Dream 354 – Jesus and the Mansion with Hidden Rooms

Received Monday, September 2, 2019


Dear Father,

I am thankful today for You!  It is beautiful outside.  It is bright, sunny and in the fifties this morning.  The leaves on the trees are beginning to change again in preparation for the eventual sleep of winter.  This is my favorite time of year.  I love the cool temperatures of the morning followed by warm and perfect in the afternoon.  We can now even keep our blinds up as we don’t have to worry as much about the heat.

While I have been searching for hummingbirds, I have not seen any for a couple of weeks.  Many of them have already begun their long voyage to Mexico for the winter.  It is a sad time for me because I truly miss these little flying jewels now that they have left.  I am also missing our wild turkeys that used to come and visit us.  This time last year, in September and October, a large grouping of them would hang out in our yard.

Sadly, ever since the turkey shoot on Mother’s Day last year, we have not seen any of them.  It seems like these amazing birds will not be making a return unless You grant a miraculous recovery of their numbers.  Yes, it seems the change of season is now here.  The smaller animals are now scurrying to stash nuts and fatten up for the long winters here.  Our girls are also back to school, along with all of their activities.

Sigh…my time of summer rest is over now.  Still, I would rather take this any day than to not have the opportunity to be a mom anymore.  Our older daughter is now in 12th grade and our younger daughter is now in 9th grade.  While it seems like time moves so quickly, I remain stagnant.  In my own power, there is no remedy, no cure, no help.  Only You, Lord, are my remedy, my cure, my help and my hope.  I love You!

Sub-dream 1 “The mansion with hidden rooms and the spider” begins…

While my husband and I were living in a massive home, we were still unaware that it was massive.  We only used the kitchen/dining room, a small living room, a bedroom and a bath.  This seemed to be all we knew about.  On one particular day, we looked out the backdoor and noticed that there were many stories above us and that the building extended backwards for many yards.

I noticed that the parts of the building that we were not aware of (really, the vast majority of it) seemed in disarray.  This was because we didn’t know it was there, so we didn’t maintain it.  I went back into the house and noticed a massive wood door that blended in with the walls.  It was a double pocket-like door which disappeared into the walls when opened.  Once opened, we discovered a huge family/living room.

Over the entry and into the room was a large thick cobweb.  It looked like a massive spider was in the center of the cobweb, so I gasped.  This alerted my husband and he went over to take a look.  We both laughed when we realized that it was not a spider, but rather a plastic R2D2 figurine wrapped up in the center of it.  We both laughed as we speculated how this children’s toy would have ended up there.

I then looked up at the ceiling and noticed it had a popcorn textured ceiling that used to be so popular.  I then noticed a buckled section of ceiling and wall.  While it was now dry, it was obvious that it had been damaged by a previous storm.  It seemed like the storm damage was at least a year old.  Everywhere I looked, I was overwhelmed at the amount of dust, dirt and grime.

As I looked around some more, I noticed more things that I didn’t like.  This massive house was old and musty.  The overall décor had a horrible burnt orange and brown theme to it.  The popcorn ceiling reminded me of my past.  When I was in rentals, I remember spending many a night looking up from my bed to see patterns in the popcorn as I tried to sleep.  All of it was just not the style I currently look for.

I suddenly was sad that all of this new space was discovered.  I missed not knowing about the real size of the home we lived in.  I missed only knowing about the manageable space that we had.  This room, but really the whole house, needed to be completely remodeled.  Neither me or my husband had the energy.  There was no way we could do this unless we were healed and strengthened greatly.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Note:  When my husband and I later discussed the significance of the R2D2 figurine, we thought that perhaps it was a clever reference to the R2B2 ‘spiritual warfare formula’ I have spoken about before as a way to remember it.  R1 = Rebuke.  R2 = Repent.  B1 = Bind.  B2 = Bless.  While not sure about this, I thought it was worth noting.

Father, I must be full of anxiety right now as this dream reminds me of being enrolled in classes at school, but not discovering this until right before the final exams and being completely unprepared.  This is an awful feeling.

Sub-dream 2 “My friend will not see us” begins…

I was a young mother again and was sitting with my oldest son at a restaurant.  He was only about eight years old, so I would have been in my early forties.  I told him that we should see if my old friend was nearby.  We finished eating and went to her condo.  She was in unit #123 on the ground floor.  We were bringing her some food from the restaurant as a surprise.

When we knocked, no one was there to answer.  I decided to phone her and she picked up.  I let her know that we were there and would love to say hi to her.  She then came up with several really bad excuses for not being able to see us, so we decided to not pursue it and went home.  We were both disappointed.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Note:  In real life, this friend never lived in a condo nor did she live in a ‘unit #123’.

Sub-dream 3 “BFA Reversed” begins…

I had earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in the 80s and had not given it any further thought.  However, I was contacted and told that the university was reversing my degree because I never finished all of the required class credits.  Apparently, they had just noticed it and were just now contacting me.  I became extremely bothered by this as I don’t like finding out about something I had no idea I was responsible for.

Sub-dream 3 over…

All three of these dreams were so sad.  Father, I am very happy that these were ‘just dreams’.  Please illuminate via the Holy Spirit the meanings or warnings here in these dreams.  My stomach now feels ill because of these three dreams.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Jesus was once again standing next to His horse.  He was smiling as He held the reins high enough so that I could see them.  He waved me towards Him.  I didn’t have to be asked twice!  I ran straight into His arms and He hugged me.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  I am still holding the reins.  My horse is not trying to escape Me.  While the reins have slack, I can tighten them up if My horse becomes unruly.”

