Dream 343 – Meeting Jesus before our upcoming medical trip

Received Sunday, July 21, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for the relief from the heat!  Father, I have been so thankful for You these last few weeks.  You are a hidden treasure, more valuable than gold and diamonds.  Your works are incredible from the beginning, yet You receive very little credit.  You must love us a lot because almost all of what You do gets very little praise or credit.  If people only knew how amazing You are.

You are precious.  No man is greater than You.  No other ‘gods’ or idols can do what You do.  They cannot save us.  They can do nothing.  Even so, they are so easily worshipped by man these days.  You are infinitely patient with us.  I am not certain that there would be any man that would remain patient like You do while enduring the criticisms and curses You receive just in a single day.

Clearly, Father, You are patient with us.  You see treasure in us that we cannot see.  I hope that I become more and more filled with the light of Your presence each day, so much so that Your light is also on the outside, not just the inside.  I pray that, when people see me, they see You reflected in the light of Your presence upon me.

Oh Father, I have been so depressed lately.  The world has taken a serious downturn.  It has been quite alarming to see.  Just as You told me, the enemy came to the nations to begin race wars within each nation, thus weakening the structure.  The veil has been so thick that leaders in Europe are sayings things like, ‘there is nothing to see here, no problems.’  This is the case even though they know that young girls and boys are being raped and even sold.

Very few, if any, criminal courts there convict these crimes as all are in great fear of these ‘Ten Sons of the Spirit of Haman’.  While You have sent voices to proclaim what is happening, they are quickly silenced.  Koome Ministries reaches out to the Muslim community, yet they are extremely critical of him in return and work to silence him.  Jonathan Cahn is the announcer and prophetic voice on behalf of Christians and Jews, his voice sounding warnings as harbingers, yet very few listen to him at all.

Father, You then send calamities upon the nations as You give warning after warning.  Is anyone listening and repenting?  I know there must be some, but I believe very, very few.  You shake the land, Lord.  You flood the land.  You send the winds and the supercells.  You divide the land.  You send fires to the beautiful creation You made.  You then send infestations, parasites and even flesh-eating bacteria.

You send sharks to once peaceful shores.  You drop airplanes out of the sky.  You toss homes off of high places with mudslides.  Whole homes are taken off of their foundations by earthquakes, storms, floods, mudslides and gas explosions.  Even so, does anyone repent and cry out?  All we see in the news from all of this is references to ‘mother nature’.  They then say that all of this fury is not due to God, but due to ‘Climate Change’.  Some then even blame Trump for being the cause of all of this.

Other than us watchers, does anyone see this?  Does anyone see Your shouts to us?  You have turned up the heat.  However, You made a miracle in this for us.  Even though it was very hot and we have no central air conditioning, You kept our home cool.  We took the kids to a movie to avoid the hottest part of the day, but was then pleasantly surprised to come back to a still cool house.  Thank You for answering our prayers!

My husband and I are traveling this week for more medical stuff.  I have been so discouraged and afraid about this.  I don’t want to leave as I am.  I wanted to be healed first.  Father, I love You.  There is not one person under our roof who does not see that You are about to do something.  You are gearing up and we can feel it.

All of us feel it, including me, so I must then apologize for showing impatience.  I am sorry for my discouragement.  If You are a longtime away, could You at least heal our children?  I can live with what I have as long as I can see our children receive their promises from You.  My heart would just be so complete once this has happened.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was standing at the arch to the vineyard when I spotted the Lord.  I looked back over the vineyard briefly and noticed that the beautifully ripe grapes were ‘frozen in time’.  I looked back to the Lord and He was smiling at me.  I went to reach for my hem to run, but stopped myself just before doing so.  I saw Jesus shaking His head and laughing.  I was laughing too.

When I looked down to see that my hem had come up to allow me to run as fast as I wanted to, I noticed that I was standing on etched stones.  As I ran, I saw names engraved on the stones.  As I stepped on a stone, it would illuminate, but then slowly fade as I moved to a different stone.

I soon became puzzled when I noticed that there were now many more stones and names then when I had seen this before.  There were now so many that it was impossible to count them all.  I decided to take off my sandals.  When I placed my bare feet on the stones, I felt warmth.  The stones somehow seemed alive to me.

Jesus:  “So, are you just now noticing the additions?”

Me:  “Lord, whose are these?  Where are they from?”

Jesus:  “They represent many different saints, each with their own stories.  However, the new stones you see represent those saints that are yet to come.  Erin, while you see yourself as small in My Kingdom, you are bigger than this to Me.  You do not see what I see.  I delight in you.  I know you worry about many things, but do not be.  The minute you are afraid, I will send comfort.  The minute you are worried, I will send relief.

“I want you to take comfort wherever I send you as you need to understand that I am with you and your tests are complete.  Just as you quickly retreat to the habit of lifting the hem of your gown to run here, you quickly take up the mantle of wondering where your next test will come from and how long this will take.

“While you are afraid of running out of time, you fail to remember that it is God Who has created you and determines your days.  Erin, I am here with you.  I am the Lover of your soul and the Keeper of your days.  You see things around you and you say, ‘surely, Lord, this is it.’  You then quickly resort to tears and disappointment when nothing comes of it.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, but I am part of the Bride waiting for her Groom.  We have been waiting for seven years, 2557 nights, since the start of all of this and my Groom still has not come for me.  What kind of Bride would not weep as she grows older and still does not see her Groom?  Not one who loves You as much as we do!  We have hopes in our Groom coming and it then hurts when each promising day comes and goes.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry, Erin, as the Groom is soon to come for His waiting Bride.”

He reached over and hugged me.  I cried in His arms.

Me:  “Why not now, Lord?  I see You and You are so wonderful that I want to shout it out.  I meet You here and I have fallen in love with You as my Lord and my Savior.  You are real to me.  You are not ‘just a metaphor’.  You are not dead.  You are alive and perfect and I want so much to let everyone know.  I am nobody to the world, but to You, well, so many Brides are waiting for You.  Oh please, Lord, do not forget about us!”

Jesus:  “I could not forget.  I am in you…”  He pointed at my heart.  “…and you with Me.”  He pointed at His own heart.  “I send My Bride messages and gifts ahead of My coming so that she is not discouraged, but continues to watch.  Oh Erin, I promise you that I will do something in your days…yes, in your days…you would not believe even if you were told.  Be encouraged.  This is for the good of those who love Me, understand?

“Now then, though the earth gives way and the mountains fall into the sea, though the waters rage and foam, though the mountains quake with their surging, do not be afraid or be fearful.  There is a river whose streams make glad.  My streams are in you.  I am there and you will not fall.  Erin, you will not.  I will help you at the break of day.  As you see, the nations are in an uproar.  Kingdoms will fall.”

Me:  “Lord, this is one of my favorite Words from You…Psalm 46.”

Jesus:  “Then be still and know that I am God.  I am with you.  If I am with you, then who can stand against you?”

Me:  “No one.  Still, Lord, please heal and strengthen us.  We love You.”

Jesus:  “Erin, do not worry.  Do not be afraid, understand?  I am with you.  Now be at peace.  Enjoy the trip I am sending you on.  The places I send you are void of Me.  You will not always be liked, but you will not be easily forgotten.  I will send you joy on your trip and I will take care of you.  I will be with you.  I will also be the cover over all of you, so do not fear.  I will send angels.  Now rejoice.  Rejoice.  I love you.”

Me:  “I love You, Lord, so very much!”

He reached over and hugged me.

Dream over…

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