Dream 348 – A Journalist wanting to deceive (2 Sub-dreams)

Received Thursday, August 8, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for getting all of us through one more day!  While my pain is back, I am more relieved that the horrible symptoms of the medication is gone.  My two youngest are coming home from their father’s house this weekend, so the attacks there have ramped up.  Even though we were attacked, nothing prevailed to strip us from our joy.  The day ended with my husband receiving some good news about the door You have opened.

My daughter and youngest son had an unbelievable attack from the enemy last night.  Their father went back on several promises and then became aggressive when he was confronted on this.  The things he said to my youngest son as a result were curses and lies.  These cannot be walked back as the damage was already done.  One of the arguments was about my son asking to mail the gifts he received there.

These are gifts he received for his birthday that now will not fit in his suitcase.  Even though his father promised to do this for him, he is now saying, ‘No, if it doesn’t fit, you will just need to leave it behind.’  Well, when I heard this, I quickly made some phone calls and found a mailbox service place.  When I talked to them, they indicated that they would package the items for him and I could make a payment over the phone.

The children were relieved.  This will take some stress off of them.  This is a father who has not had to pay a dime of support, yet receives the tax credits for them.  Even so, he then does not send them gifts or anything, not even cards, for birthdays or holidays.  He says horrible things about me to them, all lies, and it is awful.  He has spread false lies and continues to torment us.

Father, I just ask that You get these kids home without incident as this will be their last mandated trip under the courts that the kids will have to take.  This will be a huge burden taken off of me.  I then received an odd personal attack in the early morning hours today.  This related to my pantry, which is good timing as You spoke to me about my pantry just two days ago.

I was awoken at 5:00am today by a panicked knocking from my oldest son.  He explained to me that we were having an invasion of large black ants in our pantry.  When he showed me, I was grossed out.  There were literally a hundred large black ants.  However, this is the most bizarre thing.  They were all confined to a box of Froot Loops.  We could not find them anywhere else.

Getting rid of this problem was just as easy as putting the offending box in a garbage bag and tying the top.  We continued to look for more of them, but there was not one to be found.  Making this even weirder was that there was no sign of a trail.  There is usually a trail, so just how did they get here?

I then knew that this just had to be supernatural as I have never seen nor experienced anything like this before.  Hmm, I will be keeping my eyes open today for trouble.  Yes, while I know that the enemy’s attacks will no longer ‘stick’, I am still to observe them from a distance.  Anyway, this waking up suddenly by my son helped me remember two of my dreams quite vividly…

Sub-dream 1 “Grounded for two more days” description begins…

We had been away for five days at a distant city.  On the morning of our checkout, a horrible disaster occurred and all flights were cancelled and airports closed.  I went to the ticket counter and they said that we would need to seek alternative arrangements for at least two days.  We drove back to the hotel that we had just checked out of.  I walked over to the hotel clerk at the front desk.

Me:  “There was an incident keeping flights grounded.  Is there any way we could get back into our previous room?  We would need the room for at least two more days.”

Clerk:  “Unfortunately, we are completely offline right now.  However, here are your old keys.  Let’s pretend that you didn’t check out.  This will work because no one can check in right now with our computer system down.  As far as I am concerned, you had continued your stay with us and are still our guests.”

She then found our earlier paperwork and smiled.  We then chuckled together when she then ripped all of the associated paperwork in half.  She then handed us the room keys.  While we were relieved, I was not sure how we would be able to afford it.  My husband saw this in a different light.

Husband:  “Don’t worry, Erin, this is a divine delay.  God has this!  When has He ever not made a way when something like this has happened?”

Sub-dream 1 description over…

After trying to go back to sleep for a while, I dozed off for about 45 minutes.  During this short time, I had another dream.  I was then awakened to another sound. I had a very amusing dream.  I was being interviewed and followed around by a journalist.  While I am not sure who the journalist was, he looked almost identical to David Muir from ABC News.  While this person wasn’t David, I will address him as ‘David’ just for fun.

