Dream 328 – God and the miracles at Golan Heights

Finished on Thursday, April 4, 2019

Received Saturday, March 23, 2019

My husband and I had corresponding mini-dreams with ‘dates’ last night:

My mini-dream

I was waiting for my ‘date’ (meaning both the date of the Transformation and my ‘date’, Jesus).  I was in the most beautiful gown.  It was intricately beaded and would cost a fortune on Earth.  I looked around, but there was no one around except for a stranger I did not recognize.  I went up to him.

Me: “Excuse me, but where is everyone?”

Stranger: “They are at the basketball tournament.”

My husband’s mini-dream

I had a folded piece of paper in my hand.  I heard a voice tell me to unfold it and look inside. It contained a single sentence…

“The Hammer of the Agagites – April 9th”


We did not know that these two mini-dreams fit into each other until we looked up the dates for the basketball tournament, the only one of which we could think of.  March Madness, the huge NCAA basketball tournament, already began on March 19th and ends on April 8th, the day before ‘The Hammer of the Agagites’ on April 9th.  Note that Haman was an Agagite and that Haman was a ‘Hammer’ and an ‘Agagite’.

Received morning of Thursday, April 4, 2019

Prelude:  A close friend of mine was preparing for demonic warfare.  After telling me what was going on, I prayed about it and received an unexpected reply from the Holy Spirit.  The following is my email reply to my friend.

Response (with edits):  All of God’s chosen warriors are currently in a holding pattern.  This means that there are no great miracles nor are there any great troubles right now.  The troubles remaining here today are only from those troubles based on old permissions from the enemy.  However, there are also no great chains being broken either.  Why?

This is because there is a great movement of the Spirit of God that will soon take place.  As the demons and evil minions also know this is soon to come, there is a great war in the Heavenlies right now.  The entities here know ‘The Great Time of God’ is at hand.  So, what does the enemy do in war?  They hold their ground no matter what.

There is also a huge uptick in suicides right now.  Why?  Because it’s effective.  However, killing the host causes a problem.  The entities then have no place to go.  So, right now, they are taking a stronghold position.  A caged animal (or a demon in this case) kicks and screams and roars.

Given these limitations, how are we to stop this?  The answer is surprising.  Simply put it to sleep!  Yes, I know it seems silly, but put it to sleep in its ‘attic place’.  In the times we are in right now, deliverance is both rare and ineffective.  However, caging the entity by binding it also has its own problem.  The entity still functions verbally in the host’s ‘upper room’ (a person’s brain).

So, what are we to do for right now then?  We are to pray that the enemy be put to sleep.  I believe that this is 1 Samuel 26. Right now, and until God’s kingdom warriors are called for battle, we are not to engage unless God gives us specific instructions to do so.  This means that it will be so clear that you will not question it.

There is a reason that we are to wait until activated.  While we are now fully armed and ready to go, we are not to run ahead of our Commander, Jesus.  If you do, the enemy will know your position and this will open the gates to trouble.  Even then, you are not to worry as, thanks to God’s power and love for us, this too will pass (smiles).

You are to pray for the enemy to sleep!  This is working for a situation I am in right now.  Just keep praying for the enemy to be ‘drugged’ by the angels with Heavenly tranquilizers to keep them asleep, rendering them tired and ineffective.  Then when the shout of God comes, we will all take down these sleeping tigers.  However, until then, we are not able to do anything else during this period of our ‘holding pattern’.

This next part is personal direction from Erin regarding her close friend’s dream on this:

While the Lord showed you this situation in your dream, He did not give you directives.  What He did give you were observations on the way things are operating.  I will pray for a deep sleep to come over the enemy’s strongholds in your …’s life.  There is a repeating pattern to what you see.  It is like an escalator going up and down in her brain.  Be strong, my friend, and understand that, even though this seems to go against some of what we were taught in demonic warfare, it is still perfectly God as it is specifically based on the unusual times that we find ourselves in today.

Received early afternoon of Thursday, April 4, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day.

I immediately heard the Voice of God speaking to me as I sat in my devotional chair writing my opening prayer.  As you can see, I wrote very little (seven words in total) before God started to speak.

God:  “Be still, Erin, be still.  I am with you.  To the north of Galilee is Philippi.  The angel appointed there will now be sent your way.  I am shifting strategically.  Do not worry as the time of My Kingdom is soon to come.  The time of Heaven made visible on Earth is now.  Do not listen to directives other than Mine.  You will soon feel a shift in your Spirit.  You will need to rest and I will instruct you there.  You are only to engage the enemy when I call you to.  Do not move outside of the perimeters I set.  Now, I have given you markers to frame the time you are in.”

Me:  “Father, are You removing angels from the north of the Sea of Galilee, as well as from the Golan Heights?  Is war coming any day?  I heard Bad Moon Rising this morning (by CCR).  You called me to look at the date of the release of this apocalyptic song.  It was released in April 1969.  We are now exactly 50 years from this release.  Father, there are no accidents when it comes to You.  What is about to happen?”

God:  “Trust in Me, Erin.  A long time ago, I showed you a Risk game board with troops.  This is not unusual.  This property in Israel is greatly sought after and the subject of debate.  Nine princes have come after it.  They will soon attempt to take it back.”

Me:  “Are You referring to the Golan Heights?”

God:  “Yes, Erin.  This is the wilderness…this is My land.”

I suddenly and unexpectedly drifted off to sleep.

Sub-dream 1 “Five Glass Lilies” description begins…

I was looking over five long stem glass lilies.  They were stunning and not of this world.  I had a beautiful vase.  At the base of this vase was a glass plate with holes specifically designed to hold these ‘cut’ glass flowers in their place.  This vase with glass plate is referred to as a ‘frog’.  I very carefully, one at a time, placed the lilies in the vase.

Sub-dream 1 description over…

A gust of wind rattled my window and woke me up.  I looked at the clock and noted that I had slept for 15 minutes.  I instantly remembered that I was still speaking with God.

Me:  “Father, what of these glass flowers?  These were so beautiful and intricate.  I have never seen lilies like these before!”

God:  “Erin, I am giving you bits and pieces of a greater picture.  Now, where was the Sermon on the Mount?”

Me:  “Oh, where Jesus fed 5,000 people?  The miracles…the Lord’s miracles!”

God:  “Yes.  However, I am also giving you lessons in geography, time and patience.  You dreamt of five glass lilies.  These were fashioned after lilies that die after being cut.  They are beautiful, but then they are gone.  With glass flowers, they do not wither and die.  You are able to enjoy them forever.  Now, perhaps this is a greater mystery yet to unfold.  There is the land of miracles, the birth place of these.  However, there is more to this.  I have called angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”

Me:  “The glass lilies…the five of them…do they represent something that is about to be broken?”

God:  “Hmm, you did not break them nor were they chipped, broken or flawed to begin with.  They are not about to be destroyed.  They represent My splendor, My love for you.  These are a gift and something wonderful you will soon display.  Now, not all things are doom and gloom there.  Spring is the season of restlessness, blossoming and new beginnings.  The trees are waking up from their winter’s sleep and fragrances now fill the air.  Now arise, Erin, and rejoice, for I have given you a great gift.”

Dream over…

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