Dream 340 – Jesus and the Great Division

Received Sunday, July 7, 2019


Dear Father,

I love You!  Thank You for another day, a day closer towards Heaven.  I give thanks to You in all things.  You sustain us through Your miracles.  We should be without means by now, but, day-by-day, You send help; enough to last one more week.  You are handfeeding us as baby birds and we are fully reliant on You.  My husband has never been through this before.  He has always had work and savings.

With me, I am a seasoned veteran of the ebb and flow of bills and the buying and the selling.  Well, Father, I don’t like it.  It is not an enjoyable ride for me.  It is not me personally, but rather it is my family.  There are now more no’s than yes’s, more maybe’s than definitely’s.  However, there is this…through this crash course in humility, our entire household has learned that God is in complete control of our destinies.

I cannot tell You how many times we have made plans and prayed for this job or this opportunity.  Every time, Father, the door has been supernaturally shut.  My husband has sent out hundreds of résumés, but has only received small nibbles.  Our kids the same.  Doors slammed shut.  It has only been quite recently that we have finally seen some movement.  At least there have been many signs and wonders during the wait.

For my husband, a perfect number came up related to an important transaction (888).  He prayed for it in advance and then the numbers came.  We then spotted a double rainbow on the same day.  Several of our children have also received prophetic dreams recently.  Then the next morning, there was a white flower sitting on the middle of the hood of our car.  We both laughed and took the flower inside the car with us.

After this, we drove into town to run some errands.  It was a very hot day.  After about six hours of being out and about, we arrived back home.  By this time, the little flower had been completely smashed and wilted.  I took it upstairs thinking that I would press it or preserve it somehow.  In the meantime, I placed it in my small communion cup, which still had a small amount of water in it.

Well, wouldn’t you know!  The flower was soon completely full, perfect and back in full bloom.  I took photos and called my husband over to see what I saw.  We were in shock as the flower had definitely been on ‘death’s door’.  It was truly a miracle.  There have been others too, but this one was super special to both of us.  You have also blessed us financially.  I have been worried each time we spend money, but You then send relief.

This relief usually comes within the hour and in the amount we just spent.  It provides me with such comfort, so thank You, Father.  I will put $50 of gas in the tank and then You send us a similar amount right back.  I feel like You are handfeeding us like baby birds.  However, we have still been waiting for a significant door to open.

Well, it now seems as if a door has presented itself.  My husband has found a job he is perfect for and the position is one this company has specially created.  The preliminary interview is on Tuesday afternoon, so we are praying to You, Father, that this is the position for him.  If not, we will pray that it is at least the beginning of many more open doors.  Job seeking without any positive response can be so disheartening.

Although this lesson in humility has been valuable, it is a difficult long-term lifestyle.  I never want to wish my experiences on my husband and his kids for the long-term.  Father, You know our hearts and we know that the refining fire is precious to You.  The furnace of affliction is Your way of saying, ‘I know this is extremely uncomfortable, but trust Me, I am with you and I will bring you out of this furnace.’  So, Father, please, please bring us out.

Our youngest leaves for Bible Camp today.  She is gone for the week.  We are so excited for her.  Jeff and I had a trip planned to Nova Scotia last week, but, with my surgery and other factors, we just didn’t feel justified in taking this trip.  Sigh…someday, Father.  In the meantime, my daughter and youngest son are still in Washington State with their father.

After all these years and all the evidence, my enemy still tries to change history.  He always states that he has new and compelling evidence against me, but he never actually produces it even when requested over and over and over.  He outraged me so much last week that I decided to call the District Attorney’s Office in Oregon.

Oregon is where we experienced the majority of our troubles.  The DA pulled up our case while I was on the phone.  After looking at it, they decided to open it back up and its in review.  While I am sure this will still be a ‘closed door’, I pray that they will at least take a long look at the old evidence in their possession and give me some closure.  My enemy has even now admitted that he did this to me to my youngest son last week.

When I told the DA of his confession, he found it of great interest.  Still, and honestly, it seems like only truly evil people seem to be free from criminal prosecution these days.  It is the innocent who have to prove their case.  Father, You know what happened over 14 years ago.  Please shut the mouth of this liar or at least put the fear of You into his heart.  Thankfully, this is the last time my daughter has to see him by law.

After this, we are finally free!  Until then, please, Father, have mercy on us.  Please consider my request.  My son even stood up to him for the first time this week and so did my daughter.  I am both proud and scared for them.  My husband has to remind me constantly that You are in control of all things, including their safety.  I then remember Mary as she had to watch helplessly as her Son, You, was beaten and scourged.

Imagine then having to watch You walk with the cross and then be nailed to it.  She witnessed all of this and did so right to Your very last breath.  How she endured this, I do not know.  I do not know.  Father, You must have strengthened her supernaturally.  I know that there is really no comparison of this to what I am going through.  However, this still reminds me that we are small and that You have us.