The horse turned to look at Him.  He then snorted and shook his head as if he were laughing.  Jesus nudged His horse and the reins disappeared.  The horse suddenly went on his hind legs and landed back down in a completely controlled way.  Jesus leaned towards the horse and they touched forehead to forehead.  Jesus turned back to me and had such a huge smile that we both laughed.

Me:  “Lord, I understand Your point.  The horse, Your friend, will be with You when You come on the clouds.  He is not unruly and clearly does not need reins.  You are in control of all things.”  I began to cry.  “However, Lord, I am only human.  I am human and clearly each day seems to bring more hardships.  I am scared.  What about the dream of the massive house with hidden rooms?  Have I neglected things?”

Jesus:  “Erin, if there was doom and gloom in your life, I would tell you.  In this case, you and your husband are content where you are.  You are living and thriving in your space as you are.  However, one day, you discover you have more, much more, and it is attached to the house you live in.  This would mean an extension of what you are currently doing.

“As it stands on your own…that is, the two of you in your current state…are not able to tackle any more.  You then open some sliding doors and discover a room you find in disarray.  This room is old and in the past.  There is water damage in one of the sections of the ceiling and wall.  There is also a large cobweb from a spider that no longer lives there.  You think you see a massive spider, but instead it was a plastic toy.  Erin, what do you believe this dream means?”

Me:  “Well, I always look at rooms in a home in dreams as spiritual symbolism.  To me, this seems to be a spiritual warfare dream and that I clearly need to do more work.”

Jesus:  “Hmm, while the enemy and his soldiers know you, did I not tell you that your tests are over?  Think about each of the elements in this dream as they are all important.  For example, did you actually see a spider?”

Me:  “No, it was just a large dusty old web.”

Jesus:  “So, no threat, just the perception of threats past, right?  No spider, no current threat.  However, the web showed that it was once a powerful threat.”  He smiled.  “Big spiders build big webs meant to trap prey.”  He laughed as He added…  “This spider was not too bright as it trapped a toy in its web rather than real food.  It therefore appears that this spider left, but, more likely, it died.  In other words, this threat is in the past.  Now, what about the water damage?  Tell Me about this.”

Me:  “Well, clearly there was a great storm that caused water damage.  However, this damaged area was now dry.  The damage seemed mostly internal, so perhaps this means it is hidden?”

Jesus:  “So, the storm came in the past, a year ago or a bit more.  It was a big one and caused some damage to the roof.  This damage then travelled down the wall.  However, there was no other damage.  Hmm, what do you think?”

Me:  “Well, about 18 months ago, we had quite a storm.  The evidence of the damage remains, but the structure is sound.”

Jesus:  “So, the foundation is solid?”

Me:  “Yes.  However, what about the hidden damage?  Is there any?”

Jesus:  “Erin, every storm in life brings upheaval, then change, then strengthening for the next storm.  This is so that, when the next storm comes, because they do come…”  He nodded towards me and I nodded in agreement.  “…your structure will be sound.  So, spiritually speaking, I gave your household rest.  For one year, you have rested.

“However, you are now worried about what those around you would say of you now that the storm has passed.  Were they so upset with you that they now seek revenge and will use this time to destroy you?”  I again nodded in agreement.  “Well, the best way to find out is to just ask.  Remove the stronghold of fear in what you think is possible versus that which is real.  Even though the storm is in the past, it still left damage.”

Me:  “Okay, Lord, then please heal us!”

Jesus:  “You and your husband, but really your whole household, has been resting.  No doors have opened because these were all closed by Me.  You see that doors have now been opened and you are worried about some perceived threats.  While this is understandable, remember that I am Who I say I am.  Remember that I hold the reins.  Erin, understand this.  While the enemy has plans to destroy you and your husband, I will remove this threat.”

Me:  “Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 marks the first anniversary of this period of rest.  Oh Lord, could this please be the end of our time period of rest?  Please say it is so and grant us the Great Gift we all have been waiting for!”

Jesus:  “Erin, I began the gift of closer relationship with Me and your place near My Altar seven years ago.  During this time, you have remained faithful even when others encouraged you to stop.  Even though you were called horrible names and angered many who felt more deserving than you, you continued with Me.”

Me:  “Lord, I truly feel that there are many that are more deserving than me.”

Jesus:  “Perhaps I called on them in other ways or perhaps they could not hear Me.  Perhaps they did not like My plans for them.  While there are many factors, in this instance concerning you, I found a willing heart.  Your heart was, and continues to be, able…”  He smiled at me.  “…even though it still needed some adjusting.

“Erin, you sought Me.  You took the narrow gate.  Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction.  Many choose the wide gate.  Small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to Me.  Erin, you found the narrow path!  You heard Me call to you, ‘Erin, this is the way, walk in it’, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Now, while you tried to run other routes at times…”  He smiled.  “…I was there to bring you here to Me.”

Me:  Crying.  “Oh Lord, I am so scared.  I am really scared.  Please hurry!  Please!”

Jesus:  “I will not delay, Erin.  I come at the perfect time.  Call out to Me and I will answer.  There is a vast angel army in front of you and all around you.  I am with you, Erin.  Be strong and courageous.  Remember to be strong and courageous.  Look to the hills and all around them as there are My angel armies.

“I am the General and King over them.  You are My Bride and the one I protect.  You are the daughter of the King and a jewel in My Crown.  Now, I will not let harm come to you.  Rejoice.  Erin, rejoice!  I am about to release you from your oppressors.  Now, be strong and take courage.  God is within her and she will not fall.  God will help her at the break of day!”  He hugged me.

Dream over…

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