Sub-dream 2 “A Journalist wanting to deceive” description begins…

I was sitting in a restaurant in a distant city that I used to work at.  I had now been Transformed and had the appearance of someone in my twenties.  I was being followed around by ‘David’ as he had wanted to do an interview with me.  I was not interested and was trying to get away from him.  I went into an elevator and he saw me from a distance.  As the door shut, he tried to get to me, but it was too late.  Just as the elevator door closed, I shouted out to him…

Me:  “Why don’t you chase violators of plastic straw use instead.”

It was not until the elevator door closed that I noticed I was not alone.  A woman was standing there holding her baby girl.  The baby looked about six months old.  While she looked healthy and happy, the mother had a dead look on her face.  As we exited the elevator, there was a crowd there waiting for tables in the restaurant.  Off to the side, I noticed another baby, a boy, also around six months old, tied to a chair.

This second baby looked to be in great distress.  He was facing the corner walls while an older child was attempting to feed him.  I was confused as to how they thought this would even be possible as the baby’s mouth had been gagged.  In disgust, I went over to this baby boy and untied him.  Now freed, the baby reached up for me.  I picked him up and held him.  He looked so happy to be in my arms.

Since this baby boy looked so similar to the baby girl and they were both the same age, I just knew that they had to be twins.  I set out to look for the mother.  I soon found her in the distance with a blank stare on her face.  The mother was still holding her baby girl.  As I got closer, I no longer had any doubt that these two babies were twins.  They just looked too much alike.  I approached the mother…

Me:  “Is this not your baby boy?”  I then pointed towards the baby girl that she was holding.  “Is she not his twin?”

Mother:  “Well, yes.  However, will you please take him.  I don’t want him.  I keep trying to kill him, but he just won’t die.  No one will take him.  Please take him or I will throw him in the river.”

I thought she was just joking at first, but then quickly realized she was serious.  It was also obvious to me that this boy was scared of her as he was clinging to me tightly.

Me:  “Why did you turn on him, but not his twin sister?”

Mother:  “I only wanted one baby.  Well, I actually didn’t even want one, but I can handle her.  I just can’t handle two.  No man will take me with twins.”

She then got up to go to the elevator to try and escape me.  When she got on the elevator, she positioned herself in a way that I could not get in with her.

Me:  Calling out.  “I am not sure you can even handle just one of them.”

Holding her son, I decided to follow her on the next elevator down.  When I reached the main floor and the doors opened, she was there being interviewed by a sympathetic looking ‘David’.  She was telling him a series of half-truths to make me look bad…

Mother:  “People need to understand that, if I had to keep both babies, I would need to kill one just to survive.”  She then pointed at me as ‘David’ nodded his head in agreement.  “That woman tried to give me back my baby boy, even though she knows that I would then be guilty of killing him.”

‘David’:  “That is terrible.”  He then looked at me.  “How can you be like this?  Do you not have any sympathy for this poor woman?”

Me:  “Look, I will take this child, but…”  ‘David’ interrupted me in mid-sentence.

‘David’:  “There you have it, folks.  You heard it here.  Erin has agreed to the adoption of the baby.”

Me:  “Well, hold on.  I still need to talk to my husband about this.  This is a baby we are talking about, right?”

‘David’:  “Oh, I see…you are saying that God doesn’t want you taking care of His children.  It certainly seems there might be a chance that you will give up the child and go back on your word if your husband says ‘no’.”

I felt the Lord tell me that He already informed my husband about what was happening and that he was fine with us keeping this baby and both of them if necessary.  The Lord then told me that ‘David’ was trying to trick me by making me seem unstable.  He then downloaded how I was to proceed.

Me:  “While I agreed to keep this baby so he won’t be harmed, you must still first legally waive your rights to me.  We must do this with God as our witness, as well as ‘David’, okay?”