I am a vessel used for Your work.  I am at the pleasure of Your service, not mine.  It took many years of trials to finally understand that surrendering this life to You doesn’t guarantee our own personal comfort.  Far from it.  However, what it does do is guarantee our deliverance.  Whether we see it here in this life or not until we arrive Home in Heaven, we will be delivered.  ‘In this life, we will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world (John 16:33).’

One other sign I have been watching and waiting for is the earthquakes in California.  Father, this is huge.  Please protect Your people, Lord, those You have called, but shake the rest.  Forgive me for asking for this, but I am struggling with their defiance against You and other Christians, as well as Your laws.  It is horrible.

Father, I am heartbroken right now over the disappearance of the momma rock chuck and her babies.  A very large male rock chuck with a black face has now taken over their territory.  I am not sure if he killed them or just drove them away, but they are gone.  The last time I saw them, the two babies were shaking.  They both ran up to my feed tray and looked to me for protection.

When the big chuck arrived, the babies scattered and I haven’t seen them since.  It seems to be somewhat analogous to what my own children are experiencing.  Sigh…all I know is that I miss them.  I look for them, but they are gone.  Their joy, security and innocence were all taken.  While I know these are wild animals and therefore not the same, they are still Yours, Father, and it is still hard.

I miss them, both my children and the rock chucks.  The rock chuck babies were too small to leave their mother permanently, so I pray that You protect them from the many predators.  Perhaps You could even have them return here someday?  I know my children are coming back and I am so grateful, but I want the chuck family back too.

Thankfully, I still see Patches offspring from her small litter.  I can tell it is them because their fur is in patches, just like their mom.  I know these are just red squirrels, but I just love them.  I miss the joy of these animals being glad to see me.  Even though I know they just look at me as a food source, I still miss them.  I know I am being a baby on this, Father, but I just found so much joy in these little things.

I cannot wait for Heaven, the only Place where there is no more worry, no more insecurity and no more fear.  We will live in Paradise there with You and our joy will be complete and overrunning.  I cannot even imagine just how perfect it will be.  Even though I have described Heavenly Places in these dreams, I know that I have only seen but a tiny fraction of all that You have in store for us once we finally come Home.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in the vineyards again.  It was the morning and the sun was rising from what seemed to be the East.  The large bunches of grapes on the vines were glowing like colored jewels in the sunrise.  The fragrance was intoxicating, amazing and unlike anything on Earth.  I noticed the faint smell of woodsmoke in the air.  The air felt like fall for some reason.

I looked once again at the vineyard grapevines.  The leaves had suddenly turned to full colors.  There were beautiful purples, golds, oranges and reds.  I reached out and plucked a beautiful glowing rose colored grape from the vine.  It was as sweet as candy and so juicy, again unlike anything on Earth.  Here, fruit does not have to be washed before eating.  This grape was a late grape, the late grape harvest.

I looked around for the Lord, but I could not see him.  I picked up my dress hem and began to run down the rows.  I could see workers harvesting with the angels in the distance.  I saw the beautiful blossoming archway to the aspen grove.  The leaves had changed, but they were still fully alive.  Nothing was sleeping.  I ran as fast as I could towards the archway.  I called out for the Lord.

Me:  “Lord, my Lord, where are You?”

As I cried, tears were streaming down my cheeks.  I bent over and dropped to the ground to weep some more.  I soon felt a hand on my back.

Jesus:  “I am here, dear one, I am here.”  He brought me up to my feet and held me.  “Why are you crying, Erin?”

Me:  “Lord, You already know before I even answer.  Nothing is far from You.  Nothing.”

Jesus:  “Do not be afraid, Erin.  Do not fear what your eyes see.  Do not be afraid for I Am who I say I Am and there is no other.  Is this not beautiful here?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, but the promise of spring is gone.  Now it is summer and what I am seeing here in Heaven even looks a lot like fall.  Lord, these seasons come and go, but Your promises remain.  When, Lord, oh when can this harvest begin?  When will we finally see Your miracles on Earth manifest?  Has the ‘Great Shaking’ already begun?”

Jesus brought me out from His chest so that He could look me in the eyes.  In His eyes, I could see deep blue green.  However, and more than that, I could see a great separation, a divide, a ravine, made by a mighty river.  On one side, I saw abundance, a harvesting of epic proportions.  There was so much to harvest that there were not enough workers to take in all of the harvest.

On the other side, I saw fire, burning, decay and all things barren.  There was no green life, only famine.  I saw punishment, but still nothing.  I saw lightning strikes, but still no life.  I saw the ground shaking, but nothing.  Not one person, despite all of the strikes, turned towards God for answers.

Me:  “Lord, what am I seeing?  The other side reminds me of when a person has a heart attack and paramedics place electric paddles on the body to restart their heartbeat.  All I see here is a straight line.  There is no heartbeat.”

