Dream 364 – Jesus and the Eighth Pool

Received Sunday, October 20, 2019 (Tishrei 21)


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  Thank You for my family and our friends.  If You took me Home today, I would feel whole and full of love.  I can’t thank You enough for the hearts of friends and the love that I have experienced over the past seven years.  I am thankful.  I live each day with great expectations and hope.  On some days, this is crushed by the world.  At other times, this is elevated because of signs and wonders that line up with Your Words.

Lord, we feel that something is going to happen soon, our Transformation.  However, this day, today, has gone by so far and nothing has become of it.  You are a mystery, Father.  I am not a date watcher, but I am married to a date watcher.  When he comes up with a great date or time frame of dates, I listen, nod and usually say ‘interesting’.  I secretly hope and pray, but I try very hard just to live a normal life.

I try to live a normal life because You, Father, have commanded me to.  However, Father, right now, it is affecting me.  There are so many events in the news here and abroad, along with events in my personal walk.  I am seeing things that I haven’t before.  You are giving me ‘hyper-knowledge’ about various people around me and even strangers.  You are speaking to me in new and different ways and it is both wonderful and frightening all at the same time.

You have recently called me back to church on a regular basis.  We went from just attending Wednesday night worship prayer service (which I love so much I could have it every night) to attending several different events.  This is mostly because our daughters are so excited to see their friends.  My husband and I also attend Alpha on Monday nights.  While I know You have called us to do this for a reason, I am exhausted.

It is just so difficult to see people who want more of You going through the fire.  It is difficult to have supernatural knowledge about the coming storms, knowing what I know, but being unable to speak about it.  My husband and I have extensive information, but we are unable to share.  My husband knows so much about Jewish history and traditions and how they fit into today’s events, but knows others would not find it interesting at this point in their walk.

Oh Father, we know You on a deeper level only through our long suffering.  I find myself longing for my devotional chair or my prayer closet, the car.  There is a reason You have called us out right now and I have to believe it is because You are about to do something huge.  Church has not changed much over the years.  The services are seeker-sensitive, not deeper.  That is okay, but we find it hard not to go deeper.

My older daughter has been asked to do more in service to the church because of her knowledge of media and editing.  However, last night, she learned that she could not be involved with the ministry until she completed a program they call ‘Growth Track’.  While I am fine with this, it just seems like another way of plugging potential members into unpaid staff positions.  I am sorry for sounding cynical, Father, but this is true.

When I attended Graduate Seminary, my course design was spiritual formation as a branch toward my Masters of Divinity degree.  The vetting process to be considered for admittance was extremely difficult.  All personal references and background checks had to be investigated and interviewed.  You had to take an extensive psych evaluation, even though they didn’t call it this.

Spiritual gift inventories, as well as other related ministry strengths, were also tested.  After completing all of this, I was thankful that this vetting process was there as it weeded out potential trouble and made sure that the ministry was truly a good fit.  Unless you have been through this process yourself (or know of someone who has), it is hard to have any idea of just how difficult it is to become a part of the ministry if you decide to get there through the route of academia.

In the end, it mattered not.  The troubles from my main blacksmith came in wave after wave soon after and I then had to remove myself from contention.  I was in no position to continue.  My heart wasn’t in it anymore and I felt it would stop my child-like wonder and turn me into something else.  Everything was against me here and, Father, this was not to be ‘Your Way’.  I would much rather learn from You instead…sigh…

Father, You have ruined me for the normal mundane Christian church activities.  All I see is hurting people and a real deep need for You.  Father, I believe in miracles.  I believe in Your healing power.  I look for signs and wonders and You speak to me through dreams and visions.  However, none of this is what I see here.  It could be, but I don’t see this at church today.

I am intrigued though that the pastors have felt You calling them to expand and prepare for that which is coming.  The trouble is that no one but us really knows what this will look like.  No one knows.  No one speaks of Transformation and the time of Joel 2 and other similar Scriptures.  Oh Father, please reveal what this is all about.  Help…but more than this…I want You to work through all of us in a greater capacity.

Right now, I am a vessel here on Earth that is truly disqualified.  I am cracked, patched and motley from outward appearances.  My inside linings, my heart and my mind, are not much better off, but at least they are ready and willing.  I am longing for more of You.  However, until You heal us, how are we to heal others.  I have no credibility.  My mouth declares faith about the Kingdom of Heaven and Your Courts, yet I look broken.  Oh Father, they will look at me and say something similar to the following…

‘Why would I want that?  Look at what God’s miracles have done for you.  You have a brain tumor.  You have heart issues.  You are disabled.  You have a large herniation on your back.  You have no job.  You have cataracts in both eyes.  You are overweight.  Why doesn’t God heal you?  I don’t want you to lay a hand on me until He heals you first.  If being like you is what He is offering, I don’t want any of it.’