‘David’ seemed pleased that I had made him a witness, as well as the entire country.  However, he was still looking for ways to trip me up.  I heard the Voice of God give me further instructions…

God:  “Take the child and do not engage further.  There is an adoption form over there on the table.  This form is legal and binding.”

The woman agreed to this and signed her baby over to me.  ‘David’ was then going to witness and notarize the papers, but became enraged when he found out that God had already notarized the document.  While this notarization by God makes little sense in the world as we know it today, it somehow made perfect sense in the dream.  I smiled as the twin girl and twin boy waved goodbye to each other.  I then smiled and whispered to the little baby girl…

Me:  “Do not worry.  You will be protected.  There are angels all around you.”

Both babies suddenly started to giggle as they looked around.  I could see mighty angels all around us, each with flaming swords.  I realized that the babies could see what I was seeing.  The Lord told me that I would soon have the baby girl too.

Me:  “Don’t worry, little one.  I will come for you too.  You will soon be with your brother.”

As I was leaving with the baby boy, the mother became attracted to one of the camera crew that was with ‘David’.  There was an instant mutual attraction.  This man first looked towards me and then whispered something to her.  She nodded in agreement and walked over towards me.  She handed me her baby girl.

Mother:  “Here you go…two for one.  Take them both.  I want to be completely free.”

I sighed deeply as I had not expected God to move so fast on this and was unprepared.  ‘David’ saw my apprehension and tried to make it seem like I did not want the baby girl even though I did.

‘David’:  Announcing in a loud voice.  “Erin hesitated.  We all could see it.  Is she now going to deny this woman her happiness?  Is she now going to keep these twins separated?  Would this really be God’s Will for His children?”

Me:  Laughing.  “No, of course not.”  I then addressed the mother.  “Here, this is just a simple modification of the contract.”  We changed it.  “Now you just need to sign it.”

The woman immediately signed the contract.  She had officially given away both of her babies.  She did not even shed a tear.  She did not even blink an eye.  The twins looked delighted and so happy about this.

Me:  Laughing and turning to ‘David’.  “Hey, aren’t you going to film us happily walking into the sunset?”

‘David’:  “Don’t worry about me as my entire next segment will be all about you.  It will answer the question of, ‘how will Erin continue to do God’s work for Him without neglecting her new baby twins?’”

Me:  “Listen, your tricks won’t work.  I was sent here by God to save these two babies from evil.  While I have adopted them to be a steward of them, they are God’s children.”

‘David’:  “Well, God doesn’t seem to care about so many people.  He needs to do more and I am here to expose that ‘truth’.”

Me:  “All you are doing is exposing half-truths with lies.”

As I walked towards the parking lot with the twins, ‘David’ was still following me.

‘David’:  Addressing the camera with me in the background.  “So, folks, will Erin obey the law?  Does God even recognize our laws?  Time will tell.”

Me:  Addressing the twins.  “This is all for show.  They are trying to trip me up.”

Just then, God arranged to have a brand-new minivan waiting for us, complete with regulation car seats.  I laughed as I buckled the twins in.  They were cooing and looked so happy to be with me and under the care of angels.  I looked over at ‘David’ and rolled my eyes about his continued antics.  He shook his head in disappointment.

Me:  “Oh Lord, I would love it if you sent calamity upon these people.”

I then saw the twin’s mother with her arms around the cameraman.  She looked so happy, it was disgusting.  Not even a second thought about her twins.  I sat in the driver’s seat of the minivan and buckled in.  As I was adjusting the rearview mirror, I saw that there were angels in the minivan with us.  I laughed as I put the car into drive.

Sub-dream 2 description over…

What an odd couple of dreams!  Is there ever a dull moment when You are in charge?  You are so worthy of ALL our love and praises.  I can hardly wait until we are all Transformed and can start doing such amazing things in Your name.  Oh Lord, I pray that we will soon, very soon, be doing just that!

Dream over…

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