughts to My instructions.  There will be nothing able to break you.  Everywhere I send you, they will say ‘God has sent these by His Own hands for His Own purposes under Heaven’.  You will display awesome deeds.  Now rejoice, Erin, as this room is complete and there is now only My signature left.”

I went over and hugged Him.

Me:  “Lord, if people only knew how amazing You are and all You have done because You love us and have never given up on us.  Well, there would be so many here.  If they could see what You have done from the beginning to the end, they would know how great You are.  If they saw what You have prepared for us, they would have no words.  I love You, Lord.  So many love You, Lord.  You love us.  Look at what You have done here.  With Your hands, my name is written on the palm of Your hand.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “I love you, Erin.  I love all those here that I have called and many more.  Sadly though, not everyone looks for Me.  Not everyone sees Me as you do.  Do not worry about this as they will all soon know who I am, okay?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  I was once like them until You called me.”

Jesus:  “Erin, you are not here to solve problems unless I call you to.  You are here to see, learn and write that which I direct, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Now, do not worry.  Rejoice, Erin, rejoice, as your wait has come to a close.”

He hugged me and kissed the top of my head.

Dream over…

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