Jesus:  “Erin, what I have shown you is soon to occur.  By warning you in advance, you will not be surprised when you see Me call out and there is no response.  Though I will send strike after strike to see if there is anyone who would cry out, instead there will be only cursing, then silence.  However, on the other side, there is abundance, those who have made the great crossing…”

I was then shown ‘the lost’ crossing the great divide through the raging river.  On the other side, I could see workers of God helping those who crossed to shore.  Once up and out of the steep ravine, they were met with a massive celebration.

Jesus:  “Erin, see, this is the ‘Great Harvest’.”  He brought my attention back to the vineyards behind us.  “You are one of My harvesters.  Remember, with these grapes, the time is short.  The Vineyard Owner checks the state of the grapes very early each morning.  Quietly, and behind the scenes, plans are made.  The call is then made and the harvesters are called up.

“They are the chosen group selected by the Owner to be sent to perform a difficult work.  Who is chosen?  Not always who you would expect.  I instead select those harvesters that can bring in My harvest while withstanding extreme conditions.  There will be changes in temperature, humidity and terrain in every time of day.  These are the ones that are adaptable to all of the varying degrees of circumstances.”

Me:  “Well, Lord, as it stands today, I cannot do this.  While my heart wants to and I am willing, I am not physically adaptable to different terrains and circumstances, let alone the heat and humidity.  While I feel inadequate as I am, I suppose that I could still cheer others on.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Oh Erin, no, no, you will be a harvester, do not worry.  However, and even more so, you will run this entire portion of My vineyard, along with some others that I have called.  Do you not yet know who you are and what I have called you for?”

He looked me in the eyes and I once again saw myself in His eyes.  What I saw myself doing was impossible.  How I saw myself now appearing was impossible.  I was young and strong again.  I had no fear.  I, along with those whom He had put me in charge of, were protected under the authority of God.  At first, I could see large portions being harvested and many coming to God.  However, as time went on, it was more and more difficult to find those who would turn to God.

Me:  “I see a very difficult end to the harvest.  There are grapevines harvested in large bundles of grapes at first, but then not much is left.  I see that we then go back and forth through the rows until each one is discovered and brought in.”

Jesus:  “Now you understand!  Erin, you are not qualified by the world’s standards, but, with Me, you are well-qualified.  Those that I have called in for assignments like this have had dreams from an early age of being abandoned with no hope, no one to come for them.  However, Erin, I will come for them.  I will come for those who I call.  I will come for those who cry out.  They will be heard by Me.  I send help from My Sanctuary.

“Erin, your heart is ready.  You have expectations that I have placed upon you.  These are good.  You are now once again discouraged by things such as seasons as the days continue to come and go.  However, I have plans.  I have completed a long and good work.  Just know that I keep My plans discrete as I examine the grapes.  Each day, I examine them for their readiness, their fullness of heart.  I will then call out at the perfect time so that none are lost to the surrounding conditions or elements.

“Do you understand, Erin?  I first call My angels, then I call My managers or foremen and then the workers are called.  All are called very quickly as these are harvested in a shorter time frame and under extreme conditions.  Now rejoice, Erin, as I do not delay.  I make these things known to you so you will be blessed by knowing them.  Erin, I have chosen you, your household and your friends, so rejoice.”

Me:  “Lord, I am called up to You and, really, I cry and call on You or You call on me, I do not know, but I am here with You.  I remember a day in September 19 years ago when my heart was completely surrendered to You.  I fought You because I had a different way that I thought surrender would look like.  I thought surrender would keep me from trouble, but it instead took me into trouble.  Because of this, I fought it.

“I didn’t like Your plans for me and my children.  It broke my heart completely.  It was Your Will to crush me.  It took a long time, many more years, until I finally had no choice but to finally give You full control.  This happened around seven years ago.  Lord, I just remembered a dream I had seven years ago where I saw tents with beds.  Men and women were freely having relations for all to see.

“This is happening right now in England and is just like this dream.  Why are all things seeming to line up right now?  There are the earthquakes, the attacks on the Red Bull, the flooding in of people from the Southern Border, the flooding of the rivers, the fires…oh Lord, surely this is the time.  Surely this time is now!  Please forgive me for my impatience at times.  I am here in this vineyard and the grapes look ready to me.”

I smiled at Him as I let out an exaggerated sigh.

Jesus:  Smiling.  “I know, but you must trust that My plans as the Owner of all of this, the vineyard, the grapes and the harvest, is a better plan.  Whose interest is greater here…the Owner of all of this or the worker?”

Me:  “Of course, the Owner.  While the worker would be out of a job, the Owner still has the most interest in a successful harvest.”

Jesus:  “Well, the last grape on the vine will not realize how important My decisions are until he comes in at the harvest and you all see it and understand the importance of My plans.  Oh yes, and don’t forget…”

He good-naturedly nudged me.  I somehow knew exactly what I was to say.  We looked at each other and laughed.

Me:  Smiling.  “Yes, You are still God, My Lord and the Controller of everything!”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Yes, Erin, so take heart for I have overcome the world.  Do not worry, I have you.”  He hugged me.

Dream over…

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