Dream 327 – Jesus and the Shaking of the Wicked

Finished on Sunday, March 24, 2019

Received Friday, March 22, 2019


Dear Father,

I love You!  Please forgive me for being anxious today.  I am scared.  I have been so exhausted recently, it is as if I woke up suddenly from a deep sleep and I cannot seem to awaken fully.  While mornings can be especially tough, my time driving with my daughters in the morning is priceless.  Every day is different.  The conversations are sometimes funny, sometimes serious and sometimes just plain orchestrated by You.

We set off in the mornings with a prayer for protection and a blessing over them.  I do this as I realize that, once they are out of the door of our car, they are away from me.  Thankfully, Father, You are always with them.  As per usual, we listened to Christian music this morning.  I could tell the girls were enjoying the worship songs, so I purposely drove slower to allow for a longer special time of communion.

Lately, we have had some worries in our home.  While we trust that God will provide, we have increased the making of pancakes, grilled cheese and hotdogs as they are more affordable choices for feeding a family of seven.  Even so, everything is so expensive now.  I never thought I would see the day when fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, bread, eggs and meat were almost more expensive than eating out.  It is ridiculous.

Things are so inflated now.  I remember that my grandparents would read the specials for the week at the IGA, Albertsons and a few other markets.  They would have conversations about a brown bag of groceries costing $5 and how expensive that was.  I remember my grandpa holding up a cantaloupe and saying ‘I refuse to pay more than 30 cents for this.’

I remember going to Albertsons when they had a fabulous bakery.  They had the most amazing variety of cookies on the planet…at least for how it was in the 1960s.  Cakes were different though.  You had to make these yourself.  One day, however, they started offering a baked cake, undecorated, for $2.  My mom thought that this was ridiculously expensive compared to what she could make it for.

Flash forward to today.  That $5 grocery bag now costs between $20 to $50, depending on the size of the bag and the contents.  The prices are higher today…a bag of apples $8, milk, eggs, butter, bread and avocadoes $5 each and a cantaloupe $3.  You can save some money if you drive to different places for their specials, but the high cost of fuel eats into these savings quickly.

Father, how are people going to survive out there without You?  When money is not as readily available, adjustments are made.  It is becoming worse.  Prices are not decreasing.  I remember when I was young, the difficulties my mom would have to feed us.  We qualified for welfare and had food stamps, but people would treat us like dirt when we would use them.  People would say horrible things about us.

Father, a time like this is coming again.  I will need to bake my own bread and buy fewer and fewer processed items.  When Zoey was sick two weekends ago, the veterinarian encouraged us to give her a vegan diet made of soy protein to prolong her life.  I laughed and told her that this was bioengineered food and that I will not buy it if I cannot pronounce the first five ingredients.  While I knew she disagreed, she stopped pushing.

Received Sunday, March 24, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for spring.  Thank You for all You have done.  We are blessed beyond measure.  Father, I am scared about our future.  My heart breaks for the horrible state of the world.  It is so disgusting.  There are Muslims silencing the world, yet they themselves are not silent.  This is a scary time to have Christian opinions.

There are women fighting for the right to kill a child even if it is after a full pregnancy.  They want to be able to decide to revive the baby or not just upon the birth.  This is sickening and my heart breaks.  Then there are those in the news that are forced to lie.  The news then lies to the people.  We are seeing an uptick in demonic activity.  Simply bizarre and heinous things are happening, including the torturing of innocent children.

There is widespread hate.  Those in Hollywood and other areas flaunt themselves.  They are lovers of themselves and they display this openly.  Their suggestive wardrobes are disgusting.  Father, there is also one story of the torture of a young girl that made me cry.  I cannot get it out of my head.  If You do not strengthen us soon, I will surely not make it.  I won’t!  I am undone, Father.

I don’t want to leave the beautiful garden and the Altar.  How can we ever make it here without You?  Father, I am scared for all of those who love You.  Our children, the vulnerable, all of us are looking for a hero…we have this in You!  Evil continues to accelerate.  It is accelerating so quickly, it cannot be ignored anymore.  It is so bad now.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Jesus met me at our path. He smiled at me.

Me:  “Lord, You are not to see me before the ceremony!”

Jesus:  “It seems the one I love needs Me. What wins…love or tradition?”  He smiled.  “Erin, I know you are scared.  I know your heart breaks for the lost.  Grace is with Me, Erin.  I have her.  Do not worry, I have her.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.  Thank You.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I love you.  Now, let’s speak about justice.  I had you recently purchase a statue of blind justice.  However, did you notice that her sword of truth is gone and so are her scales?  The world does not want the reminder of what truth is and what is justice because there is neither right now.”

Me:  “Was it You that sent this statue my way?”

Jesus:  “Well, yes, as this represents the true state of the world right now.  Not one is looking for Me unless I have called them to do so.  Erin, the moment of the raising of the dead dry bones, the hope of Jacob, the wonder of My majesty and the times of truth are here.  However, there will be opposition as no one likes truth that exposes their lies.  These things had to come first or else there would be confusion.  By doing it this way, this will draw a clear line and picture of who I am…

  • I am not passive and idle
  • I am not weak and powerless
  • I am not removed and uncaring
  • I am not going to allow the enemy to prevail for much longer

“Erin, My saints are crying out to Me day and night, asking ‘When, Lord, when?  When will You avenge us?’  I see the evil.  It is perverse and continues to crawl across the hidden recesses of the land.  Once there, it destroys everything in its path.  It is like bacteria or mold.  Not only do these individuals have this on their clothing, continuing the spread of the mold, but they do not see it or treat the problem.

