Dream 363 – Jesus and an Open Vision Recap

Received Thursday, October 17, 2019


Dear Father,

My heart is heavy today!  You have been speaking to my Spirit, my Soul and my body in a greater way.  You are preparing my heart fully for surrender to Your plans.  I have a pacemaker here that keeps a steady rhythm to my heartbeats.  However, since last Saturday, my heart has been experiencing unusual fluttering.  It cannot be explained as I am not over-exerting myself.  I have plenty of nutrients, water and potassium.

We have now just lost power due to a sudden blast of wind during this storm.  Father, please restore our power and do not allow darkness to stay upon our home.  You have been revealing mysteries to me and I am not sure what I should do with all of this information.  Last night, during our prayer session at church, I had a full open vision from You in Heaven…

Open Vision while at church prayer service last night begins…

I was running down a path in God’s Garden.  I was running toward a light as bright as the sun.  As I came closer, I saw the form of Jesus bathed in the light.  As soon as I knew for sure that this was Jesus, I ran even faster.  I then noticed that the clothes I was wearing had now turned into a Bridal Gown.  When I reached Jesus, He took my hands in His.  He then took me through the highlights of my encounters in Heaven…

I saw the darkness and the canopy of angels with swords sheltering the path to the ladder that leads to Heaven.  I saw myself as a toddler, barely able to walk, but with my arms out stretched to Him and calling out ‘Hayah’.  I saw Him pick me up and how safe I felt in His arms.  As I rested my head on His shoulder, I could smell Him.  His hair was like woven silk.  I knew He loved me.  I felt His heart beating.

As I became older, He took me to the tree with fruit by the beautiful river to instruct me about faith.  As I became more knowledgeable and ‘able’, He shared deeper mysteries with me.  He taught me the back stories of what we read in His Word, but rarely stop to consider.  He taught me the deeper meaning beyond the letters written on the Pages.

He then took me for communion with Him.  He showed me the fields of flowers and the beautiful vineyards.  He shared with me why He allowed the blacksmith.  He showed me how he was permitted to burn off the dross in my life and shape my heart to the Lord’s Will, not for my personal comfort.

He then shared with me the City of God, the Golden City.  This beautiful City of Great Mystery remains forever illuminated by the sheer magnitude of God’s power.  This is the City on a Hill that never ceases to shine, day or night, like a Beacon of God.  I was even shown the Courts of Heaven where God sits on His Throne.  Although I could never see Him directly, I felt His presence through lights of emerald.  This is hard to explain.

The flashes of light coming from Him illuminated the Sea of Glass below Him.  Man has no cause against God here in His majestic Courts.  A man is reduced to humbling himself on the floor because every cell in his body knows to bow to God’s Throne.  There is no choice but to be humbled in the presence of God.  Just one breath of God can send out a shockwave.  Just one laugh from God can make the ground roll.

There is also the Courts in which the enemy pleads his cases against us.  The enemy wants to charge us for our sins and it is here where Jesus, our Kinsman Redeemer, our Lawyer, defends us.  However, for our good, the good of those that God chastises, a verdict is rendered, complete with parameters, exclusions and permissions.  A certain timeframe for all of this to occur is usually included in this by God.

Since God loves us and is fair and just, He promises to send help when we call on Him.  Many more times than not, the enemy is then defeated and Jesus has the victory when pleading our case.  As we come through tests and trials, very few are later allowed by God as we become humbled and contrite, yielding to God’s Will and not to ours.

This is also where I saw those who have wronged me and my children being lined up for charges against them before the Throne of God.  When my name was called, there was a sound of great moaning.  I noticed that many there were in the same chains, or wearing those same chains, that they had put us into while on Earth.  It was comforting to know that God is just and His judgment is righteous.  However, this was bittersweet to me and I soon became sad for these enemies that had done so much against me.

Jesus then took me to the Valley of Berach or Blessings.  There, I saw the mansions of my friends and the places in which God has been preparing for us.  Things that we did not even know we had wanted are there waiting for us.  There are so many gifts, both big and small, all contained there.  There are water features, trees, including lots of aspens and birch, along with little sweet birds and animals.

What really surprised me was that there were things I liked as a child that God remembered also contained there.  Quite simply, He knows every little detail.  He fills to overflowing every empty bucket we have ever had and even some we did not even know about.  Angels have recorded every tiny detail of our lives.  There were even pets I had as a child who were there waiting for me to come Home.  There were friends and family and great celebrations.

Even though I was very cautious about writing about this at first, God then showed me nighttime in Heaven.  Trees and bushes were illuminated with living lights.  There is no need for cords in Heaven as God provides power directly.  The stars twinkling in the sky are so beautiful, each one shining like a diamond.  At one point, You showed me fireworks and even pictures made by the stars.

You had me write about this by reminding me that Your Word has never declared that there is no night sky in Heaven.  The Bible only states that it is the City of God that is constantly illuminated, no matter the time of day or night.  You then indicated that having no night would deprive those who love beautiful lighting.  This includes me and so many I know.  Lights are awesome!   Who doesn’t love an amazing light display?

You showed me many things that are there in Heaven for our delight.  There are so many cute animals and birds.  There is a baby animal zoo for the kids.  We still eat and have wonderful food and drink, but without the cleanup.  There is so many things there waiting for us, each perfect and so much better than anything here on Earth.  I was then reminded that all that I have seen is only a tiny fraction of all that is waiting here!

Open Vision over…

There were so many things shown to me in this vision.  It was a wonderful reminder of how much He loves us.  Please, Lord, raise up Your Army soon!  We are all so eager to serve You in a much greater capacity.  Only You can strengthen us enough to give us the ability to do such a great feat.  Please do this soon, Lord, as we are so ready!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Jesus was in front of me.  He smiled at me as He reached over to hug me.

Jesus:  “Look into My eyes.”  I did.  “Now, all of My promises are true.  I will do all that I have promised.  I am about to do something n your days that you would not believe even if you were told.  Now, rejoice.  I delight in you.  I will bless those who show kindness to you for My Namesake.  You are Mine.  Remember, what Father wouldn’t show kindness to those who show kindness to His Son.  There is no difference.  Now, rejoice, Erin, as I am with you!”

Dream over…

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