Well, Father, they would be right.  How can I heal others if I am not healed myself?  How can I declare miracles if I am not 100% certain You will do it as I have prayed and believed for it?  It is not a matter of unbelief that You can, it is a matter of whether Your Will is on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Even if Your Will and my will are the same, we may not meet up in the timing.  However, I fully submit to You as You have a bigger and better plan in place.  I had an incredible dream last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “The Eighth Pool” begins…

I was at a beautiful resort like no resort here on Earth.  While it may have been on Earth, it could have also been a type of Heavenly training ground.  I am not really sure, other than that this resort was beyond a five-star resort.  I was walking down a hallway with windows on one side and beautiful stone on the other side.  The construction and finishing work here were simply out of this world.

A man who worked at the resort soon approached me.  He had a huge smile on his face and seemed excited to see me.  It was as if he had already known me.  In my heart, I suddenly knew that there were more workers here than guests and that they all knew our names.  This was world class service ‘on steroids’ (a compliment), unparalleled by anything I have ever seen here on Earth.

Man:  “Erin, the Lord asked that you meet Him in the healing pools.  Walk straight down this hallway of glass and stone and then turn right.  You will see an open door.  Walk through the open door.”

Me:  “Oh, okay, I will.  Thank you.”

I was so excited and did exactly what the worker told me to do.  When I went through the open door, I walked into a beautiful outdoor patio area with stone floors.  It was lined with palm trees.  The sun was bright and the sky was blue and crystal clear.  At the end of this patio area was a massive water wall with a beautiful channel of water.  It followed the channel to the right and there, in front of me, were seven massive pools.

These seven pools were all with square corners and various sizes.  Some had water cascading over the edges like infinity pools.  Some were large, some smaller.  Some were square, some were rectangular and at least one was L-shaped.  The pools were beautiful and their water was various shades of aqua blue depending on the depth.  Some were shallow and lighter and others were deeper and darker.

There was no one anywhere to be found.  I walked a bit further.  I decided to follow the channel of water.  Whoa, there was an eighth pool!  It was perfectly round and about eight feet in diameter.  It was surrounded by palm trees in beautiful planter vases.  I felt that this pool was the one I should wait for the Lord.  I dipped my toe in to try out the temperature and, of course, it was perfect.

Just then, jets of water bubbled up.  This was so inviting that I stepped down into this beautiful pool.  I felt welcome and waited for Him here.  While the wait felt long at first, it really didn’t bother me at all as it was so pleasant to be here.  The surrounding ‘porch area’ was so beautifully lit that I decided to climb out of the pool to rest on an inviting reclining chair that was set up there.  I soon fell asleep in the plush cushions.  As soon as I feel asleep…

Sub-Dream 1 over…

…I woke up in real life!  The next dream I had would be a dream of ‘three prominent women’…

Sub-Dream 2 “Magog and the Three Prominent Women” begins…

I was at a convention center / hotel mezzanine in a large building in a major USA city.  I was at a merchandise table with my older daughter.  The event had ended and the attendees had left.  They were talking to the employees from the hotel when I heard a door slam.  I looked towards where the noise had come from and could see a lot of commotion coming from a conference room.  I could hear a worker on her walky-talky.

Worker:  “Magog is on the move.”

Replying Worker:  “I will alert the others.”

I then saw a bunch of staff begin to run around in a bit of a panic.  They tried to look composed, but were not doing a great job covering up their emotions.

Worker:  “Attention, Magog is on the move.  Attention, Magog.”

Just then, I noticed that Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King had emerged from a conference room.  The worker kept talking into her walky-talky.

Worker:  “Magog is on the move.”

I went up to a clerk that was working there.

Me:  “What are they doing?  Is everything okay?”

Clerk:  “No!  Magog just received some bad news.”

Me:  “What do you mean by Magog?  Is Magog some type of anagram for Michelle, Oprah and Gayle?”

Clerk:  “No.  However, you don’t need to be concerned here.  You have a Bible.  Pull out your information from there.  As for these three ladies, they just received some bad news.  They now have to plan their attack.”

Me:  “Hmm, well, Magog is Turkey, right?”

Clerk:  “Stay out of it and go back to your room.”

Just then, the three women came down the hallway again.  Each of them looked extremely upset.  I could hear them vowing that there would be retribution!

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Night before last, I had yet another dream…

Sub-Dream 3 “The White Snake” begins…

I watched as a white snake with black eyes was trying to approach my older daughter.  While it was unable to get to her, it was still frightening.

Sub-Dream 3 over…

Father, all I can do is cry.  I have no idea what any of these dreams mean.  Please protect my family, both here and on the Nest.  When, Father?  When will You deliver us?  We love You so much!  We love You with all of our hearts!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Voice of the Lord.  His Voice seemed to come from all over the place at the same time.  This is impossible to describe in earthly terms.

Jesus:  “Do not worry, Erin.  I will take hold of your right hand.  I am here.  I am with you!”

Dream over…

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