“These spaces, or recesses, and individuals are unclean.  There is no cure until the time this defiled land is made clean by fire.  These conditions, if left untreated, destroys everything it comes in contact with, understand?  Do not entertain this for a moment and be careful not to allow it to captivate you.

“If you do not let your dogs jump up on the furniture when they are muddy, why would you let your neighbor’s dog do the same?  Do not allow this, Erin.  Do not even let the dog in!  Do not be polite about it.  They expect you to be passive because you are Mine, yet they would be the opposite against you.  Do not give them your oil!”

Me:  My shoulders drooped and I suddenly felt down.  “Lord, this doesn’t sound like You will be changing us soon.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, this is not true.  I just wanted to instruct you to stand and not allow the wicked to make you downcast.  Do not allow your neighbor access to that which I have made clean.  You have prepared yourselves, your homes and your children…all for Me.  However, the enemy seeks to destroy your joy.  Your neighbor seeks your destruction and longs to rob you of your priesthood.  Soon, Erin…yes, very soon…the wicked around you will flee at your sight.

“Right now, you are seeing the sudden rise of the wicked.  There seems to be no organization or order.  While it is predictable, it is still a shock to you when you see it.  It is like a small spark that creates a wildfire.  Do not worry, Erin, as I am God over all of this.  The wicked will not prevail much longer.  There is a war in the heavenlies and the angels of God are at war.”

Me:  “I really believe I can feel this now.  It somehow feels heavy in the atmosphere.  It is unnerving.  There are natural disasters and manmade events.  It is unpredictable.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Well, this is actually predictable.  Is it not written in My Word that there will be signs?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  First the earthquakes, famines, natural disasters, wars and rumors of wars, nation against nation, and then the ‘Great Earthquake’?”

Jesus:  “Yes, but think of the ‘Great Earthquake’ as perhaps being something else, something unexpected, something that will shake the world.  Erin, I will send those I have called to shake the nations.  What does an earthquake do?  It humbles the heart of a man, but usually only momentarily.  They then soon return to the business of wickedness because they have no fear of Me.  They then declare with their lips, ‘God does not see this and knows not of my wickedness.’

“This is why I will instead send another type of quake.  Hearts and bodies will shake.  You will say to a mountain ‘fall into the heart of the sea’ and it will be done by your faith.  You see, Erin, the world has only had a glimmer of these miracles.  Others have risen up and said ‘follow me as I speak to those whom are dead.  My powers come from the laying of my body on their graves.’  They instead are speaking with the enemy.

“Others claim that I now endorse sin because 2000 years has lapsed since I was here last.  They then claim that My words and convictions therefore no longer have any meaning.  They claim that I now accept the marriage of men with men, the rape of children, the lust of the eyes and the coveting of your neighbor.  Do not forget that there are also those who rewrite My Words to accept adultery, killing, lying and stealing.

“Erin, I am the same yesterday, today and for eternity.  I do not contradict Myself.  God’s Commandments are good.  These bring life.  I came to set free those held captive by the punishers of the meek.  These punishers have accepted sacrifices to other gods, ‘gods’ such as mammon.  These punishers twist My Words and dishearten the weak.

“I came to give life eternal, raise the dead and cut down the wicked ‘keepers of the law’, the hypocrites.  This is what you are now witnessing…the lies, the love of hearts that have grown cold and the evil manifested in man.  Now, I have been instructing you while you sleep about what is to come and what you will observe.  When you come upon certain people I send into your path, you will be instructed by Me to do one of three things:

  • You will do nothing at all and leave
  • You will stay and serve as a witness
  • You will act with precision and allow Me to work through you

“I know it has been difficult to witness the accelerated rise of evil, but I am here.  I have led you to witness it so you are aware of events.  You will soon see evil and will know its works.  I will then call you to stop it in front of witnesses.  Erin, not all in the Bridal Chamber had their oil ready and waiting.  Many had left to find some, understand?”

Me:  “I think so.”

Jesus:  “Erin, no one will rob you of what I will do with you.  I have called you.  I will send help.  You will have no worries.  Your debts will be removed and you will dine at the King’s Table.  Now, rejoice, as I have you.”  He reached over and hugged me.

Me:  Crying.  “Soon, Lord.  Please let this be soon!  I have not been well.  We no longer have any income from my husband.  While he enjoys working and has tried many different avenues to find employment, nothing has opened up for him yet.  We cannot survive on what I bring in.  There are seven of us here and…”

Jesus:  “Erin, I will take care of you.  I will not allow you to fall.  Erin, you are My Scribe and I will pay for your expenses and grant you a wage.  You need only to wait on Me.  I have always provided for you and I will not leave you now, understand?  I send help and will do abundantly more for those who bless you.  Those who bless you, I will bless.  Erin, do not worry.  Continue to worship Me with your whole heart.  Sing praises to your Groom, your Lord who loves you.  Your rejoicing makes Me rejoice too.  Do not worry, Erin, as the shaking is about to begin.”

Me:  “Lord, why does it seem like earthquakes are occurring everywhere except for California?  Earthquakes seem to happen everywhere but there.”

Jesus:  “There will soon be shaking there unlike anything the world has ever seen.  I know the wickedness of the land.  I do not turn a blind eye nor do I forget their deeds ‘done in secret’.  Just wait for it as I will soon send My Army to shake the nations.”  He smiled as He pointed towards me.

“One day soon, there will be a great celebration in Heaven for all that I have done from beginning to the end.  Now, do not worry, Erin, as in just a little while…even in the blink of an eye…”  He smiled as He looked into my eyes.  He then laughed when I blinked my eyes several times in an exaggerated fashion.  “…and, yes, very soon…all will change!”

He reached over and hugged me.

Dream over…

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